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night girl IF-Dazzler
night girl
night girl

Joined: 24 November 2004
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Posted: 01 July 2006 at 11:32am | IP Logged
first part comeing in 5 mins Big smile

night girl IF-Dazzler
night girl
night girl

Joined: 24 November 2004
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Posted: 01 July 2006 at 11:36am | IP Logged



We see a beautiful white color house connected with another white color house from the first floor we see one light comeing from the second floor of the white houses it was night time and every thing is all peach full and silent nothing can be heard except the wind, but then from inside the room with light comeing form we hear a big crash and a lot of cheering and yelling the camra zooms in to the window with the light on. inside we see 3 guy in PJs, shirtless siting on a king size bed and one girl in a boys shirt and PJs siting on the floor playing car raching video games with the volume all the way up and yelling and cheering at the tv. we see the girl turn her body with the control as her car turned in the video game the girl yelled "go go go!!!!!" then one of the 3 guys yells "no no dont crash NOOOO!!!!!!" we see a car crash in to a wall and 2 other cars crash behind the car. the girl jumps in joy "yes I win"as the girl jumps in joy we see it is kripa and the guy that was looking pissed off for crashing first was angad and the 2 guys that were angry at angad for crashing was josh and prithiv

k-come on guys pay up you know the bet winner gets $10 each

p-kripa all we have is dollers and in india they dont use dollers

k-i can all ways cash it in the bank

p-dang why did you have to be so smart in math

k-that not being smart in math thats just commen sence

josh, prithiv, and angad gave kripa 10 dollers each

a-iam geting tired iam going to sleep

angad jumps on to the king size bed and barries his face in to the pilliow. kripa who is now getting pissed of grabs a pilliow from the side and hits angad with it.

a-god what you problem

k-at least get off my bed

angad grabs kripas hand and makes her fall on top of him once kripa fell on top of him. angad put both his arms around kripas waist.

a-come kripa we can sleep togather on a count of you being a hot chick and all

j-(whispers to prithiv)oohh he did not just go there

p-(whispers to josh)but he just did

k-oh just because i dont like wearing high heels and little tight skirts dosnt mean you can bug me about it

kripa gets one of her hands free and punchs angad in the stomch realy hard. angads eyes become realy big and yells in pain

a-aaahhhh god kripa cant you hit a guy when he's wereing a shirt it dosnt hurt as much

angad get the pilliow that his head was resting on and hit kripa realy hard with the pilliow that kripa falls out of the bed.kripa grabs another pillow and then trys to hit angad with it but he ducks and it hits prithiv. prithiv grabas a pilliow also and hit angad for ducking and then angad uses his pilliow to stop prithiv for hiting him and accidently hits josh and then all 4 friends end up haveing pilliow stuffing fall out and go every were while the 4 friends fight we see a old man standing at the door way looking very ticked off. it was sulben sharma

s-what is going on!!! do you guys know how expencive those pilliow were

angad and kripa at the same time

a-she started it

k-he started it

s-prithiv, josh who did it

josh pointed to angad and prithiv pointed to kripa and then both prithiv and josh start fighting

p-no kripa started it from the car game

j-but angad said the whole girl thing

s-FOR GET IT!!!! tommrow is your school clean this place up then angad go home and go to sleep prithiv go to your room and josh after cleaning this place up at least clean your own room up also!!!!!


a-kripa this is all your fult

k-my fault it is your fult

p-for get whos fault it is tommrow is first day of high school and we need rest if we want to be rockin the school tommrow

j-i dought that we will rock any thing because it is 5 am and school starts at 8am

a-dude is it ok if i crash here tonight if i drive back home iam bound to lose another 5 mins of sleep

k-angad are manshions are connected with eacher other you didnt even walk to are house

a-oh ya, man it is so cool of are parents to make one big manshion

p-ya i remember in the usa it took me 30 mins to drive to your house angad

j-guy lets just go to sleep other wise were going to be sleeping during class just like year

k-all my teachers hated me for doing that even though i aced all there tests

a-all my teachers loved me even when i flunked all there test

k-they loved you because you flurted your way out of every thing

p-stop FIGHTING!!! AND GO TO BED!!!!

all 4 friends go to there rooms and go to sleep


ring ring- kripas alaram went off

k-(thinking)moring already god stupid clock

kripa got out of bed wore any thing which can in her hand which happed to be baggy jeans and a long big shirt. kripa brushed her teeth didnt bother with make up brushed her hair and went out her room. kripa then when to a hall way out side of her room knocked on 2 door across each other kripa opend the door on her right were we see a messy room with cloths and books all over the place. inside we see josh get out of bed.

j-iam up kripa

kripa then knocks on the door to her left and opens the door in side the room we see a clean room with out a spot of dust any were. and we see prithiv geting out of bed

p-iam up kripa

kripa then gose to the passage way to the other manshion and then gose up stairs to a room on the right side knocks on it then opens it to see pictures of girls on the wall and book no were to be seen and cloths all over the place were we see angad still sleeping. kripa walks in to the room. and shakes angad a little

k-angad wake up

a-i want to sleep

k-fine then

kripa gose to were angads feet were and grabs angads PJs and pulls them off from under the bed sheet. and gets up with a jurk


k-good your up

kripa throughs the PJs on angads face and gose out the door

a-(thinking)that girl is crazy

angad gets out of bed and starts to get ready. kripa on the other hand gose down stairs back to her own manshion to see her dad eating brekfast

k-good moring dad

s-kripa not again


s-kripa your a girl you should at least dress like one. i understand it can be hard to act like a girl growing up with only guys like dillip uncle me angad prithiv josh but at lest try to be like a girl once a while.

k-dad please iam with my self and i dont care what others think

kripa grabs an apples takes a bit and starts going out the door but sulben stops kripa

s-kripa dont you want to wait for angad prithiv and josh

k-well have none of the class togather except lunch and math and math is are last class i better just go i will catch up with them in school ok

s-ok, and kripa try to make some friends that are girls for once

k-ok dad for you i promise i will try and make some friends that are girls, happy

s-thanks kripa

kripa then runs out the door to her black sports car and beside kripas black car was angad red sports car besides angads red one there was prithivs geen sports car and besides prithivs geen sports car was joshs blue sports car. kripa drives off to high school while angad prithiv and josh come down to break fast

j-hey dad

a-uncle did you see my dad i cant find him

s-oh he told me to tell you that he had an important meeting and had to go iam also leaveing today in the afternoon so can you all tell kripa that iam going to a meeting in the afternoon

p-but were did kripa go

s-she left for high school

j-wait she left


a+p+j-dang it were going to lose another $30

s-wait you made a bet on who will get to school first

p-uncle when did kripa leave

s-one min ago

j-we can catcher

josh angad and prithiv race about the door in a rush angad sits in his red car and drives off then prithiv sits in his car and drives off and last josh sits in his car and drives off. we see kripa driveing and then see looks in to her side mirrors to see angads car geting close to her's kripa speeds up and angad as speeds up and so dose prithiv and josh so all there cars are lined up all 4 friends go so fast that there car cant go any faster and all 4 friends reach the school at the same time


kripa gets out of the car in anger.and angad prithiv and josh come out of the car with smiles

a-made it on time and didnt lose my $30

p-come on lets go inside theres like no one outside

k-you guys go i need to get my backpack

angad josh and prithiv go in and soon as they enter all the girls mouth drop open none of the girls in india have ever seen such good looking guys in there life not even on tv

a-(whispers to josh)look like chick are diging us already

j-(whipers to angad)man girls here will be easy to got in the usa we had some challanges but here its like heven

angad and josh laugh and prithiv just get kind of nervouse like he always dose when cute girl start stareing at him

a-(whispers to prithiv)prithiv play it cool try not to show your nervous ok

p-(whispers to angad)i dont think i can do that

angad prithiv and josh go to there class and then we see kripa entering the building and every one in the building starts laughing at the way kripa is dressed but angad prithiv and josh dont know as they already are in there class

k-(thinking)in the usa no one cared that i was a tomboy i guess its diffrent around here...oh well if anyone says anything to me i can always punch them down to the ground

kripa then gose to her class that wasnt with angad josh and prithiv. in class when she sat down she could tell people were laughing at the way she was dress and it bug her a lot but kripa tryied to ingnor every one and just try to do what her dad said and that was try and make so friends that were girls so kripa starts talking to the girl siting beside her

k-hi iam kripa and iam new here

girl-can you not talk to me iam way to cool for you besides theres theses 3 new guys in school and they are hot if they see me taking to you they might think iam a loser(rude tone)

kripa starts burning in anger and there was nothing at the moment that could stop kripa from puch the girl in the face but then kripa gets an idea. kripa was sure the 3 guys the stupid mean girl was talking about was angad josh and prithiv.

k-you know what(in a rude pissied off tone) your going to feel sorry for calling me a loser

kripa then gets up from her seat and sits at a diffrent place away form every one. through out the day kripa tried makeing friends with girl but all the girls just made fun of her except for one girl her name was aliaya she help kripa and showed her around and became a good friend. aliaya was one of the girl that care alot about how see looked but wasnt mean like the others. kripa and aliaya had 2 class togather sst and math, aliaya was like kripa and expert with math. soon it was lunch time and aliaya and kripa enter the lunch room to see a big crowed around a table

k-hey aliaya way is there a big crowed there

al-well i heard theres these 3 new guys that every girl has gone crazy over and truth be told i also like one of the guy his name is prithiv but i dont think any of them will be happy to see us. guys like them always end up like jurks.

k-they cant be that bad, come on lets go say hi

al-no kripa you dont know how things work around here. losers like us stay away form the popular, its been that way for ever

k-i dont get it how can you be a loser you look so beautiful

al-iam a loser because of me being a math geek over here people just dont like it when your smater then others

k-well i want you to come meet my half brother

al-how is your half brother

k-come and i will show you

kripa gose through the crowed of people and kripa see angad flurting with the same girl that was mean to kripa in the moring and josh flurting with some girl she didnt know and prithiv just siting quitely eating his food

k-hey prithiv

prtihiv looks up and starts turning red seeing a girl with kripa and that to a cute girl

p-hi..hi kripa

k-prithiv meet aliaya....aliaya meet prithiv

aliaya mouth drops open because she is shocked to know that she just told kripa that she likes her half brother with out knowing it was her half brother. on the other hand the girl that was mean to kripa in the moring was siting realy close to angad and didnt noice that kripa was siting right beside her untill kripa taped her shoulder


the girl turns around and is shocked to see kripa right there

girl-you what the hell are you doing here i thought i said...

k-angad do you know that this girl that your flurting with was very mean to me this moring


k-ya realy, realy mean to me this moring

a-wow iam supried that she dosnt have a scared up face by now

girl-what are you kripas brother

a-no iam not iam her body gard

angad punchs the girl he was flurting with in the face and the girl falls on the lunch floor. we see aliaya smileing realy big in exciment because as long as she has been going to the school she has never seen a popular student stand up for a geek student.

al-uummm kripa do you know that the girl that he is flurting with was mean to me all year last year(points to josh)

k-josh do you know that the girl your flurting with was mean to my new friend



j-wow y didnt you tell me later i wanted to lip lock with her first...oh well...angad will you do the honors


but before angad could puch the girl, the girl runs off fater then a rocket

k-aliaya have a seat by prithiv


aliay sits by prithiv and kripa sits between angad and josh

a-(whispers to kripa) kripa why did you tell aliaya to sit by prithiv you know how he gets with girls

k-(whispers to angad) dont tell any one but aliaya likes prithiv i thought it would be nice to set them up

a-(whispers to kripa)it will never work

k-(whispers to angad)what to make a bet

a-(whispers to kripa)no because i know iam going to lose

as all of the new 5 friends have lunch evey one in the school looks that them in shock because of the first time in there life have they seen popular stand up for the geek it seemed almost like a game to them. it was just to hard for any one to belive what they just saw.

hope u like this partSmile

next part comeing soon

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munizaaa Goldie

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Posted: 01 July 2006 at 11:52am | IP Logged
wonderful part really funny too LOL LOL
pal89711 Senior Member

Joined: 08 October 2005
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Posted: 01 July 2006 at 11:57am | IP Logged
the  part was just awesome Smile Smile Smile
great part as always Smile Smile Smile
   continue soon Smile Smile
     can't wait Smile Smile

Edited by pal89711 - 01 July 2006 at 11:57am
soaps_01 Goldie

Joined: 04 February 2006
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Posted: 01 July 2006 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
hey awesome part!
I just luv the relation that the 4 now 5 share!
cont soon plz
SNoorien92 Senior Member

Joined: 12 August 2005
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Posted: 01 July 2006 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
hahahah awesome! luved it. continue soon.

kneeduh2000 Goldie

Joined: 09 February 2005
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Posted: 01 July 2006 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Tat was awesome...and funny. Once again a very different story. Can't wait to read da next part.

ruby89 Goldie

Saat Phere Jodi #3
Joined: 03 December 2005
Posts: 1756

Posted: 01 July 2006 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
eheheh that was really good. and funny LOL . omg continue soon Clap

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