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Who said MY SO CALLED WARNING COULD STOP KESAR..Never nothing could stop him coz he was hell bent to knocking Tinky Di's adamant heart to which she always refused to listen..

RULE NO .14 -In Life , When you get into trouble ; don't get nervous , Just close your eyes and listen to your Heart  ;

Because the Heart may be on the left '. But It is always right ''..


STATUS :Tinky Di Kisi ki bhi nahi suntiCry

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Passengers on Flight no 1-245 from Dehradun to Delhi please precede towards gate no 5." The announcements broke the silence that existed between both of them. She rubbed her palms and gave a sneaking side glance to him.

"Time for me to go", Karan Picked up his handbag and he spoke breaking the thick air of silence and contemplation which had created an unknown barrier between them. Never in their life had they been so quiet and unaffected by each other's presence.

"Champ'" Gulaal got up in haste, her eyes confused terribly.

"Shhh ", He placed his fingers on her lips, "do not say anything. WE need to talk Tinks. I know'.I can sense it'We need to talk'"

(KARAN'S KADAK PHATKA-It's been 10 bloody years 10 years but That one look from her ,I could not get'That would make me assured she was mine.10 years, I could not give her the warmth that was needed to melt her..10 years and still I could not  neither win her heart nor give mine to hers'What was exactly wrong, I knew not but 10 years we had been closing our eyes oblivious to what was obvious'10 years ,but she was yet so far from me')

"Champ I am sorry'" The guilt in Gulaal's heart trickled from her eyes finding its way down her cheeks, her heart sank and she felt darkness engulfing her.

"No I am sorry. WE should have talked pehle but guess this is not the right time'.I will be back next week'Got to rush'.I promise we will sort things bas tu relax kar'",He placed his hands on her shoulders

"Champ I just'" She choked miserably.

"I said Na'we love each other but now we should actually open our eyes to what exactly this means for us'.We cannot thrust the promises on each other. We have been trying but we both know something is missing'.We need to talk'I will come back and then Aram se baat karenge..." Karan ruffled her hair gently and pulling the strap of his bag turned around to walk away, "Need to go now.."

"I will miss you Champ..",she burst into tears in his arms

"Miss you too sweetheart ..We are buddies and this thing stands valid always hai na'Do not hold yourself Tinks'Listen to your heart coz ..I am gonna listen to mine'..Now '."He put his hands around her and comforted her.

(TINKY'S TWEET- The hug was much needed ,There was no hesitation,coz I knew he was the same Champ who was my best friend ,my shoulder to lean upon as I was his. The touch was enough to tell each other what exactly existed between us, The bond was inseparable but not exactly what the world wanted us to be. A huge burden was lifted from my heart. I felt relieved.)

"I love you TInks'Do you'",Karan Kissed her forehead, "Then say it silly"

"I love you champ'..",She muttered those words with an entire new found feeling of joy coz she knew that this was the love for her friend who had always been there for her and watched him go as she waved him a silent teary Goodbye .

It's gonna be a long wait 'a week but she breathed happily as she was not guilty anymore. Wiping off her tears she walked away.

She opened the door of her room , tired yet with a solitude and contentment which had soothed her savage heart. He was relaxed. She needed answers and she could now look for them without any guilt, her smile widened a bit as she hurled the car keys on the table. The table lamp glowed with its sombre darkness .GULAAL SIGHED .Before she became aware of his presence behind her, He cupped the back of her neck, his thumb caressing her just under her left ear. He felt her pulse leap, saw a smile burst across her face as she turned to look back over her shoulder. Kesar  stepped beside her and watched as her smile vanish and she squealed in horror, "Gosh Tum tum yahan kya kar rahe ho'."She turned and locked her gaze with the deepest brown eyes which made her heart thump every time they fixed on her. Back after seeing off Karan at the airport ,the last person she expected to see was Kesar Rawat standing in front of her with his arms folded across his chest and staring at her with cold and sheepish  eyes. He extended his hands to caress her cheeks

Yanking herself away from his touch, she frowned at him.  "What're you doing here?"

Kesar gave her a long suffering look and within seconds grabbed her waist pulling her closer while she balled her tiny fists punching her chest ,he yelled, "P Mujhe coffee thodi strong pasand hai aur main pakore bhi lunga'"

"Ok beta.."The voice of her mother echoed from downstairs .Gulaal froze with fear ,her face pale as if she had seen a ghost.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-OH I just loved the flustered look on her face. She was dead with fear .Little did she know that I had worked my charms with P and made up to her room on the pretext of studying asking some clarifications of doubts from MY SENIOR (READ MY GULAAL)..Women can be so cute. I was already in love with P'.)

"Gosh. Are you mad'.Leave just now'" ,She muttered. His dark gaze moved down her  silk kurta, her stomach fluttered with flying butterflies, as it did whenever he was near. Instinctively, she drew her dupatta tighter and close to her bosom and pushed him back with all her might.

"Arghhh 'Main to sirf yahan padhne aya tha'.P se permission lekar see I am with my books..",His mischievous eyes twinkled as he picked up a book kept on the table and sat smartly pretending to study, flipping pages aimlessly.

"LOl Biology' is it even our subject.?. Class 12th k student ho kya'?",She giggled and scrunched her nose.

"See ",He walked with a swaggering gait towards her , "my basics are kharab ",He grabbed her shoulders , "so thought why not clear the basics first haaan'",biting his lips in excitement, he pushed her on her bed pouncing on her taking her by shock.

"Chal padhai shuru karte hai,", He traced the angles and curves  of her face making her gasp as she drowned in his intoxicating eyes, " See I like your cornea(black portion of the eye),perfectly brown, I love your lesser and greater canthus(corners of the eyes)'Which make your eyeball wider just like a fish and the maxilla(cheekbones) makes your cheeks just perfect'.",He caressed her cheeks making her toes curl as she pulled her knees closer and clutched his shirt in excitement as he contined,his fingers tracing her curves and his eyes wandering everywhere in amorous fascination, "And the mandible(jaw bone) perfectly ending near your pinna (external ear)" ,  he whispered lustily in her ears making her tremble and continued "'and Your neck, I can see the larynx (Adam's apple) go up and down as you miserably try to gulp your nervousness and your.." While he spoke, his fingertips touched her neck and finally slipped near her bosom

"Ok stop'",She clutched his hand in defiance, trying hard to tame her insanely speeding heartbeat, "Gosh you are so disgusting"

"..Arey nahi Yaar "He felt her heart thud and he smiled as he nuzzled her neck , "I was talking science akhir wohi to hai humare beech'So let's exchange some bacteria now'",His eyes glowed with mischief.

"Ewww",she covered her face with her palms in embarrassment

"Shut up",he pulled her palms away.Gulaal's mouth suddenly became dry, trying to steady the wild beating of her heart.  She wondered what he saw as he stared intently at her face, he looked angry. Before anything could be said or done , He lowered his mouth in a hungry and demanding kiss.  All objections were muffled and silenced. Gulaal felt frozen at first but the thrill was excruciating . They kissed for an eternity, like nothing else in the world mattered. Within seconds he withdrew himself from her, her eyes still droopy ,her breath still untamed, her lips parted .

His smirk grew wider seeing her and he whispered in her ears, "You were right wo terrace setting perfect nahi thi'but seems this is fun..your room your house ,your bed ,your mom preparing coffee for me'.Haha's gonna be thrilling." He slid his hands back down and teased her by lightly trailing them along the edge of her dress.


"Gosh you promised me you will not touch me'Until you win. I trusted you'",she smacked his hand and got up in haste pushing him away.

"Looks like you are forgetting something", He walked up to her ,and her footsteps moving back until her back collided with the wall.

"What", she creased her brows in an innocent confusion.

" I said na most important rule is Never ever trust me'.",smiling devilishly he placed a delicious peck on her cheeks which sent a shiver down her spine. The moment was exhilarating as much as a shock for someone..coz the very same moment SHE stopped dead in her tracks..Coz the very same moment ,Paan Singh was just about to enter the room with coffee and hot pakoras.He voice choked and a wave of anger swept off her feet as she saw Kesar kissing Gulaal's cheeks. A rage gripped her ,and she was about to march inside to slap Kesar and Gulaal but something stopped her feet, her eyes moist as she saw both of them. The overwhelming smile on her Tinky's face and the twinkle in her eyes made her melt. She stood there motionless watching both of them.


"Listen'.You have to come with me'",Kesar clasped Gulaal's hands

"Where", she squeezed her eyes.

"NO questions", He ordered her, "Just come with me'."

"No'.",She turned her face away and giggled

"Trust me'",He grabbed her arm.

"Why should I..",She teased him .

"Coz you don't have any other option'..",He folded his hands across his bosom,"Coz you are mine and you will do as I say ''",he winked at her with authority

"No can't just order me'",Gulaal rolled her eyes

"Oh Hell I can'Come with me or ill kidnap you'.You are mine and I will not leave you so easily'",He looked straight into her eyes .

Someone's heart thumped with Shock'Paan Singh Tomar found herself standing as a bride years ago'


"Tum mujhe yun chhod k nahi ja sakti abhi chalo aur sabse kaho ki tum mujhse pyaar karti ho aur shadi bhi mujhi se karogi'.",Som Singh Tomar Grabbed her hands harshly and forcibly started removing all her jewellery which fell on the floor ,"Ye sab usi ne diye hai na'.Tum Sirf meri ho'"

"Nahi'..Tum aise mujhe zabardsati nahi kar sakte",Tears rolled down Paan's cheeks as she tried to push him back

"Bikul kar sakta hun kyunki tum sirf meri ho''.aur tum chalogi mere saath abhi'.",He roared loudly and pulled her dragging her away from the room,her barat stood at her door but she jumped out of the window along with the love of her life.

Tears coursed down her cheeks as he recalled the day when everything changed in her life..Perhaps it was the only time'ONLY ONCE IN HER LIFETIME WHEN SHE HAD LISTENED TO HER HEART. She stared at Kesar and Gulaal with happiness oozing her eyes.


"Chal na pls pls'.",Kesar fell on his knees and Begged Gulaal .

"Oh now begging ..",She nodded her head with pride and her sheepish smile grew wider

"CHAL NA CHAL NA PLS'..warna'",He clasped her hands like a tantrum child

"Warna kya",She hunched her shoulders

"Warna" ,He winked at her and carried her in his arms, "main tujhe utha ka le jaunga'.Bol chalegi ki nahi'".He twirled her around and Gulaal giggled

"Ok ..ok fine ruk jao mujhe chakkar aa rahe hai '.I will''Mujhe neeche to utaro",She pleaded in her shrill voice.

He put her down and she pushed him back teasing him, "Nahi jaungi hahah" ,and ran towards the door

"Teri to'.",he ran behind her Both stopping dead in their tracks as they saw Paan Singh Tomar standing with  a tray smiling.

Silence ensued for a few seconds as the three of them stared at each other.

"Wo main Coffee aur pakore lekar ayi thi'",Paan Sigh Tomar eased the situation pretending not seeing anything.Gulaal and Kesar heaved a huge sigh of relief .

"P'Oh wow pakoras",He grabbed the hot piece and munched hungrily

"Padhai ho gayi'.",Paan Singh Tomar smirked as she saw Gulaal rolled like a ball in one of the corners still reeling under the shock of not being caught.

"Haan P..I have to leave'now'Bye", Stuffing 2-3 pakoras in one go, Kesar walked as fast as he could leaving Gulaal and her mother alone. There was complete silence in the room for some minutes .Gulaal was still in a state of shock as she picked up a book and sat on the chair mumbling, "mujhe padhna hai'."

"Tinky'.Tu khush to hai na'.",She walked up to her and placed her hands on her forehead ruffling her hair gently.

"Haan Mom kyun'",gulaal flipped the pages nervously

"Karan tera khyal rakhta hai ",She enquired

"Oh mom'TUM KAISE SWAAL KARTI HO'..",she shut her book and walked to the balcony stared at the vast expanse of the starry night sky.

"Kesar bahut acha ladka hai ekdum mast ..hain na'",Paan Singh Tomar walked beside her and leaned on the balcony railings.

"Haan Mom'.",Gulaal answered carelessly still lost in her own thoughts.

"Sudha  ka  phone aya tha'Puch rahi thi shaadi ki date k liye main next month k liye  haa keh dun'."Paan Singh asked with anxiety.

"Hmmm",Gulaal muttered perturbed as if someone had splashed cold water on her face waking her up from a state of lullaby .tears threatened to break the barriers of her eyes which lowered in confusion.

"Tinky'",She held Tinky's chin and made her look into her eyes.

"Wo acha lagta hai hai na,'.",She smiled

"No mom mujhe KESAR ACHA NAHI AGTA 'Bilkul bhi nahi'.",Gulaal mumbled in state of frenzy

"Maine kab Kesar ka naam liya '.",Paan Singh Tomar smiled

"Mom", She smacked her hand in irritation.

"Mom'MMom main'",Her voice choked and she burst into tears in her arms

"Shhh Tinky'.",She gently rubbed her back and said, "aaj tujhe kuch yaad dilate hun jo tere Dad humesha kehte the'Listen to your heart tinky and It will never lie'..Koi jaldi nahi hai..Teri khushi se badhkar kuch bhi nahi'Par faisla to tujhe hi karna hoga hai na'Isiliye jo bhi faisla le bas apane dil ki sunna 'Kyunki Dil ki jo nahi sunta wo sari zindagi meri tarah yun hi akele kaat deta hai'Wo tere layak kahin se bhi nahi hai ..status ya parvarish kisi bhi tarh se nahi..Mera dimag yehi kehta hai..par dil se puch Tinky'Wo humesha sahi jawaab dega'.  Kaash maine bhi apane dil ki  dobara suni hoti'..But Tinky Do not make a mistake which will make you repent your whole life..Just listen to your heart."She spoke continuously while Gulaal just cried in her arms.

The crickets sung in their croaking voices and the moonlight bathed her tensed body as she tossed and turned relentlessly in her bed. Sleep was miles away from her. The darkness seemed to engulf her as there she lied with a torn apart heart and confused mind.

"ZZZ",The vibrator of her phone startled her .

"Pinky. Itni raat ko'",she exclaimed receiving the call.

PINKY: Di Kya wo Kesar tere piche pagal ho rakah hai'

Gulaal froze with fear and muttered ,"Tujhe kaise pata''"

"Tujhe kya laaga Di Chinky mujhe nahi batayega to mujhe pata nahi chalega..College mein abhi bhi mere contacts hain tu sirf haan ya na mei jawaab de'.",His voice roared in anger.

Gulaal was numbed ,her head reeling with tension.

"Bol",his voice gave her shivers and she mumbled in haste,"haan'"

"Oh Di I love you",an exuberant voice hit her ears knocking her off her senses as she popped her eyes in shock'.

"What",she exclaimed

"Di'Tu use pagal kar ke chhod de bilkul..thoda bahut hi bye kar k bilkul cut off kar de..Main chahta hun sala pagal ho jaye'samjhi. Mat bhul usne Chinky ko kitni buri tarah harass kiya ab to badla lene ki bari humari hai'.Oh you have a brilliant mind di ..What a plan tune zarur ye badla lene k man se hi kiya hoga I know' you chal main rakhta hun Rewa is calling me'."He said in a go leaving Gulaal perturbed as she fell on her bed lifeless.

"Haan haan Uniyal ji hum theek dopahar ke 1 baje tak pahunch jayenge..apne sab intezaam kar liya hai na'.Apka bahut bahut dhanyawaad ye ehsaan kabhi nahi bolunga'acha rakhta hun Namaste...",Kesar ecstatically cheered at his victory which was just a few staps away.Gulaal's smiling  face flashed in his mind instantly rekindling a spark of sheer joy in his heart.

She would be so happy, this thought just threw him in new realms of happiness.

"Kya baat hai Kesar lagta hai planning sab theek chal rahi hai hai na'"Negi placed his hand on Kesar's shoulders

Kesar felt as if someone just shook him up waking hi up from his dream like state.

"Kesar bilkul aisa sabak sikhana use ki zindagi bhar wo khoon k ansoo roye'bhul gaya inhi desi logon ki wajah se Teri ija ka aaj koi nahi hai..sari zindagi tujhe tane sunne pade aur ye ladki sabke samne tujhe beizzat kiya tha isne'.ab humari bari hai hai'in desi logon ko maza chakhane ki'Sari zindagi teri bahon mein hi tadapti rahegi'wo'.".Negi's eyes blazed with anger reminding Kesar of what he had forgotten .He had a plan and he had to execute it now.


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Hola guys here is a much shorter update than my usual stuff but Wanted to post it so here is the next update nothing special only filler lol...Well I ma feeling so paapi writing this SS coz I am just crossing all limits now...Hope all paapi atams will give me jhappis now...Tongue

So here is my bit for everyone... YES I am so in the bad habit of writing such long long stuff goshOuch

@Neilu LOLI know you wanna give jhappi LOL seriously kesarji ki planning ke kya kehne  our banda is so bad ..tabhi to he prefers hush hush over sports lolTongue

@poo only tamatarmukhi blushing faces Tonguehaila me feel so paapi right nowLOL

@Ramya he he banda future saasu ma ko bhi nahi chodta such a flirt you seeTongue

@nicita yes Gulaal only has to definitely make a choice

@chotu govindaLOL ab hell bhi milega just wait with bates breathTongue

@ all

Am so elated reading your comments..Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments..Guys I am really sorry for replying individually..I hope you can excuse me for that coz it becomes very difficult to type ,post and reply chappies daily..But still m trying my best to cope up..Choory guys...CryI read each and every comment with equal enthusiasm and its the love of yours that keeps me elated.Thank you so muchHug

.M loving all the comments from you all.New readers thank you so much...Muahhh Great to have you all here...Thank youHug

Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Ramya,Arti.Poo .Silver fairy ,Skittle,samia,Kayte,kalika.Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments.If anyone wants PM's do buddy me..Also I have decided to do regular I mean daily Updates...They will be shorter but regular..Hope you are fine with this.Do let me know.Anymore SILENT LOVERS I mean READERS Please come out..Its fun out here...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
fatmaghozi sauris, nish89kaytesamia999kreasenchanted23nneeiillMR21minizzarti07Geeshu, kavi.bidaainish89kayteSkittle16sharmishtaAyushii_Angelkalika.jalantaenchanted23princessofkesarMR21minizzprachuryanneeiillKeithuuGeeshukiran_trudecentwithout-fathom-Swetha-poo_j,SilverFairy , canuck-umz,

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piu thanks yaar for the chappi..the only relief for me thesedays

wow looks like now karan can see all thing clear..loved the understanding 
and the bedroom am content n happy with all the paap...bring it on
omg the biology cracked me up...that was too good..
and P ko bhi pata ke uski beti ke saath bed room mai chiii..waah kesar.. 
and the surpise moment was when P sees them..and how she actually reacted..

aww it took to her days..glad she can understand their love...
and i love how she confronted gulaal in such a loving way

and negi n pinky are thinking its all a game..wohooo cant wait to see now


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Aww Gulaal's Mom Is The Best. Telling Her Daughter To Follow Her Heart.
That's What Gulaal Should Do. Or She Will Suffer All Her Life Of Not Begin With The One She Loves. Kesar. (:

Karan's Very Understanding. (:

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Wow!!!Clap Fantastic!!! Karan understands Gulaal so well..Kesar is back in Gulaal's home..He socialize well with everyone..Paan Singh Tomar is fully impressed by Kesar..His new way of learning is so unique..Embarrassed Awww!!! He kissed her..Blushing wondered what happened to his promise..Confused but got his answer..never ever trust him..LOL OMG!!! Gulaal's mom caught them like that Shocked but understood that Gulaal truly loves Kesar..The conversation between Gulaal and her mom is written very well..Clapits was so touching..Abir is totally wrong in understanding his own sister..Angry What is Negi saying???Angry Is Kesar doing all this things to take revenge on Desi's???Confused Wish its not true and believe Kesar!!!
Looking forward and thanks for writing an awesome update..Smile

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!Smile

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Unres done in the above post..Smile

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Piu ...thanks for the chapter on Christmas dear...
Wow...looks like karan got some brains n sense now after wasting 10 years... just hope that these two clear their illusion of being in love as a we can see the love they share is of friendship...kesar is in gulaal's room...he is total charmer na while he handles P...P is totally junior is here to clear some doubts from senior that too of biology n science...very very interesting subject...what a perfect timing of P's entry...but i just loved how she is able to see the love between kesar n gulaal...the nok-jhok of kesar n gulaal is a treat...the FB bit looks like the history will again repeats...seeing P was really a shocking moment for them yaar...kesar toh baag gayaa...what abt gulaal...but i loved how PST made sure that gulaal talks abt kesar...i just love her for her advice to listen heart n not the brain...i just wish gulaal does the same...Pinky is back with his phone call n what an idea sirji...say hello hi to kesar n then make him paagal saying bye bye...too bad pinky...looks like even kesar is planning some thing realted to gulaal...Negi is back again also bringing kesar's past...ab kya hoga...what will be kesar's plan n will he be successful in doing it...will gulaal listen to her many questions...please do update soon...

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