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loved it

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Superb... Please update soon...

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"TUM ROSHNI KI JAGAH KABHI NAHI HOGI!" Arjun said holding her shoulders possessively and looked at her eyes, "jo Roshni ke sath hua, mai tumhare sath nahi hone dunga! Kabhi nahi. Roshni agar meri zindagi me nahi hoti to wo aaj zinda hoti, Sikandar ko pata tha that I love her, isiliye mujhse badalaa lene ke liye, usse maar dala, par ab mai tumhe apne kareeb laker maut ke kareeb nahi bhej sakta! Roshni ki maut ne mujhe tod diya hai Riya! Mai tumhe kho kar aur nahi tutna chahta! Mai nahi jee paunga agar tumhe kuuch ho gaya to!" he finally let out his frustration that was buried behind his mask of angry young man.


Riya had tears in her eyes from the beginning but now they streamed down her face. "He loved me! That is why he was scared to loose me, he loves me! Arjun sir mujhse pyaar karte hain!" She thought and mentally jumped up and down.




Arjun, realizing what he has blurted out, couldn't control himself but leave the room abruptly. Riya looked at his retreating back lovingly and couldn't stop herself from jumping and dramatically punching in air saying, "yess!!!"


Arjun saw this from the door as he turned for a second and couldn't help but smirk at her childishness. He then opened the door and left.





It was evening when Arjun reached his not so famous Ravi lodge, he opened the room and a cold breeze waited for him. Suddenly his soul became restless, he drank the water kept near his bed and rested a bit. Today he felt as if he was both at peace and disturbed. At peace by seeing Riya smile and her enthusiastic 'yess!!!' made his day. But then again a disappointing feeling to let love take over him again. There was more to it he felt, suddenly from nowhere he wanted to know if she reached home safely, if she smiled the smile he loved to see on her face. He shrugged off the thought and sat on his desk stopping himself from dialing her number but just then his phone rang and it was Riya! He unknowingly became happy and picked up in a second ring itself.




"LEAVE ME!! Salil!! AHH! HELP!!!!" before he could say hello, he heard Riya's screams.


Arjun got up from his chair and spoke on the phone, "Riya!! Hello!! Riya, kahan ho tum!??" he came to know why was he so restless and wanted to know if she reached home safely. She was in trouble. But why was she not saying anything if she called him for help! "Riya?" Arjun nearly screamed but it seemed like it was an accidental call and Riya too didn't knew about it. Soon the ground beneath him was gone hearing the words.


"NO!! Salil don't do this! Where are you taking me!! Arjun!!" she called his name in hope that he would magically listen and appear for her help. Arjun could hear her struggling with him and then the phone line went dead.


As the line went dead, so did his mind. He went blank for a second and couldn't think of anything. Then a name appeared in his mind, Rathore!


He quickly dialed Rathore's number, "Rathore!!"


"Have you seen the clock Rawte?! Its - " a sleepy Rathore picked up the phone. But Arjun didn't let him finish.


"Rathore, Riya is in trouble! I am going to her house! Inform everyone and come to her apartment soon!" Arjun said as he went out holding his gun.


The sleep left him as soon as Rathore heard that something was wrong with Riya. He quickly called Shree and Chotu, and left for her house as well.





Arjun reached the house and took out his gun when he saw the door open. He went in like a tiger walking down the street and looked at her whole house, it was a total mess. The glass vase on the table was broken and the cushions were spread across the room, Riya might have struggled to get out of Salil's hands.


His blood boiled and he clenched his gun tighter. Soon Rathore, Shree and Chotu reached together and before Arjun could tell anything, his phone rang again and it was Riya, he picked it up and kept it on speaker.


"Riya!?" Arjun asked but this time too she was not listening.


Riya said "Arjun and Rathore sir will find you soon! You wont be able to escape, Salil!" she too was not aware that they were listening. The phone was in her pocket and Arjun's number was saved in the speed dial so it got pressed and dialed Arjun's number automatically without her knowledge.


Salil said and they could hear his footsteps coming towards Riya. "What do you think huh? I am afraid of them! And that Arjun! He is the one you left me for, huh?"


"Don't come near me!" Riya warned and they could hear him coming closer to her, Arjun clenched his gun again and closed his eyes imagining Riya's state. But what he heard stilled him.


"You are so stubborn Na, baby? And I totally love it!" Salil said wickedly and Riya shivered at the word, he always used it when he was about to get intimate with her. Salil came near her and held her from her hair.


"ahh!" Riya shrieked in pain and Arjun's eyes widened. Rathore Shree and Chotu were on the edge of getting hyper but Arjun kept his calm.


Arjun whispered to Shree, in case Salil could hear them, "Shree track Riya's number!"


Shree quickly nodded and took out the portable devices from his car and returned in the house.


"You are dead! You are so dead! Arjun is not going to leave you!" Riya said and Arjun heard his name for the first time without 'sir' and Rathore looked at him and Arjun kept looking at the phone.


"First let him find me!" Salil said proudly.


"Pray that he doesn't! Coz last time I saved you from my team! But this time you are going to get encountered by Rathore sir!" Rathore had moist eyes seeing the confidence Riya had on him.


"Oh really! Encounter me?! puh-lease!" Salil paid no heed to her and came forward. "I love your stubborn attitude, baby. You just don't give in to me that easily, and this stubbornness is what attracts me to you." he said sliding a finger down her face. It was then Arjun realized, why Riya was scared and frightened of the word, stubborn. And when he said that word to her, the outburst was natural.


Just then a crash was heard and a scream, but this time it was Salil. He tried to kiss her when Riya got a hold of a glass decorative piece and gave him a peck with it, in his head, Salil fell down, Riya got up and ran away.


"YOU!" Salil said and chased after her. They heard her banging different doors but no one seemed to open. Salil caught her from the back and Riya gave a punch from her elbow to him and he again wailed and backed away. Riya again started searching some place to get out of the place she was in.


Shree came to them and told that the signal is coming from the nearby area. He can tell the exact location after 1 minute. Arjun told to hurry up and suddenly heard Salil slapping Riya, he heard Riya falling down too and swore to kill Salil once he finds him.


Shree shouted, "FOUND HER!! He took her to the nearby hotel!"


"Lets go get him!" said Rathore and Arjun too nodded and they all moved out.


Shree was going but Chotu asked him to let him drive and soon he flew the car in Shree's told direction. Chotu drove the car as fast as he could and the engine roared in response.


Soon they were about to reach the hotel, Rathore loaded his gun and Arjun too checked the bullets in his. The person was going to be dead, for sure.





Arjun, Rathore, Shree and Chotu entered the hotel, it looked a 5 star hotel types, neat and clean but they were least interested in these. Soon the receptionist got up to run away, seeing the men in their worst of moods, Rathore got a hold of his neck and stuffed his gun in his mouth, "Salil Diwan! Room number?!" Rathore asked with no excuse attitude and the receptionist got hell scared.


"1-2-4-9" said the receptionist; gun still stuffed in his mouth.


"Shree take him away!" Rathore knew some people were helping Salil in this coz to keep a kidnapped girl, that too a cop in the hotel, without anyone noticing was impossible, maybe hotel staff was involved too. Shree and Chotu went to interrogate the staff members while Rathore and Arjun ran towards room no. 1249.



They saw the small board of the desired room number and soon Arjun and Rathore broke open the door. They heard Riya calling out for help from the other adjacent room, and ran inside. As they entered they saw Riya lying on the bed and Salil trying to force himself on her. Riya was struggling underneath him when she felt his wait lifting up, she saw Arjun holding Salil's back and pulled him away, she got up and saw Rathore standing in front of her, she couldn't help but hug him instantly. Rathore too consoled her with the brotherly love, and rubbed her back and tried calming her down. Arjun on the other hand saw Riya's shivering form and heard her loud sobs and lost his patience. He hit Salil on his face with his powerful punches and hit him in the stomach by his knee. Salil too did not believe that they found them so soon. Riya saw Arjun's madness as he continued to hit Salil on his face, stomach and legs.


Arjun saw Salil's bare feet and stepped on them with his strong-heeled shoes, Salil cried in pain and it soothed him. Sikandar harmed Roshni and now Salil tried harming Riya! He was not going to leave him. Not so easily. Arjun side kicked his back and made him fall on the ground. Salil hit the ground and was showered with lots of more kicks, Riya saw this and got more scared.


"Sir! Arjun sir stop it!" she said as Rathore held her tightly. But her cries fell on deaf ears, Arjun kept hitting him and Riya helplessly looked at Rathore.


"Sir stop him, he will kill him! Rathore sir?!" she asked Rathore but he too kept holding her and somewhere Rathore looked at Salil with pity in his eyes coz he knew, Arjun wont spare him.


"No Riya, today I wont stop him, Arjun is doing what I wanted to do too." said Rathore casually and Riya got scared.


Arjun held him up and made Salil stand on his feet, they wobbled though but he held him. Then again he hit his mouth, clearly aiming at his lips by which he stole her first kiss and due to him, Riya cried! Arjun hit him once again and they started bleeding. Salil was sub conscious now.


Riya looked helplessly at Rathore and he enjoyed the view of Salil getting his well-deserved hospitality. Riya on the other hand couldn't handle more pressure on her brain and fell into unconscious in Rathore's arms.


"Riya?" Rathore called as he saw Riya going into unconscious, "Riya!!" he called out again and Arjun saw this.


He saw Riya going numb in Rathore's arms and quickly left Salil and moved towards her.


"Riya!?" he called her but she couldn't hear him, he stared at her closed eyes and patted her cheeks as Rathore too saw her pale face.


They panicked and Rathore ordered, "Arjun, get the car!" Rathore said and Arjun left quickly, Rathore picked up Riya and got down by the lift, Arjun was waiting at the doorstep, in the car ready to go.


They took her to the hospital as soon as they could and she was taken in to observation. 




Arjun and Rathore were waiting for the doctor to cum when Shree and Chotu came with Salil on the stretcher and harish (Salil's dad) followed behind.


"I am going to sue you all!" said harish and Rathore looked away as if bored.


"Don't you have anything new to say!" said Rathore and looked least interested in his talks.


Harish then asked the nearby nurse to take Salil in the room. The nurse nodded and the doctor came out.


"Who is in her family?" the doctor asked and Arjun looked at Shree for an answer, as he was the closest to Riya.


"Doctor, her family lives in kolkata, she works here, and we are her colleagues." Answered Shree and Arjun looked down feeling bad for her family.


"Well in that case I would like to know what happened before I come into conclusions." Doctor said and took all of them into his cabin, leaving Chotu to be with Riya in the room.





Rathore directed everything that happened and the doctor sighed.


The doctor saw their curious faces at his unusual sigh and cleared his throat, "I suspected her to be in depression. And my suspicion is confirmed as you are telling me about her, but I am glad you guys saved her in time or else her state would have been worsened." The doctor gave a minor heart attack to them but then relieved, "don't worry officers, your colleague is fine, she collapsed due to shock and is a little bit weak too. There are minor fractures on her leg and a hand, thats it. Nothing much to worry about. She will need a weak or two to be fine, but I can discharge her from the hospital once she comes to conscious and after I examine her." everyone sighed in relief except Arjun.


"Fractures are way too much on her, whether they are minor or major, I don't care!" saying so he got up and left, Rathore knew where he would go and followed him, Shree too followed.




Arjun entered Salil's room and saw him lying on the bed and harish stood up seeing them. Salil saw Arjun and got scared.


Arjun moved towards him and stood looking at him eye in the eye.


"You are not going to get away with it so easily!" Arjun said pointing at him and saw Rathore coming in, "Rathore, I want this man in my private interrogating room!!" said Arjun looking at Salil and Rathore agreed.


Shree looked fake-apologetically at Salil and Salil saw Shree giving him sympathetic looks too and gulped down in fear.






Riya opened her eyes slowly and tried looking here and there, her vision was a bit blurry so she blinked vigorously and saw Arjun sleeping sitting besides her, holding her hand in his. She then looked at the room and found Rathore Shree and Chotu too sleeping soundly on the sofas. She smiled seeing their caring faces; yes they looked caring even in the sleep. Arjun felt something and woke up; he too looked at Riya and came in his full attention.


"Riya! You okay? You fine? How are you feeling? Is it paining!?" Riya smiled again seeing the care dripping out of his eyes.


"Sir, I am fine, I am fine." She said whispering to him, indicating towards others who were sleeping.


"is it paining?" asked Arjun indicating her hand which was still in his and left it abruptly.


Riya smirked at his shyness of holding her hand and held his again. Arjun looked at her and snatched his hand away and left the room.






PRECAP: Salil cried in pain and harish who was outside the interrogating room, got hyper.


Few minutes later Salil was bought out in a stretcher again. harish saw his bleeding foot and looked at Arjun accusingly.


Arjun came to harish and apologized fakely "umm, I am sorry about his foot, mr diwan, I accidentally stepped on it!" and smirked after that.






Hey arjunians!!!


How are the happening members of this show!????i love you guys for the unconditional support and the love you all showered me withHug, i cant describe how nice i feel by reading your replies,Clap but a bit disappointed too, why are you guys not telling me how you felt while reading the part! i will improve my writing if i get to know how my readers felt by reading it, so please do tell me how you felt!Embarrassed


I am so happy to post this part!! I loved it myself *patting my back*LOL


So tell me people how you guys like it..


Criticism and appreciation, both are welcome. Aane do, sab kuch aane do! WinkLOL



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Loved riya's ""yes""..typical riya :):):)
Riya's confidence in arjun and rathore is awww

Nd d precappp
Arjun at his best..mmmuuaaahhh

Update soon :):)

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first one to comment
wow lovely arjun cant see riya in pain
hope cv copy this n show it in arjun

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Awesome update..

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Wow..superb update

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poor riyaCry
I loved it when Arjun was beating that jerk and even rathore didnt save himClap
sweet moment between Ariya, when they were each holding their handsEmbarrassed
Please continue soonThumbs Up

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