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~*|| I-F Dev Team Awards 2012 - Awards Night! ||*~

-Jwalamukhi- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 10:18pm | IP Logged

Hello and Welcome India-Forum's very own Development Team Members and Members of the various Forums from the General Sectionsto Star Plus, to Zee to Sony to Colors to SaharaOne and so forth and so on.

Well, what can we say! India-Forums is not a small forum, but a big home to everyone who wishes to share their likes and dislikes with others on a common topic.

Be it discussing their TV crushes, to their favourite couples, to theirfavourite movies, to actors to shows to even books and *shudder*homework. India-Forums has it all!

Changes kept happening
, things kept going wrong, but everything always ended right! Some people left, new people came. Deep friendships were made, both virtual and real life friends were made; opinions debated and battles fought, but yet, India-Forums, stayed the same.

And that is exactly what happened to the India-Forums Development Team. We welcome new Development Team members and then say good-bye, if only a temporary one to some.

Changes happen, but yet, we stayed strong. We stay united.

The India-Forums Development Team is home to different groups, be it from 
Videobies [who post daily videos for your watching pleasure] to Coolbies [the ones who keep you guys updated on the daily happenings in your favourite shows] to Viewbies [who clean up the forum] to Moderators [the Mother-hens who watch over the forum] to Channel Moderators [the big ones, who take care of and clean up an entire channel] to Global Moderators [who take on the responsibility of the site] to Admins [who are known to be the reason that we are here today, discussing things, having fun and most importantly, why we are here now, right this very moment].

If it weren't for these people, who spend their time, on this site, India-Forums wouldn't be I-F, our second home. And this... this whole team, started off with an idea, one that prospered, a goal, that was worked towards and achieved by the perseverance of many. And this whole India-Forums Development Team, started with you - The Members. We are you guys! We are you! We are members too!

And right now, at this moment, we are here to celebrate the success of this team, the India-Forums Development Team and recognize it's members. The team has come a long way in the past few years and helped make this forum the success it is today. So please join us, in our celebration of recognizing the I-F Dev Team members for their countless effort, time and patience.


GuniaFairy Ravjot

I-F Dev Team Awards 2012 Team

: While these awards were voted on by the entire DT and have some very deserving awards, please be advised that numerous categories were added as a joke and have no reflection whatsoever on their winners. So please don't poke fun at certain DT members or teams. These awards are meant to be fun and we as the DT would like to share our happiness with you guys. Please understand and respect each and every winner!

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-Jwalamukhi- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 10:18pm | IP Logged
Is it really a Goodbye?

2012 was a new year. While many new Development Team members were welcomed into the Team with wide, open arms, many decided to finally say goodbye and take a break from the team. For a while... a short period of time.

So it that a final goodbye?


It's never a goodbye here. It's called taking a mini-vacation? Understand? And that is directed towards all the 4 people that decided to become Veteran Members, yes, from their respective colors, turned into a dark green just because they thought it was cooler. But hey? Guess what? It isn't! *hmph* Approve


This Dev Team member was a Moderator of shows like Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani, Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta ChashmaDil Dosti Dance and a lone forum,Suggestions & Comments which was his only non-show forum.

This member decided to turn a dark green from his pretty purple!

Ishan. thank you for being a part of the India-Forums Development Team and being a great addition and showing tremendous hardwork.

Here is a little present for you:


This member started her journey off with a show on Zee, then moved to Sony, before finally becoming Sony's Channel Moderator but then was moved from Sony and went on to become the Moderator of Star Plus.

She is very calm, patient and decided to go for a mini-break because she decided to have a Kit-Kat... get it? Take a break? Take a Kit-Kat? LOL

She went from her light blue Channel Moderator color to the dark green Veteran Member, joining Ishan in 2012's VM's list.

She is none other than-Nadii-

Here is a little present/going away gift for you:


She was known to Moderate the busiest sections on I-F, Dil Mill Gaye andMiley Jab Hum Tum and then went on to become the Channel Moderator of the then busiest Channel on India-Forums, StarOne.

She did a commendable job as a Moderator and then as a Channel Moderator of StarOne, and moved to LifeOK when the channels switched.

-Skylight-,you are awesome!

Here is a little present for you:

Last, but not the least...

We worked together. And it turned out she wasn't that bad after all. She was a bit crazy, a bit talkative and a bit... like me. She was promoted for Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajna, on Star Plus, and had the biggest crush on Vishal Singh, for the longest period of time, but always Sagar-Vidya from Banoo Main Teri Dulhan were # 1 for her.

She then went on to become the Viewbie of Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil, thenChotti Bahu before finally stepping into the shoes of a Channel Moderator for Zee.

Ravz, I want you back! Because since the time I came back from my sanyas, we need to work together, at least once and you know it! Since, it's not all about me, I do want to point out that others miss you too... 

But, this is not means goodbye as you promised us that you'll come back when you want to and soon, but for now, here is a little something for you


These were our Four Development Team members, who decided to bid the I-F Development Team goodbye, hopefully only temporarily.

And the presents, were a gift of gratitude, a thank you to them for their contribution to the India-Forums Development Team and to the forum.

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-Jwalamukhi- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
Lazy or Amazing?

Shifali: Fairyyy, can you get me some water? And oh warm up the pizza for me? Like please? Ermm

Gunia: Omg you lazy woman! Go do some work... Why do you act like a kaam chor all the time? Stern Smile
Fairy: Gunnn! NO, she's NOT a kaamchor. Don't you see the amount of work she does all day long? Poor soul...but hey! We do have official IF Development Team's Kaamchors, one of each level!
G: So let's see, who do we have here as the I-F Dev Team's Kaamchor Channel Moderator?!
S: Duh, I know this... if you call ME a kaamchor... I've gotta know her! ROFL It's our very own...


( to herself): Ying-yang, salt and pepper, sun and the moon, and day to the night!
S: Fairy, are you all right? What's gotten into you? Why're you saying random... wait, such opposite pairs outta no where.
F: AAAHHH Shifali, can you understand me for once? Get the hint? We're talking about our next 2 award categories here!
S: Oh oh THAT. NOW I get ittt LOL Yeah, so these 2 categories are the COMPLETE opposite, but we have ONE moderator winning both the titles! She takes care of two really busy forums on I-F, EHMMBH and JDJ... and... 
(starts singing): Gun gun guna re gun gun guna re gun gun guna re gaana re...
S: Yes, Fairy... we all know how much you love that song..
F: Not the song, it's her nameee, I can't help it :(
S: As you all must've guessed, the awards for the Kaamchor AND the Hardworking Moderator goes to...[Gunia] aka Luvya4ever!

Hardworking Moderator

F: Girls girls girls... we have one more beloved member of the DT who has won the Hardworking Moderator award..
S: So check this, even her forum is as busy and crazy as Gun's... I think it runs at the speed of lighting or something Ermm
F: Shifali, we're not giving Physics lectures here... without further adeiu, let me disclose the second winner of this category...[Jules/Illyria]

 Fairyji, can you do some work for me?

F: Why me? Why not Gun?
S: Because you are the viewbie! Duh!
F: But you are too!
S: But I am senior viewbie!
F: Oh really? How?
S: Because I am lazier Tongue
F: And how does that make you a senior?
S: Because, there is a rule. The viewbie that does the least amount of work, aka the 'Kaamchor Viewbie' is the most senior viewbie because like, they are too tired to do work... and you know... old to.
F: Was that supposed to be a joke? Because really, I am not laughing.
R: Fairyji is not amused. *pokerface*
G: Stop it you guys! And Fairy, Shifu, neither of you are seniors because the most senior viewbie, I mean 'I-F Dev Team's Kaamchor Viewbie' isLoveRosh
S & F: *hmph* We shall catch you one day Rosh and steal the award!
G: Guys, really?
R: GunGun is not amused.
G: Shut up Ravz!

 I love blue! It is my favorite color.

S: No it's not! Green is your favorite color!
G: But there is no green in the IF DT ladder. But blue on the other hand... *stares off dreamily*
F: She's talking about Channel Moderators Shifs!
S: Oh! Then she should have just said so... I swear this girl is a crazy one! Anyways, our next award is for the most Hardworking Channel Moderator.
G: Yes! The winner is the one everyone goes to with their suggestions and comments! She is always there to listen and be the voice of reason. *sigh*
F: And she does it all with such grace and poise. Day Dreaming
S: Oye, you two. This is not a Ms. India competition. Get back on track!
F: Sorry! Anyways, she is responsible for perhaps some of the busiest and most fun sections - the General Sections including Chat Club, Avatar & Signatures Shop, etc. 
G:  It is none other than Aahaana! Thank you Meli for all your hard work and time and effort you put into making this an even more special place. 
Here is a little token of our appreciation:

R: *munching on a candy bar* I guess I should make an appearance to present this one!

G: Yes! Yes you should! Because this one is super special!

R: True! But you only want me here because you don't have anyone else to present this one with.

G: ROFL Fine! You caught me! Anyways, let us get back to the topic and stop boring everyone with our nonsense.

R: I don't know about you, but people love listening to me talk. *flashes a pose*

G: *cough* Narcissist *cough* Anyways, this next award is for the Hardworking Viewbie!

R: And it is a tie! And what a well deserving tie it is!

G: I know! One takes great care of one of the busiest forums, EHMMBH, alongside the best mod ever!

R: And she calls me a narcissist. *rolls eyes* And the other one is the beloved viewbie of Madhubala and D3!

G: Yes! And they showed their hardworking nature by helping a ton in these awards too!

R: Absolutely! These wouldn't have been possible without them at all! Thank you OnlyHope (Fairy) and *Shifali* for being awesome and super helpful and the most hardworking viewbies!

G: *happy tears* We love you guys! Here is your siggie:

G: So, coming up we have a bit of a conundrum.

F: What?! Itni jyada angreshi mat jhad!

G: Oh fairy! I meant we have a puzzle coming up.

F: Really?! Is it the most Puzzling Member?!

S: That's not even a category fairy Ermm

F: Oh! Can someone tell me what is going on then?! Stop playing games... *hmph*

G: Achcha Baba! Calm Down. What I meant was that the next award winner is a bit of a split personality with some opposing characteristics.

F: I give up with your riddles! *stalks away*

S: Stop antagonizing everyone Gun! It'll tell them! Basically this next winner is particularly special because she won two totally opposing awards - Hardworking Coolbie and Kaamchor Coolbie!

G: This girl really is all over the place I tell you. SMH! Anyways, the bipolar one who won both Hardworking and Kaamchor Coolbie awards is none other than our beloved -Stutz-!

Here are your siggies commemorating the day where you officially got the best of both worlds LOL:

Kaamchor Coolbie:

Hardworking Coolbie:


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-Jwalamukhi- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 10:22pm | IP Logged
Item SongsItem Girls 
or Team Spirit?

Moving on to our next set of awards, these awards are going to be presented to the most valuable assets of our Development Team, our Items girls... We the mean most jhakas Development Team ki kuriyan!

Munni Badnaam Hui, Darling Tere Liye
Munni Badnaam Hui, Darling Tere Liye
Munni Badnaam Hui, Darling Tere Liye
Munni Ke Gaal Gulabi, Nain Sharabi, Chaal Nawabi Re
Le Zandu Balm Hui, Darling Tere Liye
Munni Badnaam Hui, Darling Tere Liye

Well... I-F has it's own altered version of this song.

Jot viewbie hai, TVD, Twilight aur Fan-Fic ke liye
Jot viewbie hai, TVD, Twilight aur Fan-Fic ke liye
Jot viewbie hai, TVD, Twilight aur Fan-Fic ke liye
Jot ka kaam hai hard, 
She has to watch her shows,
And sort out the problems,
But yet she wants to spend her time talking to her I-F Friends
Jot viewbie hai, TVD, Twilight aur Fan-Fic ke liye

As you guys can already guess, the recipient of the I-F Development Team's Munni is none other than...


Baadal Hain Meri Zulfen 
Bijali Meri Angadaai 
Kahate Hain Mujhako 
Hawa Hawaai
Hawa Hawaai
Bijali Giraane Main Hu Aai

And again, I-F has it's own fitted version that applies to that certain member.

I am crazy and a cartoon
And everyone can vouch for that
I am known to every as
And I am here to spread the love

The recipient of I-F Development Team's Hawa Hawaii Award is none other than..


What's My Name
What's My Name
What's My Name
My Name Is Sheela
Sheela Ki Jawani
I'm Just Sexy For You
Main Tere Haath Na Aani
Na Na Na Sheela
Sheela Ki Jawani
I'm Just Sexy For You
Main Tere Haath Na Aani

And yet, I-F has it's own version for this young lady!

What's my name?
I forgot my name
What's my name?
My name is Visha
I am the viewbie of
Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli
Na na na Visha
I am the viewbie of
Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli

And thus, the winner of I-F Development Team's Visha ki Per-dadi... I mean Sheila ki Jawaani is..

Chikne mujhpe phisal gaye
Haye kitno ke dum nikal gaye
Hai tauba kya hoga, jo hoga so hoga
Sab mujhse poochhte hain, tu kaun des se aayi (naam)
Naam jalebi bai (ahaa)
Jalebi bai (ahaa)
Jalebi bai, jalebi bai

Well, well, what do we have here? Another version of I-F's own Jalebi bai!

E e e Ek
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai
K k k ki
Hoon Viewbie main
There's a lot of work to do
And thus I am asked the question, naam kya hai?
Naam OnlyHope
Naam Fairy
Naam OnlyHope

And therefore, the award for India-Forum's Development Team'sJalebi Bai goes to...


Arey Chod-chad Ke Apne Salim Ki Gali
Arey Chod-chad Ke Apne Salim Ki Gali
Anarkali Disco Chali
Arey Chod-chad Ke Apne Salim Ki Gali
Anarkali Disco Chali

And well, there was no I-F version for this one since the previous ones weren't good.


Since I am a narcissist [not really], I'd say my previous versions of the Item songs were hilarious and of course there will be an I-F version for this one too!ROFL

Arey chod chad ki apne, Colors ka Moderation
Arey chod chad ki apne, Colors ka Moderation
Gk_09 going nowhere
Arey chod chad ki apne, Colors ka Moderation
Gk_09 going nowhere

Hence why, the award for I-F Development Team's Anarkali Discowali goes to...


Ooh la la
Ooh la la
Ooh la la
Ooh la la
Tu hai meri fantasy..
Choo na na
Choo na na
Choo na na
Choo na na
Ab main jawan ho gayi..

And yet again, being the awesome creative mind which I am...

Ooh la la
Ooh la la
Ooh la la
Ooh la la
Tu hai Avi & Siggy Shops ki Viewbie
Tu hai na
Tu hai na
Tu hai na
Tu hai na
Naam hai tera DUGGUlicious

The recipient of I-F Development Team's Ooh La La (Silk) Award is...


Aaayi ! chikni chameli chhup ke akeli pawwa (quarter) chadha ke aayi
Aaayi ! chikni chameli chhup ke akeli pawwa (quarter) chadha ke aayi
Aaayi ! chikni chameli chhup ke akeli pawwa (quarter) chadha ke aayi
Aaayi ! chikni chameli chhup ke akeli pawwa (quarter) chadha ke aayi

Well, well, let's see what we have here? JOKE time! *does the cheesy joke dance*

Question: Why did the tomato blush?
Answer: Because he saw the salad dressing!

Isn't that hilarious?ROFL

Anyways, the I-F Version...

Aayi Luvya4ever, Moderator of JDJ and EHMMBH, Forum ko clean-up karne aayi
Aayi Luvya4ever, Moderator of JDJ and EHMMBH, Forum ko clean-up karne aayi
Aayi Luvya4ever, Moderator of JDJ and EHMMBH, Forum ko clean-up karne aayi
Aayi Luvya4ever, Moderator of JDJ and EHMMBH, Forum ko clean-up karne aayi

And hence why, the Award for I-F Development Team's Chikni Chameli goes to...


Laila Main Laila, Aisi Hoon Laila
Har Koi Chaahe Mujhse Milna Akela
Laila Main Laila, Aisi Hoon Laila
Har Koi Chaahe Mujhse Milna Akela

And I-F version time!

SylvianaLUX main SylvianaLUX, aisi hoon SylvianaLUX
Every single member loves me, as Punar Vivah's Viewbie
SylvianaLUX main SylvianaLUX, aisi hoon SylvianaLUX
Every single member loves me, as Punar Vivah's Viewbie

And therefore, the award for I-F Development Team's Laila goes to...


I-F is known for Teamwork, be it being a team of 2, or a team of 5+ Development Team members on one forum, teamwork plays a key role in the well-being of any Forum.

Joke time!

Question: What are bears without teeth called?
Answer: Gummy bears!

Our first category is...

I-F Development Team's Most Laziest Forum Development Team

And the award goes to...

Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Dev Team

Time for another awesome, mind-blowing joke!

Question: What did the water say to the boat?
Answer: Nothing. It just waved.ROFL

Our second category is...

I-F Development Team's Most Hardworking Forum Development Team

And the award goes to...

Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai DT

We know you guys are waiting for another of our awesome jokes... so here it is:

Question: What kind of shoes do spies wear?
Answer: Sneakers. LOL

Our third category is...

I-F Development Team's Most Craziest Forum Development Team

And the award goes to 2 equally crazy DTs: 

Jhalak Dikhla Ja & Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon Development Team

Last joke... we think Wink

Question: Where do Polar Bears vote?
Answer: The North Poll.

Our Fourth and Final category in the Forum Team Awards is...

I-F Development Team's Most Chill Forum Development Team

And the award goes to...

Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai DT


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Fairytales, Bhoots
& Misc

Guess whattt?
Kiii? Shocked
I'm hungry and there is nothing to eat! Cry
Hawww! I am sure there is food lying here or there somewhere. I mean, come on. What do you expect to find in your room which just looks like a garbage disposal site? Peeeuuu! Dead
Shut up! My room is clean ok? Nani came over so I cleaned. OMGGG that reminds me! Shocked
Kya? Shocked
Nani brought mithayi for me!
OMG! I want some! What kind do you have? Shocked
Gulab Jamuns. I has gulab jamuns. Me loves gulab jamuns. I eats them all.Blushing
Me loves gulab jamun too! I wants some! Blushing
No! Angry
You no eats them all Angry
I'll keep these but you can keep I-F DT's gulab jamun  she's just as sweet
OMG! I-F Dev Team's Gulab Jamun? Who is she? Shocked
How can you not know?  Do you live under a rock?! Stern Smile It's minu!
Haw! I want to eat Minu *yum* Evil Smile
Shame on you. You can't have her no more Thumbs Down
Well, at least I know who I-F Development Team's Gulab Jamun is! Congratulations Minuu on winning I-F Development Team's Gulab Jamun! 

I can't believe you didn't know.
Sharap Ravz! Next award time!

No! You should've known! *hmph* I mean in mithayi land, she's practically your cousin!
How? Shocked I am bad at relationships and you know it! Not that you have left any end unattended. You practically succeeded in turning the entire I-F into my family!
You should know this one! What's related to gulab jamun?
I dunno. The white thing?
Rasgullah Stern Smile I can't believe you're I-F Dev Team's Rasgullah and you didn't even know what it's called Stern Smile Congrats btw!

ROFL. Yeah, well, you know me and my Indian-ness Smile and my love for hindi. I love it so much that I can't even understand half the things or pronounce half the names!
*cough* Karan *cough*
Sharap Ravz! I-F doesn't need to know about MY Karan.
I think they know now ROFL
I am talking aout Karan Tacker by the way and plus, it's not pronunciation that counts, it's the emotion that matters. *Sniffles*
Sure sure, whatever you say. I'm sure Rasgullah's pati dev would be upset that it's biwi is line maaroing on one else!
Well, what he doesn't know won't ever hurt him!

Ravla, Ravla, Ravla!
Shifla, Shifla, Shifla!
Did you watch the new Ranbir Kapoor movie?
No! I didn't, did you?
Nooo! I know that movie has a SWEET name but like, my short term memory loss kicked in and now I can't remember the name of the movie, can you?
Barfi, aka Rasgullah's Pati dev! *hint* *hint*
Oh yeah! My dear pati dev! I should go watch him now!
...I was referring to the winner of I-F DT's Barfi award who also HAPPENS to be YOUR patidev. Clearly you can't take a hint

Clearly you need to start giving more obvious hints. Duh-doi! And oh, Gun aka Luvya4ever, aka Barfi honey, if you are reading this, Congrats on winning the I-F Dev Team's Barfi Award!

Smooth *eyeroll*
K, moving on...Ravz! Can I quiz you? *awkward silence* Anyways, since you so lovingly said yes, wha't squiggly, round and sweet?
Squiggly lines? But they aren't sweet Ermm
Wow, you are worst then I thought. Go back to chef school and guess again!
Gummy pretzels Approve
No. I'll make this more easier for you. It starts with J and ends with lebi.
Jalebi bai?
No. We are not talking about Jalebi bai, although, the winner is the same. So I guess it works both ways!

Congrats Fariha aka OnlyHope for winning the I-F Dev Team's Jalebi award!

Congrats Fairy ji!

Someone's excited! What's next?
Order in the courtroom!
Ravz, what are you doing?
Bringing order to the world.
But that wasn't one of the Award categories!
Oops! I mean, like "Put your hands up or I'll shoot you!"
...Are you trying to show us that you are a police wali? what's wrong in that?
You aren't the one who got awarded police wali.
So who did?
Me! *Shifali* for winning the I-F Development Team'sPolice Wali award!

Question: Why can't ghosts lie to people?
Answer: Because people see right through them!

And that brings us to our next Award.

India-Forum's Development Team's Bhoot/Bhootni

And it is none other than...


Quiz time!

Who is the princess who had her happily ever after, went to a ball, in a pumpkin carriage, lost her glass slipper at midnight, only to later find out that it was the way that lead her to the man of her dreams?
Nope! I-F's cinderella!
Sano88. Congrats Sano88 for winning the I-F Dev Team's Cinderella award!

Who is the princess whose's evil stepmother looked into a magic mirror and uttered the phrase, "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest, of them all?" and whose jealousy lead this princess to be left in the jungle, only to meet with 7 dwarfs, eat a poisoned apple, fall into a deep slumber and later be kissed awake by a handsome prince?
Snow White?
Nah man. That's boring. It's saher_90
Congrats saher_90 for winning the award of I-F Dev Team's Snow White!

Who is the princess who is known as one of the strongest character in any fairytale? Because she is a fighter.

I-F's Mulan, who is 
I-F Dev Team's Mulan.

It's Khushi aka ..first.rain..

Congrats Khushi!

Who is the Princess with long hair, who was stuck in a tower for so long, and she recently came out with a more then reasonably comical yet sweet and strong outlook on life?
Rupanzel from Tangled?
Nah. It's I-F Development Team's Rupanzel from Tangled!
And it's none other than...


Who is the one who got stopped by the big bad wolf on her way to her Grandma's house?
Little Red Riding Hood?
Nope! I-F Dev Team's Little Dew-Drop!
congratulations Dew-Drop for winning I-F Dev Team's Little Red Riding Hood award!

What is the Leonardo Dicaprio movie called where he has a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream?
Correct! And who is I-F Development Team's Inception?
Good job! Congratulations to -Fivr- for winning I-F Development Team's Inception award!

Yeh dosti,
hum nahin todenge
todenge dam magar
tera saath na

And thus, as the song prevails, I-F saw the bonding of an unbreakable jodi,
The jodi who is responsible for bringing in the crazy I-F Development Team Awards you see now.

The jodi, without whom, Sholay would have not been Sholay.

The jodi of Jai and Veeru.

And this is the jodi of I-F Development Team's very own Jai and Veeru.

Our hearty congrats to *Shifali* and -Ravjot- for winning the India-Forum's Development Team's Jai & Veeru award!

Ravz, did I ever tell you that whenever I watch The Dark Knight rises, I think of you?
No, you didn't.
Well, now you know.
But why though? Why do you think of me? are MY Batman! You are my Dark Knight since I don't see my Knight in shining armour, not that I want one, coming to sweep me off my feet any time soon!
Yeah, so congratulations on winning the I-F Dev Team's Dark Knight award -Ravjot-

And oh, Shifali, I forgo to tell you.
Tell me what?
I know who you are! I know your secret!
WHAT? I don't have any secrets!
Well, then care to explain why you have super cool gadgets?
Because I like em!
No, because you are Iron Man!
Oh yeah, that.
Well, Congratulations on winning the I-F Development Team's Tony Stark/Iron Man award *Shifali*


Edited by *Shifali* - 28 September 2012 at 10:51pm

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AahaanamunnihyderabadFaayey--Dharampatni--SaileshrkD3FAN-Deepzz-mnx12AtheneChelseaForEveralcantaranjrmoonbeautie_mahi_-Demi-KissTheSkyjakther7Mysterygirl_me--Iqra--win7.ishqbulava.xMidnightStarx-Simz-sadffiswethasyam08jyoti06Angel-Jot.-Niky--Nymphadora--Nadii-OhmyjerryworldAutumn.-Preetz-blossom1234Bobbi.debasree04Ayesha066-Stutz-Killer_DeviL.Saraa.---Priya---PutijaChalhovmjht_one-Anilaa--Faiza-|Persephone|Pentaminous.Fallen Angel.hea..Sad.But.True.aish.Jyo_KsgOtakuGirl-DebozaaratqBorn2Danceaartipartyyloveinshi-FrozenRain--Drama_Queen-Zehnaseeb.moon_cupcakeFieryLionesssomergasm..Mohabbatein.DilBanjara-bonbon-Trouble.BubblyR..Roopal.....Such...CrazyGirl.21OnlyHopexxMATSxx-LetItGo-illuminated.....Poojie.....Tanya.Cutiepie RaniIshan.Sunshine GirlDew-dropWildestDreamsNikki_TitliVishaD.minuu-Swetha-HeavenlyBliss.-Spirited-Surish--RockStar---BerryCharm-Sano88

|Persephone| IF-Sizzlerz

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The Cool Awards

Sagar mein jaise hi lehre uthey

Dil ko hua aisa kya
Pucho to na kahe yeh kuch bhi
Tu hi bata hai yeh kya
Mil gaye do jahan
Zameen aasmaan
Ab hum banenge do dil ek jaaannn
F: Omg... I hear Aanchal singing the famous Mayur Song! *sigh* That's ALL she ever does Stern Smile
S: Yeah Fairy... it's cause she does what's NOT allowed on I-F. Like completely taboo!
G: Wait what!? Do you mean the famous "S" word? And Aanchal!?
S: YESSS! The award for the I-F Development Team's Biggest Spammer goes to... [Aanchal] aka _Aanchal_

R: Shifali, Shifali! Guess what, guess what?
S: What?
R: I have a terrible urge to tell a joke.
S: Don't.
R: Why?
S: Because you aren't funny.
R: Shut up! I am hilarious.
S: *rolls eyes* Says who?
R: Says me.
S: Yea right! *rolls eyes*
G: Actually Shifu dear, Ravz is right. She is pretty funny.
S: What? How?
F: She got I-F's Most Hilarious Dev. Team member.
S: Shocked You guys MUST be joking.
G: Afraid not. The giggles and laughs eventually belong to -Ravjot- who won the award for I-F's Most Hilarious Dev. Team member!

F: *Walks in to Gun's room* What in the world?!

G: *stops random flailing and pulls headphones out* What?!

F: W.. W... What in the world were you doing? Looked like you were having a seizure or something!

G: Oh that! I was just rocking out! In honor of our next award...

F: Gosh! You almost gave me a heart attack! I was about to call 911 or worse, Shifs to come take care of you!

G: Shush! I'm fine... no need to tell Shifs! *looks around guiltily*

F: Anyways, so who is I-F Dev Team's Most Rocking One?

G: You tell them. I can't bear to give this one another award *hmph*

F: Stop being greedy Gun! Anyways, the one always rocking out, having fun and dancing along to their own beat is none other than -Stutz-!

Congrats Stuti, on yet another deserved award! Here is your siggie:

G: Fairy...
F: Gun...
G: I want to say something...
F: Gun... of course, say something...
G: I want to say that...
*awkward silence*
F: Gun... just say it already! I don't like awkward silence!
G: Me neither!
F: Then tell me the something that you said you'd tell me!
G: Oh. That. I just wanted to let you in on a secret.
F: What secret? Geek
G: The secret of who I-F Dev. Team's Most Cheekiest is!
F: Oh. That. I already know who!
G: How?
F: Shifs told me!
G: What? How could she? What did she tell you?
F: The I-F Development Team's Most Cheekiest is...
G: Ravz?
F: No.
G: That's what she told me!
G: Shifs! I shall kill you with my bare hands!
F: You'll get caught.
G: Anyways, I-F Dev. Team's Cheekiest is?
F: Me.
G: What? No way. Pfft... Liar!
R: Sharap everyone. I-F Dev Team's Most Cheekiest is -Ridzzi-. Happy?

*Jyoti PMs Saraa*
"Saraa, please check the BHBK NL thread, we need it up by Sunday morning max!"
*Fairy PMs Saraa*
"Omg Saraaa please check the IPK NL thread and fill in for me this week, I can't be online!"
*Payal PMs Saraa*
"Hey Saraaa, when is the PKDH NL coming out?"
G: OMG! What's this?! Does she seriously get so many PMs?! :O
F: EXACTLY. This girl is an all-rounder, I tell ya! Sun up to sun down [and well until sun up the next morning], all she does is takes care of all that goes behind the scenes in numerous forums, be it NLs, celebrations, sig/banner contests, or MOTWs, she's done it all!
S: Let's give it up for the I-F Development Team's All Over The Placemember is... ~Saraa~

G: So this next award is super special, Fairy!

F: Why?! What's so great in this one?

G: Well, it is an award for the jaan, shaan of the DT, who keeps us all pareshan!

F: Shocked What?

G: Yes, it is for the one who plays all the tricks, pulls all the pranks and is a right naak me dum! It is none other than the I-F Dev Team's Troublemaker.

F: Hai! There is no such person! Come off it! We're the DT, we don't have troublemakers! Confused

G: That, my dear, is where you are wrong. This award goes to a special natkhat and naughty member. I'll give you a hint, she troubles us but is super serious when it comes to her work and is the one taking care of sections like TVD and Twilight.

F: *Jumping up and down* I know! I know! It is none other than our very own Jot, Angel-Jot.

G: Got that on the first try! Good Job! Jot is the trouble maker indeed! Here is your siggie:

G: I like this next one!!! It's my absolute favorite!

F: Yea? Why?

G: Kyunki it's going to one of my favorite people and she saves our bee-hinds all the time with her sage wisdom and awesome advise!

F: Wow! It must be I-F Dev Team's Best Problem Solver.

G: Correct you are Fairy! Can you guess who it is?

F: Confused Hints to de!

G: Oh, sorry! I got super excited and got ahead of myself for a second! Anyways, she's the one who everyone gives any of their "Suggestions and Comments" to. And she's the CM with the best user ID Day Dreaming which just flows off the tongue Tongue and is the topic of numerous talks...

F: Must be Aahaana!!! Congrats Aahaana for this rightly deserved award! Here is a little gift commemorating this fine accomplishment:


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AahaanamunnihyderabadFaayey--Dharampatni---Deepzz-mnx12devashree_hAthenemoonbeautieChelseaForEver_mahi_-Demi-Mysterygirl_me.ishqbulava.-Nia-xMidnightStarx-Simz---Iqra--sadffiswethasyam08jakther7curledupAngel-Jot.gk_09Fallen AngelPentaminous.Autumn.-Nadii-Ohmyjerryworld-Nymphadora-fizii_gurl---Priya---PutijaChalhov-Preetz-blossom1234Bobbi.-Anilaa--Faiza-.hea.OtakuGirl-DeboJyo_Ksgmjht_onedebasree04Ayesha066-Stutz-Mitu_Killer_DeviLBorn2DanceaartipartyyFieryLionessZehnaseeb.-FrozenRain--Drama_Queen-moon_cupcake.Sad.But.True.aish.CrazyGirl.21-bonbon--BhaviDilBanjara.Mohabbatein.somergasm.BubblyRRoshini1494..Roopal..WildestDreamsSunshine GirlDew-dropIshan.xxMATSxx-LetItGo-illuminated.-Nightingale--Jwalamukhi-.Tanya.Cutiepie Rani....Poojie....OnlyHopeHeavenlyBliss.VishaD.minuu-Swetha-Nikki_Titli-BerryCharm-Surish--RockStar--Sano88

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The Cooler Awards

G: You know fairy, my phone died today because so many people were texting and calling me all day!

F: You wish Gun! I know it was because you were either playing games on it or were on I-F all day!

G: *blush* You're not supposed to be ruining my reputation Disapprove

F: Bah! You're just jealous that you're not as cool and popular as our next award winner.

G: Is it I-F Dev Team's Popular?

F: You got that right! Everyone wants a piece of her. Her PMs/day rate is through the roof, everyone knows her and loves her! It's none other than... -Ravjot-!

G: OMG! I LOVE ravz! *faints from excitement*

F: SMH. See what ravjot's popularity does to people! *throws a glass of water on Gun*

G: Brrr... Well ravjot, here is your siggie and my eternal admiration Day Dreaming

G: This one is a no-brainer!

F: Yea! It's I-F Dev Team's Best Leader and there could be no other.

G: I mean seriously, this girl is running the entire show! Anything wrong, she makes it right! Anything broken, call her to fix it! She's I-F's superwoman *files category away for next round*! And she goes by *Shruti*!

F: Thank you Shruti di for keeping it all together! Clap Here is your gift:

G: She's the woman of many names and identities!

F: Like Don?! Shocked

G: Nahin!!! Not aliases. I meant something much more innocent - nicknames!

F: Oh! She's probably I-F Dev Team's Most Nicknamed then!

G: You got that right! And I need give only one hint for this one!

F: Nahin! I need no hint! It's my mummy! Hug

G: Yes! This award goes to none other than my wifey *Shifali*! I mean, I am partly responsible for this award... aakhir most nicknames come from me Wink Right Love? Embarrassed

F: Well before Dad gets any crazier and makes me chuck my lunch, here is your siggie mommy! Wear it with pride!

What does it mean to to be responsible?

It means owing up to your mistakes, and taking a step forward to correct them. Responsible means, being liable, accountable, amendable, reliable.

And that's exactly what our these 3 members of India-Forum's Development Team are.

Congratulations to *Shruti*, Gk_09 and Visrom for winning the India-Forum's Most Responsible Development Team Member award!




It is said, that every great superhero in a book, a movie, a tv show is nothing without this special person. This person knows the hero inside out, knows the weaknesses, the strengths and isn't afraid to die for his best friend, his hero. Not that I-F is asking for something that extreme!

But still, India-Forum's Development Team's Sidekick Award goes to...


What time is it?
Award time!
What time is it?
Award time!

Ever have that person who is always cheery and no matter what happens, always manages to either annoy you with how cheery they are or be able to turn that frown upside down and bring a smile onto your face?

Yes? Well, I-F has it's own Cheerful Development Team member too!

So, the award for I-F Development Team's Most Cheerful Member goes to...


"Hi, I am new to this forum!"
"Welcome to I-F and if you have any problem, please feel free to contact me."

That is an example of friendly and on India-Forum's, we have our very own Friendly Development Team Member...


And now, to our 
2 Most Important Awards.

These two awards are meant to show our appreciation to each and every single member of I-F's Development Team to tell them that without them, I-F's Development would be nothing. They ARE the I-F Dev Team and the I-F Dev Team is THEM.

Since, not every member of the Development Team could be recognized in these awards, these two special awards are for each and every single development Team member. Because they all are gifts. They are gifts to this site, and they gifts to this Development Team.

And it doesn't matter if you won the previous awards, or have won none at all.

The I-F Dev Team's Most Amazing Member & Most Precious Member goes to everyone in the Dev Team. Because you all ARE amazing and you all ARE precious.

Please use these siggies, in order to pamper yourselves a bit DT members.


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AahaanamunnihyderabadFaayey--Dharampatni--mnx12-Deepzz-Athenemoonbeautie_mahi_sadffijakther7Aditi_97_Rashmiswethasyam08.ishqbulava.xMidnightStarx-Simz--Nia---Iqra--mysterieuxMysterygirl_mejyoti06Angel-Jot.gk_09Fallen AngelPentaminous.rainydays.-Nadii-Ohmyjerryworld-Niky--Nymphadora-Autumn.-Preetz-blossom1234Bobbi.Jyo_Ksgmjht_onefizii_gurl---Priya---PutijaChalhov-Anilaa--Faiza-Born2DanceaartipartyyFieryLionessmoon_cupcakeloveinshi-FrozenRain--Drama_Queen-.hea.aish.anu93debasree04Ayesha066-Stutz-Mitu_Killer_DeviLzaaratqBubblyRRoshini1494..Roopal..-bonbon-Trouble.CrazyGirl.21DilBanjaraSunshine GirlDew-dropWildestDreams....Poojie....-Jwalamukhi-.Tanya.Cutiepie RanixxMATSxx-LetItGo-illuminated.OnlyHope.Mohabbatein.HeavenlyBliss.minuuVishaD...RamKiJanaki..Nikki_Titli-Swetha--BerryCharm-Surish--RockStar--Tony_StraK786

-Jwalamukhi- IF-Stunnerz

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Firstly, I'd like to thank -Ravjot- for sticking with this crazy idea for Development Team Awards and helping me list all the 48 categories which later turned to 50, I think!

Secondly, I'd like to thank Luvya4ever for helping with the editing/proofreading of the script and helping to write the script too!

Thirdly, I'd like to thank OnlyHope for being a tremendous help with siggy making and the script itself!

Fourthly, I'd like to thank all the 5 Siggy Makers who spent their time and put their creativity towards the making of some very awesome siggies!

And in order to thank you all, we have small gifts for you:

Thank you to fizzi_gurl 

A big thank you to I-F Dev Team's Viwebie Saher_90 for making this Thank you siggy!

Thank you to MarshP

A big shoutout goes to our Cool Viewbie Visha_Dhami for making this Thank you siggy!

Thank you to Prerna4rishav

A big holler to our Coolbie _Aanchal_ for making this Thank you siggy!

Thank you to mjht_one

A big thank you to our Coolbie ~Saraa~ for making this Thank you siggy!

Thank you to Ssaba

A big hug goes out to our Viewbie OnlyHope for making this Thank you siggy!

And each and every single member out there, who is reading this right now. Thank you!

Disclaimer: Please note that these awards are just for fun and should be taken lightly, as a joke and not some serious, life or death situation type thing! Also, once again we reiterate that some of the categories are just for fun and do not actually reflect on the person who won them! 


ShifuRavzGun and Fairy

Edited by *Shifali* - 28 September 2012 at 10:53pm

The following 103 member(s) liked the above post:

AahaanamunnihyderabadFaayey--Dharampatni--ArnavKiiDeewani-Deepzz-mnx12moonbeautie_mahi_ChelseaForEver_Mannat_alcantaranjrswethasyam08.ishqbulava.xMidnightStarx--Iqra---Simz--Demi-Mysterygirl_memysterieuxpari0706jakther7KissTheSky.SilentPrincess_RashmisadffiAditi_97jyoti06gk_09Angel-Jot.rainydays.lilindiangurl13-Niky--Nymphadora--Nadii-Autumn.-Sara.Pentaminous.Usman.Fallen Angeldebasree04Ayesha066-Stutz-Mitu_Killer_DeviLzaaratqJyo_KsgOhmyjerryworld-Faiza-anu93-Anilaa-perdida---Priya---SunsetglowPutijaChalhov-Preetz-blossom1234Bobbi.Born2Dance.hea.AwesomeSauce.FieryLionessloveinshi-FrozenRain--Drama_Queen-Deetha.moon_cupcake.Sad.But.True.aish.|Persephone|...Such.....tanya..somergasm.-bonbon-Trouble.CrazyGirl.21-chamkilli-NestleToulouseDilBanjaraDew-dropWildestDreamsSunShine_ABubblyR..Roopal......Poojie....OnlyHopexxMATSxx-LetItGo-illuminated.Cutiepie Rani-Nightingale-Ishan.Sunshine GirlVishaD.minuuHeavenlyBliss.-Spirited-Nikki_Titli-Swetha--BerryCharm-Surish--RockStar--Sano88

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