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lovely chapii piu i loved karan's approach towards his relationship he is not forcing himself on her infact he has set her free... wow so cute ...  see neilu the good guyz arent tht boring rightLOL
okes coming back i was taken back by kesar's hush hush Shocked i thought he promised  he wont touch her for next 24 hrs but eeh  cant stay away from herLOL yaa  how could one forget the golden rule... he is so  unpredictable LOL damm  u kesar LOL loved the bedroom ahem ahem Blushingand panba's reaction also suprised me she is quite wht to say hmm different mommy.Wink..else meine to socha danda pakka padegaLOL but she understood her daughter's heart the piece of advice  was lovely Tongue though i thought she would warn her against hush hushLOL ()
and yeah pinky nuts hai kya if he knows someone is stalking his sis crazily he should come and give two tight thapads on tht jerk but noOuch  the guy is more interested in seeking revenge and what an idea sirji Shocked who gives this mindblowing idea to sis dearest Ouch and kesar has plan eeks yeah kya hai ..Shocked...OMG chii k jagah pakka mess hogaCry

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Listen to your heart indeed! Heart

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Her perfect black high heels clicked on the tiled floor and the hem of her dupatta and the tiny ghungroos attached to them tinkled breaking the silence of the early morning ,a few moments before the dawn could break and display its majestic hues and tones. Her snaking hair bobbed around her fresh face fresh as a morning glory as she wandered from ward to ward checking files etc. Last night had been uneventful but confusing for her. Whether it was the elation of being understood by her mother and her best friend or whether it was the bashful brazen encounter with Kesar which made a silly grin burst on her face every now and then-Gulaal was clueless. The hospital corridor was lonely-the morning was early but she felt fresh .Rushing early from her home to the hostel, she made sure she started her day afresh with fresh clothes and a warm generous bath. The damp droopy curls still had some tiny droplets sliding happily in them.

(TINKY'S TWEET-Where was he? My mind questioned...10 hrs already lost in the challenge of 24! Kesar was nowhere. I could never fathom why did my heart terribly wanted him to win me overdue I pinched myself and kept walking')

A lonely turn, and a pair of hands and a handkerchief, the irritating smell permeated her nasal mucosa, a wave of shock but before she could react, her eyelids drooped, the visions blurred and finally closed capturing the naughty smirk of Kesar hovering over her 'It was the last thing she saw and the rough hands carried her in the air. This was the last thing she felt-THE TOUCH OF HIS HANDS!!

The spicy fresh chilly wind nipped her cheeks and her head throbbed in agonising pain. The soft fluffy blanket cocooned her safely as she cradled. Her limbs paralysed, her vision blurred, her voice trying to mumble something but she woke in a dreamlike state. Some muffled sweet nothings echoed her ears as she same him leaning on her hugging her making her wear his jacket and ruffling her hair gently .

"You are fine with me'" These words seemed to come from a long long distance as his smiling yet distorted hazy reflection trapped in her eyes, her gaze wandered on the roof which seemed like a dark black cloth.

She was in a jeep 'perhaps the same one which she had shared with Kesar .Her eyes became hazy again as he closed her eyes with a parched throat, the head totally went unconscious and she swayed again in the jeep as Kesar put his sunglasses, sitting behind the wheel indolently tapping his fingers and whistling a tune between his pursed lips meandering through the snaky twisted turns high up in the mountains .His spirit grew wilder and wilder as the heights grew. He could not have been happier.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-YES! I had to practically kidnap her!!Yes!! But who could take the risk of being beaten or thrashed by someone like her. She would have been definitely given me a tough time .So I chose the easy way out...hahhahha)

"Haan Uniyal ji..Bas hum adhe ghante mein pahunchne waley hain",He almost bubbled with effervescent joy as he cut down the call while the sun rose beautifully orange peeping from the snow-capped mountains. The winds grew chillier and his heart became merrier.

She woke up with a jolt completely groggy eyed. Her limbs still in the state of suspended paralysis, her visions still hazy. The unusual chilly wind again nipped her cheeks ad her shiny nose appeared practically frozen. She raised her eyebrows from her fluffy blanket. The similar fragrance-The one mixed with her favourite musk and leather kept her warm. This was Kesar's jacket and the socks were his too. She instantly recognised. Rubbing her eyes, yawning ,she got up in the back of the jeep .Straightening herself up ,and she felt the world around her revolve almost 360 degrees.

"Ouch ",a sharp stinging pain made her reach out to her forehead which spun for a few seconds and then steadied. Her vision became clearer and the unusual cradling which she had sensed during her lullaby state  had stopped. THE JEEP-IT WAS NOT MOVING .Trying hard to find her voice and hands and feet which almost felt absent like she was floating in the clouds ,she got down in haste. Confused groggy eyed'Her mouth parted in horror. It was chilly ,it was cold and the silence was overwhelming .Not a living soul she could see anywhere. It was as if her own voice would have echoed for miles lonely before being answered by anyone. Horror struck and her eyes popped out of her sockets .There she saw him standing ,leaning at the edge of the gorge ,his on leg resting on a milestone which she could barely read .Her feet wobbled as she saw his lone robust physique ,she had started to walk in anger but her feet steadied as she saw him .The white shirt flew in flares ,the smoke from his lips as he dwindled his cigarette puffing smokes equally white as the beautiful white cottony clouds floating in the deep turquoise4 blue sky. His tawny careless hair wafting over his broad shoulders and his sunglasses snugly fit on the bridge of his nose. Gulaal momentarily felt her heart thud .The distance between them lowered as she walked towards him as if he had cast a spell on her.

"Aha ..Tu uth gayi ",He turned around ,his lips half opened ,his pearly set of teeth gleaming in the most bewitching smile in the whole world.

Gulaal's head reeled and she wobbled only to be held safely in his strong arms ,"You' ll be fine. Only a few more mins anesthesia ka effect kahtam ho jayega'",Removing his shades from his eyes, He stared at her intently ,his hazel ones being encountered by her deep brown ones. She was vexed with him and her heart was full of spite but still looking into those two deep eyes, she forgot what she wanted or where she was. The wind ,passed between them echoing sweet nothings'..He steadied her and mumbled, "I think you need tea."

Taking the flask lying beside him .he poured the piping hot tea which smoked in the cold wind ,spreading the ginger aroma and extended the cup towards her, "Here take this you will feel better"

"Nhai chahiye",She shoved it throwing it way and yelled as the baritone of his silken voice had suddenly brought her out of her reverie, "You'You Bloody kidnapped me'Where the hell I am''"She screamed loudly as loud as her vocal chords would vibrate, Her scream echoed in the gorge accompanied by the wind growling around and the rushing river beneath rumbling on the stones and rocks'.

"Pi'.Ise'.",He extended another cup ,this time with anger in his eyes,"Warna ek ghuma k lagaunga'."

She shivered at his roar and sipped it and replied sulkily,
That's why I hate you. You' re such a brute'Where am I?..Kahan hai hum mujhe yahn kyun laye..Bolo'.Mujhe ghar jana hai..Take me back now'.",She grumblrd without any pause.

"Chup kar'Shut up'.Gawd Me too hate you'.If only God made you a little meeker little girl and not a wild vixen that you are..It would have been much easier for me..Tujhe yun behosh karke nahi lata'",He shot back irritated.

"Ahhh",She screamed, the barometer of her temper rising to its peak as she checked for signals in her mobile phone'..,"Mom will be worried ,where am I ?",She stomped her foot in anger .

"Aha P ki chinta mat kar'Dhani boss se kehkar sab fit kar diya hai'",The sheepish smirk on his face grew wider.

"Gosh..Mujhe abhi ghar jana hai..I want to go home now'.",SHE MUTTERED AND SCREAMED ANGRILY.

"Shhh",He grabbed her shoulders forcefully shaking her up.,"Gulaal 'Gulaal ye ghar hi to hai'..",Saying this he pointed towards ,the milestone which was weathered by the rough climate yet the faint grey paint etched in bold letter- JOSHI MATH ...TAPOVAN  TREK 1 KM'

Gulaal stopped dead in her tracks. The lightening had struck her. She numbed with an extravaganza of emotions, Clueless how to react or what to say. Her lips moved as if she was about to speak, but stopped, wondering what there really was to say. Instead Kesar turned her around .Her eyes now focussed on the huge lofty snow-capped mountains leaning in solitude on the gorge below. The wind rustled through the huge pine trees and faraway Gulaal could now notice the glistening orange hue of the afternoon sun which basked its glory on the glistening snow caps 'a thing she had failed to notice in anger. She stood there gasping for a few seconds soaking in the very sight as thousands of memories swept her mind. He held his hands gently and pulled her towards the other edge where she could see tiny huts scattered here and there on  different hills .A lonely bird perched beside them and chirped as her body shook in abundant joy. The vision blinded again, not due to anesthesia but the overpowering emotion UNKNOWN to her ,taking the form of tiny watery pearls trickling down her cheeks.


"Dad ..Wahan wo pahad par humesha baraf kyun rehti hai",She jumped in joy in  the arms of her father leaning at the edge of the gorge looking at the distant snow clad mountains in amazement a sight her tiny brain could not decipher.

"Wahan na'",Som Singh Kissed her chubby cheeks which dimpled due to the smile of contentment ,"Wahn dur badlon k desh mein baraf ka rajkumar rehta hai'.Wo wahan white dress pehenkar safed horses k saath rehta hai'.",he chuckled as he watched her eyes widen in surprsise.

"Dad Kya wo Rajkumar ayega'.Mujhe use dekhna hai'.",she scrunched and squeezed her eyes

"Haan wo zarur ayega '",Som SinGH PATTED HER CHEEKS

"Mujhe abhi Milana hai Rajkumar se..mujhe abhi jana hai'wahan baraf waley desh mein .",Gulaal sulked and stomped her foot crying and punching Som's chest with her tiny fists and her glass bangles tinkled in the silence.

"Arey pagal abhi thode hi na'.Jab tu badi ho jayegi to wahn se Safed dress pehne baraf wala rajkumar ayega aur tujhe yun uda le jayega'."Som Singh looked into her eyes .

"Sachi'",She jumped in his arms back and forth and clapped her hands with squeals of delight.

"Haan muchi'..",Som Singh Tomar Walked through the tiny pavements of amidst the mountains walking back towards their home.

"Arey Gulaal tu yahin khadi rahegi 'Agey nahi jana kya'.",His voice brought her back as she turned around staring at him.Kesar stood there beside the jeep ,his hands on his waist ,his sunglasses right there ,his smile grew wider as he checked the tme in his watch.Gulaal said nothing. Instead she stared at him not sure what she felt as he saw his White shirt flowing with the wind amidst the rich backdrop of the snow clad mountains.

"Baraf wala rajkumar'",her mouth uttered those words unknowingly ,silently as she walked towards him staring at him intently. A flight of snow white cranes passed overhead and the fluffy clouds drifted covering the sun due to the placid wind.

She extended her fingers .Eyes numbed with over whelming emotions, misted with tears, her fingers cold touched the colder granite carving beneath the marble statue. The quaint village square in the distant sleepy hamlet was bustling with activity but there was silence between both of them .He saw her eyes twinkle yet misted with agony, Her slender fingers caressed those words- In the loving memory of Som Singh Tomar..Sarpanch Som Singh tOmar hamare master ji ki punya smriti mein.JOSHIMATH WASIYON DWARA NIRMIT

Her eyes just fixed on the marble statue etched with dexterity. She could sense the same eyes, The same spectacles round rimmed ones, The same cheeks, the only difference being everything was now stone. Those same eyes which twinkled with warmth were cold, the spectacles which she played with putting them on her eyes in the sleepy summer afternoon were fixed and the bosom where she lied safely in the rainy winter nights was hard no warmth. Tears rolled down her cheeks ,hiccups turned into sobs and sobs into cries .Gulaal wailed in agony .He stood there motionless unable to understand what she felt yet there were tears unknown in his eyes. He touched the droplets Shocked for her pain trickled down from his eyes.Kesar could not hold himself anymore ,he was about to extend his hand to hold her when a voice stopped both of them ,"Kesar Rawat '",A man in his late fifties called out his name and Kesar walked towards him

"Main Uniyal apse lagbhag roz hi baat hoti thi'.",He continued squeezing his eyes from his thick rimmed glasses,Kitne dino se jane kahan kahan se apne mujhe contact kiya ur ye dekhiye ab hum saath hi hain'.Apne hi to kaha tah Master ji ka pata lagane ",He blurted.

"Thanks .bahut bahut bahut dhanyawaad,",Kesar smiled and hugged him tightly .Gulaal stared at him with wide open eyes. An ocean of abundant joy and gratitude threatened to break all barriers as she stared at him

"Ye chotu hai'Masterji k ghar ki chabi isi k paas hai'Koi aya hi nahi'.Unka dah sansakaar bhi hum sab ne milkar kiya'.",uniyal continued making Gulaal sob bitterly, "Masterji bade hi nek insaan the yahan tak ki suna hai unhone apne ghar parivar ki bhi pravah nahi ki yhaan k logon aur is gaon ki tarakki k liye.Kehte pahadi hi aphid k marma ko samajh sakta hai jisne bhi kaha hai biklul galat kaha hai kyunki Master ji they to Desi par unhone pahad aur yahan k logon k liye itna kuch kiya hai 'Sach jab charo or mar kat machi thi aur hum sab ne unse yahan se jane ko kaha to unhe bas yehi jawaab diya main apne ghar aur zameen ko chhod kar kahin nahi jaunga'.par itne mahaan vyakti ka parivar na jane kaisa tha 'Wapas hi nahi aya 'Unke antim samay mein bas wo apani bitia ko hi yard karte rehte the.

(TINKY'S TWEET-if only we knew that my Dad was no more. We only came to know about his demise after years. Thousands of tons of remorse seemed to engulf her .There must be explanation, there must be expiation and possible logics but the truth was that they never were there for her father)

"TINKY dI",a warm boyish voice broke her stance as she wiped her hysterical tears.

'Tumhe kaise pata ",Gulaal and Kesar wondered

"Arey Master ji humesha kehte the ki agar koi ladki aye mujhe dhundhti hui to wo meri beti Tinky hi hogi'",The boy approximately 18 years old answered ,"Chaliye ye rahi ghar ki chabi'

Her hands trembled as she gripped the keys in her hmad

"Ye lijiye Didi ab aap hi sambhaliye in chabiyon ko main to chala par haan us alamari ko masterji ne kha tha ki aap hi kholein'.",Chotu Mumbled AND WENT AWAY LEAVING Kesar and Gulaal alone. The house stood dilapidated. The cobwebs from the ceiling hung to their heads. The dust particles danced back and forth in beams as she continued her troubled pacing from room to room. Kesar followed her without a word

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I knew she met her past ,her only wish I could fulfil, I knew she wanted to be a left alone with the wonderful memories of her life. I stood there doing nothing watching her contently as her fingers touched the walls. An occasional smile would sometimes burst on her face ,the next moment agony and lament filled the room, But I just stood there deciding not to hamper her experience)

Visions of her past swooped upon her like a whirlwind which seemed to engulf her.


Tinky Idhar aa khana kha le'",She ran while her father ran behind her

"aaa",som Sigh Tomar feigned falling diown holding his feet .

"Dad", She screamed and cried her lungs out.

"Dad", She screamed only to come back with her echo in the haunted room .

She walked up slowly towards the almirah'.and opened it.

Dusting off some cobwebs ,her eyes glimmered with fascination ,the box was there It was still there.


"Dad Ye glowing stars Mom shehar se layi hain ispar laga dun", The father daughter duo sat together in a cot basking in the warm Feb sunshine decorating the antique box

The stars had faded ,the iron box had rusted but Gulaal could not help but squeeze Kesar's arms in excitement

"Ye mera hai'.",Her eyes said a long story which Kesar could not decipher but her smile rekindled a glimmer in his eyes as he watched her open it with excitement .

An envelope a little musty old one was in her hands equally shocking her. She stared at it her gaze so strong as if her eyes knew what were inside. Her hands trembled ,He placed his on her ,with a strange soft radiance he said, "Khol ise Ispar tera naam likha hai'."

The words Tinky were written on it.She knew the ink. And she knew the handwriting and she knew the strokes'.

"Meri  pyari Tinky ,

Main janta tah tu ek din zarur ayegi par tab shayad main narahu'.Main janta hun tune  sab bachon ko meri kami nahi mehsus hone degi'.Kisi se suna tha Chinky paida hua hai'Use meri tarah ban k zarur pala hoga tune'.Tu to mera shera hai ..hai na'Pinky ab bhi utna hi gussa karta hai kya..Use do kadak phatke laga diya kar .Tinky shyad hum dono hi apni jagaha galat the teri Mom aur main'par .Apni Ma se kehna 'Mian use bahut pyaar karta tah'Is janam mein shayad use koi sukh nahi de paya agli baar zarur'.Khair'.TUJHE WO BARAF WAAL RAJKUMAR YAAD HAI NA'..ZARA WO TERE BOX WALA PACKET KHOL '.jab tera rajkumar aye to use hi pehenna'Teri ma ki shadi  ka joda  hai'Bas ek hi nishani thi uski mere paas main cahhata hun ki tu ise hi pehenkar bida ho'.Main tere saath nahi tah par tere liye ye sone ki nath bhi banwayi hai'.Tu khub sundar dikhegi'aur tera baraf waal rajkumar bhi'tujhe sirf dekhta hi reh jayega'What a beautiful pahadi bride you will make...Bahut armaan tha tera kanyadan apne hathon se karun par shayad'.

 Ho sake to 'Mujhe maaf kar dena'

 With love your  Dad, Som'.

The letter fell from her hand and she hastily unwrapped the parcel in the box'Her bare hands caressed the red lehenga.The silk was dull so was heart with agony, the threads had come out from places and so did her heart which lied bare and naked tattered with her memories, The embellishments had faded but her tears did not ,those pearls just grew brighter and brighter and died on the fabric glistening for a second and then soaking  ,So did her memories which glistened making her smile and then simultaneous sigh leaving a patch in her already aching heart----

but the warmth'That she could feel as she caressed the silken fibre with her hands'

She  touched the dazzling gold nose ring'.She could not see anything anymore,Coz she stopped ,fell on the floor and covered her face with her palms.KesaR LOOKED AT HER STUNNED. From the shaking of her shoulders ,he could make out she was weeping.

Suddenly Gulaal rent the silence of the room ,and broke into hysterical tears. Her cry was so strong and pitiful that it seemed to rise from the depth of the earth. She wailed and wailed ,Sometimes reading the letter again and again, sometimes touching the nose ring, sometimes holding the silken jaded lehenga.She cried like a madwoman. Kesar stood there silently without any effort. Though his heart was  torn apart in million pieces ,to see her crying like this, but he stood there letting her cry ,for he knew these were not the tears that should be stopped, these were tears which were to be shed uninhibited. The dam had to burst and he stood there waiting for the waters to recede. Hours passed in silence. He neither touched the letter nor her possessions coz he knew they were hers. He stood there as a silent testimony to everything ,crying his heart along with her. Every second every moment. Cries turned back into sobs and sobs finally into hiccups. A touch on Gulaal's shoulder made her raise her eyes looking at him. When she lifted her eyes, he saw in them an overwhelming emotion which he had never seen on her face. Kesar extended his hands and arms ,he did not speak a word but his heart was there for her. She said nothing. He said nothing. Only silence spoke between them and their hearts resonated in tandem in the silence. The late afternoon stirred in their hearts leavening the last hard fibres in Gulaal's heart. Without a word ,she rushed and hugged him as he crushed her back in her arms .Tears of joy, gratitude and immense satisfaction now coursed down her cheeks. His bosom was warm as she placed her head on it.She felt Closer to her Father and to  him who had given her the experience which her heart was wanted. She felt complete in his arms. It started snowing outside. Her hands slid up and she crumpled his white shirt just as she did when Som hugged her. The afternoon became dark and the thin blanket of snow covered everything. It was a miracle'It had snowed in a thousand years in the early  monsoon. The faraway mountains covered with a thick blanket of fog and snow and she saw through the window a face in them. The face of Her Kesar.


The journey back home was again silent one..The evening was delightful so was its majestic hues and tones.Gulaal kept on staring at the vast canvas of the open sky.The orange mixed with purple.The tonic air stirred the soul and the chilly cold snowy wind now gradually changed into the usual pleasant ones.The jep maneuvered downwards.He sat behind the wheel indolently ,an ease in his mind .Nothing changed .The same SILENCE existed between both of them.An occasional glance their eyes would lock and exchange a shy smile But no one spoke.Gulaal lost in the sweeping memories and Kesar lost in her.It was a moment where they both felt content. Both were happy .

They say that all things grow with time except grief.True the grief in Gulaal's heart eased bit and contentment slowly crept in.

(TINKY'S TWEET--A burden of one's own choice is not felt.All these years  we were aloof by choice or rather I had been scared to step out and reach out for the memories of my father.I never stepped out of my comfort zone.In the exterior I was this rough tough woman,But only I  knew that my  heart was tender ,I did not have enough courage to face my past alone .But now that I did ,Along with Kesar I felt light in fact much lighter.)

"Ise le le",His voice broke her trance as he suddenly pulled the brakes and offered her medicines,"Warana teri tabiyat kharab ho jayegi"

She again said nothing but just gladly accepted the care he offered .With the box of her memories clutched near her bosom ,She stared at Kesar.In this whole plethora of emotions she had entirely forgotten that it was he who made her feel this.Made her face to face with her worst fear,Fulfilled her heart's one wish ,which no one had ever done for her.24 hrs were still not over ,But she already gave him her heart without any guilt,like she really needed those.She again spoke nothing but her eyes spoke '.The unspoken feelings,those unspoken words from her eyes 'As they drove,the first pale stars chuckled their way through the faint twilight.The valley beneath submerged in fog that had sunk in from the lofty mountain tops.

"Roko rokoo'',She suddenly yelled and he pulled the brakes.

"Kya hua",He lookeda t her confused as she hopped from the jeep.He lo9okeda round and a scare ran his spine.The tea stall was familiar and so was the tiny gadehra(small mountain spring) flowing near it .Gulaal jumped in joy,throwing away her slippers and splashed on the tiny stream and yelled,"Aye chai waley   ek Garam chai aur ek garam glass doodh.She giggled and played running her toes in the flowing water .The wind rustled through her locks making them astray .Kesar almost forgot to breathe watching her playing like a child.The faint glimmer from the bulb shone impudently on her face and she giggled happily.He was at peace at last For her tears had been piercing her since hours .His feet unknowingly carried him towards her. The tiny eyes of the tea stall owner scrutinized him from tip to toe and smiled.Kesar was baffled and grabbed Gulaal's arms,"arey jaldi chal this is not a safe place'Jaldi chal'."Kesar looked around.She turned towards him and looked deep in his eyes .It took hardly a second for him to be lost and mesmerized again by her accentuated playful smile.Her form was refined and petite and her straight, long, tanned hair shimmered in the radiant light of the moon. The placid wind tossed her long, fluid, Kurta carelessly around, hugging her flawless curves.

His heartbeats hammered beneath his bosom as he was mesmerized by the very essence of her. As if orchestrated she  took the remaining step forward, closing the gap between them ,"Kesar main'",Her voice cracked as if trying to say something but stopped in between as if there was really any reason for her to speak.Looking straight into his eyes,She could no longer hold herself and fell into his arms.His breath hitched ,She had voluntarily hugged him without any force without any greed.The warmth was so tender that made Kesar dizzy.Her essence mesmerized him.. . They held on to each other for an eternity, like nothing else in the world mattered.  And then they stood there holding each other, not sure what to say, not sure anything needed to be said.

"kesudaaa."Her crass voice echoed in his ears  and something hit him.Gulaal parted from him in a state of shock as she saw a lady dressed in black holding a broomstick in her hands and hitting Kesar madly ,"Kesuda tune byah kar liya ..HAIA HAI..Mere Kesuda ne bina bataye byaha kar iya'."

He fell on the ground with a thud and yelped in pain.Gulaal's mouth parted in shock  and she quickly held her hand ,"Chodo Chodo mere Kesar ko'."

"Hain'.',The narrow dry eyes caged in sagging sockets squeezed a bit more in rage.Her salt and pepper hair flowed with the winds and she yelled, " Ye mera beta hai'."

"Ija tu galat samajh rahi hai..Ye sirf meri dost hai'",Kesar got up in haste baffled  and Gulaal stood there in a state of shock as the lady in her late fifties scrutinized her from tip to toe .


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hi guys will reply later choory m out of here is the next update ..hope you like it Big smile

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Glad Gulaal Is Able To Revisit Her Fathers Memories. (:
It Was Nice Of Kesar To Take With Her With Him. But Again His Gotta Stop Kidnapping Her This LOL. (:

Woha Whose The Lady That Hit Him???
His Mother??? Shocked

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Wow!!!Clap Excellent!!! It is so emotional and heart touching!!! So Kesar took Gulaal to her dad's home..I thought he is taking her like this to marry her..LOL Kesar reasons are correct..she would ve definitly shouted..The entire part where Gulaal and Kesar spend in her dad's home is penned down so it her FB,her dad's letter or gift..Clap awesome!!! Never expected Kesar will do this..its the best!!! Kesar silent reaction when Gulaal broke down is so apt..Clap Gulaal accepted Kesar as her true love..Embarrassed now no more confusion..Awww!!! Kesar's mother saw them and mistook..LOL while reading precap really thought Gulsar are married..LOL Nice touch!!!

Looking forward and thanks for writing a fantastic update..Smile

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Piu...this one is so heart warming chapter...
My goodness...he actually kidnapped her...good for her...she did not give ant other option for kesar...bechaara aur kya kartha...his plan is too good yaar...P ka bhi setting kat diya with the help of dhani...I am head over heels for this man...he brought her to her father's i just loved the FB part between gulaal n Som...bharaf waala raajkumarEmbarrassed...the respect I have for Som is increased now...he is such a great human being...Som has a great bond with gulaal na...he know that his daughter will come one day or the other...the letter from Som to gulaal is so heart touching...I am very happy that atlast gulaal is free from the pain n grief...ofcourse now she will be accepting kesarEmbarrassed...wah what a twist...ab ithna achcha sa romance ka situation hai...kesar ki mom koh abhi aana tha kya...aur aathe hi kesar koh peetrahi hai...good going guys...gulaal saying thta he is her kesar...ija saying that he is her son n kesar saying that gulaal is his friend...ab kya hoga...i am looking forward for the next chapter...
sorry for the delay yaar...busy with so many things...

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