Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHi Wedding Celebrations - Time for Results!

illuminated. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 12:27pm | IP Logged

Saraa = ~Saraa~
Khushi = khushix
Minuu = minuu
Mandy = .Mandy.
Khushi = ..first.rain..
Fariha: OnlyHope
Aanchal = _Aanchal_
Roshini = Roshini1494

*Mubarak Ho Sabko Shaadi..ArHi ki.*

Saraa: Salaaam Namaste everyone.
Fariha: Saraa, loving the song! Big smile
Minuu jumping up and down: Shaadi hogayi! Shaadi hogayi! Shaadi hogayi!
Saraa: Isko kis baat ki itni khushi hai? Minzzz, tumhaari shaadi thori thi, Arnav-Khushi ki thi.
Minuu: But main khush toh ho sakti hoon nah? Why is everyone being mean to me?
Khushi (Khushix): Ho sakti ho. Ho bhayee. Main bhi khush hoon. Bohat zyaada.
Saraa: Let's ignore the moderators and do our thing.
Mandy: You can't ignore us. Hum har jagaah aajatay hain.
Saraa: Ho bhi teen..koi bachay bhi toh kaisay?
Khushi (..first.rain..): Let's get our work done, Saraaa. Kaam karo kaam.
Aanchal: Dude. CT.  Arnav-Khushi ki toh shaadi hogayi aur abhi tak results nahin post kiye?
Saraa: Because my friends..humaray liye unki shaadi abh khatam hui hai!
Roshini: Kya Matlab?
Saraa: Humnay celebrate karli in our way! For those out there who don't know what I'm talking about, well we had the celebrations that went on for over a month. We started off with the sign-ups that happened on August 19th 2012:
ArHi Wedding Celebrations - Decide your team!
Then we moved on and had our first round which was a real disaster for one of the teams. In this round each team had to present us with Vid
eo Mixes related to the theme of Engagement. At the end of Round 1, Baraati's were in the lead with 2 points: ~|ArHi W.C - Task 1.|~
Then we had our 2nd round which proved to being the best one as the Baraati's who were previously in lead had been caught onto by the Gharaati's by being just 1 point behind at the end of this round. Round 2 had been all about showing creativity through signatures (non-animated/animated) and icons (animated/non-animated) within the limit of a certain size. Oh what a crazy week that was with everyone running around and not getting the sizes at all. ROFL
ROFLROFLROFLROFL |~ ArHi Wedding Celebrations -Task 2+Scoreboard ~|
But oh well that ended on a good note which brought us to the next round which was all about dressing up the opposite team with music playing in the background. At the end of this round, Baraati's took back onto the lead by a vast increase of 14.5 marks which left everyone in shock! |~ArHi Wedding Celebrations - Task 3+Scoreboard~|
Then finally comes the last and most important task which was supposed to be mind-boggling but the first two sets of trivia questions were answered so very easily by both the teams that I had to take matters into my hand and gave a 3rd set with 10 questions that were related to the forum and 10 that were related to IPKKND - the show itself. And what a race that was. Good job to both the teams for completing the 3 sets right on time AND ending the task way before the deadline. ROFL
ROFL ArHi Wedding Celebrations - Last Task + Scoreboard

So, now that the wedding celebrations end here. This thread is all about partying. Spamming.

Minuu: Spamming, really Saraa?
Saraa: Sorry, I meant healthy...healthy discussions. Let's keep them all Arnav-Khushi related.
Khushi (..first.rain..): Did you say that the celebrations end here?
Saraa: YES, they do. Big smile
*Khushi, Minuu, Fariha, Mandy, Khushi (khushix), Aanchal and Roshini breathe a sigh of relief.*
Saraa: Thanks guys. That one sigh meant a lot to me. Broken Heart
Aanchal: Ofcourse, we don't mean to hurt you but we're glad that it's ending now.
Roshini: And we're pretty sure so will the team members be happy too.
Mandy: I'm very happy that there will be less of "~Saraa~" all over my inbox.
Saraa: HEYY! Broken Heart

Minuu: Okay, back to the main topic. Announce the winners, say bubye and then we can all leave?
Saraa: No way! There is no leaving from this thread tonight or for another 3 days.
Fariha: What do you mean?
Saraa: We alll get to stay here and be cool because we are the proud members of the IPKKND forum which is number 1 for God knows how many months or rather years now. AND because we are ArHi-ians! Dancing
Khushi (khushix): So, your point is?
Saraa: My point is...nothing? Do I ever have a point? No, I don't. But this thread is solely for enjoying purposes. And to, ofcourse, announce the winners on the scoreboard. AND lastly, a few awards for those special members who have been there throughout and proven to have deserved this award. But since, the team reps have decided the winners, how about they go on and ask for forgiveness right now?
Fariha: We do not mean to hurt anyone at all by not giving them an award.
Aanchal: But we just have to be fair with everyone and give each and everyone what they deserve.
Roshini: That being said..have fun and be happy no matter who wins or who loses.
Khushi (..first.rain..): Is there any line for me in the script at all?
Saraa: Well, you just said something.
Khushi (..first.rain..): Look who's trying to be funny.
Khushi (khushix): Tch tch tch..Getting back to the topic.
Saraa: So, here it begins. Find out who won and who lost in the next post AND use the signatures proudly.


And here goes the thread that has the Creations from the 2nd Task: ArHi Wedding Celebrations - Show casing!
The last round that was "Trivia on the Run" can be seen here: ArHi Wedding Celebrations - Trvia on the Run.
Please be patient, I'll put up the VMs as well as the posts that everyone had to make too. Big smile

Edited by ~Saraa~ - 30 September 2012 at 12:52pm

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illuminated. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
So, finally. We have our winning team from the ArHi Wedding Celebrations! ClapClap

Ready? Nooo, itni jaldi nahiin.

The team that has won the entire celebration on the whole has won with the score 1038.5 points! Big smile

A refresher. Last task brought the total as follows:


Task 1: Make a VM

Total score: 224

Task 2: Creativity Shines
Animated Icon: 82
Animated Signature: 75
Non-animated Icon: 66
Non-animated Signature: 77
Total score: 300

Task 3: Dress-up with a little thumka
Total: 361.5



Task 1: Make a VM

Total score: 226

Task 2: Creativity Shines
Animated Icon: 77
Animated Signature: 80
Non-animated Icon: 66
Non-animated Signature: 76
Total score: 299

Task 3: Dress-up with a little thumka
Total: 375


The winners are


With a grand total of 1038.5 points. ClapClapClap

Gharaati's are the runners up with 1035.5 points! ClapClapClap

Such a close win. Shocked DAARRRNNN. Just amazing! Clap

The winning team - Baraati's - can use the sig below:

And the runner-up team that is the Gharaati's can use this signature:

*If you would like to see the score for the last task then please look here: ArHi Wedding Celebrations - Trvia on the Run.*

NOBODY should be disheartened because you are all winners! EACH and every ONE of you is a winner! Big smileClapClapClapClap

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 12:29pm | IP Logged

Saraa: Hello bye bye. Welcome to the Awards Night! Big smile
Aanchal: Can we please get this done with already? Sleepy
Fariha: Yeah, I'm tired. Sleepy
Saraa: Abhi sey? THIS is just the beginning. Dancing
Roshini: Beginning matlab? Confused
Saraa: Matlab shuraat, aaaghaaz. Wink
Saraa: Baraati reps move out of the way and let Aanchal and Khushi (..first.rain..) take over from here for their set of awards. Big smile
Khushi: Real mature, Saraa. Tongue
Aanchal: Okaay, starting off. Approve


I apologize for the sizes of the sigs. I messed up in telling the makers about the sizes. EmbarrassedOuchLOL

First up is the Video Mix Maker of the Gharaati's which goes to MG. Creations ClapClapClap

Next up; please invite Manal who is now using the account ArnavKhushiAT. for being the Best signature maker ClapClapClap

3rd up on this floor is Shruti aka Shruti_P for being the Avatar Maker of the ArHi WC. ClapClapClap

The next category is Animated Signature Maker of the ArHi WC which can be shown away proudly by 18shabbo ClapClapClap

Lastly, the member who has been analyzing each and every task and trying to figure out the best way of tackling it goes to Fiziii aka fizii_gurl You're our analystClapClap

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 12:30pm | IP Logged

Fariha: Can we tell the Gharaati teams reps to go away now? Big smileBig smile
Saraa: Yes, you may!  Wink
Roshini: Gooo away Gharaati reps! Tongue
Saraa: Wow, one might just think you guys hate each other.
Khushi: Oh no! That's not true.
Aanchal: Yeah, we are like 4 sisters. Big smile
Saraa: Thanks for including me. Broken HeartBroken HeartBroken Heart
Fariha: Tum toh humari maaa ho!
Saraa: HAAAIII. Itnay batameez bachay hain meray?
Roshini: Listen, can we like give our awards now? Please?
Saraa: You may begin...

Again, I apologize for the sizes of the sigs. I messed up. OuchOuch

First up we have the Analyst of Team Baraati which goes to... Sue101 ClapClap

Next one is the most chulbully and very active member of the team which is not a category but I just wanted her to be known by that. The category is for making the best signatures therefore, the signature maker which goes to --Pooja- ClapClapClap

Phew! Next up we have two people sharing the same award - Baki and -Barun- for being the best Animated Signature makers! ClapClap

Come on up Sunshine Girl for making the Best VM and getting your team in the lead in the first round itself..therefore Hina is now pronounced as the Best VM maker of the ArHi WC from the Baraati's team! ClapClap

Last but never the least we have Appy_Indy as the Avatar Maker of the ArHi WC from the Baraati's team.

Edited by ~Saraa~ - 30 September 2012 at 12:35pm

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 12:31pm | IP Logged

Judges deserve awards too, right?

Wait. You guys don't know who our judges were? So, first give it up for minuu, .Mandy., -Predator-and-Stutz- for judging our rounds and marking you guys very strictly. Big smile

Awards for the judges start right about here:

.Mandy. you were the most prompt and hardworking judge we had. So, this special signature is all for you! Thankyou for your dedication! know I don't hate you. I love you a lot. But you were always the last one to send in entries for any of the rounds. So, here you get a special signature:

-Predator- you were always sweet and nice throughout all the rounds. On time and sometimes even before it, so this one is especially for you:

And -Stutz- , you had joined us last but you were the most confused judge. With giving me little pointers in each one of the marked PMs. And the amount of question marks that were added in each one of your PMs..I think I lost count after the 2nd one. LOLLOL

Lastly, you all were the best judges therefore, here's what you ALL get. For being amazing with this. And for always sending in entries on time. Big smile

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 12:32pm | IP Logged

Time for the awards that I, Saraa, would like to give to the teams. Big smile

So, ready?

Let the fun begin then! Big smile

This is that team that had jokes all the time running around thanks to one person who I got to know through these Celebrations - Shabbbooo. Give it up for the Gharaati's for winning the award for being the Joker Team of the ArHi WC.

This is the team that were laid back. I wouldn't exactly call it lazy but oh well..the Baraati's!

This is the team that had the most doubts and queries throughout the challenge. All rounds brought on another new confusion hence the most confused team once again goes to the Gharaati's

Last up is the award for the Baraati's for being the most punctual team eventhough they were prettty lazy! Getting tasks in way before deadline was their aim.

Edited by ~Saraa~ - 30 September 2012 at 12:38pm

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This is a special post for the SPECIAL people who have been with us throughout

First and foremost the Reps! Without whom this task would not have been possible.
Thankyou Fariha, Khushi, Aanchal, Roshini and Shifali. You guys just...rock!


Thankyou to the IPKKND Development Team without whom, I would have never started this off! Thankyou Minuu for your blind trust in me. Thankyou Mandy for always being there when I needed you. Thankyou Khushi for the support! Hug

Thankyou to Souro, Mandy and -Mystery- from the Miscellaneous and Forum Games Development Team for granting me permission to step into their forum for the 3rd task! Hug

Thankyou to the Graphics and Signatures designers that would include -Ravjot-, -Stutz-, -Afridimalikk- , -.Preet.- and ArnavKhushiAT. for always being there when I had to send an "Important" PM to you guys! Hug

Now, onto the very special thanks.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou .Saraa. for the amazing questions that you had helped me with for the last round! It would have not been possible without your help at all. Hug

Thankyou Shruti_P for always being there when I needed the song conversion. Be it Facebook, India-Forums or WhatsApp. You were always there. Hug

Edited by ~Saraa~ - 30 September 2012 at 9:56pm

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
LASTLY, I don't have anything for someone very special who was there when I needed a really urgent help from her.. Amna aka lonelyshadow
THANKYOU sooo much for the amazing sigs! Hug

Thankyou to all the members who participated and liked the entire idea of celebration. It would not have been possible without you guys!
The entire IPKKND forum! Thankyou so much for the support guys! Hug

This is something special for EVERYONE to use here:

Edited by ~Saraa~ - 30 September 2012 at 12:41pm

The following 25 member(s) liked the above post:

amslucaschanloves-JB_1Dakshi_3004ipk27mMullai_27vandana1965OmaRamdass.Mandy.fizii_gurl.Saraa.Bobbi.-Stutz-18shabbobahi.SK1991-Koeli_Appy--Deepali-Roshini1494mishti_17Sunshine Girlromiebee2002OnlyHopeminuuHeavenlyBliss...Dreamer..

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