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9 months later.

"Ouch'..Mom'." She howled and squealed in pain clutching the edges of the table with her sweaty palms.

The labour room echoed with her howls. The shooting pain radiating in her abdomen gripped her in a vice like pain. Her eyes rolled in anger and she gritted her teeth remembering all the moments of passion she had thoroughly enjoyed .A curse swept her mind. Her abdomen churned, her breath halted.

"Gulaal Relax". He held her hands tightly and her nervously shivered seeing her in pain. He scratched his head helplessly. He was staring at her like a dumb fellow at her despite being a doctor he had 'I AM SUPER IGNORANT SOUL written on his face.Dhani smirked as she struggled with Gulaal, "Relax Gulaal co-operate'..Bas only a few moments.."

"ahhh Kesar dumbo'.Ise relax karne ko kaho'She is making it difficult",Dhani smacked Kesar's head making come out of his troubled pacing up and down .

Kesar held her hand,"Relax Gulaal just relax'"

"Relax My foot'God I think I am gonna die'." She squealed in horror loudly taking the labour room upside down.

"Relax..." He muttered nodding his head in  guilt and placed a kiss on her lips.

"Damn..This is all what you know to do'.SICK " ,she hit and pushed him back'."This is not going to make me relax'..Gosh all this is your fault ..You couldn't keep your hands off me and Look '.Tumhe kya'I am dying''Grrr Ye doctor hain Inhe sab pata hai'.par inhe family planning k barein koi idea nahi'You desperate fellow'.Its not even an year of our marriage God"

Gulaal shrieked trying to bite off her lips grimacing in excruciating pain.He nodded his head in guilt and placed his hand on her forehead and cried with tears in his eyes, "Sorry'I am so sorry'.Please don't die."

Gulaal forgot her pain and said ,"Awww  Mujhe sach mein doubt hai ki tumne kuch bhi padhai ki hai ki'.Your final exams are coming you need to study a lot'.",Gulaal caressed his cheeks and within a second even before she knew ,she heard a faint cry'.

She looked at him in shock'It was there ,the tiny thing right in dhani's Aram,wrapped in her warm fluids.

Kesar's heart stopped breathing and he cried in exuberance, "It's a boy Gulaal''Eee another Rawat'",He jumped with joy'.ecstatically. Gulaal breathed heavily, Tired and exhausted 'when a wave of pain again made her yell'

"And It's a girl too..",Dhani wrapped the another blob of beautiful porcelain flesh with tiny eyes in a towel and handed over to Kesar'who felt his head spinning and even before he could  hold the little devil ,everything blanked out in fr9ont of him and he felt dizzy and fell unconscious on the floor in extreme joy'

Gulaal smacked her forehead in in amusement ,tired and exhausted ,"Oh God someone please save me from this freak haha"

"Aww main mama bana gaya'",RV happily distributed sweets among the hospital staff and chirped happily. Kesar's Ija and Gulaal's mom hugged each other.Rewa held the girl in her hand and Twinkle the boy'.

Abir stood there in a corner still his face like a graven image, a little far away from the celebrations.

"uhuh " Rewa  cleared her throat and slowly walked towards  Abir with the child in her hand,"Hm THeek Di pe gayi ha'See They have twins..Just like You and Di'."

The tiny fingers of the baby brushed across Abir's arm and suddenly he looked at her with curiosity and with her tiny eyes she chuckled looking at Abir 'Abir could not hold himself anymore and he grabbed the child in his arms and caressed the little boy in Twinkle's arms.

Kesar smirked at him walking towards him .Abir threw a glare at him and kissed the children  with love, "This changes nothing between us 'Ok'.Tere mere beech koi dosti nahi ho sakti'",He sulked turning around his face and Kesar nodded his head in amusement..

"Awww In bachon ke naam main hi rakhungi'",Gulaal Grandmom ,wiped her spectacles and caressed the babies lying in the cradle at the hospital's nursery. Everyone just froze and looked at each other in shock.

"Ye ladki ka naam Minky aur Ladke ka Rinky'.",she placed a kajal ka teeka on the forehead  of the babies. Kesar froze in shock as the babies started crying .RV and Abir stared at each other in shock and folded their hands across their bosom and echoed together, "Nani please'..Hum dono jaan de denge par bachon k naam ye nahi rakhenge'."

Kesar breathed a huge sigh of relief.

(KEASR'S CONFESSION-Imagine my son'My son of all the persons being called RINKY RAWAT '.Damn ..Thank God for my lovely salas'These tiny ones were spared the horror.

" Arey Jijaji'.",Rv beckoned Kesar who was going to get some medicines  from the hospital store.

"Jijjai'Ye Karan Jiju..Oops I mean Karan ne aap k liye bhijwaya tah..kaha tha sirf apko hi dun'.dwai main le ata hun'.",Rv grabbed the list from his hands  and handed an envelope which bore his name on it.

Kesar opened the letter as RV walked way and read the lines  walking in the corridor,

Dear Kesar..I mean Bro'

I know tu'soch raha hoga ki achanak ye love letter kyun'.Par tu shyad ek baat nahi janta'.By the time this letter will reach will be a proud father and bas ek hi baat kehna chahta tha'Be a good father and be always loyal to Tinks'.Not like my ..I mean our father'Yes..Our father bro'..Raman Chauhan'.The one who wronged you and your mother and my amma too' HAAN WO AB IS DINIYA MAIN NAHI HAI'.He died a very painful death'I guess he deserved it'Mujhe bhi nahi pata tha'Ye sab par jatey jatey wo ek Sharada ki photograph mere paas chhodkar  apne guynaah ko qubool kar liya'

Main kamzor tha Kesar chahta to tum sab ko dhundkar tere sare haq tujhe de skta tha'.Tu keh sakta hai Selfish bhi tha'[par main main majboor tha Kesar'.Amma ye dhokha kabhi bhi nahi she pati'Unki tabiyat bhi theek nahi rehti..wo zarur mar jati ye sunkar'.Gulaal bhi ye baat nahi janti'.

Tu chae to use bata sakta hai'.Meri baat ka yakeen kar main har pal chata hun ki tujhe aur teri ma ko diniya k samne gale laga kar apan lun'.Us har galti ki mafi mangu jo babauji k ne ki'Us har dukh ko dur kar dun..Par main Kamzor hun Kesar bahut kamzor'Amma k akhri dino..mein unhe itna bada dukh nahi de skta'.Tu chahe ise meri kamzori samjha le par 'Mere bhaai Mujhe maaf kar de'.

Main  shayad kabhi tujhe wo nahi de paunga jiska tu haqdaar hai'par haan maine apni zindagi tujhe de di hai Kesar'.Haan Tinks..was my life and I gave her to you..Isse jyada badi qurbani dene kin a mujhmein himmat hai na taqat'..

Mere hisse ki khushi main tujhe de chukka hun..kyunki Tinks k baad shayad main kis aur se shaadi na kar paun'.Ho  sake to mujhe maaf kar dena'.aur Tinks ka khayal rakhna'.

With love


The letter fell from his hand and flew in air, Kesar slopped on the floor and sat there on the stairs for hours.

He stared at the letter and suddenly picked it up and tore it off to pieces and threw it in the dustbin and nodded his head,"Phir sala tu hi jeet gaya'.Hero ban gaya sacrifice karke'aur bana diya na mujhe villain'",Kesar frowned and walked towards Gulaal's room.


The babies were cradled to sleep and Kesar entered the hospital private ward and kissed Gulaal's forehead, 'Ab tu theek hai na…."

Gulaal smiled and held his hand  and kissed them

Kesar ecstatically placed a peck on her lips and softly whispered in her ears, "Sun ab jaldi se theek hokar ghar aa ja na…Its been months of deprivation now….I want you so badly.

"Chiii Sick fellow..Don't you dare touch me again warna cricket team ban jayegi yahan….",Gulaal pushed him back but he smirked and hushed her grabbing her lips in a harsh kiss.

"I hate you so much…When you make me weak…See you badmash Dad….Babies..",She giggled and snaked her arms around him.

Kesar smirked and thought,"Hhaha Karan k bache…Bana reh tu hero..Ladki to is psycho Villian k paas hi hai hahhaha"


RV'S FINAL CHIRP-For those of you who are wondering what happened to Twinkle and my Love story. And Negi ka kya hua….Well well Kesar and Pinky are helping me to elope with Twinkle right from her wedding..SOUNDS COOL NA!! Negi bhi line pe aa jayega jaise PInky aa gaya….Hahaahah Till then Chao…LOL



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@ all

Another story comes to an end..I am so happy that all of you always supported and commented.Thank you so much guys...For all the love..Well Well HAPPY'S ENDINGS ahem ahem lekin picture abhi baki hai..One thing ends to give birth to something new..So Just wait and see WE HAVE A HUGE SURPRISE LINED FOR YOU...LOVE YOU ALL *HUGS*

Am so elated reading your comments..Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments..I read each and every comment with equal enthusiasm and its the love of yours that keeps me elated.Thank you so muchHug

.M loving all the comments from you all.New readers thank you so much...Muahhh Great to have you all here...Thank youHug

Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Kiranwa,Ramya,Arti.Poo .Silver fairy ,Skittle,samia,Kayte,kalika.Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
fatmaghozi sauris, nish89kaytesamia999kreasenchanted23nneeiillMR21minizzarti07Geeshu, kavi.bidaainish89kayteSkittle16sharmishtaAyushii_Angelkalika.jalantaenchanted23princessofkesarMR21minizzprachuryanneeiillKeithuuGeeshukiran_trudecentwithout-fathom-Swetha-poo_j,SilverFairy , canuck-umz,ocendejoy,


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awww that was just a beautiful ending.I loved it.The labour scene at the beginning was so funny.Kesarji was so adorably dumb...bechara he was so nervous and for a second even I doubted whether he is really studying to be a doctor or doing something elseLOL but he was so so cute.I always love a sweet Kesar so this display of dumbness actually endeared him to me.Rinky and Minky...ROFL
What is with this family and their penchant for these petnames...I could totally understand Kesar "the cool dude" Rawat's pain and frustration...imagine calling his son RinkyLOL
AbirAngryawww chalo koi baat nahi.I can understand his position now.He was just being a protective brother and now he has to call his enemy jijaji.It is a very difficult transition but I am sure he will get over it ...somedaySmile

Champ's letter got me all emotional.It was simple,direct and completely honest just like his personality.I loved it a lot especially the last part about TinkyCry...just made very emotional.Kesar's reaction to it too was perfect...just what I would expect him to say and do.
So the story comes  to a close but I am not feeling sad Piu.Right now I have a huge smile on my face because of this perfect epilogue.thank you so much for sharing with this wonderful story of passion and obsession.I would be looking forward to more and more stories from you so keep them coming.

A big hug PiuHug

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yay every thing nw picture perfect..labor scene was damn funny..hahahah rawat got lol

and spare me the horror...rinky minky no way...the one thing i hated about this story was character's was so pretty confusing yaar...honest confession hai...thank god  RV and pinky dint let it happen...

aww karan ne bhi kya letter lika..but dude it was all kesar rawat's madness credit for u...even if u were not his bro..kesar tab bhi tere tinks se hi shaadi i dont like u again hahaaha

loved the perfect planning koi kesar rawat se seekhe LOL

and piu bring it so ready for next STORY
and lots of hugs to u for this wonderful story...this goes in my fav list...
the best part of this story was the dialogues..superb dialogues...and unpredictabilty...mad kesar and equally mad Gulaal...loved it

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Aww Gulaal Had Twins. So Cute. (:

Happy Ending. (:

Please Write Something New Soon.

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Wow!!!Clap Outstanding!!! Loved it!!! The ending was sooo beautiful!!!Big smile Awww!!! Gulaal and Kesar became parents of twins..Smilecute touch!!!

Looking forward for another story in the future and thanks a lot for writing this fabulous story..Smile

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Piu Hug...a beautiful end to a even more beatiful story...
I just loved the hospital scene yaarEmbarrassed...seeing kesar no one will guess that he is a doctorLOL...twinsBig smile...ha ha woh behosh abir n kesar r not in good books even now...thanks to Abir n RV...warna rinky n minky bhi koi naam haiOuchLOL...karan's letter...everything was good n emotional too..but last mein woh kya tha...he never did any sacrifice...kesar toh waise bhi gulaal se hi shaadi kartha na...he did nothing much for them...but as kesar said gulaal is with him n nothing matters now...
looking forward for the next story from you Piu...

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Hey piu. .Embarrassed .i don't think u remeber me. .m bhawana aka pinky. . . I used to comment on ur very early ff . .and poems. . . . .but after end of show i ran away from the forum for my own sanity (though m always here in silent mode). . .i know i don't comment now but i read all ur stories whenever i get time . . .needless to say that u r a blessed writerStar and ur works r getting better and better.This ss was another magical journey of GK with all powerful emotions that we love in them . . .please keep up the excellent job. .  . . . . . . ..P.s. I think arti does not know u have updated final chappi and epilogue . .think she is under the impression that u ended it with GK marriageLOL. . .arre inform her yar she can't miss best chii ever as correctly coined by neiluLOL. . . . .confession . Embarrassed . . ..i stalk u ,arti, neilu in ramayan forum quite badly . .hahaha. .i also cry there though in silent modeLOL

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