SS~|Ishq par zor nahi|~EPILOGUE -PG 60 15TH JAN (Page 6)

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Originally posted by samia999

hi all IF friends...I've always been a silent reader of all ff and ss but this time i have to comment on this new this rocking start we're surely going to look forward to a sensational story...and don't you dare to stop midway...our favourite brat doesn't know yet who is going to make him dance... and for the rest of his life...please update soon.

Hi samia...A very warm WELCOME to Gulaal forum..It was so lovely and kind of you to like and comment hereHug I promise this time..I won't leave this in between and make the story reach its culmination...and I am so glad that you liked the start and I am so looking forward to your presence during this whole new KG journeyEmbarrassed

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@ Awww kalika..Thanks for those wonderful flowersHug

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Originally posted by arti07

piu hume dabloo banaya its the diary of chandramukhiLOL chalo me would love to see how he thinks of our kesar and gulaal
HE HE I made a DABLOO chinta ta chita chitaHug

and loved the status u mentioned love starts with big bang...fantanstic intro...loved loved loved chinki pinki aww sounds so girlish and his friend is cute too and wooh we got the entry of negi one big brat and seriously did he wore that t-shirt how could heROFL its so sadakchaap ROFL but naa he is branded he  wears google at night me thinking the same y do boyz  wear glasses at night...WackoErmm they think girls are crazyLOL
Love always starts with a huge bang ..He he Becahre pinki ka band bajao ho gayaLOLand HI-FIVE me too also wonders that ladke raat ko goggle kyun pehente hain ladkeStern Smile

so yes the first encounter of chinki and negi was cute but seems everything is not sugar coated i hated how they separated pahadis and plains ppl and the ppl from the plain had to bear the torture... yucks  partial bullies and there was the grand entry of kesar who doesnt takes bath y so...yeah kesar ko bath lene se kya probs hai chiii and he is at his worst man i hated how he ragged the poor guy and then the torture they went through is beyond imagination i was horrified and terrified...hmmm its gonna be intense lovely chappi piu waiting for next 

The basis of this pahadi plain division forms the crux of this story...This will be a journey how the protagonist will transcend all those narrow loyalties and emerge as a sensitive HUMAN BEING...Thanks and I am glad that you liked the chappi...Thanks a tons for your lovely words of appreciationHug

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Hi Piu,Hug

am late... chooorrryyy..... but a big hug 4 dis wndrfl SS...... lookn frwrd 2 nxt update...

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Originally posted by sharmishta

Hi Piu,Hug

am late... chooorrryyy..... but a big hug 4 dis wndrfl SS...... lookn frwrd 2 nxt update...

Awww Sharmishta BIG HUGSHug..I am totally in love with those emos...I am so glad you liked it..Thanks a million tons for those lovely words of appreciation...

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Now please do not ask me what happened next. You all know. Within 5 minutes of uploading that video on Facebook it broke all records….All my friends liked and mocked me and what lovely comments I got I am ashamed to post here. Not that it did not create an uproaor.There were strongly voiced opinions condoning the act and some females commented with all the Awws so sad…Hugs and all too*BLUSH BLUSH*

But the moral of the story was I was shattered to death and shivered while the bullies enjoyed every second of our gigs and hurled the filthiest abuses….I had shut myself up in our homeCry

CURSE MY FATE…AngryBut then the BIG BANG would not have happened!!








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Part 2
The Repercussions and The Sparks

"Nachooo'",He gulped down the whole bottle ,wiping away the few drops that had laced the corner of his lips and hooted while his teeth were gleaming in a contemptuous smile.KESAR WAS ON A ROLL!!


"Kaun hai wahan'.",A scream coming and some hushed footsteps broke the grooving rhythm as Kesar looked around confused.

NEGI:Rawat chal yaar..Chal..Sab plain waley aa rahe hain idhar seniors'

Kesar chuckled and glared at him, "Ane do Salon ko'Main kya kisi k baap se darta hun'.Aaaj yehi kissa khatam karunga salon ka'."

Negi pulled Kesar's arms and said in a hushed tone, "Yaar exams paas hai..Dean ne strictly order diya tha ki no fights this time..chal'.."

He almost dragged Kesar away while all others left the spot..RV ran towards his room with tears in his eyes'.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. The summer sun which was giving way to the monsoons glared down upon the corridor with pitiless ferocity peeping through the windows and crevices .An electric arc  light in the ceiling of the corridor shone brightly upon the  guard's table in the main courtyard

"Zzz "..The guard of the boy's hostel was snoozing and taking his quick afternoon nap.

The huge bronze clock that hung loosely in one of the dilapidated walls told the hour of twelve was fifteen minutes away. SHE   tiptoed to the courtyard and the sound of her heels clicking on the mosaic cemented floor echoed and broke the SILENCE '

"errr Madam ye Boys hostel hai kidhar ja rahi hain'.",The guard woke up with a jolt and raised his arm and muffled voice to stop HER'.

SHE turned around'.Her heels clicked more as she narrowed the space between the gurads table. Leaning, she smiled ,the quickness of her hands deceived the guards eyes ,as she frisked her pockets and within seconds hurled a 500 Rupee not right in front of his eyes and mumbled, "KESAR RAWAT ?" ..

The tiny eyes hungry eyes of the guard peeping through his thick rimmed spectacles twinkled with delight and his parted mouth uttered with a smile, his hands grabbing the money and signalling, "Upar Madam ..Room no 102 First floor'"

SHE  smiled with content ,patted his cheeks and her heels again clicked against the floor as she started walking and took the curve leading to the stairs.

A cheap whistle blown by a lanky guy coming downstairs caught HER ATTENTION.

She turned around GLARED at him and walked close to him ..SO CLOSE that the space between them was reduced to mere inches. Spreading her warm smile ,she checked him from top to bottom and whistled the exact replica with her hands folded across her bosom'The guy was extremely nervous and shaking like a drunken monkey.

"Kyun'Bolti band'", HER  tinkling yet FIRM voice echoed and sent a shiver down his spine'She grabbed his collars , "Are you Kesar Rawat?"

"NAAHI'Room no 102..",His shaky voice spluttered.

Creasing her brows and leaving his collar, she said, "GOOD THEN'SHUT YOUR MOUTH ..OR I WILL SMASH YOUR BLOODY FACE'."

Leaving him flabbergasted, SHE marched on the first floor. Another guy was bathing in all glory in the hall near the bathroom situated and was singing away'."Thande thande pani se'."

"RAWAT..?",SHE asked him .The mug of water slipped from his hands and splashed on the floor landing with a huge crash. His mouth opened wide to see HER.

She squeezed her eyes  and roared, "Kesar Rawat..?"

"Udhar'Samne ..",He pointed his fingers towards a door..

She turned away and walked towards the DESTINED door while mumbling, "Muh band kar le warna makhi ghus jayegi'."

She stood there a DETERMINED as she knocked mercilessly at door'SILENCE ..MORE SILENCE and no response'She pushed the door a bit only to find it open .HER curious eyes wandered on a huge note with a skull and crossed bones SAYING :DANGER ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK'

Gritting her teeth in anger, she twitched her face, "BLOODY SHOW 'OFF",          SHE STEPPED INSIDE THE ROOM'

Looking all around, HER mind was confused whether she had actually entered a room or a scrap shop..

Papers, Books and clothes strewn and scattered at every corner. The layers of dust on the furniture conveyed as if it had not been dusted for ages .She sneezed a bit and could see her fingerprints impressions even on a chair which she had accidently brushed against. Empty beer cans and alcohol bottles, packets of cigarette, some burnt ones and their ashes added to junk ,dirt and filth. SHE scrunched her nose in DISGUST.(TINKY'S TWEET-ONLY PIGS COULD LIVE IN SUCH A MESS)

HER eyes saw someone lying on one of the beds '.

"GET UP'KESAR RAWAT'.",After several bouts of convulsive shaking ,SHE finally managed to wake him up.

"Hain ..he smiled and with his half dreamy eyes ,yawning and still confused ,Hai kya sapana hai..Itni khoobsurat ladki'.",His grin widened..

"WAKE UP YOU DOG'.Are you KESAR RAWAT '.",SHE yelled shaking him up'

"Nhai 'par main hun Salman khan'",His shaky voice'answered as his face again swooped down in the pillow'Negi was dead drunk and suffering from a bda hangover and collapsed again'

SHE kicked the bed in anger and yelled, "SCREW YOU'"

Someone from faraway  was watching HER ANTICS''Kesar was more than amused as his eyes saw this whole funny scene'All that he could make out from her back was a lean girl with a petite frame clad in cream crotched pants and sleeveless black vest and her bouncing curls covering almost an entire back was asking for him..[KESAR'S CONFESSION- It was the first time I had seen her. I never knew what fate held for us'.}

Kesar had woken up very late and after finishing his exercise had walked back to his room grabbing a glass of milk .He moved a few steps forward and suddenly SHE turned around only to CRASH on him UNEXPECTEDLY'

A huge Crash. The glass of milk slipped from his hands and crash landed on the floor ,shattering into pieces'

Kesar glanced upward with instinctive caution .Her face splashed with milk, All he could see was her fluttering eyelids, her eyelashes laced with tiny beads of milk droplets ,her curved lips parted in the shape of an perfect  "O" .Those pair of dark eyes, brilliantly soft and fierily tender encountered his and held on its own'

The boldest and fearless heart in the entire exchanged a silent inscrutable communication. He fixed his eyes upon HER. He allowed his gaze to linger unswervingly on her frame. Face to face they thus stood for moments each staring at each other..


HER sharp tone brought back Kesar from his reverie as he saw her wiping off the tiny droplets that had trickled from her face to her bosom'.Kesar 's eyes lingered from her eyes ,to her long nose ,her beautiful lips, and finally stuck near her bosom which were adorned with the pendant hanging from the chain on her neck'

"G" That was the letter engraved on it'.

"SICK'",HER condescending tone took him back to his senses and without wasting a second, He extended his towel that was hanging jauntily from his shoulders towards her'

SHE grabbed it and wiped off the last traces off Milk left on her face ..

Kesar felt an unusual thumping in his heart'WHY? He could not construe'

Just as lightning strikes before the thunder, HER mind flashed with something..

Throwing away the towel in DISGUST ,she narrowed her eyes and folded her arms across her bosom ,as if trying to cover herself from Kesar's eyes that were still fixed on her pendant'

"KESAR RAWAT hmmm'?'''

"Ji haan bande ko hi Kesar Rawat kehte hain'.",Kesar winked at her ,almost grinning'

(TINKY'S TWEET-That was the cheesiest line I had heard since ages)

SHE looked at him carefully and there she started to see more clearly what she had imagined him to be ,a wild man with unkempt hair and ragged hair. Sweat dripped from his forehead and trickled and found its way through his chest which was clearly visible from his unbuttoned shirt'(TINKY'S TWEET-Although I loathed him already ..but the tan of his skin was beautiful')

Instantly SHE had contempt for his mannerisms, yet SHE kept her temper .SHE was here to SORT out things SO SHE patiently endured his piercing look and handsome grin.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS'?"She shoved her chic mobile phone right in front of his eyes and yelled'.

"Hmmm Chandramukhi ka dance'SEXY NA'.",His grin widened shamelessly and his chest bloated with pride'.

"Listen you bloody MORON'Tell me exactly what the hell is this'.?",The baritone of her voice became HIGH STRUNG and she glared .

Instantly his body tightened too, "Pehle tu ye bata tu hai kaun'Ye puchne wali..Aur terri himmat kaise hui mere hi room mein akar itni unchi awaz mein baat karne ki..Haan'You do not know me'?

"I KNOW YOU'BUT SEEMS YOU DO NOT KNOW ME'I am Gulaal Tomar aur jiski tumne ye video banayai hai na RAjveer Singh tomar I am his sister'.Isliye apna ye natak band karo and APOLOGIZE publicly on FACEBOOK for posting this samjhe..I do not have time'"

Kesar's smirk widened as he threw himself  on a chair ,leaned back putting his feet on the desk ,struck a matchstick lighting a  cigarette and puffing circles in the air mused out aloud,  "Don't you think you're wasting your time here'Aur agar main aisa na karun to'?"

"Listen you @%$#^..",Gulaal pounced on his revolving chair pulling it closer. Leaving Kesar by shock.., "YOU BETTER DO IT NOW'Main gara chahti to main Ragging cell jakar tumhari complain karti..but I know ye tumhare career pe bura asar daal sakti hai'So now do not test my patience and do as I say..Nahi to'" He listened to her with an indulgent yet bored air.


"Nahi to what'",Kesar pushed her back and got up angrily, "OH Please ja na'GO AND KAR DE SHKAYAT as if I care''"

An uncontrolled petulance, she thought and an emotional egotism..Gulaal gritted her teeth

{TINKY'S TWEET-I've often wondered what good too much education is to man if he can't seem to use it for himself. What kind of a doctor this guy was going to become? I pitied his patients more than him..}

He walked towards her without a word and stared at her pushing her almost to the wall. Looking angrily at her'They were only inches away. Gulaal could feel the warm breaths of Kesar on her face'

{KESAR'S CONFESSION-She belonged to the enemy clan. She was a desi..But one thing was for sure. She really smelt good'In my  room which was not less than PIG sty ,her fragrance almost made me dizzy .I was supposed to be angry at her. But I could not help smelling her }


"Warna kya'.Tu kya kar legi haan '.Tu rokegi mujhe ragging lene se'magar kis haq se..tu hai kaun'Aur ek baat aur sun ..pichle baar to us CHANDRAMUKHI ko two piece mein nachwaya tha agli baar'ek kapda bhi nahi rehne dunga..Jo karna hai kar le'. POOR BOY fattu sala apni behen ko bhej diya mujhe darane'"


Even before Kesar could complete his sentence ,Gulaal slapped him hard .Completely unprepared for this ,he fell down on the floor.

The sound of the slap was so hard that Negi woke up in a state of shock and looked at both of them trying to grasp what happened.

SILENCE AND MORE SILENCE !!Some of the guys who were peeping from the doors and windows .by now. All became stunned!!


Kesar was in a state of shock as he looked at her ..His eyes BLOOD SHOT and his blood boiling with rage'

"Listen you MORON..My brother is not a coward and don't you dare to do that dirty trick of yours again'SHAMELESS CREATURE!!"


"Ayeee.Paahadi ko mara tune..."Shivraj roared in anger coming back from his temporary state of paralysis and some others too followed suit and ran inside in ager but Gulaal was quick, she instantly picked up a beer bottle smashed it on the desk breaking it and growled like a tigress..","MOVE ON'Piche hato warna yehi sabko dikha dungi'"

Hurling the broken bottle after making her way from the bunch of boys',She gathered all her strength ,climbed the window and flew away past the corridor as a cloud of dust'

Kesar changed from a statue of stupefaction to an alert ashamed man got up furiously and ran behind her and leaned down from the corridor .Gulaal threw a flying kiss towards a the guy who was having a bath  whom she encountered her way back AGAIN..and said', "Thanks janeman'"BLOWING A FLYING KISS IN AIR'.



Gulaal looked up at him while running away ,and screamed, "IN YOUR DREAMS LOSER",and pointed her middle finger towards him leaving him fuming with rage.






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