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He he ye SPIDERMAN ne nahi maine kaha hai ji...Tongue HEARTBREAKS ,HEART ATTACKS ,PUSH PULLS LOL
So now moving to the 6th RULE!!

RULE NO .6 With great love comes Great confusion .and Above all you know you are in LOVE when you deliberately start ranting I HATE YOU instead of I LOVE YOU...


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Everything started moving like a movie scene right in front of his eyes ,the way she slapped him, the way she fought with him, Her warm hugs and kisses for her pets, her lovely smile when she saw those flowers, her sigh when her goldfish was dying, her joy when she held the baby in her hands, the tears of concern when she had held his bleeding face in her hands, her placing her head on his bosom, Everything just flashed before his eyes and compounded his madness .He could not resist himself anymore .He threw away his blanket and suddenly got up and sat beside her. She was sleeping blissfully .Her beautiful lips had a content smile on her face.

"May be she is dreaming", Kesar said to himself. His heart beat rose to an infinity as he leaned on her face. Inches away his lips quivered in excitement looking at her .He could feel her warm breaths all over his face .Kesar was intoxicated and closed his eyes moving more closer towards her.

"Dad. Main thak gayi hun Dad..",the sweet baritone of her crystalline voice brought Kesar out from his reverie and he opened his eyes in shock .He looked at her beautiful face which glowed like a moon in the night. What a beautiful night it was as the train cut through the darkness and the mist of the night.The opal haze from the window slowly turned to purple ,the pale stars were faintly visible .His confused countenance lit up  with a charming smile of content .She was this delicate thing wrapped in her blanket  ,with a strange soft radiance adorning her face and a beautiful innocence .He Sighed heavily as he watched her intently ,For he stood with a divided heart .The softness in her voice made him lean to a pure adorable feeling ,sweet romance filled his heart and bound him to her. But his other half was filled with something else, the desire to end his madness fought with the care. He breathed heavily trying to reason. The latter won.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION- The end would definitely justify the means. Maybe she will shout ,she will resist but he knew in the end he will be happy..)

Making up his made, he extended his hands to caress her beautiful face.

"Mere sir pe haath rakho Na'",she mumbled  in her sleep with a childlike yearning for care ,friendship and security. Kesar was stopped dead in his tracks. Her innocence hooked him on as her hands froze in air .

"Please Dad..",Her yearning voice called him again.

He did not realize when without his even noticing  the quickness of his hands deceived his eyes and his greed all satiated at once went out of the window and he placed his hand on her forehead.

"Tum'",Gulaal suddenly woke up and squealed with all her might, got and pulling her blanket closer curled up like a ball and stared at him completely freaked out.

"Wwwo main Ye pillow   dene aya tha'.Aur lights'",His lips quivered ,His expression went from a deer caught in headlights to completely blank ,to embarrassed, but still he found an excuse. Gulaal had forgotten to switch of the reading lights which easily covered up for Kesar

Gulaal still confused and sceptical mumbled, "Main pillow nahi leti'.Thanks anyways'Good night"

"Theek hai'",Kesar got up hastily and choked completely quickly went back to his bed .

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I cannot tell you how awkward I was, I couldn't believe I walked back. Her presence made me mad with desire, The restlessness grew and yet  I was scared when she caught me')

Gulaal's sleep had been cursed. Tossing and turning on the bed, her senses worked on alarm. She tried to reason and decide what to do as she was now scared ,but her biological body fought with her mind. The day had been very tiring for her and she never realised when she dozed off again.

Minutes maybe hours passed peacefully. The pace of the train cradled and made her feel cosy in her sleep.Suddenly,her cheeks had a strange sensation, a caress , a touch  from a cold hand made her shiver followed by a voluptuous kiss on her cheeks. She opened her eyes in the extreme darkness and saw someone leaning on her  and she squealed in horror ,"Kesar'"

Gulaal's worst nightmare came true as he silenced her cries with his palms. Gulaal shivered in horror and scratched his face with her nails.

"Owww",He squealed and grimaced in pain.

"Door hato'.",PUNCH

"How dare you touch her", PUNCH ,The voice of Kesar jolted Gulaal and she could not figure out what was happening exactly in the darkness as she saw two figures ,one hitting the other. She was hell shocked and suddenly switched on the lights and the THREE OF THEM LOOKED AT EACH OTHER SHOCKED.

Gulaal was appalled as she saw Karan's collar being grabbed by Kesar and was threatening him ,bloodshot were his eyes ,"How dare you touch her Hmmm How dare you'."

"Gosh Tinks'owww You haven't changed a bit'Gosh'.You nails'.My..and who the hell are you'You almost broke my jaw..",Karan furiously pushed back Kesar who had been grabbing Karan's collar. Gulaal placed her hands on the mouth and Kesar looked at both of them SHOCKED APALLED AND CONFUSED.

"CHAMP'OMGEEE",Jumping with abundant joy  ,Gulaal shrieked and ran up to his arms and both of them embraced each other almost crushing each other and Karan lifted her in his arms'.and circled in joy,Gawwwd Tinks..Tu na ainwayin dar gayi thi Lol It was me Silly'..",

Gulaal giggled as he put her down and Kesar looked at both of them with shock.

(KEASR'S CONFESSION-I felt mad with jealousy and torn apart with confusion .CHAMP WAS HIM?...A sturdy handsome man ,with robust and magnificent physique and Gulaal conveniently cosy in her arms'My Gulaal conveniently nuzzled his arms'WAIT HE KISSED HER CHEEKS 'WTH 'A thousand knives pierced my heart then and there.

"It's been months. "Gulaal's eyes brimmed with tears as she sulked turning her face around.

"Dekh aa gaya na'.",He held her arms and pulled her back in his arms .

Kesar died a thousand deaths watching them. His ribs hurt even more, he began gasping for air and his jaws tightened  with anger and his muscles twitched. His heart was soaked in immense pain.

"Par tumhe '.",Gulaal raised her eyebrows placing her arms around his neck.

Chinky ne bataya'.I had come for training at Moradabad socha.. I thought 'Lets give u a surprise. Come on quickly gimme a hug. I am here only for an hr.'.coz..,I called my car at the next station", Karan  tucked a curl behind her ear bobbing around her face and looked at her fondly"Awww I missed you so much..",He hugged her more .Gulaal couldn't be happier. In fact she was ecstatic to see him .

"BTW who are you'",Breaking from the hug, Karan turned around to look at Kesar who stood there alarmed, angry and heartbroken. A strange expression of confusion veiled his face. A thousand questions surfaced in his mind ,he went mad with jealousy and his face reddened with anger.

(TINKY'S TWEET-That moment struck upon me like a lightening, completely uprooting me from the spot. I had been completely oblivious to everything in the excitement of meeting Karan after ages .His deep eyes obliquely set on me and shattered me to pieces, a look so profound ,accusing and hurt, that my head reeled. The pain and anger in his eyes was inexplicable. I knew that I had hurt him very badly')

"Wo he is my junior'.Kesar '",Gulaal bit her lips and she struggled to gasp her sentence. A complete awkwardness gripped her.

"Oh Hi Kesar'Thanks for being so protective for Tinks'.",Karan spoke with carelessness and smiled.

"I have seen you somewhere..",Kesar scratched  his head and mumbled in confusion .He was clueless what he was saying or doing but the guy seemed very familiar to him.

"Ya right there'",Karan chuckled and extended his hands quickly grabbing the sports magazine kept on the table and pointed his fingers on the cover which had him along with some other boys'with the letters in bold imprinted- "INDIA FINDS A NEW TALENT KARANVEER CHAUHAN'.".

Kesar looked at the cover , then at Karan and then again at the cover quite a few times and rubbed his eyes refusing to believe., "OMG you are the athlete everyone is talking right now'for Olympics'."

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-Gosh what a talented hunk he was ,though unknown and not very popular like other sport stars ,Yet Karan had recently been the talk of the town along with the others who had been finalised for the Olympics team from India. WAIT ..Now how the hell on earth he has the guts to touch her like this. I was appalled that even Gulaal never mentioned anything about him  barring his name CHAMP. Now how the hell on earth I would come to know that CHAMP would turn out to be KARNVEER CHAUHAN 'The guy with hopes of millions pined upon him.)

"Yup'.I am Karaveer Chauhan'.Tinks..Intro karwa'.",Karan smiled and elbowed Gulaal who was now lost in her own guilt and confusion unable to react.

"Oh yes. Kesar this is Karan'My'",Gulaal bit her lips and slowly spoke trying desperately not to meet his eyes

"Her fianc'..",Karan cut short her statement and HUGGED HER.

"Nice to meet you buddy'",Karan smiled and punched his shoulder.

Kesar looked at him shocked and then at Gulaal for seconds .Everything around him seemed to come to a halt  . His heart   hammered inside his heart.His whole body seemed on fire .His spirit was a furnace whose leaping flames burned him.Everything around him started rotataing'.the train speeded up and he looked at Gulaal.

(TINKY'S TWEET-Those eyes made me feel like a culprit .I felt like dying that moment.I knew not why I was feeling like this.His eyes had so many accuastions and so many questions..So many feelings made me uneasy as I saw him,for she saw in his eyes ,hurt  , a shock ,which aroused pity ,which was near to unrequited love.)

(KESAR'S CONFESSION- I forgot to breathe..I WANTED TO RUN AWAY SOMEWHERE.I looked at her with hurt in my eyes.But she made no sign.Having pierced me with her charms,she concealed herself in her stone  sheath  and all my efforts to make her live agin were now in vain.Passion for this LIAR had consumed me..Now I felt like those words flowed in my veins like pison choking and killing me in excruciating pain.

"Gosh Tinks. I have been dying to meet you'You look so thin man..Khana nahi milta kya theek se'..",Karan looked at Gulaal who sat with his head hung trying hard to smile .She watched Kesar walk out and the train screeched to a halt at a crossing.

He walked out dragging his feet in the corridor ,his head hung ,his eyes red ,in tears ,unable to react unable to say anything .

"Aye pagal hai kya'",A man yelled with whom he collided and looked around senselessly .He could not understand what was happening around him as he stepped on the stairs and got down from the train.He felt crushed ,he felt helpless as helpless he was years ago.Like a young child,Standing behind the pillar of the huge house listening to the words and watching the ugly face of the man who he had hated his entire life.


THE MAN : Tu kya sochti hai..Mian isko apna lunga'.Maine sirf do meethe bol kya bol diye tujhse '.Ghumne gaya tha pahadon mein tu achi lagi kuch din maze kiye'To kya main..zindagi bhar tujhe gale laga k rakhunga'Meri khud ki biwi aur bache hain..Na jane ye kiska ladka hai'

KESAR'S IJA-aap ne mujhse kjhooth kah..Dhokha diya hai apne'..

THE MAN: hhahahahhahah Tum pahadi log hotey hi bewakoof ho'sach aur jhooth ka farq hi nahi samajhte hahhahahahhahaha

 His feet dragged on the pebbles of the railway track .The red signal shone through the haze of the mist .Kesar was in deep thought.The surroundings was silent ,haunting was the freaky silence ---  only to be broken by intermittent sounds of cicadas and grasshoppers .It was new moon night with darkness engulfing everything in its monstrous gloom. The walked  there in silence aimlessly .The haunting face of Gulaal had not left him ever since he had laid his eyes upon her..He tightly shut his lids. He wasn't even aware at what he had been doing prior to this moment. His mind was a complete blank, but oddly this did not hinder him. He walked like  a madman .Visions of Gulaal in his arms surrounded him like an ocean ,boundless and dazzling. In whatever direction  he turned , her luminous face glowed engulfing him around him. Her visions bore down upon him with a loud roar as if to swallow him up.She broke over him,they engulfed him.He was suffocated . The screeching silence was suddenly cut as a speeding train passed beside him forcing a strong gush of wind wafting his hair on his face and the horn blew and simultaneously the serene and pristine face of Gulaal flashed before his eyes .He suddenly grabbed the pebbles in his hand and started throwing them madly at  wheels the speeding train in the nearby track.His breathings became rapid as he crushed the pebbles in hands remembering Karan's words,"Hi I am Karanveer 'her fianc.

His palms were sweaty due to almost crushing tiny pebbles in his palms which slipped from his hands and his bosom heaved up and down as he tried to control his lament.

"Gulaaal" Without warning he rent the silence of the night .He wailed and the sound of his crying seemed to rise from the depths of the earth.His scream was muffled by the speeding trains crossing in the nearby tracks. He lost consciousness and he fell. He flung himself wildly  on the ground and wanted to tear off his clothes.Like a child lost in tears he cried .He tried hard to breathe,every minute spent in vain effort increased his distraction and he lost control over himself.In despair he writhed on the ground.His face and bosom reddened with the afflux of blood,his eyes filled with tears and his body shook in spasms.He was at the limit of endurance.There was nothing but he sunk in the darkness of apoplexy .His heart was torn in tolerable anguish.His heart seemed to be wrung as a damp cloth might be wrung.He was racked with pain.A terrible frenzy seized him at the thought he might never be able to hold her anymore in his arms.He felt like ending his misery once and for all.The shock of the first  revelation was so violent that his whole being remained in a shuddering state.He could no longer control his eyes ,his body or his mind.He passed through some terrible minutes.

He splashed his face with cold water in the washroom .His voice choked and his breaths were fuming like a raging mad bull.He looked at his reflection in the mirror.A flash of lightening  and Gulaal hugging Karan –the scene just flashed in front of his yes.

He gritted his teeth in anger and recalled Negi's words,"Ek ajeeb sa nasha hota hai…In logon mein humre liye nahi bane na…"

Kesar fumed in rage as he passed his fingers  through his hairs,His jawas tightened,"Huh…Ye nahi ho sakata",He screamed

"No this can't be",He nodded his head loosening the buttons of his kurta..

"He has to die..Yes use marna hoga…Main use jaan se mar dunga….Haan yehi theek rahega..Wo sirf meri hai….Us par sirf mera haq hai…Haan use marna hoga….",His breath hitched as he tried to calm his shooting temper.Determined he balled his fist and walked out in anger.


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"Love Confusion"

Don't know how we got this far
So attached now and this gets me
Like a thief you stole my heart
And I fallen in love so unfairly
(Boy I hate that my)
World revolves around you
(And I hate my heart)
Cause it hurts without you

Why, why am I so lost in you?
And I don't even know me anymore
Why, I don't know why I'm so confused
Cause I'm hating that I love you this much boy
I'm Confused
I'm Confused

You gave me goosebumps, every time
My heart skips a beat when you touch me
I'm so mesmerized
Who told you, you could be mine?
I'm mad at you for this nice surprise
(Boy I hate that my)
World revolves around you
(And I hate my heart)
Cause it hurts without you

Why, why am I so lost in you?
And I don't even know me anymore
Why, I don't know why I'm so confused
Cause I'm hating that I love you this much boy
You see I love you,
Then I hate you,
And I hate to, cause I love you
And I need you, then I don't need you
I don't know just what to do

I think I hate you, yes I hate you
Wait, I love you, I love you
I'm really so confused,
I love you, yes I do

Why, why am I so lost in you?
And I don't even know me anymore
Why, I don't know why I'm so confused
Cause I'm hating that I love you this much boy

Why, why am I so lost in you?
And I don't even know me anymore
Why, I don't know why I'm so confused
Cause I'm hating that I love you this much boy

Why, why am I so lost in you?
And I don't even know me anymore
Why, I don't know why I'm so confused
Cause I'm hating that I love you this much boy
(I'm confused)
(I'm confused)

He slipped in the string of pearls in her neck and played with her hairs.Gulaal was unusually quiet but suddenly a twinkle illuminated her eyes as she admired the beautiful necklace and the the pir of pearl drop earrings in her ears .

"LIKE IT!!",He asked her

"LOVE IT",She smiled happily and asked,"It must be costly "

"Silly ",He smacked her forehead , "Anything for you Tinks"

He wrapped her in his arms and she smiled happily .

Both were unaware that a pair of eyes watched them from a distance .Kesar looked at the picture perfect moment where HIS gulaal looked extremely happy and content in Karan's arms.His eyes fell on the magazine and he was filled with envy ,burning with jealousy.He could never be what Karan was.He could never match him.His ego came crumbling to pieces.Trapped in a deep quagmire ,unable to react and fathom what he should be doing,He walked inside.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-My idea was to take a knife ,beat the hell outta him ,cut him into pieces till he lied in a pool of blood ,grab her hands and never leave her again.But suddenly I recalled how she had frowned when her Goldfish was about to die..Would I be able to see that same expression on her face again.She looked so beautiful ,serene and happy ,just like they showed the HAPPY ENDINGS in the movies .COULD I BE POSSIBLY THE VILLAIN WHO POPS UP BEFORE THE CLIMAX.I WAS CONFUSED)

Lost in his thoughts,Kesar summoned up courage to walk inside the coupe again and sat on his seat.Gulaal looked at him .Both their eyes met for seconds and she suddenly lowered her eyes.

(TINKY'S TWEET-I could not face those eyes at all..Those piercing eyes with accusations..made me realise,what wrong I had done.I should have told him when he had confessed his feelings ,but THE DAMAGE WAS DONE.IT WAS TOO LATE NOW)

"Tinks'You look awesome'EKDUM HANDSOME'hai na Kesar '",Both Kesar and Gulaal's brief eye lock came to an abrupt end when Karan admired her  and felt happy seeing those pearls on her.Kesar looked at him shocked.

"You know what,She is the most handsome person,I have ever met ..Hai na Kesar..",Karan giggled

"NO",Blurted loudly and Gulaal looked at him nervously.Karan equally shocked.

"What'",Karan was confused

"She is beautiful..Very beautiful'She was always beautiful",With a cutting directness and a gaze so piercing ,Kesar said emphatically ,his expressions stern.There was complete silence for a moment.Gulaal felt extremely awkward.She crumpled the bed sheet in nervousness and her palms broke out in a cold clammy sweat.

Hahhahahhahah ",The awkwardness came to an abrupt end,  "Lol Tinks'That's an improvement finally ppl think you're a girl'.",Karan joked and laughed .

(TINKY'S TWEET-My heart was sinking ready to pop out from my mouth.This was so BLOODY not funny.I had to clear up lots of things with Kesar'and then with Karan..but this was not the correct moment.So I better kept my mouth shut)

"Tu chup kyun hai..I hope that jerk from your college who used to irritate you is off ..Tune uski pitayi ki ki nahi'.?warna is Kesar se keh dena'Dude,",Karan shifted his gaze from Gulaal to Kesar , " Waise  some guy is troubling her,Waise to Humari Tinks shera hai..She will manage but  I hope u can take care of that'.Bahut jyada pareshan kar raha hai Kya Tinks.",Karan put his arms across her shoulders and held her chin in his hands.Gulaal was unusually quiet.Her inner conscience stabbing her to death.

"Ab nahi karega'.",Kesar gritted his teeth in humiliation and hurt and blurted.

"Thanks",Karan smiled.

"Tinks tu kuch bol kyu nahi rahi'say something'",Karan creased her brows.

(KARAN'S KADAK PHATKA- She was not my Tinks anymore.I could sense something terribly wrong.Oh Hi'BTW 'My thoughts make an entry from henceforth ..He he..CHILLAX 'I AM NOT A PSYCHO LOL.BUT TINKS WAS MY WHOLE WORLD.If something was troubling her,I could have killed someone)

"Bas It's just I am tired'",Gulaal said restlessly .

"Awww Bas ek gold medal..I will buy a private jet for you my princess..Tere kadam zameen pe bhi nahi padne dunga'. Just a few days more sweetheart ..Awww I love you so much'.",Karan kissed her forehead.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I went mad with rage .My own incapability ,my own helplessness.The one I desired was already claimed by someone else that too who was ready to put the world at her feet.I felt stabbed again)

"Chal my station aa gaya...It was nice to meet you Kesar'Take care Tinks ..Bye",Karan got up from his seat as the train stopped and walked a few stops

"Tu badal gayi",Kran stopped for a while and turned around staring Gulaal

"Nahi aisa nahi hai",Gulaal nodded her head nervously

"Tu kuch bhul rahi hai'.",Karan walked towards her

"Kya..",Gulaal gave him a confused look.

"Come one Give me a tight jhappi sweetheart'..",Karan almost pulled her in his arms.Gulaal stood there like a statue her eyes fixed on Kesar and embraced Karan with an animated effort.

"Awww'I love you so much TINKS..Do you love me'",Karan questioned her .

Gulaal looked appalled and nodded her head.

"Then say it silly '.",Karan smacked her forehead

"I love you too'",Gulaal's words echoed in the silence.

Kesar felt as if someone had buried him deep inside the earth.He was suffocated and in rage.His voice choked.Eyes almost teary and he felt as if the blood in his veins had stopped pumping blood altogether.He could not breathe at all.

 There was complete silence.It was almost  dawn now.A few moments from now the sun would rise and dispel all the darkness but what remained unchanged was the silence that haunted the coupe after Karan had left.Many a times Gulaal felt like speaking but Kesar ignored her completely.Walking to the washroom ,changing his jeans ,coming back,combing his hair whistling and wore his shoes.Gulaal watched her .Kesar pretended as if nothing happened.He did not speak to her at all.His ignorance made Gulaal more restless.Her head reeled and her stomach churned with guilt.

He removed his kurta and was about to wear his shirt when accidentally his arms brushed on the iron hook  and his already bandaged arm hurt so much ,"Ahhh"

"Kya hua'",Gulaal rushed towards him , "Tum bhi na apna dhyan nahi rakhte'",She rubbed her palms and re placed the bandage in its position.

Kesar looked at her a,his gaze piercing , "Do you love him'?",Kesar blurted.

Gulaal was completely taken aback and  she raised her brows , "Ye kaisa sawaal hai"

 "Nahi samjhi..lekin samajh ..Tu use pyaar karti hai'.? Haan ke na'",Kesar gritted his teeth

"Bachpan se'haan 'humesha se'",Gulaal gulped a huge lump in her throat and continued , "I am engaged to him since last 10 years..mujhe ye baat tumhe pehle bata deni chahiye thi'"Her eyes had thousands of tons of remorse.

"Hahhahahhahahhahahhaaah.." ,Kesar burst out into a cynical laughter and continued , "Engaged. Haan .Like I even care'Teri agar use shaadi bhi hui hoti na '.to bhi tu mujhe rok nahi pati aur ye baat tu achi tarah se janti hai'.",His jawas tightened.Gulaal was scared

"I know..Mian tumhe batne wali thi..",She tried to reason.

.Kesar cut short her statement and grabbed her arms squeezing them , "Kab kab..batati tu mujhe jab shaadi ke baad apne bachon se milwati ki ye dekho ye Kesar mama hain tumhare..hmmm'.Tum sale desi ek jaidse hi hotey ho..Pith par waar karne waley'makkari tumhare khoon mein hain'."Kesar pushed her back and turned around.

"Nahi aisa nahi hai",Gulaal placed her hand on his shoulder ,almost on the verge of tears.

"To phir kaisa hai Gulaal ",He turned around shoving her hand and yelled ,  "Kiasa hai haan'Tu 10 saal pure 10 saal se engaged hai ye baat tune mujhse chupayi mujhse'.",His voice quivered and his hurt resurfaced on his face,"Tune ye baat mujhse chupayi..mujhse'."

"Nahi main '",Gulaal broke into hiccups.

"Kya socha tha tune..Kesar gadha hai'Use tehlate raho'.Kutta bana k rakh diya mujhe'..hmmm",he yelled and banged his fist on the wall.

"Tum sab galat samajh rahe..ho",Gulaal cried

"To samjha na'Sahi baat samjha'.",Moving close to her Kesar screamed in frustration.

Gulaal looked at him speechless ,dumbfounded.

"Tu kya samjhayegi'.Tu to badi chalak nikli Gulaal ..tu bhi un ladkiyon jaisi hai jinhe humesha 'dusron ko tehlane mein maza ata hai'",Kesar yelled near her ears giving her shivers

"Listen you cannot talk like this'",Gulaal pointed her fingers towards him

"Acha kaun rokega mujhe tum agar kis haq se Gulaal'.Tu hai to akhir desi hi na'Samne se apanapan jatakar pith pe chura bhonkne waley log '.",Kesar kept on yelling

"Please chup ho jao'.main nahi sun sakti'",Gulaal placed her hands on her ears and turned her face around.His accusations hurt her.She never meant to be like this.

"Sunna to tujhe padega hi ..",Grabbing her arm ,he pulled her towards himself as she collided with him.He dug his nails harshly on her arms

"Tu ek chalak jhoothi aur makkar ladki hai'.Tera jhooth mujhe us aadmi ki yaad dilata hai jisne sirf dhokha hi diya'tum sab desi ek jaise hotey ho'.",Kesar gritted and roared, Par teri galti nahi hai galti meri hai jo sab kuch bhul gaya'."He squeezed her arms with all his might

"Mujhe dard ho raha hai kesar'",Gulaal was in tears and she squealed.Her eyes screaming for mercy.Kesar suddenly realised and left her arms and yelled

" You know what'.Mujhe bhi dard ho raha hai'bahut dard..itna ki ji to chahta hai ki uske haath kaat dun jin hathon se tujhe usne chua'lekin..khair jane de'.Tera shukriya ...mujhe ye ehsaas dilane ka ki tum log kabhi badal nahi sakte'dhokhe ke alawa ek desi se umeed bhi kya ki ja sakti hai'"Kesar wiped his tears picked up his bag and was about to walk away when Gulaal held his bag

"Kesar '.Kesar 'hum dost ho sakte hain''.",Gulaal gave him a pleading look.

(TINKY'S TWEET-I did not know what I was doing but he was going away ,I felt miserable'LONELY as if I would never be able to see him'I had to stop him somehow.What I wanted from him,I did not know but I blurted out hopelessly that everything will be all right)

Kesar turned around gave her a piercing look ,threw away his nag in frustration and grabbed her waist pulling her closer and said in his husky tone , "To hell with your dosti".

Gulaal was SHOCKED,STUPEFIED AND DUMBFOUNDED .He pulled her more closer and their faces were just inches apart.Gulaal was too shocked to react " Can't  you see Mujhe teri dosti nahi tu chahiye tu''.mujhe teri tarah dhong karna nahi ata..Dosti jaye bhaad mein'.Mujhe sirf tu chahiye'.",Saying this ,he caressed her face and without even thinking for a second placed a kiss on her cheeks .He smiled with content as he saw her pulse leap,she sighed and closed her eyes.Thready goosebumps made her shiver and and she clutched on to his shoulders and mumbled,"This is not right galat hai",opening her eyes ,she struggled to push him back and Kesar dis balanced a bit. He was angry and hurt  .

 He quickly grabbed her arms and said in his shaky voice trying hard not to cry , "Jab se mili hai mera jeena mushkil kar diya hai din raat yahan ",He placed his hands on his forehead and tapped his fingers, "..yahan , 24 ghante ghumti hi rehti hai'.main kya karun Gulaal; tera chehra hai jo meri ankhon k agey se hatta hi nahi'main samajh nahi pata aisa kya hai tujh mein jo mujhe teri ore khinchta hai..main majboor ho jata hun'.kyun Gulaal kyun apne aap ko rok nahi pata kyun'..",His helplessness overpowered him and tears rolled down his cheeks,"Kyun Gulaal kyun'"

The path they were travelling were a far more dangerous one ,but it lead further led to something  terrible .It is the way of love.

Gulaal choked and saw him crying,her own tears betraying her ,she felt choked,his emotions were making her weak.No one in her life had ever made her feel so.She was longed for,she was wanted ,She felt ecstatic.In the spur of the moment ,she placed her hands on his cheeks,wiping away his tears.Kesar looked at her with deep longing and held her palms and placed a kiss on them.Gulaal sighed.His touch was wreaking havoc on her mind. He could now see her in her full splendour.Kesar locked his fingers with her and kissed her cheeks with longing and mumbled, "Tu aaj bahut bada paap karwayegi mujhse ab'You are so beautiful'" Her cheeks were flush with flattery and aspiration. As if orchestrated, maintaining the  electric eye contact Kesar took the remaining step forward, and stared at her with deep desire. As if by instinct beyond her control her palms slid up, coming to rest upon his chest. His left hand came up and caressed her cheek and his fingers entangled themselves in the lengths of hair.She gasped slightly, her eyes shut in pleasure with inexplicable feelings she had never felt.His touch made her crave for more.His hands caressing her skin ,made her wonder and quiver in excitement with the anticipation of more.There were butterflies in her stomach .Kesar almost went mad now,s he crushed her in his arms and dug his fingers deep on her back,making her arch with throes of ecstasy .He looked at her lips.quivering in excitement and he moved closer and closer and
nuzzled his nose ,Gulping a huge lump in his throat ,he was about to claim her  lips,when Suddenly Gulaal opened her eyes  and screamed in shock realising the blunder she was doing.

"Stop'please Stop..",She tried to push him back but Kesar had reached the crescendo of madness,He crushed her in his arms and placed hungry kisses all along the length of the curve of her neck madly.

"Kesar kesar'",Gulaal resisted and struggled and tried to push but he went more mad.

"Kesar maine kaha stop'",Gulaal pushed him with all her might and slapped him hard, "Hosh mein aoo..Stop it I said'"

Kesar's face turned pale with humiliation as he stared at her with rage and gritted his teeth .Gulaal was angry ,trying hard to reprimand herself for her foolishness.She knew she had invited trouble herself,but she quickly had to take action.She was still shivering ,trying hard to supress all the unknown desires which had swept her a minutes ago'.Her heart told her to go back and hold him,but she knew everything would be ruined ,if she did so'She picked up her bag and started walking away ,"I ma not going stay here even for a second"

She was about to walk way when to her horror ,Kesar threw her bag away, "Jayegi to tu tab jab main tujhe jane dunga'",Kesar slided the door close and locked it .Gulaal shivered in fear and anger,and pushed him hard,"Listen Let me go'.",kesar smirked and held her hand and pulled her closer.

"I said leave me'.",Gulaal slapped him hard again'.

Kesar felt highly infuriated and angry and ploughing on to her he stapled her against the wall and yelled, "Not now'.Tu abhi nahi ja sakti'.I am not done yet'.",He grabbed her hair in his fist and was about to kiss her lips when she yelled ,  "I hate you'"

"Aise hi hate karti reh tu mujhe 'mujhe koi farq nahi padta '",Kesar did not pay heed to her and held her cheeks in his grip .To his horror within Seconds Gulaal punched his face and he fell on the ground.

"Maine kaha tha na ..kaha tha  na'.Let me go'",Gulaal kicked him hard making him grimace in pain.                                                                          

"Bloody hell",Kesar got up with absolute rage and pounced upon her and picked her in his arms, "What the hell so you think yourself. Haan'." Saying this he threw her on the seat. HORROR PARALYSED HER LIMBS .Trembling in anxiety and nervousness, her body broke out in a sweat --profuse and irritating .Her lips trembled as he moved more closer to her . Suddenly his hands brushed her   cheeks which made her tremble. He clasped her hands with a grip so strong that she squealed in horror.  She  saw his eyes ,Flaming ..With extreme passion .A look so scary that it sent a chill down her spine'In severe anxiety ,Gulaal pushed him with all her might,gulaal yelled loudly , "I hate you ..i hate you'.I HATE YOU'.."

Kesar did not budge .he tightened his grip on her hand , and stared  at her with  insatiable voracity of a wolf ravening for her.Tears ran down her cheeks as she tried to free herself . He just squeezed her arms hard enough to get a shriek out of her.She hit him madly but he did not budge.His gaze was fixed on her . Gulaal cried loudly struggling hard to breathe .She was tired ,she gave up fighting and pleaded ,her ptiful cry making Kesar come out of his madness,"Please please please'."

Kesar was horrified and shocked at his cruelty .,For he saw in her eyes nothing ..nothing for him.Her tears were rolling down her cheeks as she was crying bitterly.His grip loosened on her hands and he got up with a sickening feeling.He had scared this from Day one and now his rage  ,his untamed behaviour made his worst fear come true.Gulaal got up and curled up like a ball and burying her face in her knees cried bitterly.Kesar looked at her helplessly and could not understand what to do .His mind was boggling with anger and rage.He placed his hnads on her back and she retaliated badly shoving his hand off violently.He placed his hands again ,when she glared at him and slapped him hard ,clutched his collar  and screamed, "I hate you'.I hate you'.",She shook him violently ad then something shocking happened.Something that no one could have imagined after all this.Gulaal burst into tears and fell into his arms and kept on crying,"How could  you..I hate you'.I hate you'..",Kesar  fell as if someone had thrown him from the edge of the cliff.He had expected her to thrash him after what he had done to her'Strange but he Loved it when she balled her fists and punched him on his chest and kept on mumbling ,"How dare you..How could you'I hate you ."

Kesar embraced her closely and placed a peck on his forehead  and muttered , "I want you to hate me like this always '.keep hating me'."

Gulaal cried a lot and he just patted her back.Silence followed and Gulaal's sobs turned into hiccups and suddenly she opened her eyes and pushed him away ,staring at him ,Slapped him again AND YELLED , "I  JUST HATE YOU'"

"Akhir teri pareshaani kya hai'",Kesar placed his hands on her cheeks.

"Tum ho meri pareshani ..I hate you'.",Gulaal yelled and got up from the seat pushing him back.

"Akhir tu chahti kya hai",Kesar grabbed her shoulders.

Gulaal yelled back,"Main  kuch nahi chati'.I do not want to see your face again'.",Saying this she pushed him back.

Kesar was taken aback and shot back with stinging reproach, "Arggghhh'Kyun mujhe janwar banne pe majboor kar rahi hai'.kaha tha mujhse dur reh..Mujhe tu bahut jyda confuse kar rahi hai'..batati kyun nahi tere man mein kya chal raha HAI'.."

"I love karan...I am engaged 'humare beech job hi hua galat hua'Ye paap hai'.",Gulaal made a stern face.

"Oh To itna kuch hone k baad tujhe yaad aaraha hai'..Tu chalu hi nahi'bahut hi ghatiya ladki bhi hai'..",Kesar fumed.

"Aur tum..Tum kya ho….Tumne jo aaj kiya ….wo ….Khair ….",Gulaal made a poker face.

" You know what..I do not even care now…I am sick...Taras kha mujh par and get the hell outta my life…",Kesar yelled in frustration,and picked up his bag again.

"I hate you…main tumhe kabhi maaf nahi karungi…",Gulaal mumbled .

"Tujhse maafi mang kaun raha hai…mujhe apne kiye pe koi pachtwa nahi hai….",Kesar stared at her with rage.

"Sun…agli baar galti se bhi mere samne ane ki koshish mat karna…warna pachtayegi tu….Kyunki I swear agli baar…Nothing will stop me…Na tu na tere ye ansun aur na hi main khud…Isliye agli baar agar miley mujhe to just run to save your life before its too late…",Kesar lit his cigarette ,staring at her and walked away  and got down at the station.With absolute anger,irritation and without any hints of remorse he walked away.

Gulaal buried her face in her knees and cried loudly , "I love Karan..I love Karan and I hate you..I hate you Kesar….."


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Sabse Pehle Rita...Kaan pakding..ChooryCry ab kabhi itni badi galti nahi karingCry..Chappi dedicated to Rita and all my fellow paapi atmas who spammed for paapLOLNeilu ,arti ,aduTongue,Mini...Now m gonna DUCK from FLYING MOJRIS...Do tell me if you like the chappi or notEmbarrassed

HOLA GuysHugHugHug ...Am so elated reading your comments..Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments..Guys I am really sorry for replying individually..I hope you can excuse me for that coz it becomes very difficult to type ,post and reply chappies daily..But still m trying my best to cope up..Choory guys...CryI read each and every comment with eqaul enthusiasm and its the love of yours that keeps me elated.Thank you so muchHug

.M loving all the comments from you all.New readers thank you so much...Muahhh Great to have you all here...Thank youHug

Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Ramya,Arti.Poo .Silver fairy ,samia,Kayte,kalika.Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments.If anyone wants PM's do buddy me..Also I have decided to do regular I mean daily Updates...They will be shorter but regular..Hope you are fine with this.Do let me know.Anymore SILENT LOVERS I mean READERS Please come out..Its fun out here...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
fatmaghozi sauris, nish89kaytesamia999kreasenchanted23nneeiillMR21minizzarti07Geeshu, kavi.bidaainish89kayteSkittle16sharmishtaAyushii_Angelkalika.jalantaenchanted23princessofkesarMR21minizzprachuryanneeiillKeithuuGeeshukiran_trudecentwithout-fathom-Swetha-poo_j,SilverFairy ,

So guys..M here also to inform you that I am leaving for my sasural on 10th and will be back after 17th ..So no more updates now...It's time for some pati Rap for meEmbarrassed...Hope you all have a wonderful diwali..Will miss all of you HUGSHugHugHugHugHug...

Lol I am also posting a prologue for the next update so that you keep scratching your brainsLOLMUAAAH EVIL SMILEEvil Smile


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Prologue to next chapterLOL

Harshil is situated in a valley on the bank of river Bhagirathi, at the confluence of the Jalandhari Gadh and the Bhagirathi, nestled in the shadow of the huge mountain that lies at the head of the Baspa Valley (Himachal Pradesh). Harsil is connected to the Baspa valley by several passes such as the Lamkhaga Pass. Apart from Matri and Kailash mountains, on the right side there is the Shrikanth peak behind which lies Kedarnath and in the rear there is Banderpunch. This sylvan hamlet is well known for its natural beauty and delicious apples. The winding shady roads, tall conifers, lofty mountains, the turbulent Bhagirathi, apple orchards, streams, waterfalls and green meadows—all add to Harsil's allure.

Ghatge is a small one-lane town with very few residents. It is so quaint that you'll probably feel that you've travelled back in time. A narrow lane runs through it and is bordered on both sides by wooden houses in typical Garhwali architectural style. There are little streams, swept by willow tress, with dainty bridges across them and forest trails you can follow to your heart's content. Harsil lay on the old caravan trail between Tibet and India, when trade and marriages flourished between the two countries. Harsil has a sizable Bhotia population – many of whom use Harsil as their winter base.

The people are living in very tough climatic conditions. The fact that Raj Kapoor's Hindi film, Ram Teri Ganga Maili, was shot here is a source of great pride for them – celebrated through numerous posters of the nubile heroine displayed in various shops. The army has a strong presence in this town – and an army camp is based here perhaps because Harsil lies quite close to the China border.


It is said that Harsil got its name because the rivers Bhagirathi and the Jalandhari once had an argument about which was more important. Lord Vishnu, also known as Hari, was asked to intervene. He turned himself into a great stone, a shila, and absorbed their anger. And even today, after Hari-shila (or Harsil), the waters of the two rivers become a little less turbulent.

Harsil is well connected by road and there are several camping facilities in and around the place. Regular facility from Uttarkashi and Tehri is available for the place. As it lies on the road toGangotri so the roads in the season were preoccupied by the travellers.


Harsil's history is now inextricably linked with that of a Britisher, Fredrick Wilson, settled in the early 19th century and introduced the residents to potato- and apple-growing – and today Harsil's mouth-watering apples are well known right through the region.You will not forget if you will be there


Gangotri (Hindi: ????????) is a town and a Nagar Panchayat (municipality) in Uttarkashi district in the state of UttarakhandIndia. It is a Hindu pilgrim town on the banks of the river Bhagirathi. It is on the Greater Himalayan Range, at a height of 3,100m.

Gangotri Temple

Gangotri temple

Gangotri, the origin of the River Ganges and seat of the goddess Ganga, is one of the four sites in the Char Dham pilgrimage circuit. The river is called Bhagirathi at the source and acquires the name Ganga (the Ganges) from Devprayag onwards where it meets the Alaknanda. The origin of the holy river is at Gaumukh, set in the Gangotri Glacier, and is a 19 km trek from Gangotri.

Gaumukh, source of the Ganges above Gangotri

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Ganga took the form of a river to absolve the sins of King Bhagiratha's predecessors, following his severe penance of several centuries.


Jaagar (Kumaoni-????) is a form of spirit or ghost worship practiced in the hills of Uttarakhand, both in Kumaon as well as Garhwal [1] The word jaagar comes from the Sanskrit root, jag or to wake, jaagar is a medium or way in which gods and local deities are called or waked from their dormant stage and asked for favors or remedies for certain problems plaguing the person.

It is attached to the idea of divine justice and is organised to seek penance for a crime or seek justice from the gods for some injustice.

Music is the medium through which the gods are invoked. The singer or Jagariya sings a ballad of the gods with allusions to the great epics like Mahabharat and Ramayana and which describes the adventures and exploits of the god being invoked.

These traditions are the part of a kind of Folk Hinduism prevalent, in fact, all across the Himalayas, which have been there along with the mainstream Hinduism for ages.

The hard life of the Himalayas and constant exposure to the vagaries of nature inspired a strong belief in paranormal phenomena and also in numerous folk gods who were given great reverence and respect. Every village had its own god protecting its boundaries Bhoomial Devta or Khitarpal, each family its Kul Devta and numerous other benevolent demi-gods and malicious spirits which could reward or torment people and had to be appeased.

The isolation of the Kumaon and Garhwal Himalayas promoted the emergence of local religious traditions which are still strong in these regions along with mainstream Hinduism

Jaagar ceremonies are of two types one is the Dev Jaagar, the invocation of a god, usually local gods in the body of the medium and the other is the Bhoot Jaagar the invocation of a deceased person spirit or soul in the medium's body, although other forms like Masaan Puja also exist.

Today, Jaagars are seen more as cultural and musical heritage in the need of preservation than the religious ceremony itself. But it is still highly revered especially in the rural areas.[2]

For years of evolution Jaagar singing has transformed into an art which is greatly cherished and the exponents of which are often heralded as living heritages

The Jaagar can be organised for

  • three days dhinali (??????)
  • eleven days
  • twenty days baisi (????)


The room in which the Jaagar is to be performed is purfied by purification processes closely administered by the Jaagar singer or ''Jagariya''.

The Dhuni (????) or sacred fire is lit for the homa.


The musical instruments used are the ''Hurka'' (??????), ''Dhol'' (???), ''Damau'' (????), ''Thali'' (????) all of which are percussion instruments native to Kumaon played by professional musicians.


[edit]Saanjhvali Geet

In Saanjhvali Geet (????????? ???) all gods are remembered their names repeated and asked for assistance for a successful completion of the jaagar


During the Birtvai (?????????) the divine spirit being called upon is praised and ballads related to his or her adventures, and his or her life are sung out loud.


During the Ausan (????) beats of the ''Hudka'' and the other instruments are slowly increased. Here the ''Dangariya'' starts going into a state of a trance with frenzied movement.

All gods, demi-gods in the local pantheon of Kumaun are believed top be disciples of Guru Gorakhnath and therefore he too is remembered and asked for protection.

This ritual is known as the Guru Aarti ( ???? ????).

Khaakh ramaan

The ash known as bibhuti (??????) from ''homa'' the fire sacrifice made to the Gods is applied on the foreheads of those present This is known as Khaak Ramaan (??? ?????)

Daanik Vichaar

Daanik Vichaar (????? ?????) means thinking about the provider, the people present contemplate about God and the way he provides for us.]Aashirvaad

The people present are ritually blessed by the priests who pray for their prosperity, this is known as Aashirvaad (????????).

The Gods are said to return or Prasthan (????????), to their heavenly abode at this stage of the Jaagar.


The exponents of the professional Jaagar singing are highly respected. They have preserved these ballads of local gods through oral traditions which today are being recorde

Behind the performance of Jaagar is the deep-seated belief of the people of Uttarakhand in divine justice and the law of ''karma''. That bad deeds shall be visited upon the doer and that justice will finally be delivered by the gods.

Apart from the religious point of view Jaagar songs and singing styles are and integral part of the cultural heritage of Uttarakhand.

The ballads of the various gods sung during the jaagar are the part of the vast folk literature of the Kumaoni language and is now being collected for preservation

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what a fantabulous update...

u have left me choked..the scene where u described him burning in pain at the railway track was so realCry...u r  so talented many unpredicatable heart rate goes up and down like anything when i read ur chapters.. cant see kesar in pain..but he is not right in forcing himself onto her..but bandha jaa raha tha gullu had to stop him..he tried his best to go away..but gullu also got restless and she reciprocated i cant blame kesar either...these two cant stay away from each other...

ok me so choked ki cant write detail comment..baad mai i will come..

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res Big smile Big smile Big smile

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poo_j IF-Rockerz

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Part-A :

Fantabulos!!! ClapKesar is so head over heels in love!!! EmbarrassedAwww!!! Gulaal's murmur broke his reverie otherwise he would ve kissed her..Wink She misses her dad and his love so much..CryPoor Kesar almost caught red handed by her..LOL but he fibbed nonchalantly and she believed it..Clap

OMG!!! It was Karan!!! Clapwow!!! nice twist!!! totally unexpected..Clap For a moment Gulaal completely forgot Kesar was there..Ouch she more or less behaved friendly with Karan..Wink from Kesar POV it doesn't..LOL Poor Kesar!!! completely heart broken..Cryeven she can feel that..Cry

Wow!!! Karan is an athlete!!! ClapThat's why she calls him "Champ"..perfect!!! He looks more like a chilled out guy and friendly person!!! now sure once he comes to know of Gulsar he'll just leave without creating any disturbance in their life..Big smile

Gulaal couldn't even say that Karan is her fiance..WinkAwww!!! This must be Kesar's worst situation ever to be for him..Cry to get know to know that the girl he loves belong to someone else..that too from that guy itself.. Cry

All Gulsar's emotions and their feelings are penned down so touchingly in the confession part..Clap one can feel and imagine it very well..Smile

He feel cheated by his own Gulaal..Cry she tried a lot before too, to say abt Karan..but circumstance didn't allow and some or other things stood as an obstacle.. Angry  His dad cheated his mom..Angry that's why he hate desi people to the core..

Loved how you described his state and how his scream muffled in the speed of line!!! ClapSuperb!!! his anger is in uncontrollable state..Ouchdon't think he'll go to such an extend..Smile


Fantabulous!!! ClapAwww!!! Karan got her gifts..Embarrassed how cute!!! he loves her deeply..but Gulaal can't able to love him in that way..Embarrassed can't blame her though.. LOL Poor Kesar witnessing all things like this..Cry and good decision by him not to hurt Karan..ha..ha..Kesar villain..ROFLno ways..Wink he is terribly confuse..Confused

Loved how Kesar praised her more than Karan here..Embarrassed Finally Karan spoke abt the jerk and that's none other than Kesar..LOL he is obviously oblivious..LOLand unaware of the facts that both are in deep love now..Wink at least Kesar for now ..Embarrassed

So Karan too realized that something is amiss in her and she changed a lot..Clap My God!!! she uttered those 3 words too to Karan in front of Kesar..Ouch I still feel its friendly..Wink why can't Kesar think in the same way??? Wink

Awww!!! Gulaal just can't bear his ignorance Embarrassed and can't see him in hurt..Embarrassed wow!!! He asked directly whether she loves him or not.. Clap very apt!!! he just wanted to know it from her and she too confessed..Ouch

Wow!!! again unexpected reaction from Kesar..Clap thought he is hurt hearing that from her but he is more stubborn on getting her..Embarrassed She tried to say to him so many times..Ermm but now he is not giving her a chance to explain..Angry Awww!!! she hit back that he ve no rights to talk to him like that..Ouch but Kesar is Kesar can't take "no" from anyone especially her..Wink He is shouting her so badly..Angry Poor Gulaal!!! Cry

She wants to be a friend..AngryLOL!!! LOL It infuriated him further..LOL he is totally attracted to her and loves her..Embarrassed She knows that very well then how come she even think he'll accept it..Wink wow!!! finally he kissed her..Embarrassed cool!!! she was also right..its wrong in one way..she is engaged too..Crybut she is feeling everything that was missing when Karan kissed her..Embarrassed so she too gave in the moment but drew back soon..Clap but he was totally not in his sense..LOL

OMG!!! totally unexpected that kind of fierce from him..Angry but he many times did say to her to stay away..Ouch good he realized what he is up too before its too late  and stopped.. Clap but again completely he caught off-guard by her reaction when she hugged him and cried, just like readers..Wink

He don't feel remorse at all by this act..Angry hmmm.. but Gulaal is in the worst condition now..torn between Karan and side her promise & her childhood friend Ouch and the other side her love..Embarrassed

Looking forward and thanks for the lengthy and awesome update..Smile

P.S : Both the siggies are awesome!!! Clap especially in Part B her Tamil film picture..Smile she looked so beautiful in the movie "Leelai" and her acting was brilliant too Clap without knowing the language she carried out so well!!! 

Happy Diwali to you too!!! Have a great time there and enjoy the festival!! Big smile

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