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OMG itne saare chapii ko unres karna hai...damm i m  thodha sa busy... so all i can say its THIS FF IS FABULOUS really loving this alot...EmbarrassedHeart...abhi itna hiCry

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res for chapter 16Embarrassed

edit: yay I am finally here before 17 ka update hurray feels great to catch up with your pace yaar...

It was such a heart wrenching chapter, you felt sorry for both, Gulaal didn't deserve to be in this situation after herculean fight with self to accept her heart's desires and Kesar on the other hand having to go through this when he had found someone truly reaching that impenetrable soul of his, ahhh the agony …and the anguish…

Having said that we do have to pay for our karma na…even though he did not execute his evil plans, the length that he had gone to plan for it and all the hatred that he kept piling inside be it with his father or society or with people and their unjustified loathing towards him had to come out and replaced by something pure and divine only her love had that power and suffer he must for all his past deeds ,after all gold only comes out after getting rid of all the dirt attached with it and the more you put it through the clearing process better is it's shine…I really felt sorry for Kesar when this one time he wanted to say things he meant was not heard but can't blame Gulaal either no girl will take this silently ……

I know she is hurt,her soul is hurt deeply by the betrayal but when she comes to her right senses she will also understand the path she has chosen to punish him also involves someone else's life and as her best friend he has right to get love and happiness in his life which she can never provide him..sooner she discovers the misunderstanding better for her….

And that stupid Negi…If you have friends like him why would anyone need any foes…I just hope he gets his dues soon and Twinkle runs away with Rajveer in front of his eyes…

Looking forward to the updateHug

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THE LAST AND FINAL RULE -"No matter how much we deny it...LOVE WILL FIND IT'S WAY!!!


STATUS :Ekdum tana tan maintained


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Chapter 17

The old dilapidated haveli was dressed up like a bride. Their summer home which he had never stepped inside since last 10 years was glorious. The linings of the flowers swayed with the gushes of the mountain wind and brought in with itself the fragrance of freshly mowed grass from the huge orchard outside. The rooms which had cobwebs just a few days ago were shining with freshly painted gold shaded textures .A week and everything was set right in'From the Belgium chandeliers to the old buggy ,from the royal sword to his sehra everything had just set right in.The mood was high strung. Women clad in their finest silks and the most exotic jewellery ran from pillar to post. What a great morning it was. The golden sun glistened from the white fluffy cottony clouds and the rays dried up the last traces of the dew shining as pearl droplets on the thick blades of grass. Another Chauhan was going to wed.

Sudha would burst into tears every now and then remembering the long lost memories of her glorious life which she had lost. She would wipe her tears and happily order everyone to run according to her instructions. The guests were there, the man dap had been set up and the pot-bellied pundit was arranging all the requirements for the grand wedding. WHAT A GRAND WEDDING IT WAS!! Two couples tied by vows since last 10 years would finally tie up their nuptial knots.Rewa would not stop blushing and Abir's eyes danced and twinkled with glow.IT COULDN'T have been better for him. His beloved sister and he were born the same day the same moment and they were getting married the same day and the same moment.

Only he stood silent. The green brocade sherwani seemed to almost choke him and the huge turban made his head throb in pain. He opened the box carefully. Karan held the crumbled piece of paper in his hand ---A paper which had changed his life 10 years ago. The impressions which he had read over and over again but buried in his heart suffering alone with no one to share. The words which had stabbed him yet he never ever could summon enough courage to face what the writings had told him'..He never ever could even try and find out what was the truth. All he chose was SILENCE.10 years ago; he had not only been tied to a vow but also given a huge burden. His shoulders were too weak to carry out the burden and ease it so instead he chose silence. Who was he who had claimed to share what was his exclusive right. He never stepped out to find out. And who was she who suffered alone wanting to be given a respectable life. He never dared to find out again. All he knew that a mistake was done 'a heinous crime but he chose to suffer in silence. All he had ,was an old photograph with the name engraved SHARDA on it'..Who was Sharda'?Where was she?.He never found it ?He had neither the will nor the courage to find out who Sharada was.

"Mujhse ek badi bhul hui thi Karan'..",tears rolled down his cheeks falling on the last lines as he caressed the impressions scribbled by his father before his last breath.

(KARAN'S KADAK PHATKA-FOR 10 LONG YEARS I HAD CARRIED THIS BURDEN WITH ME.I had never thought in my worst nightmares that My father of all the persons could have wronged someone so much'Sharada the woman must have suffered so much that I could have hardly..and what about the Young soul'.I was weak I knew that I never set out to find out who Sharada was and where was his son'.Then how could I have helped it..I only had a photograph of hers and her name Sharda')

A wild embrace caught her from behind .She writhed as his mouth claimed hers in a passionate wild kiss.The trinkets twinkled and the bangles tinkled, "Ahhh Can't you wait..I will be yours forever", a sulky Rewa blushed furiously as she tried to part from her would be groom.Abir seemed desperate seeing the beautiful bride all dressed up for the much awaited wedding.

"Arey 10 years ..I just waited for this but you know what Chori chupe yun kiss karne ka maza hi kuch aur hai'.",He muttered as he rained kisses.

"Mom'.",she cried and pushed him back.

"ye badteemeezi hai apne pati ko dhakka nahi dete",he chuckled rushing to her again.

"Pati nahi hone wale pati'.",she teased him sticking out her tongue.

"Ok chal..I will see you later'",Abir feigned anger and was about to walk away when suddenly Rewa rushed clutching his back tightly,"Sorry"

"He he aa gayi na line par'",He rasped a chuckle and turned around .

"I am so happy Rewa..Tinky di and me getting married the same day..pata nahi achanak use kya hua ..itni zid karne lagi ki dekho 1 hafte k andar ye sab kuch'..",Abir smiled .

Rewa's face creased with the frowns of worries, "Gulaal khush nahi hai Abir there is something wrong but she is adamant'."

"Chill. She has waited for this day for 10 long years So just relax'I know my Di..she is ecstatic'In fact usi ne itni jaldi ki..tum aurton ko na bewajah shaq karne ki adat hai..main chalta hun ..baki arrangements dekh leta hun'..",Abir brushed off her concern carelessly and walked out.

"Kaash tum sahi ho'",Rewa mumbled still battling mixed feelings trying to give weightage to her brother's happiness more than her friend.

She put on the huge gold nath whose edge touched her lips. The red antique lehenga glittered in its old world charm. The walls were gold , the embellishments were gold but he face was harsh ,her face pale.No colour, no warmth and no glow could touch her face .Her big eyes lined with kohl were dry yet her heart was bleeding. The shimmering plump red lips never thinned out in a smile  and the bangles never twinkled as she sat there like a statue in front of the mirror alone. WHAT A CURSED BRIDE SHE was?. SHE NEVER SMILED,SHE NEVER CRIED. The Gulaal who sat there was a complete zombie of what she was. The week had been miserable. Occasionally ,she would rush to the hospital where she would see him recuperating slowly still not in his senses. The pangs to go and hug him would not let her sleep the whole night. She used to toss and turn relentlessly with a sickening feeling of guilt 'A BURDEN WOULD THREATEN TO BURY HER DOWN but she was TOUGH. The betrayal had left her devastated and now she tried helplessly to gather the shattered and scattered pieces of her meaningless existence. At least someone deserves happiness!!She had thought numerous times and her rage coupled with the promise she had made 10 years ago made her go with the flow.

(TINKY'S TWEET- I knew not what I WAS DOING?I was in a spell as if I had to show him as if I had to show Kesar how much I had been hurt..If he can hurt me..So Can I '.)


"Tu bahut sundar lagegi ..jab tujhe is dress mein tera baraf wala rajkumar dekhega''",She touched her father's letter and a tear drop threatened to cross the barrier of her thick black eyes.

"Baraf wala rajkumar ka dil bhi baraf ka tha Dad'.",He lips quivered as she mumbled  and crumpled the letter to put it back when suddenly her mother entered the room.

"Tinky'My my You look so beautiful'.par ye'.",Paan touched the lehenga with her shivering hands .

A state of shock engulfed her and tears defied the boundaries, "Ye to Som aur meri shaadi'",She could not speak any further as she touched the little tattered thread at the corner of her dupatta

"Ahhh Tumne ye kya pehena  hai..Ye sab meri angoothi mein phans k kharab ho ja raha hai'.",Som ,detangled the gold thread which got stuck in his finger ring. The hay stack was decorated with flowers and sat there Paan as a beautiful bride.

She removed her veil and laughed ,"Haah Ye achi jagah hai Suhag raat k liye hai na'.",She looked around the old cowshed.

"Arey Ladki bhaga k lekar aya hun na'to 5 star hotel ka intezaam nahi kar paya'.",Som winked his eyes and wrapped her up in his arms.

"Tinky par ye ..Tujhe'.",She choked upon her own words as Gulaal showed her the letter and the box .A moment lived like a thousand centuries as both of them drenched in the memories .The wave of emotions would not let them breathe but slowly the flood stopped and both of them hugged each other.

"Pata hai Tinky main kabhi maafi hi nahi maang saki tere Dad se'.",Her tears would not leave her.If only she had listened to her heart, If only'

"Tinky tu ye kyun kar rahi hai'.akhir kya hua to tu shayad Kesar'..",Paan wiped her tears .her own heart made her cry but she did not want her daughter to repeat the same mistake as she did and repent later.

"Mom pls..Main KISI Kesar ko nahi janti..",Gulaal turned her face away harshly

"Tinky tu kise dhokha de rahi hai..dekh bache tujh par koi dabaaw nahi hai main janti hunk i tu Raman ji aur sudha ko kiye hue vade ko ehmiyat deti hai par mere liye teri khushi se badhkar kuch bhi nahi hai'.Tu mujhe bata main abhi sab kuch theek kar'",Paan spoke anxiously.

"Mom pls is barein mein koi baat nahi karna chahti 'Main bas itan janti hunk i aaj meri shaadi hai aur main ab tayyar hona chahti hun'.,"Gulaal turned her face away.

"Tu bilkul ziddi hai Gulaal Theek Som I tarah'.Kash tu samjah pati'.",She walked out defeated as she knew her daughter would never budge ,after all she was the very blood of the one man who had swept her off her feet.

She placed her hands on his shoulders. She knew it was a burden for her .A burden which she had imposed on herself and was pulling her best friend with herself. But for once in her life doesn't she has the RIGHT to be selfish. Gulaal was trapped in a deep quagmire.

"Champ", She whispered in his ears .The old photograph which he was watching slipped from his hands as he turned around.

He looked into her eyes which were blank. There was nothing for him ,there was nothing at all. All his life he had been secretly loving her. All his life he had feigned that he was equally ignorant but in his heart he knew how much he loved her. The form of love was different. All his life he had this special girl in his life that he knew was her life, but ONE LOOK from her he could never get ,ONE KISS that he wanted from her he could never get. Her awkwardness always made him shy and he always feigned that he was equally disturbed but in his heart as the days passed ,he secretly nourished  a faint hope ' A HOPE to turn the stone into a warm human being but even after so many years he could get nothing from her. Though she was going to be his everything  ,but he was just her CHAMP.

"Tinks look we don't have to do this..We can talk we can make things better",Karan looked at her sceptically still unsure about the reason for her hasty decision for marriage making him swear on her name and coaxing him into all this.Yes he did turn the tables upside down for her but still could not get her smile.

"THANKS CHAMP AND Sorry'But I promise that I will be a very good wife'..",She hugged him and cried for a moment. Her heart was in immense pain and her mind uneasy.

"Awww It's ok Tu roya mat kar yaar'.at last Ppl will know that I am marrying a man..POOR ME!!,He chuckled trying to lighten her gothic mood.

"Gosh you m monster'',She hit him and he squirmed trying to make her laugh'

"Champ ye photo'",Her eyes fell on an old photo which was tattered that had fell from his hand.

"Ye to'",She scratched her head picking it up,"Aisi photo kahan dekhi hai'.", she tried hard to recall looking at the woman's dress which was green in colour,"Arey ye to Kesar ki Ija jaisi lag rahi hai'.."

"Kya'..",Karan's mouth parted in horror'.

"Arey Tinky'.jaldi chalo'..bas mahurat lagne hi wala hai'.usse pehle chunar to theek kar lo'",Sudha and Gulaal's friends pulled her away and she went away in this chaos leaving Karan baffled and shocked.

"Arey Chinki'.Wo mithayiyan to pahunchi hi nahi '.",Sudha instructed Chinky who was running from one place to another to check that everything was ready on time.

"Ufff ye CD to CD waley ko dena hi bhul gaya..",he walked hurriedly towards the lights araanger.

"Bhaiyya jab phere pure ho jayen to ye CD laga dena wo bade screen pe ayega sab kuch theek hai'.",Chinky was about to hand over the CD to the manager when suddenly tutu jumped and ran away with the CD in her mouth.

"Gosh Tinky Di se kaha tha ki is billi ko yahan mat lao grrr..ruk tutu'",He ran behind her stumbling upon the flower garlands, hitting his head on a pillar and finally ;ended up in Gulaal's room where he saw tutu sitting on Gulaal's  open suitcase with the CD in her mouth..

"Aja aja'coochie baby come to daddy de use. Tinky di key bachpan se lekar ab tak ki videos edit ki hain maine'pls'.de de'.",he begged tutu'.

Tutu gave her a blank look and dropped the CD inside her suitcase and ran away'.

"Grrr ab is dher mein kaun si CD thi kahan se dhundu'",Chinky  looked for it in Gulaal's suitcase shuffling the pile of her CD's and books.

"Haan yehi lagti hai'.Gosh I need to rush''..",Chinky ran towards the lightmen repeating the instructions and went away to look for the sweets.

"Wo mar jayega Di..aap please us k saath aisa mat kijiye'..",Twinkle startled Gulaal who was about to step out of her room. The muhurat had begun and the friends giggled and waited to take her to her groom downstairs for the grand wedding.

"Twinkle please ..Tumhe jis barein mein nahi pata us barein mein kuch nahi bolo to behtar hoga'.",Gulaal put on her bangles which had been given by Sudha'

"Di'.Wo bura hai ..Par aap k bina wo mar jayega'..Wo hospital  se kal raat se gayab hai'.AAAP KO KUCH PATA  hai''.",Twinkle asked


" Tu kyun kar rahi hai aisa mere saath'.Tu apne Kesar ki baat bhi nahi sun rahi hai'Gulaal Gulaal ",His screams pierced her heart but she closed her window .The blaring music from the sangeet function masked his screams but his voice had stabbed her heart with a thousand knives.

"Nahi..",She said harshly ,"Mujhe nahi pata..",Gulaal gulped a huge lump in her throat  and walked towards the door.

"Di mujhe taras aa raha hai Kesar par..Kaisi pathar jaisi aurat se usne pyaar kiya'Apki Doli k saath ek arthi zarur uthegi'.",Twinkle wiped her tears and walked away in anager leaving Gulaal devastated.

She walked down the stairs heavy hearted. Everything around her was brimming with joy ,fun and frolic. It was festival time Both for Chauhan and Tomar family. Her relatives and Karan's too had flown in for their dream wedding. The mandap was set up and the gorgeous flowers adorned every nook and cranny of the huge hall downstairs. The red glass chandelier was lit up with candles and the fresh breeze from the jharokhas stirred everyone's hearts.What a beautiful morning and what a beautiful wedding it was.The guests looked in awe as the two brides-GORGEOUS and beautiful walked down the stairs.Both hesitating but the difference was everything around Gulaal seemed to be reeling. Her head spun with nausea and headache. She breathed heavily. Her heart racing every minute. She saw HIM..YES he was there standing amongst the guests .HIS EYES BLAZING and questioning her .She could not bear his gaze .It tore her apart.Kesar stodd right there amongst the gusts the bandage on his forehead did communicate that he had not fully recuperated and there on his face were scratches ,the vibrant impressions of her attack on him.


"Tu sirf meri hai Gulaal main bhi dekhta hun ki tu kaise mujhe chhod k jati hai'.",he kept on screaming as Gulaal closed her window tightly slopping on the floor and bursting into hysterical tears.

She was torn apart. Visions of her overtly passionate romance swooped upon her like a storm .Her heart beat fastened, her voice choked ,her vision misted with tears and suddenly she felt nothing. The whole vision just went blank and she slipped almost rolling down the stairs. Everyone was shocked and there was commotion, but amongst the ruckus ,a piercing scrum ,"GULAAL'.." stood out as Kesar ran towards her and before anyone could reach her he grabbed her in his arms, "Gulaal ankhein kohl Gulaal dekh main a  gaya.."

Everyone looked in a state of Shock. Abir's eyes were ready to pop out from their sockets while some Guests wondered in hushed tones. Gulaal trembled with the shock of the fall and slowly opened her eyes and instantly locked gazes with those wonderful deep brown ones, the ones which had always made her mad.Her heart instantly warmed up ,"Kesar ",

(TINKY'S TWEET- Instantly my heart warmed, rekindling a glimmer in my eye. The days of our heart-warming romance flourished in my mind, reminding me  of the one man I wished I had never left.ONE MAN WHO COULD  MAKE ME MAD..ONE MAN WHOM SHE HAD LOVED WITH ALL MY  HEART)

(KEASR'S CONFESSION-Passion for my love had finally moved her..I knew she would open her eyes..I knew My Gulaal would never leave me'I could have died the very moment.There she was with her smile looking at me')

She smiled looking at him when a sudden realization gripped her and she got up pushing him away, "Get lost and don't create a scene here'Champ ise bahar nikalo'.",She stood there angry and adamant looking at Karan who stood equally appalled and flabbergasted.

"Gulaal'Tu kyun aisaa kar rahi hai mere saath'.Tu janti hai ki main tere bina nahi reh sakta'.Tu apne Kesar k saath aisa kaise kar sakti hai'Main tere agey haath jodta hun ..tere pair padta hun chal'.Yahan se chal na'.Abhi abhi to main apni zindagi k mayne samjha hun tu mujhe aise chhod k nahi ja sakti main mar jaunga..Gulaal",kesar fell on his knees and cried wildly. Everyone stared at them with wide open eyes. Paan was shocked .Her head started reeling.

"Wah wah wah",Abir clapped his hands, "Tu Marta hai to mar'.Tinky di thukegi bhi nahi tujhe par'.",his face had a faint victorious smile. All he ever wanted was this man to be crying begging for mercy.

"Tinky di'bol ise. Ki tu isse nafrat karti hai aur ye koi nahi hai bol'"Abir looked at her confidently.Gulaal stared at him and blinked her eyes and then looked at Kesar who sat defeated on his knees.

Gulaal's tears betrayed her as she wept inconsolably and fell on her knees weeping.

"Ye sab kya ho raha hai'",Paan tried to intervene'.

"Ek minute Mom..kuch nahi 'bas ye gunda iske piche pada tha..Ise koi bahar nikalo guards'..",Saying this he grabbed Gulaal's hands and dragged her away while the guards clutched Kesar's collar pulling him outside.

"EK MINUTE AYEEE",pushing aside the guards Kesar screamed '.and there was commotion everywhere ..He pulled out a gun from his pocket and fired a shot in the air, "Hath chhod Gulaal ka wo meri hai'.",Pushing aside Abir who stood there in shock, he grabbed her arms and fired another shot in the air, "Koi agey aya to main ise Goli mar dunga'",he pointed the gun at Gulaal's forehead ,"Main MAR dUNGA Ise TRUST ME'.",he screMed.

GulaaL Was too shocked to react and threw glared hexes at him trying to struggle.

ABIR :Leave her jane de use Kesar..Mujhse baat kar..

Kesar: ahhh'I will not leave 'Not at any cost samjhe'

PST: Kesar tum ye kya kar rahe ho'.Ye galat hai beta..meri baat to suno

Kesar: Sorry P '.I am in love aur pyaar mein  sahi galat kuch bhi nahi hota'.Gulaal is mine and nothing can change that'.But Don't worry you are my first love hope you understand par main itni asani se apne pyaar ko nahi jane de sakata'.

Gulaal :Kesar tum pagal hog aye ho'

Kesar : haan haan pagal ho gaya hun main..samjhi'.Mera dil mere bas main nahi hain'Main ek pal bhi tujhse alag nahi reh sakta '.Hai to tu meri hi samjhi'tujhe jane to main kahin nahi dunga.

Karan rushed towards him and tried to stop him,"Listen bro..Chill'.",He placed his hand on his shoulders ,"We can talk'."

"Get lost Racer..",He shoved his hand yanking away from his grip and fired another shot in the air and dragged Gulaal with him.

"Tujhe kya laga'",He pointed the gun at Karan while Gulaal struggled to free herself, "Haan tujhe kya laga..Ki tu ye Sindoor laga kar..',He dragged Gulaal to the madap and splashed the whole box of sindoor smearing her mang with vermillion ,"Aur kya'.haan ye maglasutra..",He snatched the maglasutra kept in the thali and forcefully tied it around her neck  ," aur ye yun saath phere'",He dragged Gulaal behind him and shot another round in the air ,"Pandit mantra paddh abhi ka bhi'",he pointed the gun at the pundit who started chanting mantras at an express speed and dragged Gulaal taking circles around the holy fire.

"Kesar chodo mujhe leave me,"Gulaal squirmed .

Kesar shot back "aur haan yun phere lagakar vachan dekar tu ise mujhse dur le ja payega ..kabhi nahi samjha'.Kabhi nahi'..Tu wohin ruk' WARAN SARI DUNIYA MEIN AAG LAGA DUNGA SAMJHA'",He fired another shot near Abir's feet who by now  came to pounce on him.

"Mujhe ye saat phere saat vachan kuch nahi pata'bas main itna janta hun k i main Gulaal meri hai bas Baat wohin khatam'.",Kesar yelled pulling her with him as the pundit chanted mantras scared and petrified.

Ab aap pehla phera lijiye  

PUNDIT : "om esha ekapadi bhava iti prathaman" iska matlab

"Haan mujhe pata hai ",Kesar yelled and looked into her eyes.

"My beloved, our bond strengthens by your walking one step with me. You will offer me food and be helpful at all times.I will embrace you and provide for our welfare and happiness and also that of our children.?"

PUNDIT : "dhanam dhanyam pade vadet"

 KESAR : I humbly comply to you, my lord. kindly bestow upon me the responsibility of the household, food and finance. I promise you that I shall carry out all responsibilities towards the welfare of the family and the children."

PUNDIT : "om oorje jara dastayaha"

KESAR : My beloved, now you have walked the second step with me. Fill me up with strength and courage so that together we can protect the household and the children.?

PUNDIT : "kutumburn rakshayishyammi sa aravindharam",AB AAP BOLIYE BETI '

(My lord, in your sorrows, I shall fill your heart with courage and strength. In your joys , I shall rejoice. I promise you that I will please you at all times with sweet words and take care of the family and the children. and you in turn shall love none other but me as your wife.?- ",Iska matlab ye hai samjhi samajh le

"Kesar tu ruk'.Ja wohi pe'"Abir yelled

"Tch tch tch..Wohin ruk warna teri behen ka bheja yahin par uda dunga'.TRUST ME",Kesar yelled ,"Ab tu chelegi ya 'tere bhai ko goli se uda dun bata kaun marna pasand karega'",Kesar turned towards Gulaal  and pulled her

PUNDIT : "om rayas santu joradastayaha"

KESAR : My beloved, now you have walked three steps with me. With your presence in my life, our wealth and prosperity are going to grow.I shall look upon all other woman as my sisters. We will educate our children and may their live long.?

PUNDIT : "tava bhakti as vadedvachacha"

KESAR : My lord, I will love you with single minded devotion as my husband. I will treat all other men as my brothers. My devotion to you will be that of a pure wife. this is my commitment to you.?",ye teri bari thi par teri taraf se main hi bolta hun .

Gulaal looked at his eyes as she winced in her grip and he pulled her with him.

PUNDIT : "om mayo bhavyas jaradastaya ha"

 KESAR : My beloved, it is a blessing that you have walked four steps with me. You're presence in my life has made it sacred and auspicious. May we be blessed with obedient and noble children and may they live long!?

Karan stared at them flabbergasted and Rewa placed her hands on her mouth.Everyone was bewildered .Abir clenched his fist in frustration,"Gosh Kesar tu Di ko jane de 'warna'
"Shhh bikul chup '.Samjha ",he pulled the trigger near Gulaal's head and yelled,"Bikul chup warna'",He clutched her arm while she winced in pain,"Aye pundit tu mantra chalu rakh'."

"Ye kabhi goli nahi chalayega Abir roko ise'ye mujh par oli nahi chala sakta",Gulaal squirmed trying to free herself.

"Haahaahah Itna bharosa",he grabbed her shoulders,"Galat dialogue'tujhe to agla vachan dena hai hai na..pundit chalu rakh tu",

PUNDIT : "lalayami cha pade vadet",The pundit stuttered and the fire crackled and Kesar smirked ,"Tujhe ye kehna hai samjhi My lord, I will enrich myself from head to toe with sandalwood paste and fragrance for you. I will serve you and please you in every possible way that I can.?"

PUNDIT : "om prajabhyaha santu jaradastayaha"

KESAR :My beloved, now that you have walked five steps with me, you have adorned my life. May god bless you and may our loved ones live long and share in our prosperity.?

"Kesar tum pagal hog aye ho'",Gulaal yelled

PUNDIT : "arte arba sapade vadet"

 Shhh ",he placed his fingers on her lips  , "Sweetheart you have to say this -My lord, I will share your happiness and grief. With your love in my life, I will trust and honor you. I will fulfill all your wishes.? And ENGLISH mein isiliye bata raha hun  kyunki tumamiron ko thodi English hi samjh mein ati hai hai na'

KESAR:My beloved, you have filled my heart with happiness walking six steps with me. May you fill my heart with joy and peace at all times.?(He picked Gulaal in his arms while she continuously flopped her feet )

PUNDIT : "yajna hom shashthe vacho vadet"

Kesar : ab teri bari thi'My lord, in all righteous acts, in material prosperity, and in enjoyment of acts approved by the divine, I promise I will will stand by you.?

PUNDIT : "om sakhi jaradastayahga"

KESAR : My beloved, as you have walked the seven steps with me, our love and friendship is now eternal. We have attained a spiritual union blessed by god. Now you are one with me and I offer my life to you. Our marriage will be forever!?

PUNDIT : "attramshe sakshino vadet pade"

Kesar put her down and smiled as he moved around completing the final phera  ,"tujhe to kuch bhi nahi ata ..I am your pati now and you have to accept my kaahani khatam ' say 'My lord, as per the laws of God and the sanctity of the holy scriptures, I am your wife now. Whatever promises we made, were made with a pure mind. We will be truthful to each other in all matters and We will love each other forever.?",he held her chin and made her look into his eyes holding her hand tightly."Gulaal meri hai samjhe'aur meri hi rahegi'",He yelled looking around'leaving everyone shocked and flabber gasted'.He grabbed her hand dragged her towards Paan who stood there shocked ,"Chal ashirwaad le 'P ka'.",He bent down and fixing the gun at Gulaal's forehead, "Ashirwaad do P'Jaldi warna iska upar ka ticket to maine katwa hi diya'.",Kesar winked at her .Abir yelled, "Kesar tu bahut pachtayega agar Di ko ek khanroch bhi ayi to'."The other guests looked at them petrified and the guards came running and he shot another round near their feet, "Koi agey aya to Gulaal ka bheja uda dunga main TRUST ME'"

Paan 's hands shivered as she blessed them with shock .A sudden smirk ran across her face .She knew not why but she was not at all fact her eyes misted with tears


"Dekhta hun , mujhe rokta ahin ise yahan se le jane se'.",Som Singh tomar fired several rounds in the air as he dragged Paan from the crowded vivah mandap'..

Kesar left Gulaal's hand pushing her away and smirked, "Ab ja tu'.."

Gulaal touched her forehead with shock and the red sindoor from her forehead came to her hands, the magalsutra was hanging down her neck and the whole crowd stared at them bearing testimony to the seven pheras they had taken. SHE WAS HIS NOW!1 OFFICIALLY! Suddenly her being was possessed by her hero 'Her baraf wala rajkumar 'The one who had made her feel alive.She felt as if she was flying in the air as if suddenly she was on the top of mount Kilimanjaro or something.


Kesar pointed the gun at Karan's forehead, "Tujhe kya laga tha tu ye sab karke meri Gulaal ko mujhse chin payega'nahi na'Nahi kar payega'kyunki wo sirf meri hai samjah'."

Karan stared at him blankly with shock .An unknown feeling gripped him. Who could love Gulaal the way he did ?Who better than his half-blood.

"Kesar Tum Champ ko kuch mat karo'Pls pls pls..I beg you'",Gulaal stood there in front of him between Karan and Kesar.

Uff ye lagwana to main bhul hi gaya..",The light man sitting in the other room fixed his earphones and inserted the CD inside the system .

""I love your eyes Gulaal",He focussed on her eyes, "I just love the way you blink them when you are confused ,I love you nose Gulaal",He focussed her small nose, "I just love the way they twitch when you are angry  and I love your lips ,",the lens zoomed on her lips , "I love the way you pout calling me cheap and disgusting'.and'I love your ears ,"He placed his lips near her ears ,"Coz they become red and warm up when I say I love you'.",He switched off the camera and the lights  and gently covered her with a blanket  and caressed her forehead. He was constantly at war 'war with nothing. He had loved his enemy as a lover and nothing could resist his charms. And his nemesis had ended up loving him too.

He moved his face closer to her and ruffled her hair ,"I love you Gulaal. And I am so sorry'",Tears coursed down his cheeks again.

THE SCREEN IN THE HALL ILLUMINATED WITH HIS CONFESSION ' EYES TURNED AND EYES POPPED OUT OF THEIR SOCKETS the whole confession, the whole thing was right in front of everyone's eyes including Gulaal's who stood there dumbfounded .SHOCKED STUNNED AND DAZED. Tears of remorse and immense pride coursed down her cheeks as she stared at Kesar .Abir gritted his teeth in anger and was about to jump at him to hit him when suddenly Karan accidentally threw Gulaal at Kesar and yelled, "Kesar pls '.Pls ab tum Gulaal ko kidnap mat kar lean use chhod do..",Saying this he jumped at Kesar and whispered in his ears, "Khisak le yahan se TINKS ko lekar warana tera kachumar nikal denge sab log'."

"Hain'.I have a gun mujhe kisi ka dar nahi '.",Kesar whispered back trying to struggle with him

Gun k 6 round tu already fire kar chukka hai wo khali hai' Aur main samajh gaya thaw o nakli goliyan thi aur nakli gun ...samkha'khisak le TINKS ko lekar ayahan se..warana yahan sarein Jaat aur Thakur milkar ragad denge tujhe'Main yahan sab kuch sambahal lunga..",He mock punched him

"Tuje kaise pata '.",Kesar grabbed his collar ,

, " haha Chauhan hun Bachpan se bandook to pehchanta hi hun aur waise bhi injection lagane waley haath asli bandook nahi rakh sakte samkha'Soch kya raha hai Tinks ko lekar ja'.",He shook Kesar taking him aback.

"Koi agey nahi Ayega'. Warana ise goli mar dunga'TRUST ME",Kesar roared and grabbed her arm and placed his hand on her mouth and whispered in her ears ,"Tu janti hai. Main tujhe kabhi nahi marunga par tera mujh isliye band kiya taki tu apane bhai se yeh na keh sake'Ab natak band kar aur chup chap apane ghar chal warana Biology lessons mein bura haal karunga'.Aur waise bhi apne paas ab licence bhi hai na'Mrs Rawat'.Chup chap chal'.",Kesar whispered in his husky tone in his ears and kept on dragging her towards the door and yelled ,"Pinky humari dulhan to humare saath ja rahi hain. Apki dulhan apaka intezaar kar rahi hai'." He winked at him and turning around looked at PST who stood there smiling ,"P I know you love me'.And I love you too'.Kaan baad mein khinch lena'..aur baki sab log ghar jao apane..Kisi ne picha kiya to Gulaal ko goli mar dunga..TRUST ME'",Saying this he moved out and shut the door locking it from outside dragging Gulaal towards the car parking. While he could faintly hear Karan's screaming voice and smirked, "Hum tumhare hostel ka paata jante hain tumhe dhund nikalaenge samjhe 'Nikal nahi paoge tum'."

Kesar smirked,"Ahhh Racer chantu hai sala''Tujhe Hostel kaun le ja raha hai'"

"Um",Gulaal squirmed trying to free herself and in this process harshly bit his palm.

"Ouch ",He screamed , "Gosh maregi kya..Pitayi karke ji nahi bhara'."

"I hate you monster'I can't believe tum humari shaadi mein gun lekar aye':",Gulaal sulked  and hit him hard and then placed her hand on her forehead, "Gosh what was that..Chii cheap and Disgusting Kisi B GRADE Hindi movie ka climax scene tha ..Wo sab kya tha Kesar jo hua You married me on gun point '..Isse CHEAP IDEA AUR KUCH BHI NAHI HO SAKATA'.SICK '.DISGUSTING'"


"Pati ko Sick bulati hai'.Teri to..Ruk abhi'." Before  she could protest further he ducked his head and crushed his lips against hers. For some reason this made her knees turn to jelly so that his arms around her waist were the only things keeping her upright., "Kahani khatam nahi hui picture abhi baki hain meri Gulaal abhi to sirf trailer diya 'hai Aagey aur bhi cheap aur disgusting hai sab kuch ",he whispered in his husky t9one in her ears.

"I hate it when you make me weak doing this'",She kissed him back with closed eyes.

"Nahi",The thall of laddoos slipped from his hands as he could not believe what he saw in front of him.

"Chinkyyy",Gulaal and Kesar parted and stared at Chinky looking at them with wide open eyes his eyes popped out of his sockets  while the huge hall door banged behind them.

"Di tu'",Chinky's mouth parted wide open.

(RV'S CHIRP-This was the last thing on earth I had wished to see My DI LOCKING LIPS WITH THE GUNDA KEASR'KILL ME SOMEONE)

"Di tu is gunde k saath main par'",His speech became incoherent.

"Jijaji bol be..",Kesar patted his cheeks with the gun and stared at him .RV was flabbergasted. His eyes rolled eyeballs moved from Gulaal to Kesar and then to Gulaal.

"Di tu'",Chinky almost jumped out of his skin  when Gulaal nodded in the affirmative trying to hide her embarrassment.

"Chal ab sawal jawaab baad mein.. rasta chhod jane de warana jitney log aye hain na sab milkar is RAWAT KA raita banaa denge'",Kesar patted his cheek.

"Nahi'main di ko nahi jane dunga'",Chinky Held Gulaal's hands tightly.

'Kyun be ek lagaunga jhapad..",Kesar gritted his teeth.

"Main jatna hun tum mujhe mar hi nahi sakate'.Sari khudayi ek taraf joru ka bhai ek taraf main di ko nahi jane dunga ".Chinky folded his hands across his bosom

"Acha bachooo..",He gritted his teeth and then turned around to see that people were banging the door which could be broken any moment. He folded his hands and begged, "Arey yaar jane de bhik manag raha hun'."

"Ek shart par..",Chinky smiled gleefully.

KESAR : "Kya'"

 RV : "Mujhe tumhare ye goggles chahiye "

KESAR : "ye le mere baap(He removed his goggles and threw it at him)

RV "aur ye space boots '

KESAR : "ye bhi le'."(He threw away his shoes one by one)

RV  :Aur ye shirt'(He smirked)

KESAR :Hain nanga parade karawayega kya'(He gritted hisc teeth)

RV  :Haan'.utaro nahi to'.

KESAR :Ye le ab jaun'.(Kesar unbuttoned his shirt irritated and threw it at RV )

RV  :Nahi pehle dola re dola pe dance karo'

KESAR :Gulaal main rakh k dunga ise ..bata raha hun'(Kesar clutched RV's collar)

 GULAAL :Aye main nahi jaungi jab tak mere bhai k shartein puri nahi hoti'(She chuckled triumphantly)

KESAR :Tujhe bahut bhari keemat chukani hogi samjhi tu Gulaal'(Kesar said shooting glared hexes at her )

(KESAR'S CONFESSION- I swear I would  make Gulaal pay for this 'Ahhh I SO WANTED TO HIT THAT Chandramukhi..but nah he was RIGHT Sari khudyi ek taraf BLAH BLAH'.Jisne bhi ye khawat banayi hai uski to'')

He moved  as if pretending to dance  a bit as RV played the song from Devdas in his mobile phone and captured his dance moves.Kesar gritted his teeth and clenched his fist,"Ab jaun mere baap'." He then turned at Gulaal ,"Chun chun k badala lunga tujhse is atayachaar ka'."

 RV  : Haah ab jao'..(After capturing his dance moves he uploaded it on Facebook and rolled his eyes victoriously)


RV  : Di I love you'.(He hugged Gulaal with tears in his eyes and whispered, "Karan was good but he is the BEST'KESAR ROCKS!!I LOVE HIM!!)

"I love you too'meri tutu ,cheeku ka khayal rakhna aur ache se padhna'.",She hugged him and cried

"Arey Chal",kesar pulled her hand.

"Aur haan Machliyon ko time pe khana dena'",Gulaal hugged him again.

"Arey yAr kya chahti hai main 500 lohon k saath nahi lad sakta RAJNIKANT nahi hun na':",Chal meri Ma'.",Kesar begged her.

"Aur haan tutu ko jyda ganda mat karna aur raat ko jyda der tak internet pe chatting mat karna",she ruffled his hair

"Yar hum kalapani nahi ja rahe do char din mein aa jayenge chalti hai ki dun ek rakhke'.",Kesar gripped her shoulders.

"Meri di ko haath lagaya to main'",RV sulked ,haan di tu fikr mat kar ..main sab theek se yaad rakhunga'."

"Arghh agar tumhare kutte billi maina tota k barein mein discuss ho gaya ho to chalein'.",Kesar kick started his bike in anger stomping his feet in anger .

Gulaal sat behind him and waved a good bye to RV who yelled, "Time being k liye chhod diya Jijaji. Me Di k bina nahi reh sakta hun'.Sari zindagi tumhare gale hi pada rahunga "

"Thank God Hum yahan se bhag rahe hain warana mere biology lessons ki zarur ye watt laga deta'",He smirked and drove off at high speed and Gulaal blushed like a rose behind him.


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HI GUYS UPDATED A super duper long chappi..another journey coming to an end.I feel a little emotional...Thank you so much everyone who loved this STORY..Hope you like the way I shaped this up EAGERLY WAITING FOR YOUR FEEDBACKS*HUGS*HugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug

@ all

Am so elated reading your comments..Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments..Guys I am really sorry for replying individually..I hope you can excuse me for that coz it becomes very difficult to type ,post and reply chappies daily..But still m trying my best to cope up..Choory guys...CryI read each and every comment with equal enthusiasm and its the love of yours that keeps me elated.Thank you so muchHug

.M loving all the comments from you all.New readers thank you so much...Muahhh Great to have you all here...Thank youHug

Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Ramya,Arti.Poo .Silver fairy ,Skittle,samia,Kayte,kalika.Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments.If anyone wants PM's do buddy me..Also I have decided to do regular I mean daily Updates...They will be shorter but regular..Hope you are fine with this.Do let me know.Anymore SILENT LOVERS I mean READERS Please come out..Its fun out here...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
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waitingDay Dreaming updated my comments for 16 and res for 17Embarrassed

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Awsome Chapter.
Kesar&Gulaal Finally Got Married. Again Kesar Had To Use A Gun During His Own Wedding.

Waiting For The Final Chapter. (:

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poo_j IF-Rockerz

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OMG!!! What a filmy style marriage!!! Clap too good!!! Loved it!!!Big smile First it was totally shocking but when Karan said its all drama..LOL then only whole fun began..Gulaal too enjoyed it to the core..Kesar is just amazing!!! The way RV took his revenge was so hilarious..ROFL

Looking forward and thanks for writing an outstanding update..Smile

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