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The Founders Four - A HP Fic Last Part pg21 17/05/15

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Hey Everyone,

For those of you who don't know me ... hey I am PariLOL ... anyway, I have not written anything on IF for a while now so many of you might be surprised to see me writing. But I promise I am not that bad EmbarrassedWink

Now I have written a Harry Potter Fic on another site but felt that why should I not share it with everyone here as well Embarrassed... Please do give it a try and tell me your viewsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter Tongue


Chapter One: Deep Magic

It was a dark and stormy night. Storm clouds blanketed the moonless sky as rain poured down from the heavens, lashing against the windows. The sound of thunder filled the air, making it nearly impossible to hear the person next to you. It seemed almost as if the world was tearing itself apart and crying from the effort of it.

It was a truly a frightening night to begin a new year at school. Nevertheless it was the night of the first of September nineteen ninety six, and thus a new year was about to begin at the esteemed Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The arrival of first years through the flooded lake had been perilous to say the least but fortunately everyone reached the castle safely; if only cold and drenched. A quick drying and warming charm from the Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall solved that problem.

In the gloomy mood, every student in the Great Hall was immersed in conversation while anxiously waiting for the new First Years to be sorted so they can have some food. Meanwhile at the Head table most of the teachers were feeling some unexplained uneasiness. However no one was feeling the disturbance in the atmosphere more than the revered Headmaster, Professor Albus Dumbledore.

Albus Dumbledore - Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcerer, Chief Warlock, of the Wizengamot, and Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards was no novice to assessing the situation by the atmosphere around a place. However today he could not guess what was wrong even though he had the nagging feeling that something very important was about to happen.

The sorting ceremony and dinner went without a hitch. Once the feast was over and the plates clear, Dumbledore got to his feet to begin his start-of-term speech. Just as he stood up, a sudden explosion sounded in the distance that shook the school to its hidden foundations. Teacher and student alike paused and looked in the direction of the sound, wondering what was happening. The distant crash of thunder and the constant pounding of rain, which were so loud a moment ago, now seemed muted and insignificant.

The Headmaster quickly asked for the students to settle down and ordered the prefects and head students to see that no one wandered out of the Hall. After that he swept outside the Great Hall, with most of the teachers on his heels.

Hogwarts shuddered once again, and then sighed.

Meanwhile, as the feast was going on inside the castle, in the central courtyard, several figures had appeared with a thunderous crack! They were now standing warily together, each with their back to the others.

The most conspicuously noticeable person was a male, who stood well over six feet tall. His fire-red hair was long and half tied back. A delicate dusting of equally ginger hair graced his battle-hardened features, forming a moustache and goatee. The wizard wore a griffin-skin cloak of deep crimson over scarlet robes and golden coloured battle armour. A heavy sword belt hung from his hip, its scabbard empty. A long silver sword, encrusted with magnificent rubies was held firmly in the wizard's left hand, on which a signet ring of twin golden lions carrying rubies in their mouths rested proudly. A long Redwood wand was seen clutched on his right hand.

To the right of the man stood a beautiful woman, her honey-coloured hair swept up away from her neck to avoid the quiver of arrows secured there. Her bow was already in hand, an arrow notched and ready to be fired. The witch was dressed in bronze armoured robes and a deep blue Elven-weave cloak. On the fourth finger of the witch's left hand, two bronze rings intertwined with each other. The first, the one closest to the fingertip, showed a falcon, its eye a single sapphire. The falcon's wings were spread lovingly around the figure of the second ring, the head of a lion with a ruby held tight in its mouth. Around her delicate waist was a belt of linked bronze. A wand holster could be seen strapped to her right arm, giving her easy access to her filigreed mahogany wand.

Standing directly behind the witch was another woman, this with long auburn hair that fell to her waist. Though her face was kindly, her chestnut eyes glittered dangerously. This witch wore yellow battle robes with a black dragon hide cloak, and a black belt from which many potions and two empty sheaths hung. The contents of the sheaths an ornately carved Ebony wand and a gold and onyx filigree dagger were held lightly in her hands. On the witch's wedding finger was a set of two interweaving gold rings. The first, closest to the palm, was of a single coiled snake, with its tail wrapped firmly around an emerald. The second was the image of a badger which was encircled by the snake of the other ring. The badger held a black pearl in its paws.

To the left of the witch, there was yet another wizard, this one slightly shorter than the first. This wizard's hair was long as well, though it was black and not long enough to tie back, leaving it to fall into his hard, gleaming green eyes. His robes were a deep forest green, and covered by a goblin-wrought silver breastplate and a matching sword belt. The sword silver with a single large emerald set deep in the hilt rested still in its scabbard. Over this, the wizard wore a naturally toned Basilisk-scale cloak, which shimmered between its true green and deep silver in the half moonlight of the courtyard. His signet ring two silver snakes entwined with each other around a large, pure emerald was easily seen on his left hand. The Basilisk-scale wand holster on the wizard's right arm was empty, its wand of pale Ash, carved all over with snakes, firmly clasped in his hand. Draped over the wizard's shoulders and all down his left arm, its body upright in the wizard's hand and fangs bared, was a long, thick snake, it's scales purest white from age, though the snake itself was still just as deadly as ever. It was poised and ready to strike.

Hearing footsteps coming down the hallway in front of the red robed wizard, the four strangers stood side by side the two wizards in the centre, and the witches on the outside ready for battle. A tall, purple-robed wizard with long white hair and beard with blue eyes that shone from behind half-moon spectacles rounded the corner coming to a stop at the sight of the newcomers.

The four strangers exchanged looks of shock and incredulity at the appearance of this man. He was, after all, supposedly dead.

It was a while before the man found his voice.

"The Founders?" he asked disbelievingly. "No! This can't be possible!"

"I assure you," the green-swathed wizard said in a silky voice, drawing out all his 'S's far longer than necessary, as if it was his habit. "Whatever it is that 'can't be possible' is perfectly so, for this is Magic, my friend, and anything is possible to those with sufficient faith."


So how was Part 1? Do let me know


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Last Part - Page 21 

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It was a very nice start. Loved it, keep it up :D

Luv u<333

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Kashish Hug

Thank you for commenting and for liking

Luv Ya

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It's really good.Thumbs Up

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Firstly, Meli, Kashish and cutecj. Thank you so much for liking it and commenting... it was really motivating. Hug

Now hoping  to get some more review this time LOL

PLEASE NOTE: +Italics+ means Telepathic Conversation


Chapter Two: Reactions

Albus Dumbledore looked absolutely flabbergasted. This is a sight that not many can claim to have seen. Albus always did pride himself to have been ready for every possible thing that might happen (no matter how farfetched it may seem to others), but this was something he had never anticipated even in his dreams and thus, he was at loss for words.

Behind him, Minerva McGonagall was gobsmacked to say the least, before her were the four people long thought to be dead. She was not sure if she believed that they came back to life or that they had travelled through time, as travelling through such a long period of time was simply not possible.

Beside Minerva was Professor Severus Snape - the resident Potions Master of Hogwarts. If anyone was looking at him, they would have captured the moment on a magical camera and still that picture would not have moved, as Severus Snape stood frozen on his spot with an expression of pure disbelief on his face. His mouth was slightly open, his eyeballs were almost coming out of his sockets and if anyone tried Legilimency on him then they would not only have found his thoughts almost invisible but literally swimming in the pool of his mind. He could not believe what he was seeing in front of him, but yet there was no doubt of their identitiy. They were (are, he supposed) undoubtedly the Four Founders of Hogwarts.

Surrounding him and Minerva McGonagall were the tiny Charms Master Filius Flitwick and The groundskeeper of Hogwarts and Half Giant, Rubeus Hagrid. Each of them sporting a look of varying degrees of shock and incredulity.

When one of the four strangers replied to the Headmaster's question of shock, the professors were still in shock but were able to collect themselves enough to straighten their expressions. However, they were still at loss of what to do next, that is everyone except Albus Dumbledore.

On other side, while the four newcomers were sporting neutral faces, they were actually having a telepathic conversation between them.

"What just happened, anyone have any ideas?" said the green eyed black haired wizard.

"Well we are still at Hogwarts and there are a lot of dead people who are standing in front of us and the people who should be standing in front of us are not here" said the Fiery-red haired man.

"GODRIC" said three voices in his head.

"Sorry" said, the ginger wizard, Godric, in a small voice

Just then Albus Dumbledore disbelievingly said "The Founders? No! This can't be possible!"

"Well they think we are founders, I say let them think we are the Founders at least until we can have a private chat with Dumbledore and try to figure out what has happened." Rowena Ravenclaw, the woman with honey coloured hair, spoke up, looking at the assembled teachers warily as she slowly lowered her bow. "Agreed" said the rest of them

"I assure you," Salazar Slytherin, the wizard in green raiment, addressed the headmaster, purposely drawing out his 'S's far longer than necessary to exude an intimidating aura. "Whatever it is that 'can't be possible' is perfectly so, for this is Magic, my friend, and anything is possible to those with sufficient faith."

"Well done, Sal, I think you have just shocked them out of their stupors" Godric said mentally, his tone sarcastic.

"That was my intention, Ric" Salazar, replied mentally.

Rowena interrupted the bantering wizards. "Shush you two, pay attention to the situation, I say we ask them to take this meeting somewhere private and talk to Dumbledore and try to find out where we are from him"

"Are you kidding? He will give us half answers and riddles!" Said Godric

"that is why I think Sal should do the talking"

"Ok, leave it to me" said Salazar

"Good luck love" the auburn haired witch, who was silent until now, spoke up for the first time.

"Thanks sweetheart" Salazar replied mentally.

"My sincere apologies for my abrupt behaviour; however this is a very unusual occurrence. One which, I have to admit, that I never anticipated being possible, but as it is, it seems that I was gravely mistaken. My name is Albus Dumbledore and I am the current Headmaster of Hogwarts. Behind me are some of the members of my faculty and I am sure you must have realised that you are on the safe grounds of Hogwarts" Albus spoke up before Salazar could say anything. They all could see that the headmaster's eyes were twinkling very brightly with excitement. It was as if the twinkling stars in the night sky would feel shy in comparison

"Obviously we realise that we are on the grounds of our very own Hogwarts, however we do not recognise you. But Hogwarts seems different, and we are assuming that it has something to do with who you are, and what you are doing at Hogwarts. Perhaps it would be prudent if we take this conversation inside, where we can all be warm and comfortable, before discussing the situation in more depth." said Salazar, with a neutral but alert face.

"Of course, Lord Slytherin, that indeed would be prudent. If you would please join us inside the castle...?" Dumbledore graciously replied.

"After you, Headmaster" Salazar watched the old man very intently as he and his companions slowly sheathed their weapons.

With that, everyone began walking towards the Headmaster's office on seventh floor of the castle, each person lost in their own thoughts.

Albus was thinking of how the four figures of legend had reached here, and the things he could learn about them and about the history of Hogwarts in general. He was also thinking about how he could gain their trust and if there was any way that the founders could have come here or if he had read about this adventure trip of the founders in any of his books. However as they approached the gargoyle guarding his office, he could not come up with anything concrete.

Professors McGonagall, Snape and Flitwick were still partially in shock. However there were also some other thoughts going on inside their brains. For example, how this could be possible, the Founders, what they can learn about the history, the Founders, how it would benefit them in the on-going war, the Founders, what would it mean for the school, the Founders, what would it mean for their individual houses and the Founders.

Hagrid was still in shock but he knew that if Dumbledore thought they were the founders than they have to be. However, he was sure that they can't be better than Dumbledore. He also decided that he will not leave the headmaster alone with them, in case they try to hurt him (especially a certain black-haired founder).

The Founders were once again conversing telepathically.

"Sal, I think that we should only talk to Dumbledore for now. Even then we must not reveal who we are unless we are absolutely certain that it is Dumbledore we are talking to and we know exactly what we are facing. I mean we don't know where we are and who these people are, but I know one thing for certain that no one will be able to disguise themselves as Dumbledore perfectly." Said Helga

"I agree with you there" Rowena replied.

"Me too, I think we should try to find out where we are and what year it is first" said Godric

"What do you mean?" Helga asked

"well it is clear that if this is Dumbledore, than we are in past, but when?" replied Godric

"well said, Godric," Rowena said approvingly. "I didn't think about it, we don't know what time it is and thus don't know what impact our appearance here may cause... what do you think Sal?" She asked Salazar.

"I agree with Helga completely," Salazar replied. "But I think that Godric is partially right, we really need more information before I can say anything for sure but if these people are really who they say they are than there are two possibilities. Either we are in past, or we have somehow managed to move ourselves in an alternate universe"

"Alternate Universe? Do you really think that is a possibility" Rowena asked in concern.

At the same time, Godric and Helga asked together. "what is an alternate universe"

"An alternate universe is also sometimes known as parallel world where alternate realities exist." Rowena lectured. "It is theorised that these worlds were once one but at certain point in time where dualities came into existence, they disengage themselves and create a whole new series of sequences from that point onwards. But that is not the point, do you really think that it is possible, Sal?"

"umm love... can you please explain that in simple terms? I am a little lost here" said Godric, a confused expression on his face.

"Me too" said Helga

"What Rowena means is that some people have speculated that when something very crucial happens in world time line can separate in two or more parts. For example, when Dumbledore defeated Grindelward, he nearly lost the duel. That was a very decisive moment in history. It is speculated that at such point two realities will exist. One where we lived and Dumbledore won. However at that point in time, the reality will have split and another timeline will emerge where Grindlewald won. So the world will be continuing from there and deal with the consequences of that incident. Does that make sense?" Salazar explained patiently.

"ya that's a lot clearer, thanks." Godric replied, his face clearing up. "But is this true? It sounds dodgy to me."

"even I am having a hard time believing this. Do you think that is what has happened?" Helga added.

" I cannot be certain of anything unless we speak to Dumbledore, but it is a possibility. I don't know if this is only a theory or truth, but there is one more thing, we don't know what the Arithmatic consequences would be of the complexity that happened when I duelled Voldemort." Salazar responded

"I agree, I will need a few minutes to think of the Arithmatical consequences." Rowena said. "We are almost reaching the office. Sal, I still think we should only talk to Dumbledore first, now might be the best chance we have to mention that"

"I agree Row, I will ask for this meeting to be private and that should also buy us some time for you to calculate the Arithmatical consequences of my duel. For now let's just stick to facts and not think of Alternate realities. Agreed?"

"Agreed." came three voices

"The stage is yours, Sal, good luck" said Godric.

"Headmaster, I believe that this conversation should take place with extreme privacy, don't you think?" Salazar's voice broke the contemplative silence the headmaster and teachers were in just as they reached the gargoyle.

Jerked out of his thoughts, Albus responded absently "But of course Lord Slytherin." He also had a look of polite confusion on his face as if to suggest that he took the privacy as granted.

"Then you would agree that the less people involved in this conversation, the better?"

A light seemed to go off in the headmaster's eyes. "Agreed, Lord Slytherin," He turned to the teachers. "Minerva, Filius, Severus, Hagrid, thank you for accompanying us till here. However I think that the students and other members of staff are waiting for some news. Would you all be kind enough to tell them that there is nothing to worry about and ensure that the students are safely back in their dorms"

Seeing that there is no way that they can join in, all four of the Staff members left to go to the Great Hall and follow the Headmaster's instructions. Each person was thinking about the mystery and slowly coming out of their shock. Hagrid was a little hesitant and about to protest but one meaningful look from the Headmaster ensured that he followed the instructions.



Until next week then. Embarrassed

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BM!!!! will start reading soon...


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till part 2
cont soon dear...

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