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SwaRon OS by Kritid3lover

shaani2209 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 10:24am | IP Logged
Note: this is written by Kritid3lover aka kriti shah...m jus posting it on her behalf...

Hi lovelies! :D okay, I am not updating anything. This was a request by my reebok dearest! Aka, roshani! :D so here I am writing this..hope you all like it! 


-Rule Breaking!-

"SWAYAM!" I screamed on top of my lungs.

" come out you fool! You good for nothing brat! How dare you?! Stop being a coward and come out!" I shouted at his open window. 

I paced through the lane, trying to calm my nerves. I looked up again, hoping for his shitty face to appear. Ugh! This guy!

" Swayam Shekhawat  You better come out, or else-" I screamed again.

" or else? Or else kya pumpkin? Apne papa ko complain karegi ?" he shouted back sarcastically.

" you doof! Meine kitni Baar tumse kaha hai, ki apne kutte ko apne ghar mein rakho! Samajh mein nai aata kya?!" I was fuming.

"abbe oh! Kutta kisko bola?! Uska naam Neo hai!" he screeched.

" whatever! Usse baandh ke rakha Karo, kameena phir se mere lawn mein aake sheila ko pareshaan kar raha tha!" I said. 

" Aae! Gaali mat de! issmein mere Neo ki kya galti hai? Tu apni Sheila ko Bol na apni jawaani ka display na kare!" he laughed.

" listen meri Sheila ke bare mein Kuch mat Bol tu! Tu apne kutte ko Sambhaal! Saare Mard ek Jaise hi hotein hain, chaahe aadmi ho ya kutta! Ladki Dekhi nai ki chale aate hain, tail wag karte hue!" I scoffed.

" oh! Zada Bol mat, what tail and all haan?! Meri tail piche toh hai nai, haan aage hain, chaiye?" he retorted.

No way! He didn't! He didn't just say that! This boy has got some nerves. 

" listen please, Come down, look at what your kutta has done to my backyard na.."

"itne sweetly bolegi toh tera boyfriend bhi ban jau!" he chuckled and his face disappeared from the window. 

I felt the heat crawl up my neck, and I bit my cheek to stop the smile, that struggled to break free. God! This boy! How can he be such and a*s and at the same time make me feel like this. Thank heavens, he wasn't here to see this. 

I saw the front door open, and i Quickly recovered from my blush stricken state. 

"your highness!" he curtsied dramatically.
" cut the crap out, and mere ghar chalo!" I spoke curtly.

" raat ke iss time pe tum mujhe apne ghar bula rahi ho? Sharam nai aati? Tumhaare ghar mein Baap bhai nai hai kya?!"  he exclaimed melodramatically.

" abhi sirf 2:00 baje hain swayam." I rolled my eyes

" sirf?! Raat ke do baje hain! Jab log sote hain!" 
" this is Vegas Mr.Shekhawat, yahan no raat and din!" I smiled sarcastically.

" par phir bhi, mujhe ghar kyu bula rahi ho, mera toh Yahaan koi hai bhi nai Neo ke siwa..agar tumne meri izzat-" 

he couldn't complete his sentence as I glared at him. "tum chaloge ya nai?" 

" aa raha hu.." he said cutely.
No! Scratch that, He looks Hedious! I absolutely loath him!

I opened the door to my backyard, where my sweety pie Sheila was sleeping. I forgot all the mess and bent down to cuddle her.

" awwh! My baby, did you miss me darling? My shonu!" I kissed her on her nose, and she sniffed my face.

" kaash, mein kutta hota!" a very disgusting voice behind me remarked. 

" tum kutte hi ho.." i retorted.

" kutte se yaad aaya Dekho tumhaare kutte ne kya kiya, look at this mess! I mean seriously, koi bhi manners nai hain usmein! My flowers, the grass everything! Sab Kuch spoil kar diya usne!" I accused him.

I waited for him to reply, and when he didn't I looked back. Hoping to see him goofing around somewhere, he was no less than a restless pup.

My eyes landed on him, looking down at me. It could be better termed as staring. I followed his gaze, which led to private parts of my anatomy.

" Mr.Shekhawat, don't trespass private property." my tone was ice cold.

He quickly looked away, turning beet root. He looked simply adorable.

" pink suits you" I smirked as he blushed seven shades deeper if that was possible. 
" umm..suits you too." he managed to choke out. 

Wait a minute? I wasn't wearing pink-  shit! My gaze dropped down, to the neckline of my blouse, which was hanging rather low. 

I jerked up, and stood straight, or would have been straight if I wasn't wearing heels. Who the hell wears heels at this time of the night?! Of course a doof like me!

My eyes grew wide as a pair of long arms grabbed my waist and pulled me up. 
" Swayam? Yeh kya kar rahe ho? Chodo mujhe!"

" chod dunga toh gir jaaogi" he whispered in my ear huskily.

I felt a shiver run down my spine, as his breath tickled my neck. His grip tightened and his eyes captivated my gaze. Plain deep brown eyes, yet so meaningful, like poetry.

"chod du?" he whisered.

" haan" I whispered, but my head shook itself in negation. 
"pakka?" he smiled teasingly.
"gande! Badtameez aadmi! Chodo mujhe! Ekdum apne kutte ki tarah ho!" I jabbed my finger on his chest.
"arrey! Har baat mein Neo ko beech mein kyu Laati hai tu?!" 
" woh chodo aur mujhe bhi chodo!" I said.

" no, I won't leave you. Aaj mein gym nai Gaya tha, weight lifting karne de thodi..." he smirked.
"no, you wouldn't dare! Swayam Shekhawat, mujhse door raho! Mere paas mat aana!" 

" aur paas aaunga na toh woh ho Jaega.." he said.

My eyes grew wide at his words. What has happened to him today?!

" kya..kya ho Jaega?" I asked

He was inching towards my face, eyes focused on my lips. And a naughty smile played on his lips. His hands moved to my hair, brushing them aside. I was breathing heavily, heart beat pacing. 

His lips were just a millimetre away from mine, when he stopped. His sweetly strong chocolate fragrance made my head spin a little bit, maybe that is exactly why I crashed my lips against his, enveloping them into mine. 

Stupid! Stupid me! Why am I doing this? 

It felt like my first kiss, maybe a little well rehearsed but the same rawness was still there. I broke the kiss, moving away still not far enough.. I was in his arms, noses brushing against each others'. 

A crooked smile broke out on his face, portraying the I-told-you-so look. Jerk! 

" yeh ho Jaega" he smiled.
" no fair! You cheated!" I whined
" I told you tum mujhe pehle kiss karogi, I didn't kiss you.." he said.
" you have defied the rules! You were not supposed to come close to me, this is not allowed! Mujhe sab pata hai, tumne hi apne kutte ko yahan bheja purposely, so that all this could happen!" I said
" phir kutta?! God! Yeh humaare kutte kyu beech mein aa jaate hain humesha?!" 
" shut up! Tumne cheat kiya hai, ek toh, tum mujhe seduce kar rahe ho.."

" oh! Meine seduce nai kiya, tumne hi toh pucha tha, ki kya ho Jaega, toh meine bata diya!" he replied
" Mrs. Would be Swayam Shekhawat you!" he shouted seriously. 

Both of us stopped, and just looked at each other. I bit my lip to stop ,myself from smiling, but in vein. I burst out laughing, in synchronisation with Swayam. 
He pulled me closer, and kissed my cheek, still laughing.

" I love you Sharon" he half laughed.
" I know buddhu!" i said sarcastically
" hey! Where's my I  love you too?!" he complained.
" I love you too swayyu!" I said sweetly.

He scrunched up his nose in disgust, and looked at me disapprovingly.

" again with the name? Swayam mein kya burai hain?"
" chup! Mein yeh bualaungi!" I hugged him.
" mera faida mat uthao, aur haan merko tumse shaadi hi nai karni, abhi se bully karti ho, pata nai baadmein kya hoga mujh bechare ka!" he said adorably.

" not possible Mr.Shekhawat, ab toh tum phas chuke ho.." I winked at him. 


How was it? I tried to write something mushy mushy..:P request thi time pakka tragedy! :D

Hope you all liked it, comment and like please! :) 

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shaani2209 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 May 2011
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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 10:24am | IP Logged
i had said happy wala not mushy mushy...holding on sabko pm karke aati hoon...


Firstly Thank You Sooo Much TomlibooHug though you are late your forgivenEmbarrassed
coming to the OS...
Pehle toh yeh ilzaam na lagayiyo ki i had asked for mushy mushy walaOuch i had said happy wala kyunki i dint wanna read tragedyTongue...*kaafi tragedy already hai you know*LOL
so now coming to the content of the OS...
Naughty Swayam and blushing Sharon is always a treat to read...
LOL the way Sharon screams at him  n then swayam's naughtiness was surprising...
their argument due to their pet dogs was amusing...LOL
cute and sweet OS..full of swayam naughtiness and sharon cuteness...
Thank youuu tomliboo...Embarrassed Lovely one...
PS: agar mere accha nahi hai kehnese tu dusra likhdegi toh i dont mind saying "i dint like it"Wink mera he faayda hai you knowLOL

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anjanasaini1912 Newbie

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mast hai ...thnkz 4 such a lvly osSmile 

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Anindita91 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 10:50am | IP Logged

awesome os the beginning swaron's nok jhok coz of their pets neo n sheila was hilarious...n the kiss between them was n would be mrs. shekhawat...loved this os...two cutie pies...great write something soon...will be waiting for ur next write up...n thanx for the pm...

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HPHolic-3 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 11:01am | IP Logged
Amazing os
Swaron fighting like kids lol
Damm hilarious,n last me kiss looks like would be mrs.shekhawat can't stop herself from doing so...:)
loved it..:D

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Crazy4AshVik IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 11:40am | IP Logged
It was reallly sweetBig smile
thnks for the pm!

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tejukor Senior Member

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Okey i really need to tell u how it was...???seriously???
fine than listen its was a one of the nice os i have ever read...classyClap n two thumps up from my side...i just loved it yaar roshni... very romantic...n their last convo about swayams name "swayyu"LOL. u made my night as i read this os in late night...toh thats why...Wink
              keep writing waiting for ur next stuff...

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marauder IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
Now this is quite an amusing piece of work. Really loved the rom com feel of this OS. Right from the starting the tone and tempo of this OS made me believe that I was in for a ride. And my intution wasn't wrong. Entire nok jhonk over the pets was just awesome. I couldn't have imagined that they both are just teasing each other and are engaged. Just superbly written. And so was the final kiss portion. Lovely OS. 

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