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Wheels Of Fortune Thread #2 Chap 11 Updated pg 47

ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Wheels Of Fortune

Thread 2


It has been a tumultuous journey for Manya till now .

She came to Mumbai with her younger brother Manav.She strangely feels connected to her legal guardian Yuvraaj Udayveer .

But she  is shocked at his claims for her  being his  long lost wife Yuvrani Manyata and shows no restrains in  making love to her  when she forces herself on him in a drugged condition .


Was Yuvraaj Udayveer right in spending a night with his claimed to be estranged wife or was Manya right in accusing him to be a lecherous monster ,  was something Manya did not know

Her realization of truth awes her .She decides to apologize for her accusations but her destiny seems to have some other plans in store.


Will she be able to regain the lost trust and love of Yuvraaj Udayveer in midst of conniving plots of Vikram and Minakshi


Will she be ever able to find the truth behind the sudden disappearance of Yuvrani Manyata and realize her connection with the lady,the wife of Yuvraaj Udayveer


Will she ever be able to bring the attempted murderers of Yuvrani Manyata to justice


Welcome to Thread 2

It has answer to all your questions


'I want to say something' her tone was hesitant.

'What ?'

'I am sorry',  Manyata looked intently towards the chair waiting for him to turn and look at her .

But he didn't

'And u think I will forgive u',  sighed Udayveer as he closed his eyes to breath in long enough and rested his head back  on the chair.

Manya could see the half filled glass in his hands from behind..His long leg lay slump down the chair .It was dark she could not see much .She lounged to look at his face, into his eyes but dared not move from the enormous teak wood study  table which she grabbed tightly afraid that  her strengths may defy her anytime.

'No',  she whimpered her voice inaudible.

Her silence irritated him .He turned his head to look behind.He saw Manya standing by the table her pose defensive .Udayveer gave a faint smile and decided to confront  his alienated wife  .

He walked to her the light of reading lamp was enough to make him walk without stumbling around the things.

Mnaya did want to see him in front but not so near his great height hovered her small stature .

'I did not hear your answer princess,do u think I will forgive u',  he asked again standing near enough to make Manya feel his warm breath on her face.

'I don't know', she said her voice was faint. It seemed to come from some deep hollow ,from place where Manya wanted to retreat before she fell vulnerable to his nearness once again which she thought ,she already was.

'So its me all the way ,right princess ,let me think', said Udayveer as he cupped her body into his arms making Manya shudder.He had enclosed her into his arms pulling her up to level her face to his .

'I think I can forgive u for all that u have done', said Udaveer with mischievous eyes

Mnaya's eyes widened at his words but then she was confused to see the playful smirk on his face

'Really!', she asked suspiciously

'Really princess  just one condition', winked Udayveer

'What is the codition?', Her throat felt dry when she asked his condition .Something in her warned her.It must be weird condition for sure

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Chapter 8

Against Each Other... Amidst Love


The alarm clock struck six  and soon the little bed room of Manya was a buzz with its shrill noise .Her brother Manav who was on his bed by the widow merged his head in pillow.

'Oh no its morning again! ' muffled Manav .Going to school was never a welcome idea for the fourteen year old  who hated his English classes which were always in  the first period.

'Didi why do we study Shakespeare when all his language is obsolete 'asked Manav sketching his head.

Manya  was in the kitchen preparing breakfast and lunch

'We don't study his obsolete language Manav we study his classic dramas which are essence of English literature',  explained Manaya handing towel to Manav .She gestured him to be fast or else water supply would  be off.

It has been one week since Manya had shifted as paying guest to Mrs Iyyar with her brother Manav .Her so called banglow was situated at the eastern corner of navi Mumbai . Manav had continued his school as usual. She was satisfied with his conveyance and safety which was taken well care by the school.

But now she had to look for another job.It took her full one hour to travel to main Mumbai.Her whole day passed in applying for job. She had somehow managed to get a promising certificate from Mrs Bruganza regarding her six month service at Udaveer and Co. Anya had given her references of top companies where she could apply as secretary.

Service experience at Udayveer and Co.  was the best experience a fresher could manage in Mumbai and she had it.But her short service at the company had not seemed promising enough to grab her a good job.She had been walking and waiting around in offices but nothing good seemed to happen. It was the encouragement of Anya and Aman that still kept her kicking though inside she was on verge of loosing her persistence. Life had never been so difficult.

In Haridwar though the Shastri family had limited income but still it was enough to keep them happy and alive. Even after her dada ji 's death she had been sheltered well by his former student cum their legal guardian Yuvraj Udayveer Singh .But now when she decided to stand on her own and prove her real worth by being Manya Shastri she found herself far behind in the crowd of aspiring dreamers who were nowhere less than her  .

Now she realized who the man named Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh was .He was the man who provided the job to thousands .Alas ! she could not have the one provided by him. Not that he would deny but that she would  not ask for.She had pledged she won't ask for any more  favour from the man whom she herself had so mercilessly insulted and now after realization of her fault had no courage to face him .




It was after three weeks of struggle she had managed to get a job .She stared up at the enormous tower a sixty storey sky scrapper at eastern Mumbai booming with corporate energy .The building which  top notch corporate office in it. She tightly  clutched the appointment letter which she had received after the rigorous three rounds of  interview. She had been assigned the position  of project manager and today  she had to meet her boss under whom she would be managing one of the projects. She was told that she is lucky enough to work under the man who belonged to the top hierarchy of the company even without much experience.

She had to report directly to the  owner of the company .

She walked through the wide corridor of 50th floor of Imperial tower. This floor was owned by VJSs her new wokplace. The receptionist showed her the way to  office and informed her that boss would be in any time. Manya scrutinized her new office, it was plush white beautiful and big.

She sighed , tears swam in her eyes she  missed Anya and Aman. It had been fun to work with them , they were her collogues, her friends her well wishers and everything she wanted them to be. But here she was all by herself. She had been provided an assistant  Raman Vijaynathan ,a brilliant 19 year old intern.

Raman greeted her good morning  with his bright smile in his typical south Indian tone .The two new employees looked at each other ,one buzzing with enthusiasm another still trying to come out of her past job.Mnaya realized she had an important position ,she had been assigned to manage the project which was fresh and in its intial stage.She had been informed their would be as many as twenty five employees reporting her .

She asked Raman about updates and soon  submerged herself in the files ,she did not want any loose end from her own side .It was her golden opportunity to prove herself.

Manya was lost in her files ,she did not observe that she was being watched for quite few minutes .The observer sat leisurely in the front chair his arms  folded  gazing at her .His mouth strtched a bit to smile pursing his lips in amusement. Strangely the girl in front had not yet observed his presence. He had walked in gently deliberate enough  not to disturb his precious little employee .He liked her brown hairs which were tightly pinned back in form of bun ,still few strands had managed to  adorn her moon like face .She was wearing specks ,a bit bigger for her face ,latest fashion he thought or may be decided to have them old style. After pretty few minutes of observation observer  decided to make his presence felt and gave a feigned cough.

Manya suddenly realized  a tall man dressed in formal blacks sitting right infront of her. He was not so young,  may be in last twenties. He was handsome indeed  with his everything depicting square. He had square shaped hands , his face was square with gray eyes, his shoulders well built and again square shaped !. He seemed amused at something she could not fathom  .

'Who are U and how did u come in without my permission'.  Manya was  irritated at his mischievous smirk and too much confidence.

'Well I am a watchman here, just came in to see everything is fine', laughed the man as he slowly stood to  his full height .Manya observed how tiny she looked in front of him. She disliked the sensations he created in her. There was something in his gaze that made her flinch.

'Watchman !', Manya narrowed her eyes and looked at him in full length ,his clothing was that of man belonging to higher class .He was surely not a watchman.

'Well is not the boss a full time watchman of his own company' ,he smirked and walked to the widow and pushed up its shutters to let the outer air flow in. He lighted his cigarette and puffed the smoke out of the window .

Manya stood fixed at her place. She had not expected such a casual meeting with her boss where she did not even had time enough to greet him formally. He seemed to engrossed in the blank blue sky outside the window .

'It will be a pleasure working with u Miss Shastri ,u seem to take your work seriously. Good for U.' said her boss and at last turned to face her .

'By the way I am Vikram Jeet Singh ,' he forwarded his for a formal handshake 'now u would know what that VJS stands for! ' he beamed.

'I will do my best to prove myself ', quipped Manya answering his  handshake with equal vigor.


VikramJeet smiled at Manya ,who stood their like an employee all eager to please her boss with her quality work. He liked her enthusiasm, her innocence and her unfamiliarity to bigger plans he had in mind for her .For him she was something more then just an employee , she was a beautiful weakness of his sworn rival Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh.



It has been a busy day .Looking into the financial reports was always the favorite task of Udayveer .He liked seeing profits grow with their  numbers doubling every year. But this is year it was not the same. The company turnover had declined specially that of his hotel business. He knew markets were down with less foreigners coming in and even the expensive travelling of high officials being chopped off .This year their were fever lavish parties too. But then what worried him was sl*g movement in Devgad Jaigad combined public project due to political deadlock. He needed to speed up the things or else it would affect the factory productions  and further earning of his very own people.


He rolled his chair to look down through his large glass walls at the tiny Mumbai down below. It was always appeasing to look down at Mumbai which was like a topological map.It made him feel far above the place and things , distant yet involved .

Mrs Brogenza knocked the door . She had come up with the Tista project file. The project Manya had been working on since last three months.It was one of the important projects as it involved his Riyasat .The project was about mining of ores at Tista ,a place in terrenes of arid Jaigad and rajgad mountains  .It was his birst attempt to enter ore mining business and had set large stake on it.

So whats the problem Mrs Brugenza asked Udayveer still looking down the window at the beautiful rain struck city of Mumbai.

'Manya has joined VJS and Co ', said Mrs. Bugenza seating herself on the front chair with  sheer frustration in her voice

The name struck Udayveer .He took a deep breath and asked Mrs Brugenza to call Anya.

Anya came in.Her first look at mrs Brugenza's face told her the whole story .She looked at her boss Udayveer who was still seated his face turned to window.

'Does Manya know VJS& Co. are our biggest competitors ', asked Udayveer turning to look at Anya contracting his  eyebrows.

Anya could hear the boiling anger in his voice.

'Yes Now she knows it, but its too late',  answered Anya helplessly blaming herself within for not being careful enough to stop Mnaya from joining VJS and  co as she knew Vikramjeet would sure use her against Udayveer .

'Do u know which project she is working on ?'

'I don't know Sir, I had tried to ask her but she said the project she was working was a top secret one  and she could not reveal till it was presented for contract with government.'

Udayveer paced restlessly in the room while Anya and Mrs Brugenza watched him walking to and fro knocking his fists agaist each other as though making himself ready for some boxing bout .Udayveer now understood why Mnaya was hired by VJs that too at such high position even when her experience in the industry was nothing but six months. But was Mnaya so dumb to know Vikramjeets intentions ,no she was not !, he minced .

What is she upto ? grumbled Udayveer to himself whatever she may do I promise there will be no forgiveness from Udayveer now

'Fine ladies u both may leave send the project in charge of Tista ', ordered Udayveer as he sat himself on his rolling chair brushing his forehead with  his index finger.


Manya had been working hard to fulfill her responsibilities as the project manager. She had used all her experience to design the new project she had been assigned. She smiled as she did the final proof reading of the project file. Sure no other project design could beat it now even the Tista she had worked on.She asked Raman to hand over the file to the boss. She collected her things and hastily thrusted them in her hand bag, locked her drawers and swiftly made her way out. She had to be quick.


Manav had annual sports day at his collage he wanted his didi to be their when he ran for final  race. He was one of the best sprinters in his school and he would sure bring at least three golds to his red house. But he wanted his didi to be their to see him grabbing those medals. His eyes twinkled with joy as he saw his didi in the front row .he had asked his friends to reserve seat for his sister and they had obediently followed as none wanted to risk medal of their house .Manya waved at Manav who stood on the track smiling enthusiastically at her.

'Just win it bro! ', she shouted at top her voice while few  parents stared at her for her overexcitement.

Her phone buzzed .She looked at the caller id. It was Anya .Sure it must be something important. She looked up at  Manav ,he had won the 100 meter race and was preparing for next competition. She waved him success and slowly made her way out of crowd to attend the phone.

'Manya today boss  was very angry',  said Anya trying to sound normal though Mnaya could hear her fast breaths through phone

'Why ?',Manya asked concerned

'Have u designed that Tista project for Vikramjeet '

'No Anya I  designed it  for Ramai'

'O come on Manya use your brain both places have same landscapes and natural resources. He knew u won't work against Udayveer's tista project so  he asked u for Ramai .But Manya ,Vikramjeet has no stake at Ramai instead he is interested in Tista which is at common territory between Jaigad and Rajgad ,If he gets this contract he will get an access to Udayveers territory which he is actually eyeing on '.

Anya's revelations shocked Manya. She knew her project was unbeatable .The Tista project at Udayveers had loop wholes which only expert would know and she had made the new project in solution to those loop wholes. She had worked hard on project but at this moment she just wanted to loose. She did not want Udayevver and co to lose against Vikramjeet and Co. She had never wanted her very own ideal prince to loose just coz of her. Loosing Tista would mean giving VJS access to Jaigad resources which had till now belonged only to udayveer.


'Oh God What have I done Udayveer will never forgive me for this .Please Thakoorji let my project loose, please! ' She prayed and suddenly she heard a loud applaud. Her brother had won the third gold medal in row. She looked at Manava through the crowd he was on the shoulders of his friends. His red house had won by margin of four medals out of which her brother contributed for three. Her eyes glistened with tears. She knew not what those tears meant.

Were they for her brother who won the medals or were they for herself for being the cause of Yuvraaj Udayveers going to be defeat .




'We lost the contract ?', fumed Udayveer as he strolled rigorously  in his plush blue office .His top brass employees scratching their heads.

'Sir they got someone who had already worked on our project before and so were able to make better project in last moment ',  said  Mr. Arnav Mukherjee the  chief executive officer trying to explain the reason.

'Fine leave that project how  is our pipeline project going on'.

The executive members were shocked at Yuvraaj Udayveerers change of topic they had expected him to muddle and whine at the lost project but instead he was talking about oil pipeline project which was already going on.

'Its going fine Sir ',answered Ramgupta  desai the project in charge.

'Good Mr. Desia ',I want the pipeline to go through Tista.

'Tista! But sir that will be a long route which means extra expenditure'

'We will bear it Mr. Desai,  just make it convincing enough, Vikramjeet thinks he has won but we have to make him loose even after he has won'

'But Sir''Mr. Desai tried to speak but was interrupted.

'No ifs and buts Mr. Desai do as I say ',he turned to Mrs Brugenza 'Hire one of the best negotiator to assist me  Mrs Brugenza  we are going need one as Vikram Jeet will ask for negotiation  very soon',  he smirked .

The board members understood what their chief executive officer Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh  was up to. He was not the  man who accepted defeat so easily, especially when it was against VJS. He was sure going to make his competitor regret his victory.




It was a celebration time for Raman .He had worked hard with Manya on the Tista project and was elated that their hard work had payed off. He had already got pat from the top boss  Vikramjeet himself who had come in their office looking for Mnaya.


Manya was late for office.It was first time since she joined the office. Though she had worked only for a month but it seemed ages.S he flopped in her chaired and switched on her PC. Raman came in bustling with enthusiasm.

'Maam we won the contract .Nobody could deny your design !'

'Not mine Raman ours ,its our hard work that had payed off' .Manaya gave a faint smile .So now surely I am in the hit list of Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh sighed Mnaya to herself.

'Our super boss wants to see u maam ,he had come here looking after u'.

'Ok Raman I will see him said Mnaya wearily 'Raman can u make a cup of coffe for me please'.

'Sur Maam', Raman moved to pant house to prepare coffee.

'So my cheater boss wants to see me', thought Manya to herself. What would he say pat me for backstabbing my own exboss or would I ballow at him for making me cheat on him by not telling the true facts.

Manya thanked Raman for the coffee and sipped in .The phone rang she picked it up .Her mouth twitched as she heard the voice from other side. It was her present boss.

'Yes Sir 'she kept the phone. Son of a bitch she mumbled .


'Mnaya I just wanted to apologise for not telling u the whole truth' ,she heard her boss say

She spoke nothing .It was best to keep quit then to speak her mind which wanted to abuse her wolf like boss to death.Seeing her adamant looks Vikramjeet understood  it was impossible to convince Manya , he decided to change the topic .

'We have a success party for our contract win , tonight at my  hotel ,I want u  to join us,'

'I wont', her reply was stern and rude.

'You have to its not just a party its business too, we have our partner coming in too'.

'The employment contract does not bind me to attend nonsense party ,u won the contract u celebrate and please let me be at peace'.

'You cant be at peace alone  my dear ,not when this party is all for u'.

'Me' now Mnaya was surprised .'Party for me! 'she exclaimed .

'Yes its because of u our company got such a big contract and it's the employees who have planned it for u not me '.

There was no way of saying no when it came to her collogue employees .They had been nice to her and supported her and now they wanted to celeberate. She had no right to ruin it just coz she hated her boss for his shrewd manipulations.She decided to attend .

She nodded and left.

Vikramjeet sucked in  a deep breath. Things were going well .So according to plan. He called Minakshi  and smiled as he heard her excited voice.

'Dear cousin now its  your turn to give a final touch ,our pray  is coming to the party' .

Minakshi laughed 'Sure cousin just see how I make page three gossip out of u and your beautiful employee'. The  two cousins burst into laughter.





It was late night. Udayveer tried to steady his walk as he walked through the corridors .He knew his limits when it came to liquor but today he felt he had more than his limits.

'I think we can discuss the matters tomorrow Uday ',said Minakshi trying to help reluctant Udayveer.

'No Minakshi I think we should get it done now, I just need to sign few papers and then we will be done '

'But Uday I think u had too much of alcohal'

'I know baby but then my mind is still working don't worry', laughed Udayveer and plopped on the arm chair.

Suraj came in and handed him the files .He had some important news to tell as well but decided his master to finish first.

Udayveer read the papers and smirked  as he looked at Minakshi .

'I just cant believe u are the cousin  of that bas***d    Vikram ,u are so clear in ethics while your brother stoops so low'

Minakshi knew not how to react to Udayveers appreciation .She knew she was not ethical at all. Instead she was a woman who could stoop any low to get him ,the man she loved from her very childhood.

'Well I am not that good Uday, But then I love u ',sighed Minakshi . She caressed his face and neared to plant a kiss .But was jerked away.

Udayveer was not at all in romantic mood. Instead he was crass and hurt. He had just realized how dangerous his wife had become .The woman had left no stone unturned to make him hate her. Her accusations had already left him broke inside but now she was even backstabbing him. She was with his greatest enemy and helping him to topple him ,the king Yuvraaj Uayveer Singh.


The media was already talking about her relationship with Vikramjeet Singh .Their party kiss was in newspapers. People questioned her character. Media declared her  a famous look alike of Yuvraaj Udaveers wife who first tried to seduce him and now was going around his competitor,a  multimillionaire Vikramjeet.

He knew not who feeded  stories  to media neither did he want to know. He hated Manya through all his heart , he did not care what media said about her. He had stopped caring now .Let her do what she wants and take care of herself ,She had already killed the lover in him and the husband died the day she accused him of rape .

He waved a good bye to Minakshi and  banged the bell .

Suraj came in. He asked him to make a strong peg for him. Suraj hesitated and looked at Udayveer.

Little Adya was already asleep with her mother. Badi Maas a had called Manya when she found her sick grandchild chanting  for her mother. Suraj wanted to tell udayveer about Adya but seeing Udayveer in such wretched  condition he decided to keep quit .

But one more peg!  Sure something was terribly wrong . Udayveer never took so much liquor. But Suraj meekly followed the instructions made the peg. Udayveer gestured him to  keep the liquor flask on the table and leave.

Suraj scratched his head and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. He saw Manaya who had happened to come in the kitchen for water.

'What happened Suraj', asked Manya as she looked at worried face of Suraj

'Nothing Madam but I am worried about Uday Sir'

Manya could feel the concern in the head servant's voice. 'What happened ?' she asked matching his concern

'Well Uday Sir  is drinking too much ,which he never does specially never at home'

Manya knew what it was. Sure it must be the contract. She remembers Anya telling about his fury at the executive board meeting  and his anger on her for being involved in the counter project. He has misunderstood me. I need to talk to him thought Mnaya to herself

'I will see Suraj u don't worry'

Her words alarmed Suraj. Rakesh had told him everything about the may be differences between his master and Manya Madam. It would be  a blunder to let Manya go to his master when he was  nearly too  drunk and angry.

'Manaya  Madam', Suraj said hesitantly 'Uday sir said he does not want to be disturbed'.

'Don't worry Suraj I wont disturb him much, but then there are few things I need to clearify '.

Manay adamantly walked up the stairs mustering all her courage to face Udayveer and clear up the things.

She found the doors of study open .She peeped in and found the lights closed. So he has gone to bed. Manyata turned to leave but stopped as she heard the glass cling.

She slowly entered the study and searched for the switches. This was second time she had come in his study.It has always been dimly lit accept the reading lamp which had light enough to make things shine under it. But at present nothing glowed .Somehow she reached for the reading lamp and switched it on which  emitted  enough light to make things visible .

'Suraj I told u no disturbances.Now close that light and leave', grunted Udayveer without moving from his chair where  he lay slumped in his comfortable arm chair with no mood of  going to his bedroom .

'Its me', Manya's soft voice  was audible enough to make Udayveer shrug. He was surprised to hear her voice but made no movement. He did not care !

'What are u doing here?'

'Adya wanted to see me she was sick so I waited on her. Now she is fine and sleeping'

Adya was sick  so that was what suraj wanted to tell. How careless father I am becoming these days thought Udayveer. So she is sleeping now he would sure see his little princess in the morning .

'Close the lights ',said Udayveer lost in his thoughts.

'I want to say something',  her tone was hesitant.

'What ?'

'I am sorry'.  Manyata looked intently towards the chair waiting for him to turn and look at her .

But he didn't

'And u think I will forgive u ', sighed Udayveer as he closed his eyes to breath in long enough and rested his head on the chair.

Manya could see the half filled glass in his hands from behind. His long legs were lay slump down the chair .It was dark she could not see much .She lounged to look at his face , into his eyes but dared not move from the enormous teak wood study  table which she grabbed tightly afraid that  her strengths may defy her anytime.

'No ', she whimpered her voice inaudible.

Her silence irritated him .He turned his head to look behind. He saw Mnaya standing by the table ,her pose defensive .Udayveer gave a faint smile and decided to talk to  his alienated wife  .

He walked to her the lights of reading lamp was enough to make him walk without stumbling around the things.

Manaya did want to see him in front but not so near , his great height hovering over  her small stature .

'I did not hear your answer princess, do u think I will forgive u',  he asked again standing near enough to make Manya feel his warm breath on her face.

'I don't know', she said her voice was faint it seemed to come from some deep hollow ,from place where Mnaya had suddenly wanted to retreat before she fell vulnerable to his nearness once again, which she thought ,she already was.

'So its me all the way right princess ,let me think said Udayveer as he encircled  her body into his arms making her shudder. He pulled  her up to level her face to his .

'I think I can forgive u for all that u have done', said Udaveer with mischievous eyes.

Manya's eyes widened at his words but then she was confused to see that playful smirk on his face

'Really', she asked suspiciously

'Really just one condition', winked Udayveer

'What is the condition?', Her throat felt dry when she asked his condition .Something in her warned her. It must be weird condition for sure

'Kiss me !,the better u kiss ,better are your chances that I may forgive u '.His grip was tight enough ,his body pressed enough  to make her body feel his throbbing heart ,feel his seething desires .

She could not  believe her ears he said them, she was stunned  and  mortified .May be she needed to leave before she leashed at him again with same accusations which  she had come here to say sorry for .

But his iron grip refrained her from any movement. His smirk was  no more to be seen, the miscivious glint in his eyes was gone   replaced by fierce anger and  hatred. His sudden change of expression perplexed Manya while his grip suffocated her.

'What are u upto Udayveer?' asked Manya she writhed to set herself free ' just let me go' , her frail body wrestling hard with his masculine powers.

'Oh come on Ms Mnaya Shastri  it was u who asked for it didn't u ,what do u think my forgiveness is so easy and  my love and trust a toy which u toss in air every now and then'  

She knew Udayveer was hurt that his own ex employee was responsible for such a big loss to his company. Manya too had never known that project she had been asked to design was to be the only competitor against UVs. She had used all her experience to design it to be the best , unknowingly she had used her prior  knowledge to the projects she handled at UVs, which made it competent enough to win over Uvs.

But then he said love too .Love ,yes the purest thing that existed between them ,the one that connected her to his soul and made her feel enchanted to him like the story of lost beloved  and lover. But when did she toss it pondered Manya.

'Did not your new boss give u  thanks giving kiss' Udayvvers jaws clenched as he spoke those despitful words.

Oh no ! the newspapers ,the memories of morning page three pictures struck her. She had been embarrassed to see those pictures too. Her boss Vikramjeet had been bold enough to kiss her cheeks in the success party of their contract win. He had taken her by surprise on the dance floor where she had been dragged by his cousin Minakshi

She remembered her awkward dancing with her boss while others watched them with their owlish eye glued at her .For them she was a beautiful  employee just a month old and so very near to their boss ,the owner of the company. The camera had zoomed and flashed when suddenly Vikram jeet singh ,the owner of VJS and co.  had planted a surprise kiss on her cheeks while she watched at her kisser dumbstruck. Media was making storys about her and now Udayveer too !

'What a dirty mind u have Udayveer',  shrugged Mnaya trying to push him off. But felt the grip becoming even more tighter.

'Dirty mind !Oh come on Manya do u know what media is talking about u, u have become nothing but a high society '.bitch !', his last words  killed Manya .


She had been trying to ignore the news, the media, the gossips but ignoring Udayveer was impossible .Being so low in her own lovers eyes was so demeaning. Even Yuvraaj Udayveer misunderstood her. The man who always stood by her was all so against her standing far away. So distant that he could not see the love  in her eyes and feel her heart and soul which he claimed he knew so well.

Where was her Udayveer ?Where was he?

Manya tried to search her forgiving Yuvraaj Udayveer in the bloodshot glares of the man who clutched her like lion clutched a lamb all ready to devour it to pieces .

'Kiss Me Manya ,kiss me before I become a monster and devour u like some lecherous fiend u accused me for. She saw tears brimming into his eyes .He pressed his face to hers his jaws still clenched jutting out at her soft cheeks .Few tears escaped his eyes and fell on her cheeks .They were the tears of anger and remorse,  tears of the man who knew not what he would become if he was not calmed soon. His angry growls seemed to plead her for an action which could calm a beast to human.

His grip had  loosened leaving the finger marks on her bare arms. She gently moved her hands to his face and cupped it tenderly  and kissed his forehead .Her kiss was angelic , it made him breath like a dead man to life. She looked into his red eyes and smiled tenderly and kissed them each like kissing the gentle petals of moistened roses ,Her lips slowly traversed down to his nose and then to his well carved lips .She pressed her lips  hard on his slowly relishing his ,she sucked them in to make him realize that her love and passion was no less .Her gesture was enough encouragement  for Udayveers overwhelming  passions ,enough to let go of the anger and be drawn again in her livid brown eyes that looked so ardently into his.


His hands slowly made their way down her waist and gently picked her,  to seat her on the table while  his  tongue  groped into her  mouth making  its way into beautiful forrows of her well shaped jaws.He chewd and sucked her lips while Mnayas hands made their way to his neck for support ,her legs unknownly curved round his  encircling him into herself .Udayveer suddenly broke his kiss leaving Manya breathless .

'Manya I need u, I need u now ! 'said Udayveer still breathless by the kiss while his body shuddered with desire 'I need u now ,please Mnaya let me have u.'

Udayveer was too drunk to understand what he said all that he knew was he wanted to pour himself into the woman who had just kissed him like heaven. It was impossible for Manya to say no specially when she knew she needed him more.

He did not wait for her answer and rushed to close the door while Manya stood blank unable to fathom what she had just agreed.

She knew Udayveer was not at all behaving normal sure it was liquor speaking but what about her she was in full senses and so dumbly agreed for something he would regret in the morning .She had been sweeped and tossed on the sofa. His hands  worked with her zip and then her slips , she felt an urge to unbutton his shirts and see what it looked like to see him all bare all near. Udayveer seemed to have understood her intentions  and smiled into her eyes.

He gently lifted her hands to his shirt and murmured mischievously  .'U can open it dear its not a rocket science to unbutton a shirt'.

'O umm yes',  Manya murmured her voice hardly audible. She worked with his shirt her hands tremled at the very touchof his skin.his shirt still half buttoned.

'It will take years to open if u do like this Manya ',beamed Uday as he unbuttoned the rest and threw it off in the heap of her clothes.

'I think '.Mnaya was stopped by his hands which coverd her mouth.

'Don't think just do ' said udayveer while he covered her body with his .The soft fleece of the sofa felt cofertable to her back while his  hard taught body made her gasp.

'Is it right to do ?', she managed to ask at last fighting hard not to respond to his intoxicating smell .

'We will decide that in morning'  moaned Udayveer he was already taken by the softness of her body that flushed with his every touch .'U are still so same ,so delicate '.

Manya curled her legs as he tried to make his place between them. Udayveer understood her apprehensions but then he was in no mood of stopping

'We have done it before Manya ,don't worry it wont be painful, instead u will know how it  all happened that night

He remembers everything of course he is not drunk enough to be senseless smiled Manya to herself satisfied at the fact that afeter all she was not giving herself to a complete drunk man  withut his senses. She was giving herself to Yuvraaj Udayveer the man who loved her and whom she knew she loved equally

At last she gave way to him letting him have her once again this time in all her senses , with all her heart and mind enjoying  every bit of  the beauty of giving oneself to the man most loved.

'Its so beautiful  ', she moaned as she felt him inside herself. 'I bet ,I will never regret it '.

'U never know morning is too far away Mnaya shastri and u are very bad at bets as u always loose ,don't u '. The glint in his voice stunned her .

She flashed open her eyes to look into the cold eyes of the man who made love to her out of extreme despise!!

He was true  it was not painful ,he was true  her body accepted him so well that for sure it knew him well then she herself knew about the man who had been changing moods like ever-changing shapes of moon.And he was true again she was bad at bets and often lost.But loosing herself to Udayveer was much beautiful then winning over him.

They breathed hard their energy spent but something inside her said things were not all beautiful .His words still echoed in her mind his body had reconciled  with hers but he had not yet forgiven her she still had long way to go .


Dear Readers

In coming chapter Manaya has to walk her path alone as she herself has alienated herself from her own rights

she wants to be Manya not Manyata and Manya being common girl will have to face a lot.

UV still loves her but he wont give in so easily ,misunderstanding will still exist

 Minakshi fiasco will be resolved in next chapter,but Vikram will be their still till  coming 2 or 3 chapters

But yes One good news for u all

Our Manya will be pregnant with UV child and will know not what to do.Its here UV will have to stand by her though reluctantly as Manya ka Manya jaap will irritate him to hellLOL

He will have to treat her like Manya which will give him enough chance to bully her for being nothing but an unmarried girl pregnant with his child...

So dont worry UV wants it or not,  he hates Manya or loves her ,thats a different issue ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but he is bound to take care of Manaya in Shana style Embarrassed

Do  Click Like to let me know if u liked it and

Comment  if u feel I did some justice

Love U All



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Fabulous promo Shana!
Already my anticipation level is zooming towards the sky!Thumbs Up
And many congrats on the 2nd thread!Big smileBig smile

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 Omg shana dear congratulations on second thread!
u r truly an amazing writer!
the promo ix aweosme waiting anxiously for next update please update as soon as you canSmile

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awsome promo...
Trailar aisa hai toh update kaisa hoga...uday ne manyata ko kiss karne ke liye kaha...update soon.

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awesome promo shana plzzz update soon 

congratulation on second tread 

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congrats on 2nd thread Party and shana di promo was awesome  really can't wait...plzz update soonnnSmile

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shana shana now u are torturing ,me
please udpate soon
u are being sucha tease now
can u please dont do this to our readers
the promo was lovely and awesome
please update soon
like now now

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