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Piyu Update?????

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Sorry guys just busy with stuff Cry..a huge update this sunday pukkaEmbarrassed

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lovely chapii piu loved chinki and kesar's confrontation looks like kesar is his coach... wonder y cant pinki oops mr abir tomar couldnt put some brains in his head gosh he is so timid Confused bilkul nahi lagta ki he is gulaal's and abir's brother...anyways moving ahead... hmm gulaal is in denial mode donno whts stopping her...her promise ,her long relationship with karan or the obsession of kesar...LOL donno which scares her most  but she cant stay away from him nor could he... the boy has turned into a stalker cute and loved his way of gift... this boy is a diehard romantic LOL cheap flithy yet adorable LOL aww kesar u r so cute and wht to say about karan he is a grt guy he is one who is backstabbed by his love yet he is standing beside her head high talking about his one night stand to relieve her from her guilt and the words he spoke to her was cute infact i  found it quite wasnt intense but sensible some say those who are sensible about love are incapable of it but i disagree he is sensible and has realistic expectations from his relationships he is among  the ones who don't necessarily "fall in love" , but love that one person who needs them to the fullest, complement her, and support her. in real life i would prefer a guy like karan not tht nutter kesar...LOL

nice chapii piu Smilebas itna hi ...u know na brain cell dead haiConfused

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Kill me falling for someone whom you are supposed to hate is bad...This happened not only with di but POOR ME...Kesar is such a charmer..It was as if he had cast a spell on everyone..If only I knew Di was not even spared by his charmsCry He was MAD..Coz his madness amplified vigourously due to his obsession to get Di at any cost ..

RULE NO .13 -

A kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes unnecessary.


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And the challenge...

The night had set in dark and deep. The hushed wind blew seeping through the windows and gave a soaking feeling in the post summer heat. His feet wobbled but she held on to him tight and landed him straight on the bed of the guest room AT Gulaal's house.

"Tara Ru Ru Tara Ru ru'." Karan pointed his fingers towards the ceiling and sang hoarsely in his croaking voice.

"Ok Shut up now and go to sleep", Gulaal placed her hand on his mouth and ruffled his hairs gently and got up to walk away

"Tinks'Come here'.",Her hands gripped tightly and pulled her back making her sit beside him.

"Shhh bahut batein ho gayi'",She smiled half-heartedly and placing her fingers on his lips signalled him to close his eyes

"Ya bahut ho gaya ..Tinks Let's settle down'Please'Let's get married quickly 'Mom din raat yehi kehti rehti hai..I can't make her unhappy any more..Please'.",He held her hand in his grip his eyes still drowsy.

"Champ main'..",She stared at him only to find him dozing off .His fingers slipped off her hands and she smiled and covered him with a blanket

Hovering over him ,she mumbled, "I am sorry CHAMP'"

(TINKY'S TWEET-Thousands of tons of remorse filled my heart. I was unable to look into his eyes'What wrong he had done, I did not knew but still I could not want him the way I should have been. It was strange and life even STRANGER. Sometimes I wonder. What was more powerful, My bond with Champ or the unimaginable pull which drew me towards Kesar .I felt like a lonely soul with nowhere to go'.I needed some answers and I needed to talk to CHAMP and sort things ASAP)

She ruffled his hairs gently and walked way only to stumble upon someone   , she hadn't been expecting at this hour ,"Kise dhokha de rahi hai gulaal bhai ko ya apne aap ko'."

"Gosh Rewa you scared me", She placed her hand on her bosm trying to pacify her random heartbeat

(TINKY'S TWEET-She was staring at me with strange eyes. Her eyes   which accused me..Her eyes which had questions'She gave me a strange vibe as if she could peep through my whole existence and had already deciphered the untold truths of my heart)

"Dar to mujhe lag raha hai Tere liye ..Kesar'.aur tu'", Rewa glanced at her with authority and bewilderment.

"Rewa please'..", Gulaal chewed her lips and turned her face away fearing that the creases on her face would narrate the confusions of her mind to Rewa

"Maine dekha hai'.", She grabbed her hand stopping her, ".tujhe uske saath the way he looks at you'Gulaal ..It's just so scary'.aur tu'Gulaal kyun'kyun deny karti hai'.",Rewa raised her eyebrows as she continued, "..I am not asking for explanations but it's high time now'.Tu aur bhai' need to understand facts. You both turn a blind eye to what's obvious."

"Rewa please..",Gulaal looked at her furiously

"Theek hai gulaal'.main kuch nahi kahungi..but I will say stop fooling yourself'.and Bhai'.too", Saying this she walked away leaving Gulaal torn apart .

The tiny beads of sweat trickled down his nose as his deep eyes stared at his target'.The crowd was still, the evening dusty and the brilliant orange hue slowly merged with the darkness of the night''The flood lights bathed the huge stretch of green grass. He sighed heavily and breathed hard. The crowd waited with bated breath. The ground was full ,the eyes curious, and his heart thumping a mile due to the extra rush of adrenaline..

The announcers anxiously yelled, "Now let's see If Kesar Rawat can equal the score between the seniors and the juniors with his penalty stroke 'Ladies and Gentlemen.. LOOKS LIKE THE FIANLS OF THE DIMS FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP match would be interesting. The final stroke which can change the perception of the match''.KESAR RAWAT'.."

"Go rawat. Show these bloody desis",Negi blurted giving a condescending look at RV and Sayantan who bit their nails anxiously.

Kesar's jaws tightened, the muscles of his legs tightened, His tiny eyes scrutinised the distance. A HUGE DEEP INHALATION AND MOVING BACK A FEW STEPS HE RAN towards the ball  and WHAAM!!!

The breaths stopped for a few seconds and the crowd burst into hysterical cheers as the ball hit the goal post. Kesar clenched his fist and hurled it in the air running wildly across the field and jumped into Negi's arms.

RV stomped his feet in refusal as the announcements repeated, "Rawat makes history scoring three goals in a row. He makes history so that settles the score at an equal'.Break time will be up soon'."

"Rawat we love you''",One of the girls cheered hurling her dupatta at Kesar .

Kesar hurled it in the air ,took an awkward back flip and a cartwheel and ran removing his T-shirt across the field and hurled a flying kiss in the air.

The girl swooned and waved him back.

"BLOODY SHOW OFF", She walked towards her seat along with Karan and her mother. Gulaal's eyes burned with rage an unknown feeling of jealousy creeped inside her .Kesar turned around and his eyes met hers'His look amused him as he saw her fuming .He grinned sheepishly

"Seems like a very interesting match'.Gosh Tinky we are late",All the three settled down and Paan Singh Tomar spoke softly

"THANKS Mrs. Tomar'it's an honour to have you here", The Principal welcomed Paan Singh and asked the attendant to serve them drinks.

"Wo dekho apna Chinki'.Chinki hi'..",Karan waved at RV who walked with his head down frustrated looking at Kesar'.

Kesar stared at RV for a few seconds and then at Gulaal who quickly turned her eyes away .

(TINKY'S TWEET-I cannot tell you how uncomfortable I was gazing at his body etched perfectly'Something always drew me towards him. The tiny sweat droplets near his forehead soaked his white head band and the way he hurled that kiss at that gal was so not done. Why should I be worried but the fact that Something made me fume. My cheeks went red due to the cumulative effect of rage and embarrassment of staring at him shamelessly)

"Ouch'.",Kesar suddenly fell down and yelled loudly holding his leg. The match came to an abrupt halt as Kesar howled in pain. Gulaal's anxious eyes brimmed with tears and she got up hastily to look but suddenly realised Karan's stare and sat down flustered and flabbergasted.

"Looks like someone got what he deserved'",Karan placed his glares back on his eyes .

"Awww poor guy'Got hurt..Ye Kesar hi hai na..Paan Singh Tomar moved her spectacles high up on the bridge of her nose. Gulaal's forehead creased with worry.

"Kya hua'.",Negi ran towards him ,so did his team members .RV looked confused.

"Kesar kesar tu theek hai na'.",Negi patted his cheeks.

"owww. I can't move'",Kesar held his feet and grimaced in pain.

"Koi stretcher laooo..jaldi'..",Negi yelled. The stretcher was brought quickly and Kesar was placed on it..

"LOOKS LIKE THE STAR PLAYER GOT HURT. Anyway we have a replacement so let the game begin again'.",the commentators announced .

Kesar howled and screamed rolling on the stretcher as they took him away and suddenly stared at RV and winked at him taking him by surprise and Gulaal noticed his smirk too and rolled her eyes while her mother and Karan chatted.

"Oh God 'Can't you see",Paan Sigh Tomar yelled wiping off Gulaal .The attendant  had stumbled upon Gulaal  spilling the orange juice all over her .

"Relax. Mom main abhi ayi '.washroom se'..",Gulaal blurted and got up hastily.

Kesar's grimacing face lit up as he saw Gulaal walk away.

She hummed a waltz between her sealed lips as she washed off the drink from her silk kurta.The slightly wet garment dimpled perfectly around her fabric accentuating her feminine curves taking the breath away of someone who leaned gently admiring her earthly splendour and gorgeous form

"Gosh For God's sake at least stop following me here, It's a ladies toilet '.",Gulaal turned around in fear watching HIS REFLECTION in the mirror while her heart hammered inside her bosom.

"To bahar chal wahan to follow kar sakta hun'.",He walked towards her .

"Oh'to tumhe chot nahi lagi thi'.sab natak tha'.",She tore off his gaze.

"Yeay'.natak nahi karta to phir'.",His gaze wandered everywhere on her.

She was about to walk out angrily when suddenly he blocked her way.

"Tumhe pata hai..You are mad'..You need treatment'.Get lost'Leave my way'",She clenched her teeth in irritation

"Ok Time up'.I warned you that I WILL TAKE YOU AWAY'Now time up sweetheart'.",He winked at her and even before she could think ,he pounced on her tying her hands and them feet

"Leave me'chodo mujhe. Leave me'.Mmm",a cloth rubbed against her lips  ,snugly tied around and her cries just hushed

"Why you are so difficult to control every time'.Don 't test my patience now'",He clutched her arms tightly.

She went giddy as he hurled her up in the air scooped her in his arms and walked away.

"Chal aja chuhe'.Jaldi aa'..Let see how you win'..",Negi stealthily elbowed RV while running dabbling away the ball between his feet near RV.

"I will win ..You cannot scare me anymore '",With a swift kick, he took charge of the ball and ran towards the opposite side of the goal

Her eyes just fluttered ,scared as she struggled in his arms. The stairs were dark and dusty, The strong stench of formalin from the morgue choked her lungs as they walked towards its terrace, Her mouth tied ,her hands stiffened as she punched helplessly .His strong grip would not free her as he carried her in his arms, Step by step ,he made his move'.He had planned everything ..Now he won't wait for anything. Her pleading eyes ,her shivering frame nothing could waver him anymore. HE WAS DETERMINED TO GET WHAT HE WANTED !!BY HOOK OR BY CROOK!!An unnatural pervading silence and stillness seemed to engulf everything .The chinks of plaster chipped from the dilapidated walls and fell at his feet as he walked with Gulaal Scooped tightly in his arms ,his chest billowed with pride and triumph. The crowds yelled at the goals only their voice heard faintly in the drop dead silence of the silver moonlight bathing through the crevices. Gulaal was sweating like a pitcher. KESAR WAS ON A ROLL. His heart danced with joy ,feeling her near his bosom. She was hers and he knew it'The terrace of the morgue was under construction ,his feet crackled and crumpled the damp bamboo sticks paste around the bricks lined with cement, shoes wet due to passing the mud pools .There had been a slight drizzle overnight .There was an all pervading silence and an ominous calm'everywhere .The terrace was lonely and the only noise heard was from the faint cheers coming from the nearby football ground. Scared like a child ,Gulaal looked around for help but all she could see was NOTHING ..NO ONE .Not a living soul could she is while her eyes hovered around to be only confronted by his dark sinister ones. There was a brazen smirk on his face, the smirk which she feared as he winked at her and walked, she writhed and winced in his arms, He smiled back ,"Now Don't give me those looks'You asked for it'..Ab bhugto'I told you to run away from me but you won't listen, I told you to come to me then also you won't listen'.So now you will have to pay the price'.."


"Arey Ye Tinky kahan reh gayi'"Gulaal's Mom looked anxiously here and there

"Arey aa jayegi'Mom'.Just chill'.",Karan whistled loudly,'Go Rajveer"


Her head reeled with fear ,the sound of his feet tapping on the ground ,She squirmed in his arms and within seconds 'She landed on the floor, which was hard and cemented .She struggled to open her tied hands ,her eyes full of hatred ,SHE HATED HIS SMIRK,SHE HATED THE SILENCE '.Shielding herself from his eyes ,She moved back scared ,her feet hit against the heap of sand and she fell with a loud thud cushioned by the sand bed. She watched his sheepish eyes dance and twinkle as he removed his head band and threw it away walking ,each step forwarding towards her .Her heart hammering trying to decipher the look in his eyes .She wanted to shout, she wanted to yell but her tied mouth muffled her cries into squeals.

"What ..I said na Time up'.",He leaned besides her staring deep into her eyes, mercilessly dry eyed'completely.

She crawled backwards, her body buried inside the heaps of the moist sand  until her head hit the boundary wall but instead of hurting ,she felt a hand, his hand shielded padding and cushioning her head from the shock of the attack.

"Jeez you'll hurt yourself. Come back to me, Holding her feet in his grip ,he pulled her right back beneath him. Both of them locked gazes for a few seconds .

"Mmm",She winced and struggled ,two tiny droplets emerged from the corners of her eyes .Her glance accused him.

"Aha you look scared ..Now that's something  new and it's tempting.", he cupped her face leaning on her .She brought her  tied hands to his chest in a futile attempt to stop him. Her cool fingertips on his bare warm arms. He seemed to be enjoying her touch .A devilish smirk appeared on his lips seeing her struggle.



Their nimble foot tapped on the hard ground covered with the soft green grass. Their short skirts flared in the air as they ran towards the field in the drinks break. The students hooted, cheered and ogled at the girls as their pom poms went high up in the air and their hips grooved to the thumping beats.

Go On Girl!

"Stop fighting. Give up'..Why do you keep pretending all the time", He whispered lustily in her ears caressing her cheeks..

A tight blow ,she hit his head with her head .She could not give up so easily.

"Why do you provoke me always..",He clutched her hair tightly. She winced and tears welled up her eyes. It clutched at his heart---HER TEARS---as a feeling of guilt sunk in looking at her helpless eyes. He felt he had been unfair to her and deep sense of guilt sunk in'

"Ok fine'Ruk'. ",He held her shoulders stabilizing her frenzied attempts to struggle.

"Yaar I had to tie you..Coz'Ok ab kisi ko Batana nahi..But you give me a tough fight'.Tere haath pair khol k lata to to mera kya haal karti tu'.",He slowly untied her mouth

 "Haal to tumhara main ab bhi bura kar dungi'."Just open my hands and I will show you Rawat'

"What..You know the RULES right'.",He smirked as he untied her feet.

"To hell with your rules and to Hell with you..",She snarled at him.

"You look so beautiful ",he  sounded amused and cupped her face .Before he knew what she was doing she slapped him hard

"Bas'.Bas'Bahut ho gaya'Ab natak kiya to ..Ek' rakh k dunga.",he roared ,raised his hand trying to hit her  back but stopped seeing her fluttering eyelids, and stared at her eyes ,which scared a bit yet seemingly blazing with revenge .HE GRINNED AND ADDED, "Why are you so difficult to control all the time", He squeezed her chin harshly making her squeal a bit. He pushed her back , and  he pinned  her arms above her head.

"I hate you'..leave me,", She gasped and struggled but it was of no use .His strong physique was straddling her, his nose almost touched nuzzling her cheeks

"Ahhh Come on '.stop fighting now'.Please'..You want me too'Right'.Give up now..Coz Time up ho chukka hai'.",he gazed at her petite frame again. Gulaal shivered in his grip. His eyes were wreaking havoc on her mind which was now giving up, the rationality was leaving her. At moment she wanted to push him back ,but the very next moment ,she wanted him to touch her all over. CONTRASTIVE !!YES IT WAS. She wanted to slap him but at the same time wanted him closer. She kicked his knees in desperation .The sharp tip of her heels almost quashed his joint .

"Ouch", he squirmed in irritation but his bashful smile which had died instantly lit up his face again .

"Ok let's get you out of these first", Holding her struggling feet ,he threw away her stilettoes one by one.

Hey Pretty Baby With The
High Heels On
You Give Me Fever
Like I've Never, Ever Known
You're Just A Product Of


RV watched the exuberant dancing  cheer gals standing at the end of the field with admiration but his eyes travelled across the audience looking for her.

His eyes met hers, Twinkle was sitting right across, Her eyes glanced sideways and she secretly waved towards him shyly.

I Like The Groove Of
Your Walk,
Your Talk, Your Dress
I Feel Your Fever
From Miles Around
I'll Pick You Up In My Car
And We'll Paint The Town
Just Kiss Me Baby
And Tell Me Twice
That You're The One For Me

"You are mine", his husky voice filled her ears, giving her an unusual tingling sensation. Her breath hitched rapidly, her eyelids drooped with anticipating pleasure as Instantly her heart warmed, rekindling a glimmer in her eye. His trembling hands and clawed fingers reached out for her karat.  He slid it beyond her shoulders and pulled it down  slightly to cover her bare arm , then he stopped for a second  and glanced at her with admiration. Youth had etched her body into bewitching curves .With an innocent face, honey complexion, she anxiously stared at him. Everything about her was so provocative. His gaze broke her last defences .her hands slipped ,her grip separating him from her loosened and she unknowingly slid her arms around his neck, "Main kya Karun tumhara'.tum sach mein mujhe paapi bana doge", her voice shook helplessly as she drowned in his dark brown eyes staring at her with intensity. She looked at him with longing, his tanned hair shimmered in the moonlight ,and a strong placid wind tossed his scanty hair on his face. Without wasting a second ,he ducked his head and placed a kiss on her shoulders. Gulaal could not help but sigh in pleasure. She shook in terrible spasms. Her left hand came up and caressed his cheeks and her fingers entangled themselves in the lengths of  his hair pulling him closer .She placed an anxious peck on his lips. Making him blush furiously .His eyes suddenly became shy with flattery and aspiration and he froze like a statue. He stared at her awkwardly like an innocent embarrassed child as Gulaal muttered in annoyance, "What will you kiss me now. Or just stare at me like a fool.

The Way You Make Me Feel
(The Way You Make Me Feel)
You Really Turn Me On
(You Really Turn Me On)

(TINKY'S TWEET-I knew not what had possessed me now. I could not stop him anymore or myself ..It was as if the moment had just snapped out all the logics. For the first time, I felt I was Gulaal and not Tinky'.I just could not think about anything else but Kesar)


You Knock Me Off Of My Feet
(You Knock Me Off Of
My Feet)
My Lonely Days Are Gone
(My Lonely Days Are Gone)


(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I HAD FEARED THIS DAY. I had bloody feared it..Although I had a purpose in my mind behind all this. But I wanted to die in her arms. The feeling was so precious'Her eyes made me mad with desire)
"Ek Minute '..",He  parted from her ,got up .Gulaal froze with fear and nervousness as she looked at him confused .He madly ran behind one of the pillars and came back ,he grinned his eyes dreamy with the seductive ambience)

"What'..",She rolled her eyes in confusion as within seconds the aerosol created a haze around her ,as he jumped upon his knees near hear .The fragrant spray was everywhere, the tiny mists sprayed her face and the intoxicating fragrance reached her nostrils giving her an inexplicable kick. HER FAV PERFUME WAS THERE ON HIM ,ON HER ,IN THE AIR'..

"Ye kya hai hahhaha'",Gulaal rubbed her eyes and burst laughing rolling all over the sand ,"Can't believe OMG you planned all this''",cried she ,the dreaminess in Kesar's eyes all gone and he suddenly became attentive. The corners of his mouth drooped in a frown.

"God match khel k ayah un aur .Aur upar se this Formalin ki stench'.To kya aise hi'.",Kesar made an innocent face. His face glazed with sweat.

"ahhahahhahha",Gulaal burst into laughter again , "o yea  kya perfect setting hai Neeche morgue ,ye tuti chat ,the wet sand and open sky'Really Its just as I had imagined ",she chuckled as she looked at the dilapidated construction site .Not a living soul was anywhere. The imli tree swayed along the wind with the blaring background music coming from the field.Some owls were twittering on the branches in the darkness of the night with the pale moonlight resplendent bathing everything in its silvery sheen. Gulaal nodded her head in amusement and folded her knees leaning on them placing her chin and laughed ,"haahhahahahahhha"

Peals and peals of laughter and there was no stopping her.

"Shut up'. So kya keh rahi thi tu'Hmmm At least you imagined all this haa'Chal tell me kya imagine kiya",. Pulling her closer, and in agonising slow motion, he moved closer and closer until their lips were practically touching. She bit her bottom lip in embarrassment of being caught blurting out her true thoughts'Gulaal curled in his arms and closed her eyes in delight and blushed ,her face turning into scarlet red.

I Like The Feelin' You're
Givin' Me
Just Hold Me Baby And I'm
In Ecstasy
Oh I'll Be Workin' From Nine
To Five
To Buy You Things To Keep
You By My Side
I Never Felt So In Love Before
Just Promise Baby, You'll
Love Me Forevermore
I Swear I'm Keepin' You
'Cause You're The One For Me
The Way You Make Me Feel
(The Way You Make Me Feel)
You Really Turn Me On
(You Really Turn Me On)
You Knock Me Off Of My Feet
Now Baby-Hee!
(You Knock Me Off Of
My Feet)
My Lonely Days Are Gone-
(My Lonely Days Are Gone)

Go On Girl!
Go On! Hee! Hee! Aaow!
Go On Girl!

"Ooops 'Ek minute'",the baritone of his eyes brought her out of her reverie fluttered her eyelids and within seconds her vision blinded ,his lips puckered in a perfect O A Strong whiff blew the fine gold dust which sat as a heap on his plams.The air around them filled with a shower of the dust and Gulaal 's eyes popped out in exclamation, FLUTTERING IN AMAZEMENT. The fine dust settled on her face, the ambience became golden and warmly seductive ,like a scene from a fairy-tale

 "OMG Ab ye kya hai. "she exclaimed her grin almost spreading to the extreme corners of her face.

"Wo kya hai na ..Thoda mood to banana padta hai na lIke movies To make you feel special'."He drew his mouth as though ,he were emitting a long whistle but no sound came ,instead he smiled one of his crooked smiles and turned to face her, encircling her waist in his arms. . Their lips met in an entanglement of passion and unspoken desire for a few seconds.


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"WHAT '.you're crazy'.Your completely Mad'You planned all this ..Disgusting and SICK'.",Gulaal mumbled her eyes still closed with the dreaminess of the kiss.

"It's cheesy I know..But that's my style '",He cupped her face and  brushed   a few stray curls from her face and winked at her.

"HHAHAHHAH I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MADE MY LIFE HELL and I am right here''It's insane'.",She acknowledged silently the IRONY of her plight with confidence with a laughter that was half a grunt.

"Ok ENOUGH NOW, ",He shook his head in annoyance and pushed her back on the sand bed, " bahut ho gayi chit chat'.I said time up na'.", He lowered his mouth in a hungry and demanding kiss.  All objections were muffled and silenced.  The only thing she could focus now  on was his warmth, his hands touching her all over like crazy .  She clung to him, seeking comfort and something else.  He kissed her until she had no thought left in her mind. She just sighed heavily ,heat invading her body with urges beyond her comprehension.

"Welcome to hell '..",a devilish smirk appeared on his lips as he threw away her dupatta  harshly   as he rained kisses all over her body.  His mouth was distinctively marking every inch of her, claiming her as his.

He strained like a madman ,his lips pressed tight against hers ,his hands trembling to touch her skin., "You are mine just mine'",he mumbled .

Ain't Nobody's Business But
Mine And My Baby
(You Really Turn Me On)
Hee Hee!
(You Knock Me Off Of
My Feet)
Hee Hee! Ooh!
(My Lonely Days Are Gone)

Give It To Me-Give Me

Some Time
(The Way You Make Me Feel)
Come On Be My Girl-I Wanna
Be With Mine
(You Really Turn Me On)
Ain't Nobody's Business-
(You Knock Me Off Of
My Feet)
Ain't Nobody's Business But
Mine And My Baby's
Go On Girl! Aaow!
(My Lonely Days Are Gone)


"What the hell is all this "He stuttered seized by a frenzy of longing frustrated looking at her.

"Kya'.",She nodded her head in confusion.

"When I can't get you tease me wearing all those  short dresses and when you're here you have to wear all this tim tam'covered up from tip to toe in this salwar kameez or whatever this crap is called..I want to see you ." Kesar gritted his teeth in irritation perturbed trying to touch her.

A shiver ran through her body  as his yearning gaze wandered everywhere.

"I am gonna tear everything now,then don't blame me'",He groped her in frustration.

"Hahahhahahah",Gulaal burst laughing seeing his red face and miserable plight

"What'..",He snapped impatiently

"Come,I 'll Help you'Why are you so impatient.", Her eyes had a glint that she knew would trigger a reaction. She mopped the tiny beads of sweat  with her dupatta .She ran her fingers up the back of his neck and curled them in his dark hair as she pulled his head to hers. She felt him twitch in response and she smiled, inclining her head slightly and returning his anger with a kiss.

His fiery eyes burned in flames as he grunted watching RV take the final penalty stroke. Negi couldn't swallow the kind of confidence that had oozed in RV's game. The audience waited with bated breath. Twinkle chewed her nails sitting far across the pavilion and mumbled a silent prayer folding her hands.

RV's heart thumped and he closed his eyes in fear.


"No one can SCARE you without your permission. So jab dar lage to sochna ki You have nothing to lose '.And TAKE THE LEAP".Kesar smacked RV's  forehead and kicked the goal .The lonely football ground at midnight echoed with Kesar's laughter while he winked at RV.

He breathed heavily and his feet arched and the ball hit the goal post.

"Yeayyy",RV ran wildly across the field and pointed a finger at Negi  who fumed in anger. The crowd went berserk'Karan cheered loudly and whistled, "There you go'Rajveer"

''.Some students ran madly on the ground and the commentators announced loudly--- AND THE TROPHY GOES TO  THE JUNIORS OF DIMS'..


Kesar's heart went giddy again , The danger was exhilarating, intoxicating, and made him tingle all over in the best possible way . Her lips were like fire against his, making him feel like an inferno of flames.

He caressed her cheeks and stuttered, "I will make you the happiest woman on earth'every day every night'.You' re mine'"


"I will make you feel like a princess ..Tinks'.You will be the happiest woman on earth'."Karan hugged her kissing her cheeks.

Gulaal opened her eyes with a jolt .her blood froze as she saw Kesar exploring her ,his mouth distinctively marking every inch of her .

(TINKY'S TWEET-SHAME ON ME!!The feeling swept across my heart. SHOCK NUMBED ME!! I was appalled at my infidelity. I was appalled at my greed to hold Kesar. I felt disgusted .His passion swept me off my feet. But what about Champ'.How could I do this to him and Sudha ma'My promise to babuji ..all just choked me')

 "Please Stop !! We need to talk about this please", She held his hand with tears in her eyes. A stark wave of guilt threw her off. She had turned deaf ,dumb and blind-BLINDED BY HER OVER POWERING EMOTIONS 'PENT UP WHICH BROKE TODAY---.Something inside her snapped and she stood rooted to the ground.

"What ? Please relax...I know everything...Yaar doctor banne wala hun .. so RELAX ..Dar mat 'I won't hurt you...TRUST ME'",He looked at her curiously

"Silly not about this...Please we need to talk...",Her eyes twinkled with his brazen confidence but her heart was sad.

"Abhi'.",Kesar pleaded her with a yearning in his eyes trying to calm his panting and hammering heartbeat.

"Haan please abhi",Gulaal begged him .

"Gosh...You always have to talk at the wrong time ...",He stomped his foot in annoyance leaving her.

"Tu jeet to gaya'.Par Twinkle se dur rehna samjhe. I will never accept a bloody desi for Twinkle,"Negi gritted his teeth while all others congratulated RV.He stared at fuming Negi who walked away in annoyance dragging away Twinkle with him'.His heart sank in fear as he stared at Twinkle's imploring eyes .Her eyes moist with tears.

He stood like a statue for a few moments as Gulaal got up and gathering her Dupatta ,she played with it nervously rolling it between her slender fingers, the tiny bells attached to its hem twinkling with her every move.

Kesar fumed and turned around to look at her. The wind nipped her cheeks and the curls brushed past her face. His firm chest rose and fell as she nervously sat on the sand bed in one corner .

He once again had a severe bout of thirst ,he tried to tame his wild heart beat listening to the provocative twinkle of her bells.

WITHOUT THINKING FOR A SECOND ,He walked back angrily and grabbed her waist .

"Please. Please'.We need to talk'",Gulaal pushed him back.

(TINKY'S TWEET- Talk really I wanted to talk'.Who was I fooling'I want to surrender myself in his arms'What kind of a disgusting woman I was ..but my desires were making me go crazy .My head reeled in confusion. I loved Karan. I always loved him ..then what was this. INSANE CRAZY DESIRES'.)

Clenching his teeth in anger ,he kicked the heap of sand in anger and frustration and reached out for the water tank where a mug was laying .Filling it up he splashed cold water on his head .The water splashed over him and he shook his head in anger. Gulaal ran towards him,"Ye kya kar rahe ho'."

"What ..You must be happy now..HAPPY?",he threw glared hexes at her and walked away to the edge '.

"Mmiain Champ ko dhokha nahi de sakti 'Humare beech 10 saal purana rishta hai'",She walked towards him and placed her hands on his shoulders.

He sighed heavily and nodded his head in amusement, "Ahhh Not Again'.",He paused for a second thinking deeply and continued,"Ok chal idhar aa'.Baith'",He made her sit beside him and placed his hands on her shoulders, "Can you repeat kya keh rahi thi tu'"

"Mmiain Champ ko dhokha nahi de sakti 'Humare beech 10 saal purana rishta hai'",She stuttered with her eyes lowered.

"Achaaa'aur tere mere beech kya 'kya hai Humare beech haan '..",His caustic smile widened as he turned towards her.

"Humare beech ,,,Humare beech kuch nahi'.We are just two   deprived people whose hormones are making them crazy'",She said brazenly .Gulaal gulped a huge lump in her throat, scratching her head

"Dhat satyanash .hhHaahahhhahahh",He burst laughing,.. "sare mood ka kachra. Kar diya tune'.Ewww bas sirf itna hi'.

"Yes aur nahi to kya '.tumhari koi girlfriend nahi..and I am 28 still never close to anyone'so we are deprived and that's it 'its simple's science'",She avoided his gaze.

"What '",He exclaimed.

"There exists nothing but desires between us'.SIMPLE SCIENCE'.",She folded her arms across her bosom.

"Wow what a wonderful explanation. Loved it", He clapped sarcastically getting up and placed his arms on his waist, "'.Oak chal lets talk science '",He held her shoulders , "Do you know what happens scientifically  when I see you'.When I touch you'.",His furious look sent shivers down her spine. She lowered her eyes .

He roared loudly "My limbic system gets activated, then triggers a response and I go crazy'.The impulses from brain somersault and MY VISUAL PATHWAY STOPS WORKING EVERYTHING AROUND ME BLURS and there is release of adrenaline which gives me a rush'.my arteries throb with the influx of blood and all I want to do is jump upon you... and when you stop me'.just at the wrong time. With your CHAMP  ka jaap.My BP  shoots up to almost 140/90 mm of Hg .My pulse rate almost races to 100/mainland not forgetting respiration rate becomes 25/min .There is vasoconstriction and my pupils constrict and all the blood rushes from my heart to'."

"Ok stop now'Chup ho jao'",She cut short his statement and closed her ears.

"Nahi sunnna lets talk science na''.",He pulled her hands while she struggled.

"Nooo please stop now'.chiii I don't want to hear anything more'.",She pushed him back.

"NO baith ..Let's Talk science'.",He made her sit forcefully landing beside her.

"AUR HAAN DEPRIVED'",He gritted his teeth, "deprived tu hogi'tere wo gadha racer gadha hai isiliye'.Meri to bahut girlfriends rahi hai ..mind you..ok I am not deprived like you''",He was flabbergasted at her treating him like he is some stupid fool.

"Aha'dikhta hai kitni girlfriends rahi hongi'.",Gulaal snapped back irritataed.

"What'",His eyes popped out in horror

"Aur nahi to kya'.Aise aise to haath kanpte shiver pathetically when you hold me and theek se pakadna bhi nahi ata aur janaab ki baahut sari girlfriends rahi hain'.Dumb kahin ke '",She squeezed her eyes frustrated herself.The torment in her mind was torturing like crazy .She was fighting every moment with herself.

"Shut up. Tu kya janti hai mere barein mein BTW meri ek girlfriend  hai twinkle's not that you're special or something 'ok'.",He stuttered angrily.

"Ha..hai nahi thi'.jo ki mere bhai k saath ghum rahi hai'She dumped you'coz you are dumb'.",She teased him irritataed

"Acha'.phir to ye bahut galat baat hai'",His eyes suddenly darkened with mischief. He clutched her wrist, "Your bhai stole my girlfriend to uska badla behan se to lena hi hoga na'."

"ouch'." Before  she could protest further he ducked his head and crushed his lips against hers.

"Kya keh rahi thi",He parted from her, "'I shiver..abhi batata hun'..",He whispered in her ears , "Now Let me touch you'.",He paused for a second, "The way you have imagined" While he spoke, his fingertips touched her neck. His touch was so light she thought she might be imagining it, but then the warmth from his hands started to permeate her skin, and soon the impressions of his fingers glowed in vibrant detail.

Trying hard to resist she choked upon her own words, "See this is what I have been talking about's science ..SIMPLE'. you cannot keep your hands off me even for a second. Yehi hai sirf humare beech'We just have physical attraction between us'Nothing more'."

"o yea..what if I prove it otherwise'.",He got up baffled at her words'His mind alert .

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-Haha I loved the way she talked about our relatiuonship 'But I would not let her go..NOT SO EASILY..I had sworn to myself  that she will have to live in my arms day and night every second of her life ..I WAS ON THE EDGE OF MADNESS and I would do anything to get her'.)

"Ho hi nahi sakta no one can take CHAMP's place..we understand each other ..we love each other'..",Miffed for a second, she quickly put her guards and defences upright .She had to shield her heart from him

(TINKY'S TWEET'I did not understand what was I speaking. In fact I could not sense what should be done. But the SECRET was I loved all this challenge game. I loved how he followed me'It thrilled me..My mind was torn apart'..)

"Not again..kaan pak gaye hain'lagta hai tu aise nahi manegi '.What if I prove to you ki humare beech jo hai wo tere LOWE se bhi badhkar hai'.Something that no one has ever done for you..Something your heart always wants'but no one could understand. What if I do it'Just Gimme 24 hrs and I will prove it that you do not love your racer ...",Kesar folded his hands across his bosom and challenged her with a grin.

"Aisa kabhi bhi nahi ho sakta'.",She turned artound her head in defiance.

"It's a challenge accept it'.",He nodded his head with a renewed vigour. There was a pause for a few seconds. Her fingers nervously ran through her hair trying to snap out from the unease of his gaze and her toes dug the sand beneath her feet.

"Dar gayi kya'.",his face beamed with a triumphant glee, those shiny white teeth gleaming in a bewitching sheepish smile.

"No done'.",Thinking for a second she blurted.

"To it's a deal.", he extended his hands , ".agar main har gaya to I will never show my face again to you'AND AGAR MAIN JEET GAYA TO'.",his smirk grew darker

Keep dreaming hahaaa'",she extended her hands and he clasped them diffidently .

"Sun to le agar main jeet gaya to phir'You will walk up to me..Tu khud chal kar ayegi mere paas aur haan 'Then I will show what HELL MEANS." . his dark gaze moved down her chiffon, silk kurta, her stomach fluttered, her body started shaking, but she grinned trying to mask the yearning .

"AND PIGS WILL FLY '.",she rolled her eyes., "But till then you have to keep your hands off me '"

"Done but you will have to come with me once I swear I will not touch you'TRUST ME'.",he shook his hands vigorously and with a jerk pulled her closer and started kissing her madly . . The tremor started  and radiated through her body, every nerve ending inundated with the most powerful feeling she had ever experienced. She heard herself crying out, and she didn't care.

"Now 'What's this'.",she murmured.

"Arey'.24 hrs ka quota to pura kar lene de..It will help me survive 'Till I win'.",He sighed heavily and parted giving her a long suffering look..

"GOSH YOU'RE SUCH A JERK '..",Gulaal held her bosom trying to control her rapid heartbeat .

"Trust me'.I am '.",He held her face and gently blew away the fine gold dust settled on her face and mopped it gently with her dupatta.

"Gosh Tinks where have you been", Karan held her hand in the parking lot..

"haan Di'.Tu kidhar thi'See I won this'",Rv grinned happily showing his championship trophy to Gulaal.

"Awww Sweetheart'Congrats'Mmmain Bas wo Emergency call aya tha to duty pe report karna pada'Just got free'"

(TINKY'S TWEET-I knew not why I lied ..I knew not why I was so badly wanted  to be proven wrong by Kesar'.I was lying to Champ'But we needed to talk now'.I would talk to him. Yes I would')

"Tinky. Tu aajkal bahut jyada kaam kar rahi hai You need some rest beta..Chalo ghar chalte hain'.",She placed her hand on Gulaal's forehead and they all walked towards their car.

"Ahhh sweetheart allow me'.",he suddenly held the door of the car  for her to step in.Kesar watched her eyes dance and twinkle. The similar warmth engulfed her face when he had first seen her but she was a little shocked to see him.

"Oh Kesar are you beta'I saw you got hurt .."Paan Singh Tomar placed her hand on his cheeks .Karan clenched his teeth tightly but tried to control his anger trying not to make Gulaal's mother worried. Gulaal's face became pale as she held Karan's arms more tightly trying to avoid the silly grin which threatened to burst on her face watching his flamboyant mannerisms. She was amazed at his guts .RV shivered nervously in anxiety .His own guilt overpowering him. He mumbled to himself, "Oh God pls pls do not let Di and Jiju know that I talk to Kesar often'"With the trophy clutched tightly near his bosom his feet wobbled.

(RV'S CHIRP-It was insane. A guy talks crap abut Di but still I go on befriending him. Can it get horrible. Gosh If Di comes to know of this ..she will murder me'.but the secret was I worshipped Kesar 'It was strange but I loved the way he made me stand up for Di and for myself ..I was a man now'.)

" Oh I am just fine'Bade bade shehron mein aisi choti choti chotein chotein to lagti rehti hai'. But but'I am hurt and angry'.",He made a sallow face feigning anger folding his hands across his bosom.

(TINKY'S TWEET'Can someone be more cheesy ..certainly not. Gosh from where does he gets these sick lines lol HATED SRK AND I HATED KESAR MORE)

"How can you look so gorgeous'Not fair'Everyone is gonna die in this college watching you'.and m angry'.you come to the college and not meet me..How unfair is that'.My my'I haven't seen such a beauty in my whole life.", He held his chest and sighed heavily sheepishly winking at Gulaal which went unnoticed by everyone except Gulaal. Her mouth parted in horror.

"Dhat ..badmaash..",Paan Singh Tomar gently smacked his cheeks giggling with flattery.

"No seriously'Like '.I wish I could have someone ",He stared at Karan', "Someone'.",His gaze shifted to Gulaal who felt her blood conjeal in fear and nodded her head signalling him to stop, " just like you'.",Kesar blurted and smirked kneeling before Paan Singh Tomar

"Mil jayegi'.",Karan walked trying hard to resist his urge to punch his face, ".Is janam mein To Mom ke jaisi ek hi hai TINKS AND Mind you she loves me So poor luck '..",He placed his hands with such authority on Gulaal's shoulders that Kesar felt his muscles twitch in anger and desperation.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-Honestly patience was never my virtue but I bloody swear I literally swallowed a huge bowl of poison watching his hands touch my Gulaal)

"Hahahhaha",Paan Singh Tomar burst laughing ,"Tum to bahut hi shaitan bache ho'.",He held Kesar's ears pulling them making him stand and continue, " Tinky ki koi behan nahi hai'.warana main tumahra bhi intezaam kar deti'I like you'.",She ruffled his hair gently.

"Gosh P 'You rock'.Love you'..",Kesar glanced triumphantly sideways and holding Paan Singh Tomar's hand placed a peck on it.

"Ye P kaun hai'",She grinned while Karan threw glared hexes at Kesar.Gulaal seemed pretty amused at his bashful demeanour and accentuated playfulness.

(TINKY'S TWEET-CHARMER'I wonder How could I not help but fall in his trap miserably)

"It's you..Its chic and cool'.",He winked at her

"Mom ..I THINK We should leave now'.",Karan almost chewed his anger. Paan Singh Tomar walked towards the car and Kesar grabbed her bag

"Allow me..,I will put in in the back'",Saying this he opened the car back and placed her bag there

"Arey tum kyun'.",She hastily muttered sitting inside the car.

"Kyun P'kya apka beta nahi hun'.",He complained.

"awwwOfc beta '.Kabhi ghar ana'.",She said softly., "Tinky ise keh na''"

"hmmm" Gulaal blurted .

"O yea I will definitely come'After all Khiar jane dijiye..Bye '.",He closed the car door with a triumphant glee on his face. Karan inserted the car keys .

 "Aye'.Theek hai ..tumne mujhe apane spikes gift kiye the match se pehle aur kal sham ko mujhe train bhi kiya tha'.But That dosen't mean Di aur tumhare beech kuch ho sakata hai'.Isliye use is sab se dur rakho'..Aur Shhh Jiju ko kabhi mat batana '",RV mumbled near Kesar's ears.

"Don't worry it's our little secret'.BTW Negi ko Maine kisi kaam se ghar bhej diya  hai Saying that I will drop Twinkle at her hostel'.So Twinkle is alone aaj and she si waiting for you..Udhar'", Kesar whispered in his ears

"Sachi'."RV's eyes widened with surprise.

"Muchi'",Kesar winked at him.

"Go now'.But be careful'.And Do not forget your Limits..",Kesar cautioned him.

"Chinky Are you coming or not 'I need to rush to the airport ",Karan honked  in irritation .

"I guess his friends have thrown a party'.",Kesar yelled squeezing RV's arms.

"Ya ya my friends have thrown a party'.main jaun Di'jiju..pls..",RV gasped.

"Ok par do call me'and no drinks samjhe'",Gulaal rolled her eyes

"Ok di bye mom'..",Rv waved a goodbye

"BYE SWEETHEART",Kesar yelled loudly and blew a flying kiss in air making Gulaal shiver while Paan Singh Tomar waved him Goodbye too.

"Thanks ..but Di se dur rehna'.She Dosen't like you '.",RV nodded his head and stared at Kesar

"Hmmm TRUST ME'.",Kesar smiled sheepishly .



"Aye Kesuda tune byah kar liya..",She hit him with a broom stick and he yelped in pain while Gulaal shreiked in horror.


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Hi guys sorry for the late update..Was just a little busy this week...Well Not happy with the crappy update ..Its a long one but slow...Some of you might feel the overdose of paap..But my prob is I just cannot cut short anything..I know its slow very slow in fact but its a story..If you're bored Let me know..I WILL TRY TO CUT SHORT DETAILS Ouch So do jump in..Sorry M not able to update my bit for everyone now..But will jump right inEmbarrassed

Am so elated reading your comments..Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments..Guys I am really sorry for replying individually..I hope you can excuse me for that coz it becomes very difficult to type ,post and reply chappies daily..But still m trying my best to cope up..Choory guys...CryI read each and every comment with equal enthusiasm and its the love of yours that keeps me elated.Thank you so muchHug

.M loving all the comments from you all.New readers thank you so much...Muahhh Great to have you all here...Thank youHug

Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Ramya,Arti.Poo .Silver fairy ,Skittle,samia,Kayte,kalika.Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments.If anyone wants PM's do buddy me..Also I have decided to do regular I mean daily Updates...They will be shorter but regular..Hope you are fine with this.Do let me know.Anymore SILENT LOVERS I mean READERS Please come out..Its fun out here...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
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Great update...a little too long but i guess its good because its better than having interesting details being missed out...but just love kesar and gulaal! Smile

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