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-:|| Happy Anniversary KTLK ||:-

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Posted: 01 October 2012 at 4:18am | IP Logged


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Armu4eva Coolbie

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Posted: 01 October 2012 at 4:19am | IP Logged

 On the occassion of the Anniversary,
come let us cherish some...



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Armu4eva Coolbie

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Posted: 01 October 2012 at 4:20am | IP Logged
by Hina
The journey of our favorite couple has been a long and hard fought one. A sweet, bubbly, full of life young lady became a doctor and applied for internship at Kotnis General Hospital, where she met for the second time Dr. Hardstone aka Dr. Ashutosh. Immediately she realized she was in big trouble for yelling at him and taking his money for compensation during a minor car accident earlier that day. She thought that if she tells him the truth about what she really wants, he will be angry and she would get her wishes - to quit the internship.   Nidhi requests Dr. Hardstone to fire her, but he requests her to think about her decision and let him know in the morning.  That night was the longest for Dr. Ashutosh, because he could not eat nor sleep since this decision was tugging at his heart.  Just a few days of interaction with Nidhi unknowingly touched his heart like never before in his life!  Nidhi was also having a tough time making her decision, causing her unhappiness for unknown reason.  

Morning came and Dr. Ashutosh became agitated and worried as he awaited for Nidhi's decision.  She came into his cabin and gave the unbearable news that she is quitting!  Dr. Ashutosh buckled up and shook her hand to wish her well, and in that moment a magical spark happened between the two!  This magical touch awoke their hearts to the possibility of love.   It was a beautiful moment for us to see this initial moment that awakened their hearts for love!   It was the start of Dr. Hardstone melting bit by bit by a young & beautiful titli sitting at the door of his castle!  

As they moved on with life, fate intervened and they unknowingly crossed paths several times. Each time, it brought sense of emptiness when they would depart from each other.  It tugged at our hearts when we saw them so lonely!

It was Nidhi who realized her love for Ashutosh when seeing him enjoying the October baarish. Now she could no longer bear being far from Dr. Ashutosh and needed to know if he felt the same way towards her. She decided to continue her internship back at KGH.  Her friend, Anji, advised her to stay away from Dr. Ashutosh, since this would upset her baba and dadi bua. Nidhi could not, her heart pulled her towards Dr. Ashutosh.  Anji relented and helped Nidhi determine if Dr. Ashutosh felt the same about her. Her attempts seemed to be fruitful, since Dr. Ashutosh was noticing her and she could feel his love for her.  Just when she thought he would reveal his love for her, she was fired from KGH all thanks to Dr. Ashutosh's long time friend, Dr. Mallika.  She also loved Ashutosh and would not allow Nidhi to come near him.  Dr. Ashutosh could not bring himself to show his love for Nidhi, because of the consequences of this type of age-gap relationship on her, her family and society!

Alas, Dr. Mallika's attempts to separate Nidhi and Dr. Ashutosh were successful and the separation was painful for us to watch!  

Thus began the turmoil of AshNis lives - not being able to acknowledge their love for each other!  It was really depressing to see them apart, crying, and so unhappy!

Again fate intervened, and they crossed paths in which their hearts broke further and further. Nothing could take their pain away!  
Many times we wished that Dr. Mallika had gone away from Dr. Ashutosh and Nidhi's lives.  The separation lasted longer than we expected, with too many twists in their lives due to Dr. Mallika's and her sister-in-law's wicked plans.

When Armaan, Dr. Ashutosh's friend, and Rohan, Nidhi's friend, came into the story, we finally were relieved to see them helping Ashutosh and Nidhi to resolve their unhappiness.   So many weeks of Mallu tricks and unhappiness for Nidhi and Ashutosh were painful for us audience to endure.  

Armaan & Rohan find out what is really bringing pain to Ashutosh & Nidhi - their heartbreak coz of their love for each other.  So Armaan & Rohan bring the two together to confess their love for each other.  Finally, they do!  It was a momentous occasion to see their confession to each other!  Finally we see relief and smiles on their faces!
Thus their age-gap relationship begins.  Their love blossoms with each meeting.   Rohan provides rendezvous excuses to baba and dadi bua allowing Nidhi and Dr. Ashutosh to meet.  However, there are hurdles to overcome due to Dr. Mallika.  She tried many ways to keep Nidhi away from Ashutosh.   It was disturbing to see Dr. Mallika not accepting the Ashutosh & Nidhi's relationship.  

Then unbeknownst to Nidhi, her baba and dadi bua, plan Rohan & Nidhi's engagement seeing that Rohan & Nidhi like each other.    When the announcement is made of Rohan & Nidhi's engagement, Dr. Ashutosh rushes from Delhi to try to reach Nidhi & her family to acknowledge their love for each other.  He never makes it due to a car accident.  Nidhi tells her baba of her love for Dr. Ashutosh to stop the engagement, even though she knows her baba will never except the age-gap relationship.   Baba and dadi bua are shocked and give their disapproval for the relationship.  Police inform everyone that Dr. Ashutosh has met with an accident.  Nidhi does not believe in her heart that Dr. Ashutosh is dead, and frantically searches for him in rural hospitals, along with her friends.  She hears Dr. Ashutosh's voice in her heart and runs towards the hospital and searches each face for her beloved.  Her eyes catch the glimpse of his face and she collapses on his chest with tears roll down her cheeks.   Her beloved is still alive!  They rush him to KGH for treatment.   
We were happy to see Nidhi finally tell her family of her relationship with Dr. Ashutosh.  We knew they would not accept the relationship, because of their views on age-gap marriages and society pressures.  However, we figured they would eventually accept AshNi.

Now another separation of our couple was about to begin.  Baba allows Nidhi to say a final goodbye to Dr. Ashutosh once he is well.   Nidhi obeys her father's wishes and goes with her baba and dadi bua to Kerela for some time off with her heart shattered.   Dr. Ashutosh finds out that baba has taken Nidhi away, and searches for her with Armaan.  They reach Kerala and he asks Nidhi that he loves her and wherever she goes, he will always be there.  Dr. Ashutosh goes to Nidhi's baba and asks for her hand in marriage, however, baba did not consent.  Nidhi says she cannot go against her father's wishes.   This devastates Ashutosh and he goes back home vowing that he will do what Nidhi asks .. to forget about their relationship, but never Nidhi.  He is unhappy. Nidhi and her family also reach back home.  Nidhi is also unhappy, but carries on with Rohan's help.  

We were elated when Ashutosh took Nidhi into his arms in Kerala!  It was the first time they hugged!   Finally, a romantic gesture between AshNi even though it was a sad separation track!!!

Rohan helps her to join Jeevan Sandhya to help elderly there.  Unbeknownst to her, there she finds Dr. Ashutosh's baba.  He has memory loss and cannot remember who he is.  When he hears Dr. Ashutosh's name, he thinks he knows that person.  Nidhi then realizes that Dr. Ashutosh can help him remember who he is, so she goes to Dr. Ashutosh and explains about Mathur baba.  Ashutosh explains to Nidhi how to help Mathur baba to bring his memory back.  Nidhi does what Ashutosh says, and then Mathur baba one day searches for his house along with Nidhi and finds it.  He shows Nidhi his house, and at that moment Nidhi realizes that this is Dr. Ashutosh's house and the house her nana had bequeathed to her ..! Her nana & Dr. Ashutosh's baba are one and the same! This realisation takeas her by a surprise!  She rushes to Dr. Ashutosh and tells him that she found his baba.  Nidhi takes him to his house and Ashutosh finally reunites with his long lost baba!   Baba remembers his Ashu and they both hug and cry.  Nidhi does not tell Mathur baba that he is her nana.  

Now we have Mathur baba to help AshNi to get back together again .. to stand up against Colonel Varma & dadi bua and face society pressures.  Also, AshNi know about their intertwined relationship background!  

Dr. Ashutosh takes baba back to his house to live.  Ashutosh is elated that his baba is back with him and baba's memory gradually returns.  All this while, Mathur baba senses that Ashutosh is not happy.  He pressures Armaan to tell why Ashutosh is unhappy and learns that a young lady is the reason why.   Mathur baba eventually finds out that it was Nidhi.  He goes to Nidhi's baba to plead with him for Ashutosh and Nidhi's happiness, and is shocked  to see that Nidhi's baba is none other than his son-in-law!  Mathur baba had rejected his daughter's abrupt marriage to Colonel Varma (Nidhi's baba) long ago and never talked to his daughter again.  

Nidhi's baba is shocked to see Dr. Mathur.  He cannot believe that Dr. Mathur could ask for him to forgive him for the grief that he gave his wife.  

We had hoped that Dr. Mathur would be able to kick some sense into Nidhi's baba. Nidhi trying to escape due to her broken heart was the final straw.  At last Ashutosh requested Nidhi not to go to Europe in front of her family!   This allowed baba to see that Ashutosh really loves his daughter and his daughter is only happy with him!  Finally we saw the acceptance of baba for AshNi!!!  Our hearts were so overjoyed at their reunion!!!   

AshNi engagement and marriage scenes were beautiful and just perfect!   At last the titli melted Dr. Hardstone's heart!!!  
The honeymoon was a different location, but what can we say about our CVs?   We finally have AshNi HM in the national forest!  

Then Mallika coming back after being abused by Jagan and straight into AshNi lives as soon as they were back from their HM was unexpected!   Sure Mallika may have been abused by Jagan, but when she began playing all her tricks to make Nidhi appear to be at fault, it was horrible to watch!!!   This track lasted too long !   We never had long conversations & bonding between AshNi.   The fact that Nidhi was always apologizing was not good!!!  Ashutosh always defending Mallu was horrible!!   No trust was shown between Ashutosh and Nidhi, just he trusted Mallu only!!!   When Mallu's tricks in the MM house came to light to Ashu & Mathur baba, then it was the triumph and payback for all the suffering Nidhi went through!!!   The slap Ashu gave Mallu was not enough in my opinion!!  She needed more slaps and some kind of punishment for the things she did to Nidhi and her family!!!   She was forgiven and sadly' no necessary actions were taken!!!    A doctor should not go against their oath of always trying to save lives!!!

When Mallu was out of the picture, then happiness returned for AshNi.  RanJi marriage was good to move forward with the track.  

Then the baby track came into the picture.  Still no proper communication & bonding between AshNi before  and after this was brought up!!   Thereafter an angry Ashu and immature Nidhi were shown.  MUs plentiful, but no proper heart to heart talk between AshNi!!!  Then in between all these MUs, a pregnant Mallu was back!!!  Again Ashu helping Mallu even when she tried to kill Nidhi didn't make sense!  Ashu trusted Mallu but not Nidhi.  AshNi MUs again!!! Nidhi walked out of the house and another brief separation followed!
Two new entries Amar and Ahana tried to create some lightness in the days of separation and after few cute nok-jhoks and a kidnapping drama, AshNi reunited..!!

Looking back to the past year, one can deduce that it has been a roller coaster ride for our love birds!!!  They've been apart for longer period than they have been together!!!  As a new year dawns for KTLK, I'd request the CVs to show Nidhi as a complete doctor allowing her to grow in maturity and also bring about the relationship growth between AshNi before a baby track is introduced. ..!!

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Armu4eva Coolbie

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On this grand occassion ...let us take a moment to thank from the bottom of our HEARTS..
Sneha Rajani & SONY
[ for supporting the show thru thick and thin]
Rajan Shahi (Directors Kut Productions)
[for keeping us entertained thru the good and the bad times]
Kamlesh Pandey ji & Other CVs
[for some of the best dialogues to come in a long while]
Sharad & Kritika
[for portraying our beloved AshNi and leaving us dazed and amazed with each and every act of theirs]
Vishal & Ishita
[for portraying the cute and adorable couple RanJi who are always there for AshNi]
Entire Cast & Crew
[for entertaining us all through out the year]
a job .. WELL DONE... Clap

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Armu4eva Coolbie

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Posted: 01 October 2012 at 4:22am | IP Logged
by Sujata (Tanu)
by Mudra (Libra/Tanu)
by Harshal/ Divya/ Hina (Tanu)





(Aahat aur Hichkichahat)



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Posted: 01 October 2012 at 4:30am | IP Logged
 T i M e    2     p a R T y

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On this happy occassion ...

 || Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye ||


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Armu4eva Coolbie

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And now time to say some ... THANK Us to the ones who have helped us at the DT to make this post ...
- Shivu -
- cool_sk -
- Harika -
- Hina -
- Libra -
- Mudra -
- Sujatha -

- Harshal -

- Divya -
Clap  Each & Every MEMBER of this FORUM  Clap

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