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Originally posted by LuckYMAma

Such a superb pt...thank god arjun reached at ryt tym...poor riya...precap seems intstng...waitn 4 nxt pt..

aww...thanks aloottt dear... and i will update in few mins...Embarrassed

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Originally posted by samiya.059

Hey fab update.


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Originally posted by sangi1108doon

lovely updates so far...keep it up..!!!Thumbs Up

thanks alootttBig smile

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Originally posted by sbp1971

Loved the update, Arjun just in time to rescue Riya. Can't wait to read more.

aww..thanks alottt...Big smile

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Chapter FOUR



Arjun sensed something terribly wrong and held her shoulders firmly in his hands and made her look at him, "did he force you?" his predatory voice returned.


Riya looked down and a silent sob escaped. Arjun's fear was turning true, her silence was a 'yes' but he wanted to hear from her before he beats the life out of him.


"Tell me!" asked Arjun urgently and Riya kept looking down.


"He – he- he" Riya was not able to say it but Arjun held her face in his palms again and she told, "He kissed me!"



The monster he kept holding inside himself was finally unleashed hearing those words from her mouth. A certain type of madness took over him. He got up from the sofa and Riya looked at him. His face was giving away every emotion he felt at that time, hurt, guilt, sympathy but the emotion that dominated his being was rage! He felt immense anger as he saw the man in front of him.






Salil got up and saw his surroundings, he was still lying on the bed, his face hurting a lot but moreover he was hurt in the heart, he just came to know that Riya, his Riya had a boyfriend! No, this is not happening!



He got up in anger and came out of the room. As he came out he saw Riya's face cupped in the man's hand and he clenched his fist. Then he saw Riya saying something and the man getting up. He moved in front of him. Ready to hit him.






As Arjun saw Salil standing in front of him, the urge to see him on the wheelchair with broken legs over took him. He moved to him and in a quick moment, he just jumped towards him on his legs and Salil not expecting the attack on his legs, fell back at once. Arjun then got up and pressed his knee with his foot, strangling it. Salil shouted in pain and Riya got frightened to see Arjun's madness. She went inside the room and called Shree, as he was the only who came up to her mind that time.



"Hello!!" Riya said panicking,


"Ree? What happened??" Shree, who was driving the car towards his home, pushed the break instantly.


"Shree, come soon, I cant explain, please jaldi aa jao mere ghar!" Riya managed to say in her broken voice and Shree turned his car around at once.



Riya then went out seeing the two fight life and death, Salil too was a boxing champion and was giving Arjun a fight of the equals. Salil held Arjun from his collar and pushed him to the wall, and tried to punch him but Arjun dodged him and kicked his backbone. Riya saw this fight and tried to intervene.



She came towards them and asked Arjun and Salil to stop but they both were deaf to her soft voice. Arjun held his face in his hand and punched him hard; Salil with impact of the punch fell on the right.



Riya just then heard the doorbell. "Shree!" she said to herself and ran to open the door.



She opened and without seeing who it was said, "Shree! SEE!" she turned and made the person see what was happening and turned to find Rathore! (He came to inform her about the Delhi trip, incase Arjun didn't.)


Rathore saw Arjun beating someone and got in. He ran to Arjun and held him from the back. "Arjun! STOP!" Rathore said and Arjun struggled to get free.



"Rathore, leave me! Rathore leave!" Arjun struggled and Riya saw the scene getting worse.


Just then a car stopped and Shree came in, "Ree what happened! Why are you crying!?" said Shree getting worried but just then he saw inside and found out the reason. He too got in and held Salil from his back who tried to hit Arjun as Rathore tried stopping him. When Salil looked out of control Shree took out his gun and stood in front of him, and blocked Arjun's way too.



"NOW stop!!" said Shree and Salil got scared by the gun and moved back.



"Arjun stop it now!" Rathore scolded Arjun and Riya came to him.



"Sir, please!" Riya said and her eyes, full of fear, stopped him.



Arjun stopped and Rathore's hold loosened, and Arjun pushed him away.



"Arjun! What is this mess!" asked Rathore angrily.



"Mess! Ask this bast*rd! He was following Riya and was forcing himself on her!" Arjun said disgusted and moved to him and gave him a punch on his stomach again. Shree and Rathore held him and stopped him again.



Shree and Rathore looked at her and Riya nodded slightly. Rathore looked at Salil and narrowed his eyes and Shree couldn't help but gave a slap across his face.



Salil saw them and said, "Hey watch out! You guys do not know who I am!" Salil said.



And this time Rathore was pissed off. He came in front of him and held him by the back of his neck and asked him, "who are you!? Huh? Who are you!" asked Rathore in sheer disgust.



"I am Salil Diwan! Son of Harish Diwan!" said Salil with a smirk.



"ohh so you are son of that harish Diwan who was just accused of selling poisonous food items!?" said Rathore and his smirk was replaced with anger.


"Mind your tongue! I can do anything!" said Salil and Arjun again came to him and kicked him between his legs and Salil fell back, unconscious again.


"Now you wont be able to do ANYTHING! Bast*rd!" said Arjun and went away towards Riya.


He looked at her in the eyes and Riya was scared, "if he was following you since so long, why didn't you do anything!? You are a cop for god's sake, if you aren't able to save yourself then how will you save the innocent people! If you couldn't handle him yourself you should have told ME!" Arjun said in the flow of the moment but realized as soon as he said it, "I mean, anyone of the ETF would have helped you if you have at least told them!" the concern and care was dripping from his each word and he just couldn't stop but stare at her sorry face.



Arjun sighed seeing her embarrassed face and held her hand to drag her to Salil's body. He took Riya to him and asked her beat him.


"Come on Riya, maaro isse!" Arjun asked to hit him.


"sir I cant, he is nearly lifeless." Said Riya with a sympathetic face.


Seeing Riya have sympathy for this man Arjun lost his cool again, "Riya you are sympathizing with this stupid excuse of a man! I can't believe it!" he said running his frustrated hand on his hairs.



"Riya do you have any idea what he could have done to you if I was not on time!" saying so Arjun held her upper arm and Riya winced in pain.



"Ah! Sir!" Riya quickly pushed his hand away and Arjun held her hand and twisted it a bit and saw some nail marks on the back of her arm. His blood boiled again and he was again in his kill mode.


Arjun went towards him and kicked salil's body that was already on the floor. Rathore saw this and ran towards the scene. Shree too was shocked to see this and ran towards them.



"Rawte, leave him he is unconscious!" Rathore said and pushed him on the sofa and warned him, "Rawte if you touch him again I will have to take strict action!"



"Rathore you are taking HIS bloody side?!" Arjun asked not believing.


"I am taking nobody's side! I am just on the law's side!" said Rathore and Riya held Arjun's hand.


"Sir calm down. I am fine, please don't worry." Riya said holding his arm slightly.


Arjun jerked his hand away from her and said, "yes I saw how fine you were! And I am totally impressed!" said Arjun mocking her and left her house banging the door behind him.


Rathore rolled his eyes at him and asked Shree to take Salil to hospital.


"Riya, if you need any help, we are there. okay?" Rathore said to Riya and kept his hand on her head as a big brother and Riya nodded. Shree too asked her if she would be fine, she nodded and then they left with Salil's unconscious body.



Riya was again alone in her house. This house seemed to have some negative vibes now. She hoped she had some other place to go. But at this long hour, there was no other place except his arms. But he, he was not even ready to talk to her now. Guess he was so angry on her. But then Riya thought of having some shower and then to have some sleep, if she could.



Riya showered and wore a long skirt that covered her legs and a sleeveless top that revealed her arms. she was sitting on the bed of her room, the room still had some effects of Salil so she decided to sleep in the other room. She took her first aid kit and moved to the other room and tried to apply medicine on the nail marks. After having a tough a time bandaging her arm, Riya finally left it with the cream and slept.





Next day Riya went to the office expecting everyone to shower her with questions to know if she is fine, is everything okay and all that stuff but every one behaved as if nothing happened last night.


Riya looked at Arjun too and he too behaved the normal way, scolding her at smallest things, guiding her when she was stuck in the case and often staring at her when she made any useless comment.


Riya was happy that she was not the breaking news in the office. And the ETF team members were behaving normally, not making her embarrassed.


Just when everything was turning up right and she was getting normal, came two men dressed in blacks and Riya's breath hitched. It was Salil and his dad, harish.


They were discussing the case in Rathore's room when they came in and Riya was tensed. Last night's happening came through her mind and she looked nervous under Salil's piercing gaze. Just then Arjun who was sitting in front of Rathore got up and sat besides Riya supporting her and Shree too, who was sitting besides Rathore, came and sat besides her and held her shivering hand under the table. Riya looked at Shree and he nodded understanding her.  Then she looked at Arjun who was just staring at Salil with a deadly expression.



"Who is the man that raised his hand on my son!?" harish said and Arjun clenched his fist under the table.


Chotu oblivious to everything saw Salil's face and mumbled to himself, "chehre ki geography dekh ke to lagta hai isse Arjun sir ne bigada hai!" Shree heard this and laughed looking down.


Harish saw the exchange of laughs and fumed.


"I will go to the court! I will sue the ETF!" said harish angrily.



"ETF is not a normal person walking on the road, mr harish! We are THE emergency task force! ETF ko sue karna itna easy nahi hai! Aur agar Riya ne humse request nahi ki hoti to mai kabka aapke bete ke khilaf arrest warrant leke aa chukka hota aapke paas! Thank Riya, that she cares a hell lot about her father's friend (harish) that she forgave your son's deeds." Rathore finally took the lead and put a full stop on harish's mouth. Arjun looked at Riya's face angrily, why did she stop Rathore and save that bast*rd!



Salil hearing Rathore couldn't hold himself and said, "she is my fiance! I can talk to her whenever I want!" said Salil and Arjun took the lead now.


"EX-fiance! Riya is your EX- fiance." Arjun highlighted the EX in the sentence, "and I don't see you behaving the way any MAN behaves with a girl! And I am so glad I did what I did!" he indirectly told harish that he is the one who beat his son.



"We will see you!" said harish and turned to move out.



"Sure, I will be right here. See you soon." Said Arjun with a fake smile and harish left with Salil.





Riya thanked everyone and asked for a leave. She was not feeling well after seeing that Salil again. Rathore agreed and Riya went to her cabin. She sat on her perfect leather chair and rested her head on the head set on the chair. Just then she heard someone pull the door open and enter abruptly. She opened her eyes and saw Arjun standing just in front of her by keeping his hands on the arm rests of her chair.



"Why did you save that son of a bi*ch!" said Arjun harshly and Riya looked at him dumbfounded. "I asked something!" Riya came to the world and nodded foolishly.



Seeing her scared form Arjun turned away abruptly and stood a step away.


"Riya! Kuch puch raha hu tumse! Jawab do!" Arjun asked again.



"Sir baat ko badhane se koi fayda nahi hai. Just forget it." Riya said and Arjun held her from her upper arms and held her up, pinning her on the nearby wall.



"Sir! Ahh! My hand!" said Riya as Arjun accidentally held her bruised arm.



Arjun left her and kept his hands on the either sides of her, still pinning her.


"Riya! Do you have any idea about the word 'punishment'!" asked Arjun mocking her, "and that person needed a good lesson to mess up with a girl's dignity! And that too yours!" he said and Riya looked at his eyes.



This time Arjun didn't look away but just saw her eyes too, hers were curious but Arjun's were angry, not on Salil but today on her.



"Why do I matter so much sir?" asked Riya lost in his eyes.


"coz you are my team mate!" said Arjun and Riya sulked inwardly.


"Just a team mate!" asked Riya a bit accusingly.


"Yes, what more do you expect?" Arjun said not knowing what he really said.


"NOTHING! I EXPECT NOTHING!" said Riya as she finally lost her cool and tried pushing him, but he was not there to get pushed away, so he stood there adamant when Riya was trying hard to get away from him.


Arjun felt her restlessness and came forward towards her ear and nuzzled a bit into her hairs, calming her down. Riya struggled more for a second but then gave up. Tears formed in her eyes and she looked away from him. Arjun again held her by her shoulders and whispered slightly, "tell me what's bothering you." He said and Riya denied by shaking her head and Arjun nuzzled again, making his nose take in the scent of her conditioner.


"You can tell me." he assured and Riya finally gave in and hugged him tightly.


Her sobs became prominent and she held on to him. At first Arjun was taken aback and didn't respond but then something inside him snapped when she tried to say something but was unable to, as she was sobbing.



He hugged her lightly, not touching her much and whispered, "I am here! May be I can help you out. Tell me."



After getting the reassurance from him Riya finally tried controlling her sobs and looked at his eyes. Her eyes were again red and swollen. Arjun saw them and quickly melted. He was again spell bound to her eyes like yesterday. Someone truly said, you can ignore smiling lips but you can't ignore crying eyes.


Riya looked his caring black eyes that were curious to find what was bothering her, "he- he, Salil, sa-lil, ruined my- my first kiss!" she said making her eyes look like a lost puppy eyes.


Arjun looked at the cute girl crying for a ruined first kiss, and couldn't help but laugh at her. He laughed for the first time and Riya looked at his laugh mesmerized. He looked so much at ease when he laughed, just like a teenager. But then the reality dawned upon her. He was laughing at HER. AT HER!! And then again the tears made their way in her eyes and this time she started crying loudly. Arjun saw this and stopped laughing and tried consoling her but now she was angry too. At first she was just upset but now he made her ANGRY!


"Riya listen!" he said but she cried and he tried consoling her, "Riya listen to me! I didn't mean to-" but she didn't listen.


"What do you think of yourself!" Riya said and slapped his shoulder lightly.


"Riya I didn't mean to harm your feelings, but-" Arjun tried to explain but Riya didn't listen.


"What do you know about a kiss and that too a GIRL's FIRST KISS!!" she said crying and this time Arjun couldn't see her like this and held her strongly in his embrace.


"AND WHAT ABOUT THE SECOND ONE HUH!?" Arjun said holding her tightly and pinning her on the wall again.


Riya heard this and saw him, what she saw froze her and all she could make up of the sight was that his eyes darkened and his face came closer. Arjun dipped his head a little and came in her level. That is when he leaned further and captured her lips, recovering her lost kiss.


Riya expected him to back out at first but when she felt his lips on hers, she forgot everything. Arjun pecked her lips and licked them lightly but the intense feelings in his heart erupted inside him, the feelings that were buried deep within his heart tried to surface themselves. Arjun was lost in her innocence and her childlike cry over the lost first kiss. He soon parted her lips from his and put forth his tongue in her mouth. Riya gasped at the gesture and held on to his shirt as her knees melted at the intensity of the kiss. Arjun didn't know what took over him but that was the moment he felt bliss after so many lonely years. Riya knew if she responded he would stop kissing her, so she just stood there enjoying his lips on hers and smiled inwardly. Arjun felt her mouth hot and softer than anything on the earth; he was just healing her first broken kiss but didn't realize when he started fulfilling his desires in it. As he felt Riya not responding, he bit slightly and Riya frowned, he again bit her and urged her to respond, that is when Riya snaked her arm around his neck and he came back to his senses.








"Rathore, I want this man in my private interrogating room!!" said Arjun looking at Salil and Rathore agreed.




hey all

I am sorry for updating late.

So this is the looonnggg update as the compensation for me to be late.

But this doesn't mean you guys are free. You have to comment! And that too, LONG COMMENT!

Or else no update this week!

Got it? Wink


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Awesome update.. 

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its such a cute update...just loved it...
Ruined her first kiss...hahah...n then the second kiss wass sooo...mast...LOL
plzz update more soon...will b waiting...n plz do PM me we next update..

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Fabulous, awesome, lovely...
Dont have any words to describe what i really felt on reading this...
I loved absolutely everything you wrote from the start till the end...
Love when Riya was crying for her lost first kiss...
Love when Arjun kissed her, beat that salil
loved the way shree and rathore took Ri's side
Please update very soonWink
Hope this comment is long enough for you to update very soon dearLOL

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