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ME WU Update - 29/09/2012

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Posted: 29 September 2012 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Will update the ME piece by piece.. Please hold onTongue

Dr. Doshi informs the Modis that Rashi does not have cyst  but rather a watch. The Modis are shocked and Urmi starts to rant. The doctor shows them the x-ray and tells them that it may have happened when Rashi was operated and no wonder the doctors again wanted to operate on Rashi. They had wanted to remove the watch.
But Dr. Doshi tells them that they can find about how the carelessness happened later. As Rashi is in immense pain, she tells them that she has to operate on her immediately.
Rashi cries, Urmi is sad and so is everybody.  Urmi says she will not leave the doctors for hurting her baby..
Gopi wants Rashi to get better. Jigar gets super angry and says that he wants to punish the greedy doctors. Ahem agrees and tries to call the police. Kokila stops all their emotional outbursts and tells them that the first thing is to get Rashi better and remove the watch. She gives her wordBig smile (my darling Koki) that once Rashi is out of danger they will get the doctors punished.

Rashi is taken to operation. The Modis and Urmi wait outside. Gopi prays to Kanhaji to remove all the pain and problems from Rashi's life. Koki asks her to calm down and assures her that everything will be alright.
Urmi idiot says that Rashi now has to be operated twice. It would have been better if the stones had been removed by beer itselfDead  Hetal and Jigar look disgusted. 
Koki walks up to her and calms herShocked and tells her that she can understand the mother in her but that everything will be fine and Rashi will be alright.

The doctor comes out and assures the Modis that the operation was successful. Jigar asks if he can meet Rashi. He goes in. Rashi is partially sedated. Jigar holds her hand (RaJi sad BG) and tells her that now she is fine. Rashi gives a small smile. The nurse tells Jigar that he has to go out. 
He comes out and says that, now that Rashi is fine, the only thing left is to get justice.

Urmi says that she is surprised as to how many lies the doctors said and that she cannot believe that there can be people who lie like this. Koki looks like "Oh yeah.. Then what about you?"
(I was doing the same. UrmiAngryAngry She is not better than the doctors. Talk of hypocrisyDead)

Ahem agrees and tells Jigar that it is time the doctors are punished. Not only were they greedy to falsely operate for appendicitis which Rashi did not have but they left a watch in the stomach and then lied of Rashi having a cyst to remove the watch. He is disgusted and angry. 
Chirag advices that before they go to the police they have to confront the doctors and all agree. However Koki says there is a problem and Gopi looks worried at her.

Koki continues that they have no proof against the doctors. Jigar thinks and replies that the doctors also got the reports. Gopi agrees. She says they did it exactly for this reason.
Chirag is indignant. He asks if the doctors can never be punished. Will they escape? Koki says no. She says that not punishing someone for such great sin is impossible. Because of these doctors Rashi's life was in danger. She tells all that they will teach the doctors a lesson and will not leave themParty
Ahem questions as to how that is feasible? (why Ahem Dikra? Your mom is there.. She has the answers like alwaysBig smile) Koki tells him that "Hey.. Think idiot. That is why God has given us brains." LOL No. .Sorry.. WinkKoki tells Ahem that they have to think of something and cannot just wait without doing anything. (Jigar was like, "this Kakiji always has these ideas" kinda lookLOL)

Next we have an angry Ahem striding with the reports in his hand followed by Koki, Parag, Urmi and Gopi in the hospital. Urmi  goes to the reception and asks for Rashi's x-ray. The nurse/receptionist says that there was no patient named Rashi Shocked Urmi fights and tells her that she herself was there with Rashi yesterday. But the nurse keeps repeating that Rashi was never admittedShocked
Urmi gives her some money and asks for the report (trying to bribe her with 20 Rs.LOL).. The nurse looks confused and keeps repeating the same thing. More money and no results. She tells Urmi that she will call the security. Urmi accuses them all to be in the fraud but leaves.

Here Ahem reaches Dr. Mehta's room and throws the report on the table. There are a couple of other patients/visitors in the room. Koki then tells them everything they did. She tells them the doctors lied about appendicitis and then cyst. They lied and cheated and were greedy and finally this is what they did.
Koki shows them the x ray with the watch and Dr. Mehta and Mehta are shocked. The patient and his relative listen to all this. Dr. Mehta tells the Modis that he does not know them.
Ahem and Gopi are shocked.  As Koki accuses them of lying both doctors go on a defensive overdrive. They refuse to accept that Rashi was even a patient. They counter accuse Modi's of defamation and wasting their timeDead
Ahem disgusted asks for Rashi's reports. THe doctors again say that there was no Rashi. A nurse walks in (did not even knockConfused) and Gopi turns to her for help. However Mrs. Dr. Mehta shows her a sign and the nurse also pretends not to know the Modis

Koki and Ahem total disgusted.Koki tells them that she thought that even if they had made such a big mistake, somewhere in the corner of her heart she had hoped that the doctors would behave with some humanity and accept their mistakes. She then warns them. (Amazing scene and dialogue delivery.. Loved Koki and AhemDay Dreaming) When the doctor accuses Koki of falsying and defamation Ahem in total anger tells them that things have gone overboard. He says that they better confess or elseEmbarrassed

Gopi though thinks of something and places her hand on Koki's shoulders and nods at her. Koki looks back

to be continued..

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All back in MM and except Ahem and Jigar everybody is in the hall. Koki informs them that the doctors completely refused and pretended that they did not recognize them. As there is no proof either, they are now helpless. 
Parag asks Koki if there is not even a small piece of evidence.Koki curtly nods no. Meethi is giving juice to all and Gopi asks Hetal about Rashi. Hetal informs her that Rashi is alright and Jigar is with her. She then asks Urmi if atleast she was able to get the reports .Urmi informs that Rashi's name has been removed off the register and she was unsuccessful in getting the reports.

Urmi opines that they have to do Darna in front of the hospital. Call the media and such. Koki tells her no. However Hetal asks her why not. She says that they should not leave the matter so easily. Urmi accuses Koki of never wanting to hear her idea. Koki however scathingly explains that as she previously said, even if they strike and bring the media, they have NO PROOF.. Which will be used against the Modis by the doctors. Gopi nods in agreement
However Urmi says that Koki has partiality and as this is Rashi she is not doing anything.. If it was Gopi.. Koki stops her from going further..(gotta love this scene.Star. I want Urmi to get what Koki said in her brain.. But we all know that it is of no useDead)
Koki tells Urmi that there is no truth to what she said. RAshi is their DIL and she is important. Koki tells her that she understands what Urmi is saying is because she is a mother but then any action taken emotionally can backfire. She says that all Mota Bhai, Baa, Parag are thinking of ways to get Rashi justice. She says that they have to think a way to incite the doctors and make them confess.

Ahem walks in talking over the phone. He agrees..
To be continued...

Ahem informs all that he talked with Dr.Doshi and has requested her to get as much as information about the Mehtas as possible. He also tells them that this is not the first time that the Mehtas have done such things. Urmi asks if they have left watches in others stomach tooROFL
Ahem explains that he means the Mehtas have done operations for no reason on a lot before. (Gopi looks like "Aww my knight in shining armourDay Dreaming) But he wonders why no one has complained or has done something or raised their voice before this. 

Koki tells them that the Modis will not keep quiet but they will have to do it with smartness so that these doctors do not escape. Urmi has to give her two cents and she says that she wishes she can plant a knife in the doctors stomach and put the watch in itLOL.. She also asks Chirag to use Gunda force to teach the doctors a lesson.. Hetal looks like ShockedPinch.. And then asks Urmi to calm down.
Gopi tells all that instead of violence they should take the non violent route. Urmi does not agree but with no one listening to her she gets up and leaves (thankfullySmile)

Gopi asks Ahem if they can contact some other people who have been wronged by the doctor. She says that if they can join forces maybe they can make the doctors confess.. Kokila tells her that it sounds good but she says that they have to think what can be done carefully so that the doctors do not fool justice again. She says that they will do something to stop this from happening to any more people.
Gopi asks her whether ... And we go to the plan...
Big smile

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The last part of the updateTongue

The next day morning, Dr. Mrs. Mehta receives a present. She happily takes it into the room. Dr. Poorab Mehta says that they fooled the Modis wellDead Diksha agrees and says that for a few minutes she had worried. Then Poorab sees the gift and asks her who sent it.
Diksha nods she does not and opens it to find a watch. Both shocked. There is a note in it which says that she got the watch she wanted, so atleast now confessBig smile  The Modis have added the note with 'love'..

Outside the Modis are giving people watches and ask them to give it to the doctors. Koki, Urmi (she advices them man to give them a couple of slapsLOL with the watches), Ahem, Gopi, Parag and Chirag are all distributing watches. Ahem tells a person that what they are doing is not illegal, Gopi tells a person that the doctors have to understand that they are playing with people's trust, Chirag says that the Modis are not doing this for just themselves but to the greater good for all..

In Dr. Joshi's hospital, Jigar cuts the call and tells Rashi to see just how many watches the Mehtas are going to get while he gives her some  medicine

Here in the room, the Mehtas have numerous gifts and they get calls from unknown people asking them to confess. Dr. Mehta puts the receiver off on the table not unable to take anymore calls.
The peon again comes in with a gift and Dr. Mehta angrily collars him asking just how many more gifts he has. But this gift is not a watch and the peon informs that it is from the felicitation ceremony for being the chief guest. Dr. Mehta says that he forgot about the ceremony but Mrs. Mehta says that they have to deal with the Modis first.

Here Koki is distributing watches while Urmi looks unconvinced and restlessConfused. The doctors come out and ask her if they are trying to prove something false. They say that they do not know Rashi. However Urmi questions them as to why they are here talking to the Modis if they do not recognize them.
Poorab tells her to shut up and leave and Ahem angrily tells him not to cross the line.. Smile Koki asks Ahem to calm down. Koki tells the doctors that it is time to confess their sins.
The man shouts that he will get them arrested.  Koki replies back. She asks her for what? Dr. Mehta says that they have no proof and he will get them arrested for emotional torture..Shocked However Koki checkmates him and tells him that they are not inside the hospital premises and the road is not the doctors.. Urmi sides her. But Diksha  stops the fighting and tells Poorab that they should not waste their time. They have a ceremony in their honour to attend toDead

Modis are shocked. Poorab again reiterates that he will not bend to the Modis and leaves. Urmila is flabbergasted and she says that she has to do something now. However Koki tells her to calm down..
Rashi calls inbetween and inquires whether anything positive happened. Urmi rants and tells her that the stupid idea did not work and she is thinking of doing some KKs Dead RashiShocked for the first time tells her to stop doing something stupid. She tells Urmi that from the time she fell into the borebwell, things have gone from bad to worse. She asks Urmi to stop doing stupid things and take any wrong steps. But Urmi stops her and tells her that she does not believe in the Modis.

Koki interrupts her just then and requests Urmi not to do anything in her anger. She tells her to act prudently and correctly. Koki takes the phone and talks to Rashi. Rashi tells her that now she will also join all others to bring the frauds to justice. Koki is worried about Rashi's health but Rashi assures her that she is fine and Dr. Doshi also has given her a clean chit.
Koki thoughtfully agrees.

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The felicitation ceremony...

The ceremony is to felicitate those who have done things for the greater good and Poorab Mehta is the guest of honorDead  The announcer explains that they are felicitating those doctors who have done their duty par excellence and requests the chief guest to honor such people.
They call on different doctors.

Here the Modis come with Hetal supporting Rashi. Koki asks Hetal if she did as was said. Hetal assures her that Jigar has gone to the car and will bring it in.. Here Dikha and Poorab are called on to stage to receive their awards..
Jigar is shown walking in with something in his hand. Urmi questions as to how her 'phool se dikri' will be able to do anything. Rashi herself assures her that she will manageSmile Koki looks proudlyBig smile

Jigar then comes in and stands in front of Rashi and she sees something in his hand and is shocked. Gopi looks happy and so is Jigar. The other family that had argued with the Mehtas reach there and Koki welcomes them. She then asks Rashi to come in the end and the all others walk in.

Koki, Ahem and Gopi walk in followed by the others. Poorab is giving his acceptance speechDead and Dikha looks on happilyDead Both look at each other and smile seeing the Modis..

Poorab continues that he has worked hard to reach this place. He says sometimes he has done such miracles on the operation table that he himself cannot believe (what jerksAngry ) Diksha looks condescendingly at the Modis.. Gopi looks determined and the other Modis either angry or disgusted.
Poorab continues that there were a lot of people who has helped him reach this place.. Just then we hear the ticking of a clock. Poorab looks up to see the Modis make way for Rashi who comes in with a big ticking clock supported by JigarParty

As Rashi walks towards the stage with the clock, Poorab and Diksha practically sweat and he falters to repeat the same thing over and over again. RaJi walk up on stage and the Mehta's become more flustered. Poorab thanks people for helping him do operations and for giving him an opportunity to leave watches in people's stomachDancing  Jigar looks like "gotcha"Tongue While Gopi and Koki look on.

The Modis and the other family walk onstage while the others are shocked about the confession. Amazing scene as Ahem, Koki, Hetal, Gopi , Urmi and Jigar impress on the Mehtas to confess for cheating, lying.. Poorab says that he confesses to one crime and then for all mistakes.

Diksha accepts but says that she did not leave the watch wantedly.. She apologizes.. However the other doctors do not agree. They are disgusted that such things have been done. The sanctity of the profession has been broken due to people like the Mehtas. the Chief guest says that the medical license of these two should be cancelled for these crimes.

Poorab apologizes.. But the chief guest says that the decision about these two is with the people. Poorab requests Modis and the others to forgive and give them a chance.. All look on (Ahem nods no.. angrilySmile) The police come in..Party
Koki tells these two that they have to be punished for their actions. She says that they may have considered forgiving them if they had accepted their mistakes in the beginning. However now after so much pressure they have confessed. She goes on to say that they have brought shame to the doctors profession. So now with the sin comes the punishmentTongue The doctors are arrestedApprove

Jigar and Rashi look happy and so are the others. Gopi says that Kanhaji has made things ok and that sathya meva jayate.. Urmi agrees.. Koki then thanks the others for helping them.. However they say that 1 +1 becomes 11 and they counter thank her for doing this.
All prepare to leave. Urmi immediately goes Chipku to Rashi's sideDead

Koki though stops her and then tells Gopi to take Rashi to the car. She says she wants to talk to Urmila benParty

She tells Urmi that if she had told the truth in the beginning itself, then this day would not have come.  Urmi falters.. Koki continues that a daughter listens to her mother all the time and does what her mother tells her to do.. If Urmi had not lied and had advised Rashi to tell the truth then things could have been avoided. She tells Urmi not to repeat this mistake ever again.
Also she tells her that things that concern the Modis better be told to the Modis before it is made public to anybody elseTongue The Modis leave behind a very angry Urmi who had her nose cutBig smile Well done KokiClap

There was no precap in the video I saw.. If anyone had seen the precap, please update..Tongue

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I really really appreciate your efforts to update such a big episode...Clap Thank you so much...and really it's a wonderful  episode...

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Thank u soo much, u made it clear and perfect, such a long episode and u written it so well! :D

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thanks a lot Harini for the detailed WUBig smile
really enjoyed ME

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Wow Harini.. that's an awesome write up... and thank you sooo much for taking the time to do the WU.. wow it would have taken so  much of time.. awww..Hug

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