SS~|Ishq par zor nahi|~EPILOGUE -PG 60 15TH JAN (Page 44)

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Unres done in page 43..Smile

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First of all big hugs to all of you..HugHugHug.for loving this story so much...I am already overwhelmed by your lovely comments...I started this as an SS but seems..I have only reached the interval of the story...
As we now come to the interval of the story...NOW PRESENTING TO YOU A COMPLETE;Y MAGICAL AND OUT OF THIS WORLD VM...From my jadugrani..Our very own--The very talented GEESHWAAA...
I chewed her brains and She made this for me..and BELIEVE ME!! MY EYES LITERALLY WERE LEFT WIDE OPEN...It was as if my characters started walking and moving like a story...I am really short of words...For the magic she created..THe entire VM everything is her protegee...I did nothing...and she made it in so much less time...Muahhh Geesh..Lubb you...for that...THANK YOU SO MUCHHug

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The rain drops crashed against the metal dumpsters outside the hostel. The darkness seemed to engulf everything. The moon fought with the dark clouds. A drifting air would make it peak, then all was silent again. The thunder roared, the lightening flashed and the crickets sang in the gloom of the night. What frightening night it was'The corridors were empty, the door closed ,snoring were people hushed in slumber ,tired curled inside their sheets enjoying the rains .The clock struck half past twelve and the ticks were audible amidst the deathly silence as he walked past the long corridor and jumped the iron bars separating him from what he wanted'.

The knees knocked against each other, the hair went haywire with the breeze, a huge gulp from the beer bottle, his tapped hard against the granite floor. A wickedly handsome grin escaped as he licked his lips and smirked looking at the guard who was lying almost unconscious'The beer bottles rolled over the floor near him and he patted himself. ALCOHOL NEVER FAILS TO WORK!! He smirked some more at his feat and fumbled frisking his pockets, The white dazzling beam from the torch guided his way through the dark alleys of the Hostel .THE CITY WAS FLOODED WITH RAINS SO WAS THE ELECTRICITY WHICH NEVER PROMISED TO COME BACK TONIGHT'

The glass slit illuminated his face as he peeped inside .The room was dark 'VERY DARK'.Where was she? His eyes searched and his mind wondered .He took it out from his pocket 'THE DUPLICATE KEY'He kissed it with his alcohol laced lips 'HIS EYES GIMMERING IN MISCHIEF---Alcohol can certainly work wonders as a bribe---THE HANDS TWISTED AND THE DOOR SLAMMED OPEN'.

It was completely dark, His torch beam explored every corner of her room'Kesar knew she would be there somewhere. BUT WHERE?

Those hands just froze, the beam froze too. Tiny dust particles danced back and forth and there at the rear end, hid in a remote corner. Near the desk, sitting on a chair, frozen like a statue, her back leaning against the chair, her hands folded and her eyes tightly shut...GULAAL SLEPT OBLIVIOUS TO THE TWO BLAZING EYES WHICH HAD SET ITS GAZE ON HER'.

His knees knocked against each other again 'As he walked inside closing the door behind him careful enough not to wake her up'.

The beer bottle was set on the desk as, the beam scanned on the fluttering pages of an open notebook'.

Scribbled was his name, visible from beneath the scratches made above it'A smirk, a thrill a rush made him excited as he took the pencil in his hand and scribbled her name beside his

KESAR +GULAAL he wrote numerous times on the notebook, his eyelids drooping in stupor, beaming in his excesses. He knew not what pleasured him but that scribbling did make him ecstatic. Almost scratching the entire page with his impressions, he turned back at her and sat on the floor near her feet'

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-The glowing beam from the torch illuminated her cherubic face, I knew not what possessed me the very moment. This woman had some power to hypnotise me although I was highly dizzy already, those petulant lips which had a faint smile, those long tresses kissing her face delicately with the wind swaying around her and her porcelain skin shining radiantly with the bright light made me reach the orgy of my mental intoxication'.)

Sat there Kesar for minutes in stupor, watching her intently, his eyelids refusing to blink. It was as if the fight never happened between them. It was as if he had no will of his own. He pulled his knees closer and leaned on the bed stand fixing himself to watch her'The ticks of the clock paced with its usual speed but the time flew for Kesar'.The hands of the clock displayed half past three, Kesar still staring at her as her head bobbed as she snuggled changing positions in between, curling her knees covering her bosom in her sleep on that chair'.Seated IN THE DARK ROOM, his heart ad mid still groped the reason of his midnight jubilation on merely seeing her sleeping. A twitch on her face and the twiddling of her neck defined how uncomfortable she was. Quick as the river reaches for the sea, he got up, carefully picking her up in his arms, like a child she clung on to him---and swept across his face again a feeling of strange belongingness as his anger went out of the window. She was this delicate thing wrapped in his arms-SHE WAS LIGHT AS A FEATHER-he gloated smiling staring at her as he gently placed her on the bed, leaning on her face, trying to absorb her very sight.

He stood still for a few seconds, his hands inside his pockets. His face was that of grave image coz deep in his soul stirred something small which again pulled her towards him. Leaning closer he just placed a warm peck grazing her beautiful rosy lips. She twitched a bit and opened her eyes 'half covering those dark blobs, fluttering them and smiled through her sleep veiled half shut eyes seeing him. His tender heart almost forgot to beat again as he stood there dumbfounded staring at her.


"Tum ..",the stupor passed on within second'THE REALIZATION SUDDENLY SUNK IN'.Her eyelids popped in horror as she opened her eyes 'THIS TIME COMPLETELY .

"Haan aur kaun",His sheepish smile widened as he impulsively kissed her forehead again.

"Tttumhari himmat'",she tried to push him back

"Shhh shut up'",His grip tightened on her wrists, pining her and he placed his palms on her face hushing her , ".pehle ji bhar k dekh to  lene de'phir lad lena'..",He stared at her with romantic wolfish eyes and slowly left her lips uncovered.

" Gawwd you are drunk'..",the sniffed the strong breath of alcohol bathing her face, "Dddekho tum jao yahan se'tum aise andar'ye girls hostel'main shor'..",She tried to free herself

"Cool go on'macha shor macha'." ,He suddenly got up freeing her and hurled himself on the chair ,placing his legs on the desk and gulped another sip ,"Par tu kahegi kya sabse adhi raat ko mujh jaisa jawaaan ladka tere saath kya kar raha tha hmmm'",His dark sinister eyes gave a chill shivering Gulaal as she looked at him in shock.

"Gosh you are such a sick person'.mujhe tumhari shakal bhi nahi dekhni..Just leave now'.",she gritted her teeth and almost yelled pulling his hand and throwing him at the door.

"Sun'",He jumped back and harshly gripped her waist pulling her closer , "shakal to tujhe '",His fingers traced her beautiful face,  "sirf meri hi dekhni padegi'. Wo bhi zindagi bhar '.you can't help it'tujhe pasand ho ya na pasand'Isse koi farq nahi padta",he said revelling in his own cunning smile.

"Listen you'",She muttered trying hard to get a grip on herself.

(TINKY'S TWEET-those eyes wreaked havoc on my senses. His nearness was taking my breath away. I was feeling so elated by his presence. It was as if he never uttered those words to me'We never fought. RIGHT NOW IN HIS ARMS'I FELT THAT THIS IS WHERE I BELONG TO'..LOGIC STARTED FADING FROM MY MIND BUT I SHOOK MY HEAD TRYING TO AWAKEN MYSELF FROM THE BRIEF STATE OF LULLABY.)

"Shhh .",He placed his fingers on her lips ".now you listen to me'",he gazed at her with a sudden strange soft radiance and within seconds his husky voice reached her ears, "'bas kar na'ye ladayi ye jhagda ye tu main main m just tired''"

"matlab'.",Gulaal squeezed her eyes in wonder.

He suddenly just left her making her shocked and he walked back to the chair sitting there again and took circles half way around while he spoke "Dekh'tune mujhe Mara Maine tujhe Mara hisaab barabar' tune meri taraf dosti ka haath badhya maine bhi even again'

I kissed you'",He winked his eyes , " khair jane de you kissed me back'settled scores again'..

Maine tujhe gali di..tune bhi' tune mujhe thappar mara aur maine tujhe dhakka diya '.tit for tat again'lets finish all this'.",He said in a single breath while Gulaal looked at him confused.

"Nahi samjhi",He pounced at her grabbing her arms, " samajhne ki koshish bhi mat kar'. This is your first birthday when you are with me'.",He softly kissed her forehead making her eyes close as a sigh escaped her lips.

"Happy birthday'.",He cupped her face and leaned forward, "may you always wear shorter skirts so that I can see your nice and sexy legs..",He kissed her cheeks, "may you always keep hating me",He grazed her eyes with his quivering lips , " and moreover may you celebrate many more..many many more with me and only me''",His face came closer to her until their lips were practically touching again'

"Back off'.",Gulaal pushed him back startling him

"Hahhhaaah chal ja aaj tujhe baksh diya",He folded his arms across his bosom ," but'ye tere liye'..",he suddenly frisked his pocket and extended from the inside of his jacket a tiny soft red rose bud towards her. Her eyes twinkled at the sight of the wonderful gift'

(TINKY'S TWEET-It was strange. The room was almost filled with several white roses bouquets which Champ had got me but that tiny almost crumpled rose in his hands ,savage ,wild blooming darkly just like him sent my tiny heart fluttering ,sending it into throes of ecstasy'I was lost again. NO NO NO!! GET A GRIP)

"I don't like'",She hardened her face

"Yeay yeay..pata hai'.you love white roses ..oh ya that reminds me''",he walked towards her reducing the space between them and within a spark of lightening ducked his head grabbing her lips into a harsh and demanding kiss. A shot of need swept Gulaal dizzy for a second  as she almost clutched his shoulders to stabilize her wobbling legs.

"What'.leave me'",She opened her eyes in horror pushing him back again. Her eyes were shining brilliantly still reeling in pleasure but her face lost its colour slowly within seconds.

"It was payback time sweetheart .",he wiped his lips with the back of his hand smiling devilishly ,".your bhai..wo Rajveer aaj tak sale ne wo white roses k piase nahi lautaye'so mujhe wasool to karne the'..I never leave anything unsettled TRUST ME!!",He winked at her

(TINKY'S TWEET---The world went blank again for me..At the touch of his hands. My little heart fluttered in joy'.IRREVOCABLE WAS MY YEARNING FOR HIM'..I just could not get a grip on myself .It was that SCARY. And does that mean ..those huge bunch of roses was actually by him?...I did not know why but my cheeks heated up remembering the sheer delight of the huge bunch of roses. GET A GRIP GULAAL  )

" Gawdd I hate you and I hate red roses sick and cheesy just like you'..",she breathed heavily still trying to get over the tingling sensation all over her lips.

"isse koi farq nahi padta tujhe kya pasand hai''s my gift has to be my style..hai na'..",his lips thinned out in a cunning smile as he kissed the rose bud and made her hands hold them.

"Listen ..enough ok''..",she threw it back on the table carelessly and yelled

"abhi kahan'.",he ploughed into her stapling her against the wall .her heartbeat throbbing pacing up beneath her bosom crushed against his.

"ouch'.",his hands suddenly slipped near her ears down went rolling her pearl studs rolling on the floor one by one. Her eyes popped out in horror and shock.

"tujhpe sirf ye'ache lagenge'samjhi'sirf ye'..",his hands slowly fixed a pair of jhumkas in her ears..He chuckled in pleasure as he felt her pulse leap beneath his fingers near her ears.Gulaal closed her eyes and sighed heavily   .

(TINKY'S TWEET'My eyes widened watching those rustic trinkets in my ears'..This guy was something'The whole idea was fact seductive. I had never worn jhumkas in my life but those were just beautiful'.)

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I watched her eyes dance and twinkle. I knew she would love them. I had picked them up at Gadgetry. For her'Always wondered how my Gulaal would look in those 'and I was damn sure she looked like a beautiful princess'.)



"oh no no no'",HE STARED AT HER , "do not dare me anything '.coz tu sirf pachtayegi warna''.",He walked towards the door leaving her rooted to the spot and he stopped staring back at her for a second

"Happy birthday once more'.",he nodded happily and walked out leaving the door swinging behind him'..Gulaal stared at the notebook scribbled with his name  AS THE PAGES FLUTTERED WITH THE VIOLENT WIND WISPING THROUGH THEM and the red rose lying beside it..She fell on the chair rubbing the bridge of her nose in serious contemplation.

"Tinks tu kuch kha kyun nahi rahi hai? You look so sick and pale is everything ok'.",He placed his hand on her forehead with care and concern. At midnoon,the college caf was crowded. Dressed in a fine black shirt, Karan smiled tapping his fingers on the marble 'topped table sitting with Gulaal .The music behind rendering to the cool and spunky taste of college goers,the place thronging with couples. Some chatting ,while some preparing notes. The spicy aroma of the fried samosas filled the atmosphere and the tinkling of tea glasses contributed to the hep of the place.

"ya just that m tired'",She dug her nails in the crusts and played with the hot samosa crumbling it into pieces completely uninterested'She had been unusually quiet.

"so to hai'..",Karan gave her a serious apprehensive look' , "stop stressing yourself so much'.",he placed his hand on her palms ,"LE CHAI PI'",he extended the glass towards her

"THANKS M HAVING A HEADACHE ALREADY'",she sipped the ginger laced concoction which soothed her already throbbing head making her wince in pain..

"TINKS tu KUCH BHUL RAHI HAI'.",He squeezed his eyes

"Kya'.",she stuttered

"Chai'..",he smiled

(KARAN'S KADAK PHATAKA'Something was bothering Tinks. I could see it in her eyes. She won't smile ,when I touched her, she would not react at my jokes. It was just not her and The shocking thing was :O she had never forgotten to share the tea sips with me ever since we were babies'It was strange'SHE WAS NOT MY TINKS ANYMORE'..)

From faraway distance, Those firm determinant and obstinate steps walked towards them, The gait swaggering and the body tense, Behind him was his gang .He rolled up his sleeve in anger'.

"Oh ..I am so sorry''",she hesitantly extended her half sipped cup towards Karan'

"Chal. Hero chal time up'Is pe sirf mera haq hai'.",Snatching away the glass from Karan hands ,he turned the chair towards him and sat down revelling in his own cunning smile and took a sip from it'..Kesar's bashful smile froze Gulaal as she stared at him Clueless and his gang stood behind him'.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-The taste of tea was horrible. I was tasting tea for the first time in my life'But When It came To her I had to win. By hook or by crook'..She will payback miserably for every sip. I swore to myself then and there'.)

"Funny guy'Oh Kesar hi'..",Karan looked at him confused and muttered trying hard to understand, his eyes fixed on all the people who all of a sudden turned their heads to stare at them

"Hi'..shi gaya bhad mein chal phut abhi idhar se'.",Kesar gritted his teeth and stared at him sipping the tea again'..Gulaal 's eyes popped out of her sockets. A cold clammy sweat started breaking out of her skin as she rolled her eyes staring at Kesar who looked deep into her eyes drumming his fingers harder on the table .

"What's the matter Tinks'.?,Karan stared at both of them confused.

"Ooo lagta hai teri fianc ne abhi tak tujhe nahi bataya'.kyun Gulaal'ki humare beech kya hai'ya phir kya nahi'.hahahahaahah",He came closer to her face and winked at Karan who looked equally baffled .He watched the flush of anger that suffused her cheeks at the mention of his challenging statement.

"Listen you moron'.",She chewed her words and got up in haste. She was shaking in fear and numbness Every eye in the caf was on them.She tore her gaze from him and gulped a huge lump in her throat.

"kyun Gulaal tune bataya nahi'ki'us raat'.",Kesar sipped the tea again and cheekily smiled nodded his head.His tone was cool and clipped as if he had come there with the sole motive of troubling her. Karan could not believe whatever was happening ..he stared at them in confusion.Gulaal fought with the swell of emotions that filled her inside as she recalled that night. His hurtful words felt like a piercing knife in her gut.He had the right to be angry ..but the last of the tenderness he had snapped with his demeaning words..Pain and anger shot inside Gulaal as she breathed hard trying to gulp the humiliation down her throat.

"Champ. Let's just leave now'",Gulaal got up and was about to walk away when Kesar pulled her back making her sit again..

"ek minute apne champ ko bata to de..that you're mine now'..",His piercing gaze froze Gulaal. Kesar glanced at her ears'Those pearl studs were right there back'His jhumkas were nowhere'IT STUNG HIM AND IT STUNG HIM VERY BADLY'.

"Just shut up'.ok'Champ'let's leave right now'..",She held Karan's hand and almost dragged him

"Ek minute ek minute meri toofan mail'Brakes laga'.,"he grabbed her wrist hard ,"Pehle ise bata to de ki us raat humare beech'.",he grinned unfazed by the hatred she had on her face instantly at his crude remarks.

" What'.. Kya hua tha  us raat haan'..You wanna know..Ok fine'. We kissed and we really kissed 'You tried really hard but HARD LUCK'. I did not sleep with you ..HAPPY NOW''happy now'..Tumhe kya lagata hai'Tum Champ aur mere beech is tarah MU create karoge and you will succeeed ..No you are sadly mistaken Kesar Rawat'.10 saal pure 10 saal ka rishta hai humara'.I have always loved Champ'bachpan se hi'Isliye you just better cut the crap and get lost and Leave my hand'..",She yelled loudly uttering the scathing remark which had been boiling within her.

The giggles and hushed tones came to a halt and a deathly silence followed. As everyone stared at Gulaal's face.Equally startled was Kesar. Karan stood there DUMBSTRUCK as he stared at Gulaal .

(Kesar's CONFESSION---Whoa ..that was something man..BOLDNESS PERSONIFIED'..I  felt slapped right across my face'.THAT WAS THE GULAAL WHICH DANCED ON MY HEAD'..)

"Kesar leave my hand " ,Gulaal tried to free herself from his grip' "'I said leave my hand right now or I'll slap..your face''",She yelled

"Ok sweetheart as you wish'..",His lips curled in a sadistic smile 'he gradually released her hand still dumbfounded by her provocative confession right there in front of everyone'.


"Listen you. Lousy Leech'",Gulaal gritted her teeth in anger.

 "Tinks tinks tinks'.chill'see such a handsome guy hitting on you and you're frowning not done'.Lucky gal you see'",Karan suddenly put his arms around her and smiled sheepishly. Gulaal was shocked and so Was Kesar who sat there clueless.

"Wo kya hai na Kesar ,",He leaned forward arching his brow and smiling triumphantly , "meri Tinks hai hi aisi..tera kasoor nahi hai'she is lucky to have people who desire her..but seriously. Bhagwaan ne na ", he nodded his head tapping his forehead in amusement, "meri kismet bhi badi phursat mein banayi's my luck ki Tinks wants to be with  me and not you'.so just relax'",he patted his chest ".ok..and leave her alone'..lets go tinks'..",pulling her closer Karan and Gulaal walked hand in hand

"Huh'..lekin tujhe ye baat bikul nahi pata that I am a born bas***d'.kismat bull shit'.kismat se ladna maine ma k pet mein hi sikh liya tha'.to teri chamakti kismet'wo kya cheez hai'.us ko bhi dekh lenge kyun'..hhaahhaahahahaa",Kesar yelled behind them and staring at his friends burst into a cynical laughter sipping the last sips from the tea glass'..

Her hands nervously fumbled with the lock,"DAMN IT'.."the strap ran across her shoulders and she fumbled with lock'.Her face grew red with anger ,her hands shivered in humiliation'She was devastated from inside .She felt like puking..He made her most tender moments a sleazy show in front of everyone'A tear was ready to roll on the slightest blink from her eyes.She breathed heavily.


"Her hands nervously fumbled the dashboard,the CD bore her brunt as she shoved it inside the player and slapped the music player hard,"Gawd Champ'.",She yelled, "Your car sucks'Your music system sucks'Bloody puaran model..Why don't you change it'..",She gritted her teeth shivering in anger and her teeth chattered as her fingers nervously played with the buttons'.

"tinks'Tinks'Relax'",Karan held her hand in his palms, "Look at me'.Relax ok'.It's been years Tinks'.Nothing changes ..So just RELAX'..",He cupped her face and she fell right into his arms'Still shivering in anger.

"Tinks what's all this'.",He rubbed her back and she parted from him staring at him with guilt'.

"tu'",Karan looked at her suspiciously ,his heart  beating fast anxiously waiting for her reply'.

"Champ please'",Gulaal turned her face away

"I am not asking for any explanation. Mujhe chahiye bhi nahi..our relation is above all this'you just answer me one thing'.kya tu'.",Karan suddenly choked upon his own words

"No'.i hate his bloody sight'bloody jerk'.",Gulaal yelled in anger .".but it was a mistake'. "

"bas that's" Karan smiled and ran his fingers through his hairs , "'tu chill mar'.Ek do one night stand to mujhse bhi hogaye shayad. Mujhe to shakal bhi nahi yaad hai unki'haahhaahhaah ",Karan giggled and winked at her'.

"Champ'..",Gulaal rolled her eyes in irritation, "Can you ever be serious..US RAAT'."

"Tinks I said I need no you love me'.?",Karan looked at her with affection in his eyes

Gulaal stuttered after a long pause , "Yes ..i do'

"Baat wohin khatam ho jati hai'.but ek baat hai the guy is hot na'.",Karan stuck out his tongue teasing her'

"Champ'Gosh main kahan pagalon k beech phans gayi'.",Gulaal hit him in irritataion.

"Kahan ja rahe ho'",gulaaal Suddenly was shocked to see Karan move out of the car'

"Oops me apni goggles to wohin table pe  bhul gaya'abhi aya'Will be right back tu baith yehin'".Karan replied and walked away in haste while Gulaal cried his name behind .


The boys all ganged up had a hearty laugh. Kesar sat there unhappy ,angry ..Angry at everything'An occasional jab from his friend Negi and he would smile but his heart longed to see her ,especially his heart sank imagining her with Karan. The faint visions of her peck on Karan's lips made him mad'He breathed heavily .He got with a jolt and started moving away when he collided with Karan'


A SMIRK RAN ACROSS HIS FACE AS HE MUTTERED bashfully,"Hahahahahhahaha wapas aa gaya. I hope usne tujhe sab kuch bata diya'so ab bachu tu apana boriya bistar bandh aur yahn se seedhe bhagana shuru kar de'",He patted his chest and rubbed at his jaw,encountering his less than a day hard stubble.

"Funny huh',",Karan folded his hands across his bosom and continued in a serious tone, ".Listen Kesar'.Gar Tinks tujhe chahati'To believe. Me   I swear Kisi k baap main dum nahi thi'.Jo mujhe tum dono ko milane se rok deta. Par wo kya hai na..mamala thoda sa diff hai boss Tinks loves me'.aur uski marzi k bina kisi k baap mein ye dum nahi'jo use majboor karein samjha'",he patted his back.

"hahahahah Baap'Baap to mere pata nahi par haan itna zarur pata hai'.Gulaal chahe ya na chahe wo mane ya na mane'Wo sirf meri hai..ur is baat ko tu to kya 'wo khud bhi nahi badal sakti'.".Kesar said with a triumphant glee on his face.

"Hahahhaha Lagta hai tera screw kuch dhila hai..sidhi baat samajh nahi ati'..",Karan nodded his head in amusement.

"Shukar mana'Ki mera screw thoda lose hai'",Kesar spat on his face, "..warna'yahin zinda gadh deta tujhe..Sara kissa hi khatam ho jata hai'..ooops par nahi yaar'Tu India ki shaan hai tujhe mar diya to desh ko jo ek do ikka dukka medal miltey hain wo bhi haath nahi ayega'isliye apni khair mana aur jitni jaldi ho sakey yahan se dur chala ja'aur Gulaal ki taraf palat kar bhi mat dekhna warna mujhse bura koi nahi hoga'.."His voice grew serious.

"Bahut guroor hai'hahhahah I can't believe I am talking to such an insane person'.",Karan clapped his hands,"Wow insanity at its best'.lol'."

"Insanity is a requisite to handle another insane woman'.",Kesar grabbed his collar, "tu acha hai sacha hai'.desh ko teri zarurat hai''Gulaal ki chinta mujh par chhod de' Dude tu  apni race pe dhyana de'yahan main sab dekh lunga..tu to bas bhagne ki tayyari kar'..Tu to bas chup chap desh sewa kar..Gulaal ki sewa main kar lunga'.",Kesar chuckled and winked at him'.

"saley 'teri zubaan bahut chalti hai,"Karan gritted his teeth and grabbed Kesar's collar clenching his fist and almost hurled it to punch Kesar 's face'

Kesar's hand stopped the blow and a fearsome duel began. Both of them stood face to face thus for minutes as Kesar gritted his teeth, "Haath bhi bahut ache chalte hain'yakin nahi ata '..Gulaal se puch har tarah ka demo de diya hai maine''"

"Listen you are such a bas***d'. ",Karan grabbed his neck while Kesar held his clutching it hard.

"I am'Yes I am'.Koi doubt mat rakhna''",Kesar growled in anger,

"CHAMP'.",Gulaal placed her palm on her mouth and nodded his head..

Suddenly Karan's grip loosened on Kesar's neck and he placed his glares back on his eyes," Tu apne dimag ka check-up kara'You need a doctor '.",Karan walked away shaking his head in disbelief at Kesar's audacity'

"tabhi to keh raha hun Gulaal ko behj de mere paas'.Mera ilaj usi k paas hai'.",Kesar smirked.

"SCREW YOU KESAR'",gulaal yelled and held Karan's hand started walking away.

"Aur haan..Meri jaan'.Ab jaldi se ise dur bhaga k wapas aa'Aur Runner..Tu daud lagana shuru kar'.Kyunki Gulaal sirf meri hai samjha'.

Karan turned around and was about to run back and hit Kesar when Gulaal squeezed his arms pulling him away ,"He is mad'Leave him'.",She turned back and threatened him,"Just get the hell outta my Life Kesar''

"Hell is right here..In arms Baby'.and I am waiting here..for you to come'.and live in tis hell forever'.",Kesar's shameless voice slapped her face as he blew a kiss at her .Boiling in anger she walked out of the  canteen door.

"You are mine..and Nothing can change that, " Kesar's voice echoed in the college canteen as people jeered and clapped while Gulaal's cheeks burnt in rage and humiliation'.




GUYS DO CHECK OUT THE vm by Geesh...You will simply fall in love with the storyEmbarrassed


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Hola Guys... Thank you so much for all the love..So the intermission of this story has arrived and so has arrived Geeshu's magical VM...

Well m sorry I was late in updating but Hope this does not disapoint you...Here is my bit for everyone

@Arti...Awww those are such beautiful wordsCryAnd evil revenge Kesuda ..we so love him hai naEmbarrassed

@neilu ..yes its true they hboth are inflicting pain on each other but they say na no pain no gain so ..eventually the pain will cease and only love will emerge as a winner

@adu...You are absolutely correct about anger..It can make a man short a beast...but eventually the venom will be flushed and love will fill their hearts

@Nicita....I am not going to end soon..thanks to all the love of you all and yes guns to not sure..but you will get some pretty interesting stuff

@Kalika..thanks those are lovely flowers

@Poo its true we cannot take sides coz both are equally hurting each otherCry

@arti and neilu....I feel so paap deprivedCry

Am so elated reading your comments..Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments..Guys I am really sorry for replying individually..I hope you can excuse me for that coz it becomes very difficult to type ,post and reply chappies daily..But still m trying my best to cope up..Choory guys...CryI read each and every comment with equal enthusiasm and its the love of yours that keeps me elated.Thank you so muchHug

.M loving all the comments from you all.New readers thank you so much...Muahhh Great to have you all here...Thank youHug

Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Ramya,Arti.Poo .Silver fairy ,Skittle,samia,Kayte,kalika.Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments.If anyone wants PM's do buddy me..Also I have decided to do regular I mean daily Updates...They will be shorter but regular..Hope you are fine with this.Do let me know.Anymore SILENT LOVERS I mean READERS Please come out..Its fun out here...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
fatmaghozi sauris, nish89kaytesamia999kreasenchanted23nneeiillMR21minizzarti07Geeshu, kavi.bidaainish89kayteSkittle16sharmishtaAyushii_Angelkalika.jalantaenchanted23princessofkesarMR21minizzprachuryanneeiillKeithuuGeeshukiran_trudecentwithout-fathom-Swetha-poo_j,SilverFairy ,


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Piu Hug...sorry for being so late in commenting on part 11A...busy with office work n Christmas preparations!!!
Coming to the chapter...I really wanna cry now both for gulaal n kesarCry...both have their own sad past...Its good that kesar realized what he did with gulaal is wrong n his guilt is eating him na...why is he punishing himself like that in cold water...gulaal turmoil is no different...heart vs mind conflict...her father's words vs her promise, her ewww kiss with karan vs her passion with kesar, karan words vs kesar's words...ohh poor girl she is in so much much they have suffer yaar...
Fb of Soma n gulaal in rain...what a bliss to think abt feels so good na...looks like Soma have a very great impact on gulaal's life when compared to the imapct Soma has on Pinky...he is so much attached to her...arey yaar discussion kahaa se kahaa thak pahuchgayaa...yeh do no toh jagda karne mein maahir hai...baath koh kahaa se kahaa thak le gayee...champ is hereAngry that too for gulaal's birthdayDead...ewww gulaal what is she doing with that karan yaar...she is showing off her so called relationshopw ith karan to kesar...poor kesar how would have he handled he said he has been again kesar is abck to his possessive best to have her back at any cost...well looking forward how he will make karan run for gulaal...
Again sorry for being this late...see I am commenting on this part when u r abt to update the next part...

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omg i dnt believe am ditching my boss and reading this ff chupke chupke ,kya karein such is the magic of piyu the dhansu writer Clapand special thanks to geeshy for this super hot posterwaClap , i know many ppl will think aliens kidnapped me and now they are using my id to gain info abt this forum but no guys am chudial myself and am so alive and reading ffs and ss here Tongue chuddu se peecha nahi choota tum logon ka LOL but seriously i missed so much action and am so very sorry for that Cry but therez no FB here in my workplace and india forum is also not a constantly available , he he i had to open it the proxy way :P chalo ab mai ff reading and comment chipkaying baad mein :P naya post banaungi spamming ka quota jo pura karna hai :P issi khushi mein arz kiya hai 

wo likhtey gaye naya chappi ye unka talent tha 
wo likhtey gaye naya chappi ye unka talent tha 
humney ek bhi nahi padha , apun ka net silent tha ...Embarrassed

bolo wah wah wah wah Clap

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