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WDBN! THREAD 2! link to PART26 ADDED!!! page54

MastiMuskaan Goldie

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hey everyone out there!!!!

i am so happpyyy!!!!

my ff  "WHEN DREAMS BECOME NIGHTMARES!"reached second thread!!! wow...

i am sooo happpyyy!!!PartyDancingSilly

posting next part soonnnEmbarrassed


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MastiMuskaan Goldie

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Part ONE to Part TWENTY THREE : 

PART TWENTY SIX:  go to my blog to read


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Everyone ran to her and saw her crying hysterically, "I killed him Arnavji! I killed him, I killed my own father! I killed him. He was so- I am sorry, he was pointing a gun at you, - I couldn't see him shooting you- I killed him- bauji(Shashi) told me everything- he told me-  I – killed him myself! I had no other option! He deserved this!- he never loved – my mother. She craved his love. And he never bothered. So I killed him!" till now Khushi tried to hate him, she tried not to show everyone that she was weak but couldn't hold the pain any longer inside her. She repeated the same line again truly regretting what she did but then consoling herself that she didn't do anything wrong but did a good thing instead, "he deserved this, he killed my mom, I- ki-I killed- " uv knew she was hitting her panic attack, repeating everything again and again. So he went out and got the injection they accidentally kept with them. And then without further delay, he shot it in her veins, calming her and making her sleep like this, but for the last time in her life. From now on there wont be any vij, no panic attacks in her life, ever!






As soon as Khushi went unconscious and Arnav tried picking her up but saw john (cop) standing there. Arnav knew Khushi was innocent as she killed a monster, and hence, she was more than innocent though but she DID a crime in the books of law. He knew now she would be taken to the police, and he will use all the powers in his might but wont let Khushi be in the prison.


Arnav saw towards him and he passed a knowing look that he can take her to the car. Arnav sighed a bit and picked up Khushi in his arms and took her towards his car. Uv climbed the driver seat and Payal took Khushi's head in her laps, supporting her in the seat. Arnav too adjusted her hands - legs and closed the door. Then in the other car, Dan sat on the front with Anji and the cars along with some cops were escorted towards RM. Now Arnav and Shashi were left with john and his fellow mates.



Shashi looked apologetically towards john and went towards him with a sad face, before he could say anything john stepped up and held his hands.


"I didn't see anything." Said john indicating him something but Shashi was not sure, "I didn't see your daughter killing Vijendar Thakraal. Infact he was killed in our cross firings. And we will write the same things in our reports too." said john indicating towards his men and gave a knowing smile again, "I know what he did. I read miss Khushi's background in your complaint against him years back when he-, when he tried to kill her," john said understanding, "infact I too was concerned for her when Mr. Udayveer bought her letters to the prison and Vijendar used to tear them mercilessly, without even reading it! I have indirectly witnessed all the suffering miss Khushi has endured."


Knowing the new fact about Khushi writing letters to vij in prison gave a shock to both of them.


"Letters?" asked Shashi not understanding.


"Yes, didn't she tell you?" john said puzzled. "She used to send letters on her birthday every year. Asking for his forgiveness." John said and saw a how-do-you-know look on Arnav's face, "I am sorry I used to read them as I was doing my duty of checking in everything that goes into a prisoner's hands."


John explained and the ground beneath them slipped. Khushi wrote apology letters to vij every year! On her birthday! And UV didn't even tell anybody? Why?


"Mr. gupta, your daughter is innocent and she will always be. And we all are going to break the law for good. She is not a professional criminal, infact she killed one to save Mr. Raizada's life. So it was self-defense and I can totally understand the circumstances she was in. so don't worry, in our reports, there won't even be her name anywhere. I would mention that he was pointing a gun on Mr. Raizada and we came on time to save him, so we were compelled to shoot him." He said giving a nod, "we would need your statements for the same too." he said and gave a wink to them.


"Thank you so much sir, you are doing a lot for my daughter." Said Shashi really emotional.


"We are the keepers of law and what miss Khushi did is justice Mr. gupta, for your daughter, it is pure justice." John said and the pride in his eyes for Khushi was evident.


"When can we get--." Asked Arnav not able to continue but gestured towards the gate, concerned about his dad's body, "- for his last rituals."


"It wont be a problem Mr. Raizada. Just some formalities and then you can claim it back."  Said john and started to leave.


"We would need his body too-" said Shashi looking at vij's body and looked at john, "no matter how he was, he was still a human and no one should be denied his last rights." Shashi sighed, "We would like to have his body too."



Never in his career of 30 years, he saw a family like these people. John, he had seen many criminal and their families, but this family was so very different, everyone in this family had a heart of gold. But just one wrong person and everybody were suffering in some way or the other. Its true, one bad person, ruins it all. But now they were glad, that bad person was finally gone out of their lives.





Arnav and Shashi were back after giving their statements to the police and finally the case was dismissed, Khushi was nowhere mentioned in the reports as promised by john and his colleagues, and they told that they can claim the both bodies of aarav and vij tomorrow.



They entered RM in the morning and went straight towards Khushi's room.


She was still sleeping. So they went out in the living area and explained everything john said but with an angry glare on UV.


"Why didn't you tell us that she was doing such foolish things!??" enquired Shashi about the letters.


"I am sorry, uncle. But she took a promise from me." said uv looking down.


"What damn promises!!?" asked Arnav.


"Her pinky promise!" said UV in no joke look and saw Shashi, "and you know how possessive she is about pinky promises getting broken!" said uv looking down again.


"But you should have told us, we might have stopped this madness!" said Shashi.


"We were not even able to handle her panic attacks! How were we supposed to stop her! And whatever I did was for my best friend! And I know I never did anything wrong coz she got happiness for whatever I did!" said UV and yes, he was not even a bit guilty about doing it.


"Uv, I understand your feelings, it's just that I am concerned about her. She is so fragile, so innocent. She needs to understand that her dad was a bad guy in all our lives and she needs to accept the fact now that he is finally dead." Said Shashi as he humped down the couch in the room.


"what happened, uncle?" uv knew there was something else behind shashi's concern. He was just taking it out in the name of letters but he was tensed about something else.


"I- I claimed vij's body. And I want Khushi to do his last rituals as it's her right to do it, and if Khushi didn't accept the fact that her father is dead then how will we make her realize!" said Shashi finally letting out his last fear for his daughter.


"Don't worry uncle, she is not so weak. Did you see her today!" said UV as he bent down and Shashi looked at him, "she was anything but weak. The Khushi I saw today has finally moved on, moved on and has accepted the fact that Vijendar Thakraal was bad and as a result she shot him! And proved that she is over it too!" said UV giving hopes to Shashi and he got a bit relieved.


"do you think she will do it?" asked Shashi confirming it from him.


"I am sure." Said uv and passed a sad smile to him and Shashi hugged him tight and for the fist time in his life he cried! He cried out all the pain he had for his daughter, he cried out all his sorrows and every worry out. Finally Shashi felt relieved and broke the hug.



"Uncle how did she come to know all this?" asked UV once Shashi was normal.


"She woke up after you all went to the beach house. The doctor and nurse were sleeping so she sneaked out of the room and heard me talking with Arnav's dad. He came here to tell me that Anji's life was in danger and hearing this I told him that she is already kidnapped." Shashi looked down, "she heard us from upstairs and demanded the secret. And then in front of aarav and seeing the trust her eyes for me, I couldn't lie to her. I told her everything, from the beginning to the end." Saying so he sighed. "But I hope, everything turned to normal and finally Khushi has got over him. And now finally my daughter will move on in life." he said and uv nodded too.






 Soon Khushi came to conscious. Everyone was present in the room, looking at her face changing expressions, it changed from frown to sadness to fear to anger and then finally she got up screaming, "AHH!" she was sweating and for a second looked here and there and recognized everyone around her.


"what happened Khushi." asked Garima concerned.


"I – I – I killed – m-my father! I - " she sobbed and Shashi hugged her tighter.

"No baby, you didn't. You freed his soul." He said looking in her eyes.


"What do you mean bauji?" Khushi looked innocently at him.


"Dear, your father's soul was trapped in a bad body. And you freed his soul from it. You didn't kill him, you freed him from all his evils and sent his soul to heaven." Shashi said heaven even though he knew the truth that vij was going to rot in hell. But right now, making his daughter understand was far important than any truth.


Khushi looked him not believing, "yes my baby, you freed him, and see incase you think you did any crime then why isn't there any police out there to arrest you?" said Shashi indicating the doors and there was no one accept Arnav.






Is he all right? Is he hurt?! Thought Khushi and became restless, she quickly went near him and touched his chest, where vij pointed his gun once. Arnav saw her and was shocked to see her bold approach. But then she soon came to her senses and asked politely; "are you hurt, Arnavji?" her voice was so soft and caring that the love was dripping down every word she spoke.



"No, you are. Please rest, Khushi." Arnav said.


"Baby, come and rest. I was talking something really very important." Said Shashi as he approached her and took her shoulder in his hands and made her lie on the bed.


"What is it bauji!?" the care in her voice scared Shashi for a minute, will he ever be able to ask her what he was going to ask now?! But instead he made himself strong and asked, "beta, you need to provide the last rituals to your father."


Hearing this her head shot up and she looked at him. And nodded a no furiously.


"No bauji! He was not my father!" said Khushi disgusted at his name.


"Khushi, do not say like that, no matter how he was, he was still related to you, and this last right of him, cannot be denied, not even by nature." Shashi made her understand.


"But he just married my mom for money! You told me! And now you want me to fulfill his rights! Why bauji?" Khushi asked helpless.


"Baby there are some duties from which you cannot run away, not even when the duties do not matter to you anymore." Shashi looked at her and she looked half convinced. "Baby do it for me. I would feel like a proud father of you and a responsible friend of him, if YOU fulfill this wish of mine. Will you do it?" asked Shashi looking at her face.


"Bauji!" she quickly hugged Shashi and said near his ear, "I can do anything for you bauji, and you do not need to request me. If you want me to do it, its just for you and my mom, who loved him so dearly." Khushi said and Shashi kissed her forehead telling that he was proud of her.






Soon both the bodies were claimed and the police gave them back after the last formalities were done. Arnav and Khushi performed the whole rituals. And the bodies were cremated with full honor and respect.






After few days.



Khushi and the gupta's were back from RM and now finally everything was going good. Khushi and Anji resumed their colleges and Payal too decided to stay back and dropped the idea to go Sydney for studies and stayed with Khushi.



After that sudden outburst of Khushi when she thought Arnav was hurt and she went to him, created a doubt in everyone's mind but it created a hole in someone's heart, Udayveer. He was totally heart broken. He couldn't believe that the Khushi he loved and waited for these years, was now finally in love but not with him, with Arnav.



Soon everyone was aware of the invisible sparks between the two and the sparks burned down uv's heart. But somewhere he was happy. Finally happiness was trying to come in her life, may be in the form of Arnav. But then whom was he kidding! It hurted like hell!


The hardest thing bear is to see the person you love, love someone else.


Now uv understood how deep this quote was, how much it hurted to finally understand the true meaning of it. It was like he has divided his heart into two pieces: one, which still loved her, and second, which was happy for its best friend.



And now, he will do what he wanted to do. He will ask Khushi! What does she want, rather WHOM does she wants. He will ask her, her choice. And Khushi will be free to choose any body. Either him, or Arnav.






Uv tried to hide his disappointment to the fullest when he first came to know about Arnav and Khushi. He behaved normally and used to hang out with her the same way but now the twinkle was gone. The twinkling of air when they meet, the twinkling sound of birds and their surroundings. The twinkling effect of her on him was lost.


Khushi noticed this too but she was still recovering from the sudden changes in her life that she couldn't do anything with it. She talked to Arnav about it too but Arnav changed the topic every time. It was uv's right to talk to her about the things going wrong, not his. And it was the thing between best friends. And no matter what he cannot step in between them, or has he already? Has he already stepped in between them??? This thought often made him restless. But he was not sure why was uv not talking to Khushi? What was he waiting for?



But Arnav cant understand, how hard it is to ask the question which you already know the answer to and you know hearing the same answer again, can break you in uncountable pieces and you will never be able to cope up ever again. Uv knew Khushi's choice cos he himself would have chose her over everything! Every damn thing in his life was lifeless without her, and held no meaning to it. But now, he cannot hang in between this love and friendship, he has to take a decision, and decision was up to her. Coz no matter what, he will be happy in any decision, if she was happy with it.






Khushi returned home from her college. There were several tests lined up this month and she did very well! She didn't expect to do so well but she scored an 'A' in every subject! She was way more than happy. Her exams went well. And now only happiness!! No exams till 3 months!! She was free.


But little did she know that a whole new examination was waiting for her. This exam had only one question and she had unlimited time to answer it. But still it was the hardest thing possible.


She came home and put her bag down and looked over her phone, it had a message from uv.


Meet me at my hotel's terrace, 9 pm.




Strange! Thought Khushi, not for the message but for the name uv wrote at the last. He never wrote his full name! He just used to write uv or leave it just like that, without a name, but today it felt strange!



She got ready and went to his hotel.


Again, his manager received her. He escorted her to the terrace and told her to wait for uv as he will be here any moment.



Khushi turned around and watched the view from his hotel. It was so serene, so peaceful. But her heart! Her heart was on constant race from the time she received his message. There was certain uneasiness. The usual warm wind that used caress her hands were now cold and hurting, as if it was angry on her too. The wind was on its peak when someone entered. Her hair flew away and she held them in place and turned.


It was Arnav.


What is he doing here? Thought Khushi again and went to him.


"Hi." Khushi said and blushed as she did every time she saw him.


"Hi." Said Arnav but this time his hi was a little softer than it used to be.



Just then uv arrived. Everyone exchanged looks; there was never this uneasiness! But today they all felt like strangers to each other's. As if they don't actually know any one present and moreover they don't know themselves.


Uv came and smiled to her, but it was evident that it was a forced smile and he was hiding something behind it. Khushi looked at him and knew that a big blow was waiting for her.


Uv sighed and took a large breath, "Khushi," he started and looked at her, "you know I am not good at going round and round and then putting my point." He sighed again, "I am in love with you." Uv said ever so gently, so purely that his heart was pained with the purity of his own feelings.


Khushi gasped in the cold air. Even though she had an idea of UV's feelings but not the kind of love, love. She expected just a friendly love. She looked at him and knew he was not joking around as he used to do. Her whole life in which she spent many special moments with uv came in front of her like a film, his care when she fell for the first time, his laugh when she stepped in a puddle, his anger when someone teased her, his mischievous eyes when he was about to do something stupid, his concern when she was hurt, his love when she was sad, everything! And then she saw Arnav. She was sure in the back of her mind that he would be furious! But what she saw, shocked her the second time in the night; he was holding a look of an apology. As if he was apologizing! Apologizing to put her through this difficult time of her life and apologizing to ever make her choose between him and Uday. Cos he truly knew, how difficult it was for her right now.


Then Khushi heard uv say, "Khushi, I am in love with you, and there is no restriction or compulsion on you to be in love with me too. I know you are in love with someone else. I can see that in your eyes." He said looking at her eyes and Khushi could not do any thing but to look down, "but this damn heart!" he said softly pointing towards his heart, "this heart wants to hear it from you." His eyes welled up and he looked at her eyes again. "Khushi, you are the most beautiful person I have ever met! You have a beautiful face, beautiful heart, beautiful personality and everything about you is beautiful. And that is why I couldn't help myself falling in love with you." The tears became more powerful and uv blinked twice to make them stop from falling, "Khushi I hate myself for doing this to you but you have to decide. Not between me and Arnav. Coz I know it will be so hard to not have you in my life. and I wont be able to go away from you. You just have to choose between mine and Arnav's love. And I promise, your decision won't harm our friendship. We are and will be friends forever, even if you reject my love, I will always be your friend, your uv." Khushi looked at him and saw the sincerity in his voice and she knew he was strong enough to not anything change in between them even if she didn't choose him. "Whenever you need me, I am still a phone call away, just a phone call away." the last word sounded the scariest from his mouth, as if telling her that he is no more hers, she is no more his. She is scared even when she didn't make any decision! What will happen when she did!!


Seeing her pale face uv continued, "And don't be scared Khushi, The whole person should not be punished for the crimes committed by the heart. I wont hate you for your decision if it is not in my favor. Just think wisely and answer me when you are ready, till then, I'll wait." Saying so he hugged her tightly, like he always did but he knew many things have changed, just in matter of few minutes, many things, or many persons were already changed.



He broke the hug and kissed her forehead lovingly and turned to leave. As he turned he saw Arnav standing with tears in his eyes too, "I am sorry, but thats all I ever wanted to say." Arnav too felt his heartfelt apology and smiled weakly at him and then, UV left without any other word.



 Arnav knew, If uv wanted, he would have proposed Khushi when they were alone and would have blackmailed her too to give in to his love as he took care of her since she was 5 and now that he wanted her, he could have done anything to please her or compelled her to agree, but he did not do any of that! And that raised uv in Arnav's eyes to no bounds. He now really really respected him and somewhere his heart said that Khushi should choose uv, coz he was way more than deserving than he was. Yes he wouldn't mind for a sec if Khushi chose uv over him, coz uv really did everything he could ever do for her and was much more of a good person than he himself was.



Arnav's love was selfish at the start as he was attracted to her body but uv's love, his love was pure. And that's where Arnav feared. He knew Khushi would definitely think of uv's happiness too and if she didn't, then she wont be a good human being he thought she was. If she was so selfish herself to choose Arnav and break uv's heart, she will be a fool!



First time in his life he was seeing this! His life has become so much like a TV show drama. But in the TV they are all selfish loves, here it was selfless.



Both uv and Arnav were praying to the one above to make Khushi understand everything and take a decision wisely. And for the first time in any story, the love triangle was not the love triangle way. Both boys were caring about the other's feelings and were respecting it too, where in any other story they would be fighting to win, here both were ready and happy to loose for the happiness of the one they loved, Khushi.


Whereas Khushi was torn in between uv and Arnav. The first one was the backbone of her life and the other one was her heart. If she looses her backbone, she will be paralyzed forever and if she looses her heart, she wont be able to live. Her heart too was not able to make the decision. In one place there was uv and his unconditional love and support, on the other hand there was Arnav, the man who gave meaning to love in her life.


Who will she choose??






Precap: he he he he…




What say guys!!


You guys tell me, what will be your choice if you were in Khushi's place?


Come on, don't be shy and tell me soon..


Please reply and leave comments………



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kvarsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 October 2012 at 7:53am | IP Logged
hey tht was awesomee updateee...
i loved the wayy u expressed uvs pain  and arnavs pain too...
both love one and cannot see eachother in painn...
wow wt a frndship and love they havee...
uv is the bestfrnd anyonw would havee and arnav for understandngg him ..
poor soull khush had to choose btwn both ...
it will be every diffi for herr...
but i knw she will choose arnav onlyy cozz when we have heart
it becomes backone also
update soon
thnx 4 pmBig smile

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Roslyn1991 Goldie

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Posted: 02 October 2012 at 7:55am | IP Logged
Hey  Muskie Hi!    

Man  you always  freshen up my memories of Edward,  Bella  and  jacob.   

It was so awesome. Khushi's condition is just like Bella and here the heroes are interchanged. As Edward's love was selfless just like Udayveer and Jacob's love was selfish and wanted Bella just like Arnav.
My my my, Muskie tune kaha lakar khada kardiya?

Please please please unfold the story soon i can wait anymore.
it was so freaking awesome. Loved it so much.

Only your FF brightens up my memories of Twilight.
Okay bye. Seeya.
Update soon.

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-Farwa_Ibrahim- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 October 2012 at 7:57am | IP Logged

oh my thts it i always felt that UV is in love with khushi all his acts and all that... Oh my it will b so difficult for Khushi to decide... Poor uv feeling bad coz hero hi heroine ko ura k ly jata hai na so it will Arnav's love... But if u ask me whose love i like i would say UV coz it is love for the heart,the smile it is the purest form of love not radily available a selfless love but if u ask whom should khushi choose i would say it should b arnav not coz he is ARNAV but coz SHE loves him tht way so do update soon

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dumas IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 October 2012 at 8:04am | IP Logged
awesome update loved it so cute glad she is moving on from the evil that was her dad awesome khushi should chose what her heart wants and it wants arnav she never loved uv like that at all the heart wants what the heart wants

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humsafar Senior Member

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Posted: 02 October 2012 at 8:05am | IP Logged
she will choose uv Cry

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