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OS:Indication & Hesitation
(Aahat aur Hichkichahat)

(Wish KTLK, a happy anniversary...just hope you will do great in future too and keep entertaining us in coming yearsEmbarrassed)

It was her 24th Birthday and 1st Birthday that she was going to celebrate after joining KGH. She was excited as she dressed up in her peach color shalwar kameez having beautiful embroidery on the neck and the elbow length sleeves. DB specially get this suit ready for her birthday but it wasn't her birthday part that was exciting her. It was the feeling that how, Dr.Ashutosh, her boss, her first crush in KGH and now the man having her heart will wish him this day. Will he come to her and wish her while shaking her hand, or will greet her with a warm smile. She already had a dream of him last night and now, she just can't wait to see him.

After coming out from the room, she received warm birthday wishes from her Baba and DB as she touch there feet for blessings and hug them. CS had his way to wish by making her favorite breakfast dishes. They were were about to proceed to the dining table when Anji rushed in through the door and throw her arms around her, twirling her around with herself. "Happy Birthday Nidhi..." Anji said after stopping and hugged her. No to mention, breakfast was a very chirpy affair.

"God, please make me see his face the first thing as i enter in KGH" she prayed all through her way while driving the car. They haven't say those three magical words yet. Damn, they haven't even used the word LOVE in there discussion either but the small sweet gestures of him had took her heart away and give her a little hope of there future together like the way he was concerned when she fainted while attending her first major surgery. It wasn't due to her fear to see the blood but was due to lack of sleep as she went through the books whole night, getting and collecting minor to minor information about that operation. She smiled as she remember his words while laying on the hospital bed. "Get well soon Dr. Nidhi...Me..." He stopped hesitantly and look away from her face trying to clear his mind and then back at her. "The hospital and your patients need you healthy" And giving a small smile, he left abruptly but she wasn't the one who was upto miss that hesitation in his voice. No even in the worse of her body condition. She remembered the other incident when he give her her black earrings back when she forget them on the bed of one of her patients after coming on an emergency call. There hand touch that moment. That small moment sent chills inside her body and she can still feel that sensation.

She parked the car in her spot and get out after holding her stethoscope and coat and locked it. She took a deep breath and look at the building of KGH. This hospital has given her everything. Power to fulfill her baba's and ma's dreams, motivation, encouragement, dreams, taught her true meaning of life and let her experience this amazing feeling of LOVE. Her eyes turn to look at his parking spot and seeing no car parked there yet, she took a deep sigh. "Dr.Ashutosh is not here yet" She told herself and decided to wait in her car but Jyotika, who saw her standing outside the hospital after getting down from her(jyotika) auto, pulled her inside with herself.

And to her dismay, everyone in the hospital knew about her birthday and was wishing her on the way as she went to locker room. After putting her coat and getting herself ready for the day, she took a deep breath and was on for her usual routine.

On the other hand, Dr.Ashutosh was standing in the mall, totally confused as what should he buy for her birthday. Dresses he can't buy as he don't know her size and he don't know, if she will like that or not. He don't hold a great taste in jewelry selection too. The ornaments were looking too casual and not special. Finally his eye's fell on a beautiful pair of earrings. They were small white crystal one, so delicate and he automatically imagined her wearing them. They were looking so perfect against her skin and without further discussion he bought them without caring to know that the base of the earrings was white-gold and how expensive they were. He get them wrapped and out from curtousy, the gift wrapper has also attached a small card over it. Saying a sweet thank you, he take a look on his watch and seeing that he was getting late for the hospital, he rushed out from the mall.

The day for Nidhi was pretty hectic. While the few emergencies has drained her, her visit in children ward rejuvenate her powers as each child came with a rose that they asked there visitors to bring this day and kissed her cheek after wishing her Happy Birthday. This was indeed coming out to be the best birthday of her life. But her heart still sink to think about Dr.Ashutosh as he still hasn't wished her. She barely get a glimpse of him once in the whole day and that too when he came out to look at the emergency patient. Her day was about to end and no news from him. Right then Priyanka and Anji entered the ward and pulled her with themselves into the locker room. Anji brought a sweet chocolate cake for her in the hospital as a surprise but was Nidhi really in mood to have this sweetness of chocolate when her heart was feeling too sour. "Nidhi, Cut the cake...na" Anji asked and Priyanka Jyotika and few of her batch-mates also insist. "Guys, I know you are not forcing me just so i can celebrate my birthday...I know all you want is the part of this cake get quickly stuffed into your mouths" Nidhi said irritably but all giggled hearing her childish tone. "You got us..." Priyanka agreed and all laughed once again and again started pushing her to cut the cake. She put the knife helplessly on the cake when on impulse, her eyes lifted up towards the open door and strike with the man who was standing there with a dreamy look on his face. Her heart explode with happiness seeing him present there and on feeling himself being caught, Ashutosh couldn't help but give his trade-mark smile. She smiled back as for her, it wasn't just a smile but it hold so many wishes. She cut the cake happily after blowing the candles and look up to find him missing. She felt bad but there wasn't much time, she got allowed to think about it as Anji take a hold of a piece and after making her have a bite, smeared the left over on her face and that start a cake fight out there.

Getting back into his cabin, Ashutosh closed the door carefully as if someone might not get to know his hidden secrets. He sit on the leather chair and pulled out the draw to see the gift he got for her, resting there. He took it out and read the card on which, after a great mental argument, he finally wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIDHI...But the problem wasn't the gift. Its the thought that how is he going to give it to her. Her shift is about to end and he would no longer see her for the day and tomorrow, this gift will hold not much importance as its today, she is celebrating her birthday. But he was founding it too awkward to give it to her personally so he placed it back into his drawer and left the room as his name was called for an emergency.

It was a hit & run case. The man's head was bleeding too much and he got few scratches on his body too. Dr.'s were afraid of some internal injuries but it all can be identified only after the man with get conscious. Ashutosh and other Dr.'s did there work and left anything more on God will and the man's willpower. Nidhi assisted him during the check-up. After they were done, Ashutosh turn and look at her. "Dr.Nidhi, will you mind having tea with me?" the words escaped his mouth before he can stop it. Nidhi felt butterflies in her stomach on hearing his request and a sweet smile formed on her lips. "For sure Sir" she replied without taking a second or giving him chance to back-off. Ashutosh gave a stretched smile and lead her towards the canteen.

They both took small sips of the tea in fear to not let this moment end too quickly. Ashutosh mind was working too much while Nidhi's gaze was fixed on him over from the rim of her cup. The run-down of emotions on his face, confused her too. "Sir, Are you feel alright??" She asked hesitantly. Ashutosh looked at her getting out from his thoughts. "Yeah...yea...Absolutely fine" he said fumbling with his words and give a re-assuring smile. "Just a little headache" He added after a moment as he got a plan set in his mind. "Should i bring adol?" she asked next feeling to anxious on hearing that he was in pain. Even if its a mild headache. "Ummm...yeah...Dr.Nidhi, can you please bring a pill from my cabin, its in the 2nd draw of my desk" He said and Nidhi nodded. "For sure" and leaving the cup on the table, she left for his cabin.

Nidhi get inside and quickly came towards the desk. "2nd draw" she reminded herself as she bend down on her knees and pulled out the draw only to be left spell-bound. There placed a gift wrapped in a blue shinny paper, waiting for her to hold it. She thought to ignore it thinking that this might be a gift given to Dr.Ashutosh by someone and she shouldn't bug, but even then, her mind and heart wanted to know, who gave him the gift. She looked around to see that no one seeing her before she took out the gift and open the small card. "Happy Birthday NIDHI..." and there it was written in his perfect curve writing. Nidhi was spell-bound with the feeling that he got her a gift. While her heart tell her that he feel something for her too, her mind tried to warn her saying that he just got the gift for his intern. "Now for how many inters, he ever bring a birthday gift" she shut off her mind and let her heart take-over for now. She keep looking at the card for sometime and sigh as the feeling dawn upon her that he just sent her here so she can take that gift. Softly, as if she might hurt the gift, she unwrapped it carefully not letting the paper tear up a little from anywhere. The box became visible and she open it to find the sweet pair of earrings resting there, shinning looking at her. She touched them slightly. Her eyes filled with tears as she realized that he must be loving her too. Her heart filled with the warmth. She took out those small earrings and put them in her ears after removing the one she was wearing. She stand up and move towards the window that was showing her, a blurred reflection of her and she saw those earings settled beautifully against her ears. They were perfect. She smiled and was about to took them out when she stopped and getting a blush on her cheeks. She arranged her hairs in a way that totally covered her ears and she left the room to go back to canteen after holding the box that now contained her earlier earrings and an adol.

Ashutosh was feeling edgy as he don't know what she will think about him now. Will she be happy or angry. will his gift be able to show her that how much he like actually love her or she would just consider it a gift from her senior. He was still lost in his thoughts when Nidhi entered with a smile and after taking small steps, get back to her seat infront of him. "Sir...the pill" Ashutosh was like HUH...Didn't she saw the gift or he indicated a wrong draw. "Sir...Pill" her hand was still stretched out and Ashutosh hesitantly took the pill and gulp it down with the tea. Nidhi was feeling like laughing on seeing his reaction but it was fun. First time, she was seeing him in such a state. "Thank you" Ashutosh said a moment later with a grumpy face and Nidhi felt like pulling his cheeks then. They keep sitting for a few more minutes when Ashutosh get up after ending his cup. "Need to leave now..." His stretched lips show his anger. He wanted to run off and see if the gift he put back in a wrong drawer. Nidhi couldn't help but nod as he turned on his heels and left the cabin as fast as he could.

He reached his room and quickly settled down on his chairs and pull out the drawers to see the gift. He checked one side drawers but when he couldn't found anything out there, he turn to other side before he heard. "Are you looking for this?" Nidhi's voice made him turn to look at her as she was holding the box in her palm now. Ashutosh stand up slowly realizing that she had got that and only did this act to irritate her. Nidhi biting the corner of her lips, reached to him and this time, she tuck the hairs at the back of her ear that reveal his gift standing out against her earlobe. Ashutosh heart filled with love seeing her wearing it and looking back at him with a warm smile. "Thank you for the gift" she said in a soft tone as she looked straightly into his eyes through her kohl one's and Ashutosh knew that the message he wanted to send was "ACCEPTED & REPLIED IN ACCEPTANCE" as he smiled back at her with all the love, he hold inside himself.

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"Dr. Nidhi may I have a moment of your time please."  Nidhi turned her head in the direction of the voice.  " Yes sir".  She looked at him with questioning eyes,"There's something important I need to talk to you about, please come to my cabin as soon as you have time". 
"Yes sir. I will be there as soon as I can ".  He nodded, and turned around and left.
On her way to his cabin Nidhi kept on thinking what he wanted to talk to her about.  He had sounded very stern, and that made her nervous.
She knocked on his door, and when said "come in", she hesitantly opened it and went in, and closed the door behind her. "Sir, you wanted to see me?"  Ashutosh looked up at her, and saw that she was looking at him nervously.  He smiled and said,"Nidhi itna  darri hui si kyon ho"?
-  "Aap ko mere se koi baat karni thi Sir"? 
- "Haan baat toh karni thi, par tum pehle batao, why are you looking so scared"?
- "Well, you sounded very stern, when you asked me to come to your cabin, so mujhe laga ke shayad mere se phir koi galati ho gai hai."
On hearing that, Ashutosh laughed and got up and walked over to her, and put his hand under her chin, and lifted her face so that he could look at her.
- "Nidhi, meri taraf dekho.  Kya main tumhe naraz lag raha hoon"?
Nidhi lifted her eyes to look at him.
- "Nahin aap naraz toh nahin lag rahein hain.  Phir wahan ward mein itne gusse se kyon bole the aap mere se"?
- "Nidhi, aur sab ke samne tum se kaise  bolunga? Agar meri Awaz mein mai woh sab kuch aane deta jo mere dil mein hai, toh problem ho sakti hai na?  Aur iss tarha se kisi ko kuch bhi out of place nahi laga.  After all, I am famous for being Dr. Heartstone, toh agar mai stern nahi behave karunga, toh aur kaun karega?  Waise bhi calling you hear for personal reasons was very unprofessional on my part".
Nidhi looked at him questioningly, confusion clearly written all over her face,
- "Personal reasons, Sir?  Matlab maine koi galati nahi kari?  Aapne mujhe yahan daantne ke liye nahi bulaya hai"?
- "Nahin maine tumhe daantne ke liye nahin bulaya hai.  And Nidhi, since I have already said that I asked you her for personal reasons, can't we drop the Sir, part.  Please."
Nidhi smiled shyly, and blushed.  She sometimes, still had trouble believing that he loved her.  But when he looked at her like the way he was now, well that kind of  just turned her whole system topsy turvy, and her insides just went to mush.  
Nidhi, also could not get over the fact that Mr. Stickler for rules and regulations, had just broken his own rules.  That he had called her out of duties in the middle of the day for personal reasons, must mean that it was something important, otherwise he would never have done so.
- "Theek hai, thodi der ke liye, I will drop the" Sir".  Ab aap batayiye kya baat hai?  Must be important, jo aapne iss tarha se mujhe apne paas bulaya hai".
Ashutosh smiled and took one of her hands in his, which surprised her even more.  Her Ashutosh was not one for these kinds of things.  Up until now, ever since the day they had confessed their love, he had kept contact between them at a bare minimum, so the fact that he was holding her hand was really unusual, not that she was complaining, she loved it.  And also, since these contacts were very few and far in between, and very brief when they did happen, she treasured them all that much more.  Nidhi waited for him to speak.
- "I like the way you just said, that maine tumhe apne paas bulaya hai.
Because, that is exactly right, Maine tumhe apne paas bulaya hai.  
Nidhi I was wondering...you know...if are ...if you can... What I mean is that, if you are free...and if you feel comfortable enough with me... Please have dinner with me this evening, at my house"?
Nidhi's eyes widened in surprise, and she laughed delightedly.
- "Itni si baat thi, bas?  Aur main dar gayi thi, ke pata nahin kya hua?
Issme itna sochne ki baat toh bilkul bhi nahin thi, you should have just said, you wanted me to come for dinner.  Aapko kya laga tha, mai aapko mana kardungi"?
- "Nahin...That is, I knew you would not say no, but you could have had other plans.  I didn't want to assume, I mean, it's only polite to ask first, yeah?  Pehle poochna toh chahiye na"?
- "Dr. Ashutosh, mere aur Aapke beech mein ab yeh polite hone ki bhi zaroorat hai kya?  Theek hai, aage se main bhi aapse koi bhi zid karne se pehle, yah hamare liye koi bhi plans banane se pehle pooch lungi.  I guess I was being kind of pushy and rude, just assuming that I could make plans without consulting you, and assuming you would want to go along.  Next time se I promise, I will confirm with you first".
- "Nidhi, you don't have to do that.  I like it jab tum mere saath zid karti ho.  Mujhe achcha lagta hai jab tum mere upar apna haq samajhti ho.  It feels good that you know I belong to you".
- "Agar aap ko achcha lagta hai jab mai aise karti hoon. Then, how do you think I feel when you hesitate to make even the tiniest demands, and act formal with me.  I want to know that you feel I belong to you also.  Achcha, chodiye, yeh sab baatein toh shyam ko bhi ho sakti hain, when i come to dinner. But I have to go now, abhi bahut kaam hai.  Agar finish nahin kare to dinner par der ho jayegi, and mere boss se bhi mujhe daant padegi, for not finishing my work".
Ashutosh smiled,
- " I promise, aapko aapke boss se koi problem nahin hogi aaj.  Mai unko samjha doonga.  But, yes, by all means go get back to work.  And Nidhi, jaldi aane ki koshish karna shyam ko.  I'll be waiting".
That one sentence of his, "I'll be waiting", carried her through the rest of the day.  
Nidhi went home to get ready, and made sure that she did everything she could to look extra nice for him.  She wore a blue colored chiffon  saari, because blue was his favorite color, with a narrow golden border, and a golden colored matching blouse.  She also wore matching accessories, golden and blue bangles, blue bindi, and a pair of turquoise earrings.  She also knew that Ashutosh did not like too much make-up, so she left that at a minimum.
When Ashu opened the door for Nidhi, he could not take his eyes off of her.  She looked stunning, an absolute vision of loveliness.   It pleased him, and made him extremely happy to know that she had dressed up because she wanted to look beautiful for him. He smiled and gestured for her to come in, and closed the door.  Inside, Nidhi turned to him and blushed, when she saw him staring at her.
- "Dr. Ashutosh, aap aise kyon dekh rahein hain mujhko"?
- "Kyon ke tum itni sunder lag rahi ho ke tumpar se aankhen hi nahi hataa pa raha hoon".
Nidhi was absolutely delighted, and totally floored.  She had never heard him talk way ever before. But his intense stare also made her feel very shy, so she tried to change the topic.
- "Accha toh ab mujhe batayiye, ke aaj aisi kya khaas baat hai, jo aapne mujhe dinner par yun invite kiya hai"?
- "Kyon mujhe koi wajah chahiye tumhare saath waqt bitane ke liye.  I just wanted to spend some time with you.  I know that we see each other everyday at the hospital, but its not the same.  I miss you.  We haven't had any time alone together, since we had dinner together on valentines day.  That's all.  So, Dr. Nidhi, is that a good enough reason."
- "Yes. I have missed you too.  So, where is HK, I will go and see if he needs any help in the kitchen".
- " Nidhi, no one is here but you and me. HK made dinner, before he left. I gave him the evening off".
- "Woh kisliyein"?
- "There are two reasons for that.  The first one I have already told you. I wanted to spend some time with you, without any one around us".
- "And the second"?
- "The second, I have something that I want you to do for me.  Just wait here for a second please, I need to go and get something from my bedroom".
And he hurried off, leaving Nidhi thoroughly confused.  What did he want to ask her, she thought.  A few second later he came out, and she saw that he was holding something in his hands. Ashutosh walked up to her and held out the blue tie that she had given him a couple of weeks ago.
- " I know you've been disappointed that I haven't worn this yet. I have seen it in you face everyday.  At first I was hesitant because, I didn't know if something this bright would look good on someone my age.  But later, I knew that it didn't matter. If this was what you wanted me to wear than that was all that was important".
- "Agar aapko yeh pataa tha, ke mujhe bura lag raha hai, and my preference mattered, toh phir aapne abhi tak kyon nahin pehna hai iss tie ko?  Bahut man se layi thi aapke liye".
- "I know that Nidhi, and I am really really sorry.  But, I was waiting for the right opportunity, first.  Tumhe yaad hai, valentines par tumne mujhe apne kamre mein bula kar, mere haath on se woh necklace pehenna chaha tha, jo maine tumhe diya tha.  Actually, I was waiting for the same thing from you.  Mai chahta hoon, ke tum ye tie mujhe aapne haathon se pehenao, usske baad hi mai isse hospital pehenke aaunga.  Pehenaogi na Nidhi, mujhe yeh tie apne haathon se"?
Nidhi, couldn't have spoken a word, even if her life had depended on it.  He had left her totally speechless.  The love in his eyes, and the total innocence of the way he asked her, told her in a way no words could ever have, how much she meant to him. So, with tears in her eyes, she nodded and took the tie from his hands.  Ashutosh smiled at her with love and tenderness, and  came closer to her and then, slowly, giving her enough time to say no, brought both of his arms out and placed his hands on her waist, and drew her still closer to him.  Nidhi slowly put her hands on his chest and slid her arms around his neck, her eyes never never leaving his face, and proceeded to tie the tie.  When she finished she smiled at him tenderly, leaned forward and gently put her head on his chest. Ashutosh sighed, and tightened his arms around her.
- "Nidhi for the first time in all my life I feel as if I have finally come home."
He felt the smile that came to her face.
- "Dr. Ashutosh, aapko to yeh baat aaj pataa chali hai.  But jis din se mujhe pataa chala hai ke aap bhi mujhe utna hi pyar karte hain jitna ke main aapse karti hoon, mujhe uss din hi iss baat ka Ehsaas ho Gaya tha ke aapke bahon mein hi mera sab kuch hai.  Aap bahut slow hain, after all age does slow a person down,  hai na?" 
Ashutosh laughed, at the teasing in her voice, and hugged her tighter to himself, unwilling to let her go just yet, feeling extreme peace at finally having her in his arms.  He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. And the way she fit so perfectly in his arms, proved to him that she had been put on this earth specially for him.
- "Nidhi, how about we drop the Dr part and just go with Ashutosh?  It's about time don't you think?"
- "Ji, you are right,  it is high time.  I love you,...Ashutosh".

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Inspired from Jab tak hai jaan Dialogues...

Tere unn 3 promos se
Tere saiyaan song se
tere saiyaan video se
pyaar karungi main..
Jab tak hai jaan...

Teri Adrak ki chai se
Teri pyaar ki barsaat se
Teri 8 baje ki mulakaat se
Pyaar karungi main
Jab tak hai jaan

Tere Seekhaye frendship se
Tere dikhaye Pita-beti ki dosti ko
Har ek tujhme dikhaye relatnshps se
pyaar karungi main
Jab tak hai jaan

unn anginat romantic moments ko
Nidhi ki shararaton ko
Ashu ke Bandh qilepan ko
Pyaar karungi main
Jab tak hai jaan

Mallika ki over negativity ko
Idiotic tracks ke overdose ko
BD se bhare episodes ko
Nafrat karungi main
Jab tak hai jaan...

Tere jariye mile frends ko
Tere jariye mili yaadon ko
tere jariye mili khud ko
cherish karungi main
jab tak hai jaan..

meri har duaaon se
meri har saason se
Meri din aur raaton se
Yahi kahungi main..
KTLK Janmdin mubarak ho...
Jab tak hai jaan...

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happy anniversary KTLK .. hoping to see many more anniversaries...
thanks everyone for making this day real special !

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A very happy anniversary to KTLK...hope the show scales greater heights...and continues to entertain us all for a long time to come...a special word of thanks to every member of the cast and crew for all their efforts in putting this show together...may God bless KTLK, its cast and crew with peace, joy and great success!

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Happy Anniversary KTLK. Here's to many more years of celebration.

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Its a year...really??cant blive it still...our ktlk is 1 yr old...well all i can say is happy anniversary ktlk...

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Thanks for the article! KTLK has indeed become a part of our lives. Love the show and the leads to the core! .Love all its cast and crew and the lead pair ashni is awesome!!! Sharad and Kritika...you both rock...Gr8 going KTLK and congratulations for completing a year...we want it to go on & on..God bless you...

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