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The Founders Four - A HP Fic Last Part pg21 17/05/15 (Page 6)

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Chapter Eight: A peek into the past

Previously: "Indeed, I will ask the House-Elves to guide you to your quarters." Dumbledore suggested

"That will not be required Headmaster, all of us have our own secret quarters that are hidden in this castle" Rowena informed

After this everyone stood up and the four travelers left for their quarters; whilst Dumbledore went to his sleeping quarters with a smile on his face and hope in his eyes.

Rowena and Godric went to the Gryffindor quarters; whilst Salazar and Helga went towards the Hufflepuff quarters as they were not sure what would the state of Salazar's chambers be after so many years of neglect. With the other founders' quarters it would not be a problem as House elves were permitted to enter their chambers but Salazar had not allowed that due to the volatility of his potions.

A few hours later, Salazar swung his legs over the side of the bed. The cold stone floor greeted Salazar's feet, and he pulled them back up with a wince. All the spells and enchantments he and Helga had used on their chambers were brittle, having disintegrated over time. The slightest use of any of them destroyed what was left. Although the house elves had kept the chambers clean and the furniture was still in order, the elves could not re-apply the spells. He wouldn't dare to reapply the wards in the middle of the night anyway.

He did not want to think about the state of his chambers, if this was the situation of Helga's chambers.

Nevertheless, getting his Holly wand from the bedside table he conjured himself some slippers. Pulling on his robe, he silently went out into the main hall of the chambers. He cast his glance around the room. It oozed with Helga's personality. One wall was full of sketches of different animals and birds; another wall had portraits of all four founders on the inauguration day of Hogwarts; along with that there was also a portrait of Helga and him on their wedding day. On the opposite side of that was a fireplace and the remaining wall contained book shelves filled with books on healing, different creatures, books written in different languages and the methods of divination.

He looked up at the ceiling of the chambers and smiled at the birds flying about the shadowed ceiling. Helga always loved to watch the sky filled with birds. That was the reason that she had cast this spell all around her chambers. He remembered the time when after their marriage, he had cast the same spell on their bedroom to give her a surprise. He clearly remembered the shocked look on Helga's face when she saw that. She had loved the additional touch he had put in the spell, so now the ceiling in his bed chambers was a replica of the weather outside. He remembered how excited Helga was and how she had run to get Rowena and Godric to see that. After seeing his spell work Rowena had almost pleaded him to show her the spell and together all four founders had done the exact same thing to the Great Hall. The spell was still active in the Great Hall due to the power of all four founders behind it.

He then jabbed his wand at a seemingly innocuous bit of wall before him, and muttered "To the Training Area, please."

In a flash of light, he was whisked away, and found himself, as suddenly as he had left, within the Founder's Training Room. This was one of the features that all founders had in their chambers for ease of access to the training room.

Salazar stepped off the transportation stones and into the training room proper, rolling his head and stretching his arms.

The Training Area, as they called it, was really much more than merely a room for keeping fit. It was only accessible through the Founder's private chambers. There were four separate rooms.

The first was the main room where Salazar currently was. The colors of the four Houses each adorned a separate wall of the big, square central room. Each wall had a large recessed area with a personal Pensieve, a large desk and specialized work station tailored to the abilities and Masteries of each Founder. Godric's nook had instruments for weapons creation. Helga's niche was lined in shelves filled with Healer's instruments, as Rowena's shelves were filled with rare texts and ancient scrolls. Salazar's alcove included a full potions lab.

The next room was accessible from a doorway between Godric and Salazar's tables. This was where the founders practiced dueling with each other. This room was warded so that no stray spells would harm the onlookers and it had a dueling stage in the center of the hall. It also had a separate area from where people could watch the duel. It was sometimes used by the ladies or some of the other professors, when they wanted to watch the four take on each other.

The next room was adorned with all sorts of weapons; it was where the founders would train with weapons. This room also had a place from where people could watch the four training and it was accessible form the door between Helga and Godric's tables.

The final room which was accessible from the door between Helga and Rowena's tables was the common room of the Founders. It was a large room with plush couches and a stone fireplace. On one of the walls was a password portrait which led to different places in the castle based on the password. The wall next to it held maps of Hogwarts, the British Isles and Europe. It also held a sort of board where they could write notes or draw diagrams. It was used as a planning area as well for a time of war or something similar. The final wall had a sort of two way mirror that could be used to observe any part of the castle or the grounds.

Salazar smiled as he looked around. The heavy, constant use of magic in the upper floors had preserved all the furniture and dcor, and not a single thing was missing from its place. After having a brief look around the main room and at his desk, he moved to the common room. He just wanted to have a quiet place to sit.

However, as he entered the room he found that Rowena and Godric were already seated near the fireplace in silence. Both of them looked up as they heard Salazar entering and smiled at him before turning back to gazing in the fireplace. As Salazar sat on a couch, Rowena looked at him and smiled sadly before speaking.

"Cannot sleep?"

Salazar chuckled "You know, Row, I could ask the same question to the both of you."

"Well mate, we couldn't sleep at all so we came straight here, this room always provided warmth and a place to think." Godric replied whilst still not looking away from the fire burning in the fireplace. "Is Helga asleep?" Rowena questioned

Salazar smiled before replying "Yes she finally fell asleep a few moments ago. I came here after that as I just could not sleep at all"

"Hmm" was the only reply he got from Rowena before silence fell in the room

After some time Rowena's soft voice broke the silence of the room

"It just seems different, I mean so much has been happening after we regained our memories, and I had felt that after Voldemort's death we would finally have some time to ourselves. With all these things happening we didn't even have time to assimilate our memories. Now after Voldemort's death, we are here and we have to pretend that we are the founders and in a way we are going back to living that life'. It wasn't one of the happiest lives you know; especially after that fateful night."

Rowena's words seemed to break Godric's train of thoughts as well, as he shared his feelings

"I agree with Row mate, you don't know but after you left us every moment of my life I wanted to apologise to you for being such a git. But you just disappeared, and then we got the news that you burned down an entire village and after that we had no news from you. We didn't know what to think or say. Everyone in the Wizarding community was calling you a dark wizard, even the teachers that we had hired were calling you that and were thanking every deity that you were gone. We didn't have any answers to their questions and we didn't know what to think.

"Helga was so distraught after that. She tried to get into your chambers to see if you had left any clue or any letter for her but as usual she found that your chamber was locked. We didn't think too much about it, as you would always do that when you left the castle even for half the day. But after that she would either be in her classes or in her chambers crying. She would wake up in middle of nights and call you out. We didn't know what to do. Her students were so sad and they blamed you for her condition. We always got cases of duels between the two houses and thus had to ban the use of magic in corridors

"We were never the same either. I used to sit here and think back to our fight and wished I would have listened to you and not be such a git. Row would also tell me off for small things and she started being cooped up in her chamber working on God knows what.

"We all missed you, mate. When you went we thought it was like every other fight we had and you would come back after cooling down. But you never did! Was I really that harsh on you? I am really sorry, I never meant to hurt you or drive you away!"

Godric was in tears by the time her was finished and was almost pleading for Salazar to understand.

Salazar did not look away from the fireplace and had a blank look on his face. Most people would think that he was heartless but Rowena and Godric knew it was Salazar's way to not show his emotions.

After a few moments Salazar, explained.

"There is no need for you to apologise 'Ric. It was our usual fight and we were equally responsible for it."

"Then why did you not return Sal, why did you abandon us?" Rowena broke in tears as she came to sit near Sal and held his hands.

AN: What happened with Salazar, why did he not return to his friends if the legendary fight between the two founders was not that big? What was the reason behind that fight? Keep guessing and wait till the next update to hear the story of what happened to make everyone think that Salazar Slytherin was evil.

Sorry about the cliff-hanger but I assure you that I will update soon. Till then do let me know what you think had happened to Salazar.

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Oh man what an awesome update!!! God I'm going to be stuck to the story until the next part comes up!

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That's...wow! Reminded me of DH, where Ron and Harry fight!

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part 8
cont soon...

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Thank you all for the lovely comments... Shreya now you can get unstuck as the next part is here LOL... Bookworm-ALS - Shocked that's one of the best compliment I ever got for my writing skills thank you so much for that Embarrassed.. I hope you like the next part as well

SVPD: ThanksEmbarrassed

Chapter nine: Salazar's tale

Previously: "There is no need for you to apologise Ric. It was our usual fight and we were equally responsible for it."

"Then why did you not return Sal, why did you abandon us?" Rowena broke in tears as she came to sit near Sal and held his hands.

"I never abandoned you lot. You were right in your assumption that I had gone out to cool my temper down." Salazar paused in his explanation and chuckled without humour.

"I knew that 'Ric would never agree on my idea of having Muggleborns taken away from their families at an early age (after wiping the memories of the parents) and then raising them in our society. I also knew that you and Helga would side with 'Ric on this one, 'Row. It was cruel, I agree. That was the reason I never pushed that idea further. But what really got me was that your proposal of having the parents of Muggleborns visit Hogwarts! You refused to listen to me and also refused to let me put any security spells to repel Muggles! I knew that whilst most parents of Muggleborn children were not fully against the idea of magic there were some who wanted nothing but to kill those people who had magic inside them. I just wanted to protect the students and other residents of Hogwarts. I wanted to avoid a full out war between the Muggles and ourselves. Was that really such a bad idea?"

Finally Salazar looked at Godric and Rowena, with questions in his eyes. Both Godric and Rowena couldn't meet his eyes and looked down to their laps. They remembered the time when there was a full out war between the Muggles and wizards at Hogwarts. That was after Salazar's disappearance. It was then they realised that what Salazar was suggesting was right. They realised that they had made a mistake in understanding their friend. But the milk was already spilled and there was no point in crying about it.

After a few moments of silence Salazar looked at the fire again and continued with his story

"The security of the residents of Hogwarts was on my shoulders, and I did not want to risk that by inviting Muggles to visit the castle. But you never gave me the chance to explain myself properly. Instead you always shouted at me, and blamed me of being corrupted by my use of the hidden arts. You thought that the hidden arts and the rituals that I used were the reason behind my heartless behaviour. You forgot that to be a Lord of the land, you have to be able to keep your emotions in check. That is what I was taught since my childhood. Never to show my emotions and think about the security of my people first."

Salazar sighed heavily

"You knew everything, you knew the reason behind my behaviour, yet you chose to ignore it." he continued bitterly. "I never had a brother, you know and I always regarded you as my brother, 'Ric. But when you said such things to me, it hurt' it hurt very deeply. I always veiled my hurt feelings behind anger or put on a neutral expression. That was why you thought that I was heartless."

Salazar chuckled lightly at the irony of the situation and looked down at his hands on his lap.

"I was never angry after our fights, I was hurt and lonely. I would always seek solitude after that. Hence I would leave the castle from a hidden passage inside my chamber and go into a Muggle village where no one knew me."

Salazar paused with a faraway look in his eyes as if he was reliving his lonely trips to the Muggle world away from magic and everything related to it.

"The same thing happened that day. You shouted at me in front of everyone in the castle and I felt insulted and hurt. So I went to seek solitude. I went to my chamber and after locking it went out of Hogwarts through one of the hidden passage. I had left my wand behind in my bed chambers. Helga would have murdered me if I had taken the wand with me. I had learnt that lesson from my previous experience."

All three of them chuckled fondly at the thought of an angry Helga threatening the mighty Salazar. All of them clearly remembered the day Helga had hexed Salazar badly for taking his wand with him to a Muggle village. That day Salazar was upset at something and took off to the Muggle world. He got drunk and had set off some pranks on some of the Muggles in the bar. Helga had reached there in time to save the Muggles and no one was hurt and there were no dire consequences of the situation. However, Helga was extremely angry at Salazar and had hexed Salazar to Mars and back. It had taken Salazar a week before he could walk properly.

"I started walking and reached a Muggle village which was miles away from Hogwarts. I did not want to encounter the Muggles or anyone really; so I turned to go to a forest. But before I could leave I heard a terrible scream of a young child calling out for her parents. I went to investigate. What I saw there froze me in my place. There, in front of me, the entire village was gathered for the burning of a couple. Their two children, a young girl and a boy were made to watch that and the children were screaming for their parents desperately trying to reach them. Both of them were about 6 or 7 years old."

Salazar paused and looked as if he was reliving that night and remembering the horrified faces of the children.

"Just then the wood surrounding the couple was set on fire, and the chief of that village told the couple that they would sell the young girl to recover the cost of the wood and the boy would be made to live with next to no food. They also told them that when the older son would return from the 'freak school' they would burn the two boys together so that there will be no more 'hocus-pocus' corrupting their village."

Godric and Rowena were frozen in their places listening to Salazar's tale. They could almost picture the scene and that made it all the more real for them.

"I realised that this was the family of one of the Hogwarts students. So in a way it was my duty to save them. But I did not have my wand to pour water on the fire. I could have consumed the fire but, that would mean that I would have been the one burning. I still would have done that if it could have saved the family. But it would not have helped. All it would do was to draw attention to me and then the villagers would have killed the family by the weapons that they were all carrying."

Salazar paused again trying to gather his thoughts.

"I made a decision. There was only one way to save that innocent family from those Muggles. That was to divert the fire around the village. I was only focused on saving the couple and didn't realise the consequences of my actions till late. My actions burned the entire village with its residents. The couple and their children were saved. I went to the children to calm them down; but as I bent down to talk to them, I was attacked with a sword on my back. I looked around, and saw that the father of those children had sliced my back with one of the swords. I tried to explain that I meant no harm and that I was trying to save them. But before I could do that, I was attacked again; this time from the back and the front. The mother and the son had both stabbed me with their swords. As I was dying, they told me that it was my fault that their elder son went to Hogwarts. They thanked me for saving them and said that now they can go and join the army that was planning to attack Hogwarts soon. They also told me that they would be welcomed with open arms in that army as they will give the news of the death of one of the founders of the school and the lord of the land."

Rowena and Godric were horrified to know that Salazar knew about the attack but couldn't do anything. Tears were flowing freely from their eyes as they listened to their friend recall dying alone.

After few moments Salazar continued retelling his tale without ever looking away from the fire burning in the fireplace.

"I had to stop them, if that army got the news of my demise than they would attack sooner and Hogwarts will have no chance to defend itself. But if that news did not reach them then there was chance that you three would know about the attack and be prepared."

The other two occupants of the room were stunned at the amount of care that Salazar showed them and more tears ran down their cheeks at the thought of their own actions after this sacrifice form their friend.

"The last piece of magic I performed as Salazar Slytherin was to call the fire element and burn those four people alive. But that cost me dearly as well. I had very little energy left in my body and so the usage of elemental magic drained me and the fire that I had created to burn that family consumed me as well. I embraced death in the hopes that you three would be able keep my Hogwarts safe. I am proud of you, so proud that you were able to save Hogwarts form that attack and also set anti Muggle protective charms to avoid a repeat. "

Silence fell in the room for a few moments, when Salazar paused to collect himself enough to continue speaking. Other occupants were also frozen in their places unable to believe what was revealed to them.

"That was the reason why I burned an entire village, and why you never heard back from me. I wished that I could come back to you and tell you to be ready, but I couldn't."

Salazar finished his story, still refusing to look away from the fire place and meet anyone's eyes. He couldn't bear to look at his friends faces as he knew they wore a horrified expression. He didn't want them to feel sorry for him or feel guilty.

It was also why he never told this to the reincarnated Helga after he regained his memories. He knew that if Helga (or as she was now called ' Ginny) knew the truth behind his disappearance she would be devastated. He had researched on the events after regaining his memories and from what little he could find, he gathered that Helga was the last to die from all four of them. He could only imagine the pain Helga must have gone though, not knowing what happened to him and facing the questions and accusations of the world on him.

Salazar was brought out of his musings by someone hugging the breath out of him. All he could see was a mass of bright red hair. After he regained his senses, he realised that it was Ginny/Helga hugging him. He also realised that Helga must have known that he would never tell this thingto her. She would also have known that now that they were back to their home in Hogwarts he would be more likely to pour his feelings to Godric and Rowena. And so she must have pretended to sleep; so that he could slip away and talk to Godric and Rowena. Then she would have crept behind him and listened to everything. She just knew him too well.

Before he knew what was happening he was being hugged by three people at the same time. He had difficult time breathing but he would not have it any other way. At last, he felt the burden on his shoulders lift. He had regained his friends and had come back home. He could deal with anything now and after such a long time he felt at peace.

AN: So that was it.. a little peak into the past of the Founders... how was it? do let me know your views and theories...

Preview: the next chapter is one of the most awaited one.. the introduction of the Founders... So how is everyone at Hogwarts going to react and how will the Founders make their appearance... keep reading to find out more ;)

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Wow. This puts...a whole different spin altogether. Well done, you got me to like Slyhterin! :D
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Originally posted by bookworm-ALS--

Wow. This puts...a whole different spin altogether. Well done, you got me to like Slyhterin! :D

Thank you so much for the lovely comment, it was how i thought of it as well and I am glad that someone has picked it up Embarrassed .. for this story, slytherin is my fav character Wink so yes you will see a lot more of his goody goody side LOL

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All of a sudden I can't hate Slytherin anymore. I don't like that. LOL

Too awesome!!!

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