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Thank you guys for loving and reading this..Though the readers are getting scarce day by day but still a BIG hugs to those who still clung on...Thank you so much everyone .Hug...So here is the next update mostly FLASHBACKS!! So hope u r not disappointedConfused

@ all

Am so elated reading your comments..Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments..Guys I am really sorry for replying individually..I hope you can excuse me for that coz it becomes very difficult to type ,post and reply chappies daily..But still m trying my best to cope up..Choory guys...CryI read each and every comment with equal enthusiasm and its the love of yours that keeps me elated.Thank you so muchHug

.M loving all the comments from you all.New readers thank you so much...Muahhh Great to have you all here...Thank youHug

Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Ramya,Arti.Poo .Silver fairy ,Skittle,samia,Kayte,kalika.Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments.If anyone wants PM's do buddy me..Also I have decided to do regular I mean daily Updates...They will be shorter but regular..Hope you are fine with this.Do let me know.Anymore SILENT LOVERS I mean READERS Please come out..Its fun out here...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
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Wow!!!Clap Outstanding,intriguing and emotional!!! While reading the first para somewhere I was sure that Kesar would not do anything wrong to Gulaal and harm her..And that is what exactly happened!!! The best thing in this update is Kesar realized his love for Gulaal and how he took on Negi!!!Clap Awesome!!!

Looking forward and thanks for writing a fantastic update..Smile

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it was really  a nice chapter piu.

so he was full on revenge mode..hmm spying cameras..scary

but eventually loves wins over revenge.
the emotional turmoil which kesar was going through was described well..especially  the way u narrated his flashbacks..this chapter had so many parallels from the original show..
the descriptions reminded me of the scene,where kesar is totally shattered when gulaal says she will leave him forever..the reaction we got in the show was somewhat similar to this...roaming in his room..all sweaty and breathless...unable to tame the emotions...not knowing what has happened to him..and when Negi comes we get the classic confession lines..superb piu..

now what will Negi was disheartening that he could not understand his this what is called friendship???? and the line where kesar says we did ur gulaami for 15 years..that was again a revelation...i hope their friendship turns beyond these petty things..

waiting for the next update Embarrassed

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RULE NO .16 -Love is like a puzzle.  When you're in love, all the pieces fit but when your heart gets broken, it takes a while to get everything back together



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"What do you do when the one person you want comfort from the most is the one who caused your pain? How can I want so desperately for him to wrap me up in his arms but also want so much for him to leave me alone." 
----Amanda Grace,But I love him

The subtle breeze of the early monsoon morning brought the soggy aroma of freshly damp dewy grass through the screened windows of the room. The sound of birds chirping in the early morning light mingled softly with the sounds of the temple bells coming from nearby .Awakening from her contented slumber, she opened her eyes, feeling as light as a feather, her vision hazy and her mind disoriented. A sharp stinging pain made her fingers reach out for her forehead, the whole room twirled around in a huge circle as she tried to accommodate her eyes focussing where she was. The jolt was so violent that she held the edge of the bed tightly and the other hand touched him. The touch was familiar .Her heart instantly recognised it.She smiled slowly opening her eyes and the sight invoked in her a squeal of unadulterated delight. There she saw him as snug as a bug in a rug, the dangerous devil sleeping peacefully curled up near her waist holding her tightly. A huge smile of contentment widened an inch every passing second and she gently touched his cheeks.

He woke up with a scream,"Gulaal'."

She giggled,"M here'."

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-What a beautiful morning it was. I saw her face, her lithe grace, and her resplendent sparkling eyes. I saw her in a complete new light. I knew I loved her and the feeling was so pure that it induced a mild tug in my heart'.)

"Ahhh My head hurts ", she complained in her crystalline tone breaking his brief admiration spree as she continued,"I think it's becoz of the drinks'"

"Ya",Kesar mumbled trying hard to hide his own guilt which threatened to make him cry every second, "I will get you coffee sweetheart", Placing a small warm peck on her soggy and supple cheeks he got up from the blanket only to stopped by her as she held his hand, "Wo Kesar'Kal raat'",She mustered up enough courage trying to mask her uneasiness which was easily manifested by her  flushing cheeks which were a shade darker than the pink peaches blooming in the courtyard outside.

Biting her lips, and curling her toes ,"Wwo Kal raat kya hua..I don't remember anything'."

Kesar nodded his head in amusement and walked towards her looking at her with a sheepish wicked grin, "Kal Raat", While he spoke, his fingertips touched her neck, "Kal raat kuch bhi to nahi hua'.Kuch bhi nahi'Tune daru pi aur Talli hokar so gayi'.",He burst laughing .

Gulaal pouted her lips in confusion, "Hawww Kuch bhi nahi'",she nodded her head in disbelief checking herself .The clothes were in their place .Everything seemed ok pretty much.

"You know what Gulaal. I want you to look in my eyes jab bhi kuch ho'It has to be the most beautiful moment of our life..---The moment whose memories should be captured by your own eyes. Saying this , his warm lips brushed against her eyelids .

Gulaal sighed in happiness .He gently whispered in her  ears, "But I stared at your nice and sexy legs for a long long time'."

"Chi Disgusting kahin k'.",She pushed him back and ran towards the bathroom a little wobbling ,feeling very uneasy and giddy headed.

"Go freshen up ..I ll get you coffee..phir bahut sari batein karni hai'..",he yelled behind her.

He whipped the coffee with the beater and sung happily. He had nothing to fear anymore. He was content, he was happy in fact elated. The darkness of the night had vanished ,so did the darkness of his heart. It was a new dawn and that too a happy one ,"JaLDI KAR Gulaal",He called her.

Her head still reeled but she smiled,In fact wobbled a little hearing his call ,hastened so much that she almost slipped ,her feet tied in a wire'and CRASH'.the mirror came out from the bathroom wall due to the pull on the wire and Gulaal's curious eyes fell on a lens'

"Kya hua'" , Kesar asked worried.

"Kuch nahi wo just ..aisa hi..I am fine'",She got up in haste and carefully examined the lens'HER HEART ALMOST FELL THUD LOUDLY AND HER FACE TURNED AS PALE AS IF SHE HAD SEEN A GHOST.

"no no ..Something is wrong", She pacified herself ,though her mind dreaded something awful'.

She folded the wire with her hands and trailed to where it led'Each step of hers uncertain. Each step of making her tremble with fear. A cold clammy sweat broke out of her skin as she opened the other door towards the other  room'.Her steps wobbled and her head reeled. SHE STOPPED DEAD IN HER TRACKS'..The computer screen was blank and another handy cam was kept beside it.Her eyes refused to believe what she saw, her mind refused to react. She stood there like a statue trembling for a few seconds. Her fingers extended and trembled as she switched it on '.

"play from the start", HER FINGER CLICKED ON THE ICON ''.The wire slipped from her hand and the camera which she had got from the hand slipped too'.She was numbed and fell on the floor lifeless. Her eyes were  wide apart. Her heart wrung in intolerable anguish. Breathing heavily she nervously switched off the screen within a few seconds. WHAT SHE SAW SHE COULD HAVE NEVER EVEN IMAGINED IN HER WORST NIGHTMARES!!She saw herself pouting at the bathroom mirror.

Everything around her seemed to be shattering. The blood supply to her brain seemed to be cut short as she gasped for air''The walls around her felt collapsing and she felt as someone had pulled the earth beneath her feet and trapped her in a quick sand where she found herself thinking.


"The plan is to ruin you forever'",his voice danced in her ears with playful lust as he turned her towards him . . His left hand came up and caressed her cheek and his fingers entangled themselves in the lengths of hair that poured over her elegant ear, "The plan is to ruin you for life'."

His words echoed in her ears .She lost count of time and space refusing to believe what she saw, refusing to understand what all this meant .

"No ...this can't be. No this can't be'.No this can't be'..",she muttered ,she slapped her herself, pinched herself muffling a loud cry trying hard to shut her eyes trying to make herself believe that she will wake up from this nightmare in her Kesar's arms. She rubbed her forehead vigorously trying to recall what happened .only some faint voice echoed in her ears. Visions hazy but the voice was clear'.


'.I feel safe with you'.. and I trust you'..sach'.I really trust you'.mujhe kabhi apne aap se alag mat karna main ji nahi paungi sach..ab tumhare bina jine ki adat nahi rahi'"

Gulaal placed her hands on her mouth as her mind reeled. She felt as if she had been struck with a lightening.


Last aur sabse important rule..never ever'Samjhi never ever TRUST ME SWEETHEART'.."


She sat there lifeless ,TIRED ,too shocked to react like a numb statue.

"Kya hua Gulaal jaldi kar",the baritone of his voice brought her back to the real world.She looked around scared, got up quickly and taking out the CD which she dared not watch again ran towards the bathroom, wobbling and trembling in fear.

"Kab se wait kar raha tha main'",he turned around to the sound of footsteps but to his surprise he saw what he had not expected, "Negi tu'."

Before he could complete his sentence ,Negi rushed towards him and hugged him, "Mujhe maaf kar de Kesar mujhe maaf kar de. Tu sahi tha. I am so sorry'..",He shook in his embrace.

Kesar parted from him and smiled, "its ok'Tum era dost hai ..main janta tha tu ek na din mujhe zarur samjhega'.",Kesar smiled ,"PAR TU ABHI JA Gulaal ne dekh liya to use shaq ho jayega badi mushkil se maine use paya hai main nahi chahta ki use ab koi bhi dukh pahunche '

Hearing some voices Gulaal after passing some miserable moments in the bathroom opened the door and peeped through it.

Negi glanced sideways and a wicked smile gripped him and he took out 500 rupee from his pocket, "ise rakh le Kesar'.."

"Kya hai yeh..",Kesar gave him a confused look completely unaware that Gulaal was peeping through the door right behind him.

"Arey teri shart k'Akhir maan gaye tujhe tune hi to kaha tha ek din Gulaal khud apne hothon se tere zakhmon pe marham rakhegi '.tune apni shart akhir jeet hi li hai na..tu use akhir yahan tak le hi aya wo bhi yun ek hi bed pe..COOL DUDE!! Hai to ekdum'..Ye le 500 rupaye'..",he shoved that note in his pocket.

Kesar looked him shocked and Gulaal could not hear anything anymore. She shut the door quickly and placed her hands on her mouth muffling her cry .Without warning she broke into hysterical tears. The tears which made her feel excruciated. Her head spun with nausea and a terrible pain. She vomited uncontrollably

Is tarah ka ghatiya Mazak mujhe pasand nahi chal ja yahan se Negi tu kabhi nahi sudhar sakta..chala ja isse pehle main tujhe maar dun'.",he slapped him hard and Negi smiled victoriously and walked away.

"Gulaal",He knocked the door ,"kya hua itna time kyun lag raha hai coffee thandi ho jayegii'"

Gulaal wiped her tears now fully alert. She was caught in a whirlpool and kept sinking gradually. She wanted to run and cry loudly. Hate swept her off her feet. She quickly breathed a heavy sigh and with blazing eyes decided to open the door.

"Tu kitna time leti hai'.",His warm smile welcomed her as she walked sceptically her one hand behind her back clutching on to it..The iron handle of the bathroom mop'She stared at him walking with uncertain wobbling steps.

"Ah You look so beautiful in this kurta'.",He pulled her hand and crushed her in his arms. Gulaal's muscles stiffened and she pushed him back with all her might and hit him hard with the mop,"You bas***d'Kya kiya tumne'.Kya kiya tumne haan''YOU filmed me without my clothes,You'showed it to your frnds'or you let your frnds touch me'Kya kiya tumne Kesar'.",Her eyes burned with rage as she hit him madly ,"Kyun kiya'Kyun kiya,'..Kyun kiya aias'..",Hitting him madly she cried bitterly.

Kesar looked utterly shocked, his tears betrayed him ."Gulaal main'.." , .His voice cracked as shame swamped over him. He slumped wearily on the floor and stretched out his legs while Gulaal kicked him madly.He tried to get up and held her in his arms while she struggled, "Gulaal ye sab sab sach nahi hai..Mujhe samjhane ka mauka to do'."

She slapped him hard punching his face and grbbed his collar, "Kya samjhaoge tum Kesar'.Kya'.Main to khud hi sab kuch tumhe khud hi saunpne chali ti..phir ye sab kyun'.Kyun kiya yeh'Mujhese badla lene k liye,Mere bhai se badla lene ke liye ,Ya desiyon se 'Kyun Kesar kyun..",Her voice quivered as she kept on slapping him and he stood there silently bearing the brunt of her rage'.

Suddenly everything around started reeling and she placed her hand on her head wobbling as the effect of the pill had not left her .She parted her mouth in horror,"You bas***d..You drugged me..You bloody laced my drinks'Maine tumpe itna bharosa kiya'",Her feet wobbled and she was almost about to topple on the ground when Kesar ran towards her and held her,"Sambhal k Gulaal '.Tu gir jayegi'."

"Gira to tumne mujhe diya Kesar. Tumne mujhe gira diya'..",She stared at his face with blazing scornful eyes. Kesar felt as if her eyes stabbed him.

"Gulaal please..Trust me'Main tumm".,He tried to hug her.She pushed him hard and his head hit the table. Blood oozed from his forehead and she yelled at him, "Trust'Tumhi ne kaha than a tum par kabhi bharosa na karu'..You called me a wh**e Kesar and You made me one'..500 rs'.Bloody 500 rs'kam se kam keemat to sahi laga li hoti''You made your GULAAL A BLOODY wh**e'.",She cried bitterly and kicked him again .

"Chiii'Gulaal 'Chhiii'Tu mujhe itna gira hua samjhti hai''.Tu apne Kesar ko itna''Maine kuch nahi kiya..I swear'.Main tujse py'",kesar grabbed her shoulders

"Chup ho jao'Koi bhi acaha word tumhare muh se gali lagta hai''",kyun kiya tumne aias "..Kyun kiya'tumne aias Kyun kiya'She clutched his collar  and slopped on to the floor crying'..For a long time no one uttered a word.An unnatural calm descended in the room. He rolled on the floor with anguish beside her  .His body continued to be racked in agonised sobs .He cried and cried until his head flopped on the floor.

Gulaal rent the silence of the room with anguish and her wailings seemed to rise from the depths of the earth. He looked at her with guilt and Came and hug her, "Mujhe maaf kar de'."

"Mat chuo mujhe'LEAVE ME'.Kesar'.",Gulaal lookeda t him petrified scared still unsure what he wanted.

"Gulaal please,", He tried to hold her but she kicked him hard, "Get off me'samjhe '.."and started struggling scratching his face in anxiety.

Kesar kept  on trying to stop her. Gulaal I am not going to hurt you..Meri baat to sun'Main tujhe nuksaan nahi pahuncahunga'.Sun", His cries got worse but Gulaal got up and grabbing hold of the iron handle of the mop hit him again. He screamed with pain howling.

She placed her hand on her mouth and rushed towards him ,"Kesar'."

Kesar grabbed her hand and said, "Gulaal listen'"

His eyes made her angry again and she kicked him, "I hate you'.",She stuffed the CD in her purse and was about to run away when Kesar groaning in pain and with tears in his eyes crawled towards her ,unable to get up. His heart beating beneath his hurt ribs and in desperation he grabbed her feet, "Gulaal pls mujhe chhod k mat ja'Main tere bina ji..nahi paunga'Meri baat bas ek baar sun le mujhe bas ek baar maaf kar de,'.maine kuch nahi

kiya…Tu mujhe galat samajh rahi hai…..",He clutched her feet so hard that she feel o0n the floor..

"gulaal"…,he screamed and Gulaal became scared as he tried to hold her. In desperation ,her hands reached out for the flower vase which lied held broken on the ground in this ruckus. She grabbed it and smashed it on Kesar's head….,"Go rot in hell……",She screamed and cried, "I hate you…I hate you….."

Blood oozed out from his head as his eyes drooped watching her run away ,her feet marking her footsteps in his blood and his voice muffled as he extended his hands and mumbled before becoming unconscious," Maine kuch nahi kiya…Gulaal. I just lo……"

Gulaal turned around and fell on the floor crying .Her mouth parted in horror as she quickly dialled a no, "Hello ambulance….",She cried loudly unable to understand why she did so….

She tightly shut the door behind her .Closing all the windows too she locked herself and cried out aloud. The house of her dreams had been burnt and reduced to cinders and all that was left were its ashes. She was not a phoenix who could rise from this state of shock. She threw her purse away and looked at herself in the mirror. Her heart choked and she vigorously rubbed her face with damp tisssues.She felt offended .She wiped herself vigorously rubbing her hands and face as she remembered Kesar. Her hands shivered ,her feet wobbled, eyes misted with tears. The box fell from her hands ,but still his fragrance and warm balmy touch did not leave her for a second. The fragrance which she loved lingered on her body .In madness she threw away her kurta and fell on the floor crying her heart out. Hours passed in the orgy of despair and trauma, "I hate you she kept on mumbling"

The dusk approached and the birds returned to their safe havens. But with her no one was there. She knew he was safe, She ensured ,he reached the hospital, She even waited till Twinkle arrived but did not turn back after that. Her heart wept for his plight but she was stern now, In fact nickel plated.

A fury gripped her as she recalled his betrayal. Hatred for the only man she ever loved overpowered her. "I hate you Kesar I just hate you…",She cried miserably recalling each and every moment she had spent with him.

"zzz",The phone  had not stopped buzzing, She finally gathered the courage to answer it.

"Tinks….",The voice answered.

"Champ…",She could not say anything anymore. And broke into hysterical tears.

"Tinks..Tu ro kyun rahi hai..Tu to…Kesar se…..Tune hi to kaha tha you 're gonna listen to ur heart…kya baat hai…",Karan's curious voice buzzed in her ears.

"Kesar Kesar kaun Kesar main kis bhi Kesar ko nahi janti…",She choked and cried.

"Tinks..Kya baat hai…main ..",Karan choked in horror.

"Champ…bina kuch kahe bina kuch puche kya main tumse kuch mang sakti hun….",Gulaal wiped her tears.


"pata hai..Tujh jaisi ladkiyon ko kya kete hain..You Bloody wh**e…."


"Champ…Mujhse shadi kar lo…I want to leave this place …jitni jaldi ho sake within 2 days..Kaise hoga kya hoga main nahi janti…Par itna to haq hai na mera main tumse ye mang sakun….Koi swala mat puchna bas…..I beg you…..",She cried out…

"Tinks..par….",Karan tried to reason…

"Mian kuch nhai janti….Mian kuch nahi janti….Main bas itna janti hunk i main tumse kuch mang rahi hun….gar tum nahi maan sakte to…",Gulaal pleaded him….


"No no Tinks….Tu galat samjh rahi hai..Anything for u my princess tu pareshan nah o….Just leave everything to me…..",Karan had tears in his eyes as he kept down the phone.

Gulaal wiped her tears and muttered,"I am not a wh**e Kesar Rawat…I will have a beautiful life…Like My Dad…Champ's babuji always wanted …..I ahte you …..I am not a wh**e..You cannot ruin me like this….."

She took out the CD from her purse and threw it in her almirah coz she could not summon enough courage to watch it…..


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i donno what to comment...this is so heart breaking
that jerk negi has to come there at that right moment na Angry
every thing went against kesar..but he only invited this.

poor gulaal ...i can understand her
but why is she making karan pay for it..that is  so selfish attitude

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Love it Heart and dw flashbacks are always good...going down memory lane

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