SS~|Ishq par zor nahi|~EPILOGUE -PG 60 15TH JAN (Page 53)

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hi piu...

this last chappi was very he kidnapped her to take her to dad's home...gosh he is so unpredicatable.. gulaal's outburst was emotional particularly where she thinks about her white rajkumar...awww kesar has perfectly worn a white he is the prince of our princess...
the way uniyal explained about her dad died all alone was very depressing...poor gulaal how much she would have got hurt..finally she has realised kesar's love for her and vice versa..i liked how kesar allowed to let her tears out..

and the hug awww... it was damn romantic...and finally we get to see Ija...interesting...i had a trouble imagining ija's face coz u made gulaal's mother as paan baa...LOL
update soon...

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PiuHugRes for all the chapters that I missed CryIt is going to take some time as I have a lot to coverCry

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Apologies,I am still trying to get back to routine after three weeks of holidays,and although I managed to read your updates I was actually unable to put up my comments  so here I am finally,one update at time…..starting with chapter 13...

Reading the starting where seemingly drunk Karan is asking Gulaal for marriage ,he was as sure about the futility of the question as Gulaal was about her confusion, he wanted to hear the truth and by now I guess he was prepared for it,it was her that had to take that final step ,which she did when apologising to him,Rewa was just bang on…laying the facts in front of her in black and white…..

You described the penalty kick and subsequent goal so brilliantly, as if the game just came to life in front of my eyes also that typical Kesarish gesture afterwards and oh so predictable Gulaal jealousy for seemingly indifferent person according to her hehehe…

I loved Kesar's departure from the field he made just a big show of it,God this guy can resort to any measure for his Gulaal na, handing over a final match to juniors on the platter…Kesu aisa nahi karte…you have some responsibilities towards your mates too….

The kidnapping and  the perfect setting for the near ahem,ahem was so beautiful,Gulaal in denial initially as always and then relenting,beaten by her own desires and wants,really loved how he stops the moment she asks once,all his toughness just disappears in one moment when she brings those tears in her eyes,ahh these two, unique piece hai…..

Gulaal is such a lallu here,Kesar way to go man..teach her science…gosh that was so funny..amazing stuff…..and that challenge well high time to prove and stop her from using that same excuse to stop him everytime,I really want him to prove to her,though it's clear to everyone who knows her that she is totally,completely and irrevocably in love with him….

And he is such a charmer,getting his way wherever he likes,and the way  P dances on his tune,is there any surprise that her daughter and one son have already fallen for this affable and charming guy…Going to update comments for next chapter now….

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RULE NO .15 -"When we know love matters more than anything, and we know that nothing else REALLY matters, we move into the state of surrender. Surrender does not diminish our power, it enhances it."

"The worst thing you can do for love is deny it; so when you find that special someone, don't let anyone or anything to get in your way."So do not deny love Accept it!!


STATUS :Ekdum tana tan maintained

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The architecture was singular and quaint. She lowered her head a bit as she entered the wonderfully cosy Village hut. Removing her slippers and her head bent down, she stepped inside, the carpet, fine and hand woven covering the wooden flooring was spread across the dimly lit room. The house was lonely serene in the vicinity of the hills. The wooden fence covered the area all around and the echoes of the rushing waters of the river screamed in the haunting silence. The thatch warmed it finely after being warmed by the cosy sun rays. The winds were rustling through the majestic tall chir forests but the huge room was warmed by the small hearth. The logs burned and the fire crackled .Gulaal was stunned and overwhelmed .The small yet comfortable room was plastered with mountain mud, which gave it an unusual warmth and the beautiful patterns with colours etched on the walls added to the beauty and charm of the place .Taking a stroll around the huge area around the hut and small cowshed nearby, Gulaal pulled up the zip of her jacket and rubbed her palms. The fresh aroma of the 'paranthas filled her nostrils as she observed Kesar's mother- a beautiful lady with apple red cheeks ,eyes a bit tired yet a freshly cherubic face cooking at one corner of the room.

After a series of arguments and coaxing, Kesar's Mom had finally won and they were to spend the night there only.

(TINKY'S TWEET-There was so much silence and beauty everywhere. Though very small but the house was filled with warmth and love. Lights radiated illuminating her dazzling face, Kesar's Mom was beautiful'Had she smiled the world would have smiled with her, had she cried the world would have sighed. Who on earth could not fall for her charms. And what kind of a demon he would have been who had cursed her this way'.)

"Arey wahan kyun khadi hai Cheli (Beti)andar aa na'",Spreading her warm balmy smile she rolled her pin on the dough and called Gulaal inside .

"Offo Ye light ko bhi abhi jana tha'.",She cursed ,stomping her foot and the within seconds the Room became bright again with thelight of the lantern.

"Arey aunty mujhe dijiye main banati hun..",Gulaal smiled sitting behind her ,she  tried to snatch the rolling pin from her and after a brief struggle just happily rolled out perfect paranthas .The chulha was crackling ,the smoke billowed.

"Arey tu khana bhi bana leti hai. Twinkle ko to kuch bhi nahi ata",Ija's mouth parted in wonder. Her eyes squeezed as she scrutinized Gulaal from tip to toe .She never appeared to her as those types who could cook but seeing Gulaal roll out the perfect round paranthas her heart instantly warmed up.

"Kitni soni cheli hai..",She placed her hand gently ruffling Gulaal's hair and continued, "Twinkle to ekdum bhondu hai'.Gol ki jagah bharat ka naksha bana deti hai. Kuch bhi nahi ata use'..",She smacked her forehead and creased her brows ,her face frowned.

"Ata kaise '",Spreading his infectious smile ,Kesar too entered and sat beside both of them in the small kitchen area in the same room. , "Aaajkal iske bhai k saath jo ghum rahi hai'Dhyan kaise rahega'.",Dipping his hands in the bottle of pickle he slurped and licked his fingers.

Chii..Plate mein lekar kha'.",Ija smacked his hand and rubbed the bridge of her nose and stuffing her mouth with a ball made from her pallu ,her mouth parted in wonder and horror, "Hain par'Maine to socha tha teri shaadi'ab aba kya hoga Kesar'."

"Hahahhah Ija ab to lagta hai  koi aur dhundni padegi na'.",His teeth gleamed in a dark evil smile as he started at Gulaal and winked at her surreptitiously, "Kyun Gulaal'"

"Haan ye to bahut chinta ki baat hai'. Ab Ladki kahan se laun'",Kesar's mother wiped the fine droplets of sweat from her forehead and fried the paranthas with her ladle.

"Kyun Gulaal hai na'.",Kesar said with a grin almost shocking everyone. Gulaal's hands froze and she would have literally jumped out of her skin but he continued, "Ye dhund degi Ladki'Kyun Gulaal",He said with a leer. Gulaal rolled her eyes at his accentuated playfulness

"Aunty rehne dijiye aise pagal se kaun shadi karega'.Jo karegi uski kismet bahut kharab hogi hain na'Kahegi kaise pagal ke chakkar mein phans gayi hahahhahah",Gulaal winked at him bashfully taking him aback with her flamboyant mannerisms .

"Haan ye to hai pagal'..",Ija joined in her laughter and Kesar was annoyed.

"Theek hai to main jata hun yahan se ",He got up in haste ,stomping his foot  he marched out, "dono milkar khub burayi kar l o meri'",He gritted his teeth.

"Arey beta sun to..Kesuda'.",Ija kept calling but Kesar walked out, "Uff Dekha itna gussa ata hai ise '.Kaun sambhalega ise mere  jane k baad'",A lone tear escaped her eyes as she continued frying the paranthas.Gulaal stared at her carefully, her hands were rough ,her were silent which carefully manifested that she worked from morning till midnight to make ends meet. The salt and pepper hair curls flew near her face as she lost in her own world and a worry accidentally was about to touch the hot tawa ,but Gulaal clutched her hand at the right moment, "Aunty ..hath jal jayega'."

"Huh..Jiski puri zindagi hi jali ho..Use'",She suddenly realized what she was speaking and cleared her throat,  "Arey ye kya aunty aunty laga rakha hai..Ija keh na..",She placed her hands lovingly 9on Gulaal's forehead.

"Par..",Gulaal looked at her confused

"Ija yane Maa'main teri ma jaisi  hi to hun na' hain na'.",She wrapped up Gulaal in her arms and Gulaal's tears welled up as she curled on her bosom.'

The night had set in 'The dusk had faded and last of its miraculous hues had been consumed by the night. The crickets sang and the mist had settled in the valley beneath. Her footsteps hurried and walking a few steps away from the hut she just stepped inside ,her feet rustling on the dry hay heaps scattered everywhere

"Kesar main paranthey ..layi'.",She stopped dead in her tracks as before her stood a sight which was far more amusing and consuming than anything she had seen in her entire life until now .

"Dekh theek se chara khaya kar'..aur tu thoda kam ghuma kar patli hoti ja rahai hai'.",Kesar sat there right in the lonely cowshed milking and talking his heart out with the cows who with their moist eyes and nose stared at him and nodded their heads tinkling the tiny beels tied around their necks. He seemed to be really enjoying himself.

"Waise ..wo jo ladki ayi hai Gulaal achi hai na'.",He patted one of them and muttered near her ears.

The cow nodded her head ,mowed and turned her face away

 (TINKY'S TWEET'I was  AMAZED LOOKING AT THE BOY I MEAN THE MAN IN FRONT OF ME..I had loathed him,I had screamed at him  but  he was a man in his own way. He had worked himself every step and rose up to what he was today with sheer industry. His hatred I could understand, his anger I could feel'My eyes instantly lit up with admiration looking at the man with a golden heart coz that very moment I knew that he was still a child at heart.)

(Kesar's Confession-Ever since I walked on this planet., The only thing which I heard was abuses and the only emotion I felt was pain but this cowshed and the cows were one bright spot in my miserable and monotonous life. My only other amusement was grumbling, had the cows not been there in my life, I would have surely died someday

"Awww Acha chal ab naraz mat ho  'Tu abhi bhi meri favourite hai. Par Gulaal se ankhein nahi hatti kya karun maan ja na Please'.jaldi aya karunga'.aab maan bhi ja..",kesar rubbed her neck and kissed her horns.

Gulaal could not control herself anymore and burst into a hysterical laughter,"hahahhahahhaha OMG'.the big dada of the college the leader of the pahadi grp'Is milking cows' hahahhahahhahahahhahaha..aur tum inse batein bhi kar rahe ho hahahhahahahhahahah",Keeping the plate on the heap of dried golden hay she folded her hands across her bosom and giggled.

"Bakwas mat kar..",His cheeks flushed with embarrassment  and he  narrowed his eyes in anger, "aur chup khi khi kar k daant dikhana band karo'.aur kisi ko batana mat wahan'.",He muttered raising her eyebrows.

"Nahi bataungi'",Gulaal placed her hands on his cheeks and pulled them , "awww SHO chweet'..Coochie poo'.par ye tumhari batein samjhti hain'.",She creased her brows in wonder.

"Haan kyun nahi yeh sabhi to mere friends hain. Tu milegi'.aja'"his countenance lit up with a childlike glee ,his innocent face lit up with a strange soft radiance .With excitement in his tiny eyes and smile as wide as the English channel he pulled her introducing her to all the cows.

"Dekho'ye rewdi,ye dewdi aur '",Kesar dragged her towards the cows but Gulaal ducked behind him clutching his shoulders sacred for a while

"Dekh na'.",He extended and pulled her closer.

"Owww'.",Gulaal squealed and jumped back scared pulling her hand back.

"AREY tum sab desi pagal hotey ho.",Kesar giggled loudly and mocked Gulaal, ".ye cow hai'koi demon nahi jo kaat legi '"

Gulaal stared at him in amazement and was suddenly lost in her own sweet memories.


"Dad Dad'mere piche cow aa rahi hai bachao'.",Gulaal squealed in horror ,her pigtails bobbed behind her back as she ran and a cow walked in a laid back gait towards her.

"AREY meri gudiya rani'"Som picked her in his arms, "Cow demon thode hi na hai'.Jo kaat legi''"

She curled like a blob on his chest and closed her eyes in fear. The fear was all gone coz she was in the arms which had always been a safe haven for her.

"Kya hua  kya sochne lagi'",He snapped his fingers in front of her eyes

"Tumhe desi logon se bahut nafrat hai na'",She said thoughtfully

"Hain achanak kyun'.",Kesar looked at her confused.

"Bas yun hi soch rahi thi.. tumhari nafrat ki wajah jayaz hai'par Ek desi mere Dad bhi the jinhone pahad k liye hum sab ko chhod diya'.To kya main tum sab pahadiyon se nafrat karne lagun'.",Gulaal said in a flow and then there was COMPLETE SILENCE between both of them.Her whole heart fluttered with agony and lament while Kesar's heart thumped with pangs of guilt. He hated desis and all that he wanted from Gulaal after she had snubbed him was REVENGE. But  REALLY ? Was he just seeking revenge from her?. Her words pierced his heart. There was HIS FATHER who dumped them and then there was another desi'Gulaal's father who embraced his kinds even at the cost of sacrificing his own happiness'.Are all DEsis REALLY BAD ? Kesar's head reeled in confusion and guilt.

Gulaal sensed his unease and she blurted trying to change the topic, "Ye dono kaun hai yahan kone mein..",She pointed towards an ox and a cow chewing cud in one corner of the shed, " Ye kitney cute hain ",She crushed his arms and coming near his ears whispered ,"Awww"

Her wild warm breaths fanned near his ears and he looked at her beautiful face bubbling with excitement. His heart flipped instantly and a wave of need gripped him again. He turned towards her and held her slender palm in his big ones.

"Arey ye dono'..YE KAJU AUR KEERTHI HAIN'Humesha saath saath'." ,He winked at her, "bilkul humari tarah",Even before Gulaal could react ,he caught her in a wild embrace and caressed her face, " ek dusre se alag reh hi nahi patey '."Squeezing her waist  he placed warm pecks on her both cheeks make her flush with anxiety.

"Ahah'Tumhe bas mauka chahiye na'..",She hit him with her fists and blushed furiously ,her cheeks turning from pink to red to scarlet red.

"See", He pulled her closer, " I worship and respect science to beech beech mein revision hotey rehna chahiye'",saying this with his dark sinister eyes ,he pierced his gaze on her and crushed his lips against hers.

"Ahhh ..You're such a brute. She pushed  him back, " Chiii I hate you'.Disgusting'." and ran away

"Aye'.Tu'.Cheating kar rahi hai. Not fair'ab mera kaam kaise chalega'",He yelled stomping his feet.Gulaal stuck out her tongue and teased him, "Tch tch tch..Paranthey khao ,gehri saans lo thanda paani pio aur so jao hahah",She ran way spreading her bubbling effervescent charm everywhere as Kesar watched her helplessly completely dazed.

She dressed carefully in a dark green robe like dress,her fingers fumbled with the buttons ,which Ija quickly fastened and suddenly fastened the pins slipping the dress on Gulaal hastily. It was a dark night and the occasional thunders announced that it was going to rain very soon. Ija had given Gulaal her own dress to change for the night before going to bed. The garment clothed her perfectly dimpling around her curves and Gulaal's face shined with happiness. In all her life she yearned for her MOM's love and time but all that she got was loneliness. She was enjoying each and every second of the undaunting affection being showered on her. Her heart was content and the warmth and comfort even in the dilapidated hut far away from the luxuries of her chic house made her beam in her own excesses.

"Ekdum fit'",Ija smiled with a victorious streak and admiration , "hai'Bilkul waise hi jab main kai saal pehle laga karti thi ..bahut Sundar ekdum pariyon jaisi'.",Ija placed a small kajal ka teeka behind Gulaal's ears. Her eyes lit up with admiration and tears misted them as Ija recalled her past .


"Aye ladki", a deep masculine voice startled Sharda as she saw him .Fumbling nervously with the edge of her green dress ,she stared at the stranger who clicked her pictures endlessly.

"Kya naam hai Tera'", the tall stranger well-built stared at her blatantly

"Sharda',She blurted and ran away as fast as she could.

"YE apki tasveer hai'.Ija'",Gulaal tightened the scarf around her head and saw a huge old portrait of hers on the mud wall.

"Haan ye Kesar k pita''.",Her voice choked and tears seemed to betray her eyes threatening to roll down at the slightest blink.

"Khair jane do'",She got a grip on herself

"Ija'" ,Gulaal held her shoulders , "AAAP KYUN Roti hain..apko to naaz hona chahiye apne aap par 'Kyunki apne Akele hi Kesar ko sambhala'Wo bilkul aap jaisa hai'AAp hi ki tarah pyaar karne wala sabse '..",She hugged her tightly Gulaal's heart melted and tears started rolling down her cheeks.It was as if his mother's pain and loneliness shattered her heart to million pieces.

"Sach'.",Ija wiped her tears

"Haan Ija wo bahut acha hai'.",Gulaal nodded her head and hugged her again.

"Pata hai..acha bhi hai aur chor bhi chupke se wahan darwaze pe khade hokar humari batein sun raha hai'",Ija quickly parted from Gulaal kissed her forehead startling Kesar who had been watching both of them standing at the door with tears in his eyes.

"Tu bahut hi achi hai'..Jis ghar jayegi'wahan bas khushiyan hi khushiyan bikheregi'",She embraced Gulaal once again as Kesar walked towards them in awe .

"Aur main..",He made a sallow face trying to lighten the atmosphere

"Jal mat aaj tere hisse ka pyaar Gulaal k liye'.",She smacked his forehead and giggled, "Pehle bata ye kaisi lag rahi ahi'"

He glanced at Gulaal with tears in his eyes. His heart still in agony but he stood admiring her with an aching heart

"Bilkul teri tarah Ija..Bikul teri tarah'",Trying to hide a lone tear that was threatening to escape his eyes ,Kesar turned around and walked away leaving both of them .

"Ye Kesar kahan reh gaya,'",Gulaal paced up and down in the room and looked at the was almost 10 :00 pm '2 hrs. had passed since he had left them. She was worried and she asked Ija

"Tu janna chahegi Kesar kahan reh gaya'.Dekhna chahegi'."Ija blabbered anxiously.

Gulaal nodded her head silently

"Chal mere saath'",She dragged Gulaal outside right outside the hut across the tiny steps cut in the small hill walking up to a lone cliff and pointed towards a lonely figure hiding in one corner. Kesar was sitting right there. The silver moonlight faintly illuminated his face. The lightning struck and Gulaal could see him weeping. His wailings were muffled by the roaring thunder as he gulped alcohol .Gulaal was shocked

"Wo dekh'.Gulaal",Ija whimpered , "Wo dekh mera beta wahan andhere mein akele 'zehar pi raha hai'.Huh sochta hai Ija ko pata nahi chalta'.Sochta hai uske ansoo nahi dikhte mujhe sochta hai ki uski tadap ka ehsaas nahi hai mujhe par'Main sab janti hun'Jab ghanton yahan baithkar ro kar muh mein elaichi dalkar ladkhadate kadmo se ghar akar khana khata hai tab bhi yehi sochta hai ki Ija ..ko pata nahi chalata'.",She cried bitterly watching Kesar in pain.Her only son drowned in sorrows.

"par aap use rokti kyun nahi.",Gulaal placed her hands on her shoulders.

"pata nahi ro lene deti hun use'main janti hun main kharab ma hun..achi ma nahi hun' par mujh mein himmmat nahi hoti uske ansoo ponchne ki'kyunki main hi to zimmedar hun use is duniya mein tane sunne k liye janam dene wali. Mera hi kasoor hai'",Her voice quivered and her heart ached. Tears betrayed her eyes .they rolled down her cheeks .

"nahi Ija'App ka koi kasoor nahi hai'.Aaap kyun sharminda hoti hain,'",Gulaal rubbed her back trying desperately to console her but her efforts were in Vain 'Sharada could not understand what was it but she felt like telling everything to Gulaal. Her touch consoled her. Her assurance gave her strength.

"Pata hai..Bachpan se sapne dekhta hai'par main aaj tak use kuch bhi nahi de payi Gulaal kuch bhi nahi'.kahan mujhe use sahara deba chahiye tha par wo to paida hotey hi mera sahara ban gaya..uska bachpan hi nahi raha Gulaal'eke k cheez k liye taras kar yahan tak pahuncha hai'pata hai'yahan tak ki apni school ki fees k liye bhi logon k yahan newspaper dalta tha'.mera KesAR Usne kabhi mujhse kuch nahi manga'.bas chup chap apne sapno ko pura karne mein laga rehta hai kehta hai...Is gaon mein Hospital kholega..kyunki logon ko bahut dur jana padta hai' sarkari mein itne sadhan nahi hotey kai log shehar jatey jatey hi dum tod dete hain'.wo zameen ko bas yahan ghanton baithe dekhta rehta hai aur sochta rehta hai'rota rehta hai'..ghutta rehta hai'.Itni nafrat itna gussa bhar rakha hai usne Gulaal aur sab meri wajah se..sab meri wajah se'.sab meri galti hai'sab meri galti hai'."She mumbled continuously weeping bitterly.

"Ija Ija meri taraf dekhiye..",She clasped her hands and held them tightly between her palms, "Apki kya galti hai haan. Apne bas pyaar hi to kiya tha na'Pyaar mein sahi galat kuch bhi nahi hota pyaar to bas pyaar hota hai'aap pls apne aap ko dosh mat dijiye'..",Gulaal cried along with her trying to assure her.

"Gulaal'",Ija looked with hope in her eyes as if she was like a silver lining in the dark clouds of her son's life, "Main nahi janti tu kaun hai..main ye bhi nahi janti kit u kya hai Kesar k liye main kuch bhi nahi janti' main ye bhi nahi janti ki tera aur uska rishta kya hai 'par main Kesar ki ankhon ko padh sakti hun'.uski ankhon mein chupi tere liye us bhavna ko bhi dekh sakti hun'. kal shayd pehli baar Kesar ne apni Ija k alawa kisi ko yun gale lagaya tha'Gulaal Use sambhal le Beta'.Main janti hun'Ki tu mehlo main pali badhi hai'Tujhpe koi zabardasti nahi hai'.Par kabhi kabhi main bhi shayad jagti ankhon se sapne dekh leti hun'.",She wiped her tears and walked away leaving Gulaal baffled and in agony.

Both of them tossed and turned relentlessly in their beds.Gulaal turned sides every now and then sleeping on the cot along with Ija awhile Kesar had placed his bed on the floor. The dim light from the lantern illuminated Kesar's face that had turned towards her staring at her blatantly. He had walked in an inebriated condition and had stared Gulaal so much that She feared him now. Ija snored besides her hugging her from behind. Gulaal had jumped on her bed without even daring to look in his eyes.

Gulaal shut her eyes tightly and tried to sleep but she could feel his shameless eyes all over her. She opened her eyes and saw his impatient yearning for her, his eyes dark as he stared at her intently. Her face grew paler and suddenly getting up with a jolt,wrapping the shawl around her bosom slowly walked away.

"Ye plains nahi hai thand lag jayegi'.",he darted from behind ,the tiny lantern glowing in the cowshed illuminated his face as he covered her with a blanket from behind and caught her in a war embrace and twirled her .It had been hardly a few seconds she had walked inside the cowshed to avoid his piercing gaze but little did she knew that absence actually makes the heart grow fonder .Kesar followed her like a love sick puppy.

"Bahut problem ho rahi hai na'.yahan yun aise gaon k ghar mein'ye bed ki jagah charpai..Cosy mattress ki jagah jute ka mattress'.",Kesar asked with concern.

"Problem to bahut hai. Par kuch alag tarah ki'.",Gulaal smiled.

"Kya'.",his face grew confused.

"Sach bataun hansoge to nahi'",Gulaal asked innocently.

"Nahi'.I promise nahi hansunga TRUST ME'",he tucked a drooping curl behind her ears. A few droplets started pattering on the thatched roof .It was going to rain cats and dogs as the thunders grew wilder and wilder.

"Wo bahut jyada awkward lag raha tah yun ek hi room mein tumhare saath Tum neeche main upar'.",Gulaal nervously muttered.

"hhaha",Kesar burst laughing.Her innocent face sent him into peals and peals of laughter.

"Dekha maine kaha tha na'jao main tumse nahi bolti'",she sulked and narrowed her eyes.

"Awkward..hahahhaha main neeche to tu upar'.mere samne. To tu kya chahti thi'.Ija k samne hi tere paas upar aa jata'",he winked his eyes, his amorous fascinations seeping through his dark sinister eyes.

"Arey nahi'.mera matlab wo nahi'",Gulaal scratched the earth with her toes, "Chii You are cheap and DISGUSTING'..",her tiny fists balled up and she hit him.

.He suddenly darted from behind, she faltered forward swaying, "Body temperature below normal'",he caressed her face, "Hypothermia ho sakata hai To let's talk science again'."

"Chii '.",A moaning cry escaped her lips as he caught her in a wild embrace

"Shut up'.",a few moments lost and a few moments found, the compelling force of desire and greed swept both of them as he crushed her in his arms .

The music blared from the background .Gulaal looked at him curiously

Pehla yeh pehla pyar tera mera soni
Pehli yeh mulakaat hai
Joh keh rahi hai aakhein 
Voh keh rahi hai baatein
Jaagi tu bhi saari raat hai
Pehla aa aa aa a, haye pehlaaa, tera mera pyar.

"Ye bagal mein chachji k ghar mein chachaji uncha sunte hai radio laga rakha hoga unhone",he leaned forward and hugged her again. The tranquil night brought with it the lonely stars peeping through the dark clouds. Kesar stared at her. She was as beautiful as the moon and as graceful as the sheen of the myriad stars. Their eyes met and though no one spoke a word, love thrilled along a single glance. The cold and dewy breeze sent a chills and thrills in her body as the words of Kesar echoed in her ears' "You are beautiful Gulaal.."A wide smile ran across her face and an unusual blush warmed her cheeks'as he kissed her face brushing aside her stray curls.

Dil pe chala na jab zor koi
Tu mere paas aa gai, haye, mai tere paas aa gaya 
Pyasi hai teri saasein, pyasi hai mere saasein
uss pe yeh barsaat hai
Pehla aa aa aa a, haye pehlaaa, tera mera pyar

Fog and night had masked the woods and both of them. The green haze flickered ,glowed and made it more gloomy and haunting. Kesar was lost ,stunned ,dazed and he moved his face a little towards  left brushing her cheeks with his unkempt stubble .His fragrance intoxicated her and his brushing stubble made her loose her senses. Gulaal closed her eyes as a sudden current passed through her making her shudder giving her goose bumps all over her body'Trapped in his embrace his white kurta touching her hands, Gulaal felt as if she was in heaven. A stillness and silence had engulfed Kesar and Gulaal as they both stood embracing each other with unabated pleasure. It was just the two of them and their unconditional and irrevocable love. Kesar parted from Gulaal and caressed her cheeks brushing them with the back of his palms making Gulaal shudder with tingling sensation. She breathed heavily and her bosom heaved up and down with torpid passion. His impatient cravings took form of his gestures and he was intoxicated and possessed by the crushing force of love. She looked at him shyly ,yet with an unmistakable love transfiguring her countenance. A ray of the prodigal moonlight fell upon her face adding essence to her ambrosial charms. Kesar looked at her. She was like a drug to his senses. The more he looked at her. The more he yearned to possess her. He passionately kissed her cheeks making Gulaal gasp in anticipation. Each and every cell in her body was shivering and trembling in passion'

Kabse the hum tum tanhaa akele
Aaj tujhe chain mil gaya, aaj mujhe chain mil gaya
Baahon me meri tum, baahon mein teri hum 
aur yeh jawan raat hai
Pehla aa aa aa a, haye pehlaaa, tera mera pyar.

His eyes darkened with desire and playful lust. Kesar snaked his arms around her waist brushing it gently. Kesar looked at her with stormy passion and not able to tame his wild emotions any further he placed his lips on hers ..and kissed her aggressively. His impatient cravings aggravated his urge to possess her'Gulaal shivered with heavenly ecstasies. And she kissed him with an equal passion .Her body trembled with such a pleasurable excitement that if she would have not clutched his shoulders she would have been knocked off even by the touch of a feather. Kesar became mad with desire and embraced her even more closely and started kissing her  more fiercely with raw passion. Gulaal had never experienced such enormous love in her entire life. Her desires unleashed ..Her breath leaving the harmony with her heart which raced violently'Gulaal looked in his eyes  which were  like glowing coals. Gulaal tried to part from him almost breathless, But Kesar pulled her closer again and mumbled,"Aaj taras kha le mujh pe .warna ab main zarur mar jaunga"' He was in awe of his sheer helplessness coz it was time for him to beg for mercy from this girl------The girl who had become like a drug to him..The more he tried to resist her..the more impatient his cravings became.The rain now splashed violently roaring in the valley behind.The wind howled through the trees  and nipped Gulaal's already warm cheeks'He looked at her seductive crystalline eyes .Her aroma made him intoxicated.. Her gleeful spirit inflamed a passion in him stirring up a propelling impulse to pull her towards him and never let her go away from him. He wanted to hold her, tell her how much he craved for her, and scream on top of his lungs that she only belonged to him.. and let no other man touch her'.He wanted to ignite the same passion in her heart '

Ruk si gayi hai teri meri raahein
Hum jo saath aa gaye, haye manzil ke paas aa gaye
Aaye the kahaan se dono, jaayenge kahaan pe dono
Yeh to ab kise yaad hai
Pehla aa aa aa a, haye pehlaaa, tera mera pyar.

"Maine kab roka hai'.",  Her voice made him tremble inside and her irresistible smile was inviting his imagination to go wild. His eyes struck  tremors beneath her bosom.The stillness around them was glorious. The roar of the city seemed eons away. The mild light from  the moon scattered among the tall chir and pine trees. It rained wildly in symphony with the wildness in their hearts. He grabbed her in his arms throwing her back on the heap of hay and leaned forward moving his face closer to her.

Pehla yeh pehla pyar tera mera soni
Pehli yeh mulakaat hai
Joh keh rahi hai aankhein 
Voh keh rahi hai baatein
Jaagi tu bhi saari raat hai
Pehla aa aa aa a, haye pehlaaa, tera mera pyar
Haye pehlaa, tera mera pyaar

His alcohol laced breath fanned her face wildly and Gulaal suddenly blurted with concern, "Why do you drink so much ..?",She placed her hands on his bosom stopping him.

"And Why do you always have to interrupt at the wrong time'",he breathed heavily and gritted his teeth

"Itna mat piya karo'"she placed her hands on his cheeks.

"Tum itana mat bola karo'.",brushing aside her hand ,he rained kisses all over her madly.

" Kesar suno na..",she pushed him back a little, "Hosh mein hi nahi rahoge to apne sapne ko kaise pura karoge'"Gulaal's words struck upon him like a lightening ad he parted from her in haste and turned his face away ."Sapne behoshi mein hi atey..",he ran his fingers through his hair, " I drink to forget forget the face of the only man I have hated all my life..Hosh mein raho to  biti yadein jine nahi deti'. Sapne Behoshi mein hi ache lagte hain ..ankhein kholo to everything just blurs out..Reality hits you and Sab kuch khatam ho jata hai'Sab kuch bekar'.There is a difference between dreams and reality'.",Kesar grumbled and hung his head irritated and unhappy .his voice almost choked.

"What if dreams become reality'..Uske liye to'hosh mein rehna zaruri hai na'.",she placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Sapne haqeeqat mein nahi badaltey Gulaal'",he hunched his shoulders and got up in anger and leaned on a bamboo pole .

"Badal sakte hain'.Dad kehte the'Agar niyat ho to insaan kuch bhi pa sakata hai'.",with her eyes dazzling in hope ,she held his hand.

"Kuch bhi'.",Kesar asked his eyes morose filled with tears.

"Haan Bikul'.",she nodded her head in the affirmative.

"To tujhe kyun nahi pa saka main Gulaal'.",Kesar grabbed her shoulders startling her ,"Gulaal '.jawaab de'.Jawaab de na'",he shook her wildly.

Gulaal gulped a huge lump in her throat ,her head hung down she chose silence.

"Why do always have to keep quiet bol na'",He shook her in irritation

"Kya bolu..bas dekhne k nazariye ka farq hai..Tumhi ne to kaha tha'main tumhari hun phir jo apana hai use kya pana'.",she said  trying to steady her own wild heartbeat .

"Gulaal''.Matalb tu'.",Kesar stopped dead in his tracks

"Maine aisa kuch bhi nahi kaha'.",Gulaal bit her bottom lip and smirked

"Nahi'Phir se bol'.",he stared at her with hope.

"Shut up'.Just Shut up'.aisa kuch bhi nahi hai'.",She was enjoying teasing him .

"Arghhh tu kyun itna confuse kar rahi hai''Mujhe gussa mat dila'..Do not instigate the devil in me'Otherwise I will make your life hell'.I am warning you I can be very bad '.",Kesar punched his fist on the heap of hay in anger and gritted his teeth, "Humesha itna ghuma k baat kyun karti hai'.."

She lowered her eyes unable to bear his gaze.He squeezed her arms making her squirm a bit .Kesar suddenly stiffened and bit his lips in anger, "I am so sorry ..Tujhe chot to nahi lagi'",he asked with concern. When she lifted her eyes, there was such an overwhelming emotion in them. Such an experience which threatened to sweep her off her feet. A thrill shot through her, her cheeks grew hot and with a wildly beating heart she placed a peck on his cheeks, pulling him closer, "Itne ache bhi mat bano ki mujhe tum pe pyaar aa jaye. I want to hate you forever and guess what'I miss the little devil'I miss him terribly. Mujhe ye acha Rawat pasand nahi bilkul bhi nahi.",Whispering softly in his ears,she kissed him wildly sending him into throes of ecstacy.

"Ok then'.Ab bhugto'WAISE BHI 24 GHANTE PURE HO GAYE HAIN AUR MAIN JANTA HUN KI MAIN JEET GAYA HUN HAIN NA'..",he breathed heavily and was about to crush her in his arms when suddenly one of the cows started mooing loudly and the bells around her neck tinkled ceaselessly

"hhahha",Gulaal roared loudly laughing and pushed him back.

"Kya ",he stared at her confused.

"Dekha tumhari ex-girlfriend jealous hai so idea cancelled. "Gulaal got up and started running away.

'Aye ..tu aisa nahi kar sakti ruk na..",Kesar yelled.

"Jis din tum pina chhod doge us din rukungi'",Gulaal stopped for a moment.

"Arey kam se kam sawaal ka jawab to deti ja'",Kesar stomped his feet in frustration.

"Nahi Jawaab kal dungi..",She ran away teasing him.

"Ja ja..mujhe nahi chahiye jawaab ab tu bhaad main ja'.I will not talk to you at all'Samjhati kya hai apne aap ko '.",Kesar gritted his teeth in anger .

The drive back home was a silent one as Kesar did not speak to her at all'She tried her best but he refused to listen only answering her with Yes or no'Gulaal's heart sank in despair.She clutched the box which was her father's memory near her bosom and kept on weeping in the whole journey, But Kesar did not pay heed. His heart coaxed him to hug her to console her but he was angry.

(KEASR'S CONFESSION-YES!!I was tired very tired running after her. I was angry with her'Ego would not allow me to melt but the truth was that her sad face made me weak.)

The screeching of the brakes made both of them come back to the real world.With the box clutched to her bosom ,she gave him a yearning and pleading look but he did not budge

"Thanks", she muttered half heartedly .

"No need Do not show your face again anymore samjhi'.",He blurted a drove off making her heart cry.

She turned around a dragged her feet towards the hostel. He applied brakes at a distant corner and watched her go but kept on waiting with bated breath and anxious heart.

For a moment Gulaal desired to turn back to him. She even took a few steps back ,but a thought crossed her mind and she stopped dogging the reason to go any further with her decision. He drove off angrily in the darkness thinking of  nothing but her.

His words had struck her etching and leaving Gulaal in a terrible state. She walked back straight up to her room and fell on her bed lifelessly.

contd in next post

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 This time it was a lazy Sunday afternoon again. The summer sun which had been shining pitiless ferocity peeping through the windows and crevices was now no more. But instead the clouds thundered, it was about to rain soon again .The same electric arc light in the ceiling of the corridor shone brightly upon the guard's table in the main courtyard

"Zzz "..The guard of the boy's hostel was snoozing  as USUAL and taking his quick afternoon nap AS HE ALWAYS DID.

The same   huge bronze  with clock t hung loosely in one of the dilapidated walls, but this time  told the hour of three was fifteen minutes away. SHE   tiptoed to the courtyard and the sound of her heels clicking on the mosaic cemented floor echoed and broke the SILENCE again '

"errr Madam ye Boys hostel hai kidhar ja rahi hain' Ohhh  .",The guard woke up with a jolt and raised his arm and muffled voice to stop HER'.but grinned recognizing her and stood up waving a handsome salute

The tiny eyes  of the guard peeping through his thick rimmed spectacles twinkled with delight and his parted mouth uttered with a smile signalling, ""KESAR RAWAT ?" .. Madam hain na Upar Madam ..Room no 102 First floor'"


SHE turned around'.Her heels clicked more as she narrowed the space between the gurads table. Leaning, she smiled ,the quickness of her hands deceived the guards eyes ,as she frisked her pockets again and within seconds hurled a 500 Rupee not right in front of his eyes and mumbled, "Mujhe pata hai'.Thanks anyways'.."

SHE  smiled with content ,patted his cheeks and her heels again clicked against the floor as she started walking and took the curve leading to the stairs. She whistled a tune between her lips and with bated breath and wild heart beat slammed open the door'The door which led to where her heart was'.

SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WANTED'Eyes turned ,some popped out of their sockets some, grinned some widened with shock as they saw her walk in..THE GANG WAS DUMBSTRUCK!!The card game came to  a halt and He sprung up from his chair trying to wipe his eyes in wonder. AWKWARDNESS gripped him and Kesar stared at her and then at his gang who chuckled and jeered in hushed tones. The distance between them came to an absolute low as Gulaal walked up to him. The gang sitting on his bed waited with bated breath .Kesar rubbed his toes scratching the earth with his toes in embarrassment almost like a statue of stupor unable to fathom what his next move should be.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-OMG !!Was it real!!Almost snubbing her and after not receiving her 1000th call, I thought ,a girl like her would never even spit on my face but here she was !!Ahhh The CARD game was just merely an excuse to forget momentarily suppress the pangs to go back to her but LOL'.How could she let me forget her'.Ye zarur kisi din koi paap karwayegi mujhse'..ANGER FLEW OUT OF THE WINDOW AND I STARED AT HER LIKE AN IDIOT CONTENT AT DOING NOTHING BUT STARING AT HER.)

SLAP!!!The room roared with a sound of her hand slapping Kesar and everything came to standstill.Negi parted his mouth and people rolled their eyes in shock'.

Kesar's mouth gaped like a fish ,eyelids fluttered refusing to believe what happened.

"How dare you'haan How dare'How dare you say you do not want to see my face'.",She clutched the collar of his white kurta and shook him wildly. Kesar's cheeks flushed like a rose turning from red to scarlet red.

"Ye shakal dekhi hai'..Tumhe yehi dekhni hai wo bhi zindagi bhar ..samjhe. Tumhe pasand hoy a nah o'.Bloody dumb fellow'.I hate you'.",She  gritted her teeth in anger .


"Bahut jyada lagi kya'",Gulaal caressed his warm cheeks as Kesar curled up like a ball in embarrassment .

As if by instinct and forces beyond her control, Gulaal placed a warm peck on his lips and caught him in a wild embrace and breaths of everyone in the room including Kesar came to halt.

"ab baki sab ko batana padega ki just get the hell out of this room and GIVE US SOME PRIVACY,'.HMMM",Gulaal briefly parted from him and squeezed her eyes and within seconds everyone came back from the terrible state of shock to their senses and walked away'Gulaal walked behind them and slammed the door shut on their faces and turned towards him.

Kesar stood there dumbfounded.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-OMG only MY Gulaal could do it barge inside boy's hostel, slap me and then kiss me that too in front of everyone'Par mujhe kya hua,'.From a tiger I was just reduced to a mere kitten as she pounced on me throwing me on the bed)

"Kya Kar rahi hai'.".Kesar nervously held her hand which had now started moving wildly ruffling his hair.

"Wo humare beech itna kuch hai'Science,history etc Sabka revision karne ayi thi'.",Gulaal smirked and placed a kiss on his lips.

Kesar shivered in excitement and mumbled ,"Ye boys hostel hai'."

"Ok ..Gulaal suddenly parted from him and folding her hands across her bosom she said authoritatively ,"Jawab chahiye to theek 5:30 baje mujhe Piche wali pahadi k neeche milna samjhe'and remember I don't like to wait.",Saying this and without waiting even for his reply Gulaal marched out of the room opening the door and the whole queue eavesdropping outside fell on the floor and Gulaal smirked, "Cheap and Disgusting just like you'.",Laughing out loudly ,she flew past the flight of stairs leaving behind numerous eyes glued upon him .


.She glanced at her reflection in the mirror and carefully .The choli was revealing and beautiful gorgeously decorated with embellishments on the crude brocade fabric. She slid it over her shoulders and pulled it down to cover her bosom and arching her back tied the dori behind. The gungroos tinkled ,the tiny ones-- attached to the golden strings fell on her smooth back. The tinkle enamoured her heart . The thin material clung to her body, gracefully accenting her feminine curves. A wild smile  ran across her lips as  She slid her fingers down the open V-neckline, her seductive curves perfectly  dimpling the fabric . She blushed furiously as she  could imagine Kesar's eyes devouring her frame and his hands wreaking havoc on her mind. Instantly her heart warmed, rekindling a glimmer in her eyes. The erotic moments of their wild encounters  flourished in her mind, Gulaal  dabbed a little perfume 'the same one she had always loved , inhaling deeply to absorb the exotic fragrance. The sari flung loose and her dextral fingers neatly folded them in the perfect pleats.. She strung an exotic strand of silken pearls around her slender throat, sliding her feet into her  gorgeous , high-heeled sandals.

The gloss was shining like the fire of diamonds  on her lips as she combed her hair.

The door slammed open . And She walked in, "Tinky'My my'Tu kidhar ja rahi hai'..",Her Mom admired her beautiful little daughter 'No instead a wonderful woman that stood before her.

Gulaal grabbed her beaded wallet and planted a peck on her cheeks ,checking her watch'."Got to go'Mom'..Bye'Aaaj party hai. Friend k yahan rukungi'Bye''",Her heels clicked sa she ran outside her house and stepped into the evening fresh breeze and messaged Karan- "Guess what CHAMP!!You were RIGHT!I am going to listen to my heart now !!"She breathed a huge SIGH of relief as the message flashed back- "GOOD LUCK!!".She inserted her car keys and drove off at a maddening speed towards her destiny.

A gentle breeze drifted carelessly through the high end mountains  and into the valley being slowly engulfed in the brilliant hues and tones of the twilight, persuading the leaves of the trees  to dance  and sway rhythmically .The lake behind shined like a mirror catching the reflection of both of them standing alone in silence. HE WAS ALONE.SHE WAS ALL ALONE. It was 5 :30 pm. The soggy chilled , breeze  was wafting his short mahogany hair over his broad shoulders  as his stood there mesmerized and dazed. . He wasn't even aware at what he had been doing prior to this moment. His mind was a complete blank as he saw her.

. Her form was refined and petite and she was looking beautiful in the radiant moonlight. The placid wind tossed her long, fluid,  sari carelessly around, hugging her flawless curves. Her eyes had a glint that she knew would trigger a reaction, "What ab yun hi dumb ki tarah dekhte rahoge ya kuch kahoge bhi''"

"Tttu",he stammered trying hard to mask his heartbeat which could have put an express train to shame'IT WAS BEATING THAT FAST,"Tu aaj kuch alag lag rahi hai'."

"Kahan ",she bit her bottom lip trying to tear off his piercing gaze, "Tum jaise chhod gaye the waisi hi to hun'"

"Nahi aaj kuch alag hai'.",Kesar stared at her blatantly not sure if would even be able to survive if he blinked his eyes.

"Jawaab nahi chahiye kya'.",She rolled the hem of her pallu around her fingers and lowered her eyes.

"Kaun sa jaawab..",Kesar muttered unable to comprehend anything.All he could focus  on was  her and only her .

"Tumne mujhse pucha tha na' Ki Do I really love Champ'?",She asked.

"Haan",Kesar frowned

"THE ANSWER IS YES!!Yes I love him ..and I have always loved him and will always do so'.",Gulaal said in a single go'

Kesar felt as if she had wrung his heart as a damp cloth. The pain was excruciating and tears welled up his eyes.

"Haan main Champ se hi pyaar karti hun'par ye wo pyaar nahi ..jiske sahare uske saath main apni sari zindagi ji saku'Main use pyaar karti hun lekin sirf ek dost ki tarh..isse jyada kuch bhi nahi'.Afsos ki ye baat samjhne mein mujhe 10 saal lag gaye..par haan Champ sirf mera dost hai aur kuch bhi nahi'..",Gulaal said in a single go.

Kesar's breath hitched and he found himself rolling in an ocean of ineffable joy.Tears almost coursed down his cheeks. He could not believe himself.

"Gulaal'.",He grabbed her shoulders and shook her ,"Phir se bol''"

"Abhi meri baat khatam nahi hui'Aur tumne ye bhi pucha than a ki humare beech kya hai'.Tab main nahi janti thi..par aaj janti hun Kesar'.Humare beech wo sab kuch hai jo hona chaiye'.Humare beech wo hai jo main kisi aur k saath sapne mein bhi batne ki soch nahi sakti'Wo sab kuch jo sirf tumhare liye hi hai''Wo sab kuch jis par sirf aur sirf tumhara haq hai'. Tumne kaha than a Kesar'Ek din main khud chalkar aungi tumhare paas'Main aa gayi Kesar'Main aa gayi'.Tumne mujhe majbboor kar diya yahan taka ne ko..and sachi'.I hate you for that'.I hate yo for making me hate you so much'.I hate you for making me so weak'.Kesar''Tum sahi the..Tu mere man  ko mujhse jyada achi tarah se samajhtey ho'Ye baat main jaan gayi'.MAIN AA GAYI Kesar main khud chalkar aa gayi..Tumhare paas'.apne Kesar k paas '..Main sirf tumhari ho sakti hun Kesar ..aur Kisi ki nahi ..aur kisi ki bhi nahi'Main khud chalkar aa gayi Kesar'..",With a huge lump in her throat and her eyes misted with tears she fell into his arms and buried herself on his bosom, "Main Sirf Tumahri hun Kesar..Sirk tumahri'.."

(TINKY'S TWEET- There was no more FEAR 'there was no more DENIAL 'there was nothing to HIDE anymore'.My life had changed. Kesar had changed it'.The way he made me feel'Nothing 'no treasure on earth nor any pleasure could match it'The exhilaration, The thrill and the immense understanding which he had for my feelings. No one could ever listen to my heart except him'.I could not deny any further now'.That I surely did belong to him'..)

Kesar  mouth suddenly became dry, trying to steady the wild beating of her heart. Her lips moved as if she was about to speak, but stopped, wondering what there really was to say. Instead she broke into hysterical tears, "KKESAR MAIN'."

"Shhh",  He brushed away the frustrated tears that raced town her face, stinging as the wind pushed at her face WITH SCORCHING WILD KISSES .

 " I knew this day would come' mujhe pata that u khud ayegi mere paas'.So now Don't blame me '..WELCOME TO HELL", his husky voice made her gasp as she put her arms around him. And both stood there embracing each other for a long long time. The clouds thundered and it started raining .But no one moved as moving apart from each other was out of question now. . Unspoken words that their voices could never find poured through the emotion glimmering in their eyes.

"I WANT TO BE WITH YOU!!",Gulaal mumbled in Kesar's ears.

"And I  will make sure you never forget this day '.",Kesar whispered in her ears.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-The feeling was overwhelming. It was as if I would not have regretted even if I would have died that moment. But I was torn ..TORN APART'.coz IN my heart I was fighting a BATTLE every passing second.)

The phone beeped,,Kesar quickly saw the message still hugging her'., "Everything is ready as we planned!!-Negi'."

An evil smile escaped Kesar's lips as closed his ears to cries of his heart and remembered each and every moment of humiliation which Gulaal had inflicted upon her'.

His fingers texted, "Keep everything ready be there in half an hr'.", and his lips kissed her cheeks,"Let me show you Hell now'Baby'."

He picked her up in his arms and made her sit on his bike.

She exclaimed looking at car , "Car mein chalte'"

"Uhuh'",He nodded his head and whispered in her ears ,"I want you close very close yor arms around me.

He kickstared his bike and Gulaal hugged him from behind and placed her head on his back and he draove off as the rain splashed on the hard granite road.Her eyes a little moist,her heart glad and  beating in tandem with her rapid breath.She felt exulted and free'


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Hi friends First of all here's wishing you all  a very happy new year..HugHugHugHugHug..Choory guysCry was out on a vacation hence no updates..but m back...Thanks for all the lovely comments..So here are the last few updates of this story...and the countdown to the end begins...Hope you all like it...Keep commenting...Thanks everyone..OH BTW THE CHAPPI IS EXCLUSIVELY DEDICATED TO OUR COWSHEDWALI KEITHU...LOL

@ all

Am so elated reading your comments..Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments..Guys I am really sorry for replying individually..I hope you can excuse me for that coz it becomes very difficult to type ,post and reply chappies daily..But still m trying my best to cope up..Choory guys...CryI read each and every comment with equal enthusiasm and its the love of yours that keeps me elated.Thank you so muchHug

.M loving all the comments from you all.New readers thank you so much...Muahhh Great to have you all here...Thank youHug

Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Ramya,Arti.Poo .Silver fairy ,Skittle,samia,Kayte,kalika.Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments.If anyone wants PM's do buddy me..Also I have decided to do regular I mean daily Updates...They will be shorter but regular..Hope you are fine with this.Do let me know.Anymore SILENT LOVERS I mean READERS Please come out..Its fun out here...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
fatmaghozi sauris, nish89kaytesamia999kreasenchanted23nneeiillMR21minizzarti07Geeshu, kavi.bidaainish89kayteSkittle16sharmishtaAyushii_Angelkalika.jalantaenchanted23princessofkesarMR21minizzprachuryanneeiillKeithuuGeeshukiran_trudecentwithout-fathom-Swetha-poo_j,SilverFairy , canuck-umz,ocendejoy,


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Welcome Back Piyu. (:
Finally Gulaal Accepted Kesar's Love. Great. She Followed Her Heart.
Loved The Last Part. The Two Driving Off On The Bike. (:

Waiting For The Last Few Chapters. Will Miss This Story.
But Happy For The New One. Star

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