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where is episode8...this thread is really interesting..
good job guysss...!!!!!!!!!!!Wink Tongue

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We have waited almost a month, I suppose. Raji, being busy, I think it would be appropriate for us to continue with the story.

Mr.Maha, its your podium now...

Raji, we are sorry but there is always more to write!
Whenever you come back you can treat us.

Thanks to others for waiting patiently!

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                                      EPISODE 8: PART 1
Thulasi was deeply into her studies in her home. She didn't see how time has went by and when it was evening, she was brought out of the books when the bell rang. 'Who would come at this time?' Thulasi wondered. She opened the door with some apprehension within her mind.
Entered TA, calling 'Hai! Kuttima!' and he hugged her. That was mild shock for Thulasi for a minute but she became joyed the next moment seeing her loving husband. She asked him, 'So you came early today. I was expecting you only after eight o'clock.'
He said with smile, 'Yes! I am early today.' He hugged her strongly.
She told, 'OK! Let me make tea for you.' As she came out of him,
Next moment TA caught her hand and told, 'Not needed. I have come early and so today is the day we have to celebrate. I have made good plans for spending the evening of the day in an exciting way. We will go out to the beach. Spend sometime in the evening in the natural settings. Have jolly time through the evening. And after that, we will go to the Sunshine Hotel where we will have the dinner of your choice. You are the one who will be ordering the dinner. We will have happy time today. You needn't toil in making the dinner today.'
When he was talking all this, Thulasi was looking speechless but she showed no excitement. He asked her with concern, 'Why are you saying nothing, Kuttima?. I have been postponing this type of jolly evening for so many days as I had a lot of works verifying many accounts. I was held up in a lot of jobs and the manager was particular I had to look into a lot of files meticulously which was necessary to see that the way the bank works is efficient and fast. We had to see that we are not losing some customers to some of our competitors. Today I am happy, I relieved much earlier than the normal and so I want to spend this evening with my one and only chellam.'
But Thulasi told him, 'I am sorry, I won't be able to make this program today evening.'
She put her head on his shoulder and told with sob, 'No! I have to digest some serious portions and tomorrow is the impending examination. I am finding some parts of the subject over my head and I am having tough time with some problems. You have to accept me this way.'
TA said, 'Exams! Forget about that. Worrying about the exams and making too much about the subjects is all which make them so bad. Forget about the exams for this day and we will have some nice time in the evening. That will help you a lot.'
Thulasi now seriously told, 'What I said I am meaning seriously. So much depends on what I am studying and how I fare in the examination. I had to work a lot with many reference books to get the required notes of the relevant portions. That itself was a tedious job. Please understand me. I am sorry, I am disappointing you.' She broke into crying. TA became speechless and now Thulasi really became scared.
And then TA told, 'Kuttima! Onnoda purushan paavam illaya, ippdi thaan nee paduthuviaya enna, en chella kutty illya nee.'
Thulasi now told with serious concern in her eyes, 'Please try to understand me. Don't force me into something like this.' She again broke down into cries.
TA now told tenderly, 'Kuttima' and he put her head on his bosom and stroke through her hairs gently. He told her, 'I do understand you and I said something for fun. Always be assured I am with you and I will support you whatever you like to do. One guideline I have chosen to follow is the paramount importance I give is for your studies. Ana neeye chollu. onna thaane naan kindal panna mudiyum. Still I will always be with you and I will go with what you like to do. Now you can go on with your studies. We can go anyday in the evenings later also and it can wait till your exams are over and your vacation has started. Your studies are more important than that.'
He continued, 'And I will make tea for both of us.'
Thulasi feebly protested, 'I will make tea for you.' But now she could see love in TA's eyes. She saw solace in his shoulders and understanding in his face and so she left him to make tea for both of them.
.He made tea for both of them and they took the tea and then Thulasi went on to do her studies. TA told after sometime, 'I will bring what we want to eat for the night also from the mettukadai hotel. What do you want me to bring. Masal Dosai, Biriyani, Pulav, Tandoori masala!'
Thulasi told, 'Nothing needed. I have made already the food required for the dinner. I have so much to study and I don't want to be disturbed this way when I am concentrating on solving the problems. Some of the problems call me for correlation of many equations from calculus, algebra and many areas.'
TA said sternly, 'So you don't consider me as yours and call for help in this area. You just spent sometime in making the food when you could have studied more.'
Thulasi replied, 'Yes! I will be that way only. If I am not taking care of my hubby by properly seeing that he takes the food at proper time. Isn't this what your mom would have expected your pondatti to do.'
TA said, 'Don't talk about her now. We have happy and peaceful time now. We are not to lose those moments talking about those persons who know only to hate.'
Thulasi said, 'You are not to talk about your mom this way. She has brought up you making many sacrifices and it is only natural she has many hopes about you.'
TA said, 'Then OK! You go on with your studies.' And so Thulasi went in and carried on her studies.
Both of them had their night food after sometime and then Thulasi carried on with her studies again. The time went on till 11 PM. Still Thulasi was in her studies.
TA said that moment, 'Kuttima! Still you have more to study. How tough things are with the engineering?'
Thulasi said, 'Not much is there to finish. I will come soon to be with you.' TA didn't listen to her and went into the kitchen. But as Thulasi didn't want to break the rhythm in solving the problem, she didn't follow him. In a few minutes, TA said bringing a glass of tea, 'Kuttima! This is tea for you.'
Thulasi said, 'Had you to make tea now for me?'
TA said, 'Tea will give my kuttima, freshness and energy. You take it.' She hugged him and took the tea and continued her studies.
Thulasi said, 'Your love gives me freshness and energy.'

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Thanks Maha

Athukula sandaiya? Ippo thena kalyanam achu?Geek

Oo..Oru masam honeymoon a nama miss pannitomoTongue

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Thanks Maha.  Great to see this back rolling.  Lol Gisel we missed TT's honeymoon episodes?

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Thanks Maha ... mmm ... kutty misunderstandings and sweet making ups Embarrassed... waiting for more...Smile

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                           EPISODE 8: PART 2
Charu as she was leaving GW told, 'I have made up a plan to do something needful. See how I am playing on the life of the two love birds who are really very much intimate.' And she hugged the GW and left in her car. The next place where she got down was at the home of TA and T. She didn't ring the bell all on a sudden. But she looked from the window and was seeing what was going on inside.
TA and T were sitting together. TA told her, 'Let's eat oranges, Kuttima.'
T told him, 'Urichu tharungo.' TA smiled and hugged her and did what his wife asked him to do. And he brought out the peeled orange and removed the outside coating and fed her with his hand the tender portion of the orange. He was also feeling the tenderness of touching her lips. But that was all needed for activating the green-eyed monster who was growing within Charu. She told to herself, 'Thulasi! Don't feel overjoyed because of what you have done. You have cheated me and grabbed away my prince. But this is not going to go long. You have not known how much I am capable and what all I can do. How can you, the daughter of an odukaali, know fully about me? A day will come when he will drive you out and I will be in your place. Even now, I will interrupt your happiness.'
She went ahead and rang the bell. 'Who could be there now, Chellam?' told TA. Thulasi went off and opened the door. She told, 'Vaanga, Charu.'
Charu came in and asked Thulasi, 'How are you, Thulasi? How is everything with you? How are your studies?'
Thulasi said, 'Everything is going on well. Let me go in and make tea for you.'
Charu said, 'That is not all required. You have so much to do and you have to put your energy in studies and not waste energy in these things. I have come here on something important and I have a lot to do today before ten o' clock.'
Charu continued, 'I have come to invite you both to a function which my father has organized for good things to happen at our home. Both of your presence is important here.' She told TA, 'I have put you in a special place in my heart and I believe your presence with me will help me in accomplishing many things in my life. You are my thickest friend.'
TA said, 'Certainly, I am always with you. You deserve the best in the life. Surely you have to come a long way in life.'
'So you have to come with your wife and grace the function well.' said Charu.
'Surely' said TA, 'Charu! Now you have to take the bajjis made by Thulasi. Really she has made huge progress in her cooking skills and she does specially well in making delicacies.'
Charu said, 'I don't have time now. Anyway I will be visiting you occasionally. Someday I will grab and taste the delicious bajjis.' and she told herself, 'You are more delicious than anything. See if I don't grab you someday.'
As Charu was going out, she called on someone and told about what is to be going on. She cheerfully stopped the call and showed a hand gesture of victory.
TA and Thulasi prepare up for the function. TA told Thulasi, 'We are to be the stars of the day. You are to wear the green saree.'
Thulasi said, 'I never believe to be the star anywhere. I don't want to be in the limelight anytime. I like to do what I need to do and do what I like to do and just be in the low profile.'
TA said, 'That won't work, Kuttima. You are born to be a star and always are going to be a star. And you deserve to be. You have said many times, you want to come to a place of prominence in life and make a lot of accomplishments. But now if you say like this, how does that work? You are definitely going to be a successful and a gifted engineer and your work is going to be admired by many persons.'
Thulasi said, 'Don't flatter me that way. Accomplishing something is different, but being showy is a very different thing. Doing my work quietly is what I like to do. It will become difficult for me to concentrate on what I need to do if I give in to the lure of the public glare..'
TA could not say anything to her. He said just this, 'OK, Kuttima! Do what you like to.'
And then she dressed up in her green saree and came out. As they were preparing to go out, the door bell rang.

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Gisel Gisel your fav Charu's for part 2 Maha. 

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