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Originally posted by enchanted23

Wow what an amazing poster, Kesu with shirt buttons open, Gulaal looking like a seductress well the sparks had to fly'awesome'

Thank you and Yes Kesu with khule buttons and Gullu with that sultry avatar..Sparks kya pure BOOMERANG!! Fireworks hoing udharTongue

So start that was just few sentence long does indicate that even though they will love to believe otherwise pahadis are not ruling the roost within the premises of government college, even though afraid, plains are making their present felt, disturbing the dominance of so called rulers(in their twisted mind-set)'hmm interesting'.

Yes!! The twisted mindset and prejudice of both the groups leads to clashes and perpetuate the NONSENSICAL hatred for each other..Humanity is beyond any groupism or casteism...Thes ppl will learn the lesson soon

Loved HER entry, bribing of that guard to izzat utarofy of that boy, she just made a terrific first impression, unafraid, devil may care attitude with no nonsense approach, a prolific go-getter from the word Go'amazing'..

And her tweet'c'mon what did she expect'..maybe she didn't have any experience in all 28 years of her life'her first visit to boys hostel woh bhi itna daringly? Hmmm sanki hai'no doubt'.

Sanki to wo hai...ZIDDI ,UNTAMED ...humesha se..Gullu has always been a one man army..with a will of an iron and she is FEARLESS too..but yes Boys hostel k barein mein jyada jaankari nahi hai bechari LOLLOL

Bechara Negi'Salman ban kar sapne dekh raha tha'saamne khubsoorat ladki ko dekh wapas swapnlok mein chale jana usse better laga hoga'.can't blame him really'.


Coming to the big bang encounter, well what can I say,shuruaat milk girane se hui hai'subh hai na'loved his checking out??? Well what else can he do'.if she walks in those sleeveless vest in boy's room'from nowhere 'a hot blooded male  completely aware of his own sexuality 'spark had to fly'I loved his unabashed grin when that mobile was hurled on his that's my Kesar'completely unrepentant, unremorseful'.completely shameless'..


I loved tigress ka escape and that oh so awesome slap!!!She has dared and how' now back to pahadi to make it even I guess'lovely update Piyu,please bring new chapter really soon'Day Dreaming

Thanks a ton Adu for those lovely words of appreciation...Will try and update really soonHug

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Unres done in pg-4 n pg-7!!!

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Originally posted by MR21

Res Embarrassed


Piu Hug
RamyaHug what a ragging session...bechaara RVOuch...woh toh ek dum phas gayaa hai...coming to RV n Bose...looks like a good friendship bond will be between the room mates from now...I liked how RV is more interested in joining a Government college with his study ability without joining a private
bechara had so many dreams but pehle hi din band bajao ho gayaOuch

one...coming to Chinky ...mast naam hai LOL...kya idea hai boss Wink...saare new joinee koh bhaahar nikhaal ne ka...every one came there na...Need to say I loved Negi n Rawat pahaadi's n desi's fight is already started na..
he he Chinky cute name hai naLOLNegi and Rawat will share a bond much more deeper which will be revealed later on in the chappisEmbarrassed

.RV ne toh khachra kardiya yaar..thank god uss ne CHinky nahi bola...but chandramukhi toh bangayaa na...aur dance...Kesar Rawat is full on raggng mode n loks like the ragging is not yet done...I would love to see what is in the store for RV update soon...n I am looking forward to read when the lady who will tame the brat will enter his life update soon...

haahahha wohi to socho agar Chiny keh diya hota toTonguebechara par phir bhi chandramukhi ban gayaWinkRamya I was missing your essays..Thanks a ton for ur precious comments..BIG HUGS!

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Originally posted by MR21

res Embarrassed


Piu Hug...what a dhamakedhaar entry of Gulaal...its delight to read her entry with full on attitude...bechaara RV izzat Fb mein uthaarofy hogayaa...I love this Gulaal...she is so into get her hands on the boy who insulted her bro...I liked the way she entered the boys hostel just by bribing...I loved how u described the boys hostel environment...its very much realistic n her reaction to watch every thing in the hostel is also very much realistic...wah wah kya room maintenance hai...more over Negi is sleeping n dreaming abt he being Salman Khan...loved loved there first meeting...milk ka appearance bhi hogayaa aur bhanda toh ek dum flat hogayaa hai na ladki koh aisa dekhkar...just loved how he never ever felt any sorry abt the things he did to gulaal is hell bent to make him apologize n he is just ignoring her here comes SLAP...ha ha he must be hell shocked to be slapped by a girl in front of his hostel mates...Loved how she just escaped from looking forward to know how will kesar takes his revenge from gulaal n RV...loved the chapter n do update the next one soon...

RamyaHugM so glad that you liked the entry...LOL if RV ka izzt utarofy hua FB pe to Bechare Kesu ka izzat utarofy ho gaya sab hostel k samne ...SHOCK mein to hoga hi bechara ka FULTOO kcahra kiya gullu ne..aur Milk ko to ana hi tha..Dush to fav hain na Gullu ka LOLand Kesu to bilkul remorseless hai yaar bilkul shameless...Ab gullu hi use tame karegiTongueRamya thanks a ton for your lovely words of appreciationHugI missed you essays and I am lubbing themEmbarrassed

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are u gonna update todayErmm else me going..Embarrassed... nidra devi is calling me...Embarrassed

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He heLOL so for all those who thought Tinky di would be a demure ,sensitive woman.Tongue.You all were sadly mistaken.Tinky di was the MAN ever since I could remember.She never knew boundaries or limits .Jahan Tinky di wahan BIG bang to hona hi tha..LOL

Now coming to the next rule.Well as you all saw tiniest hints of attraction were there in the BIG BANG…So we come come to RULE NO.2




Who said only opposites attract each other.Likes attract even more.Stubborn couple you see.Do not believe me…See for yourself….




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The pitter-patter of the rain drops splattered and splashed across her wind shield as she drove across the city for hours in anger and irritation .Her lips pursing into numerous shapes and sizes hurling and muttering all kind of abuses she had learnt when she was herself a college girl. The sweltering post monsoon heat had gradually given way to a torrential twilight shower bringing back darkness of the gloomy clouds and mists on the hills .Gulaal finally pulled the brakes and got out of the car angry, yet with a sheer smile of   victory  on her face for being able to give it back to Kesar at least in some way.

"Madhav'",She tiptoed inside her Mom's bungalow and slouching back on the couch hurled the keys towards their servant who was brought up along with RV, more as a son to the family, "Madhav Chabi le aur gadi park kar de'"

Madhav: "Didi aap ko bhuk lagi hogi khana laga dun'"

Gulaal :Haan par where is Mom'

Madhav: Mom meeting k liye 2 din k liye shehar se bahar gayi hai'Itni jaldi gayi ki apko phone karne ka time nahi mila

Gulaal: Hmmm aur Chinky

Madhav: Chinky bhai kamre mein hain..Unhone kuch bhi nahi khaya kal se

Gulaal: Theek hai tu khana laga main dekhti hun

With uncertain steps,Gulaal entered Chinky's room.It was pitch dark.She switched on the lights only to find ,him sobbing, quite audibly, sitting in one dingy corner with his knees folded and head buried. He had restricted himself after that incident inside the walls of his room. He seemed to love his virtual cage.

"Chinky",Gulaal shook him violently and gave him a kick to shock him out of his wits, "Donkey get up or will hit you badly'",Gulaal screamed tightening her jaws(RV'S CHIRP-Tinky di is some strange woman. She is unpredictable. She always had her own set of reactions and logics at every situation. Shattered that I already was, the last thing on earth I needed was that outburst and kick)

Even before RV tried to fathom the situation Gulaal yelled, "Dumbo'Is it your fault or something to be ashamed of..?That bas***d is the culprit not you ..OK'Wo to ram se apni battisi dikhata hua shaan se ghum raha..And you Silly boy --- sitting here like a coward..FACE IT CHINKY!! GROW UP..Kab tak you will behave like this..You have to be brave..!!"(TINKY'S TWEET:I still sometimes find it hard believe that Chinky is my brother..Imagine he is the one who has been wronged yet he is behaving as if he has commited some crime. It's UNFAIR.)

"Par Tinky di'",His voice quivered and he broke into irrevocable tears .

"Awww Chinky'",Gulaal hugged him and rubbed his back and continued, "Chinky you must always remember galat kaam karne se bhi bada paap galat ke khilaf awaz na uthana hota hai'If you aren't brave enough to uski himmat aur badhegi ..You have to face him AND SAY IT aloud THAT YOU WERE WRONGED. Crying in this room locked up won't help anyone .Neither you will be left alone..and above all you will set a bad example for others to..So bacha be brave'",Gulaal pulled his cheeks and kissed him

RV pushed her back with a smile and a little irriation, "Tinky di tu kissi mat kiya kar mujhe'"He started giggling

"Awww to Chinky baay ko Di ka pyaar nahi Girlfriend ki kissy chahiye..Hmmm" ,Gulaal stuck out her tongue and pulled his cheeks even harder.

"Ouch di..",RV giggled (RV'S CHIRP-One thing was for sure.. There was none in this world who could be as loving as Tinky di. Ever since I was a child..I opened my eyes ,I found My mom in her. Mom being so busy with her job had never had enough time for me .So Tinky di was the only one in whom I could find a friend ,philosopher and guide)

"Waise ek baat to hai",Gulaal smirked placing her hands on RV's shoulders, "Suna hai bahut sarein girls k messages ayein hai FB par.  .COOL Mr. Rajveer Singh Tomar..Kya baat hai..Aaap to hero ban gaye'Chalo kuch to acha hua'Hai na..Cuitie'"

Both of them burst laughing and Gulaal hugged him tightly.

(TINKY'S TWEET-My heart is always shattered to pieces when I see tears in Chinky's eyes ..He was this tiny ball of wool with tinier eyes, when I first saw him in Granny's arms in the hospital. She made me hold him and said ,"See this is Chinky Your brother" .I did not know the very moment something changed in that tiny little girl .I instantly grew up. The journey from being  a 10 year old Gulaal to a feeling of motherhood was covered in a matter of seconds. No matter how strong I am. .Chinky is my life.. AND  I was ready to   BLOODY SCREW the life of anyone who dared to hurt him')


His nostrils flared puffing steams like an injured mad bull ,blood shot were his eyes as he gazed gloomily across the cricket field ,sitting with hunched shoulders in one corner. Kesar was more than miserable .Last night had been terrible upon him. After being shocked out of his wits ,He had not been able to sleep even for a second. He was living in a funeral pyre. The haunting memories of the indignation and the slap swooped upon him like a whirlwind and he was torn into pieces .He saw Gulaal face and the slap emerging in his visions .His anger returned tenfold as he saw his Mobile phone. Someone had uploaded the slap on FB and he had become a subject of mockery. He remained motionless watching these repercussions .Horror paralysed his limbs and he felt madness approaching. The heat of the sun above was dampened by the white fluffy clouds .An occasional breeze or two did nothing to provide him solace and sweat trickled from his forehead as he fumed in anger

"Hozzat..Out hai'", Running in glee Negi Hi-fived with another pal and called for Kesar

"Rawat 'Your turn'"

Kesar was was in his orgy of fury and revenge .He did not respond.

Another one jeered in jest, "Use jane de ..Use hosh kahan Sare hosh to us ladki ne thikane laga diye'"

Kesar's anger knew no bounds.Fuming and panting in rage ,he gritted his teeth and getting up ,he started to walk away,when Negi and others ran towards him'

"Rawat Rawat Ruk'."

"Negi '",Kesar fumed in anger kick starting his bike , "Negi mujhe wo ladki chahiye..I want that girl BY HOOK OR BY CROOK"

Later evening

"Oh oh ..Oh meri ma main Thak gayi'",Jumping back,she gulped a huge portion of water from her sipper and wiping the sweat from her face ,Rewa glanced upon Gulaal who was still running with enthusiasm on the tread mill.

Gulaal smiled and increased the pace and winked at Rewa , "Tum logon ka kuch nahi ho sakata bas itne mein thak gayi'."

"Obviously I cannot run at this pace for such a long time."Rewa keenly looked at the huge mirror of the gym .

Rewa chewed her gum and started combing her hair ,"Gulaal waise don't u think tujhe ek do din ruk jana chahiye tha..I mean'"

Gulaal still running and huffing looked around and glared at her , "Listen chick..That $%$#%$ TOUCHED Chinky right ..aur uski saza use milni hi chahiye thi'."

Rewa looked at her worried, "Tujhe nahi lagat that u should stop behaving as ONE MAN ARMY lawys ..I mean it's risky you see'Agar Mom ko pata chal to"

"Rewa .Stop being sach a darpok all the time'Aur Mom ..unhe phursat hi kab hai hum sab k barein mein janne ki'she will say nothing'unhe tabhi pata chalega na jab hum batayenge'so just shut your mouth and concentrate'

"Aur agar Meri ma ko pata chala to'."

"Chill Sudhama is a darling..She has faith in me ..Tu Chill mar na'Waise bhi u concentrate on your studies..Studies k bahane hi tune hostel mein rehna shuru kiya warana Mom was so keen that you stay in our home only ..Gosh you kids are such paranoids sometimes.."Gulaal chuckled

"Sach tujhse koi nahi jeet sakta..I give up'."

"You better do.".Gulaal winked back and both of them giggled


"Chinky will you stop doing that and exercise 'God all lazy people sab mere hi ghar mein hain ..waise tu kar kya raha hai'."

Gulaal finally stopped and wiping away the sweat from her forehead came towards RV who was busy sitting on one of the tread mills and constantly smirking looking at his mobile phone .

"Di can I say I love you'Just see this'.",RV giggled as he showed Rewa and Gulaal her SLAP footage on FB '

"Awww To ye baat hai'HAPPY?"Gulaal pulled his cheeks and Rewa giggled too.

"Waise Rewa do u know..This guy is now quite popular in gals see the blush on his face..Gulaal pulled his cheeks again. "Di tu mere gaal mat khincha kar'"

"Hmmm", Rewa folded her hands across the bosom, "Tell me kiddo koi Girlfriend hai ki nahi'"

RV nodded his head in negative and sighed heavily.(RV'S CHIRP- I cannot understand this sheer fact that as soon as you step into your teens what is this whole hiatus about having a girlfriend.AS if I am useless without this ADDED STATUS..?)

"koi baat nahi..See me gonna go a my friend's birthday party after this.. Why don't u both come with me we are going to have fun'"Rewa rubbed her palms in glee and excitement.

"Oh PUHLEEZ I am not going to a party of you carry on Rewa I will go home from here on'Take chinky..He needs to chill out'"Gulaal nodded her head


"No no..I am not going to any party. I have to study." ,RV feared at the mention of socializing .

Gulaal looked at Rewa with questioning eyes. Rewa smirked and chewed her lips with a mischievous glint in her eyes, "Waise meri friend ka naam Twinkle hai ..and she is damn beautiful "

Gulaal tried hard to control her giggle as rewa continued and RV's face lit up, "Par kya fayda..You will not be going..So chalo..may be some other time'"

Rewa was about to walk away when RV held her hand,"Hey ruk 'Who said am not going'"RV smirked and winked his eyes.

Gulaal burst laughing and said, "Acha bachoo 'Shaitan kahin ka'"Both Rewa and Gulaal hugged Chinky and kissed his cheeks and the trio burst laughing.

The gym washroom

The steam from the mildly lukewarm water in the shower room stained the glass cubicles separting the bathrooms and Gulaal was humming a tune while she squeezed out a dash of lemon shampoo on her palms and worked out rich lather and foam on her head smiling .Se had reasons to do so'

1.She had taught Kesar a lesson

2.Chinky was finally smiling and socializinG

"Gulaal",Her trance was broken by Rewa's voice coming from the adjacent cubicle

Gulaal : "Hmm kya"

Rewa: "How was he'?"

Gulaal : "Kaun?

"I mean that guy'"Jiski tune band bajayi'"

Gulaal : "Kaisa Like in what sense'?

Rewa: "I mean handsome ,average ok types, ewww types "

Gulaal : "Rewaaa.."Gulaal sprinkled herself with the hand shower

Rewa: "Come on tell na'"

Gulaal : "Ok ..He was 'hmmm",Suddenly Kesar 's face flashed in front of her eyes, "A complete mess..Unempt beard.savage hair not to forget he lived in a PIG sty'Believe me Chinky is far far better'."

"God Gulaal Chinky is not a guy for God's sake..Guys aise hi rehte hain'."

Gulaal : "Acha tujhe bahut pata hai Ladkon k barein mein kahin tu'".Gulaal peeped through the cubicle

Rewa threw her loofah on her,"Do not try to be smart do not change the topic'Tell me more na'."

Gulaal : "Kya bataun'Uski ek naak.Do kaan aur do ankhein'."Gulaal paused for a brief second as she remembered Kesar's eyes .They were small ,obliquely set yet with drooping eyelids with a mischievous glint .She remembered how his eyes just pierced her existence .

Rewa: "Ruk kyun gay bol na'"

Gulaal : "His eyes..I mean'As if 'As if they are waiting for'."

Rewa: "Waiting for  what.."

Rewa wore her bathing robe excitedly and got out only to find Gulaal wiping her damp curls .

Gulaal : "Nothing..Aren't u getting late for the party..Chinky must be waiting'"

Rewa: "Gulaal tu jis tarah se uski batein kar rahi hai mujhe to shaq '"

Gulaal : "What Rubbish ?"

Rewa:"God Gulaal u are such a bore..Bhai sahi kehta hai..You are such MAN !!

Gulaal : "See Champ ne kabhi koi ladki dekhi hai kya?'Jo he will understand what girls are..Tere bhai ki life mein main sirf eklauti ladki hun'ab chahe main man hun ya woman use kya farq padata hai.."Gulaal finally slipped into her dress and said ,"Ok chal bye..You both leave for the party and m going straight to home..I am hell tired'.Later--

The silence was broken by the clicking of her heels on the cold shiny paved granite floor.The dim green lights illuminated her charismatic face as she hummed a tune, unzipping her purse trying to fumble for her car keys .An occasional twirl on her curl, her sharp crystal voice echoed in the silent basement car parking of the building in which the gym was located .RV and Rewa had already left for the party.

Nodding her head with the tapping of her feet while walking, Gulaal swung her keys high up in the air and grabbed it back. Suddenly she realised that someone, some footsteps were following her .She turned around but could see no one. A haunting silence ensued and all that she could hear was the echo of her own heartbeat and the silence of her own rapid breathings. She suddenly saw a shadow moving behind a pillar.

"KKKAUN hai kaun hai wahan'',Gulaal cried only to be answered by deathly and complete silence.

She nodded and smacked her head and hummed again and turned around only to collide with someone.

A huge thud a. her bag fell on the ground and the sound of scattering keys ,pins and other materials filled and broke the deathly silence of the parking, "Gosh are you blind or what ?

Gulaal's curious eyes   travelled from his feet to his eyes. Kesar was standing right in front of her.

Gulaal did not care at all .and quickly grabbing her things back   ,started walking away from him when suddenly her way was blocked by Negi. She glared at him and changed her path when to her utter shock she found herself surrounded with almost 4 guys-- whom she recognised from the boys hostel(TINKY'S TWEET-My senses worked quick on alarm and sensed DANGER')

She stood there for seconds trying to contemplate her next move when she saw all the people coming come close to so much that the distance between them was very less .Kesar fumed leaning on one of the pillars.

"Ab kahan jaogi'",Negi smirked and was about to say something , "Ouch'"

The quickness of Gulaal's legs deceived his eyes . With a jolt and all her might she hit him with her kick where it hurt him most and Negi went crashing on the floor screaming in pain'Kicking and pushing the other two..Gulaal ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Her heart beat thumping quite audibly against her ribs so much that might have exploded any moment.

Muffled footsteps growing louder followed her and Bang on'Before she could realise. Four of them already grabbed on to her ,tied her hands behind her back ,taped her mouth and held her tight against the back of her car. She struggled as a fish kept without water but the strength of the 4 guys were too much .But still she did not give up putting up a tough fight so that the guys almost too found it difficult to keep her straight(TINKY'S TWEET-Honestly I was so scared at that time that I felt like puking..I was shivering yet I did not give up because one thing I knew that I never gave up easily'I swore to myself then and there. These people have had it from me today..God spare them now')

Gulaal's struggling could have continued but suddenly her eyes were fixed on Kesar who walked towards them with rage in his eyes. With his hands in his pockets and her eyes fixed on Gulaal , Kesar walked towards her. He could see her eyes. Those eyes which refused to flutter in fear. Those eyes which refused to give up. With a beer bottle in his hands, he gulped down a sip and walked towards her. Gulaal stiffened and glared at him still trying to struggle'

The distance between them decreased to a scary low and now Gulaal could smell alcohol mixed with his breath all over her face.He was fuming with rage ..He scrutinised her through and through and asked looking at Negi, "Negi kya keh rahi thi yeh us din'.Hmmm"

CRASH !! A huge bang !! The shattered pieces of the beer bottle fell on the floor and Kesar pointed out the broken part which remained in his hand near her neck,"Kya dikhana chahaiti thi us din..Hmmm.."He almost pierced the piece near her neck.Gulaal fumed and glared at him trying to struggle and free herself.

"Isi ko dikhaya than a wahan..Ab kya karegi'Hmmm.."His jaws tightened so his grip on her cheeks dimpling them making her shriek a bit which was muffled by the taping in her mouth. But she did not give up'She was about to kick him hard but ..(TINKY'S TWEET-SUCH A smart $#^%#& .HE HAD ACTUALLY PLACED HIS FEET ON MINE SO THAT I COULD NOT KICK THE HELL OUTTA HIM)

"Bata na'.Bol'."

"Kasie bolegi muh jo band hain..",Negi jeered and all burst laughing'

"Oops Sorry '.",A jerk and Kesar pulled out the taping from her mouth making her squeal in pain. Kesar looked at her carefully .She was a fearless soul. There were creases of worry on her forehead but her eyes were bold and fearless .Her bosom was heaving up and down in anger and her bloodshot eyes dared to defy him'

Kesar came closer to her, his own heartbeat accelerating a mile per second.

 (KESAR'S CONFESSION-I could not sense what was the pull in her ,One glance -one gesture ,was enough to mesmerize me. They say the eyes are the windows of the soul but I could see the whole new world in her eyes. .A mystery unknown ---a pull unknown made me weak all of a sudden)

His face was close to her .Gulaal kept on struggling to free herself and within seconds.,Kesar did not know what happened to him .He was so close to her that all that he could see was her charismatic face. Eyes like azure pools ,Hair the deep shade of mahogany ,lips just perfect waiting to be claimed ,the green dim light shining impudently upon her picture perfect face, her intoxicating fresh smell. All that made him absolutely weak for a second .(KESAR'S CONFESSION-What pulled me towards her remains an unexplained phenomenon till date..I was supposed to hate her. .I hated her and was only there for REVENGE. .Was it her beauty, her charm or her undying spirit or was it that I saw my reflection in her. .The same pride, the same zid'Which made me feel attracted to her as if I was an iron piece pulled by her magnetic towards smile.)

He felt as if he had no will of his own .Just like a kitten is carried away by anyone anywhere, he felt too carried off by her charms. He felt terribly intoxicated   due to the cumulative effect of alcohol and Gulaal's unexplained pull on him. The world went blank for him for a few seconds .All that he could focus on were her beautiful lips , untouched and unclaimed .(Kesar's confession-She hurled some abuses at me which I completely ignored .My eyes were fixed on better things and my ears could only hear my own heart pounding at the speed of an express train)

He was about to place a peck on her lips when she turned her face away..Kesar smirked and again tried , this time she turned it on the opposite side making him smirk some his nose touched the arch of her neck.He felt her pulse leap as a nuzzled a bit trying to tease her..He was here to teach her a lesson but little did Kesar knew that what he was doing was far beyond he had planned .The plan was to scare her .(KESAR'S CONFESSION-But really?Do things really turn out as we plan out..Not sure hmmm)

He gripped her face tightly and she started yelling  ,"$%%%# Don't you dare do this!! you're gonna pay for this'."Her struggle increased manifold tried to avoid him. .Her lips puckered as he gripped her cheeks tightly and moved his face closer to her ..A tear was almost ready to roll down her eyes when suddenly Kesar started laughing taking her aback by surprise and shock ..He gritted his teeth in anger and said, "You know what main desi ladkiyon ko apne muh nahi lagata'" (KESAR'S CONFESSION-Honestly I so badly wanted her that if her yell and Shivraj's squeeze on my shoulders had not jolted me back to reality ,I would have kissed her so badly  AND MADLY until she did not have any thoughts left in her mind .The warmth of her cheeks was seeping through my fingers and her rapid scared breaths fanning my face wildly.. Never in my life I had looked at any girl like this .She was NOTHING to me yet had I felt possessed.)

"Tum chaho to to bhi nahi laga sakte You bas***d'"A roaring challenge and Gulaal smashed her head against his forehead and Kesar fell like a climber uprooted , crashing on the hard granite floor , hitting his head against it and injuring himself with a sharp cut in return .He groaned in pain touching his forehead and his anger peaked again seeing the drops of blood that had started oozing from his forehead by now. Raging in anger and yelling, he got up in haste and yelled, "Teri to'",

A sharp stinging pain inflicted on  Gulaal as Kesar clutched her neck hard almost choking her and clenched his other fist in the air ,tightening his jaws  and was about to hit him hard but suddenly he looked into her eyes. There was no fear ,There was absolute hatred and abhorrence for him'He clenched his fist more tightly and tried to smash her face but could not. .He felt as if his hands froze in air.Negi yelled,. "Kya kar raha hai Kesar muh tod de Sali..ka..break her jaws right now'."Kesar's grip loosened a bit surprising Negi'Kesar's grip loosened completely steadily yet slowly   and he said in a low husky tone still looking at Gulaal. His gaze fierce burning in rage yet absolutely clueless to what and why was he behaving like this., "Jane de Negi Ladki hai'"

"Kya bak raha hai tu Kesar'?"Everyone echoed in the same pitch..

He started walking away leaving everyone in confusion .

Kesar's chest was heaving up and down with rage and confusion when Gulaal's fuming rage turned into a smirk and she mocked, "AHA ..Yaad  agaya main ladki hun'Are you even a MAN Kesar Rawat ?'EK ladki ko sabak saikhane 4 ladko ko lekar aa  gaye'Bas itna hi bharosa tha apne aap par..Itna hi dum tha'.Tch tch tch'Himmat hai to akele samna karke dikhao'Yun jhund mein Kutte ghumte hain..Sher nahi'."

Everyone Looked at Gulaal as if someone had dropped a bombshell on them .Kesar could not believe her guts. He looked back at her with simmering anger mixed with a little amusement'

He folded his hands across his bosom and explored her from tip  to toe. Gulaal flustered a bit because of his impregnating gaze which made her a bit nervous .Kesar amusement reached its peak .A thin slender lady was actually challenging him to fight with him..This thought and her abuses should have angered him but he felt thoroughly amused.

"Come on Kesar Rawat Be a man!! I dare you..Fight with me alone'!!" Gulaal fumed in rage .One thing was for sure, she would make him miserable and extract an exact amount of revenge for subjecting her to such indignation. She had made a promise to herself and she would not fail this time.

Kesar looked at floor away from her trying to wipe away his smirk .He walked towards her rolling up his sleeves and signalled all the others to go away..

"Par Kesar'."Negi tried to intervene

"Shhh",Kesar glared at Negi placing his fingers on his lips and signalled with his eyes to leave them alone.

All of them left the place one by one leaving Gulaal still struggling to free her hands from the rope and in this suit feel on the ground but still did not give up struggling .Kesar placed his hands on his waist and walked towards her and grabbing her arm making her stand up. Gulaal stared at him with anger hatred and contempt,"Just untie my hands once then I WILL SHOW YOU'."

Grabbing her by her waist he pulled her closer almost crushing her against him and  smirked ,"Shhh..",He placed his fingers on her lips, "Miss Gulaal Tomar'First let me show you that Who's the MAN!!"



Thank you so much everyone for your love and appreciationHug


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