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BusyIndivaBee Goldie

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chulbuli94

Originally posted by BusyIndivaBee

press the like button for a n update
kam se kam 10 likes hona chahiye
uske baad update likhna shuru karungi
n bada vala dene ki koshish karungi Big smile
Lali,don't threat usShocked we want update at once !!!!
ab jab shifa ne kaha hai toh main kal update likhna start karungi n 3-4 din mein update milega
agar bada update nahi diya toh di mujhe maar dalengi LOL becoz i promised her Smile

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gunurlove IF-Dazzler

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update soon
love.piyali IF-Dazzler

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Yeah...we definitely need an update...will be waiting for your pm...till then ciao!..
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LOL lalita m gona use da same thing for my ffs ROFLUpdate dey do jii

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BusyIndivaBee Goldie

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Posted: 12 December 2012 at 5:42am | IP Logged

I would like to apologize for the delay. I'm really sorry and thanks for you patience for this update. hope you'll like it Smile

Part 10:

Samrat's shirt became wet because of gunjan's never ending tears. After what felt like eternity her loud cry was converted into soft sobs. He slowly broke the hug and held her face in his palms. She did not dare to look into his eyes, her eyes were full of guilt for leaving him, her eyes were full of pain for hurting him, and her eyes were full of love which she didn't want to show. She couldn't look into his eyes, eyes which had her reflection, eyes which were sign of the never ending love for her, eyes which had a longing in them to capture her image, eyes which expressed emotions that substituted words in that situation. He moved his face closer to hers and she felt his breathe on her face after a year. In the true sense she was feeling his presence around her after a year. He slowly placed his lips on her creamy cheeks. He started kissing her salty but precious tears. When she felt him touching her face automatically another tear rolled down her cheeks, before the tear reached the chin he kissed it showing that her tears were precious, her tears were the sole reason behind his pain. That action of his told her that her tears had no place in their fairytale. He slowly kissed her eyes asking her to stop crying, asking her to let the smile in her eyes reach her lips. He slowly placed his lips over hers and kissed it gently, trying not to hurt her, asking her to accept the truth that they can never be separated, asking her to accept the fact that they will remain together till eternity, their souls will unite in heaven after death. Gunjan started to repond to his kiss. Their kiss was the symbol of their reunion. It was one way to express all the pain they had to undergo without each others physical presence in each others life. In between all this a soft melodious music was heard, it was the sound of their heartbeats which could finally synchronise in unison. Samrat felt his heart pump blood to his blood vessels again, he could feel his lungs breathing, he felt his brain functioning. He felt like before after his soul met hers. Mental presence of your soulmate gives you the reason to live, keeps you alive but such a life has no meaning because we are moving on with life just for the sake of living it, such a life has no aim. We spend such a life only with the wait of wanting to feel the physical presence of the other. When they are with you physically you want to live your life to the fullest, you want to make every moment of your life memorable, you want to express your love through every possible gesture, you fear that death may separate you but still believe that your souls will reunite in heaven, you want to have a blissful life with your soulmate, you want to fight sometimes so that you could please the other, you want to sleep in each others arms, you want to spend some romantic time under the moonlight, you want to have all the happiness in your life.

God showered his blessings upon these two souls. Nature was rejoicing their reunion. Their kiss was short-lived due to the drops of water that fell on their cheeks. It started raining heavily; rain was nature's way of expressing her joy, joy of another love story which would remain warm and eternal in our hearts forever. Gunjan moved back and was thinking about the moment they shared a while ago. Samrat felt gunjan move back, he let her go, and he knew that she couldn't deny the love she had for him. He saw her lost in her own thoughts. He kept staring at her; his joy knew no boundaries he finally found his sole reason to live. He found his chashmish. His happiness took the form of tears. His tears rolled down from his eyes to his lips. His tears formed the path way for his happiness to reach from his eyes to his lips. His tears carried his joy from his eyes to his lips. When his tears touched his lips a smile spread on his lips looking at the love of his life, seeing her love, seeing his reflection in his eyes. The rain hid his tears, but was he able to hide anything from his chashmish till date. NO! Once she said, "tum mujhe chashmish bulate hona, toh ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna, main tum mein voh harr ek cheez dekh sakti hoon jo koi aur dekh nahi sakta!" She came out of her trance and she saw samrat standing in front of her. She could see the rain pouring heavily, but amidst that rain she could see his tears. That's the speciality of any soulmate.

"You see my tears in the thunderous rain

 You hear my soft murmurs in a noisy place"

Finally the pitch silence came to an end and gunjan decided to grace nature with her melodious voice.

G: samrat!!

He looked at her more lovingly, more affectionately. He felt out of the world when he heard her call out his name with so much love and concern. He loves his name when she pronounces it.

He pulled her into an embrace. This time she willingly hugged him. Two souls were standing amidst the nature with god's blessings showered upon them in the form of rain.

S: kyu chashmish, mujhe chodke kyu chali gayi?

And this time he cried, his tears fell. Gunjan knew that she couldn't turn her back, she couldn't dent her love, and she couldn't do injustice to their fairytale. The moment for which both of them waited arrived. It was time to re-write their fairytale.

S: mere saath aisa kyu kiya chashmish? Tum bohot khud garz ho, sirf apne baare mein socha, mujhse puche bina mujhse dur jaane ka faisla le liya.

G: samrat…

She managed to break their warm and loving hug.

G: aisa nahi hai samrat. Tum jaante hona tumhari chashmish tumse apni jaan se bhi zyaada pyaar karti hai…

S: issi liye apne samrat ko marne ke liye chodke chali gayi thi

She quickly covers his mouth and hugs him.

G: Marne ki baat kabhi mat karna, tumhare bina tumhari chashmish ka jee nahi payegi. Im sorry samrat, im sorry

All this while her voice chocked with pain, she herself didn't know how she lived without him. He pulled her closer with the fear of losing her again.

S: chashmish…

G: hmmm (still hugging him)

S: meri ek baar bhi yaad nahi aayi? Mujhe dekhne ka ya mujhse baat karne ka mann nahi kiya

She broke the hug and finally managed to look into his eyes.

G: tumhara dil kya kehta hai?

S: mera dil toh ussi waqt dhadakna ruk gaya tha jiss waqt tum meri zindagi se chali gayi thi

G: toh kya mera dil tumhare bina dhadak sakta hai?

Sirf main jaanti hoon ki maine kaise itne din tumhare bina guzare, har pal maut ke barabar tha, main zinda toh thi par mujh mein jaan ki kami thi, voh jaan jo main tumhare paas chodke aayi thi. Har pal chaha ki main tumhe dekhu, tumhare paas daudi chali aaou, tumhare gale lagu, tumse baat kar saku. Par main itni majboor hogayi thi ki Jo mere dil ne kaha mujhse karne ke liye, main kar hi nahi saki

S: itni bhi kya majboori thi ki chashmish ko apne samrat se dur jaana pada?

G: samrat tum jaante hona. Maine chalne ki shakti kho diya tha. Mere liya tum apni zindagi jeena chod rahe the. Hamesha mere paas rehte the. Main tumhari zindagi ko barbaad hote hue nahi dekh sakti thi. Main kabhi nahi chahungi ki mere karan tumhari zindagi ki khushiyaan tumse cheen jaaye. Main tumhe hamesha haste hue dekhna chahti hoon. Uss hadse ke baad main tumhe voh khushi nahi de sakti thi. Issi liye tumhare zindagi se dur chali gayi taaki tum apne zindagi mein nayi khushiyon ke saath aage badh sako.

S: tumne kabhi bhi mujhe samjha hi nahi. Kya itna hi jaan paayi ho apne samrat ko? Tumne soch bhi kaise liya ki chashmish ke bina samrat ki zindagi mein khushiyan hongi, kyat um mujhe nahi jaanti ki yeh bandha aoni chashmish ke saamne apni jaan bhi dedega…

G: issi liye toh chodke chali gayi thi kyonki main jaanti hoon kit um mujhse itna pyaar karte ho ki mujhse kabhi bhi akela nahi chodoge, mere uss majboor haal mein bhi mera saath doge. Par aisa karte karte tumhari zindagi tumse chutt rahi thi aur mujhse voh sab dekha nahi gaya, main tumhe vaisa nahi dekh sakti thi samrat, nahi dekh sakti thi

S: ek baar toh mujhse baat kiya hota main tumhare iss pagal dimaag ko samjha deta. Chashmish ek aur baat puchu?

G: tumhe jo kuch bhi puchna hai puchlo, tumhara hak banta hai

S: jab tum teekh hogayi thi toh vapas kyu nahi aayi? Tumhara dil nahi kiya, tumhara mann nahi hua mujhe yeh batane ka kit um teekh hogayi ho

G: kiss mooh se tumhe batati samrat, kaise ek din achanak itne mahino ke baad tumhare saamne aake khadi ho jaati. Mujhe laga tum aage badh gaye hoge, main tumhari zindagi aur khushiyon ke beech phirse rukavat nahi banna chahti thi.

S: kya itna hi bharosa tha apne pyaar par, apne samrat par

G: nahi samrat main…

S: toh tumne aisa kyu socha ki main tumhe bhul kar kissi aur ke saath aage badh jaounga, tumne kaise socha ki tumhari jagah meri zindagi mein koi aur le sakta hai. Aisi baat sapno mein bhi mat kehna chashmish kyonki samrat sirf aur sirf apni chashmish ka hai, samjhi

G: im sorry. Mujhse bohot badi galti hogayi. Kya tum apne chashmish ko ek aur mauka doge? Kya tum use phirse apni zindagi ka hissa banne ka mauka doge?

S: nahi main tumhe phirse apni zindagi ka hissa banne nahi dunga

Gunjan was startled upon hearing this, her tears started forming again and before she would burst out samrat continued

S: hey hey, relax chashmish

Main tumhe aoni zindagi ka dubara hissa iss liye banne nahi dunga kyonki tum kabhi mere zindagi se gayi hi nahi thi, tum meri zindagi ho, ek aisa hissa ho jo mujhse bohot durr hoke bhi juda nahi ho sakta

She smiled widely kept staring at him, she could only see unconditional love for her. She was so lost in him that she didn't even realize when he disappeared. She cmae out of her samrat land and did not see him in front of her. Before she could search for him she felt somebody's presence from behind and before she could turn bak she felt that person whispering something into her ears.

S: "happy valentines day!" chashmish

Gunjan had forgotten that it was Valentines Day in the joy of meeting samrat

G: happy valentines day samrat.

S: yaad hai chashmish do saal pehle bhi issi din humne apni ladai khatam karke ek nayi shuruvat kit hi. Iss saal bhi apni saari buri yaadein piche chodke ek nayi shuruvat karte hai

G: haan ab main iss dusre mauke ko jaane nahi dungi. Tumhare saath main apni puri zindagi bitana chahti hoon. Hum phirse apni kahani likhenge.

They went on and on with their talks not realizing that they were standing under the rain and were totally wet. They forgot about the world, this is what happens when two people lost in love meet after a long time. They can only feel each others presence and totally detach themselves from the rest of the world.

please press the like button and leave your super precious comments Wink

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Yayyy!Sajan reunited..their convo ws so touchy..dio wr awesome..thnks 4 pm..
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Awesome update

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