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ArHilicious Droolers # 51 - Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi..

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ArHilicious Droolers #51: Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi Main...

Song of the week: -Stutz- + OnlyHope
Poem of the week: PinkCinderella
Summary of the week: ~Saraa~ + SP
Picture of the Week: ~Saraa~
Filler of the Week: ~Saraa~

Rating of the Week: ~Saraa~
Videomix of the week: Deepali_88
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week: --Pooja-
Achari Scene of the Week: ~Saraa~
Best Character of the Week: anita_211492
Most Irritating Character of the Week: ShiningStar18
Funny Character of the Week: 
Video avi of the week, Siggy of the weekminuu
Icon of the week: OnlyHope
Best FF of the Week: boyznaka
Message to CVs: ~Saraa~
Best OS of the week: OnlyHope
Video siggy of the week: minuu
Most Active Thread of the week: Appy_Indy
Most Active Member of the Week: -Barun-
Costume of the Week: OnlyHope
Dialogue of the Week: ~Saraa~
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Khushi gets ready for her wedding. She calls Arnav and tells him to be on time for their wedding ceremony. She becomes upset when the bangles he had gifted her breaks. Garima thanks her for accepting her as her mother after her parents' death. Nani tells Arnav to come to the wedding hall with Dadi. Dadi tries to stop the wedding by revealing Garima's secret to Arnav. She tells him that Garima is responsible for breaking up their family and shows him the photo of Garima and his father together.

Dadi asks Arnav if he wants to marry Khushi after learning that Garima is responsible for his parents' death. Khushi panics when Arnav does not come to the wedding hall with Dadi. Dadi reveals Garima's secret to the two families in front of the guests. The Raizada family confronts Garima for hiding the truth. She tells them that she was unaware of Arnav's father's marital status during their affair. They refuse to believe her and Dadi insults her. Khushi and Payal defend Garima.

Dadi punishes Garima by breaking Arnav and Khushi's relationship. She takes back the bangles that she had given to Khushi. She tells the guests to leave the wedding hall. Payal refuses to be a part of the Raizada family after they humiliate Garima. Garima apologises to Shashi. Nandkishore comforts Nani. Anjali worries about Arnav. Dadi tells Khushi that Arnav will not marry her. Khushi refuses to believe her and waits for him at the wedding hall. Meanwhile, Arnav thinks about the past and cries.

Arnav recalls his late mother's advice about not hurting the people he loves for a crime they did not commit. He meets with an accident on his way to the wedding hall. Garima apologises to Khushi for ruining her wedding day. Payal and Madhumati persuade Khushi to go home with them. Khushi tells them that Arnav had promised to marry her and she does not want to break his trust by leaving. She waits for Arnav at the wedding hall until the fire in the havan fizzles. Arnav comes to the hall injured.

Friday's episode ends on a very high note with Dadi being asked to leave the RM by Arnav when she tries to stop Arnav-Khushi from getting married. Arnav apologizes to Khushi for being late, on the other hand, Shyaam still tries to tell "Raani Sahiba" that Arnav should re-think. Anjali seems happy with Arnav's decision to marry Khushi putting aside their past. Arnav-Khushi get married and enter the RM where Arnav has to pick up Khushi as per the Raizada's ritual.

Can I just say that their wedding was without a doubt the best thing that has EVER happened on the show. An amazingly brilliant episode! ClapClapClap ArHi moments captured in fulll swing! Big smile Anjali actually supporting her brother through thick and thin! Big smile

Here are a few pictures to refresh your memory of their marriage!

THIS has to go for the last time to Dadi Ji and Shyaam Babua's jodi. Since, we're hoping that she won't be seen Monday onwards. Dancing

Dadi tells Khushi that she doesn't belong in the Raizada Mansion. How ironic, because in the same episode we see Arnav telling Dadi to leave because she doesn't belong in their lives. And nobody stops her. Well, Khushi tries who technically wasn't even a Raizada then. ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

So, when Shyaam tries telling Anjali that Arnav needs to re-think. I'm sorry but dude, who are you again? OHHH, the guy Arnav passionately hates. And the guy who is in love with his own wife's brother's wife. WOW. ClapClap

So, for the last time..give it up for Shyaam and Dadi's perfect jodi that has finally broken apart. Irony irony irony. Wanna know why? Because these two were constantly trying to break ArHi and look what happened?!

Arnav-Khushi soul of this show got married...!! Anything better than this?? I dont think so.. This weeK has been tremendously good with mixture of love, drama, seriousness, laughter, emotions and what not. *Okay I do agree I speak of Arnav and Khushi in every post but I can't stop myself so ignore my rant* Back to where am supposed to be, This week Rakshabandhan scene has to be the whole of Wednesday's episode, we saw the emotional bond between Payal and Khushi. That scene brought tears in my eyes. Could any of the sister get more perfect? The caring, the worry about Khushi was so very well seen in Payal's eyes. Everytime Khushi said Arnavji would come back to her, the pain was visible in Payal's eyes thinking the phase Khushi would go through if her dreams are shattered, if her turst is brokes. Sanaya and Deepali both deserve standing ovation for the acting they delivered! Thats all for this week! Cya! And Congo for Arnav-Khushi's marriage! Our wish came true at-last.

The episode on Monday. What a drag! D'ohD'ohD'oh
And the tension whether Arnav will or will not turn up for the wedding! Glad that's over.

Another filler or waste of screen time would be Shyaam and Dadi moments. Sleepy WHY? WHY? OuchOuch Glad that one thorn is gone from the wonderful garden. Yes, I'm gonna be all sappy and poetic about it. ROFL

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This week had its ups and downs but for me the week goes to Payal, Khushi, and Arnav!!!

Payal this week had a voice, which i did not know existed in her.  She defended her mother saying that she did nothing wrong and cannot do anything wrong.  She also gave comfort to her sister when Arnav did not show up and khushi was about to break at any moment.  She remained strong throughout the whole ordeal and she was even willing to leave her sasural for her family.

Khushi was amazing this week because she had full faith in her love and believed and knew that Arnav will show up, no matter how late he will be.  She trusted and believed in his love for her.  As for the Garima ordeal, i love how she stood up for her and did not blame her that her marriage was doomed and almost broken.

And Arnav this week was really good, but Friday's episode really made me proud of him. He was willing to forget his past for his true love because he realized that his life is nothing without khushi.  His mom's flashback really knocked  some sense into him.  He is really ready to start a new life and forget the past!!!! that makes me really happy and i am really proud of him.

The most irritating character of the week is one who annoys the hell out of us whenever he/she comes onscreen. This  week it is none other than Dadi Ji.

Needless to say, the woman has turned out to be a snake just like Shyam.Angry What she did this week was just disgusting and cruel. Simply hated how she told Arnav the truth about Garima on the day of his wedding. She could have told him this truth much earlier but she had other 'intentions' as we call it.

On the other hand, I found it really mysterious previously how she gave Khushi the kangans that day and then took them off on her wedding day. It just showed that she had already planned to humiliate her like this. She could have talked to Garima about this in private even though Garima did beg for forgiveness from her.

Really felt bad to see Khushi in such a state in Wednesday's episode. What disappointed the most was that she used the truth to break Arnav and Khushi's marriage although in their case, Khushi is not at all at fault.

Anyways, hope we don't get to see Dadi again.Angry She has done enough damage already.


Hello hi everyone and welcome to the funniest character section of this week! Finally Our lovely couple is married...this calls for a celebration! So this week has been another intense one and its kept us all at the edges of our seats.

This week the Funniest Character Award goes to NK! His teasing and hindi always cracks us up!!

This is it for this week guys...see u next week


Khushi: Hum jaantay thay key aap humain akela nahin choraingay.

Arnav: Kaha tha nah, jee nahin paaoon ga tumharay bina.


Amazing dialogues and very well spoken. ClapClapClap

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This week. Only one picture beats every other picture in the race of being the picture of the week and that is this one;

Welcome Mr and Mrs Raizada.

This week, there is a tie between the two beautiful ladies, Khushi and Anjali.
While it was Khushi's big day, her look as a bride
was stunning, but Anjali looked no less in the beautiful royal blue and olive green sari.



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Made By -  --Pooja-

Here is ur Gift:

Made By -mahimak

Here is ur Gift:


Made By - *Unnati*

Here is ur Gift


Made By - fizii_gurl

Here is ur Gift

Made By

Here is ur Gift

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Pride and Beauty

'' And till the eternity we've entwined together ''

I don't know what to say,
You've found the way to my heart
You make me so happy,
Even when we're so far apart
I think of you every minute of the day,
Every time I breathe,
I want you with me forever,
I never want you to leave.
No words could ever express the way I feel,
In my heart time continues beyond forever

You know I love you deep in my heart
You know we are strong whenever apart
For in my heart I love you so much
I long for a kiss, a cuddle, your touch
In your arms is the best place to be,
Wrapped in our love you and me
I hope our love will last forever,
I hope to always be together 

Your warm, so loving, tender and kind
It's hard to get you off my mind
Because you mean the world to me
Look into my eyes and you will see,
Deep in my heart deep in my soul
Lightening my paths away 
As a moon that shines in my eyes,

Someone so special | got to know
For I have found someone so true
Someone so loving gentle thats you
Time for this poem to come to an end,
This poem for my lover, soulmate, bestfriend
So I bring these gifts for you today
And I bring myself but not to stay
Because forever we shall be,
Locked in our love eternally

The rock that holds me together
The heart that beats the same as my own
The calmness in any weather
The love that makes this house a home,
The depth of your amazing eyes
The fire for me in your smile,
The everlasting truth in all the lies
The life that makes mine worthwhile

I could go on forever about your love
I've become to truly believe,
You were sent from above
My own angel, To forever love only me

unner Up
Shaadi Mubarak by nayika

Here is ur Gift:

In Khushi's Defence by Rasgulla_sp

Here is ur gift:

Runner Up
Fighting Fire With Fire by vedu22

Here is ur Gift:

If I were you by madmaxine
Here is ur gift

SPOILERS 26/9/12 by mishti_mkm


Here is your Gift:


Here is ur Gift

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I like to cut .5 as always. Why? Welll, only because ArHi moments were constantly disrupted thanks to Dadi and Shyaam. Ouch Other than that - a great end to the week. ClapClap

Dear CVs,

We would like to applaud your good decision of ending the role of Dadi because she was definitely doing nothing but decreasing the TRPs. OuchOuch ArHi moments are what we live for. Thankyou for their wedding! Big smile

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Congratulations everyone on the 51st NL. Yesss, we're in the 50's now! ClapClapClapClap

The contest results will be announced during the week. So, those of you who participated in the "Yeh Aankhain Kiski Hain?" look out for the announcement soon! Big smileBig smile

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