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Thankss Maha Uncleee.. Nicely written Big smile The cute fights and T&T moments is nciee..Haha Charu is back ah?? Wow, hope she comes in Thendral too Smile

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                                       EPISODE 8 - PART 3
Thulasi went out and opened the door. And it was GW there outside. Thulasi told, 'Vanga! Athai.'
TA made a gesture showing he is not at all pleased. But then, GW kept her cool and told Thulasi, 'I need your help.'  And then went on to tell what was the needful to be done to Thulasi which comes in muted voice with just tune..
TA was listening though he was not feeling pleased. But as GW was telling what Thulasi was to do, both of them were smiling at each other. GW then told, 'It is true there was a time, I was angry with you. But then, that is because I was pained. For sometime, I was pained because, I could not get to do arrange the marriage of my son in a nice way. But now I am happy to see both of you doing nicely.'
Thulasi said, 'Certainly I believed someday you will understand me, Athai.'
When TA wanted to tell something, Thulasi told, 'Certainly I will come with you.'
TA called Thulasi to the other room telling, he needs her help in a certain thing. There TA told angrily, 'Do you think, you have to go with my mom. You have to come with me and enjoy yourself.'
Thulasi told, 'But we have to accomodate your mom also. Whatever way, you believe your mom thinks, I can't accept that. She has asked for my help and I like to go with her. I am only happy to see the whole of your family understand my caring nature.' TA could not say anything against her.
Thulasi also told, 'We are not to disappoint Charu. You can go to the function.'
And so, Thulasi donned the old dress and decided to go off with GW in the auto.
TA decided to go off to the function in his bike. As he went off, Charu called him and requested him telling, 'I am having some problem with my car. I have to go to a few places urgently before I get to the mandapam. Can you take me on your bike?'
TA accepted to do that. Charu sat behind him with her hands on his shoulders and directed him to go to a place such that, Thulasi could see from auto Charu going behind TA in his bike. Thulasi exclaimed, 'It is he. and Charu is riding behind him' And she told what she saw to GW.
GW said, 'That can't be the case. You could have seen someone else. TA won't take any girl to ride behind him. You must not complain about him that way. He is not brought up to do that.'
Thulasi tried to protest. But GW brutally asserted not to tell that.
And then they were at GW"s home. GW told Thulasi, 'Myself and Laav are going to Aditi's (Laav's friend) home to a birthday party. Till then you are to take care of Pooja.' Thulasi accepted what she was told to do. GW also told Pooja to be with her chitti for sometime.
Meanwhile Charu made TA to go to another place for her own reasons and then both of them went to the mandapam.
Thulasi was spending her evening of the day with Pooja. Of course, she must have been disappointed. But the time spent with a child always is happy because the child's world is unique and it is its own garden which is totally free from the bugs of the adulterated adult. Even as she was confined, in the house, the outside communication still happens. That is because everyone has a cell phone.
Thulasi's cell phone rang and it was Deepa who called her. Deepa asked, 'Engarundu pesarai, dee!'.
Thulasi said where she is and told whatever happened in that evening.
Deepa told her, 'Your MIL has really made plans to do bad things on you. I was also seeing that bloody girl Charu going behind TA on his bike. How dare that was allowed to happen?' She told to herself, 'Something has to be done.'
And then Thulasi and Deepa had their talks for a few minutes and after that the phone call ended. Deepa told her, 'See what I am going to do.'
Thulasi cautioned her not to do anything. 'This is not what I want. Whatever way his family members are, I want to build cordial relationship with everyone in his family.'
But Deepa adamantly told, 'You definitely have noble thoughts and they will help you at the right time. But you have to be practical also and must have proper boundaries with everyone. You have some rights and you have to fight for them. I am determined to help you anytime and I will do that.'
Pooja shared the snack she was having with Thulasi.
After around half an hour a car came to their place. Puvi and Sudha came there. Sudha asked Thulasi, 'So you were with Pooja till now.'
Thulasi then told she was told by the GW to take care of Pooja, as GW was going to a function. And also told she was also to go to a function. Sudha told, 'You must never trust your MIL. She is a cunning calculating lady. You have to learn to take care of yourself. Never do anything for her. See how she has cheated you and made you be away from your hubby.'
And then Sudha said, 'OK, what happened has happened. Now I will drop you to the function venue.'
Sudha was true to her word and took Thulasi in her bike to the mandapam. Sudha also told Thulasi, 'When you see Charu, you give her a message saying Thenmozhi wants to meet Charu in the Elite computer Home.'
As Thulasi was walking in the mandapam, she could see Charu holding TA's hand and introducing him to everyone who were all business colleagues of her father. One person told, 'The wife is taking care of her husband very well.'
Some of those comments were heard by Thulasi and GW. One person told, 'Both of them are really made for each other.' Another comment, 'They are sure to have a bright future with each other.'
Charu was telling him, 'You have to take the evening dinner. It has some special exotic dishes which you could never have tasted so far..'
That moment, Thulasi came towards TA. That was really shock for Charu and spontaneously she left his hand. But Thulasi kept her cool. TA was also surprised to see Thulasi there. When the three were together, GW was not there. Thulasi told Charu that Thenmozhi wants to meet her at a stipulated venue in the evening.
Charu told TA, 'Then I have to go. Thenmozhi was my special friend. She is seen only rarely in Chennai. She has now made her home in USA.' And so Charu departed.
All of them went for the dinner. At the dinner place, GW had her shock. Charu had earlier promised, she will be sitting with TA in the dinner arena and she will be bantering lightly with him. GW was eagerly looking for this happening. But what she had to see was TA and Thulasi sitting together and having a cheerful time. TA was feeding jelebi to Thulasi.
After the dinner, TA's phone rang.

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Lovely continuation Thumbs Up... mmm...Charu and GW back to their dirty tricks ... waiting to see whether our lovebirds T/T would stick together or fall apart ... suspense is killing ...Smile

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                                             EPISODE 8 - PART 4

It was Charu, who was telling TA, 'There was no Thenmozhi. What Thulasi told was a lie. For no reason, I had to be away.'

TA told, 'I will sort out what happened with Thulasi.'

TA called on Thulasi harshly to come back to the home. Thulasi was finding coldness in TA and she felt afraid.

Once they were at home, TA asked Thulasi, 'How did you come to the mandapam? And in that place, you also told Charu some lie and thus you made her to depart from the function which was organized for her.'

Thulasi told, 'This is what really happened. Sudha Akka came in and  told me she would take care of Pooja. She also dropped me in her bike to this place.. She only told me to give message to Charu about Thenmozhi.'

But TA told her, 'So .you will listen to Anni and believe whatever she said. You just accepted whatever she said without trying to know more about how she got to know this information. Do you even know, Sudha does not know much about Charu? All that happened was Charu had to be off from the function for this and we became reason for that.'

Thulasi told, 'I can apologize to her. That is the best I can do now. I had no intention to make her go away.'

TA said, 'How does apologizing help? The damage has already been done and so I am upset now. You have to learn to be more careful from now on.'

Thulasi told, 'What else can I do now? Surely I will try to be more careful from now on. But then I am also upset. You could walk in the mandapam with Charu hand in hand. People will make any number of comments about both of you. Did you ever think of how would I have felt when I see all this? And you did everything believing I wouldn't be seeing.'

TA said, 'I had no intention to behave that way. Everything was done by Charu. Also you have to understand whatever way Charu behaves with me, whatever people tell me, my heart is always with you. Why do you give importance to how people behave? what people say? What you are to have is always trust on me.'

Thulasi said, 'You have to know I have also feelings.. .'

TA told, 'I have to sleep now. No more talking. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow. My concentration will get upset if we talk more.'

That was all TA would tell in that night and went to bed and lay down with his face downside. Thulasi really felt bad. She really felt fear within her when she saw her hubby was upset with her. She also felt guilt for whatever she did. She did pray and after sometime, she was able to sleep.

During the next day morning, both of them didn't speak. Thulasi was afraid to initiate talking with him, even as she served tea to him. Also he was departing to the office early on the day.

He told her as he was departing, 'I have so much to do and I want to finish as much as work as possible today. I will take the breakfast in the office canteen.  I could not drop you to the college in the bike today. You have to go by auto.'

Thulasi believed TA was really angry with her and so he behaved that way to her. She told herself, 'I have to be more restrained from now on when I talk. I really had upset him.' Thulasi decided that she will take leave for the college on that day.

Deepa enquired her from the college, 'Enna dee, inniki collegekku varalle.'

Thulasi was still crying. She told whatever happened on that day. And finally Thulasi also told her, 'You made me do something and the consequences happen this way.'

Deepa told, 'You have done nothing wrong. Why do you worry? These things happen and based on these happenings we have to learn in my life. Tamil sir has kind heart within him and he could not be away from his heart for long. He could have left early because he will have his own reasons. Don't blame yourself for whatever happened. See today evening you are going to have a happy time. Now come to the college. You have goal in your life and you have to find way to take care of yourself.'

But Thulasi was adamant not to go to the college. Deepa decided to meet Thulasi in the evening.

As per the advice of Deepa, Thulasi tried to call her beloved TA. For sometime, it came up such that his own was switched off. 

Charu found out with the help of one of her friends what happened between TA and Thulasi and told this happy news to GW. GW called on Thulasi and taunted her, 'See how things have happened. You cunningly usurped my son and are using him for your own vested interests. You are least bothered about the fact that the future of my son is spoiled. But you can't keep my son unaware for long. Now my son has learnt what has happened and so he is going to behave only based on what is good for him and I will be able to guide him in the right path. Don't try to corrupt him anymore. If you corrupt him, you are only going to be in deep trouble.'

Thulasi told, 'That is never going to happen. He is going to love me and my name is written in his heart. Surely you are going to see that today evening.'

GW said, 'Carry on with your false hope till we will see what is going to happen.'

Thulasi could find no peace. Neither could she concentrate on her assignment which she had to submit on the next day. She thought, 'I will do the assignment with the help of Deepa.'

The door bell rang.


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Thanks for part 3 and 4!

Like how Deepa talks to Tulasi and of course the end with TT at the table together instead of Charu. 

I hope TT solve out their silly misunderstanding because of Charu and we dont have to see any separation track or GW being happy with her plans. 

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                                              EPISODE 8 - PART 5
Enters TA. Thulasi was still pained very much. He had come much earlier than he used to come on normal day. Thulasi was confused. She was also shocked as she was pained a lot on how he was behaving. She was wondering how small things happening can cause a lot of damage. She had no idea what she could do to work out things again.
She told him, 'Ennanga!'
He told, 'I have to go out.'
She told, "I want to tell you something.'
He said nothing else. Neither did he look back. Nor did he show he wanted to listen to her. While she was still crying, TA didn't seem to look at her.
She tried to call Deepa and Kalyani. Both of their phones were switched off.
But then the bell rang again. This time TA came in. Kanakku and Joseph also came in on another motorbike. They had a large packet with them.
Deepa and Kalyani also came in. Also with them were two other engineering college friends Neela and Rajini and also came in Deepa's father.
Thulasi was wondering what was going on. TA broke the suspense telling this is her birthday and he had planned a surprise brithday celebration for her and so he called everyone. MM and Pavithra also turned up.
The cake placed on the table was really grand. Kalyani remarked to Thulasi, 'The cake has been a nicely planned one.'
All of them clapped their hands as Thulasi cut the cake. They all sung, 'Happy birthday to Thulasi!'  TA and Deepa put the cake on her face also. Thulasi felt totally amused.
Thulasi had some conversation with Deepa and Kalyani. Deepa told her, 'You really are a fortunate person. From whatever he is doing, we could see he loves you a lot. Are you now happy?'
Thulasi nodded with a smile.
Once the crowd has all gone off, TA told Thulasi, 'Kuttima! On that day you told you had exams and so we could not have funtime together in the evening by going to the outings. But today the same is not to happen. And of course, today is my chella kutty's first birthday after the marriage. And this is a day, which has to be celebrated in the best possible way. I have made elaborate plans for celebrating this day. We will be going out to a few places today. I have booked in advance for our dinner in Bluemoon Restaurant..'
'Ennanga! I have to tell something.' said Thulasi
TA said, 'I know what you want to tell me, Kanmani. You want to tell me what happened yesterday. I definitely was upset for a moment. But then I could guess the truths myself. How can I believe you would have told a lie? That could never happen. And I decided to sleep early because I was thinking about what I can do for today for this great occasion. I had to plan not only for this celebration but also it is not to be compromised with the work I had to finish for the day.'
Thulasi told him, 'I was really pained for a long time. How much pain I went through for a whole day. Really I was stupid. I must not have thought about you this way.'
TA told, 'Where was I? I must have given some hints and not leave you in pain just for planning this surprise celebrations. I had my own weird ideas and because of my ideas things happened this way. Sorry! Kuttima!'
Thulasi said, 'No need to tell 'Sorry' to me. We are not to tell 'Sorry' to each other. Everyone does something or the other due to his oe her own good reasons. '
TA said, 'From now on, you have to accept that I will be always with you. Anything happening on a day, could tell something otherwise. But that can never happen.' He took her by hand and made her sit on his lap. Then he hugged her. She now felt very much happy as she was sitting on his lap with her head on his shoulders. She found a lot of solace for herself that moment.
He then told, 'Now are you happy?'
She said nothing but smiled.
Then, he told her, 'We will go out and celebrate this day in the best possible way.'
The first place they went out was to the Saree shop where TA made her select a new saree. She showed one of the cheap sarees. TA told, 'That won't do.' and so he showed her some expensive sarees and made her select what she liked. She showed she liked two of them and he bought those sarees for her. .
After that TA took Thulasi to Bluemoon restaurant. where TA made her choose the food and ice-cream she liked. Thulasi was feeling much better and sported a bewitching smile as she was returning with TA on that night.
Once she was back at home, she remembered something.

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Athukula part 5 veraikum poiducha?
Thanks..I didn't have to  wait to see TT fighting...
What next?

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Great parts Maha sirStar realy nice written, waiting for the next part

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