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"Superlike" love this word that my friend introduced to me. I am in love with this story, love the way it's coming together. Fantastic job Muskaan. Can't wait to read more.

P.S. Love the siggie for the story too.

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Riya got engaged ar such early age???
Arjun is curious wud love to c wat he does...
Precap sounds interesting...
Plz add me to ur pm list...

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plz PM me.

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Chapter THREE




Arjun Suryakant Rawte, the fearless super-cop, feared one thing, just one thing! Silence, and moreover, he feared Riya's silence. Coz usually her silence brings a big storm with it. And the storm tends to break everything. Last time when she was silent, he lost his car and now again she was silent! God knows what he will loose now.


But this time it was not something nonliving, it was his living and beating heart, that he was going to loose.






Shree was working on his new gadget and was figuring out its features and good qualities and was dictating everything he found to Riya. Riya on the other hand was just present there physically; she nodded subconsciously to his every talk but was far from where they were sitting. She didn't even notice when Arjun came in the room with his cutting chai and sat in front of them. Shree too was oblivious that Riya was not paying attention to him. He just kept on blabbering some thing to her and she kept nodding.



Arjun noticed her cup full of now-cold coffee near her face and her hands still holding it there. He waited till good 5 minutes and saw her nodding subconsciously at Shree but she didn't took a single sip from her cup, he was sure she was lost somewhere else as she was staring at the blank walls.



"Shree, who are you talking to?" asked Arjun and tried to bring Riya back from her dreamland.



Shree looked at Arjun as if he is the most dumb person asking dumb questions, then looked at Riya and said, "sir, I am telling Riya some of the features of my new gadget. Right Riya?" Said Shree and Riya subconsciously nodded again.



Arjun then came near her and kept a hand on her shoulder.



"AH!" Riya got frightened and the coffee fell from her hands and got spread on her dress. Seeing this she got up and gasped.



Arjun and Shree looked at her and were shocked, her white top was covered with coffee and her jeans were spoiled too. Arjun narrowed his eyes and looked at her.



"Riya, kya ho gaya hai tumhe?!" Shree asked concerned.


"kuch nahi, Shree. I am fine." Said Riya embarrassed and left for the washroom to change her dress. She thanked her god that she always kept spare cloths.



Riya went towards her locker and took out a top and a fresh pair of jeans. Just then Arjun needed something and came to the locker room too. Riya, not expecting him got scared as he was standing just behind her and screamed, "AHH!!!" and moved back getting banged on the lockers. Arjun had quick reflexes so he held her shoulders to steady her quickly. He was now out of the range of curiosity, she never ever behaved this way in past couple of months.



Riya held her racing heart and took deep breaths, "I am sorry sir. I thought someone was - " Riya couldn't complete as she was lost in his caring black eyes. Sometimes these eyes looked distant, sometimes completely unknown but today, these black orbs were so familiar that she felt knowing him from ages.



"Riya, kya baat hai? What's wrong with you?" asked Arjun in soft voice.



His voice brought her back to the world and Arjun rolled his eyes seeing her lost again.


"Sir, please excuse me." asked Riya ignoring his question and tried moving towards the washroom.



As she tried walking away, Arjun held her upper arm and stopped her.


"Don't. Ignore. Me, Riya." Arjun said with finality.



"Sir if you have noticed then my dress is all messed up and I need to change my cloths before the coffee leaves its stains on them!" said Riya a bit sternly and emotionally too as she was on verge of breaking down seeing the care in his eyes.



At first Arjun was curious but now he was worried. He has never seen Riya in this alien form ever. It felt as if he was not able to identify her at all, as if he didn't even know her. He left her hand and she ran away.






It was time to leave, as it was late night now and ETF officers were working on an immediate case by the police department. Rathore looked at the clock and asked everyone to retire for their homes.



"Riya, its not safe for you to go alone as its very late. Come, I will drop you." Rathore said and Riya just couldn't refuse.



Arjun noticed the sudden worry lines on her face but kept quite.



They were all in the parking lot when Rathore's phone buzzed. He picked it up and talked. Shree left with Chotu in his car and Arjun sat on his bike, ready to go when Rathore came to him.



"Rawte, I got an urgent call from the department and I am leaving for a meeting. Drop Riya home." Rathore said in his tone of authority and Arjun nodded.



Riya was nervous going with Rathore in his car where her psycho ex-fianc can barely see her with him, but now going with Arjun in his bike, where everybody can see her was a big problem. She played nervously with the diary in her hand.



"chalein?" Arjun saw her and asked.


"Hm." Riya said meekly and sat on the back seat of his bike.



Arjun saw her from the rear view mirror and she looked worried. She was tensed from few days but now she was worried? Why?


Again a why and no answer to it! Arjun accelerated the bike and soon they reached Riya's home. Riya got down from the bike and said a quick bye to Arjun and left.



Arjun too turned his bike and started off for his house. He was driving back when Rathore called him.


"Hello." Arjun answered.



"Rawte, we are leaving for Delhi tomorrow. The current immediate case requires the ETF in Delhi. Pack your bags and come to office at 2 pm tomorrow, we have a flight at 5." With a pause Rathore continued, "Tell Riya about it too. Her phone is switched off so I can't contact her."



"Rathore, I already dropped her and she is not with Me." said Arjun not interested to go back.



"It was not a request Rawte! Go and inform her back." Said Rathore sternly.



Arjun sighed and turned his bike back towards her house.






He reached and went towards the door. He was about to knock when he saw it already opened and stepped in suspiciously. He looked here and there but found no one. He looked in the kitchen but there too was no one.



He was now worried. He himself left Riya outside this house 2 minutes back! Where has she gone suddenly? Just then he heard someone speaking loudly from the bedroom. It was a male voice! He quickly went towards it and saw a man speaking to Riya very harshly as if fighting. And Riya was at the corner, and her hairs were all over her face hiding it.



The man charged towards her as if to attack when Arjun couldn't hold himself and came in and pushed him back. Arjun stood in front of Riya as if guarding her and hid her behind himself and that unknown man came towards him.



"So this is him!" the man said and Riya sobbed.


Arjun looked at Riya sharply as soon as he heard her sob. Riya looked at him and then looked down apologetically. Riya unconsciously removed the hairs from her right cheek, that's when Arjun noticed her cheek to be extra red. He looked keenly and noticed it to be a mark, the mark of a -


"Who are you man!?" the unknown person said and Arjun looked at him predatorily.


"Did you slap her?!" Arjun asked controlling the volcano inside him.



"Who are you and why are you here!" the unknown person ignored his question.



"Did you slap her?!" asked Arjun for the last time controlling himself.



"Yes I did! She is my-" before he could say any further, he saw a punch flash before his eyes and he felt a sharp pain on his lower face and touched it. It was bleeding.


Then he looked at Arjun who had finally lost it cool and had his fist clenched again, probably to hit him once more. Arjun again came forward and hit him on the face again. The man fell back on the bed and Arjun grabbed his collar.


"How dare you touch her!" said Arjun clenching his teeth and gave a last blow making him loose his conscious. Seeing Arjun go out of control, Riya came to him and was sobbing hysterically.


"Sir!" said Riya touching his clenched fist that was about to hit the man's unconscious face again.



Seeing Riya in front of him, he left the man and went to her, "Riya, tum thik ho?" he asked cupping her face and Riya couldn't hold it anymore, she clutched his hands holding her face and broke down crying.


Arjun quickly hugged her and held her more close to him and made her come out of the room. He made her sit on the sofa outside in the living room and sat besides her.



Arjun again cupped her face and looked in her swollen eyes, "Riya, tell me." saying so his eyes told her that he was so worried that he would go insane any moment.



Riya just held his hands again and cried. Arjun stood up and bought a glass of water for her. She gulped it down and Arjun again sat besides her to know what was happening.



After a while Riya felt better and her sobs subsided, so she started telling him, "He is Salil. My ex-fianc."


Arjun's eyes widened and he looked at her face.


"I was engaged to him when I was 11. Our families were family friends. But when I was 17, I told my parents that I wanted to become a police officer and was not ready to get married so soon. So they understood me and broke off the engagement. I didn't know that he was still behind me, waiting for me to become a police officer so that I can marry him. Till then it was okay but as soon as I became a police officer and got a posting in the ETF team, he showed up and proposed me to marry him as I became what I wanted to become." Arjun heard her carefully and she dictated everything looking down, not looking at him once.



"I refused, but he kept on asking me again and again. I was fed up and told him that I was not ready for the marriage yet. He said its okay to not marry him now but whenever I marry, it would be him and only him as my husband. I was scared at that time. I cant even tell my parents about it or else they would have asked me the same thing that now that I am a police officer and everything is set in my life I should settle down. And then I thought that if I ignored him, he would leave me alone. But his madness kept on increasing." She looked at him and he kept a caring hand on her shoulder.



Arjun asked, "did he – I mean, he hits- he hits you often?" Arjun for the first time was not able to take the words out of his mouth.



"No. He just used to follow me but he was so possessive that he even warned me not to have any boyfriends or to roam around unnecessarily. He was turning out to be a sick lover! He used to wait for me at the near by house everyday and would leave after seeing me. But today, -" Riya looked at him, "when he saw you with me, he turned wild." Riya's hands started shaking, "he came behind me and took me in my bedroom -" Riya was not able to continue, Arjun looked at her wide-eyed.



Arjun sensed something terribly wrong and held her shoulders firmly in his hands and made her look at him, "did he force you?" his predatory voice returned.



Riya looked down and a silent sob escaped. Arjun's fear was turning true, her silence was a 'yes' but he wanted to hear from her before he beats the life out of him.


"Tell me!" asked Arjun urgently and Riya kept looking down.


"He – he- he" Riya was not able to say it but Arjun held her face in his palms again and she told, "He kissed me!"






PRECAP: Arjun went towards him and kicked salil's body which was already on the floor. Rathore saw this and ran towards the scene. Shree too was shocked  to see this and ran towards them.


 . . . .


"rathore, I want this man in my private interrogating room!!" said arjun looking at salil and rathore agreed.







Hey all!



Here is the update but I am sorry the pm and the replies to the remaining comments will be delayed. I will reply to all comments tomorrow and will pm you guys too. Right now please read and reply to this update...




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Wat is arjun going to do wid salil??
Such maniac needs to b treated nd arjun wud treat himproperly...
Plz update soon...

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Awesome!! I loved it to the t!! 

So Riya finally opens up in front of Arjun.. I'm glad he went back to her..

And the precap, poor thing, good he's unconscious.. He has no idea, what is coming his way!

Pvt Interrogation room??? ShockedShockedShocked  Ab toh beta, Surf Excel, Ariel, Rin, Tide aur Wheel se jamke dhulai hogi!! Can't wait for it already.. Do update soon..

Can u pls PM me when u update.. Would love to read more of this.. Smile

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Fab update luvd it x

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what is this can he do with riya...agar mein arjun ki jagah hoti to use tabhi maar dalati...

this is really horrible ...thank god ki arjun sahi samay pe aaya

hey this nice update...u have to update next part soon...i really want to know that what is going to happen to that person...i wish ki ETF ka har member bahot hi jyada mare...

really agar arjun ko pata chala to ye halat hai...baki sab ko pata chalega to kya hoga...

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