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Great part. 

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                                             EPISODE 8 - PART 6

She called on Deepa and told, 'Oh! I totally forgot the Analytical Geometry assignment to be done through whatever was happening on the day.'

Deepa said, 'Don't worry, sweety. I have done this assignment with the help of Neela and you can copy it tomorrow. The assignment can be submitted before tomorrow evening.'

Thulasi said, 'Am I to copy the assignment!'

Deepa said, 'Cool down, Thulasi. The first lesson I had to learn what I am to do to thrive in the college is sometimes I have to copy the assignments. Remember, I have copied many assignments you had written and you clarified many queries I had. Now this is for a change, you are copying. This is a much simpler assignment than those of them which I had copied from you. And don't be harsh on yourself for copying an assignment. You are married and you have duty towards your husband also. You have to attend to him and be there for his happiness. So these things can happen and so you can excuse yourself. Also another point. Don't tell Tamil sir that you have missed writing the assignment because of whatever was done in the evening. He is not be pained now. Again even as you are copying the assginment, it doesn't make much difference. You could definitely look into the logics of doing those problems later in the evening which surely you will be able to do.'

Thulasi became comfortable to herself and went to sleep. 

The next scene is the road. GW was going to the temple in the evening. Even as she was going to the temple, her brain was working fast on only what to do to put down Thulasi. That moment at the bus stop, the engineering college bus stopped and four students got down from the bus. They were two boys and two girls.

One of them told the other students, 'Tomorrow, I have to make most of the chance I am getting. I will try to clear the doubts I have with Thulasi.'

Another girl said, 'Thulasi seems to know everything and we all are left to catch up with her. What is their in her brain which we don't have?'

They were talking about some other things also. 

GW told herself, 'I have got a good chance to put Thulasi done. Thulasi! Don't assume you are going to be popular for long. I am going to do so much to you.'

GW called on TA after sometime and told him, 'We have something important to talk. And you have to say 'yes' for what I am telling you.'

TA said, 'You can tell me what you want me to do.'

GW said, 'I am telling that for your welfare and your pondatti's welfare. I am always for both of you. It is true at times I had been harsh. That is all because that was the way based on what I knew.'

TA was not happy listening to what she is saying. But GW continued, 'I consulted the astrologer Jyothimani who is a renowned person in this area. He is well-known and has clients for him from all over India. He gives his verdicts on horoscopes only based on strict principles. He is also a person of strict principles. He gives his consultations only during daytime when the Sun is glowing in the Earth and scorching the Earth with full energy. On anyday, he gives consultations only for ten persons.'

TA now said, 'I am not interested in these stories. Tell me what I am to do. Anyway, I have no belief in astrology.'

GW said, 'That is what the persons of younger generation like you will tell. But it is not the way, you have to look at. If astrology is not something based on reality and is not something without meaning, it won't have been surviving ages. Even those persons who are in the top notch in the society have astrological consultations and they also benefit by what they learn from the astrologers.'

TA said, 'What then am I to do?'

GW said, 'You and Thulasi have to go to the Mariamman temple in Adambakkam and do the morning and evening lamp lighting service for a day. And that will have to be done in an auspicious day which falls on this Wednesday. That is a holiday also. Many people have told a lot about how much they have been benefitted by visiting this temple..'

TA could never see through the plan made by GW and so told, 'I will talk to Thulasi and find her convenience and do the needful for that.'

GW retorted, 'Thulasi may make excuses for not coming to the temple telling something or the other. But you are not to accept the excuses she says. You have to take her there citing the importance and the impending future problems which could happen if this parihara is not done.'

TA said, 'Thulasi nalla ponnu. Thulasi will accept whatever good things that are needed to be done. That is the way she is and she will oblige to both me and you.'

In the next scene, it is at Thulasi's home. TA is telling Thulasi on what GW told him and Thulasi to do.

Thulasi told, 'That can't be possible on this Wednesday. I have an important lab class on this day. Some of us are joining together to do some repeat experiments though this is a holiday. Also in other experiments also we have doubts which we are clearing by helping each other. It will become a terrible loss for me, if I miss that class. I have also some doubts to be cleared..'

TA told, 'You can put that class off to another day. Certain things have to be done for passing the examination in the life also. The astrologer is telling, if we miss this day the next auspicious day falls a long time after. And if we don't do the needful on this day, I will find myself having a lot of problems in the job and both of us will suffer.'

Thulasi again told, 'Please understand what I am going through. I have in my experience, every class I am not going becomes a loss.'

TA told, 'You are making many excuses telling something or the other about the classes. When elders say, certain things are to be done, they have to be done because they will have only to say something good for us.'

Thulasi then told crying, 'OK, then I will come to the temple. Still it is painful for me to make this choice. Also I am pained when I find you are not understanding what I am saying. I guess I have to sometimes accept this also. One can move on in life only if we could make compromises'

TA said, 'I am also pained by certain things I am forced to do. Sometimes we have to accept, No pains, no gains'


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Hhmm...small misunderstanding..temple vs class...waiting for next part. 

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Josiyama coming in between a?D'oh

Waiting to see where it is leading TT toGeek

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                                           EPISODE 8 - PART 7

Thulasi felt it is no more possible to convince her hubby and so thought there was no more point talking. But she was not happy as she went to bed. Next day morning both of them got up. They didn't talk with each other too much except what was necessary. TA told himself, 'I am not happy to see my kuttima pained this way. But I don't know what I can do to get away from these types of things to be done. It seems at times I am forced to make my kuttima suffer, which is really painful.'

At length, TA prepared to go to the office and Thulasi prepared to go for her college. One of the bank colleagues, called on TA to pick him up and take him to the office as that person had problem with his motor bike. TA therefore gave money to Thulasi so that she could go to the college by auto.

In the campus garden, Deepa spotted Thulasi's mood and asked, 'Enna dee, oru mathiri irukkai. Ennamvathu..'

Thulasi said, 'Athellam onnumillai.'

Deepa said, 'That can never be. You can't hide anything from me. I could catch you how you are any moment.'

Someone remarked, 'This is the way this good friend is. Deepa always is there for her friend, spots her anytime and comforts her. Thulasi has to be blessed to have this type of friend.'

Thulasi said, 'Something is there. But we will talk about that in the canteen.'

Deepa told, 'I can know you always. Why do you then hide things from me? Hiding things like this is painful to you.'

The scene is now in canteen where Thulasi and Deepa are together. Thulasi had told how things have been and why she was pained. Deepa told Thulasi, 'Your MIL always schemes doing one thing or the other and makes things painful for you. She always wants to make Tamil sir quarrel with you and tries to bring problems in one way or the other for you. It is upto you in one way or the other to convince Tamil sir to postpone this trip.'

Thulasi tells, 'You are not to tell this about my MIL. How is she to know that tomorrow I am having this type of lab class in the college.'

Deepa tells, 'So even after seeing so much of that oldie, you won't give her up to me. You deserve to be praised. But learn that she has thousand eyes and thousand ears for getting to know anything about you and she could go to any extent to do something to harass you. It is up to you to learn to take care of yourself and to take care of your husband.'

Thulasi said, 'Is it possible to postpone this program to Thursday?'

Deepa said, 'That is not possible. On Wednesday night, Vidya is going to Tiruchi and Suresh is going to Salem. So the full team could not assemble on Thursday. Even I had certain things to clear with you in the lab. That would be the case of those guys also. See, how many persons are you disappointing?'

All Thulasi could do was to cry. Deepa consoled her and told, 'Don't worry, Thulasi. I just teased you but I understand you also. You are so tender and sweet and so you felt hurt when I said you are disappointing us. But you have to accept yourself. We will manage to find our ways on how we can do those experiments.'

Thulasi said, 'I am also pained with this type of happenings. But what can I do?'

Deepa said, 'Cheer up, sweetie. Don't pain yourself too much by this happening. In life we are forced to do all sorts of compromises. But then whatever you are doing, try to train yourself such that you are not losing yourself for not losing another person.'

Probably Thulasi was consoled to some extent by what Deepa said. But she was pained a lot. She was determined to tell her hubby assertively that she wanted to skip going to the temple and instead go to the college.

TA came in slightly late. Thulasi who was studying decided to go in to make tea.

TA said, 'I am not taking tea now. I have just got tea in the fairwell party I had in the bank.'

Thulasi then decided to sit with him and told, 'Please listen to me, I have to tell you something.'

TA put his hand around her and brought her closer to him and told, 'Whatever you want to, you tell. But I have to tell you something first.'

T said, 'Tomorrow...'

TA said, 'No, I won't be. But first listen to me. Anyway tomorrow's temple program has to be cancelled. I am facing serious problems in the bank. The problem is not something which is scaring and so you don't need to worry. Only there is a lot of work to be done and I have to complete some of the customer records by this Friday. The annual inspection is due on Saturday. And so you can make it to your class for tomorrow.'

TA again said, 'Are you happy now? See God has helped us. Also this is a lesson for me. I am not to make my Kuttima pained by making programs against her interests..'

Thulasi was happy and she sat on his lap placing her head on his shoulders. She told, 'I always have a lot of faith in you. My subconscious was telling, Whatever you force yourself to do, you are not going to fail me.'


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                                        EPISODE 8 - PART 8

Next day morning, Thulasi started in her usual time to go to the college and then TA also decided to go off for the office.

GW called on him by phone and told, 'How are your preparations for going to the temple? I have good news for you. Charu has decided to take us all to the temple in the car. I will be also coming with you.'

TA told, 'That can't be possible. I have some work in the office which I have to complete by Friday. You have to find another day.'

GW was really disappointed. TA said, 'You will find yourself in serious trouble as you are not following what I said. What is said by great persons have to be obeyed implicitly.'

TA said, 'For me, even if I follow you I would have been in serious trouble. I have lots of jobs to complete.'

GW could not say anything more. Later when Charu called, she expressed her disappointment. Charu told her, 'Sometimes we have to be patient. We will have more opporunities. But just be with me always. I won't let you down. I will do more things.'

GW told, 'You are my rajathi.'

Charu said, 'I will be coming to meet you in the afternoon.'

GW said, 'Certainly, I will have the lunch specially made for you. I know that you won't be failing me.'

Two more days went by. On that evening, TA told, 'Now we have to prepare for the next ordeal. Don't feel pained when I am to do now.'

Thulasi said, 'Ennanga'

He could see her being shocked. He drew her to him and told, 'Next week, I have to go for a job assignment to Madurai. And that has to go on for a few months.'

Thulasi said, 'That is really painful. Think of me. I am being left alone. I feel very much lonely.'

TA said, 'It sounds painful. But this is an important project which is challenging for me. When I am able to finish the project before the deadline, that will determine my promotion. Even though, it sounds painful now, see the promise this project gives me. This is a dream project for me.'

Thulasi said, 'Good for you to get this project.' Thulasi could not tell anything more and was really in tears.

TA told her, 'Be sure, I am always with my Kuttima in my mind and soul. This is only a matter of few months. After that everything will be rosy for both of us. I will be promoted and I will take my kuttima to exotic places. Please bear this for some days. Just remember, how much onslaught we have been facing from my mother and your chitti. That was during those days we were struggling to make both ends meet. Once this project is over, everything will be fine. We will not have financial problems anymore.'

T said, 'It is painful for me even to be away from you for one day. Financial problems are not important. I want you only to be always with me. I can do partime job if we need some more money .'

TA said, 'I don't like making you do partime job and I am determined to take some responsibilities and that decides I am going off. But during this period, you are not to neglect your studies. You are to concentrate on your assignments and do the needful for the examinations.'

T could not say anything more. But she said, 'Today also I have to complete an assignment. Deepa will be coming now and we will be doing the assignment together. And then both of us have to prepare the sketchings for the drawing sheet.'

TA said, 'That will be good for you and so you will be able to think of only what you are to do and not worry more on what is going to happen.'

Thulasi could not speak much. Deepa came in. Thulasi and Deepa did the needful with each other. Even as Thulasi and Deepa were talking, TA was reminded of something and he went out and get some items. 


                            End of Episode 8

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oh so soon maha..
good parts.u captured the mood of gw n xxx but at the same time that u did not take fights too far..
looking fwd to the continuation ...

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Thanks Maha for stepping in and doing the episodeThumbs Up!
Doesn't sound good with Tamizh going away for months & Thulasi staying alone! Hope everything becomes fine...
Waiting to see what happens next...Disapprove
Don't tell me that we are nearing the heartbreaking separation episodes!Cry

Shubba akka, what a coincidence! You have to do them, nextTongue!

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