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Story so far -  -Sheena-
Summary of the week - ...Poojie...
 Dialogue of the week - --Kabe--
OS/FF/SS of the week - Veena.S
Best dress/costume of the week - Kriya_Sruthi
VM of the week - piyarapiyari
Best siggy of the week - babithaj, Deepali88
Best Icon of the week - -Devu-
Best AVI of the Week- The_Dark_Knight (aka Ahnaf)
Best Picture of the week - Anondo.R
Active Member/Member of the week - The_Dark_Knight
Most active thread - The_Dark_Knight 
Blooper of the week - amrapali_Dubey, babithaj
Filler of the week - telstra
Best scenes of the week (Hilarious, Shocking, Sad) - The_Dark_Knight , Snigdhakhanam, Veena.S
Characters of the week (Best, Irritating, Under used) - Anondo.R, Singdhakhanam, Veena.S
Best behuda comment of the week/ One liners - The_Dark_Knight
Sher o shayari of the week - Snigdhakhanam
Worst episode of the week - Anondo.R
Best episode of the week - The_Dark_Knight
Background score/Song of the week - Anondo.R
Best speculation of the week -  -Sheena-
Happy and sad news of the week (related to articles, interviews and crush of expectations by cv's, Spoilers, actors whoever) -  --Kabe--
Most magical moment (KriYa) - Eden_LuvsKriya, ArjaAddict (aka Nechu), telstra

Winning Siggies : -AmyHeatzNoah-,Sehreen ,Dhakarn, Babithaj & Anondo.R

Newsletter Banner, Logo : -Devu-
Layout & Final Post : The_Dark_Knight

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SS disbelief the reports and blames P that she purposely saying this and as the rest of the family are uneducated, she is taking advantage...K defends P by telling SS as to what reason does P have to lie..SS only beliefs the truth when the doctor confirms the same..SS and the rest of the family curse Kesar for not being able to conceive...Kesar hearing the taunts and feeling the isolation decides to kill herself...SS and rest see this as a way to end the problem of Kesar but KP save Kesar life and P gives Kesar to courage to live...

SS, SDS and KN plot to get KN remarried...P opposes the idea as its against the law to do so...K and KN get in to a fight when KN becomes aggressive against P and warns the rest of the family that he will be the one who will call the police if SS or KN do anything against the law...SS and Kn become perturbed..SS still determined to get KN remarried so that he can produce an heir to TN...When KP are out, SDS speaks with Kesar and emotionally brainwashes her to allow the marriage between KN and his future wife...Kesar seems to accept her fate

Aman comes with his mother to GH and seeks permission to take Arushi out to buy jewellary for her..Prof gives permission..Komal too goes with them to help Arushi shop...Arushi is the model bride to be as expected but Komal shows her upbringing by encouraging Arushi to accept the most expensive jewellary in the show...Aman and his mother just smile at Komal's ignorance..

Meanwhile K takes P to a posh restaurant and tries to impress her with his brand of etiquette...KP enjoy their lunch...On their way home, K stops a mugger who was running away..The crowd informs K that he has stolen someone's wallet..K beats him up badly...Coincidentally, Aman too arrives and decides to take the oppose view to K and stops him from further beating of the criminal...A debate happens between the rights and wrong for dealing with criminals with P siding with Aman...Aman claims that K should also get the same treatment as he too is a criminal..this enrages K and tries to take a swing at Aman...Aman too comes to his true nature and decides to fight with Aman...The police arrive and take the mugger away and praises K for calling them and catching the thief...He tells them that the thief will get a good beating at the police station...

Aman's mother is curious to know who is K and when Aman explains then his mother reminds him that his father wont be happy to be associated with any criminal family...

What will happen next..find out in the next edition of NL...


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Sajjan thinks that Komal has eloped with Kartik and plans to kill them. Krishna tries to stop him. Pratigya fights for a woman's right to remarry after her husband's death. She informs Shyam about Komal's whereabouts and Sajjan's wrath. Abhimanyu tries to kill Kartik, Komal and Chinky. He hides when Sajjan and Shakti come to the jungle in search of Komal. Komal runs to Sajjan for rescue but he refuses to listen to her and accuses her of humiliating their family. He punishes Kartik and her.


Krishna protects Komal and Kartik from Sajjan. Abhimanyu pretends to defend them. Komal reveals Abhimanyu's ploy to her family but he denies it. Pratigya tells Krishna to check if Abhimanyu is carrying a gun. Krishna finds the gun and realises that Abhimanyu had lied. Abhimanyu admits that he had cut the brake wire in Shakti's jeep and poisoned the food in Krishna's restaurant to take revenge on Sajjan. Krishna beats him up. Pratigya stops Sajjan from killing him. The police arrest Abhimanyu.


Sajjan offers a reward to Kartik for saving Komal and Chinky but he declines it. Krishna hugs Shakti after clearing up their misunderstanding. He refuses to forgive Sajjan for humiliating Pratigya in the court to obtain a seat in a political party. He and Pratigya visit a gynaecologist for fertility treatment. Komal misses Kartik. Sajjan gives a plot of land to Shakti. Shakti offers to open a restaurant and make Krishna his partner but he declines it. Pratigya tells Krishna that she is pregnant.


Krishna is elated to learn that Pratigya is pregnant. He shares the good news with Shyam's family. Kesar makes snide remarks about Pratigya's pregnancy out of jealousy. Sajjan rebukes her. He blesses Pratigya but Krishna forbids him to participate in their celebration. Kartik visits Komal in Shyam's house. Chinky gifts a doll to Pratigya for her child. Dadi knits a sweater for the child. Kesar tells Shakti to make Sajjan sign over the property in Samar's name before the birth of Krishna's child.


Kesar plans to kill Pratigya's unborn child. She mixes poison in the milk and asks Samar to give it to Pratigya. Krishna and Pratigya thank god for the gift in the form of their child. Samar comes with the milk but Pratigya refuses saying she is quite full. Samar instead asks to drink the milk himself. Kesar sees this and throws the milk away from Samar. Krishna gets suspicious and questions her intentions. Rest of the Thakurs arrive and lambast Kesar. Krishna says that from now he considers Shakti-Kesar dead as well. Sajjan tells Krishna to remain vigilant. Shakti tells Kesar to not worry as they will get more opportunities in future. Karthik comes to the Saxenas to take blessings for finishing his experiment and then left for the temple. Komal also reaches the temple to meet Karthik. Karthik proposes Komal. Komal refuses initially but after his assurance, she agrees and hugs him. Sajjan arrives at the temple and sees them hugging each other.


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*Best Character*

Who else Our Hero Heroine KriYa...Clap Star
Is there any need of explanation why they are..?? For giving happiest news ever to Us Tongue

Our Lubbly dubbly KriYa gonna become proud Mommy - Papa soon...Party
We are gonna have Junior KriYa...Tongue

Congrats and Best wishes to Our KriYa...Party Hug

*Irritating Character*

This week Irritating Characters are the selfish and evil fellows ever ShaKe...Angry Thumbs Down
Atlast Kesar trying to harm Pratigya, an unborn Baby of KriYa Shocked Angry knowing that pain, who was gone through that for 4 times Dead and Shakthi encouraging her to do that...Angry
Do they even know why they hate KriYa that much..??..Ouch

*Underused Character*

It's Chandu this week, He was no where..!!


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*Best Scene*

Watelse, Our Pratigya gave a Happpy Happpy wala news to Krishna and Us LOL , So Scenes of KriYa enjoying some Happy moments...Tongue
Krishna goes crazy, super excites atlast make Pratigya a "Pyar ka postoffice" ROFL to transfor his love for Baby...Tongue and KriYa talking about their Baby...Day Dreaming
we have a seen a true Couple who have been waiting for Kids and now their dream came true, They are just happy happy and happy... After like an ages We are seeing some happy and lovely moments b/w KriYa...Tongue
ArJa once again redefining whats chemistry meant for, So natural and cute performance as...Clap Star

*Shocking Scene*

Krishna is in treatment already Shocked We never know that, and Pratigya pregnent finally Party
But its over simply in a single episode...Shocked, for what we have been waiting since soo long, Krishna's treatment and KriYa Baby track, Got it simply even without any hints super shocking..!!

*Sad Scene*

Scene b/w Karthik and Komal in temple...
Karthik preposes Komal, that He wanna marry her and wanna become to Papa for Chinky... Even Komal too loves Him, but She refuses, says that its not posible cause She is a widow and SS won't agree for that ever...Ouch
Karthik says that its his responsibility to convience all, still Komal says that She is scared to face althese and where it may head to, what may happen, expresses her fears...Ouch
But Karthik assures Her, that He won't let anything happen to Her...Tongue , Touchy and a nice Scene b/w K&K...Smile

*Hilarious Scene*

Scene where Kesar sends milk for Pratigya with Samar... There Krishna asks Samar what he brought, Samar says Kesar milk to Pratigya...Tongue

K to P : Hey Babu what a change in Boujayi, May be She reliazed how much You helped her, have Milk, Kesar milk, Boujayi herself mixed in this milk for You...ROFL...
Krishna's excitement and dailogues Cute and funny LOL

Onemore... Where KN asks for Krishna's partner ship in business Shocked, Soo CoolCool and a funny Scene LOL


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SS to a jealous Kesar to shut her big mouth,
"jyada dimaag na lagao, apne mooh ko chule mein lagai liyo, warna humo tumri mooh mein aag daal denge, bathai diye"

K to KN - "Hum tumka 'C**... (he stopped here, but we knew what he wanted to say)"
K - "kesar wala doodh, matlab, kudko hi daalka di hain"

The Best of Best:
Wed, Thurs, Fri... All KP dialogues, after got to know THEY gonna become parents of their ANGEL...(Eyelocks too included as it also did convey something) !!!


this whole week was very good and its difficult to find a filler but the scene where kesar was with kn in there bedroom and asking to transfrer all property to samar asap and showing her insecurity was just boring Sleepy


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This week's best costume goes to our special mummy-to-be PratigyaSmileSmile... She looks gorgeous in any colour but she looked absolutely gorgeous in the brown colour sariDay Dreaming... Totally different from the normal reds, yellows, blues and purples she has been wearing recently... The brown complemented her beautiful features and also enhanced the mummy glow that she had when she shared the happy news with the happy pappa to beBig smileTongueSmile... Congrats happy mummy... Big smile

Pic courtesy: Devu... Thanks di... Hug


Episode 746
Friday 29th September 2012

*Written/Video Update&Viewer's Review*

WU ** Friday 28th September 2012
28th Sep Pratigya Eng Subs Video+Precap WO/Dl/Pic
MKAPians' Mann Ki Awaaz - 28 - 9 -12


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this week the one news that kriya are going to be parents is enough to make kriya fans happy.

we saw that pratigya told krishna in privay of there bedroom that she is preggo and going to b mother soon. krishna who lost all hope was surprised shocked and asked pratigya to tell him truth anf confirm news as he will go mad with happiness after pratigya reassurance he took pratigya in his lap and go round and round in excitement untill prats told him to stop.
we see kriya sharing there feelings with each other that they soo wanted to b parents but they dont share there feelings with each other in fear that it might hurt the other.kriya were soo happy that god heard there prayers and krishna could not wait to hold his bundle of joy. pratigya told him to stay away from her for few days but krishna was not ready he told pratigya that pratigya is love post office and she has to deliver the love to the baby wat he will pass on. krishna said i will love u as much as i can and then you can pass that love to baby. kriya were smiling and huggingEmbarrassed


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