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MANVEER SS " KOI THUMSA NAHI " CHP 26 pg 91( kushi

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<font size="6">Character sketch</font>

<font size="6">Manyatha - </font><font size="4">princess of devgad. Beautiful girl titled as natural beauty.annaya, Arjun,nidhi are manyatha's best friends.completed her graduation in architecture in Stanford university.</font>

<font size="6">Uday veer sing- </font><font size="4">Yuvraj of jaigad. Hot and handsome guy . Titled as most eligible batchelor of India. Girls all over da country go mad for him.heart throb of all da girls. A hardcore play boy. Daily spends wit a new girl. One night stands. Can't stand a girl more than a day. Loves his younger sister a lot. He is a graduate from Oxford university.he is 25 years old.a good business man.owns a chain of 5 star hotels named uday nivas. he has partnership wit Yuvraj Samar pratap sing of devgad.</font>

<font size="6">Arjun sing - </font><font size="4">Yuvraj of maadhavgad . Handsome hunk. All girls go crazy for him. Titled as the prince charm of India. Manyatha is his best friend. Manyatha's mom and his mom are best friends so they are family friends. He does anything to bring smile on manyatha's face.He is 24 years old</font>

<font size="6">Samar pratap sing - </font><font size="4">Yuvraj of devgad. Cool and a funky guy wit hot looks. Girls go to Ny extent to be wit him. He loves his sister manyatha like his kid. Manyatah is his weakness. He is a good business man. He is. A business partner of Yuvraj uday veer sing of jaigad .he is 27 years old.</font>

<font size="6">Brijraj - </font><font size="4">Maharaj of devgad. Fathere of manyatah and Samar .</font>

<font size="6">Komal - </font><font size="4">Maharani of devgad. Mother of manyatah and Samar.wife of brijraj</font>

<font size="6">Malini - </font><font size="4">Maharani of maadhavgad .mother of Arjun.</font>

<font size="6">Prithvi -</font><font size="4">maharaj of maadhavgad . Father of Arjun . Arjun is his only son.</font>

<font size="6">Menaka -</font><font size="4">sister of brijraj .marries a Common man named Raghu and has a daughter called meera.</font>

<font size="6">Raghu - </font><font size="4">Husband of menaka and father of meera. A rich business man. Almost stays in abroad for his business deals.</font>

<font size="6">Meera - </font><font size="4">Daughter of menaka. Manyathas cousin sister. Manyatah and meera share a sweet sister bond. Unnathi is meera's best friend. She knows that unnathi likes her Baha'i Samar but never asks unnathi about it As she wants unnathi herself to reveal it. She creates situations to get unnathi and Samar together.</font>

<font size="6">Unnathi - </font><font size="4">Princess of jaigad. Loves her brother a lot. Weakness of Yuvraj uday veer sing .she likes Samar Yuvraj of devgad from her young age. Uday knows about this. But unnathi doesn't know that her brother is aware of da fact she likes Samar . Meera is her best friend. Since she is meera's friend she even hangs out wit manyatha nidhi and all.</font>

<font size="6">Giriraj - </font><font size="4">Maharaj of jaigad. Father of unnathi and uday . Best friend of brijraj .</font>

<font size="6">Nidhi VERMA -</font><font size="4">best friend of manyatha .they studied together. From childhood she likes Yuvraj Arjun and hides this from everyone. She is a daughter of a famous doctor.</font>

<font size="6">ANANYA - </font><font size="4">princess of chittoor. Cousin sister of Arjun .best friend of manyatha and nidhi. They studied together. She has a crush on uday veer Singh.</font>
<font size="4">
<font size="4"></font><font size="6">Note : </font><font size="5">devgad and jaigad are the most powerfull kingdoms in mahasabha. In rajputhana these both are the top mighty kingdoms.</font>

<font size="7">Chapter 1</font>

<font size="4">KOMAL - she is instructing her servants to do their arrangements as their princess manyatha is coming from abroad after completing her studies. All the mahal is being decorated and they arranger for a welcome party in the night.</font>
<font size="4">BRIJRAJ - he tells Komal and Samar to take care of all arrangements for the party as all the royal people are going to attend it. He is waiting for his daughter to come.</font>
<font size="4">SAMAR - he goes to airport to pick up his darling sister manyatha . He is so impatient to see her.</font>
<font size="4">MENAKA - she is staying at mahal from few days. Also going to stay for few months in mahal wit her daughter meera as her husband is in London on his business trip. So meera and menaka are at mahal now planning to welcome manyatha and helping Komal in her arrangements.</font>
<font size="4">ARJUN - he goes to Delhi on that morning on some urgent riyasath work. Though he doesn't like to go he is not left out wit any other option as it is important riyasath work. He is so eager to c manyatha .thinks that he could return back soon by evening and meet her before the party in the night.</font>
<font size="4">MALINI AND PRITHVI - they come to mahal in da morning to meet manyatha .</font>
<font size="4">MANYATHA - she lands in da airport . Looks at her brother Samar waiting for her. They both share a hug. She jumps gets excited n kisses her brother on cheek and tell him that she missed him a lot.</font>
<font size="4">SAMAR - as soon as samar sees manyatha he will have tears in his eyes.he hugs her and place a kiss on her forehead. All the media is going crazy and behind them asking many questions about princess comeback and party.samar wit the help of his guards manage press and his girl fans and take manyatha to mahal.</font>
<font size="4">NIDHI AND ANANYA - they tell bye to manyatha before Samar comes aft they landed the flight.they tell her that they would meet her in da night party. Now they have to go and take rest and get dressed for the party . Nidhi thinks that she should select a nice dress to draw Arjun's attention in da party.</font>
<font size="4">IN MAHAL - manyatha enters mahal .komal take aarthi and put her thilak. Manyatha greets everyone and take ashirvad from all da elders. All have breakfast together.samar asks manyatha to go and take some rest as she mite b tired for her journey also they have a party to night. Everyone agrees to it and meera takes manyatha to her room ant tell her bye.</font>
<font size="4">MANYATHA - aft going inside room she is fuming wit anger that Arjun didn't come to c her.she knows from Malini that Arjun went for some important work. Still manyatha gets angry and looks at her mobile. It has 15 missed calls from Arjun. She doesn't lift it as she is angry wit him. She takes bath and lie down on her bed and soon fall asleep.</font>
<font size="4">ARJUN - Arjun gets tensed up that manyatha is angry wit him and not lifting da call. He tries to finish of his work. It's already noon he is left out wit a meeting .he will postpone it to da next day as its not that important.soon he takes his private jet and reaches mahal. Outside da mahal media comes and irritates Arjun wit their question. Samar will come and help Arjun inside mahal as Arjun in hurry came single without any security. Samar and Arjun greet each other. Samar tells Arjun that manyatha is taking rest.arjun meets all elders and slowly goes to manyatha's room.he opens da door and finds his beautiful angel and pyaar dosth sleeping. He closes da door sits beside her in a chair. Waits for her to wake up. It's been 3 hours. Arjun sits in his chair and staring at manyatha wit love.</font>
<font size="4">MANYATHA - it's 3 now . She wakes up . She is shocked to c Arjun right beside her staring at her as if he is waiting for her to wake up. She ignores Arjun and gets up from her bed.</font>
<font size="4">ARJUN - hi Manu . He comes to hug her but manyatha pushes him.she is very angry. Arjun tries to get forgiveness but he knows his mannu very well . He gives her a yellow flower bouquet wit her favorite chocolates. She rejects them and turns her face around.</font>
<font size="4">MANYATHA - Arjun get out of my room I won talk to you. Now idiot don try to impress me wit chocolates. Do u realize it am not a kid.</font>
<font size="4">ARJUN - sorry sorry...he tells this and kneels down n makes puppy face . It's an important riyasath work .being a princess I think u should understand it manyatha. Otherwise do u think that I hav guts not to meet u . See this papers and a I have even cancelled a meeting for u . I apologize. I'll never repeat it. Pls pls.. He is still kneeling down.</font>
<font size="4">SAMAR - he comes into the room and sees the situation. He laughs at Arjun. Samar tells manyatha that it was an important work and tells manyatha that Arjun rushed for her cancelling da meeting and without informing anyone that he even forgot his security.</font>
<font size="4">MANYATHA - already looking at her dear friend Arjun she melts down . Being a royal she is aware of all der duties. She knows that Arjun is a responsible Yuvraj and all that. Aft hearing the security issue from her brother manyatha gets worried and angry.</font>
<font size="4">SAMAR - he gets a call and excuses them.</font>
<font size="4">ARJUN - he is still on his knees on da floor. Suddenly manyatha comes and places hands on his shoulders and asks him to get up and hug him. Now he is so happy and embraces her and feel relaxed.</font>
<font size="4">MANYATHA - Arjun u mad fellow...u jerk dare u !! Meanwhile Arjun is getting confused ... Manyatha tells him that he should not b so careless .y did u come without security. Wat it something happens to u. Pls Arjun promise me that u will not do it again. I just can't imagine it Arjun .how can u do it.</font>
<font size="4">ARJUN - he cups manyatha's face and tells her that he won't do it again and asks her not to worry . Nothing is important than my pyaar I mannu so not even security at that time.just u were in my mind. I missed u a lot Manu .both hugs so tightly. He gives her a gift pack.</font>
<font size="4">MANYATHA - even I missed u a lot buddy's been 3 months I have seen u. Sorry I shouldnt have been so angry wit u. Telling this she takes gift pack and asks wat it is</font>
<font size="4">ARJUN - open and look at it baby .he scans manyatha from top to bottom which makes manyatha feel weird</font>
<font size="4">MANYATHA - what's wrong wit u Arjun .y are u staring at me like that</font>
<font size="4">ARJUN - nothing mannu am checking u out..jus now u said ur not a kid an that's true baby... Ur looking hotWink Manuuu...leave it open it and check it out ...I'll b waiting down</font>
<font size="4">MANYATHA - she opens it and finds a beautiful red gown.she loves it.she finds a card. It's written " to my pyaar I dosth mannu for da night party" . She loved da dress. She goes down .meets meera and talks to her and all family soon as she finds Arjun in da corridor she goes n literally jump into him and hugs him and tells that the dress was amazing and she loved it .everyone in da hall looks at them and smiles. All the family knows about their friendship.</font>
<font size="4">SAMAR - finally Arjun and manyatha ka jaigad katham hogaya happy ...</font>
<font size="4">ARJUN - k everyone am leaving.will catch u guys in da party at night. He hugs mannu and kisses her on her forehead and waves her bye.</font>
<font size="4">BRIJRAJ and SAMAR - they make sure that they invited all da royals ...</font>

<font size="4"> </font><font size="6">PRECAP :</font>
<font size="4"> Party is going on . A guy enters the party .all the cameras start flashing ,media is behind him. All the girls started looking at him and whispering. All the royals give a look . ---------------------------</font>
<font size="4"> ------------------- </font>

<font size="4">---------------------------------</font>
<font size="4"> ------------------------------------</font>
<font size="4"> --------------------------------------------</font>
<font size="4"> ---------------------------------/---------------</font>
<font size="4">Guy - hey baby ...telling this he runs down his hand across her cheek and blows at da hair falling on her face...he tugs her hair behind her ear... So shall we have---------- **********-------------whispers in her ear ...</font>
<font size="4">GIRL - wit her eyes opened wide ...what!!!!!!</font>

<font size="4"> </font>
<font size="4"> Sorry for the mistakes .. Everyone is welcome to give suggestions .</font>
<font size="4"> THANK U.</font>

<font size="4"> </font><font size="7">Chapter 2</font>

<font size="4">After Arjun leaves, Everyone in da mahal are busy wit their preparations.meanwhile manyatha gets a call from nidhi.</font>

<font size="4">NIDHI - mannu I need ur help regarding this dress ,I mean da one which am gonna wear.can u pls come to avanthika's boutique.</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - ya I'll b there in 30 min don worry baby.</font>

<font size="4">NIDHI - k baby till then I'll check out all da dresses .will be waiting for u bye .</font>

<font size="4">KOMAL - manyatha aap kaha jarahihai .its already 4 beta.</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - mom jus don worry I'll be at mahal by 6 . I promise it won take much time so chill maharani jiWink</font>

<font size="4">KOMAL - k beta jus go and come. Be reay by 7 and come to the party hall in the west wing. I know ur punctual . Take care baby.</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - she reaches da boutique and helps nidhi wit her dress. Nidhi selects a red gown for her. It's finalized.</font>

<font size="4">NIDHi - thanks mannu ... So v both r gonna wear same colour gowns that is red da party...k u go now u must b getting late. I'll get a small alteration done .ill meet u directly in da party darling.</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - anything for u darling .k am leaving bye. Manyatha calls driver but he doesn't lift da call so she goes to da parking lot.</font>

<font size="4">UDAY VEER(UV) - he comes to the same shopping mall for some work. He comes wit unnathi. Unnathi comes for dress trial of her dress for today's party .so uday accompanies his choti to help her regarding dress. Uday gets a call n stays back in car and tell unnathi to go n try in meanwhile and he would join her in a while.</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - she reached parking lot n searching for da driver. From far distance driver sees her and reaches her and apologizes and tell her that he would get car in 5 min. Manyatha waits der. She is wearing a beautifully white laced Fock .its a knee length sleeveless frock.</font>

<font size="4">UV - he cuts da call and come out of car .he gets mesmerized to see a stunning beauty in front of his car. He feels something special. He keeps staring at her. Oh my god this girl is looking like a perfect angel in this white dress .he walks towards her.</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - her car comes . Uv is walking towards her, she crosses him and gets into her car.</font>

<font size="4">UV - he thought of calling out da girl but donno wat happened .he couldn't utter a word and kept staring at da girl.he realizes it pats his back and tell to himself " common Yuvraj uday ever Singh y r u behaving so wired ,it's jus a girl ,a beautiful girl like any other girls" .he gets a call from unnathi and he comes out of his thoughts and leave.</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - she gets ready by 7 and reaches da party hall. Samar in mike announces his sisters arrival aft completing her graduation.all give a applause. Everyone stares at da beauty in red gown. Party starts And she greets all da guests wit her brother and father.</font>

<font size="4">NIDHI AND ANANYA - they enter da party and meet manyatha. They all are enjoying the party . Party is going on very well.</font>

<font size="4">UV - choti aur kithna time loongi ready hone mien. Am waiting for u from past 2 hours. I think v will go at da end of da party. Uv knows that unnathi likes Samar pratap sing Yuvraj of devgad. He once happened to c unnathi' s cupboard for some paper.accidentally he looks at her album in which she collected all Samar pics and greeting cards in which she has written her feelings for Samar .uday is now aware of da fact that unnathi is taking much time to dress up for Samar. Unnathi doesnt know that uday is aware of it. Uday also doesn't discuss about it. That is da main reason y he maintains a good relationship wit Samar and respects him .</font>

<font size="4">UNNATHI - dada sorry am late. How am I looking?</font>

<font size="4">UV - ur looking beautiful !!! He kisses her on forehead and smiles. In his brain he thinks about Samar and unnathi .they both leave for da party</font>

<font size="4">ARJUN - mannu u look great in this gown. Hi nidhi how r u ,it's been a long time . He hugs nidhi. Nidhi u look gorgeous in this red gown. So both friends in same colour dresses. InterestingSmile</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - she leaves to meet some guests and ask nidhi to dance wit Arjun. Accidentally a lady drops juice on manyatha's hand .she goes inside to clean it.</font>

<font size="4">UNNATHI - she comes to party and meets her dear friend meera . They both keep talking. Meera takes her to Arjun nidhi ANANYA and all. They all together sit and talk.arjun and nidhi walk out from there to get onto dance floor</font>

<font size="4">UV - uday was about to enter hall and all da cameras flashed and some girls came running to him and also media came out wit questions. All da members in da party looked at him due to da noise of girls and media.samar comes and takes uv inside and thanks for attending the party. Samar and uv are business partners.</font>

<font size="4">BRIJRAJ - he welcomes giriraj. Brijraj and giriraj are good friends also they have some common riyasath projects . Few projects together.</font>

<font size="4">ANANYA - as soon as she sees uv ,her heart beats fast. After all he is her crush . She goes to meet him.</font>

<font size="4">UV - princess ANANYA!!! Hi baby ...he rund down his hands across her face making her go crazy. So how are u ANANYA?</font>

<font size="4">ANANYA - am great uv .. How r u ? Her hair comes in front of her eyes due to air. Uv takes it and tugs behind her ear sending shivers down her spine.</font>

<font size="4">UV - so shall v have a dance ANANYA</font>

<font size="4">ANANYA - wit her eyes wide opened ,wat!!!! She tries to control her expression and tells ya surely uday it's my pleasure.</font>

<font size="4">UV - he goes and asks Samar about manyatha his sister . Wer is ur sister princess manyatha Samar.</font>

<font size="4">SAMAR - he looks here and there he doesn't find her . He calls her .she tells her Baha'i that she is coming down in 5 min. Samar tells uv that she is coming .</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - she comes down. She goes and stands beside nidhi and Arjun near da bar counter. Nidhi stands in between Arjun and manyatha.</font>

<font size="4">UNNATHI - she is wit uday. She points at da girl n tells uday that da girl in red gown is manyatha ...near Yuvraj Arjun. Meera comes and takes unnathi as tells her to dance wit Samar Baha'i. Samar agrees and takes unnathi to dance floor.</font>

<font size="4">UV - uday smiles and feels happy for unnathi as she is happy wit Samar he looks at da girl in red gown. Manyatha turns around to talk to someone . Uv sees nidhi beside Arjun and thinks she is manyatha.he will walk towards her to talk.</font>

<font size="4">ARJUN - he sees uday and walks forward and both greet each other. Someone comes and talks to Arjun. Uday excuses and moves towards nidhi thinking her to b manyatha. Manyatha also moves out from there as Komal calls her.</font>

<font size="4">UV - hi young lady how r u.? Returned India aft 4 years completing studies.? Sorry let me introduce myself Yuvraj uday ever Singh ...of jaigad</font>

<font size="4">NIDHI - nice to meet u . Am ... Uv stops her and tells that he knows who she is. Meanwhile ANANYA comes it nidhi and tells that she got a call . She excuses uday and goes from there.</font>

<font size="4">SAMAR - hey uv come I'll introduce u to my pari my sister manyatha... She is here come</font>

<font size="4">UV - I already met her . V spoke to each other. Wer is unnathi Samar .</font>

<font size="4">SAMAR - so nice that u met her. Unnathi is wit meera I think. Aft dance she went to meera I guess. K uv I'll get back to u... Pls enjoy da party</font>

<font size="4">NIDHI - she gets a call that her dad met wit a small accident . She gets tensed up and tells manyatha.</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - both manyatha and nidhi rush to hospital. Nidhi's dad is fine out of danger. Manyatha calls to Samar and informs that she is in hospital n comes back in da morning .</font>

<font size="4">UV - the party ends. Both uday and manyatha tell bye to devgad family and about to leave wen unnathi searches for Samar . Uday understands it and calls out for Samar to tell bye.</font>

<font size="4">UNNATHI - Samar manyatha kaha hai... K tell her bye</font>

<font size="4">SAMAR - surely I'll tell her unnathi ...unnathi she asked to inform u and meera that 2mrw's plan is cancelled...u guys planned to go out tomorrow somewhere it sims an ...she told me to inform u n meera am ...</font>

<font size="4">UNNATHI - k Samar I'll talk to her tomorrow .bye . Uday sees all this and smirks...</font>

<font size="4">UDAY - unnathi and Samar ko Milane mien shay ad manyatha hamaara kasam asaktha hai. Who tho Samar ki laadli hai ...Samar unki ishaaro pei nachth hai...</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - it's next day morning. Manyatha returns home and takes rest . After two days she tells that she and nidhi are assigned a task as architects. Manyatha is an architect engeneer . She tells Samar that they both are gonna b architects for uday nivas restaurant . New one which is gonna open after a month.manyatah and nidhi r appointed by jaigad company .</font>

<font size="4">SAMAR - k manyatah I ... U can carry on wit ur aft 2 days ur going to join as architect ...congrats both of u manyatah and nidhi...</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - thanks bai love u for allowing me...I know u will... She kisses him and leaves to go to Arjun's house. Arjun is leavin to Australia for 2 months on some business deal and a project. Both nidhi and manyatha get into a car to go.</font>

<font size="4">UV - uday is going to office. Red signal so they stop their cars. He finds da girl in da next car . Da girl whom he saw in da parking lot. He follows her car. He gets a call from office that meeting started. He jerks his head and tells himself that it's so silly for uv to follow a girl. I can't do this. He thinks to turn his car. But again follows da car .he finds nidhi also wit manyatha. Again red signal is put on .he stops da car but manyatahs car leave.he tells shit and go to office.</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - she goes and meets Arjun and hugs him and tells that she is gonna miss him.nidhi also hugs Arjun.manyatha observes something diff wit nidhi wen it come to Arjun. She thinks to discuss about it late and leaves to airport and gives send off to Arjun</font>

<font size="4">UV - in office he thinks about his desperate act of following da car and curse himself for doing it. After all a girl is not gonna hav such effect on uv.. Wats wrong wit me ...whenever da girl is around I do all such crazy things forgetting who iam da gal is wit manyatah...must b her friend...I'll ask choti about it...she must b knowing as she is a friennd of manyata... So miss white dress am gonna find u. ...</font>

<font size="4">NIDHI - she tells bye to manyatah and leave. As she have to go to hospital .her father getting discharged that day.</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - k nidhi don worry u go I'll go to jaigad office and submit my designs ... I'll also work on da next plan ...u b wit uncle for 2 days...I'll manage da work...she tells bye and leaves to jaigad office.</font>

<font size="4">UV - he calls assistant and asks it da new architects have come?? As they told they r gonna submit plans today about their new uday nivas constructions.</font>

<font size="4">PA - yes sir I spoke to nidhi verma...She said she will be here by 4 pm... I confirmed appointment sir</font>

<font size="4">UV - k u can go. As soon as she comes send her to my cabin. Uv calls and asks unnathi about da gal wit manyatah</font>

<font size="4">UNNATHI - oh my god dada y r u asking about a girl...Yuvraj uv is asking details of a girl...something changed dada ...girls go crazy about u and run behind...this is da first time ur asking about a girl wats da matter dada ?????</font>

<font size="4">UV - oh common choti am still uv ...jus do wat I say</font>

<font size="4">UNNATHI - k dada I'll let u know in a while. Bye. Unnathi calls meera and find out that it was manyatah and nidhi who went together in a car in da morning.she calls uv Nd tell him that she is nidhi.</font>

<font size="4">UV - wat nidhi VERMA...think I heard da name somewhere...k choti I'll talk to u later office...he cuts off da phone and looks out from da glass. He sees manyatha coming towards his cabin</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - she finds out from da pa and goes to udays cabin wit nidhi' s file in her hand</font>

<font size="4">UV - he gets a call from pa that architect is coming ... Oh my god now this is called luck...white dress angel is my architect ...nidhi VERMA ...he gets excited and controls himself realizing that he is uv ...still he couldn't take of his eyes wen manyatha is walking towards his cabin ... Wow walking goddess ... Uv watz wrong wit u... After all ur da boss ...</font>

<font size="4">MANYATHA - excuse me sir may I get in ...</font>
<font size="4"> </font>

<font size="4"> THANK U </font>

<font size="4"> </font><font size="6">INDEX --:</font>

<font size="4">CHAPTE 1 and 2 page 1</font>
<font size="4">Chapter 3 page 3</font>
Chapter 4. - page 5
Chapter 5 - pg 7
CHAPTER 6 - pg 10
CHAPTER 7.1 - pg 15
CHAPTET 7.2 - pg  16
CHAPTER 8 - pg 21
CHAPTER 9 - pg 23
CHAPTER 10 - pg 27
CHAPTER 11 - pg 32
CHAPTER 12 - pg38
CHAPTER 13 - pg 41
CHAPTER 14 - pg 44
CHAPTER 15 - pg 48
CHAPTER 16 - pg 56
CHAPTER 17 - pg 60
CHAPTER 18 - pg 65
CHAPTER 19 - pg 71 
CHAPTER 20 - pg 73
CHAPTER 21 - pg 77
CHAPTER 22 - pg 80 
CHAPTER 23 - pg 83
CHAPTER 24 - pg  85 
CHAPTER 25 - pg 89 
CHAPTER 26 - pg 91 


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well hmm precap is interesting i think that guy is uv Wink

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Nice...update and yaa i agree with ria ye arjun aur mannu ki dosti toh kuch jyada hi mujhe toh laga jaise me arjun aur manyata ki love story padh rahi hu...but nice update precape is intresting...that guy must be my princy uday and that girl may be manyata...ok...update soon and PM me.
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Very Nice dear.Thumbs Up

and M and Arjun share a close friendship but in the end princi will take away the princess...rightWinkLOL

Do continue and pm me when you will updateHug

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