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My Own Rishbala Story! UPDATE: ENDING - PAGE 126 (Page 134)

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cute story.madhu rk seens r realy cute.I think its depali who tried to spoile rk madhu relation.cnt sn.and plz pm me.

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Originally posted by sanjukta19

cute story.madhu rk seens r realy cute.I think its depali who tried to spoile rk madhu relation.cnt sn.and plz pm me.

Keep reading dear, this FF was completed a few weeks ago! The person is revealed in the last two parts. Thumbs Up
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Originally posted by PrittB

Originally posted by sanjukta19

cute story.madhu rk seens r realy cute.I think its depali who tried to spoile rk madhu relation.cnt sn.and plz pm me.

<Keep reading dear, this FF was completed a few weeks ago! The person is revealed in the last two parts.Thumbs Up

srry,actualy i read frm ur ff collectn page.there till prt 28 i jst read upto prt 28.

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Very nice transformation...
 but the RK keeps slipping out of the Rishabh that Madhubala has transformed him into...

Originally posted by PrittB

Sorry it's late and so short! I'm in the middle of midterm exams. I'll try to catch up on these parts over the weekend! Anyways, enjoy! Hug


Rishbala suhaag raat!


Part 14 - Mujh Pe Ek Ehsaan Karna, Ki Mujh Pe Koi Ehsaan Mat Karna


Madhu got up and walked towards the mirror, she picked up the sindoor and opened it. Suddenly someone snatched it from her hands and she looked up into the mirror behind her. Of course, it was RK:

RK: Let me have the pleasure of putting sindoor on my beautiful biwi.


Madhu smiled and RK placed sindoor on her forehead. RK watched Madhu put on her jewelry and then she began to walk away, he grabbed her dupatta and she stopped and turned her head around:

Madhu: What is it?

RK: Biwi, aren't you forgetting something? Hmm?

(RK raises an eyebrow and smirks.)


Madhu checked herself and couldn't figure out what she was forgetting:

Madhu: I'm not forgetting anything! What am I forgetting?


RK walked towards her slowly and then bent his face closer towards hers:

RK: A kiss for your superstar patidev is what you're forgetting biwi.


Madhu smiled and blushed and quickly kissed him on the cheek and ran towards the door:

RK: Hey! That's not what I meant!


Madhu stopped at the door and turned her head slightly and smiled:

Madhu: Sorry patidev!


And with that she ran off.

(20 minutes later.)

RK reached downstairs all ready and headed to the kitchen table. He saw his wife setting the table:

RK: We have maids for that biwi.

Madhu: So you don't want to eat food made by me? Fine!


Madhu began picking up his plate but he grabbed her hand and stopped her:

RK: I would love to eat food made by you.


RK smirked and then Madhu smiled and placed the plate back down in front of him. She sat down herself with a plate of food:

RK: Where's everyone else?

Madhu: You're really asking where everyone else is? YOU?

RK: I like knowing what the invisibles are doing, just to make sure they won't ruin my plans for my day.

Madhu: Sikander and his father are gone for work, Dipali is in her room, and ma is helping the maid clean the kitchen. Ma told me to set the table for you and I, she said she'll join us later.

RK: I hope she doesn't.

Madhu: RK...

RK: Just speaking my mind.


Madhu didn't say anything, she stared at RK and began thinking, then she suddenly spoke after a moment of silence:

Madhu: Can I ask you something?

RK: Yes biwi?

Madhu: Why don't you tell me about your past, I'm your biwi you say, I think I deserve to know that much! Tell me about your childhood?


RK's nostrils started flaring and he put his food down and made a fist with his hands, he stood up and stared at Madhu. Madhu noticed she shouldn't have brought up his childhood again:

RK: Biwi! Don't you dare talk to me about that. You don't deserve to know about my childhood. No one does. It's just a bunch of stupid memories from the past and it'll stay that. Yeah I appreciate that you married me but that doesn't give you the right to look into my past.


Madhu stood up herself with tears in her eyes. RK's face fell from anger to hurt, he hated seeing Madhu like that.

Madhu: You APPRECIATE that I married you? I didn't do you some favour. I married you because I love you. You probably think you did me a favour as well. You're never going to change RK, never.

RK: No..biw..


Madhu turned around before RK could reply and she ran up to their room. RK watched her run away from him. He had made a mistake and he knew he had to fix it. But how? He had never in years tried to make someone forgive him before, how could he possibly do that now?


To be continued!



RK thinks of ways to make Madhu forgive his slip of tongue.

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A very nice story but it ended a little too soon...

Originally posted by PrittB

Hi everyone, so I had asked if people wanted me to post the last two parts or to wait. Udhay replied saying to wait...however, I'm still posting them (sorry Udhay). Why am I posting them now and not waiting? Well because, I'm stressed. I spent an hour crying after work because I'm so stressed for my upcoming exams. I'm posting these because I'll feel better knowing I've completed this and won't have to write another part for it, which would've stayed on my mind if I didn't post it.

I hope you all enjoy the last couple parts. I had an amazing time posting updates for this for all of you. I really appreciate all your love and comments and everything. You're all amazing. And if you're upset this has ended, I'll be sure to start another OS, which relates to MEIEJ's storyline and will take it's own twists and turns when I get the chance (just as this one, but different events).

Right now I have two FFs that are still near their beginning. They are not related to the story of MEIEJ and have a unique story, however the characters are RK and Madhu. One is called CUT! and the other is called Forever Yours. You can always follow those if you're upset with the ending of this FF.

Anyways, just want to say thank you all again for following this FF and for all the love. <3

P.S. For all the people who don't understand the ending/twist (pink writing) then please go back to read part 8 on page 21. It'll make more sense then. 

Recap: Pregnant biwi special part three.


Part 29 - Waterbreak


Nine months. It was almost time for their child to be born. RK and Madhu had decided they wanted to keep the gender of their child a surprise and hence never asked their doctor for the results.

Over the nine months, the Kundra and Bhatia family had heard of the news of Dipali's accident. Once they were asked to identify the body, they claimed that she was not related to them.

Sikky had moved on and found himself a new mate. Preity, she was just as crazy as him, but she loved him more than anyone else did. Sikky was happy. Kuku kept to his drinking and enjoying family drama. Radha remained the mother who gave RK birth. And Malik and Padmini had become a closer part in RK and Madhu's life.


Madhu stood and walked to the kitchen to grab an apple to eat. RK followed her.

She took the apple and turned around into RK. She smiled and then dropped her apple.

RK looked at her and thought her water broke.


RK: Madhu?!

Madhu: The...


Madhu: No stupid. The baby kicked! Again!



RK smiled and he knelt on his knees. He put his hands over Madhu's baby bump and started talking to his child.


RK: Hey superstar. Hurry up and come out of there. Your mom and dad can't wait to see you. I bet you're gorgeous.

Madhu: Handsome.

RK: I thought you agreed that it'd be a girl.

Madhu: I did, but not anymore!

RK: Hey beautiful baby, I just want to tell you that your papa can't wait to see you. Neither can your ma. Isn't it time you come out now? Keep kicking at your mom, maybe that'll help you come out.

Madhu: Hey!


Madhu lightly hit the side of RK's head and he looked up at her and laughed.

He saw Madhu's smile disappear and turn into pain.


Madhu: M...My...Wat...AAAH.


Madhu screeched louder than RK had ever heard her screech before.

"It's time RK, stay calm...stay calm..." RK thought to himself.

He quickly picked up his wife and ran out the door, Radha followed. They all sat in the car.

Radha remained in the back trying to comfort Madhu as she screamed.




Madhu continued to breath in and out as RK sped up and quickly reached the hospital where she went into labour.  


RK stood in the room holding Madhu's hand as she gave birth. He caressed her hair while trying to calm her.

Suddenly RK heard crying. As Madhu sighed in relief, RK looked to the right and saw the doctor holding a baby. His baby.


Doctor: She's beautiful.



RK was ecstatic. The nurses cleaned off the baby and wrapped her in a blanket. They handed her to Madhu. Madhu kissed her daughter.

Madhu looked up at RK and smiled as RK caressed his daughter's tiny face with his finger.


RK: Maya...


RK sighed. The happiness on his face showed more than it ever had before. He had never felt so proud and happy before. It was the happiest day of his life. He became a father. Because of Madhu.

RK looked at Madhu and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled.


Madhu: Maya Kundra...It's a girl were right.


Madhu spoke softly.


RK: I love you Madhu.

Madhu: I love you too Rishabh.


Rishabh. He had longed to hear her start calling him that. The happiness of that day would never compare to any other for RK.

RK pulled in for a hug with his entire, little family. The two people he loved the most were in his arms. He couldn't have been happier. He couldn't have felt luckier.



Last part! 5 year leap!


Birth was given to Maya.


Part 30 - The Unexpected Ending


Five years had passed.

The day Madhu gave birth to Maya, the mysterious phone calls had stopped.

Maya had become closest to Bittuji in the five years she was growing up. He loved spending time with her and she enjoyed annoying him. She began to call him "Bittu uncle" at the age of five.

She had beautiful long black hair that resembled RK's hair colour. Her eyes were of Madhu's but her dimples were of RK's.

She was the most beautiful little five year old on the face of the earth.

In fact, Maya had managed to bring closer RK and his mother. Though he still never spoke to her, his care for his mother had grown. Whenever Radha needed anything, he'd make sure she'd get it, without speaking a word. He would even tell Maya to take blessings from his mother.

That was enough for Radha, all she wanted was her child to be happy and settled in life. Because of Madhu, that happened.


Maya: Papaaa!


Maya called out for her father who sat on his room. He smiled at the sound of "papa"; he remembered his daughter's first word being papa. Madhu had been happy yet upset at the same time that their daughter hadn't had "ma" as her first word.

Maya went running into their room.


Madhu: Where were you? I was just about to call you.

Maya: Ma, Bittu uncle was showing me how to draw a lion! Look papa! RAWR!


Madhu laughed along with RK who was admiring the two loves of his life in front of him.


RK: Maya, that looks great. You know, you have to start school soon.

Maya: School?

RK: They're going to teach you there. And you'll learn to draw a lot more! You'll be starting in a month.

Maya: Okay papa. Can I go draw now?

RK: Sure, I don't know why your mother was about to call you here.


Madhu looked at RK with a cute angry look.


Madhu: Go ask Patil to make you something to eat. I'm a bit busy with cleaning the room.

Maya: Okay ma.


Maya ran away.

Bittuji walked into the room slowly.


RK: Come in Bittuji!

Bittuji: I have to tell you both something. Something that may cause me to lose my job.

RK: Huh?

Bittuji: I'm the mysterious caller from five years ago.


RK looked at Bittuji in shock.


Madhu: Mysterious caller?


Madhu was confused. Bittuji spoke as he looked down.


Bittuji: Bhabiji...five years ago, I felt as though you stole my chief from me. His world started to revolve around you more than it did me. I didn't like that. So I tried to...I tri...

RK: You tried to break us up.

Bittuji: But when Maya was born, I realized how happy you two are and I didn't want to ruin that chief. I never wanted to ruin that.


RK was furious but Madhu smiled. She walked towards Bittuji and held his hand. RK's furious look turned to show confusion.


Madhu: I always wondered why RK never told me what was on the phone.


Madhu gave RK an odd look.


Madhu: Bittuji. You have, and always will be a part of this family. In fact, Rishabh's world still does revolve around you. Without you, your chief and I would be nowhere. In fact, you...

RK: Madhu...

Madhu: Rishabh, shhh.


Madhu turned and looked at RK who had gotten off the bed and walked towards them.


Madhu: Try to understand his position. What if someone came into your life and I started showing that other person more attention than I show you?


RK understood what Madhu was saying and then his furious look disappeared. He walked towards Bittuji who stood in an unconscious defensive position.


RK: You...


RK hugged Bittuji, which Bittuji was not expecting.


RK: You're my brother. Don't tell your bhabiji, but I've always loved you more.


Bittuji laughed as Madhu hit RK's back.


Madhu: I heard that!


RK laughed and pulled in Madhu for the hug as well.

Maya came running in and joined in the hug. They all laughed and smiled. Then Madhu pulled away.


Madhu: I'll be right back.


RK nodded his head and then she walked out of the room.

Madhu went to Radha's room and sat on the bed next to Radha.

Madhu placed her hand on top of Radha's and smiled.


Madhu: Ma, I told you my plan to make RK the son you always wanted would work.


Radha remembered back to the night Madhu had thrown RK a surprise birthday party, Radha remembered Madhu's words from that night: Just wait and see. This is step one of my plan to make RK the son you've always wanted.

Radha looked at Madhu and smiled.


Radha: Thank you beta.




Madhu opened her eyes. She stared blankly towards the wall at the other end of the room. And then she burst into laughter just as RK walked into the room.


RK: All dry!


RK looked up at his wife who was in a fit of laughter.


Madhu: Bi...Bittuji!!!


Madhu continued to laugh.

RK looked at Madhu and then walked towards her. She controlled her laughter and looked up at him with a smile.


RK: Did you just say Bittuji?


Madhu shook her head no.


RK: Biwi, I think this honeymoon suite is getting to your head. We should take you to a psychiatrist. Let's leave now.


Madhu got off the bed and grabbed the dry sari from RK's hands. She went to walk past him to go to the washroom to freshen up. She stopped in her tracks.


Madhu: I don't think we'll be leaving this suite any time soon.


Madhu smiled and ran to the washroom as RK turned to stare at his adhi adhuri biwi with a complete look of confusion. He smiled.


This was only the beginning to their love story. A journey of love they had yet to experience was awaiting them.


Tum Dena Saath Mera.

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Originally posted by ranjanatripathi

A very nice story but it ended a little too soon...

I actually started a sequel here!

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Originally posted by deepak148

my fave ff


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