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Arshi FF: My Love Addiction#2 THREAD 3 LINK

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My Love Addiction
Thread Two

Guys I can't believe this, you don't understand how I am feeling i am on top of the world I am so happy that I made it to a second thread and that too to my first ever story... I think I have tears in my eyes that people love my story my love addiction I never thought it will be that good of a story. ShockedSilly

So I just want to say Thank You to everyone who had commented and liked and waited for me to update because I have exams coming up so I didn't update much and I know some people who have been waiting and I am sure to update more I promise once a week I will try so much because of you guys I got a second thread. You I can jump to the moon and do some dance  Dancing

And another reason to celebrate is OMG Arshi ARE MARRIED NOW!!!
So I will be updating soon Party

Thanks you so much I love you all Hug

If you want pms then just buddy me guys! 
Oh and could someone be a princess and make me a banner of My love Addictions please I really need help... if you are up for it then just pm me thanks sweeties Blushing

Aaliya love's u Big smile

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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Gonna Wait =) Do Give Short Recap Of Previous Part Please Embarrassed

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congo fr da new thread ! 
n plz update soon !

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What's been happening so far in My love Addiction: it was Khushi's birthday but it wasn't the best one as Khushi gets in a fight with her father as he never gives her much attention as her mother past away when she had gave birth to her, Khushi rushes out of the house with anger and tells her friends to meet her at the mall... on the other hand Arnav who is an tycoon and he takes his business very serious and his cousin brother  Akash who is the opposite to him asks him to go out partying for his marriage which was 2 months ago which Arnav denies but Akash say he is celebrating his wife's pregnancy news which is a lie so Arnav agrees to go. Khushi and her friends are a restaurant making noise and being silly, and were Arnav is working and hears them and gets annoyed and also his client didn't arrive he gets angry a leaves but bumps into Khushi who was making her way to the toilet but Khushi doesn't notice him and thanks him and walks away. Later on that day Khushi and her friends go out clubbing and Khushi gets drunk and her friends start to worry about her but one of Khushi's friends lavanya saw her boss and gets worried as she had told him that she was sick, lavanya asked them to leave but Khushi denies and starts to mess around. Arnav who is also there at the club who is bored and just sitting down texting people on his phone. Lavanya tells Khushi and her friends that her boss is her and they should leave Khushi being drunk goes up to her boss and starts to shout at him say all sorts of things and it turns out that lavanya's boss is Arnav... later on the girls finally get Khushi and leave but Arnav finds something is fishy and goes after them. He catches after them and take Khushi away from them Khushi's friend say no but at the end he won against them and took Khushi... Arnav takes Khushi to his secrete house... the Nexts morning Khushi wakes up and what happens frightens her, she screams and wakes up Arnav who is sleeping Nexts to her... Arnav confirms her that noting wrong had happen. They both make friendship and Khushi get fresh. Later on Khushi gets late and leaves from the place but leaving a note for Arnav. Khushi finds out that lavanya gets fired and gets worried so she goes to meet him and tries to get her job back... Arnav is at AR and is busy with work and being teased by his cousin Akash and his best friend Aman. Khushi arrives to AR and the finds out that Arnav is lavanya's boss, she then asks to give back lavanya's job which he does and that leaves them Aman and Akash shocked.

Khushi goes to the mandir to pray to dm and she see someone falling and quickly helps her, she makes friends with her and they talk for hours then the girl's mother leaves so then her brother then picks her up. Khushi and Anjali continue to talk but then Anjali brother comes to pick her up and Khushi goes and plays with the children.

Arnav comes to pick up his sister Anjali and finds out she was about to fall and gets worried but Anjali tells him that a girl had saved her, next you see that Anjali had left her purse and Arnav goes and gets in for her and he bumps into Khushi and they start to talk but Khushi gets a phone call from home telling her that her son prem is missing her and that she needs to come home which she does and Arnav over hears and starts to wonder. 

Khushi goes home to her son but when he falls asleep she doesn't know what to do and feels bored and this is was like her life at home but on the other hand Arnav's home life is much better, there is laughter and fun.

Anjali invites Khushi over to their house and Khushi comes alone to RM with prem, they sit down and have a chat and they all thank Khushi for saving Anjali from falling, Khushi drops something on her clothing and goes to the washroom then Arnav comes home and see a little boy he plays around with him and ask who is its and Anjali tells him it is the girls who had saves her Arnav then goes to get fresh but when he goes to the washroom he sees Khushi, Khushi gets scared and pushes him in the the cupboard and asks why is he even here and they both find out that one Anjali is Arnav's sister and two Khushi had saved Anjali from falling and that the little boy was Khushi's son which gets him confused. They go down and they talk more and Arnav's secretes is out that he had had a secrete house and Anjali asks Khushi about her husband and Khushi says that she isn't married which shocks them. 

Khushi then leave and goes home and back to the quite environment but Arnav on the other hand gets teased by his family and he gets annoyed and goes to his room.

Khushi goes home and her friends come over and they talk and Arnav comes into the story and they all start to talk about him and other staff, they then leave but while leaving lavanya trips down the stairs and brakes her leg and Khushi takes her to the hospital which then lavanya can't walk so Khushi takes her place and work

Arnav is shocked to see Khushi as lavanya and they both start to work, Arnav tells Khushi that if she is going to work here then he needs to have her information which she then gives him and then Arnav finds out that Khushi parents are his parents friends and they knew each other since childhood they have a laugh and a hug and continue on their work later on, Arnav asks Khushi about prem and Khushi remembered the past and gets scared and upset and leaves the room and gets some fresh air after she clams down she walks out her she over hears people talking about her and Arnav and how they thought they were dating Khushi finds that funny and thinks of having fun but just later on then after some work Khushi drops to sleep and while sleeping she talks about her past and about some secretes  about prem and Arnav finds out that prem mothers name is Kalpana and he is even more confused about it, he wakes her up and they go home 

Khushi gets home and wonders if prem had eaten which he did as Babuji had feed him Khushi wants to thank him but as she was angry at him she doesn't and just ignores him and goes up to prem and goes to sleep. 

Khushi goes to AR and sees Arnav she sees that he is with some workers and starts to play her prank on them, Khushi fake flirts with Arnav and then hugged him and kisses his cheek making people start to talk they both go into the lift and Arnav ask what was that she laughs but Arnav wants to take revenge and he starts to come close to her and plays around with her she gets scared and red and he breaks apart they both go back to the cabin and do some work, Aman comes and calls Khushi bhabi which makes Khushi confused and feel weird, Khushi and Aman talk and play around which annoys Arnav, Arnav sectary comes and tells Khushi that someone is that the front waiting of her and she finds out that it is Arjun, Khushi gets worried as it was lavanya's boyfriend and they haven't told him about the accident and was worried what he might say. 

They all go down and Khushi hugs him making Arnav angry and jealous and don't even know why!
Khushi tells Arjun what had happen and he gets worried but then tells Khushi that he is going o meet her and she says bye and goes back to Arnav who asks her who was that she tells him what it was lavanya's boyfriend. 

Shashi is at his new hotel and he names it after Khushi and also he names everything after Khushi and prem.

Later Khushi goes home and she starts to miss Kalpana Prems mother and so does prem and Arnav goes home and he gets teased by his family again, lavanya tell Khushi that she had forgot to tell her that she had a trip for business and Khushi has to go Khushi says yes... also that day Khushi and her Babuji make up and they start to improve their relationship.

Arnav phones Khushi and they talk about the trip and Khushi tell him they will meet tomorrow and they both fall asleep to the morning ahead...

If you want to know what happens in the trip to Manali the read my updates to my love addiction 

Thank you


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Hi guys
Like I said I am trying to update all the time now
Thanks for getting me to a second thread guys it means the world
Anyway here is chapter 22 hope you guys will like it so enjoy 
And omg thread 2 I am thankful guys 

Oh and before you get confused the beginning is a flashback  

Chapter 22: Ignore Khushi!!! Ignore 

She was trying to give her the hope on maybe a miracle will happen and everything will be back to normal! She wanted to try and explain to them to understand how she is feeling but no they were just thinking about what everyone else would say! 

Kalpana: amma please don't do this
Madhumati: no you have to kill this thing what will people say 
Khushi: but
Madhumati: no Khushi you stay out of this ok
Khushi: but bua ji how is the baby at fault
Madhumati: no its not but you are Khushi! Why Khushi why did I send Kalpana to you

Khushi looked at her bua and she felt hurt by her words, her bua blame a lot of things on Khushi and they all hurt her but she always ignored them as she was older than her and she respected her and treated her as her amma because that was what her Naina had always said to her and sometimes her Babuji would! 

Khushi: bua ji I
Madhumati: Khushi just stop it ok please, you can stay here but please please stay away from Kalpana, I don't want her to be alone all her life

She was pleading her folding her hands to Khushi and Khushi quickly grabbed and a nodded in no and looked down with tears in her eyes

Kalpana: amma no I am not doing this
Madhumati: Kalpana if you don't I want nothing to do with you
Khushi: bua ji
Madhumati: I will disown you 
Khushi: bua ji don't say that Kalpana di is just...
Kalpana: fine amma if you don't want me or my baby I will leave you alone amma because I am not killing this innocent child 
Madhumati: Kalpana!!!
Khushi: Kalpana no  
Kalpana: Khushi if you want to stay you can but if you want to be with me then come
Khushi: but
Kalpana: Khushi come or stay

Khushi looked at her bua and then at her only friend best friend and she looked down and held kalpanas hand and they both walked out strongly...

End of flashback

Khushi woke up and sat up and took some water, she took a slip and the placed it back onto the table and touched her head she was having silly thoughts and dreams about her past all this week and she didn't know why it was like her past was hunting her or coming back and it was warring her but Khushi thought it was just because she was missing Kalpana.

She got up and walked over to Prems room and she saw him fast asleep hugging his teddy and with a smile on his face which made Khushi smile, she touched his hair and kissed his cheek softly and then covered him properly with the blanket. And then she made her way back to her room and sat down and she randomly thought about Arnav and she smiled and then blushed as she remembered the time in the lift with him and she had kissed his cheek and remembered his words Khushi you had yours can I have mine? Khushi lay back down and closed her eyes and remembered Arnav and she couldn't get him out of her mind! 

And she slowly falls asleep with Arnav on her mind!

Arnav was in his room sleeping and he kept on tossing around he couldn't sleep well because he kept on thinking about Khushi and he wanted to meet her back he just had to wait.

He shot up and rested his back on the head board and brushed his hair with his hand and then closed his eyes and thought again about Khushi he then opened them and hit his head

Arnav: what the hell is wrong with you Arnav, Khushi is just a girl just like the rest why are you acting like a teenage boy, she doesn't even care about you in that way so why are you, and she has a child Arnav!!

He got up and made his way to the pool side door and stared out to the stars and smiled
Arnav: is this what you meant papa, that one day that girl will come and make me crazy is this how you felt with ma 
Arnav sighed and walked back to his bed and lay back onto his bed and went to sleep!

Both went into a deep sleep with each other in mind.

Arnav got woken up by the alarm and he got up and got ready for work and he had also been looking forwards to seeing Khushi!

Khushi got woken up by prem jumping on her and screaming mamma wake up, Khushi smiled and kissed his forehead and picked him up and jumped out of her bed and told prem to go to Naina so she could get ready and they will both go down to eat.

Arnav was dressed and he made his way down and saw his family again fighting over something silly like who will eat the first parathas or what will be made but that wasn't what they were fighting about Arnav was confused because that's was normal happened so he walked up to them 

Arnav; what happened
Ma: chote thank god you are here
Arnav: why ma
Mami: hello hi chote I was saying I wanted to print you wedding card and my chose of design but sasu ma is not letting ma
Nani: because chote I want to
Ma: no ma I want to
Akash: I don't think so ladies I am Arnav's brother I got the right 
Arnav: ok guys stop this please; you are getting really annoying I am not marrying Khushi 
Ma; but chote why? She is wonderful yes chote she has a son but. She is amazing Arnav
Arnav: ma, you only meet her once 
Ma: no she saved Anjali and then she came to our house remembered and if you have a problem then she should come around more I know she is a nice girl
Arnav: I know you guys like Khushi but we are just friends and if there is more I will tell you ok 
Ma: fine beta if you say so

She turned around and then smiled and payal and they both sat down on their seats

Arnav smiled 
They all took their seats and had their breakfast all complementing payal about the food as she was really good at making food. 

Khushi was on the sitting down with prem Nexts to her and Babuji sitting on the other end they were talking about the trip and Khushi had asked Naina and Babuji to look after prem they both smiled saying yes and prem and Babuji both started to talk about their activities and Naina was talking about what food she will make all making Khushi jealous. 

Naina was so happy about Khushi and Babuji making up and making their father and daughter relationship how it should be even the house started to be more brighter with laughter and chattering Naina had tears in her eyes and she in her mind spoke to Garima "look everything is back to normal... not it's much better I hope you are now in peace" 

Khushi got up and kissed prem and said bye to both Babuji and prem and made her way to her car to make her way to AR 

Arnav was already at AR and he was busy doing the preparations for the meeting in Manali and was waiting for Khushi. 

Khushi arrived and went straight but when she was walking some of the workers called her ma'am and she wanted to laugh but she just nodded and walked off the Arnav's cabin. 

She was about to open the doors but stop as she heard shouting, she stepped back and she was a bit frighten she hated when people shouted.

She opened the door a little and saw Arnav shouting at one of the employees 

Arnav: what is this, you call this work!!! This doesn't even make any sense if you don't want to work properly then you can just leave this isn't a place where you can sit down and do nothing that's not what I am paying you for!!! If you do this again then you are fired!!! You got 2 hours to complete this no GO!!!!
Employee: sorry ASR

The man turned around all scared and he walked out and saw Khushi who was hiding behind the door with her eyes closed.

Employee: ma'am is you ok!
Khushi: huh... oh yes go and do your work before he gets angrier 
Employee: ok ma'am 

Khushi gulped in fear and she thought so this is what la was talking about she was shaking and was wondering what Arnav will say to her.

She knocked 
Arnav: WHAT!!
Khushi: err Arnav it's me? Khushi 

Khushi opened the door and put in one foot not looking at Arnav 
Arnav: oh Khushi you, come in

Khushi smiled, she walked in as normal and then she sat down and then looked at Arnav who was staring at her, and she got scared and stood up...

Khushi: well Arnav I was here because well I... I don't know what to do! 

Arnav looked her and thought why she is acting so weird meaning why is she so scared is she ok

Arnav: Khushi are you ok
Khushi: huh me yeah I am ok thanks and you
Arnav: yeah I am fine, why are you looking scared 
Khushi: huh me no no me I am not scared ever I don't get scared 

She then gave him and bright big smile which was fake

Arnav then got up and moved to her and touched her shoulder 
Arnav: are you sure
Khushi: yep 
Arnav: ok so about the trip, the tickets are booked
Khushi: ok yeah about that when are we leaving 
Arnav: oh well tomorrow afternoon at 8, I will pick you up
Khushi: ok I will be ready by 8 sharp 
Arnav: ok Khushi I need to prepare for the presentation and then I need to complete the last design and send it off so I will need your help but could you please get me a black coffee
Khushi: sure! Be right back

Khushi left the cabin and to the staff kitchen and she started to make some coffee of Arnav and she heard some girls talking

Girl: I bet she doesn't even love him she just wants him money 
Girl 2:  I know she is not even pretty I think she had put magic on ASR 
Girl: I know right! Cheap girls don't have money so they trap rich men

Khushi was so pissed, she wanted to turn around right then and there and throw the hot coffee on their face, and she was hurt because they thought she was after Arnav's money when she wasn't! She remembered something omg Dev she is so desperate for your money!! Come let's just leave cheap! She breathed in and then out. Wiped the tear on her cheek and took the coffee and walked out giving the girls nothing in respond as they weren't worth it! she kept on saying Ignore Khushi Ignore!


Arnav picks Khushi up from her house and meets; Prem and Naina 

Arnav knocked on the door of Khushi house and then a few minutes later a lady opened it
Arnav: oh hello is Khushi here
Naina: oh yes she is just get her things come in
Arnav smiled and walked in

He looked around and admired Khushi's house he saw pictures of Khushi and the one of Khushi hugging prem and made Arnav smile there were pictures of Khushi mother and the other one that caught Arnav's eye was Khushi is kissing a girl on her cheek! Arnav smiled at that picture and he notice Khushi looked so different she had something very different in her eyes. The girl was beautiful just like Khushi she looked older than Khushi by some years

Arnav sat down on the sofa and waited for Khushi to come down...
He saw Naina and then he thought of asking who the girl to Khushi was
Arnav: excuse me, may I ask who is this girl?
Naina picked up the picture and wiped it and looked at Arnav
Naina: Kalpana... Khushi's Cousin!!!!!

Ok so here we go I hope you enjoyed this part now you know who is Kalpana to Khushi she is buajis daughter in my story 

So as soon as they get to Manali there will be a lot of Arshi scenes and I know you are going to enjoy them! 

Thanks for reading


 Chapter 21                                                                                       Chapter 23

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Congratulation on new thread ... looking forward to new update

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congrats on the new thread...

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