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suhaaana IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 8:56am | IP Logged
hiii all its me again...

i know i torture you all by by not so good ideas...

here is one more simply a one shot...

so read and comment if u like

waiting for your response


It was a bright morning ….. sun has set its wings in the sky a purplish and orange hue set up in the vast sky… clouds playing hide and seek with the sun…. may be having a deal with the rain ….. but lets not predict about it…. May be it was rain… a girl said looking at the atmosphere …cool and soothing wind was flowing a fragrance of beautiful flowers filling her deep within….. she looked at the date and smiled widely may be this time her luck will favour her …may be she will get a chance to meet her idol…her inspiration…a man she dreams off in her sleep everyday…she looked at her collection of her pictures …a beautiful collage made by her specially for him..may be waiting for the day she will meet him…. And will gift him …present him with this creation of hers which is truly and morally his…..


She walked to the frame which was neatly wrapped in a gift wrap… and said…."good morning maan "  ….leaving the imprints of her supple lips on the frame…..


On the other side a young and handsome guy doing push ups in his own and personal gym…he looked at the time and knowing he can't continue with his favourite morning routine further ….went to his room to get ready for his office which is only his passion…. He didn't even for a second let the thought came to his mind that this career is not what he wanted….may be his dreams are not with it…..but now he is fully and deeply passionate about being the sole owner of the world's third largest construction firms….


He took a refreshing shower and greeted his parents……. Had his favourite breakfast which his mom prepared …. A single and with easy going attitude can make you feel light if you are feeling something that has burdened you …a true companion for a girl but his wish is to meet the girl who will know him…. Not his status and reputation…. A twenty five  year …cool minded with strict and stern attitude …who can make any girl drop down on her knees…girls are ready to do whatever he wish but he just perfect in ignoring them without being anyone feel bad…..


He was about to step out of his house to his office…when his cell ringed looking at the caller a smirk adorned his face…. His best buddy he can't even let him live in peace…..  maan picked up the call….his friend literally blasted on him…..


Dhruv: does it takes this much time to pick up maan….. you know main raat bhar soya nahi to know your answer who is the lucky girl can I please know….


Maan: hey dude …chill you will get to know but after I will meet and for your kind information I didn't even sleep….. and come to office right know if you want to know about her…..after all you are going to loose the bet……


Dhruv: ya..ya we will see…I am reaching in twenty minutes ….


Maan  too proceeded towards his passion in order to fix his blind date with his mystery girl…..


Whereas on the other hand the girl neatly dressed up in her pink churidaar …her hairs neatly tied in a tight pony…with jootis looking absolutely stunning….. she had her course books in her hands… her friend knocked the door….. disha entered …… disha and geet are understanding friends learning architecture staying in hostel…. Geet is a very traditional yet modern girl….having some dreams like other which she expect to get fulfilled…


Disha: ohhho…..look at miss beautiful kisko ghayal karna ka irada hai…. Meri jaan…disha said jokingly yet admiring her simple friend her simplicity and naivity with down to earth yet passionate dreams makes her totally different from others…..


Geet slightly laughed while blushing a little……


Geet: disha tu bhi na….. aaj aisa khaas kya kiya hai mene that you are saying so …can't you see I am dressed up like always….


Disha: but something is different sweetheart let me guess it's the charm of the contest results….to impress Mr.hotty your one and only prince charming MR MAAN SINGH KHURANA…… yar itna toh cindrella  ko bhi uske prince ke bare me pata nahi hoga jitna you know about our business personality…. Hayeee….. kya ishq hai…..


Geet wacked her arm….. disha…OUCHH!!!!! Geet …you are really a sherni…tere prince charming ka kya hoga…..kaise bache wo apni iss pagal deewani se…..


Geet put her shoulder on disha's arm….. " bachna aur bachana baad me dekhenge let us go else we will be late for the class and your favourite sir will make u give a long explanation of your late arrival….geet retorted with a naughty yet playful glint…..


Disha: haan yar lets go…..


Maan reached the office only to be a eager and waiting dhruv….. he literally pounced him with the questions…..


Dhruv : did you find find the person and don't say me it's a boy coz I know neither of the boys had even sent you the answers…..


Maan smirked….." why are you in a hurry dhruv…. We can talk about this later……."


Dhruv"are you insane or what …… now I guess I won the bet neither of the girls answered you correctly…..the great MSK …… girls really didn't know you maan….."


Maan : how can you be so sure haan dhruv?????


Dhruv: that means you find her …..OMG….. who is she what is her name….. and tell me frankly with how may girls you are going on a date…..


Maan was shocked…."how may girls…..dhruv you are seriously out of your mind…..didn't you remember you challenged me to find a girl who knew me as maan not as great MSK…..the business tycoon…..  and we had a bet"


Dhruv: I know that yaar…. Just tell me did you find my bhabhi……


Maan: BHABHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maan shouted….. she is only a random girl and according to our bet and from those two lacks answers that were nothing just waste of my time….finally I found her ….yar it took me one month to find hers ….. a perfect set of answers a girl who know my life as an open book…and others were not less than any proposal…she answered each and every thing correctly….i am going to meet her……"


Dhruv: woahhh man…. You are admiring a girl so lets go and plan your date…. And by the way what's her good name…..


Maan: geet …geet handa….and she is student might be coz her address is of XYZ university …..


Dhruv: that is a architecture college…..well great let me get her contact number first….. dhruv with his good sources get her number …….and other details……


Geet was studying with disha in her room ..she was deep into her books when her cell ringed it was an unknown number….she answered it…. It was dhruv on the other side……..


Dhruv: can I speak to miss geet handa…..


Geet: yes it's me geet….


Dhruv: mam you have participated in a contest which was about the business tycoon MSK … have won it and would you like to meet him in personal…. Or we can sent you the gift…..


Geet was shocked and on the cloud nine at the same time…….. she has won the contest…and how could he deny when her role model especially wants to meet her ….


Geet: yes off course I want to meet him…..


Dhruv he was delighted and happy that his friend will meet someone he likes he had seen admiration for this girl in maan's eyes….. not as the companion but as a friend she knows him….. he can see in his eyes….


Dhruv: okk mam I will sent you the details …..


Geet hugged dish and told her everything about her gift….


Disha: so I am going  get you ready after all my princess is going to meet her prince charming……


Geet: nahi disha….its not that I like him or he loves me…its my admiration towards him…..  I will be as I am ……


Maan had sent her the details…he had especially booked the resort for her…did fabulous arrangements…he was eager to know who is she who knows his ins and out…her every word that she wrote was like written keeping him beside her…..  


Geet reached the place …she was scared first looking at the deserted place…then she saw a waiter who guided her towards her man..who was waiting for his blind date……


Maan was astounded looking at the deadly gorgeous beauty walking towards him….. her straight  hairs…white and  cremish outfit …… looking like an angel  desended from heavens…. No doubt she knows about you…thought maan…..


Maan as a gentleman guided her towards the table…she was smiling with little hesitation…..


Maan: thank you for coming geet…..i hope you are comfortable with me in calling you geet….


Geet smiled in gesture shown by him…. He asked her what would she like to have…..and admired her….

Maan:  I can't believe geet you answered all the questions correct….. how did you know all these about me…. I mean its isn't published in somewhere….. he was expressing his shocking self when he get after reading her letter…..


Maan , I mean my likes ….. interests….. my friends…. Schooling college my dreams my passion….and the lady who hold the importance in my life…..


Geet: its very simple sir…..


Maan: call me maan….. sir seems like I am teaching you….


Geet: you know maan it's very simple ……… the one person from whom I am inspired in my life is you….so frankly speaking I should have known all these things about you …… look I can explain….


Maan smiled at her cute gestures…her different faces….. her lovely face ,…her luscious lips moving with her explanation…..


Geet:  look interests…. As a boy I can guess that you must be loving sports….but your innovations in architecture ..i can say you love to discover and wanna be a scientist….. you friends …everyone have friends but there is always one someone who is very close to you ….. with whom you can share your self…..  dream and passion differentiate everyone  has dreams and what you are doing is your passion…. Your schooling I have read in an article frankly speaking and most important lady in every boy's boy is his mother…every boy is his mumma's little boy…….and I should atleast know this much about the person whom I considers my idol….


Maan:  may I have the pleasure of dancing with this super intelligent girl sitting infront of me….maan said in a trance of finding the girl with whom he can spent his entire life…..


Geet blushed a little looking at his naughty gestures…. She obliged and they danced on the slow romantic music….. the perfect moment the perfect song and perfect time to confess his feelings he is holding since he read the answers …this girl knows him ….a maan who she holds her idol…but he holds her as his life…..

 Kuchh Khaas Hai Kuchh Paas Hai, Kuchh Ajanabi Ehsaas Hai
Kuchh Duriyaan Najdikiyaan, Kuchh Hans Padi Tanhaayiyaan
Kya Yeh Khumaar Hai, Kya Aitbaar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad
Kya Yeh Bahaar Hai, Kya Intjaar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad

Kuchh Saanz Hai.., Jaage Se Jo Kal Soye
Alfaaz Hai.., Chup Se Nashe Mein Khoye
Nazar Hi Samjhaaye, Yeh Guftgu Saari..
Koyi Aarju Mein Hai, Angadaayi Pyaari..
Kya Yeh Khumaar Hai, Kya Aitbaar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad
Na Inkaar Hai, Na Ikraar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad


Maan brought her closer to his embrace… a new tingling sensation in geet he is creating ….. he whispered in her ears…. Making her shiver a little…..


Maan: you know I am in love with this innocent bubbly girl who knew me better than myself….. her each and every answer made me feel like I was just waiting for her…. Will she give me  the honour to spent her life with this little rude and arrogant man who is currently dancing with her ……


Kehna Hi Kya.., Tera Dakhal Na Koyi
Dil Ko Dikha.., Dil Ki Shakal Ka Koyi
Dil Se Bhi Meri, Ik Shart Yeh Aisi..
Laage Jeet Si Mujhako, Yeh Haar Hai Kaisi..
Kyun Yeh Pukaar Hai, Kyun Bekaraar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad
Jaadu Sawaar Hai, Na Ikhtiyaar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad

Pyaar Hai Shaayad
Kuchh Khaas Hai Kuchh Paas Hai, Kuchh Ajanabi Ehsaas Hai..

Pyaar Hai Shaayad, Pyaar Hai Shaayad, Yahi

His simple confession…. Was something that made her beat ten times faster me slowly  turn her and  looked into her eyes….. and continued…..


Maan: I promise I will never hurt you….will be your partner in true sense….. can you give me your heart….  Maan asked with a little hope of yes ….


Geet: how can I give you when it is with you…..


Her answer….. he embraced her in him….


Their date ……..a bet ,,, something that brought two loving hearts close…….







do read and comment if u like this crazy  of mine...



for pms please add suhana_123 to ur buddy list

or sent me a pm i will sent you a buddy requestSmile

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if u r interested in my other works then here is the link


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shri12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Fabulous os dear

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suhaaana IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 10:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shri12

Fabulous os dear

thank you so much dear

i am glad that u like this piece of writing

PRINCESS19 Groupbie

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 10:26am | IP Logged
nice os

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suhaaana IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 10:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by PRINCESS19

nice os

thank you so much dear

i am glad that u like this piece of writing

shabnam22 Goldie

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 10:37am | IP Logged
beautifully written...loved it...

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alicia212 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 10:41am | IP Logged
wow great os story pl\z update soon
thanks for the pm

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rsusmita IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged
like button is not working dear
i loved it
especially the  quote




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