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MANVEER SS " KOI THUMSA NAHI " CHP 26 pg 91( kushi (Page 7)

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Originally posted by Sunshinegirll

hey puggy read all the chapters from the beginning today..
i love ur SS.. all the chapters were too goodClapClap
nice concept and well writtenSmile

btw wat does thumsa mean? :o
update soonSmile n do pm meSmileSmile

thank u ...koi thumsa nahi means no one is like u

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Originally posted by arna753

loved this update. manveer scenes were really n
do continue ASAP. pls pm me for the upcoming update.

ill update on tuesday or wednesdy ...thanks

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Originally posted by puggyy

Originally posted by ...navina...

<font color="#0000ff">Anisha...
</div>                   Your ss is becoming very popular.
                   I am so happy for u.Big smile
                   It is very interesting,
                   ...and cute!

                  Waiting for the next part...
                  Continue soon!!!</font>

thanks goes to u ...thanks ...any suggestions?
U are doing very well on your own Anisha,
...but, If I think of something...I WILL LET U KNOW!!!

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                          CHAPTER 5 


UNNATHI - welcome girls am so happy 

MANYATAH - ur house is too good than meera described . It's beautiful . I think uday's choice . I have seen his office and sight . All elegant and classy .

UNNATHI - thank u mannu . She looks and meera and winks .pls come and have a look over da entire place 

MANAYTAH AND ANANYA - we would love to n they look at da entire house Nd praise . 

UNNATHI - thanks mannu and annaya . Come it's coffe time we will sit in that room and have coffee .

ANANYA - y that room specially? 

UNNATHI - it has a great view from balcony . She takes them there and order coffee . Both meera and unnathi smile at each other 

MANYATHA - wow it's really wonderful . Wish to have coffe daily here .

UNNATHI - ur always welcome . " in future u will b in this room only mannu " thinks it inside .hey annaya last time u asked about recent avanthika's collection , come I'll show u 

MANYATHA - anu pls don tell me now u guys r gonna behave like literal girls ...pls not these dresses and accessories .

ANANYA - shut up mannu don behave like a old lady . Common u will have fun . It's really a great collection 

MEERA - that's ok anu ...u both carry on I'll b wit mannu di 

UNNATHI AND ANANYA - k girls v will be back in 30 min 

MANAYTAH - love u meera , u saved me. She finds some business magazine and starts reading it she is so involved . 

MEERA - she gets message from unnathi . " plan 1 over , now plan 2 ... " was in da MSG . Soon aft reading it meera excuses manyatha saying that some urgent call n will b back in 10 min

MANYTAHA - k darling take ur time . Poor manyatha doesn't know it's uday's room . Now uday came home and he is coming to his room .

UDAY - he opens his door and gets shocked . Princess !!! He rubs his eyes and checks out again . Wow it's wonderfully , princess in my room . Manyatah is so involved in da magazine and doesn't look at uday . He goes near her

MANYATHA - she hears some footsteps and thinks its meera and drags uday towards her to sit beside n tell " meera I'll show u something come it's interesting baby " . She feels something different . Meera wen did u become so hard and strong . Saying this she looks up and gets shocked .

UDAY - so princess ur here ? 

MANYATAH - am sorry uday I thought its meera 

UDAY - common princess it's k ..I know it infact am happy

MMANYATH - so uday ur flirting ? 

UDAY - do u think ? K ur here ? 

MANAYTAHA - ya am here , meera ananaya unnathi n me planned for sleep over here today .

UDAY - he feels happy hearing that and gets excited . " god I love u . Princess here to night . Wow ur great god I accept it " . So nice manyatah , so girls party?

MANAYATHA - kind off, not exactly uday .

UDAY - so do u plan to sleep over wit me what Wink 

MANYATHA - wat !!!!!  Uday this is too much now 

UDAY - relax princess am kidding . K then wat ur doing in my room baby

MANAYTAH - wat !?  This is ur room?

UDAY - u need a proof? 

MANYATHA - am really sorry uday , I didn't know . Unnathi got us here . Am so...

UDAY - common manyatha that's k , after all am happy that ur gonna sleep here wit me Wink

MANAYTAHA - uday now that's da limitAngry

UNNATHI - she comes there to uday's room . She leaves ANANYA wit meera according to their plan . Meera keeps annaya busy there. Hi dada wen did u come . Mannu r u k , ur face is diff

UDAY - ya choti she is dam k , after all she is wit Yuvraj uday veer sing

MAYTAH - uday now pls stop it 

UNNATHI - k u guys stop fighting , manyatha come wit me . Dada I'll get u coffee . Both leave . Unnathi tells manyatha that uday doesn't like maids to give coffe or food. So unnathi takes food And coffe to uday's room daily .

MANYATHA - really !? 

UNNATHI - y mannu ? 

MANYATHA - even same wit Samar dada ... Either me mom or meera take food for him . I think these guys r like that . Particular about few things 

UNNATHI - really mannu , hey dad is calling me I'll be back . Pls mannu can u give dada this coffee

MANYATHA - wat?!! No  ur brother is dam irritating yaar , don mind

UNNATHI - pls mannu for my sake . Unnathi tells this and hands over coffe to her and leaves without listening to manyatha 

MANYATHA - am dead , donno what that HALKA VEDA will do . Phasa diya na muje Bhagwan ji. She goes to uday's room .

UDAY - he is in tracks without shirt .

MANYATHA -  Manyatha looks at him like that only . She likes it actually . But comes back to normal senses and  tells  Sorry uday and turns around

UDAY.- he laughs at her and wears his shirt . Princess u can turn now 

MANYATHA - am sorry uday actually I knocked twice , since I didn't get response I came in . I didn't mean 

UADAY - princes that's really k I don mind ... Coffe for me !! U got it , that's interesting now . Trying to impress me? 

MANYATAH - HALKAT VEDA ... Wat u think about ur self . Am least interested in u . Infact I hate u . So self centered huh ...u jerk ... 

UDAY - pls hold down baby ...many colorfull words for me 

MANAYTAH - unnathi asked me to as she has some other work . Otherwise I wouldn't 

UDAY - shhh ... He takes cup from her and keeps it aside . Drags her onto him almost 

MANYATHA - she could have pushed him but she doesn't , she feels something so different, almost weak 

UDAY - now manyatah is almost glued to uday . He stares at her eyes n tugs her hair behind her ears n tell, wow natural piece 

MANYATHA - she doesnt react , infact gets lost in his eyes 

UDAY - he carcasses her cheeks , holds her waist tightly n brings her so close that uday's chest collide wit hers 

MANYATHA - she almost lost her senses and going weak 

UDAY - he is completely lost in her angelic face and nearing her lips . Suddenly they hear a knock at da door

MANYATHA - she realises her position and pushes uday hardly . She shouts at him " u idiot wat were u doing" 

UDAY - I didn't do anything yet , so do u want me toWink telling this he opens door.

ANANYA MEERA AND UNNATHI - so manyatah ur having gossip wit uday

MANYATHA - she doesn't answer anything . Looks angrily at uday and tell " dekhloongi tunje " and leaves room angrily

UDAY - ill wait for dat day baby

MEERA AND UNNATHI - they could imagine wat happened and both wink at each other . Plan 3 implemented

ANANYA - she gets confused at wat all happened and follows manyatha. She goes to her and asks wat happened?

MANYATAH - nothing that jerk was trying to flirt

ANANYA - wow manyatha u must b happy like a fool ur getting angry...

MANYATHA - shut up anu 

ANANYA - mannu don act like a lesbo now . If I was in ur place I woul b out of world. Oh my god mannu it's Yuvraj uday veer sing ...young girls heart throb 

MANYATHA - pls stop it now anu ...don act crazy 

ANANYA - am not crazy infant ur over reacting as if u got raped by uday 

MANYATHA - anuuAngry

ANANYA - k baby it now ... I thought of flirting wit uday n u a spoilsport ... Now he is behind u ...k am sacrificing him for u

MANYATHA - drama queen can u pls stop it if he is ur husband and lending him for me to a night 

ANANYA - ahhh mannu ...a night ... Now don tell me ur gonna sleep wit uday to night n not wit us ...

MANYTAH - she gets angry n shouts at ANANYA in her top voice n throws pillow at her ... U devil get lost

ANANAY - uday milgaya na ab mera kya zaroorath hai ...u ditched me am hurt 

MANYATHA - anuuuAngry now stop acting like a lesbian . Shouts at top of her voice 

UNNATHAI MEERA AND UDAY - they all come down hearing manyatha voice 

ANANYA - am not ... Ur a lesbo 

MANYATAH - u devil ...u bitch ...ur gonna die today , she runs behind her

UDAY - he laughs at those crazy girls ...

UNNATHI - seriously meera they both never change

MEERA - from childhood they r like this . Sometimes me n Samar dada gets worried about them ... But they don fight in real . Next minute they will b normal

UDAY - crazy

MEERA - uday da not crazy ...super crazy ...u don know about them totally 

UDAY - he thinks inside " interesting , I wish to know still " princess I didn't c this part of ur side , I thought ur work oriented n serious types . Ur too childish and girlish ... Princess!!!  Donno wats happening to me. My world is revolving round u . I think unnathi is right am falling for u . Yesterday I didn't even spend Night wit that girl . Ur face is moving in my eyes . Suddenly he hears a scream .

UNNATHI AND MEERA - oh my god thata mannu's.  Voice 

MANYATHA - wen she was chasing anu she fell down by hitting a chair . She screamed ahaaa , her leg is bleeding now .

ANANYA - mannu !!! Cry  Am sorry all because of me ...oh no ur bleeding ...noe she is shouting n saying mannu

UDAY - now he is scared hearing those screams . All meera unnathi n uday are rushing towards da direction of da sounds.

MANYTAHA - she stopped crying aft looking at anu . Pls anu don cry am ok . Its not because u pls don think like that baby . 

UDAY - he comes n looks at both of da girls . They were sitting on da floor. And anU is crying and MANYTAH is holding her face and talking to her .

MEERA AND UNNATHI - they go near and see blood on da floor and shout blood blood ... Oh god anu ur hurt . Meera tells anu don cry . Unnathi shouts at maid to get first aid box n to call doctor . We're is it show . Now suddenly manyatha shouts oh dam it's hurting and cries. 

UDAY -  he is confused now , both girls crying . It's all a mess there.

UNNATHI - she looks at MANYTAH now n finds her leg is bleeding . She yells out oh god meera mannu is bleeding like hell . 

MANYATHA - lookinng at da blood she goes unconscious 

UDAY - hearing unnathi's he rushes to MANYTAH and looks at her legs . He felt pain in his heart . Soon he took her into his arms and rushed towards room and laid her on bed . He is so worried n all sweating . First time he is feeling so restless looking at da blood . He had seen many , but now it's different's pricking his  heart 

UNNATHI AND MEERA - they grab first aid box and clean it up . Doctor arrives and check her . Uday is watching it wit tension from behind unnathi .

UDAY - doc is she ok? Is da wound deep ?  Is there any more blood loss ? Y did she faint ? He asks all these continuously without giving chance to doctor to speak

UNNATHI. - dada let him answer . So doctor

ANANYA - doc how is mannu ?

DOCTOR - pls everyone be quiet . Nothing happened . It's a small wound , not even a fracture . Da nail went a bit deep and lead to da bleeding . She is perfectly fine .

MEERA - is da wound very deep ? 

DOCTOR - now pls everyone let me talk for 5 min ... It's not that deep , also not ignorable . She needs to rest for 3. Days . For next 24 hours she should take bed rest n not move her leg. Here am giving medication . Few pain killers. 

UDAY - y did princess faint? 

DOCTOR - am coming to that point yuvraj's a , seeing da blood she must have fainted due to fear . I checked out her blood pressure n everything . She is fine . Doc leaves.

MANYATHA - she wakes up . Ahaaa

ANU AND MEERA - don move mannu . U shouldn't move ur leg for 24  hours 

MANYATAH - wat da shit r u speaking ? 

UNNATHI - yes mannu doctor told

UDAY - yes princess don move . Take this pain killer u will feel relief , also this tablet .

UNNATHI MEERA ANANYA - they stare at uday . 

MEERA - she gets a call from Samar . Yes bhai v r gonna stay here . Ya mannu forgot her mobile at home , thats y she is not lifting . Actually dada  mannu 

MANYATAH - she interrupts meera and grabs phone . Haa dada tell me , ya am fine  . It's been only 4 hours since I left home n ur asking how am I , obviously am fine . We r having fun . How is ur devgad trip ? Wen ur returning? 

UDAY - he stares at manyatha. " she is hiding it from her brother as she doesn't want him to get worried . So matured act . This girl surprises me always . Sometimes she is so childish , workaholic , angry now acting like a true princess . "  KOI THUMSA NAHI  princess. Ur my single and original piece 

MANYATHA - she cuts her phone and take medicine and tell others not to tell about it to Samar .

MEERA - y mannu ? If dada comes to know v r gonna die

MANYATHA - I don want dada to get worried . He is already busy wit riyasath work . Also dad is not there . He is even managing da devgad hotels . I don wanna become a cause of his worry now . So pls . By da time dada comes I'll be fine . He will b back in 2 days . No chance of Yuvraj Samar  To know about it . So girls chill. Pls don be around me . I feel like a patient in hospital . Pls I want a Change in climate 

ANU - all this happened because of me , mannu am sorry 

MANYATAH - pls anu do blame ur self ,it's k . U dint push me right . Stop behaving like a murderer now feeling guilty for da act 

ANU - still Manu 

MANYATHA- k then I'll give u a punishment

ANU - wat ??

MANYATHA - since ur feeling guilty ...for remorse ... 

MEERA AND UNNATHI - they laugh . Uday also laughs at those silly girls no w. he is beside MANYTAH and staring at her . Meera and unnathi are observing it 

ANU - am ready .. Tell me , wat should I do? 

MANYTAH - act like a lesbian and impress unnathi


MANYATHA - pls everyone stop shouting ... Ahaaa ... Now anuWink

ANU - k mannu anything for u 

MANYATHA - hey I changed my mind , not that 

UDAY - princess now what ?!! Wat crazy thing ur gonna ask her to do 

MANYATHA -  uday am not asking u to act like gay chill down man

UDAY - my god princess , I think ur brain is in ur foot . Since ur foot got hurt , u lost ur wits 

MANYATHA - udayAngry am gonna kill u . She moves a bit and screams ahaaa

UDAY - princess !! If u wanna me , am ready ...pls kill me but don't move  .he thinks in mind " u already killed me darling " 

MEERA AND UNNATHI - k tell wat u want anu to do ? We r dying out of suspense 

MANYATHA - k seduce uday now

EVERYONE - what !!!

MANYATHA - I mean to say flirt uday ...sorry wrong word I used 

EVERYONE - oh my god mannu 

UDAY - princess !!! What's all these

MANYTAHA - entertainment , I need it Yuvraj ji 

UDAY - he whispers in her ears " to night be wit me in my room I'll entertain u " 

MANYTAH - she opens her eyes widely and hits uday on his shoulders , u jerk ...u moron ... Ur really ..

UDAY - sexy ...I know it

EVERYONE - they start laughing at uday and manyatha's fight 

MANYATHA - anu u need not do anything . U agreed to do thats more than enough . So ur punishment is over .

ANU - she hugs manyatha . Whispers in her ears " kash uday ke saath  ek raath bithaane ke liye boldethi na mannu " 

MANYATAH - she looks surprised at anu . And glances at uday . Both anu and mannu laugh .

UDAY - he gets a call , tells "  I hav signed those Papers and faxed don worry Yuvraj Arjun "

MANYATAH - hearing that she pulls uday phone n tells sorry and talks to Arjun. " idiot donkey stupid , what kind of Yuvraj ur ? Don't stand by ur word. Told that u would call me back and forgot . U idiot u never change . Am gonna hate u for this Arjun  . Shut up don talk , just listen . Am not gonna speak to u katti , go die get lost , duffer " she cuts off da phone

MEERA - di pls at least breath 

ANU - she gives water . MANYTAH drinks 

UDAY - he is dam shocke d. Non stop scolding, that to a Yuvraj . She spoke like that

UNNATHI - seriously Manu Arjun n u r like Tom and Jerry

ANU - u r right unnathi . From childhood they do all such things . Is Arjun dada tells left then mannu tells right . At da end big argument and jagda  but finally

MEERA - mannu wins . Because Arjun ka ithna himmatha nahi hai ki wo apne mannu ka Baath dal sakhu ...

UNNATHI - that's true girls I really pity Arjun . He literally dances according to manyatha's tune . Everyone laughs 

MANYATHA - very funny ...Arjun bhi kuch kam nahi , hamesha muje gussa dilatha hai . Hey annu ur dada is not so innocent . N u both stop behaving like Arjun ka chamcha k . 

UDAY - " so Yuvraj Arjun and MANYTAH are childhood friends , donno how many twists am gonna face because of my princess "  he tells " princess I must say ur junglee billi "

MANYATHA - what ?!! Angry

UDAY - da way u snatched phone from me . U were really a Junglee billy 

MANYATHA  - so got it now . Am a tigress , so don't mess wit me Yuvraj ji 

UDAY - really baby

EVERYONE - they r shocked and look at uday .

MEERA AND UNNATHI - they tell something n drag anu out of room n 3 go off leaving uday and manyatha alone. Unnathi tells she goes n sees that dinner is prepared and takes anu wit her . Later meera goes from there wit some reason 

UDAY - princess u have pain

MANYATHA - it's a small wound , don behave as if I met wit a major accident and about to die

UDAY - he puts his finger on manyatah mouth n tells " don even tell that princess , I can't hear it . I will prefer to die before I hear it again "

MNAYATH -  she is shocked to hear that from uday's mouth , she could see da pain and affection in his eyes also seriousness in his voice while saying it

UDAY - take this tablet now , doctor told to have it before dinner .

MANYATHA - thank u . Uday ur not that bad 

 UDAY - I know princess ,

MANYTAH - come down now 

UDAY - wer should I go down, telling this he moves down her waist

MANYATAH - chii uday , ur really a big flirt 

UDAY - ill show wat iam wait

MANYATHA - wat ?!!!

UDAY - he goes near and whispers in MANYTAHA ear " am good on bed , trust me u will enjoy . Instead of saying ur not bad u will tell uday  u rock  , I need more " 

 MANYATHA - she widens her eyes , uday Sach mien sharam Naam ki cheez hi nahi hai thum mien 

UDAY - obviously if both of us feel shy how will da matter proceeds

MANYATHA - she hits uday wit pillow n ask to leave room .  

UDAY - he lifts her in his arms

MANYATHA - uday leave me ... Wat is it ur doing? 

 UDAY - don worry princess am not gonna rape u . Taking u down for dinner as u can't walk




UNNATHI - wantedly talks loudly in front of uday's room to wake him up.

UDAY - choti at this time 

UNNATHI - sorry dada was I loud . K some imp work .pls go to my room . Mannu is alone.

UDAY - k unnathi , get back soon . Unnathi calls n informs MANYTAH that she will b back in 15 min n till then day would be there to help her . Before MANYTAH could say anything she cuts off da call. Uday enters MANYTAHAs room 

MANYATHA - seeing uday she will try to cover her legs , as she wore only a long top without a pant as she is in da room 

UDAY - he smirks , sexy legs

MANAYATHA - uday shut up pls not now 

UDAY - not now means? Ur asking me not to waste time n get into action

MANYATHA - she puts hand on her forehead

UDAY - he pulls comforter over her legs

MANYTAH - she is shocked 

UDAY - he sits beside manyatah and tells " princess don mind me talking like this , I really don't mean all that ..just trying to cheer up so that u can forget ue pain"

MANAYTH - she can sense da seriousness in his eyes and voice , she feels something different wen his hot breath touches her sleeveless shoulder . All gooseburms over her body 
              She looks at uday

UDAY - do u hav pain still 

MANYATHA - thank u uday , I don have much as am taking pain killers 

UDAY - k princess . He cups her face and tell " pls take care of ur self princess , don't hurt ur self like this . I feel very bad to c u in pain , my heart bleeds "

MANYATHA - she is shocked to c this serious and sincere side of uday 

UDAY - he moves close to manyatha , she was lying ,slowly lies half of his body above her without touching her body . He carcasses her cheek and tell " angel I donno y am going weak in front of u , I feel like staying wit u all da time . I didn't say this to any girl manyatha . I don't even know what this feeling is " . Both share N intense eye lock

MANYATHA - she is lost in uday , he has A great effect on her

UDAY - he reaches her forehead and kisses her , then her eyes And cheeks . Now slowly his body is touching hers ,he places his hand inside her shirt Nd carcasses her bare waist 

MANYATHA - she is frozen like a statue n going week in her knees

UDAY - he reaches her lips and start kissing her passionately and taking care that he doesn't hurt her . Slowly moves towards her neck and leaves wet kisses on her neck . He slowly lowers her sleeves down her shoulders and start kissing her bare shoulders . He finds eternity . Never he felt like this before . 

MANYATHA - suddenly she realises it n pushes uday .

UDAY - he realises what he had done n was about to say 

MANYATHA - she starts crying ,

UDAY - sorry princess I didn't mean it donno wat came over me

MANYTAHA - still sobbing and doesn't look into uday's eyes 


               THANK YOU


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mahilove Senior Member

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loved it plz continue

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nice update. cont.soon.

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puggyy Goldie

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Thanks for ur comments . thanks a lot for everyone who posted comments . thank u
huma12. IF-Dazzler

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awsssmmm romanticcc love ittt puugggyyy muuuahhh

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