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The Founders Four - A HP Fic Last Part pg21 17/05/15 (Page 3)

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Super nooo please don't stop. the story  is awesome.Smile
Plz Plz Plz do continue.CryUnhappy

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Jus read all the parts in one go...SPLENDID is all I have to say !! 
 Thinking beyond imagination...left me speechless

& nooo ...don't quit please, it's such a wonderful story on forum after long time...plzz

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Hey everyone,

Now I know I said that I will not be posting any more chapters here but I am willing to change the decision 

I have certainly not given up on the story so is there anyone who still wants me to continue posting the chapters? 

Please please do votes here: 


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Pari your story is lovely. I just started coming here near the start of the year so never saw this FF until now. I must say it is awesome! Please do continue!

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Ok everyone here is the next chapter: 

Chapter Four Explanations II

"Perhaps the best place to start is by telling you our real names. My name in this birth is Harry Potter" revealed Salazar.

This came as a big shock to me, the Potters were a part of the faculty and one of the families that were affected the most in the war. Their son Harry was killed by Voldemort, along with the baby's caretaker for the night and Godmother Marlene McKinnon, all due to a prophecy. But that was not all. Ever since that incident, the Potters did not have a baby again and had thrown themselves to educate the children and protect them in the school. They were joined by Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. Their pain was always shown on their faces and gone were the spark of the pranksters that the three males were. However, I needed more information. If this is Harry Potter, then who are the other three. Harry's generation was the most affected by the massacre that Voldemort had engineered after the Prophecy had been accidently leaked.

I nodded at them, silently asking them to continue. If they noticed my momentary shock they did not say anything but just continued.

"The wizard on the far left is Ron Weasley, the witch to my left is his wife, Hermione Granger, and the beautiful lady on my right, is Ginny Weasley."

The Weasleys! They were another family affected by the massacre but they had lost two of their youngest children and never got over it. The Weasley parents had become overprotective of their other children and close to the Potters. They would often go out together and buy presents for their deceased children on special occasions. Other families had gotten over their grief and had more children but these two families never did.

Voldemort knew this and took special pleasure by attacking them on their shopping trips and torturing them with the Cruciatus as well as taunting them about their children.

And Granger name sounds familiar as well, if I am not wrong then it was one of the Muggle families whose daughter was a witch and thus they were killed along with their daughter.

This is not good. If it is the truth, and these people are who they say they are, then I do not want to think how the Potters and the Weasleys will react. No, this cannot be the truth. These people are either Death Eaters who have disguised themselves to torture those poor souls or fate has once again played a very cruel joke.

But what if these are the people from the Prophecy? No, that cannot be, even if it is, the Potters and the Weasleys will be shattered. But you don't know that! Maybe they will finally overcome their grief, and accept these people as their children. But what if they have to go back? Also how are they so similar to the Founders then? I have to find out more, I cannot let the Potters and Weasleys go through any more pain. They will be deeply affected by this, whether they will react positively or not, remains to be seen. But if I can help it, I will not let this get to them, they will be broken beyond repair. They are only just holding it together, but if they get to know this I do not want to think how they will react. Ahh, but what if this is the truth? Then wouldn't it heal them? Make them better? Well it might but they might not get past the initial reaction of horror.

No I need to find out more, how is this even possible?


"Perhaps the best place to start is by telling you our real names. My name in this birth is Harry Potter" revealed Salazar.

The dark haired wizard paused to observe the reaction to his name. Others were also watching Dumbledore closely and noticed that at the mention of his name, Dumbledore's eyes widened. This was not unusual, but what they saw next was something unexpected for the visitors. Dumbledore's face went grave and his eyes showed deep pain. However, Dumbledore nodded for Harry to go on.

"The wizard on far left is Ron Weasley, the witch to my left is his wife Hermione Granger; and the beautiful lady on my right is Ginny Weasley."

By now Dumbledore's eyes were not only wide but the twinkle was also replaced with a look of pure horror.

It was a few minutes in which Dumbledore's expression varied from horror to shock to anguish to regret to pain to fear to denial to hope again denial and finally settled with a determined look with a hint of hope and curiosity. Finally, when he addressed the founders, his voice was devoid of any emotion.


"I believe that starting at the beginning is the best way to make the situation as simple as possible." Began Rowena Ravenclaw, or, as she was now known, Hermione Granger. "Well, in our world I was born on the nineteenth of September ninety seventy five, Ron here was born on the first of March nineteen eighty , Harry was born on the thirty first of July of the same year and Ginny was born on the eleventh of August in eighty one." At the mention of these dates, Dumbledore's eyes widened in surprise

Before starting Hogwarts, only Ron and Ginny knew each other as they are siblings. Harry, Ron and I met at the Hogwarts express and started Hogwarts together. Ginny joined a year later. The three of us had an adventurous school life to say the least. Ginny had a relatively quiet life. However at the end of our fifth year, the Professor Dumbledore in our world revealed that there was a prophecy which indicated that Harry will be the one to defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort." A frown adorned the face of the Headmaster at the mention of this prophecy. It seemed that he wanted to know this prophecy in detail but held his tongue.

"The following year, Dumbledore gave Harry some information to help him in the quest to defeat Voldemort. Apparently we had to search for about four magical objects that Dumbledore thought kept Voldemort alive. But, before the Headmaster could give us more information on how to destroy these objects, he died in the fall of the academic year." Dumbledore shifted slightly upon hearing of the news of his death.

"After the Headmaster's funeral when we went back into the castle to get our belongings and leave for the summer, Hogwarts welcomed us and all four of us fainted." Rowena continued with a fond smile on her face. This expression was mirrored in all four of them.

"The teachers took us to the Hospital wing and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with us and assumed that we were exhausted due to the trauma of losing the Headmaster. When we woke up two days later, we were sent home. We felt different but couldn't figure out what exactly was different, we felt as if our heads were crammed with information that we couldn't decipher. So we all left to go to our respective homes. After a few weeks we managed to understand the information and put it in order. It appeared as if Hogwarts had unlocked our memories of our previous birth."

Rowena paused here to give the Headmaster time to follow the information. She could see from the Headmaster's expression that their dates of birth were of some importance in this world but could not understand what. The other three Founders also noticed the same thing but decided to file the fact for further investigation later. During the entire explanation the Headmaster's expression changed from grave and horror to hope.

Rowena began speaking again "We realised that in our previous birth that we were the Founders of Hogwarts. We remembered every incident of our previous lives. This included our knowledge of magic and other things. What happened had not only unlocked our memories but even changed our bodies to become like the Founders."

Rowena continued after a brief pause with a faraway look on her face "When we met for a few days, we were more comfortable in addressing each other by our former names, as we had recognised each other in our new incarnation. We decide to use our knowledge and skills and focus on the task to save the Wizarding world. We had a mission to complete and had to find those four objects. Thus the three of us could not return to Hogwarts."

"However Ginny could not join us in our quest as she was still underage. She also wanted to be there for the students and do what she can to help them. So while she was at Hogwarts the three of us went to search and destroy these objects by combining our knowledge of our previous birth and the information that Dumbledore provided us. But we needed to go into Hogwarts for the last two objects. However we realised that a war might break out should we attempt to break into Hogwarts. So we managed to communicate with Ginny and we got into full battalion outfits from our previous birth and went to Hogwarts.

"Just as we had anticipated, Voldemort got this information and attacked Hogwarts. While the four of us were busy search for these objects and destroying them, the other students, professors and some … others … were trying to keep the Death Eaters at bay. By the time we finished with our work, the light side had lost more than half of its forces. We joined the fray and within a few minutes gained an upper hand in the battle. When Voldemort saw that his army was losing, he joined in with three of his strongest duellists. By now all the other Death Eaters were killed or captured and it was only the four of us duelling with the four of them. Harry here knew the most about dark arts spells than any of us as he was the reincarnation of Salazar Slytherin. After some fierce exchange the three of us managed to overpower Voldemort's three strongest duellists." Rowena took a deep breath, her gaze far away as she relived that battle.

"But Sal and Voldemort were still duelling." She continued speaking, her voice much softer. "So we decided to aid Sal and created a distraction for Voldemort. The result was that Sal here was able to deal a fatal blow to Voldemort. However what we failed to realise was that during all this something very unique happened." Rowena again paused, her eyes closed. Dumbledore looked deep in thought with a frown on his face. After a few moments he nodded for her to continue.

"We think that—with the combination of the simple, though strong, Darkness of the Killing Curse; the equally straightforward and strong spells from Salazar; the pure emotion of unity, protectiveness and love between the four of us and the intricate variables of the inherently Light-oriented brother Phoenix wands might have created a unique Arithmatical upheaval in the boundaries of time and space, throwing the four of us into an Alternate universe."

Still frowning in thought, Rownea continued. "We saw Voldemort die before darkness surrounded us and the next thing we knew was that we were on the empty grounds of Hogwarts and after a few moments you came out of the main door; and called us the Founders. We knew something very strange had happened so we decided to act as founders at least until we knew it was safe. However after returning to the office, seeing Fawkes and with your explanation we realised that you are indeed Albus Dumbledore. I am sure you understand our point of view, Headmaster."

After completing her explanation, Rowena fell silent and observed the Headmaster's expression to get some idea of his chain of thoughts.

Dumbledore on other hand was in deep thought; he had of course read about Alternate universes. He also knew that there were only a few things that could gather enough energy to create an upheaval strong enough to throw the inhabitants of one dimension into alternate dimension. The combination that Lady Ravenclaw mentioned certainly seemed to have enough potential. Furthermore, the fact that these people addressed Tom as Voldemort rather than the Dark Lord or He Who Must Not Be Named or something equally trivial was enough proof for Dumbledore to know that these people were not the supporters of Voldemort and thus were trustworthy.

The two things that Dumbledore found most interesting were their date of births and the fact that they mentioned that they (especially Salazar Slytherin) defeated Voldemort in their own universe. Maybe they can help to defeat Voldemort here as well? The prophecy did mention that four people will unite to defeat Voldemort and that those four people will be born in the time span of three years.

The exact years that these four were born in.

The prophecy was the reason that there were no students in the Wizarding world who were born in those years. The reason that Hogwarts had no students for those years. Also the reason that the Wizarding World in general had no hope. Is it possible that the prophecy was referring to these individuals rather than the children born in this world? Even if that is not the truth then wouldn't having the four legendary figures fighting from the side of light, uplift the spirits of the general Wizarding population? Yes it would certainly do so. But I will have to tell them what happened in this world to know where the split happened and what are the common things in these two realities. That is not my style, but for the Greater Good it is the only way and I will do it. Maybe it would be better to let the Wizarding World think that they are indeed the Founders and that might also be better for the Potters, Lupin, Black and the Weasleys. Yes, but first I need to offer them some answers and we can decide together. Maybe finally I can share some of the burden of the war with these strong shoulders.

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This is something different! Will be following this one, keep updating!

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Chapter Five: The New World

Whilst Dumbledore was deep in thoughts, the founders were silent to give him time. While they knew the exact moment when Dumbledore reached a decision, through observing his body language and gestures, they remained silent. Dumbledore would have to begin this time. "Thank you for sharing this with me," the headmaster said finally. "After your explanation I can understand your hesitation in sharing the entire story with me; and I am really grateful to you that you decided to trust me with something so vital. I have read something about Alternate Universes at some point in time; I did not go deep into the subject. I will be willing to help you with your research on the subject.

"From what little I remember about Alternate Realities is that these two realities were one, at some point in time. Then at a crucial moment, these two realities split and continued differently from there. So I think that we need to find that crucial point at which our realities split, so that I can update you on the events that took place after that point. Please do correct me if I am wrong here." Dumbledore paused to get the input of the four visitors.

"That is the essence of the Alternate Realities, Headmaster and I agree that it is important to find that crucial point. Perhaps we should start at some more recent events, as both of our realities have Lord Voldemort. In our reality before the rise of Lord Voldemort there was another Dark Lord that was defeated by you. His name was Grindelwald, and he was defeated in nineteen forty five by you. Does that sound familiar to you?" Salazar replied.

"That event seems consistent, after nineteen forty five there were about twenty-five years of relative peace. In nineteen seventy, trouble seemed to have begun underground. There were movements in the dark communities but there was no harm done to the society in general. However, in late seventy-six, there was a major attack on the Diagon Alley and Lord Voldemort declared himself as a Dark Lord. His followers were all masked people so it was difficult to recognise them." Dumbledore explained with a faraway look as he relived the terror of those years.

"This went on for about four years; however the frequency and magnitude of the attacks had decreased. One night in middle of May in nineteen eighty, I was interviewing a lady for the post of Divination, when she recited a prophecy to me." Dumbledore paused to get the visitor's input.

"The events seem consistent till now. As we said earlier, the prophecy referred to a boy who will be born in the end of July and will have the power to defeat the Dark Lord. Is that what the prophecy said in this dimension?" Godric spoke for the first time.

"No, the prophecy was very different in this dimension," After saying so, Dumbledore stood up and took out his Pensieve from the cupboard and deposited the memory of the prophecy in the Pensieve. He then gestured the founders to follow him in the Pensieve to witness the prophecy.

As they went in the Pensieve, they landed in one of the rooms that they recognised to be of Hogshead. Professor Trelawney and professor Dumbledore were seated on the table and Professor Dumbledore was just getting up to leave. That was when Professor Trelawney suddenly spoke in a loud, harsh voice "THEY WILL BE BORN"

Professor Trelawney had gone stiff in her chair; her eyes were out-of-focus and her mouth drooping.

"Four will reunite to create the power to destroy the dark lord

Two born in this year, one is already here and one will join them next year,

Together they will complete the quadrant.

The phoenix, the lion, the otter, and the horse will reunite

The phoenix will be marked and would repeat a victory

The otter will set the ground and achieve the wish of unity

The lion will be the epitome of bravery and a great pillar of strength

The horse will fulfil its hopes and reunite with the phoenix

Four will unite to create the power and channel through the phoenix to destroy the dark lord"

After coming out of Pensieve, everyone settled back and after a few moments Dumbledore continued.

"Halfway through, we realised there was someone eavesdropping. He was a Death Eater who relayed the prophecy to Voldemort" Dumbledore said in a sad and disappointed voice

"Well that is similar to what happened in our timeline as well, but the contents of the prophecy was different. How much did the eavesdropper hear, and what did Voldemort decide to do after listening to it?" Salazar asked whilst bracing himself to hear some horrible story.

"The eavesdropper only heard the first two lines of the prophecy. Meaning he only knew that four children born in a time gap of three years will reunite and together they will have the power to kill Voldemort." Dumbledore paused for a moment. After that it seemed that it took a lot of effort to answer the next question

"Voldemort decided that he would need to eliminate the threat before they had the chance to 'unite and create the power'. Thus he tracked down every single magical child born in those three years and managed to kill them all. He especially killed Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Ronald and Ginevra Weasley with his own hands as they were what he considered the biggest threats to him. He also killed Marlene McKinnon, Harry's Godmother and his babysitter of the day, young Neville's parents, and Fabian and Gideon Prewett ' as they were babysitting young Ronald and Ginevra. Along with the children born in magical families, he also managed to get hold of list of Muggle born children and killed most of them whilst they were at playschool. There were many play schools destroyed in that time. However there was one case where his Death Eater directly attacked a Muggle home. They were killed along with their one and half year old daughter Hermione Granger." Dumbledore fell silent but his eyes were far away as if watching the scene of destruction in front of his eyes at that very moment.

All four founders were in shock and horror at the revelations and they could not find words to describe their feelings. They thought that the war in their world was bad but to eliminate an entire generation of witches and wizards?

However before they could form words to express their shock, Dumbledore continued with his story.

"Almost all of our good fighters were killed or permanently injured. Either that or they had lost a child and were too disheartened by that fact. Especially the Weasleys, Potters, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. They have still not gotten over how Voldemort killed young Harry, Ron and Ginny. They have lost the confidence to ever be in a battle or fight back, so Voldemort takes great pleasure attacking them and watching them crumble and not fight back. They were our most talented fighters; but now they are here at Hogwarts teaching and training the next generation. They are affected so badly that they never had any more children, as they have a fear in themselves that if they did have another child then even that child will be killed by Voldemort himself."

Dumbledore had tears in his eyes so he paused to wipe them off and also to give a few moments to the travellers.

"After that, the light side did not have many fighters and the people who are still alive have lost hope or something to fight for. I have done what I can to keep Hogwarts safe. Till now I have managed to keep the Death Eaters out of Hogwarts but the students here live in fear of what is happening to their family and friends. We had three years without any student and that was the time when the atmosphere at Hogwarts was very tense."

Dumbledore took a sip of water and took a moment to come back from those memories before continuing. During this time, there was a moment of complete silence where the travellers sat there in a state of complete shock, trying to imagine the horrors that were a reality in this world.

Ron and Ginny were thinking about their family and their parents and trying to imagine what they must have gone through.

Hermione was devastated about her parents' death but then she thought of the state of the Potters and the Weasleys, she felt that at least her parents did not suffer through that pain. However, just as she thought of that she could see the face of Mrs Weasley in front of her eyes. But something was not right. Mrs Weasley's face was filled with grief, pain and longing rather than happiness and contentment. She had tears in her eyes just thinking of it and could not even begin to think what it must have been like to live a life like that. She thought her life would be like that as well now, as everyone in her world was dead. But maybe, just maybe, she could live here and be there for these people.

All three were trying to think how it might feel to live after losing everything and imagine losing all hope and feel all alone in the world.

Harry on the other hand, was extremely happy to know that everyone that he loved was alive in this world, but he did not want them to live like that. He knew exactly how it felt to be left all alone in the world without any hope. He was thinking back to his own life and remembering how he missed his parents whilst growing up. How he always wished for someone to rescue him and come for him and be his ray of hope. Then coming to Hogwarts and entering his parents' world but still feeling alone. Then finally meeting Sirius and Remus and having a sense of belonging for the first time in his life and then their deaths and how after Sirius' death he didn't want to fight anymore. How he was afraid that if he let anyone close to him anymore, then Voldemort would target and kill them. How he had accepted that he was born to live alone.

He felt he knew how his parents, the Weasleys, Sirius and Remus must have felt and how they must still be feeling. He felt miserable and wanted to do something for them. However he knew one thing, that if he told them that he was Harry and how he was saved then they will be feeling guilty about not being able to do the same for 'their Harry'.

He did not know what to do, or how to reduce their pain. But he knew one thing for sure; he will not let them suffer anymore. He will take away their fear of losing someone close to them. Even if it killed him. He will not let them die and try his best to make life easier, especially for his parents, Sirius and Remus. He will do what he could not for his parents, Sirius and Remus in his own world. He will protect them with all that he has. He will use any and all the means available at his disposal to destroy Voldemort.

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part 3

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