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Originally posted by manzilmukul

Hi guys..Hug.So happy reading your comments..So sorry no update today Gotta rush for the party Embarrassed...So leaving you all again the chance to read the chappi all over again..Wink.Chao Till TomTongue Miss meLOL
No problem..Smile Hope you update it tomorrow!!! Day Dreaming Want Kesar to regret asap..Intrigued to know Gulaal and Kesar reaction from now on..Smile

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Poor Kesar..looks like he's going to hate Gulaal for what she makes him go through...but Kesar cannot live without his Gulaal,na...he wiill regret his words but will Gulaal accept that Kesar is not at fault...she pushed him to it.

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For those who thought Di and Kesar would walk back hand in hand you were sadly mistaken...Di is a hrad nut to crack and Kesar even harderLOL

RULE NO .11 -The beginning of love is at the end of resistance but resistance grows stronger when one denies being in love...The Fight of the heart and the mind ends resistance but it's the heart who needs to emerge as a winner...



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The heart lied bare-naked---the wounds had been scraped off and rubbed with salt-the pain was unbearable, the mind racked in agonizing sobs 'what was left behind was PAIN, HURT, ANGER, BETRAYAL...----The HEART WAS BLEEDING...The swing went to and fro in the backyard,his body tense,head hung,tears not leaving those eyes burning with pain and dejection.The solitude of the night did little to soothe his excruciating hurt.The cold wind nipped his skin,biting it ,threatening to freeze it..But the flames of fury kept him alive-Though the mind was numb'KESAR FUMED AND PANTED AND SAT THERE IN SILENCE----


"YE PHOTO DEKH'.ye meri patni aur bache hain'Tujhe kya laga tujhe aur is paap ko main apna lunga'..kabhi nahi''",The man yelled ,his teeth gleaming in a contemptuous smile.

"Nahi meri Ija ko mat nikalo",Kesar fell at his feet as he kicked his mother

"Chal bhag yahan se'@$$$2$436",He hurled him in the air and crash he landed in those throny bushes---The sharp nettles piercing his tender skin ,the iron wire binding the hedge cut through it and he lied there in a pool of blood

Kesar touched the marks on his chest and tried to control his tears, "I love Karan'Get lost'."The words crashed upon him like the sea waves crashing against the rocks'.What an irony? He had been a rock throughout but the shatter of the waves just made him hollow ..THE EMPTINESS DEVOURED HIM''

(KEASR'S CONFESSION-I had been fighting loneliness all my life, trying to come to terms with the ghost of my sordid past, but everytime,I tried to look for warmth. I tried to look for ease'..It just snapped 'just SLID from my hands like a handful of sand'No matter, how tightly I clenched my fist'I just seemed to lose whatever I tried to hold to'WHAT  A CURSED FATE IT WAS?)

Her eyes could not believe the reflections that haunted her mind'It took more than his touch to make her weak. To make her tender heart yearn for more'She was ashamed, She was alarmed, She buried her face in her knees pulling them closer '..The darkness of the room seemed to engulf her. The shattered pieces of the chords with Karan lied all over the floor---Her laptop ,'everything 'So was her heart- terribly shattered to million pieces'..

"BLOODY wh**e" those words slipped down her ears like molten lava'.Her mouth dry and her heart crying in shame '.

She could feel him all over her body ,her eyes on her ,those hands marking every inch as her, her skin itched ,her heart burned. There was no solace..

"Tu sirf meri hai na Gulaal'.",The question arose and crashed against her heart..

Was she really his?

She got up in haste and wiped her tears and slowly opened the door to seek answers.

(TINKY'S TWEET--Never in my life, I had felt so cheap and complete at the same time'.His words pinched me, but his  want made me lose myself. His accusations made me angry ,but those tender moments with him made me cry'WHO WAS I?WHAT WAS I TO HIM? AND HE TO ME?I DEFINITELY NEEDED ANSWERS)

The gentle touch on his shoulders startled him ,the swing came to a halt ,the creaking rusted chains cried hoarse. His eyes twinkled in excitement, "Mujhe pata that u zarurr ayegi'..",Those eyes turned around,Kesar's excitement crashed like a wave against the shore, "Negi Tu'."

His eyes dampened with tears as his heart sank again'

Negi sat beside him , "Looks like someone had a gala time'..Good going '.",Negi as he pulled some stands of long hairs on his shoulders 'silken smooth and shining Long really long'..

"Bakwas mat kar'",He shrieked and yelled and fumed walking away'.

Gulaal stood there as a statue, her eyes on her  mobile phone which flashed  the name SUDHA MA. She stopped right there at the door  and it took seconds for her to calm her breath  and answer trying hard to find her voice.

An excited voice replied, "Tinky'..Did Karan show you the room'"


SUDHA:OH I am so excited'.I spoke to your Mom'Lets not delay the wedding sweetheart '.

GULAAL:hmmm (she choked with fear

SUDHA:Tinky Tu nahi janti. Aaj main kitni khush hun'..Raman unka akhri sapna tha'.Ki Tu humrae ghar ki bahu banein'.Tujhe Karan humesha khush rakhe'.

GULAAL:Haan'(Her voice broke into hiccups

SUDHA:Pata hai Tinky..itne saal maine is din ka intezaar kiya hai'aur Karan ..uske to jaise pair hi nahi pad rahe zameen par..Is saal ek hi mandap mein main Rewa ko bida kar tujhe ghar le aungi Tinky'.Tinky'.Bas Rman ka akhri sapna pura ho jaye to main bhi nishchit hokar unke paas'.

GULAAL:Ye aap kaisi batein kar rahi hain Ma'.(She wept bitterly

SUDHA: nahi karungi'par ab tu jaldi ghar aja Gulaal bas''..Wada kar Gulaal tu Karan ko humesha khush rakhegi. Promise me'

Gulaal : haan'mmmain''(Gulaal stuffed her mouth with the bedsheet lying scattered on the floor and cried bitterly trying to hush her muffled cries.

The phone disconnected  after some customary exchanges and Gulaal fell on her bed LIFELESS as if someone had uprooted a climber ---HER WINGS CLIPPED 'THERE SHE LIED ALONE'

He ran as fast as he cold ,falling sharply cutting his knees ,tasting blood in his mouth after a steep fall, his clothes tattered ,his eyes bloodshot ,with no respite from his hurt. Fuming and furious, his knees knocked and shivered, his legs hurt as he ran barefoot.

SPLASH ---The freezing cold water numbed his body but little did it do to ease out his pain. His face was blue as he shivered and closed his eyes and plunged in the dark deep waters mumbling, "I am sorry'I am so sorry for those words. I need to be punished..Ye maine kya kar diya Gulaal '."

The cold water pierced his skin but it was nothing as compared to the pangs of guilt that sat as cold as gravel in his gut .His own abusive words slapped his face with thousands of tons of remorse and guilt.

The lights in her room alternately illuminated and darkened in turns as her fingers clicked against the switch ,her eyes devoid of any emotion gazing at the ceiling 'the nothingness wrapped her ,her head throbbing in pain'.Her life ran across her eyes


Tinky..Kuch bhi ho jaye ..bas humesha pane dil ki sunna'.",Som Singh tomar'.Played with her doll and taught her the only thing he had believed his entire life.

"Dad'Ye heart bolta bhi hai'.",Gulaal's eyes twinkled in curiosity

"Hhahhahahahha Beta'..Haan bolta hai'.Wo humesha sahi rasta dikhata hai''"

Gulaal's eyes  were drenched in tears as she tossed and turned relentlessly in the bed.


"promise kar beta..Tu Karan ko humesha khush rakegi'..

She placed her hands promising her life in the hands of a dying man

Gulaal choked in fear  


"Gawwwd Tinks ewww'.it was disgusting'.",Karan and Gulaal almost puked as they parted after a brief kiss.


. Maintaining the electric eye-contact, and in agonising slow motion, they moved closer and closer until their lips were practically touching He ducked his head and crushed his lips against hers making her wobble with excitement . Their lips met in an entanglement of passion and unspoken desire. The world went blank for them as Kesar found himself in heaven as crushed her into his arms growing wilder every passing second'.Parting from each other for a second ,Kesar pushed her back on the bed and sat beside her not sure whether it was the shock of great joy which brimmed his heart with ecstasy or the sheer delight of the kiss which made him mad.But suddenly all his stupor passed as he kissed her again and fondled her making her whisper his name disconnectedly trembling' he rained kisses all over her body.  His mouth was distinctively marking every inch of her, claiming her as his.  He could hear her heart beating wildly and sense the overwhelming call of to be loved by him as he trailed kisses on her neck.

Gulaal touched her lips and moved her hands all over her face. Her eyes moistened, First a wave of thrill and sheer pleasure swept across her face momentarily and suddenly a chill ran down her spine'.


"TInks. I love you Do you love me?...He hugged her tightly and she put her arms around Karan,"Yes I love you'

She froze with fear as tears of remorse ran down her cheeks'She cried bitterly burying her face in the pillow'..Her mouth dried and her tears won't stop'.Her head spun  with inexplicable nausea and she shivered bitterly


Kesar stuttered shivering in delight and parted from her and said cupping her face in his hand, "  ..Gulaal'You are'Mine'To sirf mere hai'Hai an'.".He looked at her in anticipation'.Gulaal was flowing in air. She wanted to let lose herself. She wanted to forget everything'..Kesar's hands shivered as his fingers tried to unfasten her dress in eagerness.

Gulaal choked with the overwhelming passion'The yearning in her voice made her almost cry as she mumbled,"Kesar..I wanted to say''"

Gulaal suddenly opened her eyes with shock .Her hands shivered as she cursed herself for stooping such low'She still remembered his touch ,his yearning and still could feel him all over.


"I will Keep you as a princess sweetheart..Tere paon zameen pe nahi padne dunga'.",Karan hugged her making her feel special'..

Gulaal woke up with a jolt and with her head hung in silence wailed. Her cries seemed to arise from heart'Her breathings untamed with anxiety


" Sacha pyaar My foot'.Oh ab natak kyun'..Bahut khel khelne ka shauk hai na'Tujhe haan'.You always play with me'But no more'.Bas ab'.Ab bas''.You know what I don't even care now'.To hell with you'..You bloody wh**e'.Ja mar Apne Karan k saath..GO TO HELL WITH HIM'.."Screaming on top of his lungs., he stomped out of the room in anger, while Gulaal slopped on the floor wailing loudly .


Gulaal's cheeks burnt in shame and humiliation .She got up and walked slowly inside the bathroom.

The tiny droplets trickled down her body as she stood there frozen for a few seconds .His caustic words echoed in her ears. It pierced her heart, it killed her from inside. She suddenly opened her eyes and a frenzy began rubbing herself furiously she yelled, "I hate you'Kesar'I hate you'I hate you'.."

She wiped everything ,scrubbed she hard trying to let go of all his memories and kicked the bucket in anger and finally tired slopped on the floor dejected and cried bitterly .



IT HAD BEEN A LONG LONG JOURNEY 'A VERY LONG ONE----Both their ways parted and  both lost in their own worlds buried deep in the marshes of  confusion'shuttling between past and present'The jeep moved at its own pace but without his Gulaal by side who had happily ignored his every attempt to talk and make up to her walking past him, walking past his apology and walking past his eyes, she had stepped on the bus with her group of friends. She sat there in the company of so many people but the heart was lonely. Her decision had been made ,her stance was clear now. She had fought with all her might with her heart and crushed it to pieces ,the battle was won by her mind which reminded her of more valuable things like TRUST ,VIRTUES ,VALUES HONOUR,and PROMISES AND ABOVE ALL HER LONG PURE BOND OF LOVE WITH KARAN. How could she even think of leaving everything in lieu of a casual fling where nothing waited for her except passion and desires ,where she could not find an anchor ,instead where there was nothing but a storm'Nothing calm ,only the floods of desires'COULD SHE CHOSE THAT MAMMOTH UPHEAVAL OVER HER VOWS. Certainly not''

Kesar ran his fingers through his hairs in the jeep, his eyes were stinging, he was not shedding tears anymore ,but instead his eyes had faint hallucinations of his steamy encounter with Gulaal .his body burned with high grade fever ,his throat hurt and he shivered in this orgy of emotional high'There was no solitude ,his soul was a funeral pyre and he was burning every second in it'.

The rain splashed  hard on the cobbled pavement.The soggy aroma from the algae and the weeds filled the environment. The gloom of the night had sunk in dark and deep .The crickets sung and the frogs croaked humming to the pitter-patter of the rain drops'The summer had slowly started giving way to the monsoons. The heat in Dehradun had been quenched by the unalloyed pure drops of sheer bliss ,showering from the heavens above.

She dragged her feet ,tapping them on the cobbled pavement amidst the bushes---The journey from the gate of the bus to her hostel gate seemed to be there for miles. Her hair opened ,the huge droplets running down both from her eyes and her hair splashed on the muddy ground  and created ripples in the puddles below'.


"Chapak'.",She chirped in delight as Gulaal splashed in the rain holding her father's arm

"DAD'..mujhe maza aa raha hai'..",Gulaal jumped in the muddy puddle in  glee

"Tinky'.Arey Som'aaap ise andar lekar aao'.Ye gandi ho jayegi''mitti lag jayegi'",From faraway distance Paan singh called both the father daughter duo scrunching her nose.

"Arey 'Bhigegi nahi'mitti mein khelegi hi nahi'.To kaise janegi ki Khushi kya hoti hai'.",Som ran his fngers through his hairs and jumped with Gulaal'..

She walked along the lonely path'The droplets splashed with vigorous intensity ,the lightening flashed momentarily followed by the roaring thunder  and then all was silent again'..

A pull at her wrists and she was dragged in the bushes nearby ,her bag fell on the ground and those two arms locked around her holding her tightly against his bosom promising with his touch that he would never let her  go away'.

MAAN BHI JA AB'",His husky quivering voice whispered his heated breath near his ears.

The rain water was cold but his skin was In flames. He had fever she could sense it as she stood there frozen like a statue not moving not reacting, her hands by her side. Kesar was in a state of delirium, her eyes were burning as he gazed at her tightened form. He was touching her Gulaal buried and hidden under a stone sheath . hugging her with all his might from he said sobbing, "I am sorr'."

His statement was cut short, "Don't touch me'."

The chill in her voice transmitted in his ears and he stepped back in shock..

"Please ",He held her gain this time with more warmth

"I SAID DON'T TOUCH ME" ,She said coldly'.

The unmoved voice shook Kesar as he stepped back with guilt and said with tears in his eyes ,"Please Gulaal'I am sorry. Mujhe maaf '."

"Maafi'..Who r u'BTW ..You are nothing to me'Nothing'..samjhe'..So please Just leve me alone'.",His statement was cut short as she spat on her face.

"Par tu'kal raat'.",Kesar muttered in shock nodding his head in denial refusing to believe what he heard.

"Listen'.kaan khol k sun lo'.Kal raat'Jo hua'wo sab ek bahut bada paap tha'samjhe bahut bada paap'.Tumhe kya lagata hai'Us ek raat ki galti ki wajah se main Karan aur humare sache pyaar ko Bhool jaungi'Nahi kabhi nahi'I love Karan'.Mujhse galti ho gayi ek kal'Par ab nahi'ab bilkul nahi'.Kya pucha tha tumne'Main tumhari hun'.Nahi main Tumhari nahi Kesar'.Tumhe sirf mera Shareer chahiye tha..Jo tumhe mil nahi paya..isliye tumhe jalan ho rahi hai..isliye tumhe afsos ho raha ..hai'.hai na'."",Gulaal pushed him back and yelled

"Bas'bas'kar",He put his hand on his ears and looked away and chewed his lips --- clenched his fist in disbelief,. Is that what it was all about last night'",He squeezed her arm tightly , "two people touching each other physically..bas itna hi'."

"haan bas itna hi tha..samjhe..bas itna hi'..",Gulaal turned her face away trying hard not to cry'.

"Tu aisa kaisa keh sakti hai'.",His voice cracked up breaking into hiccups.

"Jo sach hai wohi kaha maine'.",She stood there like a log of wood----- lifeless and pale'

"Karan.. wo mujhe'..",She gulped a huge lump in her throat

"Karan Karan Karan bhaad mein jaye Karan", He yelled shaking her, "Tune kya socha Gulaal",He pushed her till her back collided with a tree , " tu itna sab kuch hone k baad '.Itna kuch hone k baad..Tu yun..Ayegi'.aur yahan.", He placed  her hand on his heart , "yahan mujhe hurt kar k ja payegi''"

"Aur tumne kya socha'"her hand slipped away freeing from his grip, "I will happily sleep around with you ...You are sadly mistaken..Mr. Kesar Rawat ''You will never get me'.."

"Shut up'..Shut up''Just shut up'",He shook her violently  , "Itna guroor '..If this is  the case'I swear you will be mine '.. I BLOODY SWEAR IT NOW'..Samjhi''.Himmat hai to rok k dikha mujhe'Dikha rok k..tu ab''.",He

"NO I love Karan'aur aisa kabhi nahi hoga'..",She nodded her head in denial

"Hhahahha'Karan ko bhi aise hi kutta banake rakha hoga tune Gulaal bahut chalu ladki hai'Pata hai tujhe jaisi ladkiyon'..

SLAP ' a huge slap smashed right across Kesar's face  and followed by many more ,"Don't you dare'.Don't you dare open your mouth again'.. samjhe'",She hit him madly and slapped him so much that he fell  on the ground '.

"I love KARAN ,samjhe'you know why'Coz He is not Kesar'I hate your bloody sight. Samjhe'..I love Karan'. ",She yelled in a frenzy. Assuring herself more than him.

He quickly got up and  grabbed her hand getting a squeal out of her, "You will be mine'.samjhi'Its WRITTEN IN BOLD LETTERS ''",gritting his teeth'.

"and You guess what you were right You are a born bas***d'and that's why I hate you'..YOU ARE A BORN bas***d..THIS IS ALOS WRITTEN IN BOLD LETTERS.

A shot of shock and disgust ran across Kesar's mind'His mouth parted in shock and horror .His senses numbed as those words seeped into his heart..Seconds maybe minutes passed in silence as he stood there absolutely numb'Was this her Gulaal? The one who held him in the darkest hour of despair. The one who craved for. One THING WAS FOR SURE. He could not recognise her anymore. For there stood right in front of him a woman who just mercilessly rubbed salt on her wounds. Like a fish that had been put out of the tank ,he breathed and winced in the pain she had inflicted upon her.

Gulaal picked her bag and started to walk away when suddenly Kesar grabbed her arms and gritted his teeth in anger, "You know what. IF IT'S written in bold letters ..Them let me live up to the tag now'I swear I will Gulaal 'I swear..I will live upto it'.aur bahut shauk hai na..Karan Karan ka jaap karne ka'Khush ho le kuch din kyunki tu ek din khud chal kar mere paas ayegi Gulaal'tab tak k liye Ja mar Apne Krana k saath''.."He squeezed her arms nad threw her right across the pavement'Gulaal stared at him Petrified in a state of disgust.

(TINKY'S TWEET'Who was the man in front of me'I could not recognise him anymore. His hatred blazed through his eyes and those hands which hurt me balled into fists'.)

 The screeching of brakes and a blinding flash of light suddenly broke the silence and the door opened with a jerk'..

"Tinks'.O my''.How did you fall'Gawwwd we had been so worried'.Mom told you are not answering phone", Those strong familiar arms held Gulaal and she got up staring at him in shock'..

"CHAMP", She hugged him tightly and cried holding him'..

(KESAR'S CONFESSION'It was death for me the very moment''It was death'.I could not believe if all this was happening for real .A night before she was in arms, I felt the world would end with us holding each other ..But God and I already had unsettled scores so AGAIN he struck'GREAT GOING!!COULDN'T HAVE BEEN BETTER)

"Kya hua. Tinks'.Tu'..",Karan removed the sloppy curls on her face and looked at her with concern. Her face was dreaded and pale.

Kesar clenched his fist in anger .His eyes burning in rage as if trying to absorb the dreadful sight right in front of his eyes.

"Bas kuch nahi yun hi. Champ'.Kuch nahi I missed you bas'..",She hugged him again glancing at Kesar once who was cut from Karan's view behind the bushes.

"Awww I missed you too sweetheart'",He wrapped her in his arms

"Par tum tum yahn kaise",Gulaal wondered

"Silly ..It's your birthday tom ..Tere birthday pe main kabhi tujhse dur raha hun kya? Bata bata na' SURPRISE NA' I asked the guard at the gate and he told me you all have arrived from Harsil. Isliye siddha tere hostel hi aa raha tha...Chal ghar chal..Mom told to get you'.",Karan held her bag in his hand and almost pulled her inside the car.

"Nahi..kal subah ana mujhe pick up karne'I have early morning shift'.",Gulaal stopped him chewing her lips

(TINKY'S TWEET---It was more of my guilt which made me say this. I wanted to stay alone for some time. I wanted to have some peace of mind'.It was the urge to clear my head before coming back to my REAL life again'.)

"No..Tinks'.",Kran made a sallow face.

"Ah come on..Just a few hours'.",Gulaal tried her best to hide her pain and faked a smile

"Ok'but jaldi andar baith '.I will drop you to your hostel'.",He threw his bag inside

"par itna hi rasta to hai''",gulaal tried to resist.

"Tinks'You are wet. Aur tujhe Zara bhi takleef ho ye mujhe manzoor nahi'",Karan opened the door for her .Gulaal choked with emotions and with a pride in her eyes gave a condescending look at Kran who stood there burning with rage

"Karan..",She held his arms and suddenly placed a warm peck on his lips'..

(KESARS' CONFESSION---She had done it again'.The evil woman just stung me again ..The stone sheath made me shiver and this was the final nail in the coffin. WHERE MY GULAAL '.WHERE WAS WAS THE ONE WHO WAS THERE WITH ME..WHERE WAS GULAAL WHO HELD ON TO ME..SHE WAS GONE FOREVER''A THOUSAND KNIVES PIERCED MY ALREADY BRUISED HEART AND I FELT DEAD'.)


"I love you'.I love you so much'.",She mumbled staring at Kesar and hugged him'

Kesar felt as if he had been stopped dead in his tracks'His head reeled and a sinking feeling arose from the pit of his stomach'.He could see nothing else now as his vision just blinded with tears. He turned his face around in resignation and walked away'.

"Whoa. Tinks'Now that was some surprise. But he hi hahahaha  guess what. It still felt nothing'''''''",Karan giggled and made her sit inside the car and drove off leaving behind smoke .


The pavement was lonely again, the rain was lonely again, the thunder was lonely again and he was left lonely again'.

He walked with uncertain steps, his body burning in the fire that he had created for himself again'His heart numbed by her numbness, his body frozen with her cold and his eyes burning in shame. There was silence everywhere and sank inside him the emptiness again'HE HAD BEEN REJECTED AGAIN'he had been left again'..

Without warning he suddenly became a madman, a terrible frenzy seized him as he cried out loudly ,he tore of his shirt in anger and visions of her hugging Karan made him mad with rage. A lump in his throat refused to go down. The pain in his heart crushed him to death, the venom of her words, "You are a born bas***d'.."

Echoed in his ears .He walked in the rain, crying alone and weeping bitterly'He sought his mother ,who had been his respite in severe deprivation,but she was nowhere. Darkness and humiliation seemed to engulf him'.

The thunder roared heavily masking his bitter wailings but the rain ,the lightening and the dark dreary night bore testimony to his loneliness. YES HE WAS LONELY'..

"Negi",He opened the door and stood there frozen, a void in his eyes and a freezing dread on his face'.He walked inside and sat on the bed, his palms touching each other, his head hung in contemplation and his body shivering in spasms.

"Kesar. KYA HUA'",a TOUCH ON Kesar's shoulders by him had always been enough to break him down'But instead those frozen eyes of his turned around and stared at Kesar'

He kneeled in front of him cupping his face, "Kesar Kesar kya halat bana li hai tune'.Kya baat hai bata'.. baata na",He vigorously shook him'.

Those eyes stared back at him. Lifeless and deep was his voice, not a single drop in his eyes, his face hardened .A look so dreary that Negi was shocked as he mumbled, "Negi'.I want her to be ruined for life'.I want her to be finished forever'..I want her to sit here'.." ,He pointed near his feet'., "Yes right here..YEHI MERE PAIRON PAR GIDGIDAKAR nak ragde wo'.I want her to cry and cry forever'I want her life to be ruined'''I will finish her'..She has to be with me'She is mine'.Ruined or whatever'.She will be here crying''"He kept on mumbling madly gritting his teeth in anger and madness.

"Kesar ,Kesar'..",Negi hugged him,"Tu fikr mat kar mere bhai'.I have a plan..Yes I have a plan'."

The thunder roared loudly as Negi kept on consoling Kesar who sat there like a statue listening to his words'.

He only sighed sarcastically ,"Miss Gulaal Tomar'.You asked for this'.You are ruined for life now'.."



"Hey Runner jaldi daud lagane ki practise shuru kar le...Gulaal meri hai...samjhaLOL

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Cry lovely chappii piu i m feeling their pain so once again destiny left him heart-broken and dejected. Once again, he was deprived of a love object to whom he was fervently attached  i so feel for him and gulaal was no exception for her it was a living hell.humiliation disappointment and agitation shook her to the core kesar for whom she had broken all the set rules had forsaken her...she must be wearied disgusted and heart broken, she already shuddered at the impetuousity of her feeling her wild desires were already tormenting her and now wen she let herself loose wht she obtained from it shame disgust !!!!!!!!!!!!!! aww gulaal  !!!!!!!!!!Cry his harsh word made her squirm for her freedom freedom from his passion... from his love... from his fatal attraction...but could she???? whatever but now the things are messed up...and wen gulaal is on sulking avatar kesar had to come back to her he cant stay away from his soul... and hell she was way to rude to him and .did she really speak those words to him eeeks .i hate u gulaal how could u????? she is hurting him again and again and as u say she is actuallu inviting the trouble for herself eesh kesar is into seeking revenge oh yeah i love this kesar alot Blushing

lovely chapii and waiting for nextEmbarrassed

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ph piu tu nahi hoti tho hamara kya hota

i am short of words to praise this chapters

it is just clean bowled..
loved the face off...
and i also i loved where gulaal was recollecting everthing..including her dad's words..the pain which was undergoing u described it so perfectly yaar...

no women can accept the word wh**e..and what did she do..the same ???
calling hims B****d ...the word which haunted him the most..both of them are hurting each other way too badly..gulaal a bit more coz she has someone to go back to..she had karan then n there..but what about kesar..he is left alone as always ..and with such wounded n staggered mind how in this world he can think rationally...

both r hell bent on ruining themselves in an attempt to hate each other or may i say love each other..

sudha maa is such a KMH oh man poori ki poori emotional atyachaar..gullu kare bhi tho kya kare...egar to know what kesar is upto next..his words are scary in the end

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