SS~|Ishq par zor nahi|~EPILOGUE -PG 60 15TH JAN (Page 40)

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Piyudi you describe the place and surrounding in such vivid details that one feels like you are actually there with these characters experiencing almost touching each and everything amazing!!!

She is looking at the beautiful serenity o the surrounding wrapped in comfortable warmth of his socks and jacket more like in comfort and warmth of his arms na, she is a goner, there is no escaping now just galoolism that will be defeated sooner or later…These words from Kesar had some haunting quality about it, gave me goosebumps while reading it…..It was so hearth wrenching at the same time had a kind of ominous tone to it…..

Gulaal's restlessness when he is minding his own business is amusing at the same time heart wrenching here's a woman who knows what she wants but is forced to put cold water on her desires …ahhh promises to keep and miles to go…but walking one step w/o the one you love is like getting a billion dollar cheque when you have days to live….such is a life…

The shameless drooling and photo clicking was awesome. here's the gal who is not hesitant to put her guards down but in her confusion she is making him suffer as well…

There are too many "signs" for her to ignore them as co-incidents, first that lady who predicted her future knowing her name,then the blessings they get from priest and then again on the run Gulaal is made aware of her destiny…which is sealed in these mountain it seems…

And she is back to Galool mode, but hila yeah kya she is unable to keep that poker face for long na,and Kesu ko theek se gussa hona bhi nahi aata, she manaos him so easily na…not fair….he had to put so much effort to even talk to her…

Again beautiful description of the surrounding where they ran with each other for the company, leaving the entire world and all it's problems behind…just two of them and beautiful, enchanting and peaceful surrounding giving them that escape they were looking for…aww I just loved this part so beautifully written….

Kesar's intentions are always good but don't know how he always get accused of sinister planning and devious intents bechara,he just brought that alcohol to get rid of cold and she drank half of it in one go….she is galool for a reason na…

This is the  first time they have opened up to each other about their past na, I agree with Kesar she at least has pleasant memories to remember and smile at where as for him past is too painful and his subsequent breakdown due to one warm hug proved how much he had bottled up inside him over all these years and finally Gulaal managed to break those shackles…just hope she doesn't go back into her galool mode cause these time the shackles are going to break him…

Ahh so she initiates and then turns away, how far will she go, I agree with Kesar, it's decided, her fate is sealed….and surrender to her heart is looming…

Looking forward to some fireworks(read chiii time) tomorrow…



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Gosh Aww Gulaal Just Too Cute When She's Drunk. Hehe I Loved How She Comforted Kesar.

Please Let Her Breakup With Karan. And Be With Kesar. (: Star

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Wow!!! ClapOutstanding!!! Emotionally so touching!!

Awww!!! Kesar searching Gulaal everywhere and She reading the book..She running away from him but not from his thoughts..but he found her eventually though..Poor terribly hurt by her words..when she does it quite often why expect such things from her..Awww!!! She indeed thinking abt him..lovely!!!

Good she threw his cigarette away and he said what she was about to say on cigarette shocking her.. little did she know he was present when she said that to Abir..LOL:D And he is back to normal self..she loves him like this..and wow!!! did she replied!!! 

Wow!!! They were just running aimlessly in the mountain river bank..awesome!!! must be a beautiful experience which she cherished once again coz of him..Both are happy!!! Especially Gulaal is ecstatic!!!

OMG!!! He is giving her alcohol to escape from cold!!! What'll it lead to!!! he did ask her to go from there..but she refused it..Looks like alcohol took control over her..Poor Kesar..feeling hard to control his feeling and the drunken Gulaal behavior..

Finally she sharing abt her and her feelings from her heart..but she is always alert whenever Kesar comes close to her..her six sense plays a very vital role here..Kesar from childhood had a miserable life..he deserves all happiness now..and his happiness lies in Gulaal..Wish she confess her love soon..

Kesar is envy of everything..cute part where she talked with that small child..Awww!!! She laughed hearing his English accent..that must ve terribly hurt him..

But government do provide books and necessary amenities and facilities for government school children na?? 

Kesar just couldn't take more and broke down..She too was so hurt seeing him like this and doesn't know how to react..

Sometimes simple words which one utter without any intention hurts one unknowingly!!!

Just loved the hug and how Gulaal consoled Kesar!!! Awww!!! She realized the closeness and pulled herself apart from the hug!!! How could she keep her hands in that child water??? she is so careless sometimes!!! The kiss was passionate ..Embarrassed Gosh..thank god..she again back  to herself..No matter what, she is still engaged to Karan!!!

Blaming Kesar alone..hmmph..Confused Finally Kesar is determined to make her a part of his life!!!Awww!!! Bulbul too saw Kesar staring Gulaal continuously!!!

Looking forward and thanks for writing a lengthy and an awesome update..Smile

P.S : Lovely Siggies!!! Precap looking intriguing!!! and no problem with the details and length..As  its definitely enhances the update and not at all boring!!!

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orkut beautiful flower scraps


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Nobody knows what i'm feeling inside
I find it so stupid
So why should I hide
That I love to make love to you baby(yeah make love to me)
So many ways wanna touch you tonight
I'm a big girl got no secrets this time
Yeah I love to make love to you baby(yeah make love to me)
If this would be a perfect world
We'd be together then(let's do it do it do it)
Only got just one life this i've learned
Who cares what they're gonna say(let's do it do it do it)
Baby your fire is lighting me up
The way that you move boy is reason enough
That I love to make love to you baby(yeah make love to me)
I can't behave
Oh I want you so much
Your lips taste like heaven
So why should I stop?
Yeah I love to make love to you baby(yeah make love to me)
If this would be a perfect world
We'd be together then(let's do it do it do it)
Only got just one life this i've learned
Who cares what they're gonna say(let's do it do it do it)

She tightly shut door behind her'Shutting the doors of her heart too'SO THAT NOTHING COULD TOUCH HER..NOTHING COULD TOUCH HER HEART.Tears of guilt ,apprehension and repression resurfaced in her eyes. The energy of the night was young, so were all the other young hearts rejoicing, the drum beats rhythmically ebbing and rising ,the chatter growing louder and wilder ,THERE WAS MIRTH everywhere. But there she stood alone, slopping on the floor, clenching her fist hard to resist her urge to open the door'

"GULAAL GULAAL'",his anxious hands did not tire even for a second banging the door ,knocking her heart ,craving to be loved, craving to be wanted by her. But stuffing her mouth to silence her muffled cries ,she found her voice , "Go away Kesar please. Please we'll talk in the morning'."

"Gulaal please open the door once'I swear I'll fix everything. Please'",the want in her voice pierced her heart MAKING IT BLEED WITH YEARNING.

YES HE HAD FINALLY DONE IT'Finally managed to burn all the thick layers of her sheaths inside which she had delicately wrapped and locked her heart ..It now stood naked ---poisoned by his love' throbbing with desires ..Aching to be surrendered in his hands.

She fought with all her might ,she fought trying to cover it with the left overs. But the damage was done'THE HAERT WAS BARE AND ACHING..LONGING TO BE SUBMITTED TYO THE ONE WHO HAD WON IT'.YES SHE HAD LOST INDEED BUT SHE HAD NOT GIVEN UP YET'..How could she'.?

"Kesar'",she wiped her tears and getting a grip of herself ,got up and harshly yelled, "I SAID GET LOST'.NOW'.."

"GULAALLL'",screamed there the man who never learnt to lose in life. He knew he had won'He knew what belonged to him'Was he ready  to leave his prize'.Certainly not'.

Heated with passion and dejected by her stubbornness ,Kesar kicked the door hard and yelled back,"Ok fine'JUST GO TO HELL'."

Just a faint sob, an angry growl and some angry footsteps stomping on the hard granite floor  which muffled in seconds could reach Gulaal's ears'HE WAS GONE'taking away with him her heart with him. Yes she had surrendered it unknowingly. No matter how much physically apart he was, he ruled her mind. Haggard and tired ,she sat on her bed quietly, her hands clasped in her lap, the fingers rubbing against each other. Her face was calm but the storm that had brewed in her heart refused to pacify'Tiny beads of cold clammy sweat graced her face as she sobbed with a feeling of dread in the pit of her stomach'.

"Champ'",she mumbled in anxiety, thinking about what she shared with Kesar'The smiling face of Karan and her close encounter with Kesar simultaneously flashed around her like the waves crashing against the rock'.

Nervously shivering ,she threw open her bag  and pulled out her laptop...

Nervously tapping her fingers and chewing her nails, she connected to chat'.

Message 1..

You there..

Message 2

Pls respond..

Message 3

I need to talk urgently'.

The series of messages beeped as Gulaal waited anxiously ..The signals in the reaction cable died and awakened simultaneously. The mountains could be lonely quite cut off in terms of technology'.

Please please please'.,"She chewed her lips'while faintly mumbling a silent prayer playing with the touch pad'.



"Gawd tinks'.i AM REALLY BUSY ..Answering from phone. Tell me'."


CHAMP '.Connect to video chat now'.

A few seconds pause and Karan flashed right across her screen. The flickering signals made him appear as a ghost

GULAAL: Champ please I need to confess something.

KARAN:Yeay later but m busy'

GULAAL: Please listen.

KARAN: Tinks I am in a meeting right now'

GULAAL: Champ you do not understand

KARAN: God you sound terrible'.Kya baat'

"CHAMP CHAMP'",the screen went blank. Not a signal was available'.Gulaal frantically pushed buttons 'Jumping towards her phone, She dialled'


The message kept flashing'She rubbed her forehead in anxiety''

THE LIGHTS WENT OUT SUDDENLY'.Gulaal looked around petrified..Horrified..The dark dreary silence seemed to engulf her. The drums rolling was faint from faraway distance'.Nervously she got up fumbling trying to adapt to the darkness and slide the window open'A cold wind wisped inside the room and she looked outside confused as the orange beam from the nearby mercury vapour lamp on the street bathed the room .THE ONLY PLACE DARK WSA THE GUEST HOUSE'.


The door knocked loudly and Gulaal was startled .

She replied irritated, "Kesar I said. Get lost'.",Gulaal tried hard to sound as convincing as possible fighting with her desires for only she knew that in her heart she only want to slam the door open and jump into his arms surrendering her whole being to him''

"Arey madam..Main hun'attendant'Lamp layi hun'.",A funny girlish voice answered her'.

Gulaal was relieved. Quickly she opened the door ,to be taken by utter shock'She could see nothing but darkness'The drums rolled but faintly. The fog had even set in the corridors'IT WAS PITCH DARK'She nervously fumbled her way walking forward a few steps, fumbling in the darkness, her hands touching the cold cemented walls .

"Kkkaun'Kkkaun hai..wahan'..",Gulaal's scared voice quivered in the cold and darkness'

Her own voice echoed and crashed against her eardrums'

Nervously shivering and chattering in cold she again groped her way back'her hands sliding in the similar manner as she proceeded. Stepping inside her room ,she closed the doors behind and

. Her eyes glanced back to the quiet room and immediately they transfixed on the solitary figure that now stood  only an inch away from her. Without even a second's gap ,even before her mind could process, those hands grabbed her waist and she crashed against his bosom. Her Kesar was there ,the strong fragrance ,which she loved made her dizzy and she looked at him. His  form was refined and  crisp and his stray  tanned hair shimmered in the radiant light of the orange beam ,his lips thinning in smile and his eyes twinkling with playful lust'.

"Listen,", She placed her hand on his bosom trying to stop him ,his lips had already started grazing her pristine face evoking in her those passions which she had fought with since the last hr.'

It all happened without a word, he said nothing, his eyes glowing in passion, and he stared at her with impertinence refusing to budge refusing to listen to anything, his hands caressing her all over .

"Please,", She sighed and hopped from one foot to another, "Please do not make this a mess. Let's not complicate things'.

"Complicate'",Kesar suddenly burst into a giggle'."You know what'.This is bloody well COMPLICATED since day one'.",He kissed her cheeks harshly, making her shiver and huskily mumbled in her ears , "Now's the time to set everything right. You see'.",Holding her hands, he locked his fingers with hers and kissed them.

Gulaal pushed him hard, "I said'Let's not complicate this'."

Kesar 's eyes had a glint that he knew would trigger a reaction. He smiled one of his crooked smiles and turned to face her, encircling her waist in his arms and diving almost ploughed her pining her against the wall ,her hands stapled beside and moved closer to her until, there was no space left between them and gazed at her with desire, "But I want to'.And I swear I will '..No one can stop me'.",Saying this, he gently brushed her delicate curls adorning her face .Gulaal gritted her teeth in irritation trying hard to resist'.,"This is so not cool'And I hate you for this'..",she shot back trying hard to control herself'

EVIL WOMAN!!Kesar thought and smiled. . He suddenly  ran his fingers up the back of her neck and curled them in her dark hair as he pulled her head to hers. He ducked his head as if to kiss her lips, smiling devilishly seeing her gasp, he tilted her head sideways and whispered in her ears, "And you know what. I love it when you hate me' I simply love it'.Please hate me some more," he lightly traced his lips along the arch of her neck and suddenly kissed it with passion ,piercing her skin ,marking her as his own.. He felt her twitch in response ,her pulse leapt and the excruciating pain made her blood spurt inside her veins. Her body started throbbing with desire and she could not hold herself anymore ,she trembled ,her body shaking in spams and she knew not what happened as the world went blank for her and she threw her arms around him crushing him LETTING HERSELF GO'.yes she had no STRENGTH, NO WILL AND ABOVE ALL NO DESIRE TO STOP HERSELF'.the last of her defences had given up and she sighed heavily'He stared at her and then at her skin where the impression of his passion glowed in vibrant detail'.

He parted from her a bit. He could see it in her eyes which were half drooping unable to hold herself .His hands traced each and every angle of her face , He turned her so her back was against his chest and then ran his hands up her sides, letting his fingertips trail along her hands. He felt her heart thud and he smiled as he nuzzled her neck. He slid his hands back down and teased her by lightly trailing them along the edge of her dress. She flipped her hair to the side and exposed her neck as she leaned into him. His hands trailed and gently brushed against her waist and within seconds something unusual happened ,She burst into giggles .Seeing her laughing, he too smiled as she turned around to look at her'.He tickled her again and she giggled this time louder with childlike glee .He was amused and tickled her again

"No please'.If you tickle me like this. I will die laughing'..",She tried hard to breathe and laughed, "This is one thing I cannot take'.",and She laughed again'..

Kesar felt unusually happy and content seeing her laugh. Her smile untainted and her face innocent'How could he have resisted her all these days .He felt a tug in his heart watching her laugh'.

"Shhh..Ok stop'. Now'",He stopped all the fun and cupped her face moving closer to her and closing his eyes tried to kiss her but suddenly both of them opened their eyes scowling coz they had practically hit each other's nose trying to kiss each other.

"Hhahahhahahhahahhahh",Gulaal laughed hard.Kesar''s mouth suddenly became dry, trying to steady the wild beating of her heart.  She wondered what he saw as he stared intently at her face, he looked angry.

"Hey, stop right there.", He grabbed her face gain and was about to kiss her again when she suddenly stopped him and said,"Hey just close your eyes'",This time pushing him against the wall.

Kesar smiled and a wave of excitement ran through him as he closed his eyes waiting anxiously '.

Seconds passed and all he could hear was some sound of shuffling something..

"What '..where are you''.?",Kesar stomped his feet in irritation'

"Wait baba..Do not open your eyes ..No cheating OK'.",Gulaal's tinkling voice gave him goose bumps'

He waited anxiously for her as he could hear her footsteps now approaching her as the distance between them decreased his heartbeat paced went up several notches'.

"What'",His speech was muffled when something stuck on his lips'..

HELL IT WAS A TAPE'..Kesar opened his eyes wide with shock and saw an exuberant Gulaal ,her eyes twinkling with mischief and she giggled hard pouting her lips, "PUNISHMENT TIME'SOMEONE TOLD ME ABOUT TIT-FOR TAT'..hhahhahahh Remember car parking'.."

"Gosh'.",Kesar angrily removed the tape from his lips and out scraped the tender lining making him squeal'.,"Ouch'',He winced in pain'

Gulaal's face grew paler and she ran up to him and placed her fingers on them ,"It hurts'."

"Hhhahhahaha..No it dosen't Fool'.But I am gonna make sure..Yours hurt now'..Saying this'He was about to crush her lips in a kiss when she pushed him back and ran inside the bathroom'while he followed.

"Ok enough teasing now'Stop it ok'",Kesar tried to catch her irritated and angry''.

"Tch tch'..Itni jaldi haar gaye'I guess you forgot some rules right''..",Gulaal chirped..

"Ok 'Let see how strong you are'.",Kesar jumped caging her into his arms but Gulaal was prepared for it'.A spray and everything was wet'..Kesar parted his eyes in shock and horror. The hand shower dropped from Gulaal's hands as she parted her mouth '.Kesar wiped off the water from his head and shook his head and the droplets scattered in air''Gulaal ran towards the room and he followed her.Kesar quickly removed his T-shirt and said, "What'.You want to play games now'.",His voice had an anger .He was irritated .Gulaal almost stared at him frozen to her spot not able to take her eyes off him. The first thing she saw was the defined muscles of his chest which lead the way down to a perfectly sculpted abdomen ,the tan of his skin glowing with an orange sheen due to the bathing light'..The fire in the hearth crackled and Gulaal could not decide what was more intense..the fire or his dark glowing eyes which  invoked in her feelings which overwhelmed her.Her eyes fluttered up and down and arose in her a strange feeling as she knew he had deciphered the look in her eyes .His sheepish smile grew wild as he watched her eyes dance and twinkle and he deciphered a long story that needn't a single spoken word.

Coming close to her near her ears, he whispered, "Looks like someone loves to play games ..Ok fine let's play'.",Saying this silken cloth touched Gulaal's eyes ,his handkerchief  brushed past and her eyes were blinded. Her heart thumped loudly as he twirled her around .She groped trying to find him as he brushed past near his ears,"Catch me if you can'..".

First a wave of excitement and then  a thrill ran inside her veins. Kesar looked at her as she twirled around ,her dress flaring in conical circles as the cold wind wisped through the window'.

Gulaal could sense his eyes on her .His overwhelming presence was enveloping her. She heard his footsteps approaching her ,her own heartbeat audible right in her ears. She moved a few steps backward until her legs hit the bed and she stumbled and landed on her back'Her heart came to a halt when she heard the glass window sliding upon its rusted hinges.

"Time up now'",His voice echoed in the silence of the room. Gulaal was waiting .Eagerness in her veins. She was waiting for him to touch her ,to embrace her, to hold her and never let her go away. Seconds passed but there was silence. Little did she know that there stood at a distance ..Kesar smiling mischievously with his beady eyes seeing her bite her lower lips in expectation as she waited .His smile widened an inch as she frowned thinking he was really not doing anything'At last he could not control himself any more'His footsteps grew louder as the distance between them decreed'.She could feel him hover as he gently pushed her shoulder'she trembled in anxiety 'A shot of need suddenly swept her body as she felt his cold fingers brushing against her feet ,slowly and gently moving upwards'Gulaal gasped and got up nervously and shoved his hand aside in nervousness'.

"Ok fine 'That's it..I am leaving '",She could hear his angry growl and his hurried footsteps retreating away'.Gulaal was shocked and scared'She did not want him to leave ..Her heart ached for him'She wanted him'Really'.She knew it was wrong'.But at that very moment. She went blind. Just like her eyes were blindfolded ,she momentarily forgot all that was real. For her only one thing mattered now'.THAT WAS SHE WANTED HIM to be with her ..Nothing more. Nothing less'..In her eagerness ,she fumbled, got up hastily and ran wherever she could and she  finally collided his back and hugged him tightly from behind, "Please please. Please Don't leave me..Please'.."

"Ahhh Finally'.",He chuckled as he pulled her blindfold down and she slowly opened her eyes which were moistened  in fear of losing him.

"Look at me'",He held her chin and she slowly raised her eyes. Her breath was caught inside her lungs .He was staring at her with so much intensity that she burned with his intense gaze'She was shocked the way he was devouring her thin frame shamelessly with his eyes.A wickedly handsome grin was exchanged with her virginal smile as he  slowly whispered in her ears, "Ek secret batun'.I was not leaving. I was only going to lock the door'.",Saying this he locked the door with a click and her lips moved as if she was about to speak, but stopped, wondering what there really was to say. Instead her hands continued up his chest and around his neck, pulling himforward. Gradually moving closer, looking directly into his eyes, she felt a charge of excitement that she knew wasn't one-sided. Maintaining the electric eye-contact, and in agonising slow motion, they moved closer and closer until their lips were practically touching He ducked his head and crushed his lips against hers making her wobble with excitement . Their lips met in an entanglement of passion and unspoken desire. The world went blank for them as Kesar found himself in heaven as crushed her into his arms growing wilder every passing second'.Parting from each other for a second ,Kesar pushed her back on the bed and sat beside her not sure whether it was the shock of great joy which brimmed his heart with ecstasy or the sheer delight of the kiss which made him mad.But suddenly all his stupor passed as he kissed her again and fondled her making her whisper his name disconnectedly trembling' he rained kisses all over her body.  His mouth was distinctively marking every inch of her, claiming her as his.  He could hear her heart beating wildly and sense the overwhelming call  to be loved by him as he trailed kisses on her neck.

"You know what..I hate you now'.",Kesar wildly kissed her and mumbled..

Gulaal looked at him curiously and asked ,"Why'."

"Because you make me want you so badly'..I hate you coz ' I told you to stay away from'I hate you coz..You cannot imagine what am going to do to you now'.You asked for it now you can't blame me' maine kaha tha dur reh mujhse 'par tune mujhe majboor kar diya yahan ane ko 'ab jab baat yahan taka a hi gayi hai  to '.Ab bhugto'",Saying this he ducked his head again lowering his mouth in a hungry and demanding kiss. Gulaal squealed and sighed heavily. All objections were muffled and silenced.  The only thing she could focus on was his warmth, and the soft but insistent mouth of his on hers.  She clung to him, seeking comfort and something else.  He kissed her until she  had no thought left in her mind .He went mad with desire and pulled her sleeve madly 'Her body shook in spasms'.The drums outside paced up in rhythm as they both kissed each other for an eternity'It was strange There were no vows there were no professing of love..In fact nothing at all but both spoke with their hearts'.The fervour grew every passing second,The eyes met and fluttered Both of them lost in each other bot of them free and content.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION'In years I felt so excited'At last my desire was right there in my arms'.I thought I was dead when I touched her but slowly her touch did make me feel alive again'.It was strange what I felt for her was much more than merely my desires ,I thought I was the devil who wanted her badly but at that very moment ,her tender touch made me feel like a prince charming,wanted to hold her forever )

*******Faraway at the very same moment

"Arey '.Ye fuse to kisi ne nikal rakha hai'",The electrician exclaimed in wonder and fixed the  fuse back in the socket and the guest house became illuminated again

The drums and the songs and clappings outside doubled in intensity as the  lights came back'.

Gulaal and Kesar opened their eyes in shock'The room became brightly illuminated with the huge lamp right over their head and their faces almost jutted in front of their eyes. Both moved an inch back in embarrassment. Kesar stared at her in full light. Her skin was glistening peeping through her pulled down sleeve. Gulaal pulled it back quickly ,"Stop staring'."

"What",Kesar nodded his head sceptically..His heart beat rising due to being swept off in passion'..

Gulaal's confused look conveyed everything and he got up quickly switching off the light and switching on the lamp on the table whose faint light bathed the room'.

He pulled her closer again and played with her hairs ,"Is it ok now'."

Gulaal nodded her head in denial'.

He smiled again and within seconds pushed her back and covered both of them with a blanket and leaned on her making a small cosy cave for them'

"I hope this tent is   fine for  now' He he'.Ye humara chota sa ghar hai'.",He chuckled and gazed her with longing'..

Gulaal almost giggled as the cave seemed to thrill her and stuck out her tongue  just like she did when she was a kid.


"HAHHAHAHAH ye kya hai'.",Karan laughed at her.

"Ye mera ghar hai'.",12 year old Gulaal played with the plaits of her doll  Champa and sat beneath a huge piece of a leather car cover which she had hung on the clothes line giving it a shape of the tent .

"Silly'.Ye tera ghar nahi hai'.HAHHAHAHHAHAH",Kran and Pinky mocked her and she burst into tears .

Gulaal's eyes brimmed with tears ..Suddenly her being was possessed by her hero who made a small cave home for her.Tears of joy were ready to flow from her eyes as she gave a long huge smile.

Kesar looked at her in confusion and irritation, "What'. Taras kha mujh par'.mar jaunga'..Ab jyada chuu chapad ki to'.mmm"

It all happened without a word. It was dark and she put her arms around him and kissed him. It was literally she who kissed him this time'.He stood passive in shock and she mumbled, "Hold me tightly'.Please'.",Kesar felt mad and terribly nervous'.He had always thought he would hurt her ..He had alwsy thought he would crush her to death 'but instead he trembled with nervousness she madly kissed him'.He grinned at his stupid nervousness ,slightly embarrassed at his own adequacy to hold her the way she wanted.

. Her fingertips were cool on his skin and almost caused him to gasp. Their lips parted and their eyes connected. There were so  many things to say, and yet never the time in their few short moments to have and to hold. Unspoken words that their voices could never find poured through the emotions glimmering in their eyes. The mist had set in the room  cooling down the fire but what heated up even without the hearth being lit up with firewood was enough to keep them warm.It was silence outside now ,the PARTY had been over ,the enthusiasm dampened outside as the people had retired to their rooms but here the passion grew wilder and wilder as Kesar touched her with GREED.THE EXCITEMENT HAD JUST BEGUN'.Gulaal mumbled , "Kesar. I do not want this to be a night one stand please'..",She was scared she was scared lose herself, to surrender her completely ,she as scared'.though in her heart she knew she was wrong'.but yet ..she wanted to break free  even if it for the very moment'..Kesar stuttered shivering in delight and parted from her and said cupping her face in his hand, "  There will be many more'.Gulaal'I promise'. TRUST  ME'.You will lose count '.You will certainly lose count '..I promise'. And THIS WILL BE THE BEST'..Gulaal'You are'Mine'To sirf mere hai'Hai an'.".He looked at her in anticipation'.Gulaal was flowing in air. She wanted to let lose herself. She wanted to forget everything'..Kesar's hands shivered as his fingers tried to unfasten her dress in eagerness.Gulaal choked with the overwhelming passion'The yearning in her voice made her almost cry as she mumbled,"Kesar..I wanted to say''"

"TINKS'..",A shiver crept both of them followed by shock as the masculine voice roared in the surroundings'.Clueless for a second'Kesar and Gulaal quickly got up HORROR PARALYSED THEIR LIMBS'..

"tinks you there. Bad signals Tinks'I cannot see you can you see me'..",Karan's face flashed across her laptop screen .In all this she had forgotten to disconnect it..Lying right in front of them on the table was Karan's face as he smiled and the screen zoomed with visions of a huge bedroom with a huge portrait of Karan and Gulaal'

Gulaal parted her mouth in horror and looked at Kesar whose face was now red with fury'as he looked at her'

"Tinks'You see this''.THIS I GOT FURNISHED FOR OUR WEDDING'.ooops'.Main to bhul hi gaya tha'.You will be barging right here after marriage..Big sigh'.I will have to share everything with you'LOL'.See I GOT THIS PAINTED WITH YOUR FAVOURATE COLOUR TOO. You there'M not ABLE to see you'You see me'.

Gulaal choked with those words'.She quickly got up and faced the laptop  and mumbled , "CHAMP'."

Kesar got up with shock, hurt and stood there frozen.

"Sigh''I can only hear your voice'..CHAL ANYWAYS LISTEN TO ME..I JUST CAME BACK AND THOUGHT GIVE YOU A SURPRISE'.and I got this huge bed for us '.Cool na'.We can sneak in together'..Ooops'I know'I am pathetic'and  we kiss pathetically. But'M SURE'I won't disappoint you next time. WHAT SAY'."

Gulaal  froze with fear as she looked at Kesar who stood there clenching his fist in anger'His eyes swollen ,bloodshot, his breathings rapid as if someone had stabbed him with a thousand knives'All that could focus was on Karan's words'

"Gosh tu chup kyun hai'.Looks like..getting shy wy'.Hey hey chal..Jab milegi'I will give you more reasons to become shy'.Ok Tinks got to rush'.Bye. I love you'.I miss you so much'..Do you love me'.Say it silly'bol'Bool na'."

Gulaal stuffed her mouth with her fist trying hard not to sob and mumbled hmmm'..I i..LLLOVE YOU'..

"Bye'. MUAAAH .",The screen became blank so did her mind as tears trickled down her cheeks'.Kesar's heart refused to believe what he saw and refused to believe what he heard'Each and every word were like poison to his ears. HIS HEART WAS TORN IN INTOLERABLE ANGUISH. He felt as if his heart WAS CRUSHED TO PIECES. His body racked with pain.

Gulaal looked at him scared, her own emotions betraying her. Torn apart herself'She cried'Clueless where she stood and what she wanted'.Minutes passed in silence as both of them were lost in their won worlds. Gulaal slopped on the bed and sat down lowering her head in shame and guilt and got a sickening feeling inside her stomach. She was feeling guilty'.FOR SHE STOOD WITH A DIVIDED HEART'..The years of  her  love with Karan was hers, the treasured sacred beautiful innocent feeling was hers but the other half of her heart and soul was filled with something else'the most wonderful feeling 'the feeling of ecstasy'the feeling of sheer bliss-the feeling of absolute fulfilment made her weak'..Her head reeled as her tears betrayed her .She turned around to look at Kesar who stood there motionless ,his head hung and his body stiff.

Gulaal got up slowly and with steady unsure steps walked towards him afraid and touched his shoulder'..Kesar turned around looking deep into her eyes. Like a lost child in tears, he  sought in her eyes 'the feeling for him. He was in a terrible state of bewilderment as he stared at her..

Gulaal choked and mumbled, "Kesar main'.."

Her voice suffocated him and brought him out of his stance. He knew not what happened to him but his face reddened with the afflux of blood ,his eyes filled with tears and his body shook in convulsive spams. He had reached the limit of his anger and suddenly he pushed Gulaal back so hard that she fell on the floor'Gulaal squealed in pain as her elbow hit the corner of a chair. But Kesar remained unmoved. Instead his eyes fell upon the laptop and like a flash of lightening he rushed to it and seized it like madman and threw it on the floor roaring loudly .Gulaal got up in shock ,her eyes parted in horror .A terrible frenzy seized Kesar as he hit the Laptop with his feet '.trying to crash it 'His jaws tightening in anger a, his body tense and yelled, "Gulaal is mine. Same'She is mine'Wo sirf meri hai'Samjha'.."

His chest breathed rapidly as he looked around here and there in ager 'The laptop merely crashed as he threw it against the mirror which crashed into pieces and what followed was absolute rage. The whole room went upside down  as Kesar stormed it part throwing away everything in anger'.

"I love you Karan'.",These words bore him down with a loud roar echoing in his ears .They engulfed him as he yelled'." She is mine'',She is mine'."

"Kesar ",Gulaal ran towards him and shook him..,"Tum pagal hog aye ho'.."

"Haan haan ..Main pagal ho gaya hun'",He yelled grabbing her by her shoulders..,"Pagal ho gaya hun main''Itna bada'.gadah tha main'.Tum saley desi ek jaise ho'Kyun bahut acaha lagta hoga na..apane fianc k saath'..Itana hi pyaar karti hai use..To mere saath kya kar rahi thi'Gulaal'Kya kar rahi thi. Tu''",Kesar yelled shaking her violently

"Main. Kesar'",Gulaal's voice cracked, she could not find her voice anymore'.She could not look into his eyes. The guilt sat in her heart like she had been crushed under a stone. Never in her life she felt so cheap and disgusted in her entire life'.She had indeed created a mess now'

"Kya main'.Pata hai'Kya kehte hain tujh jaisi ladkiyon ko'..",Kesar spat on her face,his face furious with nager and humiliation

"Bas,,,,",Gulaal slapped him hard ,"I HATE YOU'.I HATE YOU'..chiii Tum mujhe itna gira hua samajhte ho'Tum mere barein mein aisa soch bhi kaise sakte ho'..Chiii'..You know what'.Mian hi galat thi'.I was wrong'.I was totally wrong'And Karan'wo mujhse sacha pyaar karat hai'.I was so bloody wrong who was trying to cheat on  him'Tum se bahut acha hai wo 'usne aaj tak mujhse kabhi itni ghatiya baat nahi kahi'."

" Sacha pyaar My foot'.Oh ab natak kyun'..Bahut khel khelne ka shauk hai na'Tujhe haan'.You always play with me'But no more'.Bas ab'.Ab bas''.You know what I don't even care now'.To hell with you'..You bloody wh**e'.Ja mar Apne Karan k saath..GO TO HELL WITH HIM'.."Screaming on top of his lungs.,he stomped out of the room in anger, while Gulaal slopped on the floor wailing loudly .



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 haila m feeling maha besharam now lolLOL
but now no one can complain I finally wrote chii eeksOuch

Am so elated reading your comments..Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments..Guys I am really sorry for replying individually..I hope you can excuse me for that coz it becomes very difficult to type ,post and reply chappies daily..But still m trying my best to cope up..Choory guys...CryI read each and every comment with equal enthusiasm and its the love of yours that keeps me elated.Thank you so muchHug

.M loving all the comments from you all.New readers thank you so much...Muahhh Great to have you all here...Thank youHug

Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Ramya,Arti.Poo .Silver fairy ,Skittle,samia,Kayte,kalika.Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments.If anyone wants PM's do buddy me..Also I have decided to do regular I mean daily Updates...They will be shorter but regular..Hope you are fine with this.Do let me know.Anymore SILENT LOVERS I mean READERS Please come out..Its fun out here...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
fatmaghozi sauris, nish89kaytesamia999kreasenchanted23nneeiillMR21minizzarti07Geeshu, kavi.bidaainish89kayteSkittle16sharmishtaAyushii_Angelkalika.jalantaenchanted23princessofkesarMR21minizzprachuryanneeiillKeithuuGeeshukiran_trudecentwithout-fathom-Swetha-poo_j,SilverFairy ,

So here is my bit for every one Embarrassed
@Neilu haahahhahaa Yup I know its your fav song and thanks for the giving those lines to me..Just PERFECT for these twoEmbarrassed
@Adu  I hope the fireworks READ CHIII  leave you all happy Tongue
@POO THANKS FOR APPRECIATING DETAILSEmbarrassedHope this chappi looks good as well.
@nicita...Karan will be ottta their lives very soonEmbarrassed
@kalika ..thank you for those lovely flowersEmbarrassed

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Unres done in the same page..Big smile

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hailla chii waala chapii aaya BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing lovely chapii piu so kesar was restless he should be ...He knew he saw love in her eyes in her arms now he is unstoppable..noone dare stop himLOL...and for gulaal the ice finally melted, her emotions became hard to hide.she was in love, and in that moment there was no denying she finally listened to her heart and surrender herself to him something she vowed she would never allow but his closeness ignited the sleeping spark into a fire...and there was she right in his arms the place where she belonged Embarrassed eeesh aage kya bolu,Embarrassed,,the intimate moment between the two were out of the world Blushingmein nahi bataungi ki i will read it again and againLOL 
and humare chii moment mein yah chimp kya raha haiAngry screw him idiot isko jungle mein chod kar aao go to hell karan u ruined our chii nightAngry...everything got messed up Ouchoh boy i could imagine the hurt and pain in his eyes his anger must have reached a crescendo the fist of betrayal was apparent ... for gulaal it was something unimaginable..oh poor soul was treated so badly just coz she listened to her heart Cry... back to square oneCry now wht????? will he every let her go ?? will she ever hate him??? big question gullu and kesarjiEmbarrassed
lovely chapii piu  and thanks for the daily updatesEmbarrassed

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