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The Founders Four - A HP Fic Last Part pg21 17/05/15 (Page 16)

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I know I know...you all want to kill me for not updating ... and miss my bi-weekly updates... even i miss that but its not been possible Cry 

Chapter 19: Unanticipated Revelations.

The four founders and the Headmaster had immediately turned around to see four people appearing in the office, as the invisibility charms they had placed on themselves was deactivated.

"Sirius, Remus, James and Lily," Dumbledore said with a serene look on his face. "What brings you to my office under such ... extraordinary circumstances?"

The wheels inside Dumbledore's minds were churning, he had been thinking since the incident where Salazar saved Sirius. He had a feeling that The Marauders might accept Salazar as Harry and that the inhibitions that the dimension travellers were having could be overcome. He also felt that if the parents of these travellers were to know of their true identity then they would do anything to help them in the war and that would be a great advantage to the light side.

He knew that the travellers felt that they might not accept them and/or might not allow them to fight in the war, however having spent years with the parents in question, Dumbledore knew that it might not be the case as he was sure that if these parents accepted these individuals as their children and founder's reincarnation then rather than stopping them from fighting they will ask the 'Founders' to teach them battle techniques. As after all the Founders were known as the best warriors in history! And after the incident with the Death Eaters and the aftermath he was sure that they will accept these travellers.

However, the problem was to make the dimension travellers to let go of their inhibitions. So far he had been unsuccessful in trying to come up with something that might work and not point fingers at him. But this incident might just work.

"Professor, we knew of this meeting and were anxious that the Minister might bring some guard and try to harm Lord Slytherin due to the fact that he is thought of as a dark wizard. After what he did to save Sirius, we did not want Lord Slytherin to face such possibility without having us as his backup. But we knew that you or the Minister will not allow us to be in this meeting so we decided to disillusion ourselves. But before we could reveal ourselves to you after the meeting we got curious with your conversation and decided to listen in before Sirius decided that he could no longer be quiet and decided to speak up." Remus explained, being the only sensible male in the group.

However the surprises did not end here for the occupants of the room.

"Well it seems that we were not the only ones to decide on being there for the Founders when they met with the Minister"

Turning around again everyone found two more people appearing in the room, being led by Professor McGonagall who had spoken up.

"Minerva! Severus! Well I suppose I should say welcome to my office then. I didn't realise that other professors can enter my office without my knowledge, or perhaps it's just old age getting to me." Albus replied, a light rebuke in his voice.

"I think that you need to answer Sirius' question Albus. How is it that a seventeen year old and very much alive Salazar Slytherin and his friends know how he died and about the infamous split between the founders? Just who are these people, if they are not the Founders, Albus and how long have you known about this?" Professor McGonagall asked sternly.

Seeing no way around it, Albus looked at the four dimension travellers, silently asking their permission. Only to see them nodding in the direction of his Pensieve.

Getting their hidden meaning and their consent, Albus nodded his head slightly in acknowledgement and went ahead to retrieve his Pensieve.

"You are right of course, Minerva. But perhaps it is easier if I could show you the memory of the time when I found out the truth. Would that be sufficient?" Albus looked over his glasses and directly into Minerva's eyes.

After receiving a tight nod from Professor McGonagall he looked at each newcomer in eye and received the same answer.

So he went ahead and emptied the memories of his meetings with the four dimension travellers from the day they arrived to this day, and gestured everyone to go in and have a look.

All six newcomers gathered around the Pensieve and after sharing a look with each other, they all put a finger in the liquid as one and dived in the memories that will change their lives.

As the newcomers went in the five remaining people took their seats and shared a look.

"Do you think we should go in?" Helga asked anxiously

"No love, we should let them come around on their own. This is something they need to do on their own. It was not the way I would have chosen to let them know about the truth but it will have to do."

"I agree with Sal here, even if they briefly know us as individuals and although I would have preferred it if they knew about our real identities after the battle, we have no choice and thus we should now wait here for their return" Rowena voiced her opinion

"My apologies, I did not know about their presence in the room. Had I known this, I would have asked them to leave" Albus explained

"We know that Professor," Godric said reassuringly. "We do not blame you for this, we should have checked the room as well. But anyway what is done is done and we will have to face the consequences now. For good or bad they will know the entire truth now"

On the other hand the group of people landed in Hogwarts grounds

Severus remembered the day when he had accompanied the headmaster to the grounds after the explosion, and how he along with other heads of houses was dismissed by the headmaster once they reached his office. He was thus very intrigued on what had happened after that in the office.

As he looked on, what he saw seemed pretty much what he expected. They asked the regular questions one would expect from time travellers.

However, even with all his Occlumency training he was just barely able to keep his mask up when these four people started talking about Alternate Universes. He was quite shocked when they mentioned their real names.

He may look like a snarky git to everyone around him but that was required for his role as a spy. However he was a teacher, and, believe it or not, he was upset about not having an entire generation of students. But to have some of them back, and that too a son of his onetime best friend? And to know that the prophecy due to which hundreds of innocent children lost their lives did not speak of them at all! It spoke of these four people!

Unbelievable! He decided to pay close attention to the memories and ignored the various noises coming from the other five. He had to know if they were being truthful.

The more he listened in the more he realised that it was the truth and he was furious beyond anything about the way historians had treated Salazar after he did so much for the community. He always admired Salazar and his ways (he was a Slytherin after all) but what he found during the conversation made him realise that what he always thought of his idol was not true.

He personally only used Dark Arts to protect others and to know that Salazar did the same and was hated for that ... But the story made him respect the other founders as they supported him even after all that and even if Salazar's name was tarnished, they made sure that the work that Salazar wanted to be done was carried out by other founders.

Now he did not care that Salazar Slytherin was reborn as a spawn of Potter and Lily. He knew he would learn all that he could from the reincarnated founder and stand by him in the fight. For he knew that these people will surely take part in the war against the Dark Lord, and defeat him for good.

He also completely understood their reasoning for not confiding in their alternate version of parents. And as he looked at his colleagues he wondered what was going to happen now. He had thought that it was a good thing that they had decided to eavesdrop on the conversation but now he was not very sure.

With this thought Severus found himself back in the Headmaster's office.

Minerva found herself in the central courtyard of Hogwarts along with her companions. She was happy to note that at least Albus was not trying to hide anything, if he started his memories with the arrival of the four mysterious people.

While she had cultivated a reputation for being a strict but fair teacher, she was still a soft hearted person who loves all her students like her own children. She was fiercely protective of them, for anyone who tried to harm her students was her enemy.

Soon enough, the memory shifted to the meeting Dumbledore had with the four mysterious people after the teachers were told to leave.

At first, the conversation was pretty normal (if there is anything normal with this situation). The four new people asked for time date and other such things. There were expected explanations, and Minerva noticed that it was only Lord Slytherin talking and was curious to know their theories about the events that resulted in them being brought in this time. She was also happy to note that Salazar seemed genuinely grateful to the Headmaster for his acceptance and she felt a little proud of herself and her colleagues at accepting them as well.

However, when Salazar mentioned that what they believed to be true was not the entire truth, she felt her breath being taken away. She had her doubts but to hear it so plainly and to know that these people had said the truth in their very first meeting with the Headmaster was mind boggling to say the least. She had believed in reincarnation but to know that such famous people were reincarnated was just unbelievable.

Then as the conversation proceeded, something she had read a long time back had come back to her, something that she never believed to be possible about alternate realities but it can't be! When they mentioned that Albus should know them, and that they knew her as well, she was almost scared to know their identities as it just couldn't be, it couldn't be ... that was when the bomb was dropped by supposed Lord Slytherin

"Perhaps the best place to start is by telling you our real names. My name in this birth is Harry Potter" revealed Salazar

This one sentence from Salazar moved the earth from beneath her feet, Harry? Harry Potter? The little boy who was brutally murdered by Voldemort himself? The beautiful young baby who she had babysat many times and had loved more than any other child in her life? The son of James and Lily Potter? No...

Distantly, she could hear Lily cry out. From the corner of her eyes, she could saw James and Sirius comforting the distraught woman.

But the shocks did not end there. The other two redheaded people were the two youngest Weasleys. The Weasleys and Potters were most affected by the deaths of their babies as they had done anything and everything they could to stop Voldemort and joined the order for their children. But they couldn't save them. In fact Voldemort killed all three himself with his bare hands. That was almost too much to take. They had almost given up hope and if not for Remus, Sirius and the older Weasley children, they might have committed suicide.

She also remembered hearing the name of Hermione Granger... as far as she remembered she was a Muggleborn witch who was the only one to be killed in her own home with her parents in a Death Eater raid. !

No this can't be...she watched as if through a long tunnel as the four people narrated their life and was told the goings on of this world. By the end of it, she was smiling softly as she could see a hope for the future, she was sure that the prophecy that became the reason for the killings of so many children had spoken of these four individuals. And to have the young Potter and two Weasleys was a blessing in disguise as she was sure that now they can get the two couples and Sirius and Remus back into action and thus increasing their chances of winning this battle as they were all great fighters who will now be fighting for not only revenge but to protect their children. Things could only get better.

With this in her mind she listened more attentively to find more information about these individuals. The story of their world was shocking to say the least. She was surprised to note that they were from an alternate universe. She knew that she had quite a few books on the subject, and was happy that she had never got around to throwing them away as she had originally intended. Perhaps the books could help these people.

As Lady Ravenclaw (or as she was known in this birth, Hermione) explained why they decided to hide their identities when they arrived she couldn't blame them but wondered how they were able to communicate without the other knowing about it. Perhaps the legendary tale of the founders being telepathic was indeed the truth.

Minerva was surprised to listen to Albus being so open about the facts of their world. She had never heard him speak in anything less than riddles. It was what frustrated her about him. But she was glad to know that he was not being like that with these four people.

She would never have believed that this war would have ended without Albus alive. But here these individuals were saying that they not only carried on fighting but managed to defeat Voldemort without Albus; something not even Albus is able to do till now after all these years.

She also felt her heart go out to the young Harry when he asked Dumbledore not to reveal their realities to alternate version of their parents as she strongly suspected that he did not want to face rejection. She just wished that the Potters, Sirius and Remus will accept him.

With this thought she found herself back in the headmaster's office.

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wow! the cat's out of the bag now...do update soon pleaseee?

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Its really touching
please update soon the next part
I wish to see reactions of marauders especially sirius 

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was missing this story

finally the founders' true identity is out

waiting for the reactions

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Oh my that was so touching! And their identities are out? Continue soon! Big smile

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part 19
nice part...
so this is Minerva's POV...
so the truth is out...
cont soon...

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Tongue superb ff..  waiting for u to write more...

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Hey very well written pari.
Itz great to read. Big smileClap

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