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Arshi FF: My Love Addiction#2 THREAD 3 LINK (Page 12)

CheekyArshiLove Senior Member

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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 10:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ASR6262

wow new thread congratulation
awesome update thank u for pm me

thanks and welcome
and thanks for the comment 


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CheekyArshiLove Senior Member

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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by flowers4u

awesome update...congrats on new thread


CheekyArshiLove Senior Member

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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nanal


Thank You 

Aaliya Wink
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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AnupamaJY

Congratzz 4 d new thread!
loved d update!
continue soon!

Thank You 

Aaliya Star
CheekyArshiLove Senior Member

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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anita_21492

Congrats in the new thread
The update was awesome
And the precap is just awesome...he will find out who prem's mom is

Thanks So Much
And i am happy you like

Preet.Kc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 October 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by CheekyArshiLove

Originally posted by HK90

wow, you are updating it tomorrow, 
okay i'm waiting, I really can't wait to know what is going to happen on the trip. 
Okay, now i think is too much, i have to stop before it became uncontrollable.
see you tomorrow, with the next update.

Yep i am going to update today i just need to read it again and fixs it up so yeah, and Awww i am happpyyy you like my FF that you will wait for it loool 
Anyway dont worry i like your comments they are sooo cute thanks for them sooo much and i know i am waiting to write the trip i have so many plans for it i wrote them in my book and i cant wait to update them and i hope you guys will enjoy them thanks sooo much


i'm waiting.

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CheekyArshiLove Senior Member

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Hey girlyies 

I said I will continue soon, and look here I am with an update and I am a good girl and plus I am so happy with my comments they are so cute and they all made me smile thank you guys from them.

Chapter 23: Don't Cross The limits?!

Khushi just ignored them and walked back to Arnav and she passed him his coffee, he took it but when he looked at her she was lost somewhere he got up putting his coffee on the table and then he asked her...

Arnav: are you sure you are ok Khushi?
Khushi wasn't listening she was still in her little world thinking about what those girls had said and she thought if they had something to say then they should had came to her face and say it why like that, she hated when people thought they were all that! 
Arnav: Khushi hello 

Arnav walked up to her and touched her cheek cupping her face but she didn't react, she was busy thinking about those girls and her past.
Arnav: Khushi!!

Arnav tapped her shoulder.
Khushi: huh yeah, I am listening!
Arnav: Khushi what's wrong?
Khushi: what nothing why 

Khushi didn't realise Arnav's hand was on her cheek but she just touched his hand.
Khushi: I am fine don't worry
Arnav: sure 
Khushi: yep 

Arnav smiled and he had this feeling in his stomach which he liked when Khushi touched his hand.

Arnav moved back to his chair and Khushi sat down and asked him could she help him and he agreed and they sat down together even through Khushi didn't know that much about designing but she wanted to help Arnav!

Khushi: so if you put red where the belt is it might be better, I mean you always see black belts I mean yes there are red but it may look better Arnav
Arnav thought about it and he smiled: yeah Khushi it will be better thanks
Khushi: my pleasure Arnav 

Arnav and Khushi continued to work like that for a few hours but Khushi started to get bored and started to walk around the cabin and she looked at the time it was 1, her mouth dropped and she touched her stomach and jumped 

Khushi: OMG Arnav!! It is 1 and I haven't eaten I am hungry!!! Aren't you!
Arnav: well thinking about it I am a bit
Khushi: good I be right back
Arnav: where are you going?
Khushi: to get us something to eat
Arnav: ok

Khushi skipped out and rushed into the staff kitchen and took some bread and some cheese and salad and made both of them a sandwich and on the bread she made a smiley face with the ketchup! She stepped back and smiled and said voila moi master piece kissing her fingers and taking a bow, then she looked around if anyone saw her and then laughed and then took the plates and walked to Arnav's cabin and she gave him the plates, Arnav saw it and smiled

Arnav: cute Khushi very, I feel like a child again
Khushi: well I did make them and I have a child at home so I am use to it now eat up I don't want to see a piece on the plate
Arnav: ok mom
Khushi: good boy! I will be right back I need to call someone
Arnav: ok

Khushi stepped out and took her phone with her she first called home to ask Naina if prem had ate yet and then when she satisfied she called lavanya and asked how was she and did she eat something and she said she had and Khushi said bye and hanged up and went inside to eat her food! 

Later on that day after work Khushi and Arnav went home to pack and get ready for the trip, Khushi had prem and Naina on her head and Arnav had his whole family and both irritated with them!

Arnav: ma I will be fine I know it is cold I am going to be ok
Ma: but beta please don't forget to call me 
Arnav: don't worry it is only for a week ma
Mami: yes chote don't forget to buy me something anything will do
Arnav: yes mami
Nani: don't forget to go to my friend's house to visit her and give her these scarfs's ok
Arnav: yes Nani I won't forget to give aunty these scarfs 
Akash: don't forget to call us and tell us if you and Khushi are fine
Arnav: yes dad I will don't worry
Akash: and you say why I don't have a child I have one right here my chote
Arnav: shut up and go away
Payal: Arnav be careful please
Arnav: is di here
Ma: no why chote
Arnav: good!! 
Mami: ok Arnav you should go sleep
Arnav: it's not in the morning it's at night
Mami: oh that ok then you can sleep on the plane 
Arnav: mami why couldn't I sleep on the plane even if it was at the morning
Mami: because it is going to be light and its morning 
Nani: like you don't sleep in the morning
Akash laughed but saw his mother stare and covered his mouth

Arnav: crazy family 
Ma: ok now Arnav look after Khushi bahu ok
Arnav: ok ma I will I will look after Khushi! 
Ma: don't be idiots out there ok stay in your limits don't you cross them 

Everyone laughed

Arnav: ma?!! 
Arnav touched his head and just looked down and then told his family to leave the room and they did while laughing

Arnav: idiots 

Arnav mother walked back in and said
Ma: I mean it Arnav!
Arnav: ok ma I will ok you can count on me 
Ma: good don't be like your father ok because he...
Arnav: yeah I won't... What? ma please I don't need to know what you and papa use to do now bye
Ma: ok bye

Arnav sat down with his head in his hand, he had a head ache 
Arnav: Arnav you forget your medicines 

He got up and took out his medicines and put them in the bag and zipped it up and dropped down on his bed and he thought how much he thought his family were annoying but he knew he will miss them and he loves them! 

Khushi was sitting down and watch her aunty and son do her packing, one was placing them in all nicely and the other was dragging her clothing on the floor to pass it the other.

Khushi: prem look you are making it dirty
Prem: mama it is so big
Khushi: come let me help you

Khushi got up and picked the anarkail out of Prems Hands and gave them to Naina and she packed them.

Naina: Khushi it is going to be very cold there at this time of year keep warm ok
Khushi: don't worry 
Prem: mama don't forget to hug me when you go
Khushi: I will never forget that 
Prem: and call me forever and don't leave me 
Khushi: I will call you forever and I will never ever leave my life it is just for some day's baby
Prem: ok it is fine mama 
Naina: prem don't worry me and you will have so much fun
Khushi: prem don't have too much fun because then I will have to much fun with Arnav
Naina: Khushi I will just go and see dinner ok
Khushi: ok 

Naina left 

Khushi put in more important things in

Prem: mama is Arnav going to be my papa 

Khushi turned around and looked at prem 
Khushi: prem no... Arnav is your uncle ok he is just my friend no he is lavanya's boss you remember when we went to Anjalijis house and that man was there
Prem: yeah is he Arnav 
Khushi: yeah
Prem: I like him!
Khushi: yeah he is a nice person prem!

Next day

Khushi woke up and she got ready, she wore a pink anarkail and her hair was out, she went down and saw prem playing around with her toy plane.

Khushi had tears in her eyes and she rushed into her room and sat down 

Khushi: I don't know how (sob) I will live without prem
Khushi got out her phone and phoned Arnav

Arnav on the other hand was at the table with his family talking about some random things when he got Khushi phone call

Arnav picked it

Arnav: hello Khushi
Everyone on the table went quite 
Khushi: am Arnav...sob...
Arnav: Khushi are you ok?

He got up but Akash pulled him back down and Arnav gave him a what the look
Khushi: well Arnav... sob... I am wondering if... I could stay home with prem today and not come office and then you can come and pick me up at 8 please I don't want to leave prem when I won't be able to see him for a week please
Arnav: yeah sure Khushi, stay with prem
Khushi: oh thank you thank you so much Arnav I owe you one 
Arnav: ok so I see you at 8 
Khushi: ok

Arnav hanged up and put his phone on the table and ate his food

That morning and afternoon Khushi invited nia, Jiya and lavanya around her house she had made her driver go and pick her up! And also Arjun 

She played with prem all that morning; she messed around, played games and painted each other's face!
They had lunch together and they played more games than Khushi friends came and they all sat down and talked while prem had his nap 

Lavanya: have fun
Khushi: I will loool with raakshas omg la I found out what you meant 
Nia: he shouted at you
Khushi: no he shouted at that poor guy
Jiya: sad 
Khushi: I know
Arjun: I remember when lavanya use to come to me upset when that man shouted at her
Lavanya: Arjun he is scary you know

Arjun hugged lavanya and kissed her cheek while she blushed and Khushi and the girls admired 

Jiya: I wish one day I will get someone like Arjun
Khushi: awww!!
It was now 7 and Khushi was getting ready, the girls had left but lavanya and Arjun.

Arjun helped her take down the bags and he played with prem while lavanya and Khushi just talked 
Khushi: haven't you been on trips like these
Lavanya: but they are boring, Khushi ASR will not talk to you
Khushi: he talks to me
Lavanya: sometimes I think he likes you
Khushi: so I like him to

Lavanya: Khushi you are so innocent 
Khushi: am I 

They both laughed 

It had turned 7.44pm and Khushi was in her room with lavanya 

Arnav hugged and said bye to his family and left to pick up Khushi, he arrived in 18 minutes.

Arnav knocked on the door of Khushi house and then a few minutes later a lady opened it
Arnav: oh hello is Khushi here
Naina: oh yes she is just get her things come in
Arnav smiled and walked in

He looked around and admired Khushi's house he saw pictures of Khushi and the one of Khushi hugging prem and made Arnav smile there were pictures of Khushi mother and the other one that caught Arnav's eye was Khushi is kissing a girl on her cheek! Arnav smiled at that picture and he notice Khushi looked so different she had something very different in her eyes. The girl was beautiful just like Khushi she looked older than Khushi by some years
Arnav sat down on the sofa and waited for Khushi to come down...

He saw Naina and then he thought of asking who the girl to Khushi was
Arnav: excuse me, may I ask who this girl is?
Naina picked up the picture and wiped it and looked at Arnav

Naina: Kalpana... Khushi's Cousin!!!!!
Arnav: oh, Khushi must be very close to her
Naina: yes they were very close 
Arnav: were?
Naina: she passed away a few weeks after giving bir...

Before Naina could continue Khushi and Arjun came down with lavanya 

Khushi: Arnav hey, Arjun thanks just put that bag there and oi you lavanya sit down
Lavanya and Arjun: ok mom 

Arnav: hi Khushi, lavanya how are you? 
Lavanya was shocked Arnav was asking her is she was ok? She touched Arjun hand who was also shocked
Lavanya: I am good thanks
Arjun: hey Arnav I am Arjun, lavanya fianc 
Arnav: nice to meet you Arjun 
Arnav and Arjun shake each other hands 
Arnav: shall we go
Khushi: yeah let me just ask golu to put my bags in the car
Arjun: I will do that
Khushi: thanks
Arnav: ok shall we

Khushi smiled hugged lavanya; she then went up to Naina and took her blessings she then asked her
Khushi: Babuji? 
Naina: he is up in his study shall I call him
Babuji: no need I am here! 

Khushi smiled and rushed up to Babuji and hugged him, Arnav smiled he hadn't seen Babuji in years he didn't know why his family even stopped meeting them.

Khushi: Babuji I am going to miss you
Babuji: I will to but I have prem I will be ok and Khushi look after you 
Khushi: I will Babuji

She took his blessings and walked back to Arnav

Babuji was about to see who was this guy that Khushi was going to stay with but he got a phone call and he couldn't reject it was important!  

Arnav: shall we go
Khushi: yeah...

Prem: NO!!! Mama wait no


Prem came running down the stairs with tears in his eyes; Khushi and Arnav were worried along with the rest
Prem: mama!!
Khushi: prem?

Prem jumped on Khushi and she picked him up putting him on her waist 
Prem: mama you were about to go with my hug
Khushi: no I wasn't prem
Prem: yes
Khushi: I have your hug now!!

Khushi put him down and hugged him tight 
Khushi: baby be a good boy for nana ok and not junk food no nice cream ok no way promise me
Prem: promise!! But promise you will come back
Khushi: prem I will be straight back into your arms promise
Prem: ok bye mama 

Prem hugged her tight and kissed her cheeks and while all this Arnav was standing there admiring there cute relationship 

Prem broke it and looked at Arnav, Arnav was smiling at him and he was giving him and smiley look
Prem: uncle, please be nice to mama don't be rude, because we you coming back I will eat you
Arnav: don't worry prem I won't be rude to your mama ok
Prem: ok 

Prem hugged his leg and Arnav bent down and hugged him, Arnav didn't know why but he felt very close to prem, and liked that very much!

Thank you for reading
I am wishing you liked it
And omg that was long don't you think

Comment and like please


Chapter 22                                                                                                                  Chapter 24

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booo yeah im firstDancing
love it
omg la might have gotten and heart attack after seeing new and improved arnav lol
awww the baby and mother scene was so cute and arnav is lovable and obviously adorable anyways loved it and plzzz update soon

Edited by please6 - 09 October 2012 at 1:59pm

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