Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

WU: October 1, 2012: Priya Takes on Ram!!

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October 1st, 2012!
Written Update!

Episode starts off with Sudhir and Peehu walking out in the court entrance of sharma residence where other kids are playing. Sudhir tells Peehu to make friends with the other kids here so that she can come down anytime and play with them, Just then Krishnaji comes and says hi to both Peehu says hi aunty and Krishnaji gets a bit upset but Sudhir tells peehu that she is her dadi and kk tells peehu that she is her dad's mom. Peehu says that then you must know about papa and kk tells her that she does and that ram and way better than before, Peehu says that mamma promised to take me to meet papa. kk tells her to quickly come home because everyone is waiting for her. Peehu goes and plays on the swings with the other kids.
KM Mansion: Shipra and Mamaji are talking. Mamaji says They need to do something quickly afterall 'Yeh Ayesha ki zindagi ki sawal hai'
Sharma Residence: Sudhir and kk sitting on bench talking. Sudhir says 'yeh priya ki zindagi ki sawal hai and I know my daughter she still loves Ram very much. Priya will not go anywhere she will stay here.
KM Mansion: Shipra: I know Priya will not go anywhere, she loves Ram alot but the truth is that ayesha is rams wife not priya
SR: KK: Ram is my son and I know him very well. I know hes a little mad right now and hurt but do you know what are punjabians biggest weakness? Their food.LOL And that too when the wife cooks it. Food is not food until a wife cooks it with love. When he eats this food his anger will disappear on its own.
KM: Mamaji: Nothing will get better (seems as though hes trying to convince shipra and shes starting to agree) Ram hates priya and he doesn't even wanna see his face  this is the time for ayesha to get close to ram you understand what I'm saying right?
Just then ayesha comes in and says that her and mamaji got everything under control here and she wants shipra to go back to SR and keep a close eye on PriyaAngry (shipra doesn't seem to be fully happy with this) Ayesha says that after so long ram has finally given her the importance of a wife and she doesn't want any problem Shipra agrees and leaves.Angry


Kush comes up to ram whos standing in a room and asks whats going on in one of the rooms and Ram tells him that his sister is coming and they have to decorate it and get toys for them etc. When Neha walks in and ram tell kush to go play.
Ram asks what she wants and neha says that she knows he doesn't want to talk to anyone but she just wants ram to hear her out and she says that she knows he thinks that her and vik didn't listen to what he had to say but thats not true every marriage has its problems where sometimes the husband makes a mistake vice-verca but the best way to deal with it is to sit down and talk about everything and make a decision together. her and vik did the same thing but what ram is doing is wrong and that he can't make the decision alone for both of them she requests ram to meet priya just once and listen to her explanation  and find out as to why she did this. Once you guys sit down and talk about everything then we'll accept any decision you guys take from there.
Ram: I have a better idea, she did this to me for 5 years and now Im going to do the exact same thing as her. she kept my daughter from me for 5 years and now im going to keep her daughter from her for 5 years after that Ill say sorry right? and then everything will be totally fine
Neha: don't be silly
Ram (angrily): what do you mean don't be silly? for 5 years I didn't know my wife was alive for 5 years I didn't even know that I have a daughter whatever decision she took whether it was difficult or not I don't care she ruined my life for 5 years 
Neha: I know your mad but your angry and until you cool down every decision you take is going to be wrong after all a little kid is going to be affected by all this too how can you seperate a little girl from her mom
Ram: shes my daughter too! I know how to take care of her Im her father! Whatever thinking I had to do is done and whatever I have to do I will do THIS conversation is over (Ram storms away)


SR: Peehu is sitting on the bed talking with tiger telling him that shes going to go meet golu uncle when Priya walks in peehu doesn't notice her and continues and says sorry not golu uncle, Papa. Peehu tells happy (her teddy) that papa brought you first so you can say hi first and then me then tiger and then meri mummy (Priya watches on getting a bit emotional) you know he was in the hospital and today he went home so we are going to go and see him.
Priya comes and sits down on the bed with tears in her eyes and hugs peehu remembering Rams words "one way or another im going to take peehu, my time is up now its your turn to stay alone" priya continues to silently cry holding peehu very close to her peehu looks up at her and they both smile at each other priya kisses peehus forehead and smiles wiping off her lipstick (Like that episode from sbs where they first interviewed sakshi and peehu in dubai soo cute!) and peehu reaches up to wipe away her tears from her and and nose. Scene shifts to Ram sitting on a chair in deep thought. scene back to Prihu, Priya holding and staring at peehus face again hugs her closely as her face shows that shes upset and worried.
(Man I suggest everyone watch this scene!!! It was just too cute and 'awwee' Loved the way peehu smiled and wiped priyas tears)


SR: Priya holding 2 cups of tea comes and sits down besides Sudhir and offers him ginger tear but he doesn't say anything. Priya says that in Dubai she used to drink tea bag tea, sudhir looks are her from the corner of his eye and then looks away. Priya continues and says that she had no one to drink ginger tea with her. I missed you alot in all these years I had no one to sit down with and have some 'ghar wali adarak wali chai nahi pee papa' can't we just forget about everything and have one cup of tea together (Priya says as she starts to get more emotional and cry while sudhir tries not to show emotion) without saying anything sudhir takes the cup of tea and priya continues: everytime I had a problem I always thought of you, you'd always have the answer to my solution and today I need your help too I need your advise
Sudhir: From me? after all these years of living alone I would think that you would be able to make decisions on your own
Priya: dont say that papa I know everyone is really angry with me and you to but please forgive me please if you dont help I don't understand what Ill do, Mr.Kapoor wants peehus custody. How can I give peehu to him if I survived these past 5 years without you guys its because of peehu shes my life I can't live without her and hes talking about taking her away from me. How am I suppose to live without her? 
Sudhir tries and shows no emotion and says: your scared aren't you? that your daughter is going away from you? You cant even imagine what its like for a mom and dad to hear that their child is dead, you can not even think about it. 5 years, for 5 years I used to cry everyday in your memories, and today I find out that all that was a lie and now you tell me I dont understand if I should be mad or upset. I missed you alot you made me cry alot.
Priya apologizes again and breakdown crying and finally sudhir breaks down and starts to cry but then composes himself and holds up his hand telling priya to quite down and not cry he continues says that Ram is very angry and mad at you and hes doing this because hes mad. BUt anger is not always there it does go away and when it does i know everything will be alright
Priya: Even I know that his anger is not forever but im scared that he doesn't something that can't be sorted out in the future then what do i do. In one spot I have ayesha in the other I have peehu. If i let peehu meet ram ayesha thinks im trying to use peehu to come back in rams life and if I stop peehu from meeting ram than thats doing injustice to ram and peehu. what do I do? I just want eveyrone to be happy I want ram and peehu to  stay together in 5 years whatever emptiness they both felt because of me I want them to complete it Im ready to do anything but I do do something what do I do
Sudhir: at this time don't think about ram or anyone just think about peehu, its very important for a child to receive both her parents love. Sudhir tells her you love her alot? priya nods and sudhir says to let her go let her meet him after all ram is her father he has the right
Priya: even I want peehu to meet ram but ayesha papa.. Mein nahi chathi hoon ki meri aur peehu ki vajesi Ram aur Ayesha ki rishtay mein.. (she trails off crying)
Sudhir: What kind of relationship? the truth is ram and ayeshas marriage is just a name and nothing else. Ram did not marry ayesha because he loved her, Ayesha got pregnant from sid and thats why ram gave her his name thats it. ClapDancing
Priya: shocked and wiping her tears:  that means Kush..
Sudhir: yes! Kush is ayesha and sids child not ayesha and ram (Priya looks away in disbelief)


SR: Cady and Peehu are coloring while Priya is making food in the kitchen. Cady walks up to priya and smells the food and says "Now I understand why Ram sir is so mota" Priya gives her the 'oh boy' look and shakes her head and continues cooking, cady continues "really! You make such good food, Im tempted Ram sir must be constantly eating" Just then Neha comes and cady goes back to join peehu Neha begins to say that she talked to Ram when Priya interrupts her and says that we shouldn't be talking about this infront of peehu and they move inside the room to talk
Neha tells priya that Ram is going to do what she did to him and keep peehu away from her for 5 years and then after that hes going to say sorry and then after that he'll be ready to talk and that shes sorry but she couldn't do anything
Priya: Thanks for trying neha I so knew it that it wont make a difference for anyone to talk to him hes so angry right now that it wouldn't make a difference for anybody to talk to him. theres no point.
Neha: then what are you going to do? Are willing to wait and give him the time to cool down?
Priya: Yes! I'm willing to give him the time but only if his anger cools down but his anger is not even cooling down and the problem is that the only way his anger will cool down is when he has peehu, Shes only 5 years old neha. Ever since her birth shes waken up to see me, gone to sleep to see me, her everything Is dependent on me, When to eat, drink, study, play even the little things at school she shares all that with me.. I know at what time what she needs, When shes upset I know how to handle her, the things she does and the reason behind it only I know. what do you think that I don't want peehu to live with her father? Im not that selfish! Even I feel guilty everytime that I think that I kept them apart form each other for 5 years I know its my mistake and Im willing to take on the punishment give me the punishment but why peehu?! whats her fault? Im willing to share Peehu with mr.kapoor I want them to spend time to together I want them to full-fill that need that they've been longing for for the past 5 years. but that doesnt mean that I keep peehu away from me.. A very important part of my life. I can't separate her just like that! Why? because of a mistake I made 5 years ago? I said sorry, and I know thats not enough any sorry is not enough I know that but the point is what do I do?! I cant let peehu go just like that I know he will bring her anything and everything in the bestest form from education to personal belongings to servants serving her but how can he complete a mothers presence? He cant! Shes too small you know neha All she has to do is look at me and know exactly what she wants or what I should be saying to her. Many times even My touch helps her sleep at night. Im even scared of the thought of if peehu is away from me... I can't.. I cant let this happen.. one time even if i think of it as a wife's perspective then fine Im willing to give up my rights I will do anything to make Mr.Kapoor happy, because I know I made a mistake. But after all I am a mother. And theres nothing more bigger than the relationship of a mother that I understand. I cant let peehu go. Its not enough to just keep the child with you, you have to take care of them, nurture them. I didn't just give birth to peehu neha, I didn't just raise her I took care of her! And if Mr.Kapoor wants to go to court and fight over peehus custody then okay! Even Im ready for this fight. 
Neha closes her eyes in dissapointment and puts her hands on her forhead while priya eyes show determination.


Peehu and Ram are talking on the phone Ram is in a car with vikram and Peehu is at SR with cady. Peehu asks ram when hes going to come and meet her and tells him to come now. Ram says okay Ill come right now (vik smiles) Peehu says okay bye and gets excited that Ram is coming to meet her and ram hangs up looking at his phone smiling EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Well I really really REALLY hope this precap comes with something positive!! Big smile

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COMPLETE! Embarrassed

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Thanks for the update!

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Nice update Yaar!!! Thanks..

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thanks for the update.

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thanks for the update!!

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Thanks for the wu Smile

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thanks for the update

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