Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


sumiswap IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 12:17pm | IP Logged

Shama: Fari..fari…How am I looking?? 


Fari: I don't see any horns in your head nor tail at your back! Aur kya honi hai?? Where's my script gone!!  


Sumi: hahaha…HI5 Fari..Look at me!..main kaisi lag rhi hoon..!  


Fari: Kyu? Tere mein above mentions 'gun' hai..??  


Shama: hahaha..HI5 Fari.


Sumi: Hmpffhhh!


Fari: Ab tum donon ka sajna sawarna hogaya ho..tho chale?? 


Sumi: Ek min mujhe apni kaajal dekhne de..  


Shama: And mujhe lipstick! *searching for the mirror* 


Fari: oh God!!… Acche lag rahe ho donon..ab chalo…! 


Shama: Kaun zyaada accha lag raha hai?  


Fari: hmmm…MAIN! *walking towards the stage*  


Shama and Sumi: Oyeee.. *running behind her! 


Fari – Hi, hello and welcome app sab ko!! 


Shama – We welcome you all to our very first award celebration we've created for our lovely members out here!


Sumi – And isse pehle Shama ki lipstick phirse light hojaaye, lets begin with today's program! So ladies…


Shama – Oyee…


Sumi – Sorry meri Maa! Lets begin now! So ladies..

Fari – Oye! Bohot ladies kar li, ab inn ladies aur gentlemen ke waha se bhaagne se pehle shuroo kar! 


Sumi – Ahm* Yeah! So lets begin the program, with our first set of nominations! 


Shama – Rukoo rukooo..!


Fari: Ab kya????? 


Shama – Ek condition!


Fari – What condition???


Sumi: Ek condition ki keemat, tum kya jaano Fari babu!


Shama: Bolo, award milega ki nahi!


Fari: You'll get THE MOST irritating member award! Chalega??


Shama: Sorry!


Fari: Good!


Sumi: So ladies and gentlemen, here we present our set of awards to the most deserving member of our very own forum, whom we all love so much!


Shama: And we express our utmost love and gratitude for helping in making this place lively, and build it up like a family.  

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sumiswap IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 March 2012
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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 12:17pm | IP Logged

Fari: Yes! So lets begin with our first set of nominations! Umm.. kuch special honi chahiye na? 


1-   Sumi: Bikul! Tho bataayiye.. Jab hamaare mann mein sabse pehle 'Mohan' naam aata hain..then what do we think about? Those tangled curly locks, the pointy nose and the most expressive eyes? His deep voice, or that stubble? Or our ears echo the same sound, 'Are yaaar' 'Ayee chavanni..Sunna..'. A man who got us all drooling at his extra-ordinary acting skills and had us drowning in his love. We appreciate him for his worth as a human being, but we admire him for those qualities that make him a unique man. Someone who believes in following his heart, who wouldn't compromise his principles whatsoever but would even sacrifice his life for whom he loves. Someone who made us smile, laugh, sigh, cry, and blush. Through all this journey, one thing.., that we could never stop loving him. Laughing when he laughed, crying buckets when he frowned, blushing when he has been a wonderful journey for us all. And..    


Fari: control Sumi..control! tum tou chulbuli pandey lag rahi ho  


Sumi: Ahm* Yeah! Talking about the guy, It might take a day long. We know.., its our one and the only 'Mohan Bhatnagar'. Mummy ka laadla Monu! 


Fari: So here we present the award, to the BIGGEST Monu Deewani ' As we've named it.. 'Monu Kardaan' award. As we know, all of us here are his biggest Deewani's, we actually had a tough time choosing that ONE lucky girl! And we had also conducted a quiz for the same. So, here you go!


Shama: Ye shaadi nahi ho sakti! *enters dramatically* 


Fari, Sumi: KYAAA????  


Shama: I mean, Ahm* ye award tumlog nahi de sakte!


Sumi: Kyun??  


Shama: Kyun kya? You guyz are gonna announce the biggest Monu deewani's if I cant get it, I should atleast be able to give it! *Sob sob*  


Fari: Alright! Waise ye award jise mila hain na..seriously, she is one surprise package! ;) Monu mein PHD karke aayi thi, but our bad luck, we never got to know her much!  


Sumi: Yes! The award goes to the girl, who has won giving the maximum answers right! A PERFECT 10/10! And that is none other than, Dhara/ anonymous1111!


Shama: Yo! Great Dhara! Itne tough questions ke answers deke, you've proved urself as the biggest Monu deewani! Star


Fari: Congrats Dhara! But hey, ye yaha khatam nahi hoti! ;) We certainly don't want other Monu deewani's out there to frown. So yes, we're also gonna announce the runner-ups!


Sumi: 1st runner up ' Aditi/adoremevirgo with a 9 on 10! 


Shama: And we also have 2nd runner ups scoring a 8 on 10 by Senpoo, Meera/Mohan_sun_na , Bidzie, Ketkit81, Puja/ Poojaluvnbt.


Fari: Our hearty congrats to all the winners! Hug

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sumiswap IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 12:18pm | IP Logged

Sumi: Moving on, next one is equally interesting and one of the best! Embarrassed


Shama: A widow, who taught us.. how important it is to move on in life. A women, who made us realize that we cannot simply accept the injustices that are committed against us and cross our arms, cry and feel helpless.. Instead, we must struggle. Struggle to live. A women who feels deeply and loves fiercely. A women, whom we saw cry and tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter. We saw her transform herself from a daughter, to a loving wife, a strict but most loving mother of two cutest children, and then.. as life continued., god altogether had some other plans in store for her. We saw a widow of a martyr, Insulted in society, burdened with responsibilities.. but left with nothing other than, those thousand memories she was gifted with, in her early years of life. A women, who couldn't even cry her heart out, thinking of her children. She knew, She had to remain strong, for the sake of her loved ones. As they say, life ki lambi race chalti hain, and the path through which this race takes us..certainly is not in our hands.

Sumi ' She believed in struggling and not crying. And thus, we respect her as a human being, admire her as a women and envy her strong personality. This 'Mirchi Madam' won all our hearts, by her strong yet loving nature. However stiff she remained, one could never fail to see the women within her who was Soft, broken, wanting for love, the same old protection of her man being beside her and craving to live in those same old days. After all, being a widow is not one's mistake and we know, every soul deserves a second chance. Spreading a new strength, a fresh thought, a different energy in all our lives from this long, we loved her more each day, now that she has become a part of us. Someone who have taught us so much about life, and it is for sure, that she would remain in all her hearts as a inspiration, ideal for eternities.

Shama: Yes, you all know, we're talking about none other than our beloved Megha. Our Mirchi Madam! Well, Mirchi Madam ka sabse bada deewani tho koi hain hi! ;) But, The craziest Megha lover out here also gets a chance! =D

Sumi ' And the award goes to.., jaise hum sabko pata hain! 

Fariha aka Fari- .

Shama: Congratsss Fari! And we know, Megha ki tumse badi admirer tho koi ho nahi sakta..haan except for a certain person!  Wink   Hug

Sumi - We have a lot of intelligent and brainys out here sharing their expert opinions which obviously makes our discussion threads lot more lively and interesting. They with their intelligent thoughts, and lovely writing style has given that soul/meaning to our characters and the situations.


Shama - They describe each scene in their words so beautifully that we often compliment them in awe. Be that their love, frustration, anger or simple joy towards the show., its so awesome to read their magical reviews.


Sumi – So, here we present the award to the most expert analyst of the show. Vishesh Tippani Maker

Umm..okay! This was kind of tough to choose among many! But yes, the person who've won the category is one most deserving!


Shama – Yes! And this award is won by scoring a maximum of 11 votes. And goes to our most expert Analyst, Fari aka Fariha! 

Sumi: I'm so glad maine Ami se zyaada dhokla lane ko kaha tha! Jaate jaate meri jagah audience reservation mein hi hone wala hain! Tongue

Shama: Gham na kar tu, jo murjha gayee..phool khil jaayenge phir naye..! Aaja saath chalte hain!  


Sumi: Ayee.. hayee..! Ek tu hi bharosa..ek tu hi sahara!  


Shama: Ab bus, lets move on! Warna, log hamaari nautanki dekhke thak jaayenge! LOL  Congratsss Fari! Now we daily expect an analysis from you on each episode! love you! Hug

Sumi - We all know, how wonderful writers our forum is blessed with. Love-story, se leke spoofs tak. Every kind of entertainment is available in our forum! =D This nomination is for the best FF/OS writer of this forum, who transported us all into a different and mesmerizing world, taking our favorite characters along with us.
Shama - Making us travel through all those beautiful stages of life we craved for, to happen in our Meghan's life. It was indeed, a beautiful feeling reading about Megha-Mohan in a fresh and different avatar. And all thanks goes to our wonderful writers out here.
Fari – We simply adore the way, you write and share it with all of us! Smile To award these most talented and loved writer, as per chose by our own dearest people around, goes to Neelu aka NeelimaSJ with a maximum of 18 votes.

Sumi: Sach mein Neelu, we're all fans of your great writing style. You wrote something we badly wanted to watch in the show in such a magical way, that we truly truly admire your talent and you MUST continue with it! Embarrassed

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sumiswap IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 March 2012
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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 12:19pm | IP Logged

Shama: When you think about one of the most interesting a unique part of Mohan Bhatnagar, sabse pehle..tumlogon ke man mein kya aata hain??


Sumi: Those eyes! Ayee hayee..!  


Fari: 'Are yaaar'


Shama: AUR kuch'.


Sumi: Those tangled curls!   


Shama: Sumi, something 'Interesting'!!!


Sumi: Ofcourse, that is interesting!


Shama: Ahm* I'm sure it is..but kuch aur!


Fari: Hm'yes! His profession! Cool


Shama: Exactly! A crime reporter! And some of the main things we admire about our hero is his braveness, sincerity towards his role in the society and also his generosity.


Sumi: True! His heart's will to stand with truth, is something that has always inspired us to follow the same will in our lives as well.


Fari: And so, the next special category, is for the 'Star reporter' of the forum. To a person, who've always entertained and won our curiosity by updating us with all the latest khabri at the earliest!


Shama: And even during the worst and sudden blow we faced about our show going off air, he did help us a lot to build some hope.


Sumi: Yes, and we its none other than our one n the only

'Vyas bhai'. 'Mumbaiindian'.


Fari: Thanks a lot you and to all your sources! They've been really really helpful and we hope, you continue to share them with us even during the second season!

Fari: What's one thing, that you guyz HATE about Telly-wood??


Sumi: TRP! Dead


Shama: Ofcourse the dirty TRP games!  


Fari: True! But TRP's always used to be our hot discussion during Wednesday's! And next award goes to the girl, who helped us giving gaalis to all those TRP ke ustaads! Wink


Sumi: Next award, is for the 'TRP Updater' and we know its none other than 'Akki-rocks'. We express our heart-felt thank you, for always being among us updating us with the ups and downs we faced in our TRP journey.


Shama: Congrats. And we hope, you continue your journey here, just like the TRP charts jo kabhi rukegi nahi..aur tum bhi kabhi mat rukna! Lots of love! Hug

Sumi: I see a lot of talks about CM rankings going up and down on Mondays. Yeh CM ranking matlab Chief Minister ka rank is it? Ermm

Fari: CM is not Chief Minister's ranking buddhu. Waise bhi how is a chief Minister related to NBT???LOLLOLLOL

Shama: Arrey baba it is Chaska Meter ROFL

Sumi: Oh achcha sorry my bad! LOLLOL

Shama: And the one and only Chaska Metre Tracker of our forum is Manesha. A huge round of applause for her.

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Hit.It.Miss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 12:27pm | IP Logged

Fari : we have some of the busiest VM makers in IF town, VM makers of such varied genres be it golden romance of jiji-ranbir, the brotherhood of Mohan-Guru, spidey-chavvani's priceless bond or creepy prateek's face-off ! In NBT VM world, you'll get whatever you wish for. And our next category, is for the 'VM ' Magician' of the forum! Embarrassed


Sumi :  We appreciate all your efforts for spending hours on our favorite people, and to bring them alive on different songs we wish for and responding to all our requests. So to award these editing maestros, here we present the award for the 'VM ' magician' as per voted by our own people, and creativity loved by all.


Shama :  The award goes to, None other than the most creative, Bharti Kumar/ Bharti_k with 22 votes Party  Party  Party  Party


Fari: We're all fans of your VM's bharti! We hope to have you even on our second season, with lots of songs and more of masti! Congratsss!


Sumi: Yes!

Shama ' Tum itna kyun muskura rahi ho?? Confused

Sumi: Next award mein ahm ahm* Shaayad kuch ban sakti hain! Wink


Fari: Kya ho sakti hain?? Confused



Shama: Ayee hayee..! Ise dekho tho! Award dene khud chale the..aur saare awards bhi loot lenge tho log joote maarenge! Tongue

Fari: Ahm* Phir bhi! Dekhte hain..! Wink

Shama: We present the next nomination ' 'Neutral fans award' For those members who love Megha and Mohan equally! Means, NO partiality! LOL Who was in a state of confusion most of the time. Especially, jab Megha ne Mohan ko thappad maara tha, tab Megha ki majboori pe roye ya Mohan ke dard se! Tongue I do understand, we all went through such tough situations in this journey, and respecting their double time shed tears here goes the next award.

Sumi: And the award for the 'Neutral fan' category goes to..Mamtha/Misty as per chosen by the voters with a total of 15 votes!

Shama: *Heyy maaa'maata ji*  


Fari: Oopsie! Sadma!  


Sumi: Koi nahi Shama! Is baar nahi tho agli baar, we should never loose hope as per taught by pooja!  


Fari: A break, until I get them back to normal! Tongue But hey, this doesn't get over here! There's lot more to follow! Wink


Shama :  

Fari : Shama ye kia hua?? tum riddhima kyun ban gayi Shocked

Shama : arrey yaar, ye riddhima ka butter knife nahi hai, it's the sword of honour!! Cool

Sumi : 

Fari : lo!! abb tumhey kia hua Sumi? why are you suspended in the air? Mohan spiderman hai tou tum superwoman banney chali ho?

Sumi : ohoo Farii!! ye mai superwoman banney ki practice kar rahi hun

Shama : haan Sumi, iss tarha hum donon iss forum ko achi tarha look after kar sakein ge, me with sword and you with your super wings

Fari : pehley tum donon apney app ki tou care kar lo phir forum ki karna, meanwhile our next category is the ultimate one!! Embarrassed This award goes to our Chief Editor Fivr!!!

Sumi : Yes, Fivr, congrats Hug  If we are all a team then you are the one who leads us and keeps the forum from messing up.

Shama : Exactly, it's not an easy task at all, to keep the forum in such tidy form, and never losing patience with any of us, regardless of how many times we do mistakes and you find yourself warning us about the same things repeatedly.

Here is hoping that we all become more disciplined under your supervision, in season 2 Wink

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Hit.It.Miss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 12:28pm | IP Logged

Shama : Okay! Moving on..! This is one exciting nomination! =D People not only by their awesome writings but also through their phenomenal VM creations, made us roll on the floor, laughing. Be that on Prateek-Mohan-Megha's shapeless love triangle, or our dearest Radhi's butter knife story! They created it all well, and made us laugh our hearts out, by gifting us such hilarious spoof VMs!

Sumi : We'll always be thankful to all of you for making us smile and laugh so much. All your contributions always helped in making our forum lively and cheerful. And we encourage you all to keep them coming, because these are the kind of stuffs we always look out for! Wink


Fari : So the award for the 'Spoof VM' fankaar, goes to'once again with the maximum votes of 31, none other than Shamil! Party Party  Party  Party



Shama: 2 awards on a roll! Wink Great going Shamil! We expect more of such stuffs from you and please do keep them coming! Star

Fari : Jaha kahi bhi NBT ke baat chale, hum tho seconds mein waha tapak jaate hain. Thanks to all our news providers here.. who update at us with all the news related to our show at the earliest!


Sumi : So, to express our thanks and love towards them, we're here to announce the 'NBT ke news updates provider' to the most deserving one as per voted by our members of the forum. And the award goes to...


Shama: Goes to..


Fari: No echo effects please! 


Sumi: goes to Ramona/RamonaG with 25 votes. Party Party Party  Party

Shama: Congrats Ramona! We hope to have your presence in the forum also in our season ' 2! Thank you!  Hug

Fari : All the actors in NBT.. unke reel characters ke saath we also fell in love with their real personality. And that was only possible, coz of our 'Parde ke peeche ka haal video provider'.

Shama : We got to know more and more about our favorite people who gave life to Mohan, Megha, Guru, Nanhi, Addu and all the other wonderful and equally great actors in our show. Be that, Ashnoor-Vashisht ki ladai, or Kunal-Aakanksha ki masti or Guru-Mohan ke friendship! Hum tak sabse pehle video pohonch jaati thi!

Sumi : Yes! And to award this super-fast heroine of our forum, Here we present the award to the most deserving Ami, Aka Amisha Leher with a total of 31 votes. Party  Party  Party  Party

Fari: Congratsss Ami! A huge thanks to you and we love you!  

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Medusa.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 12:31pm | IP Logged

Sumi: Moving on to the next. One thing about our NBT forum is, even while we exprienced some worst situations and tracks in our show.. and in between getting totally angry and frustrated.. it was indeed a great blessing to have so many around us to pacify us in a humorous way through their most hilarious spoofs. Big smile

Fari - Be that on the show's villain who had become all our lives villan 'Ridhima', whom we loved to hateWink or the channel's dirty games for TRP or also on our famous Jhappu-Dhappu.Tongue Hamare logon ne kabhi kisike band bajaane ki koi kami nahi chodi! They made us laugh through our tears. They made us smile when we frowned.HugHeart


Shama ' So to express our admiration towards your 'hatke' character, and gratitude for making our journey joyful and a wonderful one, here we present the award for the 'Laughter dose provider' of the forum.Big smile


Fari: Well, I'm pretty much sure, that you all might have already got an idea about that phenomenal personality! Embarrassed


Sumi: Yes! Its our one and the only, Shamil..winning maximum of 28 votes. Congrats Shamil! And we require your presence hereafter, even on our season-2! HugHug

Sumi: Shama, It feels so good na, when we reminisce all those special and precious memories in our minds fresh again and again, through the pics!Day Dreaming


Shama: Absolutely! We crave to live those old days, and feel the joy, love and pain we had felt in our journey with our Mohan-Megha, all over again!Embarrassed


Fari: True! And for that, our next special category award, is for the 'Chief photographer' of the forum!Star


Sumi: Wohoo! That's great! Waise, hamaara hero bhi tho photographer hi hain! ;)


Shama: Yes! So this got to be double special! =D We're so grateful to you that you take lot of time, to click each pics and share it with us, bringing a huge grin on all our faces! :')


Fari: And so, here we present the 'Chief photographer' to the most deserving photographer of our forum.Embarrassed


Sumi: And we all know, who it is.. It is our dearest friend 'Ami' ' 'Amisha'! And also, she is a Monu deewani so this photographer award makes it all more special for her!Big smileBig smile


Shama: Congrats Ami! Love you and Thank you!HugHug

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Medusa.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 12:32pm | IP Logged

Fari: Our next special award, is for the 'Live updater' who always takes some time off from her busy schedule to update us all with the live episode.Hug


Sumi: Not only that! Even the live episode, she writer with such clarity and so magically, that its exactly possible to imagine the same. Embarrassed


Shama: And with her super fast typing talent, she is also known as our 'Typing master' Star


Fari: Exactly! And we're talking about none other than our dearest member in the forum, Neelu ' Neelima!Big smile


Sumi: Congo Neelu! You so deserve this and thank you so much!HugHug

Shama : oh ahh oh my hand...Cry

Sumi : kia hua tumhey drama queen Ouch

Fari : Kia hua Shama? haath toot gaya kia tumhara Evil Smile

Shama : oh tum donon buhat hee zalim ho!! Mere haathon mein taaliyan peet peet ke dard ho raha hai...

Fari : Abb socho, tumhara ye haal sirf taaliyan bajaney ke baad hai tou Pooka ka kia hota hoa ga jo roz roz purey forum ko episode ki update deti hai

Sumi : Exactly!! Our next award is the special award for Pooja, our forum's one and only written updater, an update without reading which, lots of members end up getting restless. Thanks Puja Hug   for giving us such beautiful, decorated poetically , written update, each and every night of the show. Hope you keep giving us chance to read those in season 2 of NBT.

Sumi ' In our show, we've faced several ups and downs! And ofcourse we're simply KNOWN around for criticizing and protesting against them all! Wink Tongue


Shama: True! Tongue Because we simply couldn't watch our show falling to some third class level, and we needed our same NBT back, and so we protested. We simply didn't want to live with some false hopes.


Fari: But among us, there was this girl, who lived each day, with some sort of hope. With her unbelievable craziness and love for the show, she protested till the last moment! Sent mails, bombarded their FB and Twitter pages. Called a random man to let out her frustration and hey, she even requested Salman Khan if he could offer some help!Shocked Unbelievable is it?LOL


Sumi: But yes, this girl.. certainly crossed all the limits of craziness! Today, if we're going to get our NBT back, then surely, this girl has the biggest hand in this great achievement of ours.Hug


Shama: Yes! Its our one and only 'Pooja' aka 'Poojaluvnbt'. Girl, we've never witnessed such 'never-give-up' attitude in life. Our big salute to you and your loving and hopeful nature. And yes, you are known as our Jhansi ki rani in the forum! EmbarrassedHamesha aise hi rehna! We want you always among us, boosting our spirit and confidence. So here we present you the 'Loyal star fan' award. Stay happy, and keep smiling.. coz Our NBT and your Monu is gonna be back! WinkHug

Fari: Phewww...!So guyz, after lots of masti and celebrations..our award night has finally come to an end!

Sumi: We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed creating it for you! Smile

Shama: Well, yaha khatam nahi hoti hain! Now each one of you, get on line..apna apna 'Thank you speech ke liye!  LOL  LOL

Fari: Hum teenon ka tareef karna bilkul mat bhoolna! Kya pata, next announcement mein zyaada award mil jaaye!  LOL  Embarrassed   LOL

Sumi: Thank you so much...and lots and lots of love from all of us! HugHugHeart

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