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cocojatti92 Goldie

Joined: 20 July 2006
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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 9:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nawsin

Ok people, I am going to disappear again, all set to watch Family's honor. See ya all after finishing it. Big smile
lol I have to watch itLOL

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-sanika- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 March 2012
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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Hey guys !
Hone for 2 weeks
Might not be around much

But Dee the latest update I really liked
I like straight forward conversations matter how harsh !
Might just give this another shot  after I go back !

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-Sunset- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 September 2011
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Posted: 31 January 2013 at 12:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cocojatti92

Originally posted by -Sunset-

Hey guys!! What's up ?? 

You know if I come to IF ... I just get away from my studies...

BTW... what's the best K-drama going on now?? Any cool ones..? 

I usually prefer a different yet romantic... ughh not those love triangles again... not that I hate it... it's just I've watched too much in that category... 
I mean love triangles can be there... but not as the major topic of the story ( like the bad family) I think bad family is underrated... :P

I was thinking about watching 1 episode each day as passtime... coz I'm really busy nowadays... 
where have u been 
flower boy next door

I am in Singapore for higher studies... and I'm very busy... but sometimes when I feel lonely and homesick I feel like watching some new serial...

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DoJin IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 April 2009
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Posted: 31 January 2013 at 1:56am | IP Logged
for all Park Shi Hoo fans...his first movie as a lead just came out in november...was waiting for a HD Rip...finally got it...i'm planning to watch it this's the trailer...

Confession of Murder...

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DoJin IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 April 2009
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Posted: 31 January 2013 at 10:14am | IP Logged
epi 16
seung jo angrily confronts his father...asks him why he bought the
painting...his fathers replies because he couldn't stand watching his
son live like a begger...
seung jo says so you mapped my life anyway...i thought i came this
far...coz of this painting but it was because of my father all along...i
ran away for 10 years because i didn't want to live as you heir...wanted
to live on just my skills and strength...

father...your skills and strength is that you're are my son...others
are bitter coz they don't have what you have're bitter coz you
do have it?
seung no matter how hard i try...without you i can't do
anything...he turns to leave...his father says "Se Kyung said
something to me...that you're trying to be closer to me...'Why did
a person who wanted to be an artist go into business?' she said...I
was also trying to be closer to you, not because I need a successor, but
because I have a father's heart that can't see his own son
starving...thats why i bought the painting"

Se kyung receives a message from yoo joo...if we hadn't met again
would this have still happened? Tommy told me that he could see
frustration and anger against the world in you...I had it as well in
the beginning...but since a long time I only had anxiety...I should've
turned totally black...and not been intimidated and afraid...but now
I'm back to being like before...I've let out all my frustrations ...
it's just all anger now..."

yoon joo tells her husband her decision...she says "You said that I'm
not worth millions of dollars to you. But you are not worth billions to
me. I'm choosing divorce."...Hell Yeah GO YOON JOO...on her way
out she runs into In Hwa...who shows her bitterness openly about the
fate of billions worth deal resting in Yoon Joo's hands...Yoon Joo
laughs a joyful laugh...tells In Hwa to go in and comfort her brother
coz she just told him she's divorcing him...In Hwa left shocked with
jaw drop too...sweet justice...

No one's seen seung jo since yesterday...Dong Wook all worried comes
to seung jo's place reassuring seug jo's dad...finds seung jo
sleeping in bed with covers on...when he got no response after
repeated calling he gets afraid and shakes him...seung jo opens his
eyes and tells him he wants to sleep...after a whole day in bed seung
jo's dad messages se kyung to help. she comes running and finds seung jo
passed out on the couch with several empty wine bottles on the
table...he comes to and asks her... did she come to say I told you were right...did you come to brag or did Dong Wook and father
again say i'll die?...he turns away from her and asks her to
leave...she grabs him from behind... hugging him says "I came here
because I miss you very much...whether you are Secretary Kim or
President...I don't care...I felt as if I would die if I didn't see
you...I can't live if I don't have you, Seung Jo sshi...If this is not
love, then what is? I love you, Seung Jo sshi.

Seung Jo wakes was a dream...but he hears his door opening
and se kyung comes in...for real...he again asks her why are you
here... to brag coz you were right?...Se kyung says "I came to break
Seung Jo's heartbroken, says "Have we not already broken up?"...Se
kyung..."I haven't...I thought long and hard if my love can be
proven...those typical things that can prove it, like looking at you
for the rest of my life and saying I love You...I can do it...but
right now there is no way to prove it...Whether you can accept me or
not...Its upto you to decide...Look at reality, accept it, then
Seung Jo says... What reality?...That you approached me
because of my money...Accept this kind of reality?...if I can't
accept it? Then what?
Se Kyung says then there's no solution.
Seung Jo ...Why is there no way? there you said love has to
be proven...
Se Kyung... How?
Seung Jo...My father's share in Royal group is worth 1 billion
dollars...My annual income is 2 Million dollars...
Earn 1 billion and 2.1 million dollars...Then tell me you love
me...That'll perfectly prove that you haven't approached me for my
Se Kyung..."I understand...You're saying we should break up,
right?...It ends here...Live well" kyung leaves...but seung
jo surprisingly is not devastated..."She left after breaking
everything...even my last fantasy and oddly my heart is feeling quite

Some time has passed...Se kyung is getting ready for an
interview...and meets her friend ah jung...who asks.. couldn't she
have just said she'll prove it no matter what...he wanted to hear kyung says "prove it how? by acting like a candy my whole
life...Him looking for a pure acting the innocent...won't
have lasted long anyway...there is no such thing as a 100% pure Yoon Joo said you love a person in all his entirety...his
appearance, mind, heart, can't love just one of
those...loving someone means loving that persons strengths as well as
his flaws".

Sec moon is briefing Seung Jo on his days schedule...he's interviewing
10 new interns but first he has a meeting with his father...Seung Jo
is very cordial with him no biting remarks or anger anywhere in
sight...they have a normal talk about business...then his father says
he's  glad he's sleeping and eating well...Seung Jo says stop
bothering Dong Wook over me...His father says I didn't bother Dong
Wook...I heard this from your housekeeper...
Finally ...a normal father-son banter between these was a
good scene.

Seung jo notices one of the applicant is named Se Kyung and he goes
still...but its Shin Se Kyung...Sec moon says its a common
name...when the girl comes in he sees she had a similar background like
Han Se kyung but this Se Kyung did a year long course in new york and
worked to pay for the tuition...Seung Jo notices her expensive clothes
and questions the expense when the amount they cost could've paid for 2
semesters...she answers...I've come to realize in the past 2 years
of job hunting that... What I wear counts just as much as my competence
and sense of style...
It echoes exactly what Se Kyung had told seung jo long ago...he wonders
what score he would've given se kyung...if she had interviewed for him
Se kyung's interview is going as it always does with her scoring B's for
her sense of style and D's for not studying abroad...but those all
turn into A's when she tells her interviewers she did a stint as
personal stylist too and shows them her portfolio...they see JTC
styled by her and realize she's JTC's kyung thinks to
herself... she still ended up using him for her career advancement.
Tommy picks up Se kyung for lunch...both worried  as they can't get in
touch with Yoo Joo...he has a gift for se kyung though ...copy of
alice in wonderland...
the ending isn't just that Alice wakes up from her dream, but also her
older sister is left by the tree to wonder if Wonderland is true.
Eyes half-open, the sister half-believing in this fantasy world, is
aware of the reality that she must continue to live in. Se-kyung feels
that that is what it means to be an adult.
Seung Jo meanwhile is reminded of Se kyung throughout the day by one
thing or the he's being driven home he recognizes walking
alone along the road and meet up with her...they are happy to see each
other...yoon joo invites him to her humble apartment...quite a big
step down from CDD...he asks her about the chance she had to save her
life in CDD...she says its all in the past...she asks about se kyung
and if they've broken up...coz theres no news about them...Seung jo
says she ran away coz she couldn't prove her love...yoon joo says how
do you prove love?...seung jo says exactly...'If I don't see you,
then I will die. 
 I can't live without you.'...just those words would've been
fine...but maybe the time wasn't right...yoon joo says "you must've
asked her to prove it...You don't trust people...You did the same to
Seung Jo...i'm not like that anymore...i know what reality is...
my father bought that painting is correct...he did that to help me is
also correct but he needs me as a successor is also same
way... Han Se Kyung liked me is true and she liked me for what I had
is also true...
Yoon Joo says "Se kyung is not someone who runs away...since she was
young, I've seen her fall, but never run away...You must've pushed her
out; telling her to prove it...
Seung Jo denies ever doing any such thing even in his
dreams...dream...OH...That was not a he remembers the
whole version of it ...he really did ask her to prove her love...coz
he didn't want to doubt her feelings any more...
Se Kyung says "All I can prove is that I liked Secretary Kim
first...when I found out you were the president I was happy and liked
you even more...but for that i felt guilty towards you is also
true...But that doesn't mean that I don't love you, Seung Jo sshi...I
just want you to acknowledge and accept the fact that I, the person who
loves that kind of person."
Then she tries to show him the list she made when she found out that Sec
Kim is JTC...but he refuses to see it and ask her to earn 1 billion
and 2.1 million dollars to prove her kyung realized that was
not was she disappeared.
Seung Jo runs to se kyung's house...she's not home he finds her list and
reads it and realizes the girl he liked the candy Han Se Kyung changed
to gold-digger Han Se Kyung after he met her...then she changed back
to being a candy for him...he sees a girl whos bitter and angry at
being poor but puts on an act of a candy to survive and finally accepts
the truth...he finally sees the real Han Se Kyung.
Se kyung's first day at she's handing a box to the deliver
guy...she comes face to face with Seung Jo...she's rattled but is
determined to not dream again...she keeping repeating "I'll not dream
again"...when she asks the purpose of his visit Seung jo gets
flustered and says he's here on business...and moves to walk past
here...he's shocked that she didn't try to stop him...isn't she
supposed to grab se kyung is surprised and says she's new
here and doesn't have the time to play around...seung jo is
disappointed...isn't she glad to see him...she said she would show him
everything...and she wouldn't run away...
se kyung... "I didn't run away"

Seung jo..."Then, why aren't you holding onto me?!'ve never
loved and received love properly before have you?...Does it make any
sense to just leave because you can't prove your love?...You don't
have to prove...and you don't have to act anymore either...You
said you can't distinguish between sincerity and using...or between
The Han Se Kyung, from before, and the Han Se Kyung, who changed...I
can't distinguish either now...which Han Se Kyung I liked, the Candy
Han Se Kyung or the changed Han Se doesn't matter
anymore...I just like the Han Se Kyung who is in front of me right
Se Kyung asks ...Does he believe in her? Does it mean she doesn't have
to act to fit his candy girl fantasy anymore?
Seung-jo promises he'll try, even though he's not 100% confident just
yet. Though they don't understand each other completely yet, but they
want to and are certainly willing to try...BUT... what about 1
billion and 2.1 million dollars...seung jo promises he'll make her
earn that is he proposing...?
Seung Jo..."I've wanted to say this to you since a long while
back...You can't even guess how relieved i'll be to get this off my pay attention"...
With a flourish he begins..."Winston Churchill once said, 'Immature
person says I love you because I need you. Mature person says I need you
because I love you...I need you because I love you, Se Kyung
sshi...I love you because I need you Se Kyung i can't
distinguish the difference between them...They kiss...yayyy.
some time passed again yoon joo meets tommy... is happy with her
life...they guess seung jo and se kyung must've got back
together...both happy for them...yoon joo confident se kyung will do
her best... she always did...
Seung jo's dad is meeting se kyungs parents...apparently their kids got
married and now cha il nam wants him to take charge of another store and
shift houses to kyungs dad thinks that will make it look like
he sold his daughter into a rich family to prosper...

Seung Jo and se kyung meanwhile live in their own little
world...err..private mansion...happily alice's sister in
the book...they choose to live with their eyes half fantasy
and reality...knowing they can choose either if they open or close
their eyes.

thank the lord it ended up nicely...i enjoyed last 2 you can
see from the length of the updates...couldn't stop once i started
writing...hope you don't get bored Sanika...


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-sanika- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 March 2012
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Posted: 31 January 2013 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Loved the updates Dee!
Will definitely watch the last 2 episodes :D

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_chesung_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 1:52am | IP Logged
Hi guys Hug 
how's going??? 
anybody watching 7th grade civil servant?? looks like me only watching it??? 
have a nice day Big smileBig smile

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_chesung_ IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 November 2012
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Posted: 01 February 2013 at 1:56am | IP Logged
And btw have anybody watched Queen In-Hyun's Man??? 
The lead are now couple...they looks so god together ...wanted to ask if i the drama worthy to watch????? 
Right now i am so much into yoon in na and ji hyun woo couple ROFL 

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