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Jaldi aaiyye Arnavji! Thread Two (Page 5)

mehak06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 October 2012 at 12:15am | IP Logged
yippie he is in d train...
awesome update

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ipkkndank IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 October 2012 at 12:20am | IP Logged
OH i thought Arnav left =) =) =) But he is there =) =) Superb =) =) 

Lovely update Smita =) =) Love it a lot =) =) Awesome =) =) 

i actually manage without your translation =) =) =) and i think i'm quite good at understanding the dialogues =) =) =) 

Awesome update and i'll comment again on Thursday =D =D 

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..Smita.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 October 2012 at 1:18am | IP Logged

Thank you so much for ur wishes! Hug

Moving on to..
 Translation for Part 29
Khushi stood there transfixed,clutching the door handle firmly with her hands,for 15-20 minutes.
Had it not been for the raindrops that fell on her face,who knows,for how long she would have kept standing there,deeply lost in thoughts of her Lard Governer.
Fresh tears rolled down her face as she touched the raindrop that fell on her nose.
Khushi(thinks): He was not here when it rained for the first time this year. He was upset with me & sat alone at the poolside when it rained for the second time! And now.. the third rain for this year is.. gone as well!
She leaned her head on the door.
Khushi(thinks): God knows when I'll get to enjoy Delhi rains with him this year?!
She heard a voice from behind her which startled her.
"Mrs. Raizada?"
Wiping her tears with her left hand & adjusting her hair,which were strewn all over her face,with her right,she turned around to find the TC looking at her with concern & worry.
He looked at her pale,crestfallen face & swollen eyes for a few seconds before he spoke.
TC: Are u... alright?
Khushi managed a nod in reply.
TC: There's a dr. in the 2 tier AC coach. If u r not feeling wel,I can..
Khushi(interrupts): No,thanks! I was feeling.. claustrophobic inside so I.. came her for some.. fresh air.
TC: Thats alright but u must not stand so close to the door. If a train passes by on the next track & u r not careful,it can b pretty dangerous. So.. it would b better for u if u stand at a safe distance from the door.
Khushi: Ok.
She took a few steps towards him,maintaining a respectable distance from the TC & a safe distance from the door.
TC:  The sun will set soon & if u.. keep the door open even after that then mosquitoes & other insects will enter the coach. So..
Khushi: Yes,I understand. I'll go inside in a few moments.
TC: Ok.
The TC went inside the coach.
A minute or so after the TC left,Khushi realized something.
Khushi: The tickets r in my purse.I must go in now. God knows what buaji n amma must b thinking?
Another thought crossed her mind.
Khushi: I hope they're not thinking that Arnavji is here with me! They need to be told that he's... left.
She looks at the rain pouring outside one last time before closing the door & going inside.
Amma: Khusi,its good u came inside,bitiya! Show the tickets to the TC..
Khushi: Ji amma.
She took her purse n sat down next to amma,hoping they would not ask her about Arnav in front of the TC.
She looked sideways to find the TC checking the ticket of the girl on the side berth.
Khushi(thinks): Amma didnt say anything.But how come buaji is silent?
She looked at buaji to find her peering at her with a question in her eyes.
Buaji: What happened Sanka devi? Hav u forgotten the tickets at home?
Khushi: No buaji,they're right here.
She showed her the tickets.
Buaji(sighs): Thank u so much,Nandkisore!
Just then the TC came to them.
TC: Your tickets,please?
Khushi handed the tickets to him.
TC: Mrs. Garima Gupta?
Amma: That's me..
TC(nods): Plz shift there at night..
He points to the lower side berth.
TC: That one is ur berth. This berth belongs to someone else.She'll board the train from Panipat.
Buaji: Who is she? I mean.. what is her age?
TC looked up the list in his hands before replying.
TC: 65.Her name's Mrs. Suresh Chandra.
Buaji nods.
Buaji(thinks): Haay re Nandkisore! Had it been a young girl,I would've told her to exchange her lower berth with my upper berth. How can I say that to an aged lady?
TC: Mr. Shashi Kumar Gupta?
Amma: He's gone to meet his friend,on berth no. 37.
TC nods.
TC: Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada is right here.. Mrs. Madhumati Gupta?
Buaji: That's me..
TC: Ok. Here..
He hands over the tickets to Khushi.
Khushi(thinks): Now he'll take Arnavji's name. What shall I tell him?
TC: Mr. Harsh Verma?
He looked here n there.
TC: Looks like he did not board the train.
He cancels his name in the list.
Khushi's heartbeats escalate as she prepares herself to hear the next name.
TC: And Mr. Raizada..
Khushi: Ji.. he's..
Arnav: U urself handed me my ticket!
TC(smiles): Ya,right!
Khushi(shocked,thinks): From where did he speak?
The TC leaves to check the tickets of the other passengers.
Khushi looks up to find Arnav sitting on the topmost berth on her side.
Arnav cocks his eyebrows & smiles at her.
Khushi: U.. here!?
Arnav: Yeah! M right here!
Khushi blinks a few times to check whether she was dreaming or he was sitting there for real.
Then she looks at buaji n amma for confirmation.
When both of them smile at her,she realizes that it was her Arnavji indeed!
Arnav,meanwhile,climbs down n comes to stand right in front of her.
Arnav: If u r still not able to believe it.. (in a soft whisper) shall I pinch u?
Khushi(shakes her head): No need! 
She is about to hug him but checks herself.
Khushi: Come with me!
She holds his hand & takes him outside the coach.
Amma & buaji smile heartily at each other.
Amma: I'm much more happy right now,jiji,than I was when I saw Arnav bitwa coming inside..
Buaji: We both were so scared before he came in...
amma: What do u think,jiji? Is bitwa still here or did he get down?
buaji: I dont know Garima..Its been more than 5 minutes. Niether has Sanka devi come in nor has Arnav babua.. 
amma: Jiji!
She stood up & buaji stood up to see why amma stood up suddenly.
She was elated to see Arnav approaching them.
Buaji: Jay ho Nandkisore ki! Come,come babua! Sit,sit!
Arnav smiles.
Amma looks past his shoulder at the door and is suprised on not finding Khushi there.
Amma: Bitwa... Khusi bitiya..?
Arnav: a.. she doesnt know that I'm here.
Buaji: What?
Arnav: Ji.
Amma: Why bitwa?Didnt u see her outside?
Arnav: Ji.. I saw her but she didnt see me. She was so immersed in her thoughts that she didnt notice me!
Buaji: Then why didnt u tell her?
Arnav: Coz I wanted to surprise her!..
Buaji(smiles): o..! Understood!
Amma: To tell u the truth,bitwa.. I'm really happy that u chose to come here & stay back! I'm sure Khushi will b a lot more happier when she comes to know about it!
Arnav: I know. But please dont say anything to her. I'll lie down on the upper berth. That way she wont notice me & when I'll come down,she'll...
His phone beeps.
Arnav: Its di.. excuse me..
Buaji & amma nod.
Arnav: Ya di.. tell me.Hello?... Hello di?
He puts his phone on speaker mode.
Anjali: Chhotey?Can u hear me..?
Arnav: Ya di.. tell me..
Anjali: Chhotey,r u alright?
Arnav: Ya di,I'm fine. Sorry,I didnt inform u before leavin..
Anjali: Thats okay! Can I say something?
Arnav: Sure!
Anjali: NKbhai told me that u r coming back tomorrow morning?
Arnav: Yes di,I need to go to London naa.So..
Anjali: Cant Amanji attend the conference on ur behalf?
Arnav: He can,but if I go there, it'll b better for AR designs,bcoz.. Ms. Shehnaz wont b there,so..
Anjali: I can understand. I was sayin that coz now that.. u r there,had u gone with them to Vaishnodevi,it would have been much better for u & Khushiji.
Arnav doesnt say anything in response.
Anjali: I thought u'd be doing just that. In fact I thought of telling Khushiji to keep 21 fasts for Devi Maiyya, without food n water,for breaking the pledge.But..
Arnav: Come on di! How can Khushi live for  21 days without water? R u...?
Anjali: I meant 21 Fridays,Chhotey!
Arnav(sighs): Oh!
Amma(whispers): Is it necessary to keep a fast for 21 Fridays when a pledge is broken?
Buaji nods n gestures her to keep quiet.
Anjali: I was quite shocked when NK bhai told me u're coming back! BTW Chhotey,now that u r in the train,how did the thought of coming home come in ur mind?
Arnav: Di I dont want Khushi to break her pledge coz of me.To be honest,all this fast thing doesnt sit well with me! I mean,u know how weak Khushi is,she's anaemic as well. It wont b good for her to stay without food n water for so many days. I dont want her to suffer coz of me!
Buaji n amma look at him with proud smiles.
Arnav: Hence it will b better if I come home tomorrow n then go to London n Khushi goes with everyone to Vaishnodevi. And anyways,I'll b..
He looks at buaji & amma.
Arnav: Di,let me talk to u later.
Anjali: Ok.Take care..
Arnav: U too.
Arnav ends the call.
Arnav: I'll a...
Buaji: Ya,ya,babua,go n lie on the upper berth! Sanka devi will b here any moment!
*Flashback ends*
Buaji: Our Sanka devi is really lucky for a mad girl like her has found such a wise husband like Arnav babua!
Amma: That's true jiji!
Babuji comes there.
Babuji: What happened didi?U both look so happy!
Buaji: Sit here, babua. I'll tell u why we're happy!
She narrates everything to babuji.
Khushi: But I'd checked the toilet,its door was half open. That means u were... hey Devi Maiyya!
She covers her open mouth with her hand.
Arnav: Which one did u check?There r lavatories on both sides of the passage.
Khushi: Areh haa!(realizes) I never checked the other one! I was so sad after seeing this one n the open door that I didnt bother to check the other one!
Arnav: BTW,why were u standing like that,clutching the door handle?
Kindly ignore typos n mistakes. PMs later.Next update on Thursday.

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farheen75 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 October 2012 at 2:30am | IP Logged
First of all congrats to u for the new thread.
Fab update... Thank god Arnav didn't go back... I am so happy for Khushi now at least she'll be in a happy mood but how they r gonna live without each other is a big question, I hope Arnav finds a way to stay while the pledge remains intact as well.

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chemistry9 Goldie

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Posted: 01 October 2012 at 2:56am | IP Logged
yey arnav did'nt left
thnx fr d pm

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prerna1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 October 2012 at 4:43am | IP Logged
great update
so arnav stayed for khushi
continue soon

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drooler Senior Member

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Posted: 01 October 2012 at 5:54am | IP Logged
thankfully arnav  is still in the trainClap
continue  soon
thanks for the PM

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 October 2011
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Posted: 01 October 2012 at 6:59am | IP Logged
once again congrats on the new thread
so he was there but she just didnt see him because he was on the upper berth
awww bless he is so cute and boy does he love her
man these two are mad no really they do the oddest thing sometimes
so he will return back tomorrow huh because he gotta go to london
looking forward to when he comes back
cheers for pm

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