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BVTimes#2(Nafrat Aur Pyar Mai Jeet Sirf Pyar Ki)

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Balika vadhu is story of Child bride anandi and her journey. Till date she went through so many problems in her life. But for the first time she is seeing light in her. this light is none other than but collectors of jaitsar.. Shivraj Shekhar. She is going to start new life.. With the new leaf in life. Finally she meets her true love'the same love she is finding in her life. She still scares to move in her life... But this phase is going to end. And she will fail in love with soon too with our collector saab'

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Khushi: hey!.. isn't that done everything. what plan this time for nl

Pratz:' Yeah i have a plan too.. and last NL was quite blast right isnt it.

Khushi: Yeah the last one was a amzing, i hopt this time we get huge reponse too..

Pratz: sure chill mar.. do you know this time we going to introduce new as well

Khushi: wait yaar you didnt told me about new thing what is it.. and how could you hide this from me. 

Pratz:  hey i told you log time beofe too you forget dumb head.. New seesion

Khushi: opps sorry what is session is really pratz

Pratz: oh you truly forget let me remind you its Golmal awards of the month 

Khushi:   our new session golmal awards of the month  Star with this s lets do our  presentation too.. 

Khushi: yeah sure why not i  can't hold my excitement

Pratz & khushi:Hey let us commence our monthly presentation.    Balikavadhu Times #2(pyar aur nafrat mai jit sirf pyar ki.. )our newsletter.


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(By DonIsback)

Bhikari week

Mahi is leaving for important project.. Shiv sends his bike with him as well before leaving he tease shiv that he will open all his secret to anandi.  Khajan and anandi talked. Anandi explain her fear to him. She said that she is nervous that if she can fulfill her in laws expectation. Cm and shiv talked about anandi. Cm told shiv it's not easy to move forward in relationship and left everything behind. Is she able to accept shiv and give all happiness to him as he deserve. Because she herself not able to do that why she never married second time. Shiv assure her that anandi is strong girl and not remain in past. Otherwise she will not achieve this position what she is today. He have full faith in his love and anandi. Its need little time and she will get over with old relationship. Jagat in bar having fb of gauri and anandi. He said no one with him now. He is dead. He doesn't have money to pay for his bill so manager asked guard to throw him out. Guards bit him and left and jagat faint. In morning everyone though his as a begger. Jagat is angry and throw stone on them.. And wonder himself what he is doing there.J wonders how he land at this state. See the bar and remember previous night. He thought he is getting punish after what he did with his family. He has all flashback about how he never listen anyone from his family. He remember to what bade papa told him about he said that he ashamed his dad and due to that no one going to forgive him. He saw dadisa. ds forgive him and asked him to come home with her. And then she disappear he realize that this is dream. He though must be ds forgive him and once she forgive everyone forgive him also. Iravati invite anandi for lunch. Dadisa is hesitant about but bharion made her agree. Anandi to agree to go without hesitation. In shiv home shiv said he get jalebi for anandi. In Mumbai g is walking on road and faint. Doctor informs her she is pregnant. G mom tells her after listing this news j will return to her. But gauri asker her to not disclose about kid to jagya..Gehna and ds is choosing jewelry for anandi...  Anandi made food for the family. Ds compliment her. Ds said she want to give special to anandi.and gehna advice her. Ds explain it's because of shiv she changer her opinion of matter that she should respect daughter of the house as well. Jagya enter in house all tattered. Jagya wanted to talk to anandi. Everyone is shocked to seeing him bhairon denies that states she engaged to someone and don't wanted to see him. Jagya try to look surprise but ds recalled that she seen him sagayi day... Jagya lie to all that he doesn't know about sagai. But ds show jagya's shoes and proven him wrong. Bharion is angry that he is lying again. Bharion asked him go back to Mumbai. He admit that he come to sagayi.. And fall to ds knees and asked for another chance. He tries to explain about gauri but bharion cut it off and throw him out. And asked not to come back again. no one want to see his face again. Village people come with gift and witness this. Jagya leave and ds look affected.Village people witness the drama when jagya being thrown out. Bharion walk inside angry and declared that he don't want to anyone talk to ayga...Not even utter his name. He told jagya is shameless he is jealous with anandi. He comes in jaitsar with some purpose... He insists everyone not to revel about this to anandi. Jagat is crying and walking thinking about how he was thrown out from his house no one ready to listen him...he thought to meet her in school. He come to school and saw anandi walking with big smile on her face and shiv is walking by her side too. Anandi goes with shiv in jeep..Jagat saw her going with shiv he though he destroyed everything with this ego. Anandi meet shekhar's take blessing with them. Everyone praise her halwa that she made for them.  Shiv offer jalebi to anandi. She have flashback of past.  But she takes jalebi... And shiv eat too.. Jagat remember all past.. And see jhula near of tree.. And crying' Jagat is wondering aimlessly on the road. Remembering past time with anandi. In shiv place anandi eat jalibi.. Shiv tells about his jalibi vrat... Nandu come home crying and said that he bhabhisa going to leave them to marrying collector. Ds explain him things as he he grown up. Shiv and anandi and dadu outside in rain in garden. Dadu tease him about gardening. He does try to do. Which make laugh anandi? But in between his cut himself. Anandi said that he need to injection but shiv denied.. Dadu said that he don't like injection. Anandi remember FB of shiv telling the same and she smirk.  Village found jagya unconscious and take him to hospital.. Anandi and shiv goes to hospital. shiv is complain to lal sing not giving him injection but lal singh gives him injection. Anandi support his and hand and both have eye lock session .anandi and shiv leave hospital anandi miss to seeing jagat.


Mafinama week

Lal sing acknowledge him as jagya. Jagya is muttering something about family and anandi. Lal singh run to inform anandi, but then drop the idea. Anandi come to house very happy. She tells them that shiv family is different... And very modern too she doest see anything like this before & even share incident about shiv happened in hospital before. And giggle.. Dadisa is very happy to see anandi is smiling. In hospital jagat is muttering everyone name. Lal sing called gauri. But she cut his called as she don't want to heard anything about him. Lal sing inform ds about jagat health. Ds decide to go to hospital she try to leave but bharion asked her from back where she is going. . Ds lie to him bharion wonder why she lie to him. Ds see jagat in hospital and asked to informed gauri. Lal sing Informed previous incident with gauri .ds seat near to jag and asked he left girl like anandi for gauri. And now his dadisa is so helpless that she can't even help him. Dadisa is talking unconscious jagat. She cried and asked lal singh to take care of him. She leaves her japmala behind. Jagat grab it hold close it and sleep. Gehna talks to dadisa who is pre ' occupied in thought. But ds lie saying she is tried. Anandi called shiv over phone warn him to take care of his finger and fuss over with it and decide to go with him hospital. Ds overhear it and worried about anandi going hospital and mite sees jagat there. Jagat dream and wakes up. Lal sing inform his how he reach in hospital and even talked about gauri... Jagat tell lal sing that he break all ties with gauri and come to jaitsar to apologies to everyone. , he stupid to left everything for gauri. Lal singh think that this is too late and wonder how he will tell about anandi engagement .jagat see japmala and shocked and asked about arrival of ds to lal singh. Lal singh tell him that yes she come to see him. Jagat think once again. Now he will get back to his family. Shiv is getting ready in morning. Bhim singh come running and informed him jagat return. Cm overhear it.. Shiv wonders to himself why anandi not inform him about this. Shiv remembers what bheem singh told him earlier. He has flashback to his first meeting with jagat. Shiv think himself why anandi not reveled to him jagat comeback and why she so clam yesterday. He thinks she must don't know anything about his return. May be all villager to kept secret form her.. he think why jagat back again , Again to trouble anandi . He thought he doesn't want anandi trouble to its better not revealed to her.  .shiv called anandi and have some cute chat over phone. He informs her he is laving for important work so can't go to hospital. He assures her that he will bandage his hand and come home to show her too... Anandi comes school and received shiv letter. In letter he asker her for his friendship. She called him and accepted his friendship. In during convo they both have flashback of there previous encounters. I haveli dadisa are very much worried about anandi going to hospital but she called anandi and find out that there hospital visit cancelled. She asked anandi to come to mandir..Dadisa goes to hospital and keep chuneri on his bed and when she try to leave jagat grab her pallu. Jagat asked her about yesterday visit too. Dadisa denied that but letter tell him that she come for humanity. She tries to leave and saw bharion standing in front of her. Dadisa and jagat both shocked. Bharion asked dadisa why her reason to visit jagat. Dadisa reveled that she just comes to give him Devi ma chunery her ashirwad. She said she just fulfilled her duty and she has no feeling for him. Bharion said to dadisa to leave. When they both try to leave jagat stop both of them and plead to them to forgive him...Bharion sternly asked lal sing this the reason that he asked him to meet him. Ls replies that jagat is no old jagat... he is repeating. Bharion said he can't forgive him he destroyed everything by himself. He always comes to them with some intention and this time is same too. Jagat said that he done everything because of gauri and in her influence.. Bharion replied him back that he done this and do whatever her wish because somewhere he is selfish too... Jagat said that when he finds out bout gauri cheating he left her.  He know that it's his dad funded her. He again asked them to forgive him. Ds and bharion sternly said no... Ds said it's not about you and me... it's about anandi. And what you did to her I can't forgive you. And both leave. Jagat return in his room and take the chunery kept by dadisa...he think he will meet anandi she never said him no in past. She will forgive him so he can enter in haveli. Now only anandi can make them forgive him. Bharion is angry with ds as she gone to meet jagat. Basant take him aside and asked him to thinking about her side to.. She is after all dadisa.. Ds is thinking about jagat that the truly feel sorry but then she come to sense and though he should not be forgive. Its injustice with anandi. Anandi coming out of school. And cm comes to meet her. Anandi goes wit her in car as she is going to drop her to temple .jagat is hiding behind bush and watching this all. He run after car and shout anandi, jagat stop cycle rikshawala and asked hi to go after car. Cm drop anandi and anandi about to go cm told her that she love shiv lot and don't want anandi to hurt him. And inform that Her husband is back in village. Anandi replied to her that shiv is her present and future where jagya is her past. She will never hurt him. But cm doesn't believe on her words she said it it's not easy to forget memories. She said think again over it and left anandi is quite shaken and walk towards temple. She said that her wounded open again. Jagat is back in jaisar the why not one informed her. And just then she hears jagat voice and turn and shocked to see jagat standing there.


Shaitan jag utha week..

Jagat walk up to anandi and anandi try to walk away form him. He fumbles for words and then said to her that he comes too asked for forgiveness.  Anandi look shocked. He said her that the way he behave with her.. He asked forgiveness for his all crimes. He blames gauri for blinding him and leaving him incapable of thinking. He blame her that she hide the entire thing from even bapusa funded her education after he find out her truth he left her. He said that gauri use him. Anandi look shocked and disgusted by this. He explain her that he know about her engagement he have no problem with it. But she should return his family to him. Anandi replied to him all mistake can not be forgiven. He asked emotionally to her why she can't forgive him the one she love him form childhood. Anandi replied to him that even he love gauri. Is he capable to forgive her? Jagya look stunned. He didn't reply. So she didn't forgive him too for that... Jagya said that every biggest criminal also get chance to forgivenss..Anandi said its always upon his mood. he decide that what he want always come and goes to her life and do whatever. Jagya looks angry he said you find someone and your life is settle.. you are selfish now.. That why you are not thinking about me.. What about me.. Give me my family back. Anandi said that till date she is doing the same. She forgives him for his every mistake... She makes him remember his entire mistake. Each time she forgives him. Even at divorce she only give him best wishes.. But still he is not satisfied and end up to her house disrespecting her mother. Only she knows real truth why he comes there so she can't forgive him. Just then Singh's arrive in temple and spot jagat with anandi.jagya look horrified. Anandi said jagat is demanding forgiveness not asking he did not deserve to forgive. She turns around shocked to see family standing there. Jagat tell ds asked to anandi forgive him as her ex husband he have right to asker forgiveness. Ds slap him hard and bhairon tell him that he never change. And anandi will never forgive him. Jagat stare at anandi and everyone and walk out. in circuit house shiv arrive and iravati tell him that cm gone to meet anandi. Just then cm enters and told that she meet anandi learning about her husband arrival in jaitsar. She is upset about that must anandi past affect shiv life. His future with her. She explains further she done want anandi to make any contact with jagat. Shiv replied on that calmly and said he don't have any problem if anandi wanted to be in touch with jagat. It's her decision and he will support is upset on this and walk off .just then anandi call shiv and asked him to meet her...Shiv leaves immediately. Alok goes to meet cm and tried to convince her. He tell her that anandi is nice girl and she can never hurt shiv.. cm does not look convince at all. And says that she hope she is wrong about anandi.  Shiv come to meet anandi and asked her why she crying in rain. Anandi tell him that jagat in jaitsar. Shiv said he know about it. Anandi explain to him and shiv reassure her and take her out of the rain.. Shiv further states that he know that they are becoming one. But everyone have place where they restrict and don't allow anyone to enter its. That why he didn't asked it.. Anandi said that he have big heart .she tell me all he thing what happened in mandir after cm drop her. She feel bad that she is not able to forgive him .shiv replied to her that that the person who cause her lot of pain and she thinking bad of herself. its only shows that she has heart. if anyone at place the to not to able to forgive him. he said that he know that her tears are heal her wound so he will not stop her for crying. Shiv compliment her smile and gift her wind chime and compare its to anandi. They have sweet moment together jagat is watching all this.. Then jagat is thinking about alone. He talks to himself that now everything is finish. He can't believe that anandi is not able to forgive him. One of jagat inner self said that. Because of anandi he can't get forgiveness. And another self is defending... anandi' four evil jagat inner self and against one good jagat inner self and real jagya watching lost...  Six jagat talking to themselves... Four inner self are presently evil sprits and one is good sprit.4 inner self believes that anandi is responsible for jagat condition. She not ready to forgive him. Others tell them this good one not let to you made you man... Due to anandi you lost all. Good inner self made him try to understand but jagat push him away.. Remaining all evil inner self enter in him. And he decide to take revenge against anandi .he said he will take all back from her. Lal sing is worried where jagat is gone and enquire in haveli. Gehna receive his call and inform that jagat is not here.. This left ds worried. Anandi and shiv come to circuit house. To meet shiv parents. Anandi tell tem about return of jagdish... And even apologies form her family behalf. She said that she don't know why he is here. But she has nothing to do with him she never hurt shiv and never give him pain. Shiv family all impressed. Cm merely smile but not look convinced jagat goes on everywhere to asking for job. But no one give to him. He is hungry and can't return in hospital he said in anger this is all due to you anandi. You will pay for this.. In circuit house dadu bring everyone in garden.. And give them work. But in between hi trick shiv anandi and made them out. So they can spend time together. I meanwhile anandi try to talk to cm but she is not convince with her... Anandi visit in shiv room and watch video of sagai with him shiv and anandi both spot jagya in video both are shocked to see him there. Anandi realize that jagat come to engagement but wonder why he didn't come to them that day. Shiv states that may be he wanted forgiveness but seeing everyone he don't have courage to asked for it.anandi insists to shiv to drop her.. In mandir food is being handled out. Jag is there too he sees shiv and anandi going in jeep together. Shiv family talking about anandi and praise her. .cm feels that what if anandi feels obliged to go back to jagat. But she cleared the fact means she valuing this relationship. Ds give call to lal singh to asked about jagat but found he still not reach hospital..Ds is wondered and wonder where he can be. Bharion is looking about jagat childhood picture. And thinking about past. Ds come and asked him to eat. But he said he is not hungry. Bharion tell that he can't see his son like this. he doesn't have that strength .. Ds asked him to forgive jagat.. Bharion look shocked. And disagree he said he can't done injustice with anandi ds said that he is blood and son of the house. Bharion remind her, what anandi mother told her and promise that ds give to anandi mother, they can't do this. Bharion states to go against what they promise would be wrong. Bharion said he can't do this.


Pyar aur sherini ka vaar week.


Jagat is walking on road and fail down due to ill health. He tell himself that he need to be strong and has to recover so he can able to make anandi separate from his family. He smells of food and peeps into house and sees people are eating. At haveli all are upset. Ds is thinking that dishes made is house all of jagat liking but he is not there to eat. Jag enters in house as a thief. And try to still roti. .in between try to escape he struggle with the man in house. And run but before leaving he mistakenly hurt that man and that man faint and hurt.. Jagat saw that he just steel that very tiny peace of roti and felt angry. He blames anandi for that. Said he wont let her live in peace. Anandi is praying in front of bhagwan to save jagat. She said give him strength so he could forget bad past and move ahead in life. Ds getting fb of kid jagya. .and jagya visit in haveli asking for food. Ds give him food. Jagya is hungry and eating very fast. Suddenly jag coughs and ds give him gall of water and its fail down.. Ds realize its her dream not reality. Annadi come to ds room and asked reason. Ds said that she feel uneasy.. She asked anandi go to karnimata temple with shiv because she asked mannat form Devi Mata for her and shiv relationship. Anandi agrees on that.Shekhar's are very happy finally they win the case and get their haveli back. They come to to Singh's haveli for sharing this news. They share some hearty talks in between. Ds and bharion is to happy to hear that news..Ds talked about her mannat about devimata.. And express that shiv and anandi must to go karnidevimata mandir. shekhar's to agree to go with them they asked ds to accompanied but she denies jagat is washing his face and here about injure man. He recollects that the one he injures and this man is same. He is dilemma t if he goes to meet him or not. Shiv is in car with family. Bheem sing calls he wanted to giving him news about narayan but decide against it. In car daddu joke that its hard to make bheem singh away from shiv. Anandi need to do lot of hard work for this. Everyone having breakfast. When shiv and anandi is not with them. Dadu decide goes to haveli as lot of paper to have sign too... Iravati said how they going to do alone do female to decide to leave with them.  Anandi and shiv walking and realize no one with them. Anandi wonder why no one with them shiv replies on that they want them to alone. Spend time together and have eye lock. Jagat is about to go visit narayan room when police emerged from his room saying inform them when he gain consciousness as he seen the thief face. Jagat Is worried over this. In karni mata temple shiv prays that anandi to started to feel for her the way he feel for her.. anandi to pray for her new relationship and for jagat too.. She asked devi Mata to show him right path. Jagya is also praying to devimata to show him way. In mandir urmi devi is worried about anandi as she heard so many bad things about shiv. She said some one need to inform that girl about shiv. After aarti.. Urmi Devi meets anandi and badmouth about shiv. She said he is shaitan. Her daughter is save from marrying him. And talk about his anger issue too and other things.. Shiv mom comes to there and greet her.. and said that she have misconception about shiv having girlfriend. But urmi Devi continue her ranting. Shiv also comes there. Iravati said that she can't insult her son that too in front of her bahu. But urmi devi doesn't listen and continue ranting her about saving that shiv will brought videshi girl and all.. Anandi finally shout enough. And said she completely trust on shiv. She don't know him that so well. But she has full trust on his Character and truthfulness. She said that she seen patience in him and he fights for women rights not just in him home but in others home too. he supported her all them time. Everyone look proud at her.. Urmi devi look perplexed and tell her she will she make her meet that women who give her info. Anandi decided to find that women who badmouth about shiv. cm to disturbed about this and said because of that woman my shiv marriage couldn't be fixed with urmi daughter. Shiv said that is benefited him.. As anandi in now in his life. Anandi got flashback about ds that and when she here that women meet same day when dadisa too visit temple.. She thought why you did this dadisa.. you lie about shiv and broke his marriage proposal Anandi remember ds antics and words during shiv birthday.. And realize its ds that mislead urmidevi. Jagat is stacking his victim. Lal sing misunderstood as his concern for patient. Lal singh meet jagat with naryan.. narayan look uneasy. Lal singh praise jagat but narayan wife. Refuse to believe any good in him because he is the one who give grief to sarpnachbitya..Shekhar's drop anandi at haveli. Cm remind anandi to investigate about dokri.ds and bharion talking anandi come and declared she will not get married to shiv. Everyone shocked. Ds asked her reason.. Anandi said that exact words that ds tell to urmidevi. Ds first puzzle and then remember her own words to urmi devi. Anandi demand to know why she lie about shiv. Ds revel how she meet urmi devi at temple. In order to stop shiv to marrying someone else she lies to urmidevi.everyone look at angry at ds.. Anandi said that ds create a big mess.. Now people will think that we trap shiv. Anandi reveled how upset shekhar's and they hell bend to find that women. What will happen once they find out its ds? Was the one spreading rumors? Anandi leaves angrily and bharion to scolds ds. Shekhar's is going to Udaipur to take care of some business. Iravati suggest that shiv should meet his sister. Shiv agrees too. Anandi in her room is upset about whole incident. And look at wind chime. She feel once this truth will be out its create huge storm that no one can imagine it.

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(By  Suchi-Virmanian)

What a tiring month!

The only things that did save us from pure torture were AnSh Scenes. 
Jagya the menace on the path of repentance gave us the worst migrane of the season!

Emotions being hurled at us, hatred, disgust, cheating, lying, 6 JAGYAS!! WOW ... HOW did we survive all of this!?

For me the best episode remains 
Anandi telling Shiv about Jagya's return and Shiv managing to make her understand how its OK for her not to forgive Jagya. Not only did he sooth her inner turmoil, he managed to bring smile on her face and got her the best memory yet!

The wind chimes...Heart

An episode that was dedicated to AnSh mostly I should say 
THE BEST EPISODE of this month (September) 

 September 19th 2012 

Here is the moment.. 

(By khusi_* )

1With jagat/jagdeesh/jagiya's same endless mafinaama and singh's same endless refusal to forgive...13th sep is the filler episode of the month...!

(By  khusi_*)

Ratings of the month...

Month of September witness jagdeesh's continuity of maffinaama, singh's refusal, anandi's a big NO to forgive him with clearance shiv is her present n future and the result of fighting in between 6 jagiyas(his inner shades), their vows to destroy anandi,shiv's choti maa's same "cant forget memories" song, shiv's efforts to win his lady love with Ansh's blossoming closeness ,revelation of Ds's trick...with all those sweet moments with detailing(dragging)...the rating of the month is

3.5Star out of 5Star

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(By  piya_anshian)

To be quiet honest, there were very few emo scenes this month and it is really surprising! LOL coz once upon a time BV used to have only emo scenes. But now ? No guyz our BV has changed a lot! Thanks to our dearest PremKali and Shekhars ! HeartHeart lol

But coz i HAD to choose one so i'll go with the scene where Bhairon cries in front of DS, remembering the chota, naughty kiddo Jagiya and says that he feels bad for him but Jagiya himself is responsible for his screwed up situation so he wont ever forgive him. A father witnessing his child's downfall is indeed painfull

(By  piya_anshian)

The most funny scene of the month was Pendu's dream in which he was trapped in a cave and was shouting everyone's name. Gawd !! Poor kid looked dead scared !! LOLLOL Plus the bg score made it more funny. And in the last when he saw light coming from the end, it was actually LS hovering over him, shooting torch in his eyes ! Hillarious !! lol

(By  piya_anshian)

 So girls and guyz ( yeah! I know there are some LOL ) it was really difficult for me to choose one most romantic scene of the month coz there were soo many !!

So the most romantic scene of the month was Shiv slipping green bangles in his Anandi jee's beautifull hands... slowly and softly, mesmerized, looking in her smoky eyes, while Anandi was blushing and smiling and Oh my God ! BlushingBlushing

(By  payalibm)

DS is going down memory lane remebering. 

1) How she spoiled Jagya. 

2) How DS hurted Anandi and stopped her education. 

Its the saddest scene because DS is regreting some of her decisions and she cant go back and change her actions and she somewhat blames herself for all that has happened to Anandi and Jagya. When you look back on your past and you cant change it is very heartbreaking and saddest moments of our lives!

(By  ritzi12)

there werent much of blooper though only one thing i noticed Shiv ka famous sisscor cut was made way too exaggerated .LOL.lolz yes I mean the cut was tiny winy for that he has to visit hospital to change his bandage !! he can do at home also !! nevermind !!Big smile


(By  ritzi12)

The best dialogue of month came from  best moments in BV  ...When anandi confronts Shiv after jug fiasco and SHiv beautifully consoles her by saying these words :

" har insaan ke dil mein ek kona hota hain jahan pe woh akela hota hain"

And these lines conveyed all so simply and powerfully Shiv said he doesnt wants to enter that part of anandi without her permission and thats  why he didnt inform her abt Jug arival !!
Anandi is all in praise of Shiv saying his heart is so big Embarrassed

(By  AnjanaYYZ)

Jaitsar once had a prince who had it all

A haveili, a beautiful bride, even a cool ride
But, he tried to grasp the sky and lost it all

He lied, he cheated, and even stole chappatis
Then he wanted maafi like it was free toffee
As its not his fault per his multiple personalities

Now he ruins every other Anshillious moment
With his vengeful, stinky, ill-mannered presence
How we wish he does penance in a Himalayan tent

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(By  dixie123)

Anandi Singh (Mrs.Shivraj Shekhar-To-Be Blushing)


Anandi after annoying many of us with her constant Jaggu's FBs last month finally decided to move on this month. After the sagai, she talks with her dad and promises herself to work on moving ahead for her mother's soul RIP and be able to live up to the the Shekhars expectations.


This month was all about how Anandi was slowly allowing Shiv into her life and her accepting the new relation 'Dil Se'. She has given one too many indications of this: Her voluntarily making Shiv's fav halwa during her first visit to the Shekhars, her gesture of accepting and promising to keep up her frienship with Shiv, her first ever FB of Shiv, her calling him to find out how he was doing after he got a boo-boo, her smile on receiving a call from Shiv, her playful teasing him of fear of injection, her pouring her heart out to Shiv and wanting to share her sorrows after her face-off with her ex, sharing her childhood likes of bangles, comfortably sitting with Shiv in the car front seat with family around. Most important of all she does not mind Shiv flirting with her and is no longer shy on having a eye-lock with him ! Blushing

Anandi indeed has come a long way after the confused zombie state she was in last month and that makes her the best character of this month !


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(By payalibm)

His costume totally suits him and his personality! He is filthy from inside and finally today he is filthy from outside as well! This costume suits him perfectly and he is looking hehehe very charming


(By  surabhi01)

"Inspite of male ego hurt think getting forgiveness from his wife is his own right but forget that wife has equally right to refuse "

On 17th sep 

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The winner siggy is


AND here is the prize of the winner


(By  Donisback)

The winner avis is...


(By Vedo )

AND here is the prize of the winner

(By  vedo)

The Winner Chori kitya re jiya by GoldenDew

Direct Link:

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By  surabhi01)

Name of winner topic - akhir jogiya ko barbad kisne kiya !

Name of topic maker -Ankit111

Time of posting topic-1.47Pm means in afternoon

date of posting this topic 17 sept 2012

this topic has get 80 likes and run till 09 pages


(By  Vedo)

The winner is The Prince & the Pauper by Suchi-virmanian

AND here is the prize

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(By  payalibm) 

We are introducing our new session of awards this month. This award is especially for our bv characters. Enjoy..

Bakra of the month 

Rikshaw wala
Jagya sat on his riskshaw and chased the car Anandi was in and when we reached his destination Jagya had no money in his hand! The Riskshaw wala did not ask any money from Jagya and goes away! Riskshaw wala paddled so hard and did not lose sight of the car and in repayment or reward he was made Bakra!!!

FunCare of the Month 

Jagya chasing the car Anandi is in! The funniest and the most enjoying bit was when Jagya ran like P.T Usha and was chasing the car! I to havent seen anyone run this fast hehehe. The other scenario would be the driver of the car was driving at a very slow speed hehehe.
Another funny bit in the same scene was when our Pighead Jagya is asking the Riskshaw wala as to why his riskshaw is going so slowww. The riskshaw wala replies back that its is a riskshaw not a car!! Wasnt it the dumbest question asked by Jagya but LoL what else can be expected from our Pighead Jagya! I had a good laugh watching that scene!
Finally the icing on the cake was when Jagya reached he destination on time isnt that a shocker I was laughing thinking why didnt the Jagya reach before the car!! I had a good laugh watching the scene I hope you having a good laugh reading about itBig smile

Glycerin of the Month 

Our CVs made Anandi cry for more then an year. Now CVs attention have shifted to our Pighead Jagya. Whole month our Pighead was only crying and crying and crying infront of everyone (Villagers, Bhairo, DS & Anandi). I hope the production house was not facing shortage of glycerine on their sets during the crying scenes. As crying is ongoing in BV and this month in the limelight of crying is our head Jagya begging for forgivness and regretting his past actions.

Band Baja Barati

Urmi Devi
Urmi Devi bajao band of DS and now thanks to Urmi Devi all family members will bajao band of DS. Urmi Devi declared Shiv is negative character and now Shekhars are shocked to know the rumours about Shiv, CM angry not geting virgin bride and anandi angry at DS for faking rumours about Shiv in order to have him as Anandi's groom to be...
All Singh family members are ashmed and don't know what will happen when shekhars will come to know its DS who said all this about Shiv to Urmi Devi

Khatra of the Month

Choti Ma 
She is Khatra for Anandi and her family as she is not happy with ShivAnandi relationship as she needs a virgin bride for Shiv and with news about Jagya being in Jaitsar and Urmi's news about DS lying about Shiv has made Choti Ma more sure that her being against ShivAnandi relationship is absolutely correct. Choti ma is the Khatra for ShivAnandii's marriage and for its viwers as they are eagerly waiting for ShivAnandi marriage

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Let Me introduce to our Newsletter Team of Balikavadhu Forum

summary of the month(short summaries of 4 weeks)- DonIsback(back up-piya_anshian)
Best episode of the month-Suchi-Virmanian(Back up-payalibm)
Filler Episode of the month-khusi_*(back up Suchi_Virmanian)
Rating of the Month-khusi_*(back up -pari117)
Emotional scene of the month-piya_anshian(Back up-payalibm)
Funny scene of the month-piya_anshian(back up-DonIsback)
Romantic scene of the month-piya_anshian(back up-DonIsback)

Saddest scene of the month-payalibm(back up -malika)
Blooper of the month-ritzi12(back up-dixie123)
Dialogue of the month-ritzi12(back up-dixie123)
Irritating character of the Month-AnjanaYYZ(back up-DonIsback)
Best Character of the month-dixie123(back up-DonIsback)
Picture of the month-monamie111(back up -vedo)
Best costume of the month-payalibm(back up monamie111)
Siggy of the month-ritzi12(back up monamie111)
Avi of  the month-liv2laugh(back up monamie111)
VM of the month-vedo(back up monamie111)
Most active thread of the month-surabhi01(back up monamie111)

Best voiceOver of the month-surabhi01(back up -nya_ansari)

Best FF/SS/OS of the month-Vedo(back up-tv_princess)

Golmal award of the month-payalibm(back up-donisback)


Main siggy- khusi_*

Winner siggies- khusi_*

Banners/logos- -shivu- & rashu 

Help in categories and NL- DonIsback

Special thanks - BV Times Team 


Me and Khushi along with our team will present the Newsletter Of Balikavadhu times Monthly. Its going to publish on date on 2 of every month alternately by me and khushi. Please drop to give your opinion and participate in Nl activates as much you can.. and support us as well to reading our updates. We ensure you all of you, will love this newsletter for sure.


******Announcement for BalikaVadhu Times*******

 You all have to send buddy request for balikavadhu times for anshbalikavadhu id account

 From this month all entries must to reach this account (anshbalikavadhu)till 30/31 end of the month of midnight. 12.00 IST

Any person who is unable to send us section. Need to send us pm  .. in 12 days to reason of back off.. Before 12 days with reason mention.. if your are unable to send us reason or you pm us after 12 days for whatsoever reason we will cancel you your volunteer sheep  and found another volunteer for that.   

Any person who is unable to send the section within the prescribed time (12 days from start of the month) will be called off from Newsletter team & Back up will step in.

Any queries regarding BalikaVadhu Times Newsletter.. pm us khusi_* or donIsback orbanshbalikavadhu. But section only to be send on anshbalikavadhu only..

The NL is finally done. All are free to comment on NL. Appreciation or anything will be accepted by us. Right now, we have team with us. So we don't need help for NL but you can posted your suggestion to us.. We will arrange sing up sheet if we required any addition in NL. but till then we are happy with currently team now. Thanking you all and enjoy this moth of NL of second News letter.

Khushi & pratiksha..

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