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Originally posted by kaveriw2008

wow ...

hospital ka pehla scene to kamal ka hai...riya ETF ki princess jo hai...all four men are really love her so much...cute  and love it...


he salil ki halat soch ke hi mujhe hasi aa rahi hai.LOL...kitna dara hai...arjun aaj tujhe nahi i'm so excited...Tongue...


wow riya u will make him to confess his feeling to you...god even i also feel so scare when she says that she will kill herself if anyone other accept arjun will touch she really serious for what she say's... that's why arjun love her.(but hide it)

chalenge ho in dono ke jaisa ...maja aa gaya...aur usase bhi bada maja to salil ki halat ke bare mein padh ke notice small things and add it your ff...that is riya is lefty...

you really know how to put comedy in action ...awesome...riya slap salil in his bad position and also dice direct back answer to his father ...lovely...

last part is so hot for breath is become ho heavy after read dear...even i also feel i blush and smile on my face...

lovely...but what the... precap is so hard to read ...i don't think ki riya will do such kind of things...can't think...

thanks for the pm

i hope this comment is that much longer as u aks...

ShockedITNA BADA COMMENT!!!! *faints*  *dead*

*wakes up to read the comment* LOLthank you dear!!! i am so happy people here are sooo goooddd in commenting...i am in love with this forum tooo... wow...thanks so much...
awww..i loved your comment!!! i too had a blush writing the part as you had while reading itStar hope you like the next part too and waiting to read more from you...Big smile

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Originally posted by Lily2011

nice plz pm me/

thanks plz add me to your buddy list for PMsBig smile

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Originally posted by MjhtFan_Mahima

part 7...
that was awesome
glad at salil's  condition
shree and ree... poor arjun
precap sounds exciting

thanks...hey poor arjun?? poor shreee...bechara...LOL

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Originally posted by _mahi_

Originally posted by MastiMuskaan

Originally posted by _mahi_


unres it mahi!!!! i am waiting yaarrrShocked

haha sorry i was lil inactiveTongue
i edited it Big smile

i read it! finally!Wink

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Originally posted by -dia-

Beautiful story ...Perfect track.
I liked Flirty Riya n her never give up attitude
pls cont. soon & do PM me

thanks dear and please add me to your buddy list to rec PMs

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Originally posted by khusho


jaldi jaldi unres it...i am waitingBig smile

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The name of another man in their private moment angered him to no bounds and he held Riya by her hair and kissed her fiercely, biting, sucking and punishing her to get over him so easily.  Riya tried struggling but she was sure, she wont be able to get him off. Arjun kissed her and didn't realize when his desires took over him again. He bit her lip and Riya moaned in pain, Arjun felt her pain but the hurt inside his heart was much more. He again sucked on her lower lip but before he could understand what happened to him, roshni's murder flashed through his eyes. He left Riya abruptly and her back hit the wall. Riya looked at him suspiciously but Arjun looked all guiltier. He looked here and there and said, "Riya, - I- I am sorry." And left.


Riya saw his eyes and this time she knew, she exceeded her limits. She shouldn't have provoked him like this, she shouldn't.




Arjun left ETF headquarters and moved to the parking lot in anger. He shouldn't have lost his cool like this. He shouldn't have responded the way he did. Riya was his colleague and a junior to him; he should not take advantage of her. He just remembered Roshni and was drowning in the guilt of betraying her. Maybe he betrayed her by going close to Riya. And if he did, he will do anything to seek her forgiveness. But his damn heart! Its just does not listen to him anymore. It just goes after Riya every time he sees her. Her smile, her innocent eyes, the hint of mischief in her eyes when she did something he warned her not to and the nave blush which flushed her cheeks every time he said or passed a look in her direction, they all started affecting him at once and affecting him so badly that he even forgot that he had a mission in hand, to catch Sikandar.


The ETF headquarters was situated near the national highway from where many trucks and vehicles used to pass by. He took out his SUV and started to go off but then someone stood in front of his car and he nearly hit the person but braked quickly. He got out in anger and saw Riya standing like a statue.




"Mar jati to mar jati! Acha hota, kam se kam aapke silent torture se to behtar hi hota ek baar me hi mar jana!"(It would have been better if I had died! to die instantly is far better than your silent torture!) Said Riya crying and Arjun melted instantly.


"Riya, look, I am sorry the way I reacted. I shouldn't have done that" Said Arjun guiltily and Riya thought he was apologizing to leave her abruptly. "Riya, I am sorry. I don't – I – I don't love you. I loved Roshni. I shouldn't have kissed you like that." Riya was shocked. He was sorry for kissing me? and what about leaving me like that? Riya thought and moved back a step. Arjun saw her moving back and saw her mumbling something.


"No, this is not done. This is-" Riya mumbled to herself and took a step back again.


Arjun saw her lost in thoughts and was taken aback when he saw a truck pass by he quickly held her hand and pulled her on the side.


"Riya? What are you saying? Riya?!"  Arjun shook her a bit and she looked at him as if not recognizing him. The unfamiliar gaze of hers numbed him to his soul and suddenly there was emptiness in her eyes. Arjun gasped at her sudden change and she was behaving like the life left her body.


Arjun shook her and she came back to her senses.


"Riya, what's wrong?" asked Arjun as he saw her nearly lifeless eyes.


"I know why you don't want Me." said Riya looking down and a stream of tears escaped her eyes and wetted her cheeks.


"What?" Arjun didn't really understand what she tried to say.


"You think I had some intimate relationship with Salil and I am not worth you. Right?" Riya said without even thinking at once what she was speaking.


"What?! That's – that's utter rubbish!" Arjun said loosing his cool when he heard Riya say those things.


Suddenly the fiery Riya was back and she raised her voice, "YES!! You think so low of me! I know! Everybody does! I thought you were different but you guys are all the same! You all are the same!" Riya accused and Arjun looked at her newfound avatar and was speechless to hear the utter rubbishes.


"Riya what are you saying!! That was not what I meant! I said -"


"That you don't love me!! You said you DON'T LOVE ME!!" Riya screamed her heart out and took a step back.


"Riya, calm down. Tell me what happened." Arjun said as calmly as he could but the eagerness to know what happened was killing him.


Riya calmed a bit seeing his concern eyes, "my landlord, he said I – I am- I-" Riya couldn't even manage to speak that low for herself.


Arjun sensed something terribly wrong and held her in his arms, as soon as he took her in his arms, she broke down.


"Arju-n Arjun sir, I – do you- think- I am- " she sobbed uncontrollably and Arjun caressed her hairs to calm her. "- He said I- am a- cha- characterless – girl, hitting on men – coz- I am- desperate – to – to-" she sobbed even more and wasn't able to speak the awful words spoke to her.


"Shhh! Calm down, calm down, who said-" he held her crying face in his hands and asked her, "- who said this to you?" even though Arjun tried being calm to her but the madness was visible in his eyes.


"M- my landlord, the apartment- owner in which I- I live." Riya explained and Arjun's anger knew no bounds.


He suppressed his anger and asked calmly, "Why dint you told me this at first, why were you silent from the morning?" Arjun asked, as he saw nothing wrong in the morning when he saw her but now he came to know new things.


"When I- I came, I saw you already angry with Salil and I- didn't wanted to bother you with my problems." Said Riya innocently and this angered him more.


"Why are you so careless Riya! You should have told me at first! I must know if you are bothered, and the thing that dares to bother you IS my problem!" he said a little angrily like scolding her and Riya started to cry again. "okay, okay! Now stop crying." Arjun said as he saw new form of lines forming on her cheeks and tears streaming down again.


"No I won't stop! You too are the same!! You too think the same for me!! I know!!" Riya again got angry as she was hell confused between his care and his anger, if he loves her, he should tell and if he doesn't then why does the bad words spoken to her affect him?


"What rubbish! This is so not true! I don't think this at all! you are such a nice girl!" Arjun tried calming her again by sweet-talking to her.


"No I am not a nice girl!" Riya whined.


"You are!" Arjun said and Riya looked at him.


"Then why don't you love me?" Riya asked and Arjun was tongue-tied. "Tell me, if you think I am a nice girl then why can't you love me?" Riya asked again and again.


"Because I don't want you to suffer all kind of pain Roshni has to suffer just because of being with me! She was killed just because that terrorist Sikandar knew I LOVED her! And if any other enemy of my profession tried seeking revenge and harmed you, I wont be able to handle it! Your life is priceless for me." Arjun said finally but again a half of the confession.


"Why is my life priceless for you?" Riya again asked and waited for the answer but it never came. Arjun turned the other side and kept mum. "Okay then, don't say anything. I will make you say it. I will kill myself for you!" Arjun looked at her angrily and glared, "yes! You came to know roshni's worth when she was dead! You will know mine when I am dead too." saying so she turned towards the road.


"Life is not a joke, Riya!" Arjun said angrily.


"But my life is! It's a joke for you, isn't it?" asked Riya breaking down, "whenever you want, you come near me, whenever you want, you go away! What am I?? A toy for you to play with when you are free? NO! Not any more! You realized how important Roshni was when she died, Maybe when I am dead you will realize my worth too, so I am going!" saying so Riya saw a truck coming on the road and jumped in front of the full speeded truck.


The truck horned loudly but she was adamantly standing on the road. Arjun saw her madness and ran to her and pushed her away and both fell on the side of the road, there was a lot patch of sand where they fell so no one was hurt. But Arjun was deeply hurt in the heart. He completely lost his temper and when they stood up he slapped Riya.




"I can think of doing this coz I am already dying! I am dying hearing your denial! I am dying by not having you in my life, I am dying by the loneliness of my life, I am dying in your love! I am dying because I LOVE YOU! Don't you get it!" Riya said and Arjun saw the intensity of her love, she was ready to die for him!


He went weak in front of the mighty of hers and looked at her silent eyes now. The eyes that were capable of speaking volumes were now completely silent. He was truly guilty to slap her too, it was just a reaction to her action.


He just went forward and held her from the back of her head and pulled her in a heart-searing kiss. After some time when she dint respond, he broke and whispered looking in her eyes, "I love you too, I can't loose you for anything, even for myself." And kissed her again. But again she dint respond.


Arjun broke the kiss frustrated and said, "why are you not-" but then stopped as he thought what he was about to ask, but Riya understood.


"I won't kiss you until you say sorry!" Riya said like a kid and looked at him, expecting him to say it.


"I said 'I love you' to you and all you want to hear is a SORRY!" asked Arjun shocked at her response and she smiled.


"You made me cry! You slapped me! And that is what I want right now! SAY you are SORRY!" Riya said with stubbornness.


But Arjun was stubborn too, "I am not sorry! You should be sorry to me! I saved you from the truck and you dint even say thanks!" Arjun said but failed to notice, he too sounded like a kid now.


"Why would I say thanks? I jumped in front of it BECAUSE OF YOU! So you should say double sorry to me now!" Riya said more stubbornly and folded her hands on her chest.


"Riya, do you hear me! I said 'I love you' to you! Do you even understand?" Arjun said.


"So what! I knew you loved me the first time itself! Now say sorry!" Riya said again and Arjun now was fed up of her childishness.


"But you said, wait a minute, you said that Shree proposed you!" Arjun accused.


"I lied." Riya said casually and Arjun narrowed his eyes.


"You lied to me!!" Arjun said not believing Riya could lie to him like that.


"So what, you too lied minutes ago, that you don't love me, do you know how I felt!?" Riya said looking at his eyes and Arjun looked away.


"I cant believe this!" Arjun said and walked away from her in frustration.


"Hey! Where do you think you are going!?" Riya said from the back when she saw him leaving.


"Let me drop you home, you are not well." Arjun said sarcastically and Riya gasped this time.


"Are you trying to say that I am mad!" Riya asked not believing him this time.


"Are you asking or admitting!?" Arjun said and she angrily folded her hands on her chest again.


Arjun went back to the other side of the road and brought his car, Riya sat stubbornly and they went into the direction of her home.


The ride to her home was silent; Riya didn't even speak a word! When Arjun stopped near her house, she got down and started walking to her house.


"Hey! No good nights?" Arjun asked as she walked.


"I am not talking to you!" screamed Riya not looking back and went away in her house and waited for him to go. Arjun waited for 10-20 minutes as he thought she would come out but she didn't. Then he proceeded towards his house.


As soon as she saw him leaving she let out an excited scream and danced in her full might. She twirled around the house in happiness and screamed, "HE LOVES ME!! HE LOVES ME!!" For the millions of times.




Arjun who came back after turning his SUV towards his house, heard her scream and went near the gate and saw her dancing and jumping up and down by the window, he smiled as he heard her scream in excitement, "HE LOVES ME!! HE LOVES ME!!"



PRECAP: the next part would be the last part..Big smile




Hey all..

I am sorry for the late update but what to do..

Busy in college, they are giving various assignments and lots of homework!

Imagine homework in COLLGE!! YUCK!


But managed to write an update, as it's a free day today!


Please read and reply..long comments okay!


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