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New FF : Fanaa..Destroy in Love (chaptr 10 pg 53)

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 5:29am | IP Logged
Hello everyone Embarrassed finaly i m going to start a ff all thanks to shria n romi , kyuki dono mere piche naha dhokr pad gayin hai OuchLOL SO, here i m going to post prolouge first. plz give ur views about it n i will cont it only if i get ur support n yes if i torcher u with my writting skills than iske pure zimmedar romi or shria hi honge ROFL

made by abhiya_pkyek (prima)


The sun had completed
its tour for the day, and
had now been replaced by
millions of stars, which were twinkling in the dark sky . It was a cool, fogy night in the london. Slow breeze of cold air were blowing
,bt this slow breeze of air does not affects forest of the london . This forest is depicted as a dark and mysterious place, which hides many secrets in it that night the forest was calm n silent bt this calmness doesnot exit in the life of the residence of the house situated near the forest . away from city hustel bustel..
The house was quite big . It was beautiful from outside as well as from inside . "THE RAICHANDS" was written on the name plate .Inside the house in a room ,A man of around 45 was sitting on a sofa near the fire place , he was worried n totally lost in his thoughts. A lady of around 35 enterd in the room , came close to the man from behind n placed her hand on his shoulder which broke his chain of thoughts...

Man: kiara??

Woman: she is sleeping ! (Sit on the other sofa , next to him)

man: (in worried voice) is she fine?

Woman: She is fine , use sirf halka bukhar h ,bht pareshan kiya usne pr mene kisi tarha medicens de di h ,subh tak theek ho jayegi , dont worry !

Man :(lightly smile) thats great ! Hope our naughty princess will be fine soon !

Woman: (placed her hand on his ) chand r u worried only because of kiara's health or something else bothring u ?

They were together from last 500 years n he knew he cant hide anything from her.

Chand: (tensed) haseena...Alina call me in the morning

Haseena: (curiously) What she said chand?

Chand: shayad hamara shak sahi h haseena ! Hm pr nazar rakhi ja rahi h...

Haseena: (shocked) kya ...!!! Pr kyu ???Kya kaha alina ne?

Chand : Alina came to know that warewolfs r something upto ! They r planning something big haseena ...!! She try to find about it with arjun. In morning she called me n said that not only warewolfs but vampire too planning something ... N they r keeping theire eyes us...Till now she dont know about the reason and about their plan she is trying hard to find out !

Haseena: (who is shocked n scared) iska kya matlab h chand ? Hm par nazar kyu rakhi ja rahi ? We dont have anything !

Chand: (in Tensed voice)
wahi to hume pata krna h ki unhe hm se kya chahiye?

Haseena: what do u mean hume pata krna h ?

"we will go back to dehradun haseena !"


Chand: (Tried to be reasonable) try to understand haseena ! Hme waha wapas jana hoga ,hume pata krna hoga What vampire council want from us n wats going on their minds... Agr wo hm pr nazar rakh rahe h its mean they need us , n u know very well if they need us or want something from us they will find us from anywhere in this world ! We cant hide from them , dats y we have to find out about their plan n y they keep eyes on us !

Haseena: (in weak voice) or kiara ka kya ? Hm use apne sath DD nh le jasakte ..!

Chand: we have to take her with us (haseena looked at him with shocked face) we even cant leave her alone here.Arav is also not here for atlest one month ... If he is here then she cld stay with him, u know na how much he love her n he know how to handle her . Bt he is not here n we cant trust anyone other than him for kiara safety. Only choice we left is take her with us .

Haseena: (almost crying)
she is a normal human being chand , just a inocent girl , dont u think she should stay away from this supernatural world n what if she come to know what we r hidding from her from past 17 years ! she will hate us chand , she will hate us ...!!!! I dont want to loose my daughter , plz think another way !

Chand:(held haseena from her shoulder) She is our daughter haseena , nothing will happen to her ... When arav will return from florida we will send her back here n he will take care of her . Lekin tb tk keliye hume use apne sath lejana padega... Or use kuch pata nh chalega , hm khayal rakhenge ! Mene arnav se bhi baat krli h or use samjha diya h ki use kya karna h ! I WILL NOT BREAK MY PROMISS !! WE WILL PROTECT HER AT ANY COST ...!! Dont u trust me ?

Haseena : yes... i trust u !

Chand: then go to kiara's room n stay with her for tonight , she need u ! I want our naughty princess healthy again as soon as posible .

Haseena noded n wished him good night n left the room, chand knew that haseena was right if kiara will know the truth she will hate them for hiding this from her , for lieying her ! He was feeling restless, being a powerful vampire he was not supposed to scared bt he was scared of loosing the only reason of happiness in their dead n dark life . He rested his head on the sofa n closed his eyes ... The feeling of loosing someone wasnt new for him n haseena n he dont want to faced it again . He still remeberd that night when they lost two important persons of their life . That night he came to know that it doesnt matter he is Vampire, a walking dead but his dead heart has feeling which he hides from so many years.


Chandeena were in kasoli for the annual meeting with vampire heads . They were here for 2 days . haseena was feeling restless , she didnt knew the reason bt she felt that something going to happened , something bad ! She called abhay before the meeting n asked about him n pia .

Abhay: mom dont worry about us we r fine ! (jokingly) Ha piya apne humesha wale tantrum or mood swings dikha rahi h Tongue is problm ke alva koi problm nh h !

Piya: (snatched phn from his hand) mom dont trust him , u know him na ! I m missing u mom , or ap jab se gaye ho abhay mujhe moti keh kr chida raha h Cry when u n dad will return ?

haseena: (smiled On their childish act )abhay ne aisa kaha? Phn do use i will scold him , n u dont worry we will be back tomoro .

Abhay: (piya showed her tongue to him n gave him phn) mom mene kuch nh kaha sach me , i just said she has gain some weight .

Haseena: (in scolding voice) abhay she is eight month pregnant n u r teasing her for her mood swings n gaining weight !

Abhay: sorry mom , ab nh karunga Tongue

haseena: take care of her abhay .

abhay: yes mom !

She disconected the call n went to get ready for the meeting... Bt she was still feeling restless ...

Abhay n pia were hapily married from almost three years . They were going to clebrate their third marriage aniversary after three months . This aniversary was going to special for them because piya was eight month pregnant n soon they were going to be parents .
Abhay turned into a human from a vampire with the help of that magical portion.he married piya n both started living a normal n happy life with chandeena ! A complete Raichand family !Now pia was pregnant n they all were so happy , abhay's happiness was beyond limit. Haseena take care of pia, like a mother . But today this mother was very worried.

Their meeting went well n haseena wanted to return to dehradun as soon as possible . Chand was trying to comforting her bt it didnt affect her. Around midnight chand phone ringed . He recieved it n a voice from other side told him that his son and his pregnant wife met with a serious accident n they r admit in the hospital ... It shocked chand ,his phn slipped from his hand n fell on floor ! He told evrything to haseena who was devastated n they both leaved to dehradun in their vampiric super speed .

It took around 30 minutes to reached to hospital ... Receptionist told them the rooms no . in which abhiya were admitted , they run toward the rooms n saw a doc was came out from the room . They stopped him n asked about abhiya's conditions . Bt before he could say anything a nurse came out from other room hurriedly n asked to them that r they pia raichand's relatives ? They noded .

Nurse : sir , mam plz jaldi chaliye patient apse milne ki zid kr rahi h... Jaldi chaliye we dont have much time .

They rushed toward the room . Inside They saw pia was lying on hospital bed , she was in very bad condition , blood was coming out from her forehead, nose and many other parts of her body . Her body was hurt badly , bruises were all over her body . She was screaming because of pain in her wound n in her womb. The pain was unbearble to her n she was screaming n saying it again n again

"d-docter plz s-s-save my child f-first..p-plz "

2 Nurses were trying to calm her , n other were clearing her wounds ... Haseena n chand were shattered , they were shocked to see her in this condition ... Yes they r vampires but seeing her in this condition made them weak from inside n they were feeling deficult to stand on their feet . They went close to her .

Haseena: Piya... Piya ye sab kaise hua ?

Piya:(immediatly held thier hands in hers n said in weak n painful voice) d-d-dad...m-mom ... p-plz s-s-save my c-child ...plz save h-her ..!!

Haseena:dont worry piya u will be fine n ur child too... Dont worry ...

Chand:U will be fine piya ..! We not let u anything happen !

Piya:(clenched their hand tightly)n-n-no...p-promiss me , y-y-you will... s-s-save her , you ...w-will pro-protect... my n abh-abhay ch-ch-child. P-PROMISS ...ME DAD...!!

Chand: We promiss u piya . Every thing will be alright !

Before he could say anything more ,a lady docter entered in the room.

Lady doctr: u r the relatives of pateint ?(They noded) then plz come outside i want to discuss something.

They came outside . Haseena went to see abhay.

Lady doctr: she have major internal injuries, islye hume pre-mature delivary karni padegi ...we will try our best Bt we cant say anything right now ...

Chand: Save both of them doctr !dont care about money I will pay whatevr u want ! (in commnding voice) Bt i want my daughter in law n my grand child save at any cost!!

Lady doctr: we r trying sir ...
Plz fullfill all the formalities because we need to start operation soon ! (Chand went to fullfill all the formalities)

Haseena entered in the room where abhay was admitted. Abhay was unconscious n lying like a lifeless body..he too were injured badly ,his wounds were deep n covered in bandage , he had bandages on his forehead,hand,shoulder n legs docter his ribcage was hurt n a major wound on his backbone but still somehow he carried pia to the hospital in his arms .

haseena sat near him n placd her hand on him lightly...fresh blood stains were at his bandages n she was shaking from the fear of loosing him. She never feel so helpless
in her life , she was a vampire but not able to save him (because abhay becme human from the portion so, it was not posible to save him from their vampire 's power) . Yes she was a vampire n vampire not supposed to feel anything but right now she was a mother, just a mother ! a mother who want to see her son alive ,who suddered after seeing him in this condition ,who was consoling herself that nothing bad going to happen with her son n her daughter-in-law .Sudenly she felt a movement in abhay's hand ,she looked at his hand then at him

"Abhayy...??" ... Haseena saw that abhay's heatbeat was falling ...C called the docter ... Docter n chand came running to see him ... Docters were trying ,trying n trying but Heartbeat was cont. Falling ,His hand moved once again ,he opened his eyes in shocked

"MOMMM...DADDD..." but before he cld complete his sentence he again closd his eyes but this time for forever ! Docters were trying there best but in end they declared him dead ! Chand n haseena broke into million pieces from inside , they were looking pale white, numb and devastated but being vampires they even cld not express the pain of loosing their Son in the form of tears ... Their pain burried in there dead heart , but that night was not over now, it gave them another shock , that lady docter informd them that pia gave birth to a baby girl but pia was no more ... She died while giving her birth !!

Flasback end

chand opened his eyes n felt something warm n wet on his face . He rubbed his hand on his cheek, it was a tear , a blood tear ! He cleared it n looked at fireplace .

"i will fullfill my promiss piya , i will protect kiara from all dangers ! Nothing will happen her ,no matter she grown up around vampires but she is a normal human n she will live a normal life only . away from these supernaturals truth."

but destiny has its own plan for kiara !

P.S: in next update i will post the character sketch ... Or jaise ki sab samajh gaye honge that it not abhay-piya's story but their daughter's story ... Kiara Raichand ! Ab iske baad bhi if u think i should cont. this Then press like n cmnt Embarrassed n yes plz infor me if u find it similar with any other ff ... Then i will not contiue it because i dont want ki mere pehle ff mai hi koi mujhe pe copyright ka case karde OuchROFLROFL

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Me 1st..Res
Go on ayshu..i liked it..hero ka name kya hai?faces to visu ke hi hoge me;-)

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double post Embarrassed im not sory LOL

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mere taraf se green signal LOL kahaani shuru ki jaaye Wink
vaisa im more happy bcozz my special spamming thread is ready ROFL ROFL
last but not the least mujhe pm karna varna... Angry Angry LOL update soon Angry LOL

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I need a PM!! Sounds very interesting!! Cont soon!!




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wooow.  Clapdo continue.add me to ur pm list.eagely waiting for nxt update.Smile

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