SS~|Ishq par zor nahi|~EPILOGUE -PG 60 15TH JAN (Page 58)

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what a chappi...ek dum kesar style...

loved it totally...

loved the filmi style shaadi hahahahaha...

and i loved paan ba..
and karan was his other brother...ooohhh that was really unpredictable...

this chappi i loved him for the first time Embarrassed but kesar se jyaada nahi...

btw i loved how u closed the loop of CD haaye perfect time ..what a confession

and lastly i loved chinki...saala ho toh aisa.. hahahahha...
tune kahan kahtam toh nahi kardi...we want chiii

CV's ki tarah hume dhokha mat de

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Piu Hug...what a shaadi yaarBig smile...fully filmy styleEmbarrassed
Wow...karan n kesar r brothers...well I was thinking about this from the day u gave intro to karan...but thought that I was very much influenced by ektaish shows to think in those terms...but will family n kesar know abt this that they r family...
well I like rewa yaar...she is able to see what abir is unable to see...she will be a good SIL...convo between Pst n gulaal was good...I like how PST is trying to make gulaal realize what she is doing...ohh so kesar met her to stop this mariage...but gulaal being gulaal is doing this...poor kesar yaar...ithne injuries hai phir bhi madam ke peeche peeche gumraha hai...
kya shaadi hai yaar...fully filmy style while taking pheras that too he himself telling all those vachan even from the side of gulaal...wah kya baath hai...I just love P yaar...she know how it feels to be in love she is totally in the side of kesar...the shocking thing is even gulaal is happy with her bharaf waala raajkumar...the confession is full on bang on...what a champ is helping his bro...thats good to see...chinky is too smart these days...saala jeeja ka full on kachra banaadiyaa...
I just LOVED this chapter Piu...waiting for the next chapter now...

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Unres done in page 57..Smile

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beautiful chapii never thought kesar and gulaal would marry ekdum filmy ishtylyeLOL loved how kesar took the front seat and didnt allow gullu to use her brains phew thank goodnessLOL and loved how he translated saat pheras ha ha ha banda ka english improve ho gaya and eeh kya he wants her to call MY LORD ! lol this is the last thing i would hear from gulaal LOL funny and i loved panba and karan alot so karan is his half brother Shocked  raman was a nasty man but karan is so cute he is really good guy A RARE BREED INDEED Embarrassed loved him alot and abir yeah to ekum nuts hai isese jyada smart to chinki tha lol seems kesar training really worked on him he proved he deserve to be kesar's saala LOL all n all a beautiful chapi  and u ended without explaining  bio lessonsCry chii re mujhe pata tha kesar ko kuch nahi aata LOL  kesar beta MD ban jaa phir bhi tujhe bio samjah nahi aayegi LOL

lovely ss piu loved it alot ClapStar

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Thanks for this super long chapter, I must say it was completely filmy and totally unexpected turn of events but hey that's why we all are such a big fan of Indian cinema na, what's life w/o all these emotional drama huh?

So to  the start,he knew about his father's infidelity all along and chose silence, Ok I understand he was really young when he came to know about it but hey he knew someone was wronged and someone's life would be in complete shambles because of his father's so called galti…how could he choose silence, he had that photograph and he had that name, he could have made some effort to recognise the place where the picture was taken, two lives fell apart and he chose silence…this is so not done, if nothing he could have made his mother aware of this who think her husband was god's gift to women and is hell bent on keeping the promise he took off the two innocent  unassuming souls…He is weak as his father was…yes he was hoping for a miracle, knowing what is in other's heart and still waiting to accept things hoping for best is sign of a weak person and not someone I would look out for in a man, in my opinion if Karan was man enough he should have admitted to Gulaal the moment he realised that she is no longer the Gulaal he knew, she had that smile, that fulfilment, that content look which he always wanted to see but it was brought on by someone else, yes he was willing to let her go when he realised that she was slipping away from him…Nope, the right thing would have been when he realised it…not when she accepted her defeat at hands of her heart…..

What followed through the tumbling and collecting and subsequent pheras was well in true filmy style completely bizarre and unexpected events but hey no complaints…in fact I had a silly smile plastered on my face even after the cd was played and she realised the truth ibn full public view…gosh I wish we could capture here face then……it would have been so crestfallen…trust, the basic ingredient for any relationship to work….and she was Kesar's Gulaal who knew he would never fire that gun he was showing off to all the sundries there and placing on her forehead throughout but who was unable to come to the same conclusion in 7 days she had to give matter a thought…see that's why I love Kesuda and will always do so from bottom of my heart…..if he trusts than there is no doubt in his mind come what may…if he hates than he doesn't let any logic or any relationship hamper that and if he loves than there is no way you can resist…he is fullon….jo dil mein wohi saamne….

Ahh that cute RV naturally badla lene ka itna acha chance …how could he miss it yaar…but I know Kesu will make amends…tayyar ho ja Chandramukhi….you may have to dance lifelong on his tunes…..

What a lovely chapter Piyu, Can't wait for more….jaldi update karo………..

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@arti...picture abhi baaki hai..chii hoga zaroor hoga LOL

piu dare u end the chapi here Angry

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Chapter 18
When Passions Collide

Deepest blue was the colour of the sky that day. The valley below was a vision seen through an opal haze. A white mist floated and settled blurring the tall dark chir trees. What a twilight it was as they drove to their destination. The opal of the mountains slowly turned into purple and the dark mountain woods framed the whole valley. The fine tonic chilly air stirred their souls.Gulaal tightly clutched his back wrapping her dupata around his bare chest which flew with their speed trying to warm him. The bike honked and entwined along the curvaceous mountain roads as the first pale stars chuckled out in the rich backdrop of the night sky.

"Ahhh",He fell on the stack of hay tired .The logs of wood  had been set to fire by him and the cows mooed as he closed all the doors trying to keep away the biting wind.Kesar was hell tired .Driving in the cold without his shirt and shoes had left him drained. But since he was the son of soil, he still managed to bear somehow. The heaviness and moisture in the environment conveyed that it was about to snow. He extended his hands trying to transfer the warmth from the fire in his body and he looked at Gulaal. She sashayed to and fro rolling her dupatta in her fingers with her pert bottom swinging from side to side attractively. He stared at her with dazed eyes. In this chaos and complete confusion, the roller coaster ride, he had just never found the time to admire how beautiful she was looking.The embellishments of her bright red lehenga twinkling around her as she walked around. Her form was refined and petite and her straight, long, tanned hair tied in a huge bun shimmered in the radiant light of the moon. The placid wind tossed her long, dupatta, carelessly around, hugging her flawless curves. Her big bright eyes fluttered in anxiety and the red sindoor glowed in a golden sheen in the glowing fire. His heartbeats quickened as he was mesmerized by the very essence of her.SHE WAS HIS WIFE NOW. The very fact ELATED him a lot.!!

Biting her bottom lip she broke his trance,  "Kesar Ija kitne dino baad ayengi mamaji k yahan se ghar ka tala tod de ?",She looked at him confused

"Ab itni raat ko kaise todun tala kal subah  dekhenge 2-3 din mein aa jayengi ",Kesar smirked looking at her sheepishly.

"Par Kesar'.",She walked and sat close to him , "Ija  kya kahengi mera matlab is shaadi k barein mein Wo gussa hui to..",Her beautiful plump lips pouted in wonder and anxiety. Her nose twitched as she spoke and her huge gold nath touched and slapped her  lips as she spoke.

Kesar could not hear anything but stared at her blatantly.That nath was making him restless.

"Damn that thing'",he thought as he looked at her with amorous fascination.

"You look Beautiful Gulaal'.",He blurted his eyes glued to her lips. Gulaal suddenly stopped her chatter, her eyes twinkled with delight and locked gazes with his. Kesar could hear his heartbeat hammering inside his bosom. Gulaal could not meet his eyes which had so much desire for her and lowered them nervously trembling in anxiety rolling the hem of her dupatta around her fingers. Her smile was alluring ,coupled with her sudden shyness. Kesar found it SEDUCTIVE!!IN FACT HE WOBBLED A BIT WITH THE SHOT OF NEED THAT SWEPT HIM. She completely belonged to him now ,His signs of matrimony shining brightly on her forehead and dangling jauntily touching her firm made heat coil low in his belly. Desire spread like forest fire through him.

"Kesar Ija ..kya sochengi..I hope wo mujhe pana le'.pata nahi Chinky kya akr raha hoga'",She blabbered again.

"Chup'.",He grabbed her shoulders, "Ija chInky,Pinky etc  etc'.Kab se dekh raha hun thand mein thiturte pati ki koi chinta hi nahi'hmm'.? Chalo ab bahut ho gaya natak..pati seva mein lag jao'.Jao khana banao'",Kesar lied on his back with his hands behind his neck on the heap of hay and ordered Gulaal.

"Khana", She scratched her head, "par ghar to locked hain na'."

"errr Main to Mazak kar raha tah..Idhar aao..chalo pati tumhara bahut thak gaya hai..UsI KI SEWA KAR DO'Ek to tumhare us langoor bhai ne kapde tak utarwa diye upar se itni long drive my back is hurting aur mujhe thand bhi lag rahi hai'.upar se purana blanket koi warmth nahi'.",Kesar threw away the tattered blanket kept in the cowshed in feigned anger.

"Awww Sorry..Bahut thand lag rahi hai'.",She touched his bosom with a worried expression Her eyes lingered to his muscles of his chest which lead down to his perfectly sculpted abdomen and she touched the sacrs with her warm fingers.His tanned skin became taught with her touch as if the sensation ran through his veins.

"Main peeth daba dun'",She asked innocently

"Haan ",He nodded his head in a smile and Gulaal comforted his back with her fingers tickling him. . Her fingertips were cool on his skin and almost caused him to gasp.He turned around and clasped her hands diffidently, "Bahut ho gayi sewa idhar aa na'.",He pulled her closer to him making her fall on him . As if by instinct beyond her control her palms slid up, coming to rest upon his chest. His left hand came up and caressed her cheek. He watched her eyes dance and twinkle and he deciphered a long story that needn't a single spoken word. He was staring at her with so much intensity that she felt the urge to look away. His gaze dropped to her lips and her mouth parted partly.


He anxiously harshly grabbed her nose ring trying to remove it and seal the gap between his lips.

"Ahhh Ye mere Dad ne diya hai'",She flared her nostrils in  anger taking Kesar aback.He smiled wickedly

His hand slip down her legs and towards the hem of her lehnga and he gently pulled it up roughly caressing her legs.

"Nice and sexy",He whispered lustfully near her ears as he gently moved his fingers up.

She arched up unconsciously and he started frisking her dress .His urge to tear it off as soon as possible,"Ahhh Ye meri Mom ka hai'",She smacked his hand and got up in haste checking her lenhenga.

"Do not provoke me..You have no idea what I am capable of doing, Or do you?, "He asked wickedly placing his hands on his lips getting up walking close to her and wrapped her in his arms. His fingers splayed higher now across the bare skin of her clavicle making her flesh tingle. Every nerve concentrated on him ,his body close to her enticed him. His hot breath against her neck was like a kiss which made a pulse spasm in her heart.

"Ye kya'.",Gulaal's voice was muffled as he leaned forward and kissed her neck harshly pulling her necklace ,"Shhh"

His mouth painfully marking her and she dug her finger nails on his bare shoulders .How much can someone be so loving and evil at the same time. He parted from her and touched the impression of his desire with his fingers. She shivered at his touch. His fingers traced the mark gently .And pressed his lips against it and she felt a wave of need wash over her. It was so strong that she stumbled falling back on the heap of hay. The sensation it caused was simply overwhelming. She swore that her heart could have jumped out any second. His eyes left her face and scanned her through and through. It was as if he was touching her with his eyes. She could not bear the hunger which she saw in his eyes any more.

He leaned on to her and whispered in her ears folding his hands  begging, "Mere swargiya sasurji k nose ring aaur meri pyari sasu ma k lehenge'Can you please allow me to touch my wife now'."

WHAT ?",Gulaal giggled loudly," chiii..You know what you can actually make a fortune if women paid you for all that cheesy stuff  utter."

"So to hai'.",He gently removed her nose ring and kept it aside safely'.Gulaal tore off his gaze lowering her eyes shyly.

 "LOOK AT ME", he demanded coldly. She looked up meeting his mesmerizing dark brown eyes. Her breath was caught inside her lungs. . He turned her so her back was against his chest and then ran his hands up her sides, letting his fingertips trail across her back. He felt her heart thud and he smiled as he nuzzled her neck. He slid his hands back down and teased her by lightly trailing them along the edge of her dress. She flipped her hair to the side and exposed her neck as she leaned into him. Gulaal gulped a huge lump in her throat as he kissed her madly. It incensed him 'the very fact the only woman who made her mad with desires was now in his arms to be there forever.

"Kesar",She turned around placing her hands on his bosom caressing the light fuzzy air ,"Ye kya hai'"

"Jaise ki tujhe nahi pata'",He brushed her hands aside  and came closer to her, his breath fanning her face, "Aaj to koi bahana bhi nahi hai rokne ka. It's my right He he'",He nuzzled her neck

"Par yahan..",Gulaal exclaimed

"Kyun ",Kesar raised his brows.

"Wo Ija aa gayi to'",She trembled

"Aa jane de yaar..",Kesar brushed aside her remark and untied the strings of her dress.

"Par cows dekhengi yahan'",She nervously

"Dekhne de'Grrr",He gritted his teeth in frustration struggling with her lenhenga. How often he had imagined himself ripping those clothes of hers, sinking his hands into the lengths of her silky long hair and plunging himself into the depths of her delectable body. The very fact that he was  going to do exactly what he had though made him tremble in ecstasy.

"Koi a agaya to'",Her eyes widened in nervousness.

"Koi nahi ayega '"He smirked and this time kissed forehead  her softly. She could not help sighing in pleasure and her toe curled up and she accidentally pushed  a log of wood so much that it set on fire another heap of hay stack kept in the cowshed.

"Arey  aag lag gayi'.",She exclaimed in horror.

"Arghhh'.",he gritted his teeth, "Arey yaar 'Lag jane aag ..Puri duniya jaye chulhe mein meri bala se'.Tu ne bahut tadpaya hai mujhe ab tu dekh'." He stared at her deep and hard ,came close and brushed his lips making her gasp ,but the very next ,moment ,he thrust his lips against her hurting her very much .He grabbed her harshly ,marking her wherever he could in anxiety. He  pushed  her back on the stack of hay as he rained kisses all over her body.  His mouth was distinctively marking every inch of her, claiming her as his.  He could hear her heart beating wildly and sense the overwhelming call  as he trailed kisses on her neck. He marked her everywhere, it was deliciously painful yet so exquisite and erotic. She writhed and grimaced in extreme pleasure and pain beneath him...Clothes flew in air ,so did her pieces of jewels .She screamed ,he hushed her placing his palms, "Pure gaon ko ikatha karegi kya'.." She pushed him back toppling him over ,"RELAX I am here for life now'.. aram se..But I must say Biology has improved very much'She kissed him back gently sending him into throes of ecstasy.

"Practice makes a man perfect you see," he was desperate .All that he had ever imagined was right in there in front of him in reality.There were so many things he wanted to do to her without feeling guilty about his thoughts.

"Welcome to hell ",He winked at her . Before  she could protest further he ducked his head and crushed his lips against her battering  her skin blue ,she groaned. Gulaal felt her body start shaking. The impulse started  and radiated through her body, every nerve vibrating with the most  strange feeling she had ever experienced. She heard moaned crying out, and she didn't care. A feeling as good as this, why should she care. ?Tears of extreme pleasure and happiness trickled down her cheeks .  She clung to him, seeking comfort and something else.  He kissed her until she  had no thought left in her mind.  He brushed her hair away from her  face and dried all those tears with scorching kisses, "Don't think these tears of yours will make me go weak and show mercy. I told you Stay away from me ..But now hope you bear with me'" He crushed  her in his arms and she squealed. She clawed and he groaned. She cried and they rolled burying themselves in the hay.The more they became one, the more she scratched and he held her more close. The danger was exhilarating, intoxicating, and made them tingle all over in the best possible way . Screams turned into sighs, squeals in moans and breaths  hitched and haltered as passions collided. The bells in around the  neck of cows tinkled ceaselessly .The light snow drizzled on the soft blades of grass outside but the fire inside crackled and the passion grew wilder.

The morning was early, moments before dawn graced the heavens with its majestic display of brilliant hues and tones, which would break its harmony with the sky quickly, before  the tranquillity the darkness  vanished in thin air giving way to the extravaganza of the morning  . The sky flashed momentarily, a roar and a hiss disrupted the silence, but then all was soundless again. She opened them. HER EYES STILL GROGGY .Her body still warm cocooned in the heat of his passions .The hay covered her all over so much as his arms tightly fit snugly around her. He slept peacefully. He evil tormentor. HAPPY AND CONTENT with a beatific smile on his face. The hair fanned messily on his face and the smile just seduced her heart more. Wiping away the impressions of her lips from his face ,she caressed it, and gently placed a peck on his lips making him twitch a bit as he held her even more tightly and peacefully snoring away the next moment. The jewelleries led astray and so did her clothes .The fire from the burning logs and hay just crackled breathing its last from the heap of ash .The hay and a  small blanket left in the shed had kept them warm all night .Like it was ever needed .The warmth oozing between them was too much even to turn this cold valley into Deserts of Kalahari. A throb rushed into her brains and Goosebumps threaded on her bare body remembering how her whole being was set on fire which doused only a few hours ago. A smirk ran on her face as she pulled her dupata and slowly yanking away from his grip dressed herself. The torments of his hands, the engravings of his mouth glowed in vibrant detail, perfectly blue adorning her petite frame  in DEEP BLUE patches. She needed to breathe so did her skin which had wrinkled at places. HE HAD BEEN BARBARIC ,HE HAD BEEN BRUTAL ,She had not less EITHER 'she giggled still squirming in a sweet pain smiling hapilly.Her hair encircled in her wrist as she tied it neatly in a bun. The snow had stopped and the birds chirped in full glory. She tied the strings of her dress smirking ,her hands and skin still aching and burning everywhere. WHAT A NIGHT IT HAD BEEN!! Now she understood why he had always warned her to stay away from him'She looked at his dangerous sleeping devil  and almost flipped with laughter recalling how every second she had to remind her that she will be there with him forever. The desperation seemed so much as if he had just one night with her and he wanted to devour her badly.

"Ahh",A sigh escaped her lips as she touched her back.It really hurt. She was still dizzy and sleepy but the exuberance made her squeal in excitement. Looking at his POOR ex GF the little cow that fluttered her moist eyes as if staring at her ,her moist nostrils sniffing and puffing misty breaths in the cold, Gulaal stuck out her tongue teasing her, "Look Away he is mine now."

Smacking her forehead for her silly thoughts ,she stepped out  of the cow shed pulling her dupatta closer to her. THE VIEW AROUND HER TOOK HER BREATH AWAY!!Her feet moved and her eyelids fluttered as the fine thin blanket of snow melted and found its way into the rushing river beneath. The snow clad mountains stood faraway majestically. WHAT A SIGHT IT WAS!! She turned and looked back at the small cottage and the cow shed set amidst the rich backdrop of the beautiful landscape. AT LAST SHE HAD A HOME !! JUST AS SHE HAD IMAGINED WITH HER BARAF WALA RAJKUMAR.A tear almost rolled down her cheeks 'TEARS OF SHEER JOY AND DELIGHT !! TRAPPED AND ENCHANTED, She walked up to the edge of the hill and looked at the huge canvas ,the dazzling morning sky. The last of the miraculous, sulking dark shades of the haunting night sky had almost faded, and now gleaming and vibrant hues began littering the heavens ,piercing  and cutting the thick blanket of fog. The sleepy sun flashed across the sky so close to her that  she was sure he could have touched it. It was a beautiful morning like many others in the beautiful valley beneath, where at the dawn the peals of little bells chimed in the small temple beneath. The lights were swung. In  the faraway temple situated, the flutes played sacred hymns to the accompaniment of the drums and cymbals. The valley had started to wake up .From the  jungles ,embowered in peaches and plums ,the earthy aroma  filled the air with freshness and piety. The conchs sounded and bells tinkled and chimed ceaselessly, with the deep voice of priests chanting mantras. Peeping from the sleepy homes were faint lights flickering from the haze of the thick blanket of  fog'

A gentle yet biting chilly  breeze  - drifted carelessly through the twisted ,entwined  lanes  along the mountains leading up to her home --the hut and finally finding its way  into the vast, clear and pellucid waters of the magnificent river Ganga beneath, persuading  some scattered trees here and there to dance rhythmically and on the other hand biting her skin. She breathed in ,fluttered her eyelids to soak in the wonderful sight.

 Just as she was soaking the magnificent view ,there  stood  behind her tall, lone robust ,husband  who had followed her waking up with the tinkle of her anklets .The spicy chilling , breeze  was wafting his delicate mahogany hair over his broad shoulders. His firm  chest rose and fell as he gasped to soak in the fresh air and the fresh sight of his gorgeous wife .Gulaal's  luminous eyes leaned and  lingered down gauzing the height of the place. She was so happy. Rubbing both his palms ,blowing his breath to seek some kind of solace, he pulled the tattered blanket which he had covered  closer to his bosom .He yawned rubbing his uncouth stubble followed by his beautiful eyes, long dark eyes, full of  light, obliquely set and slightly veiled due to slumber. But his temperament but extremely high strung in spite of being tired. With anxious steps ,he walked towards her and trapped her in his wild embrace.

"Yahan kya kar rahi hai'.",His lips brushed near her face as he buried his nose in the length of her hair which she cascaded on her back after fondled them with his fingers.

She felt mesmerized and dazed and inhaled sharply, "It's so beautiful here'.Thank you'.",she couldn't find words to express her pleasure.

"Thanks kisliye ,"He tightened his grip around her and placed a delicious kiss on her cheeks, "For hurting you so badly last night?", He smirked ,"Hmmm lemme see", He turned her around grabbing her shoulders  and scrutinized her from tip to toe,Hmmm'Abrasion on the neck ,and hmm scratches on the clavicle and lacerations on'"

"Chiii ",She placed her plams hushing him ,"Gosh LETS NOT TALK SCIENCE PLS'.."

Giggling devilishly he uttered, "But I want to exchange lots of bacteria you see", He crushed his lips against hers .The distant horizon painted like a canvas ,The sun shone brilliantly as their lips parted and eyes connected.

Overwhelmed with the feeling which she had, Gulaal hugged him tightly, resting her head on his bosom,"Thanks..For this beautiful home'.I just love this sunrise '..",Her voice quivered in excitement and she choked with the tornado of emotions.                                                                 "Come with me'..",He suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her and walked straight up to another coned and climbed down a few steps beneath a cliff holding her in his arms .

"Wow", She uttered as he made her sit beneath a cave like shade at the corner of the cliff and sat beside her hanging their feet in the deep gorge beneath. He embraced  her near his bosom and wrapped the blanket around them and whispered,"Ye meri secret chupne ki jagaha hai. Main yahan ghanton baith kar sunrise dekhta tha'",He beamed in his excesses showing her the place and they watched the sun turn from purple to orange to bright yellow rising higher and higher up. She gently placed her head on his shoulders and no one muttered a single word. Their fingers locks and their eyes stood witnessing the brilliant nature's display. THIS WAS JUST ANOTHER MOMENT BUT IT SEEMED LIKE A CENTURY FOR THEM

"Ye kya kar rahe ho'",She giggled as he played with her palms and tried to find something in the patterns of her mehendi moving her fingers in the mounds and depths of her palms tickling her.

"Kuch nahi'Wo suna tha'Main apna naam dhund raha tha'",His innocent eyes lingered briefly on her face locking gazes and then continuing with his childish urge to find his letters,"Mil gaya'.K ..Yeayyy"

"An ecstatic scream made Gulaal giggle that instantly turned into a frown ,"K for Karan ..",He muttered sulking recalling how she almost married someone else.

"Arey K for Kesar buddhu..",She petted his cheeks tried to make him look back at her..

"Wo to Shukr hai Bhagwaan ka ki Tere us Racer aur mere letters same hain warna tune to meri watt hi lag di thi'.",Kesar frowned .

"Arey Dumbo'.Haath pe naam likhne se kya farq padta hai'.Tumhara naam to yahn likh hain '..",Gulaal extended her arms and then placed her palms on her bosom.

"Kesar smirked as he extended his fingers frisking the edge of her neckline,"Dikha kahan kahan'"

"Cheesy haan..Dhat..",She smacked his hand .

"Cheesy lines to tub hi bolna sikh gayi kyun'",He winked at her making her blush ,"Par tune to almost us gadhe is shaadi kar hi li thi'",His voice choked remembering.

"Main sirf tumhari hun Kesar..Karan sirf mera dost hai'.Bas..And I am sorry ab bachi ki jaan loge kya'",She sulked.

"Abhi to you have to pay for lots of things '.",Kesar smiled almost about to kiss her when suddenly Gulaal smacked herself, "OH THAT REMINDS ME..I need to call Champ'."

Without even waiting for any further instructions, She snatched his phone frisking his jeans pocket and Called Karan placing it on speaker mode



KARAN :GUESS WHAT I AM ON MY WAY TO LONDON'um tere bina hi'.But tu Chinta mata kar'Amma was cynical at first but maine yaha n sach mein sambhal liya ..hai'.Guess what I am free bird now..Thank God I did not have to marry a man like you..warna'But LOL..I have some hot chicks around me who look great try marta hun'.Tere liye jo honeymoon 5 star hotel book kiya tah..I guess I am going to take a beautiful air hostess there..She has hot legs you see

GULAAL :ALL THE BEST !! hahhahah

KARAN :OH BTW how's your Filmy Husband'Give the phone to him'

"Hmmm HI ",Kesar sulked almost battling his desire to break the phone into pieces.JEALOUSY JUST MADE HIM MAD!!

"Awww Bro'.Thanks for saving my life'warna mujhe is pagal se shadi karni padti'.But Pinky has gone mad ,police lekar tujhe dhund raha hai'.abhi kuch dino tak chup k rehna'.",KARAN'S teasing voice further stbbed Kesar

"Ya'.",He said half disinterested

KARAN : "OH and Yes 'Meri TINKS k ankhon mein ek bhi ansun aya na teri wajah se gun point pet ere ulte phere padwa dunga samjha'.hhaha",He threatened mocking him in fun.

"Chinta mat kar'",Kesar gritted his teeth , "Agar meri Gulaal k ankhon mein ansun ayaenge wo sirf Khunshi..k I can bet that'",His breath became rapid in trying to prove himself.

KARAN : "Whoa Tinks'.How do you handle this intense guy..chal anyways..M off now..Boarding time..Amma ki chinta mat kar..I will explain to her'..later apana khayal rakhna'"


KARAN :We love each other 'anything for you  and your happiness 'SILLY I LOVE you'..Do you love me'..?


KARAN :Oops isse pehle your Gora pahadi husband becomes a burnt tandoori chicken..Main rakhta hun'.Bro Take care of her samjha'."

The phone beeped and Gulaal smiled wiping away the tears of gratefulness that misted her eyes.

Kesar looked at her apprehensively.

(KESAR'S 'DAMN DAMN..I hated the way she talked to him'Grrr Only I was supposed to have that comfort level with her.She was saying I love you to her so bindass but When I made love to her ,she just sighed and blushed crying out my name THAT'S IT!! BLOODY UNFAIR)

"What ?",Gulaal sensed the sulky look on his face, "awww kya hua? She grabbed his chin and made him look at her.

"Kuch nahi'." ,he brushed aside her query .

"Ouch'bichoo",she screamed seeing a huge scorpion crawling towards her and curled up towards Kesar's bosom.

Kesar shoved it away with his hand and looked at Gulaal who shivered in fear.

"Kya baat hai Kesar'",Gulaal asked him curiously looking at his upset face.

"Kuch nahi'.Main bas soch raha tha ki kahan tu mehlon ki rani agar main nahi hota to tu shayad kisi posh 5 star hotel mein hoti yahan gaon mein nahi 'I am sorry'.",Kesar removed the stray hay pieces that had been left entangled in her hair and dress.

"Awww tum pagal ho kya'Ab yehi mera ghar hai'I always wanted a home Kesar not a house'.I wanted a home and you gave me one'.Thanks'",She hugged him tightly crying.

He held on to her.She was precious to him and suddenly his own incapability made him fear that she might leave him.

"Gulaal mujhe pls chhod kar nahi jana'",he cried like a child .

"Are you crazy'Ab tumhare bina jeene ki adat nahi hai mujhe'.",she consoled him rubbing his back..Seconds may be minutes passed in silence as they both sat there revelling in the warmth of their love.

"Champ ne bhi kitni help kin a humari..Awww I so love him na'",Gulaal smiled ecstatically after a brief chat with Kesar laughing on how they eloped together .Suddenly Kesar's facial expression changed,"Agar aaj k baad use itne pyaar se I love you kaha",he grabbed hand angrily digging his nails into her arms, " to main  yahin se kudkar apni jaan de dunga'."

"Ahhh Stop overreacting and being so melodramatic Maine kaha na Main Sirf Tumhari hun.. ",she smirked and hugged him.

"Pati hun main tera phir bhi .. Par Tune aaj tak mujhe I love you nahi kaha",Kesar rolled his eyes turning his face away.

"Ye lo kar lo baat'",she ruffled his hair gently, "Kal raat k baad bhi tumhe shaq hai'.",she placed a small peck on his lips , "I think I am crazy about you'.I LOVE YOU'KESAR''..",She screamed out loudly and her voice echoed back resounding everywhere, "Ab bhi koi shaq hai kya..",she fluttered her eyes and kissed his face madly, "I love you I love you I love you I love you ",she kept on muttering making him squeal with delight.

"Ouch Ye kya ",Gulaal suddenly exclaimed as he caught her in his arms and walked towards the hut carrying her

"haan thoda sa shaq to abhi bhi hai..chal dur kar lete hain'.",his devilish smirk ,met her plain inquisitive eyes as he walked towards the hut

"Chodo Chodo mujhe",she flapped her legs constantly trying to free herself as he flung the door open with his legs.

"Ye kya tumne to kaha tha ki chabi nahi hai'",Gulaal squeezed her eyes sensing his fishy lie which he uttered last night.

"Budhu ram",his voice whispered near her ears fanning his hot breath in them, " Ye pahad hain yahan log apne gharon mein tala nahi lagatey '.Hhahah Agar sach bata deta to humari suhagraat meri favourate jagah pe kaisi hoti meri pavitra goshala ko maine paapi bana diya aur upar se ghar pe hotey to tod phod ho jati Ija ko kya kehta'."

"Aur ab'..",Gulaal blushed .Her cheeks became hot with the way his gaze darkened with mischief.

"Well kal Cowshed ka inauguration tha ab ghar mein grihapravesh kar le'.",he winked at her entering inside and shutting the door behind him.

"Arey par abhi to din hai'.Kesar'..ummm leave'",Her faint screams echoed and behind the door rattled everything from pottery to ladles  from blankets to pillows.

She felt her lips captured again in a harsh kiss .She twitched in her sleep,"ummm Please Ab mujhe baksh do'.Warna main baki dino k liye nahi bachungi'.",she muttered tired and dead with exhaustion.

(TINKY'S TWEET-My body trembled at thought of lovemaking now .The violent session had left me drained. My tormentor grew demanding.The more I had tried to pacify him ,the more wild he grew..Ahhh He was so right..I should have better stayed away from him.)

"Arey main to tere liye khana laya tha. Bhookh lagi hogi na .Uth fresh ho le''",his gentle hand caressed her forehead  and Gulaal woke up with a jolt and fluttered her eyes looking around. The tiny lantern hung in the cosy hut and the smoke from the Chula in one corner made everything hazy. She looked at Kesar whose nose and face was covered with flour as he walked near it and continued his work with utmost dexterity rolling out perfect paranthas.Gulaal stared at him with awe and pride. What more she could ask for. The cuteness overwhelmed her .His hair was a little damp and he was looking fresh. It was evening now .

(TINKY'S TWEET-OMG!! I had slept the whole day !! Umm WELL NOT EXACTLY coz we practically did something else the whole day but LOL  he was looking uber cute struggling with the food. WHO SAID MEN CAN'T PAMPER THEIR WIVES'MEN OUT THERE WAY TO GO!! CHECK OUT THIS HOT GUY WHO COULD PERFECTLY ROLL OUT PARANTHAAS WHILE HIS WIFE SLEPT )

"'.Maine pani bhi garam kar diya hai'..",her trance was broken as she saw him pouring a huge cauldron of piping hot water into a bucket , "Bahar bahut thand hai'.tu yahin naha le'.ija bhi yahin nahati hai'",Saying this he made a makeshift purdah from a long bedhseet and placed the buckets in the corner which was used for washing hands and utensils in the hut .Gulaal was overwhelmed looking at him and shocked too .He squeezed out some toothpaste in a brush and said,"Aaaj mere toothbrush se kaam chala le kal naya le aunga'."

Unwrapping a soap for her ,he neatly placed a towel  in the hook and took out  his kurta payjama and placed them on the hook too.

Gulaal was zapped to see much care.Her heart warmed up as she stared at him shocked and mesmerized .

"Kya hua jaldi kar na'.",he snapped his fingers in front of her eyes and Gulaal nodded her head ,her eyes still dazed as she walked inside the small makeshift bath place he had made for her.

She heard a tune whistling as the warm water droplets trickled down her tired body.Curious ,she peeped through the purdah and stood there frozen with exuberance. Kesar neatly cleaned the room with a broom ,placing all the scattered things in their places dusting off the bed sheets, carrying the logs of wood and warming up the hearth ,serving  the food he prepared in a plate .

"HOW CAN SOMEONE NOT LOVE HIM?", tears rolled down her cheeks as she wiped herself and wore the fresh clothes .

She walked out and looked at the small mandir in one corner of the room.Her mangalsutra hung near her bosom and she lighted a Deepak and with the kumkum ,she smeared her parting. What a glorious feeling it was. This small haven was her home ,her little corner where all that she ever needed was there..COZ ALL THAT EVER MATTERED TO HER WAS LOVE WHICH WAS THERE IN ABUNDANCE.

"Ek hi thali'.",Kesar extended the thali towards her as they both sat near the chulha.

"Pehle tu kha le'..main baad main kha lunga'",Kesar smiled.

"Arey Kesar main pati nahi hun Tum pati ho'.",Gulaal gagged with his sweetness rolling her eyes.

"OH haan :O",His mouth parted in shock recalling what he had been doing.

"Gulaal hum ek hi thali mein kha le'.",Kesar asked in anxiety

"Dumbo'.YES!! ye bhi koi puchne ki baat hai'.,Gulaal extended a morsel of food towards him and both of them ate.

"Aram se kha'.Ek parantha aur banaa dun'.",He smiled looking at her

"Tumhe main aaj tak samajh nahi payi Kesar ",Gulaal choked with emotions.

"nahi samjhi na koshish bhi mat kar'.jaldi kha",He made her eat some more.

The dinner was over.The wind outside was blowing in fitful virulent puffs .Kesar cleaned the fireplace and made the bed quickly. Gulaal could not control herself anymore she hugged him from behind, "tum sach mein kitne sweet ho'."

"Sweet --weet kuch nahi ",He hugged her turning around , "wo kehte hain na bakre ko halaaal karne se pehle khub khilate hain..Tune  kha liya na  energy gain kar li na thakaan bhi du rho gayi 'abhi khasi mehnat karni hai humein'.Chal'.",Kesar crushed her lips in a shameless wild kiss.He stared at her gorgeous eyes which twinkled in delight .Her porcelain skin glistened with the tiny dew drops that trickled down her damp hair .Her pouted plump lips made her invite him madly .

"Chii'.You are sick'and DISGUSTING..",She punched him tearing off his gaze and hungry eyes.

"So to main hun''",He grinned and threw her on the bed  and jumped beside her touching her all over. His touch was so light she thought she might be imagining it, but then the warmth from his hands started to permeate her skin, and soon the impressions of his fingers glowed in vibrant detail.

The fire in the hearth crackled,growing by leaps and bounds ,so did the passion from being gentler to more violent. and the night filled with throaty moans and sighs .

He stood there watching her.He woke up and it was almost after noon as he stared at her. Sitting with a chair in the warm dazzling sunshine with her hair swaying behind her in the courtyard where his clothes and hers hung washed and dried in the clothesline. She sat there chopping vegetables and humming a tune. He stood there SPEECHLESS !! Life had been so empty and meaningless without her .He felt possessive ,proud and happy.

Unaware from those eyes admiring her ,Gulaal happily chirped along with the some birds and was so engrossed in her chore that she failed to notice when Kesar walked upto her and stood there admiring her.He yawned looking at her.

She suddenly lifted her eyes. Eyes which were content and happy. But the smile disappeared as soon as she saw him.

"Arey Shirt to pehen lete thandi hawa chal rahi hai'..",her brows creased with worry.

"Baar baar pehenne utarne ki mehnat kaun karein'",he scooped her up in his arms smiling sheepishly.

"Arey yaar'Ab nahi'..Kuch aur kaam bhi hai ke nahi'.",she struggled to free herself

"Arey yaar please'",he made a sallow face.

"No bilkul nahi jao 'abhi khana bana hai '.Aur ghar mein dal nahi hai le aao'jaldi'",she sulked still begging him to leave her.

"TYPICAL WIFEY HAAN'.Ok at least ek Kiss to banta hai hai na''",he nodded his head making an innocent face.

Gulaal smirked and placed a deep peck on his cheeks, "ab khush'.."

"nope not so eaily.",he nodded his head and kissed her lips again and she put her arms around him.

The screeching of brakes and a siren startled them as they looked at the cause of this disturbance.Abir stepped out of the police jeep and was shocked to see what he saw.

(Pinky's puk puk---This is PROLLY the first and last time I am speaking. I know people hate me..but IMAGINE '.What would I have gone through seeing my Beloved sister happily kissing the man I had hated mos5t of my life. THE PAIN WAS EXCRUCIATING !! AS IF SOMEONE STABBED HAD STABBED ME WITH A KNIFE)

Gulaal's face turned pale with horror and Kesar's mouth curved with the most cunning smile ever and he kissed Gulaal's cheeks again making Abir clenching his fist in anger and placed her on her feet again

"Arey Gulaal '.mmm I mean Mrs Rawat'..bhai mere saley sahib oops Pinnky ji aye hain zara chai to lana please aur haan saath mein police walon ko bhi laya hai zara unke liye bhi lana '.",He said with flamboyant bashfulness making Gulaal shiver as Abir's blazing eyes scrutinized the glowing impressions of his sister's desires marked all over his chest .Kesar pulled a shirt hanging from the clothes line and buttoned himself up smirking as he walked towards Abir.

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