SS~|Ishq par zor nahi|~EPILOGUE -PG 60 15TH JAN (Page 39)

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hi piu

finally i read it peacfully..loved it..

haila..she is  so happy wearing his tho kesar se bhi jyaada gone case hai...

and kesar's distance has started affecting her..good going.

u really explained well the emotions of gulaal..

usually i feel for kesar...this time it was gulaal

and  wow kesar ji bathing...hum kyu nahi the vaha..lucky gullu...can we get those pics atleast LOL

and madam gullu kya bindaas drooling kar rehi hai..bacha dar gaya..ofc kesarji has perfect skin tone...flawless...eee

cant wait to see the next part..

and i loved this description so much...

"The long camp, the swarm of patients, the chatter of her friends NOTHING. All that she could focus was on Kesar's haunting words. Not that she did not smiled or joked and occasionally exchanged a conversation or two with Kesar...But WHAT WAS BREWING IN HEART LAY HIDDEN IN THE TONS OF ASHES OF HER EXTINGUISHED DESIRES.A CINDER OR TWO MAYBE CRACKLED at the tiniest fuelling by Kesar's intense gaze ,but she was alert enough to douse it even before it could catch up"

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Piu Hug...I just loved the way u described the surroundings so well...
Coming to gulaal...she really do miss her father naCry...ohh she loves pahaad n all...but she has made to leave them against her wishOuch...yeh kya kesar n she will be leaving to London after marriage...first let the marriage complete with karan then we will see...ohh she so wish to not go but she is compelled by her promise...kesar saying that he is letting her go as she wanted it..if not he would never ever let her go away from himEmbarrassed...poor kesar he is so frustrated this is unexpected yaar...why didn't gulaal atleast listen to what the woman is saying her...the woman is telling to listen her heart but well gulaal is an ostrich na...woh abhi kahaa i like how she said that gulaal is khaas for kesar...
Well looks like someone is really missing the original piece of kesar...his rough n tough sweet of kesar to get those warm cloths for her...gulaal is full on drooling for kesar who is all wet n the best part he he got her red handed...again a new mystery of kesar with his unsettled scores with GOD...aww he made her wear a red dupattaEmbarrassed...pandit ji bhi blessing de diyaa..bas ab gulaal koh accept karna hai...well looking the way she reacted to the words of priest its a long way to go for her...then the parting words the woman who again said the same thing that gulaal's life is here right in front of her in her favorite place in hills n mountains...but its too heartbreaking to see gulaal like this all broken n fighting against her heart...hope she accepts her heart wish soon...bechaara kesar bhi kithna khud koh control karegaWink
Loved the chapter looking forward for the next chapter...

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Hush hush...
Ishq par zor nahi
hai ye wo atish Ghalib...
jo lagaye na lage..
aur bujhaye na bane

RULE NO .10 -Who could give law to lovers?Love is in itself the highest law...



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Chapter 10A


(KESAR'S CONFESSION-I knew not where she was. My eyes searched her everywhere .My restless mind could not focus on anything .Neither I had seen her after we came back to Harsil from gangotri, neither she was answering my calls. Anxiety brewed in my heart as I stopped at her room, only to be miserably disappointed, it was locked. The rolling of drums, the huge campfire in the guest house lawn and the cheering people dancing and having fun. Nothing seemed to amuse me anymore as my curious eyes searched her in every nook and cranny...Kitchen,Verandah,Corridor terrace'..My hear sank in despair'..My legs ran swiftly,my heart deep in melancholy. WHERE WAS SHE'.?)

It was some 30 past 5 in the evening, dusk mitigated by some faint moonlight. The distant horizon seemed like canvas grimly painted with the shades of purple and orange. Not a living soul was there in the backyard. The temple bells reached their last count and the first pale stars chuckled in the dimly lit canopy overhead.

The rushing water of the river rolling over the stone and the thin line of the soldiers marching in the nearby military quarters accompanied Kesar in his SILENT QUEST to search for Gulaal'..His eyes wanted to see her if she was safe or not'..The ROOMS WERE EMPTY, THE CORRIDORS LONELY as Kesar brushed past and stepped into the backyard'..

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-Just then my eyes fell upon her'.The shining warm cosy glass cubicle resplendent with the glow of the small lantern placed on the table and there lied she'The one who was my life'.Lying upside down, the round cushion tucked and crushed beneath her bosom, HER KEEN EYES reading a book ,her feet hanging and dangling in the rhythm of the drums ,,the socks cosily sneaked around her feet and her smooth legs visible only an inch through her long dress',the hem of which she played with while biting her lower lip her eyes moving along with the lines'My jacket wrapped around her'and clothed her with ease were her long tresses which snaked and bobbed around her face as she constantly nodded her. The dusk was beautiful. So was my Gulaal. The faint light streamed through the glass panes and there she lied on the sofa like a princess. She indeed reminded me of those fairy tales, where the Princess used to be trapped in a chamber with her long hair waiting to be kissed by her prince'.Could I possibly be the Price charming 'Who would walk up to her ..Open the doors of the glass chamber and gently kiss those rosy lips and wake her up. From her slumber'? Nah CERTAINLY not'Coz Right at that moment, I was looking at her like the Devil. Evil'Very Evil'Who was dying to devour her with hungry eyes'.Gosh She was RIGHT...I was a totally Sick man'..)

"Uhoo'" He cleared his throat and mumbled, his finger ring tinkled on the glass pane as he tapped it gently to grab her attention. His heartbeats quickened as he was mesmerized by the very essence of her. He had to wonder if by some coincidence, she was the reason that had compelled him here.But he was glad that he was here.

Gulaal suddenly got startled and straightening her dress ,Got up with a jolt'..Kesar leaned on the door ,his eyes fixed on her twinkling with strange radiance.

 "Wassup'.",He spluttered trying to behave normally.

"Nothing'.Just wanted to be left alone'..",equally awkward was Gulaal as she leaned back on the recliner inside the cubicle and tried to avoid his piercing gaze.

"Are you sure'",Kesar looked at her with hope (SAY NO!! SAY NO!!)

"Yea'.Just want to read a book '.",Gulaal nodded her book ,opened one of the pages again and pretended to read.

"Ok'.",Kesar made a sallow face and became terribly disappointed

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-She again did it..What was terribly wrong with her, I always failed to understand. One moment ,she was so close to me ,another moment she ducked her head as a turtle. One thing was for sure. I was sick and tired of her constant ups and downs. THAT'S IT'.)

Kesar walked away stomping his foot and reached towards the railings facing away from Gulaal and instantly lit up his cigarette in anxiety and tried not to look back at her. He was hurt.

(TINKY'S TWEET-Reading a book? That was the lamest excuse I had given in years. I had read this book several times ,but What Kesar failed to realise that even before his arrival, I was hardly reading the book, as only his face and whatever that happened in the short span of time since last few days were reeling right in front of my eyes like a movie scene. HELL NO KESAR..I WAS NOT READING A BOOK.I WANTED TO AVOID YOU'COZ I KNEW THE MOMENT,I WOULD LOOK INTO YOIUR EYES..I WOULD BE BADLY RUINED FOR LIFE..I SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM YOU'YES')

Like they say,sometimes,the heart does disobeys the mind, she knew not what struck her, she knew not what compelled her, Maybe the crushing force of love did invoke her feelings'As if she no will of her own, As if he was a drug to his senses. As if  she was born to be with him, breaking all the self-imposed shackles ,she walked towards him ,placing a hand on his shoulders,"Hmmm",she tried hard to find her voice.

"Uff'..",Kesar shoved her hand away and continued looking at the river.

Gulaal stood beside him and pinched his arms, smiling .

"Leave me alone'.",Turning around he yelled. His eyes burning with hurt and anger .Sulking like a kid who had been denied his  favourite candy ,Kesar frowned.

"Itna gussa ?",folding her hands across her bosom, Gulaal giggled

"Tit for tat you see'..",Kesar blew another puff in the air and stared at her furiously.

Gulaal chuckled at his behaviour and suddenly grabbing his cigarette threw it far away on the ground.

"WHAT'?",Kesar threw glared hexes at her

"Cigarette. Pine se'.",Gulaal fluttered her eyelids innocently..

"Oh yea'.I know' Lips kale ho jate hain aur hum bimar 'Stop lecturing ok'.",He cut short her statement and turned his face away.

"How do you know'",she asked him completely surprised

"Kyun'I told you'WHEN I WANT SOMETHING..USKI PURI KAHABAR RAKHTA HUN'main'.",Kesar stared at her, "Waise ek baat bata. Why are you so worried about my lips. You want to kiss them or what'.?",Kesar rasped a chuckle that gradually transformed into words staring at her shamelessly again..

(TINKY'S TWEET-Ahhh I had been so missing this..This SICK streak in him. Oh I totally loved it, when he was this bashful shameless one'That sweetness had been killing me..Now I was glad that he was BACK and that too with a BANG)

"No'but I was thinking jo bhi karegi..She will be repulsed'",Gulaal winked at him naughtily taking him by utter shock and surprise, pleasantly though'

"Gosh ..You are talking like me'",His pupils grew wider in amusement and a smile escaped his lips'..

"You see Company matters'.I have become shameless like you",Gulaal hunched her shoulders  and a triumphant glee adorned her face which slowly gave way to a carefree laughter .

"Chal'.",Kesar suddenly gripped her wrist and almost dragged her

"Where'..",Gulaal resisted a bit'.

"Bas chal na'..",He grabbed her and tightly and pulled her..Within seconds ,the hesitation went out of the window and together they ran'Right across the huge backyard towards the corner gate, flying down together ,the fleet of hard concrete stairs, right across the boulders beneath the railings that lead to the bank of the mountain river, RUNNING WILD AND UNTAMED'It was magical for Gulaal .She was laughing carelessly, Flying along with him, like a dry leaf carried by a storm, her loose curls dancing around her shoulders, she felt like the young child that she was. Years ago'.


"Pinky'Pakado mujhe'..pakado'.",Gulaal's plaits hanging jauntily around her tiny face ,Gulaal flew in the air holding her father's hand along the banks of the river near the mountains."

Her breath was wild and her face was red due to the flush of excitement as she ran along with Kesar looking at him.His bewitching smile as he ran ,his teeth gleaming through his thinned lips and his long nose made her happy'.A small tear ' A TEAR OF ABUNDANT JOY JUST GRIPPED HER'She slowed down for a second. Kesar turned around and raised his eyebrows ,"Kya hua Chal'.."

Gulaal nodded her head and started running again with him '

They reached right there ..on the bank surrounded with lofty mountains and huge rocks'..Gulaal tried hard to catch her breath and her huge smile widened as she saw the grand sight in front of her'..The silver moonlight absolutely did wonders to the river which shined like a glass mirror with ripples crashing against the rocks'.Gulaal was ecstatic and exuberant'

Suddenly she found herself raised in the air. It took seconds for her to realise that Kesar held her up in the air grabbing her by her waist and even before she could resist landed her high up on a  slippery rock'..and made her sit there and followed her and seated himself beside her'

Deep and dark was the shadows from the trees that swayed along with the spicy cold wind nipping against their face. The silver moonlight bathed the valley and the tonic air stirred their souls'.

"O wow'!!!",Gulaal looked around dazed and turned around staring at Kesar with awe.


"Great na''",Kesar chuckled.

"Ya'.." Gulaal mumbled still trying to soak in the sight'The cold wind nipped her face and she started shivering. The touch of the cold rock and the freezing cold made her shiver

"Kya hua'.Feeling cold'" Kesar turned around looking at her curiously

"ya'." Gulaal rubbed her palms blowing her warm breaths  on it trying to keep her warm.

"Ek minute'" Kesar frisked his pockets and suddenly took out a small bottle from inside pocket of his jacket.

"Here drink this'.Only a sip Not more samjhi..'.",Kesar extended unscrewing the cap of the bottle towards her.

"What's this.?",Gulaal asked curiously.

"This is life in mountains'",Kesar giggled and sipped .A strange fruity smell of alcohol filled at atmosphere

"Chiii I don't drink alcohol'",Gulaal squeezed her nose and turned her face away

"Chill. It's just local beverage. People take it daily in mountains'Only a sip. And you won't feel cold'.",Kesar looked at her

"Are you sure..",Gulaal grabbed the bottle sceptically.

"Haan baba 'It's a local alcohol.. made with fruit juices ..You will love it..",Kesar smiled taking another sip'.

"Waaak'.Chiii",The liquid touched Gulaal's tongue and her throat almost burned with the strong taste as she gulped it a single go'.

"ERRR bas'..",Kesar snatched it away quickly, "Duffer. I told only one sip'Look you finished half bottle ",Kesar stared at her in horror.

"It tastes horrible'.",Gulaal licked her tongue trying to wipe away the last traces on her laced lips.

"Ya it does but it keep away the cold you see'.",Kesar smiled and got up quickly and extended his hands towards her, "Now get up. I will drop you to your room, You will be drunk in no time'.I don't want to take any chances'Chal let's go'"

"Nooo'Please Lets sit here na..I love this place. Please'",Gulaal looked at him with pleading eyes.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-Her radiant eyes had a sparkle , her soft face glowed in the moonlight .HOW COULD I SAY NO TO HER)

With dumbness written all over his face, Kesar sat down beside her STUPEFIED while she suddenly turned towards him and extended her fingers towards his hair'

"What'.",Kesar suddenly became alert

"Ye leaves'..",Gulaal dusted off some dry leaves which had got trapped in Kesar's hair'

"Hahhahahahahha",Suddenly Gulaal burst laughing and chirped ,"This hairstyle of yours'.makes you look like a monkey hahhahahhahahha"

She suddenly lied down with her back on the rock and kept laughing hard. Kesar almost forgot to breathe looking at her. The soft warm, breeze wafting her lengthy auburn hair over her pristine face The dazzling moonlight was shining impudently on her nose. Kesar was in a spell looking at her.

He was taken aback when suddenly Gulaal turned towards him and clutched his jacket while lying down and almost buried her nose in her. Kesar was completely dizzy that very moment'Absolutely dizzy. He stared at her with wide open eyes. Her bosom rose and fell as she inhaled the sweet fragrance of the  perfume of  his jacket and mumbled, "Oh God I love this fragrance so much'".Kesar looked at her

 His luminous, green eyes, lingered up to the uninhibited emotions  that was taking place right in front of him.His heart beat rose as he kept on staring at her while she left her jacket and looked around at the sky while Kesar lied on his arms beside4 her looking at her in awe.

Gulaal's cheeks flushed as the warmth of the alcohol had now started seeping through her veins, she was feeling nice warm and cosy and light after several years. The last of the miraculous shades  of the dusk had almost faded, and now gleaming stars began littering the heavens and the canopy above them felt so near. The  stars  flashed across the sky so close that  she was sure she could have touched it.She extended her hands and as clasped her fingers into a fist as if trying to fill all the stars in her hands'Tiny hazy lamp lights twinkled from various part of the mountains from the huts in the nearby village.

Gulaal mumbled,"Kaash main apna chota sa ghar bana pati yahan'.Pata hai jab main choti thi..To Dad k saath milkar yun hi lakdiyon ka ghar banti thi..wo durrr pahadi neeche '"

"Tu pahadon mein rehti thi'",Kesar's curiosity grew as he watched her face twinkling with glee as if she was this little child sharing her secret with him.

"haan'.Bas main sara din yehin pahadon mein bhagti rehti thi'.",Gulaal smiled ,her face lit up with the memories of her childhood.

"Sach'.Tu kahan rehti thi'..",Kesar said excitedly

"Tapovan'",Gulaal smiled while she played with the hem of her dress .

"Arey wo to paas hi hai'..",Kesar chuckled

"Haan Bahut sundar jagah hai'Wo'.Mian bas sara din nadi k kinare khelti rehti thi'.",Gulaal giggled.

"Kaash'.Kaash wo din phir se laut k aa jatey'",Gulaal sighed and smiled rembering the memories of her childhood. Instantly her heart warmed, rekindling a glimmer in her eye. The days of her carefree childhood  flourished in her mind, reminding her of the one man she wished she had never left her..HER DAD'

A gentle breeze drifted carelessly through the lofty mountains and into the thick forests persuading the leaves  to dance rhythmically . The placid wind tossed her  dress carelessly around, hugging her flawless curves and the curls just covered her face with a gush'

Kesar stared at her. His own heartbeat increasing its pace as he looked at her face radiating with a smile. He knew not what happened to her but moving an inch closer to her, With  his long fingers he drew back a limp strand of hair that had straggled over her forehead.

Gulaal sighed and closed her eyes as the touch shivered her .Within seconds she realised what happened and opening her eyes just straightened her up and lowered her eyes in embarrassment. Kesar too got up and then there was a complete silence of awkwardness. Gulaal rubbed her fingers clueless what to say while Kesar tried hard to control his urge to grab her in his arms and hold her close to him.

"To ab Tapovan mein kaun hai'",Kesar tried hard to strike a conversation

"Hmmm Koi nahi'.Dad the'.Ab nahi rahe'Main sirf 10 saal kit hi jab maine unhe akhri baar dekha tha'.Uske baad bahut baar socha ki Tapovan jaun par'.",Gulaal choked upn her won words and continued, "Sach Kesar I miss my Dad so much'..I have the best memories of my life with him'.But main kitni unlucky hun'.aaj wo mere saath nahi hain'"gUlaal was almost on the verge of sobbing.

Kesar had tears in his eyes as his own mind stormed and his emotions too went berserk. Trying hard to get a grip on himself he gulped a huge lump in his throat and  said in a cold tone, "Tu lucky hay Gulaal '.At least you tere paas achi yadein to hain..warna kuch log to sirf zakhmon k sahare hi jeetey hain'.",

"Kya'",Gulaal turned around to look at him.His eyes confused her as they had  their own story to tell.HURT,ANGST ,PAIN  ,She could all see them in his eyes.

She was about to say something when suddenly a small boy  helper from the lodge came running, "Didi'apane jo kitab kahi thi wo la k rakh di hai..ab mera inam'..",The young boy chuckled.

"Awww Chotu'",Gulaal pulled him in his arms and kissed her cheeks,"Ye raha tera inam..aur haan tu chal baad mein main tujhe ek lambi si kahani sunaungi'."

A smile escaped Kesar's lips as he forgot his own pain watching her.

"Sachiii",His eyes gleamed with content

"Muchi'chal ab bhag'",Saying good bye to him,the boy ran away while Gulaal chuckled.

(KESAR'S CONFESSION- FIRST HER STUPID CAT,THEN HER PUPPY,THE HER GOLDFISH AND HER IDIOT BROTHER ALL AND NOW THIS BOY ALL GET KISSES  and me..right there in front of her gets nothing how unfair grrr'Nha Jokes apart,the moment was so tender, Just like she was with the baby in the labour room'.)

"Gulaal You will become a great MOM'.",Kesar blurted looking at her STUPEFIED'

"Whoa'.",Gulaal almost giggled  and rolled her eyes, "NOW THAT'S the most weirdest compliment I ever got'LOL God knows what does this mean'.hahhahahhahah",Gulaal burst laughing again'

"Waise Ye Pinky and tumhara panga kya hai..I know Pinky hates pahadis and you desis but iske alawa bhi koi issue hain'?,Gulaal asked curiously..

Kesar smirked, "Kuch nahi. Wo kehte hain na ek jungle mein do sher nahi reh sakte usi tarah se Abir ooops PINKI hahahhah aur Main ek saath nahi reh sakte''

"WHAT?",Gulaal blurted

"You mean two Tigers cannot live in the same jungle you see ",Kesar winked at her

"Hahahhahahha",Gulaal suddenly burst laughing

Kesar ooked at her for some time but her laugh was growing stronger which irritated Kesar

"WHAT?,"He frowned

"Kuch nahi'.",Gulaal tried hard to control her laughter ,"wo Bas'hahhahah"

Will you stop laughing",Kesar yelled

"Kuch nahi bas..YOUR ENGLISH IT SUCKS MAN'.Bhaut dino se kehna chahati thi'..But Looks like gaon se nikal k English sikhi hai..Your accent is funny..hhahahha",Gulaal mocked him as Kesar stared at her .His facial expressions growing sterner as he found himself years ago..


"hahhahahhahahah Iska bag to dekho..fata hua hai''..Englsih bhi theek se nahi ati'..Zarur gaon k school se padh k aya hoga'..",The boys at his coaching institute mocked him while Kesar struggled to understand the words written in the notes distributed for his medical entrance preparation.

Kesar sat there ,his face hardened and silent.

Trying hard laughing Gulaal noticed that Kesar was silent .

"Kya hua'.",She palced her hand curiously on his shoulder .

"Tu sahi keh rahi hai Gulaal'Ganwar to main hun..Wo kya hai na'.Sab tere jaise amir nahi paida hotey hai na..",Kesar gritted his teeth

Gulaal was scared ,she could make out that she had unknowingly hurt him.

"Arey baba main to bas Mazak'.." Gulaal tried to pacify his anger.

"Mazak..." He grabbed her shoulder harshly almost digging his nails in her arms. Gulaal was SHOCKED!!

"Mazak hi to hai ye sab Gulaal'Wo kya hai na..sab air conditioned bus se school nahi jatey kuch log milon paidal chal chalkar ped k neeche baith kar sarkari school main jatey hain..sab k paas nayi kitabein nahi hoti..Wo dusron k utare kapde ,unki purani books lekar padhte hai aur haan sarkari school mein English jaise chonchle nahi sikhaye jatey'.Kuch log street lamp ki roshni mein raat kio newspapaer padh k english sikhte hai..aur haan sab k paas piase wala baap nahi hota'.Kuch logon k baap unhe apnate hi nahi nahi..Kyun ..kyunki us desi baap ka ji bahr gay tha uski ma se'Ghumane aya ..ija ko sapne dikhaye aur mujhe uski God mein chhod k chala gaya'Duniya se ladne k liye..You know what 'Some people are born bas***ds'.I was a born bas***d..Isliye Lucky nahi tha'.Scholarships lekar padah haan hun main charity case'..You know how painful it is to be tagged as a bas***d all your life'People mock you. Hate you as if you are the culprit'..And you know what tu sahi keti hai mujhe tum desi ameer logon ki tarah achi English nahi ati'.And you know what..I hate you and all you bloody desis'.BLOODY FAKE PEOPLE'..",kesar said in a fit of frenzy and got up furiously and marched towards a tree and kicked it hard.

Gulaal's blood froze in her veins as she tried to process everything Her voice choked as she stared at him'UNABLE TO REACT AND UNABLE TO COSNOLE HIM she stood there for seconds. Tears started rolling down her cheeks thinking about whatever Kesar had gone through.

(TINKY'S TWEET-All my life I felt lonely and missed my father .I always complained to God for making me unlucky..UNLUCKY..REALLY?WAS I UNLUCKY'.I saw him ..right in front of me..Kesar his pain ,his angst and his hatred all slowly crept into my heart'I felt weak. What could I do to ease his pain ..I was clueless')

Kesar kicked the tree frantically. The visions of his tormentous past swooped upon him like a whirlwind'They seemed to engulf him. The loud voices of People cursing him, His longing for even the basic necessities of life. How he would stare at the ice candy man just to relish it with his eyes while others slurped their tongues. He would often cry in the night beside his mother who would ache due to extra labour washing utensils in people's homes. How he wished he could actually take away all her pain. How his mother used to sew patches on his tattered clothes. How he would borrow Negi's old shoes and above all how he would struggle each and every day with the haunting memories of his father.His scars ran deep down which had been scraped by Gulaal and his soul seemed to be on fire.All the screams, all the taunts pierced his ears'He placed his hands on them and tightly shut his eyes and yelled with all his might "Chuppp'.Chup ho jaooo..I am not a bas***d'..I am not a bas***d''.."

Kesar yelled and pounced the huge pebbles lying by the bak and madly hit the tree and yelled, "sun tumne'.Suna tumne. I am not a  bas***d''"A terrible frenzy seized him as he kept on yelling madly.

Gulaal could not resist herself any more. She knew not what to say. She knew not what to do'..But her legs swiftly walked towards him'

"Kesar'..",She held his shoulders'.and the touch made him more violent ,he turned around and harshly grabbing her shoulders shook her madly, "Suna tune. I am not a bas***d..Ok'.I am not a bas***d'..",His voice became weak'his breath tired. Tears rolled down his cheeks

"Kesar'Kesar",Gulaaal cupped his face and made him look at her with tears in her eyes, "Look at me'.Dekho'."

Kesar looked at the ground still unable to meet her eyes '

"Listen'.You are Just Kesar'..And you are the best..Samjhe'..Hey hey..Look at me'.Everything is fine'We are fine'Everything will be fine'.",Without wasting a second Gulaal hugged him putting her arms around him and vigorously rubbed his shoulder, "Kesar 'Sab theek ho jayega main hun. Na'.."

Kesar stood there without moving ,his hands by his side but Gulaal hugged him closer almost crushing him in her arms. Without warning, Kesar just rent the silence of the night and broke into hiccups  which turned into an earth shattering wailing .Tears incessantly ran down his cheeks as with seconds he buried his face in her bosom and wept bitterly while Gulaal too joined in 'Trying her best not to become weak, She kept on rubbing his back and mumbled, 'I am so sorry..Kesar..I am so sorry'.Its ok'.Everything will be fine''"

Minutes maybe hours did pass in silence as Kesar clung on to her like a little child crying his heart out. He almost had burned with rage all those years but Gulaal's warm embrace acted as a soothing balm for his bruised heart. The sobs had fainted and now Gulaal could hear deep gasps of breath near her ears. No one spoke for a long time as both of them held on to each other.

Kesar buried his face near her bosom and slowly and steadily felt nice and warm. Gulaal moved an inch back and parted from him. His eyes now seemed calm .Gulaal could not understand what happened to her but she suddenly hugged him again ..this time engulfing his whole being into her 'Kesar almost forgot to breathe for a few seconds. He stood DUMBFOUNDED with his hands by his side for a few seconds but slowly her warm breaths near the arch of his neck made him tremble and he wrapped her in his arms too .His hand trailed up her back ,wavering and trembling in passion and Gulaal just closed her eyes with a huge .Both just completely lost in each other .His hands moving at her back sent a chill down her spine and she snuggled more close to him'Kesar felt dazed. Her soft silken hair was kissing his palms and his heart was throbbing with desire all of a sudden .Almost crushing her in his arms ,he dug his fingers deep into his back .Gulaal suddenly opened her eyes in shock and gave him a little push. The alcohol and the motions were already making her dizzy but his touch just jolted her back to reality'Clueless how to react she blurted, "Mujhe yaad aya'Chinky ne kaha tha kuch stones collect kane k liye'."

Kesar looked at her in disbelief. Still reeling under the effect of whatever happened almost standing there motionless with an expression of mesmerisation. He saw Gulaal running away and randomly picking up a stone and she yelled,,"Ise dho leti hun'..Its dirty'.",Saying this she dipped her hand into the water and started removing the dirt from it.

"No ruk Gulaal'",Kesar 's transition from a statue of stupor to a man of action was quick as he ran towards her..

"Ouch'.",Gulaal held her hand in pain'Kesar was right in stopping her as keeping her hands in the freezing cold water made her hand stiff'.She was not used to such cold water'Her fingernails became blue and she grimaced in pain.

"Gosh. Duffer'show me'",Kesar threw away the stone from her hand and started rubbing her palms vigorously and moved his lips closer to them and blew his breath all over to provide her with warmth'

The soft touch of Gulaal's hand made Kesar absolutely clueless and like it was beyond his control he placed a kiss on them and mumbled, "Your hands'.They are beautiful'."

The warm lips grazing on her cold skin ,gave her Goosebumps and Gulaal sighed heavily closing her eyes in pleasure. As if orchestrated, as if it was meant to be ..Kesar went mad and started placing kisses travelling all along her arm ,Gulaal sighed and breathed heavily. Kesar reached her face and grabbing her closer glanced upon her face,Brushing aside a stray curl behind her ear, he felt her pulse leap .Gulaal opened her big bright eyes staring back at him. He could now see her in her full splendour. Gulaal suddenly fell into his arms and hugged him tightly .Kesar felt as if someone had thrown him from the high sky, the butterflies in his stomach fluttered their wings as he cupped her face and said in his husky tone, "Tu khule balon mein jyada achi lagti hai'.Gulaal '", His eyes refused to blink admiring her flawless face. Her cheeks were flush with flattery and aspiration. Her lips were full and silky and she bit her bottom lip in a hidden ache of yearning. Kesar kissed her cheeks with desire and crushed her in his arms .

 "Ye galat hai",She mumbled as Kesar traced the angles of her face with his lips grazing and sending both of them into throes of ecstacy

"But this feels so great ",Gulaal sighed breathing heavily and placed a peck on his cheeks. Kesar felt ecstatic. His mouth became dry and in anxiety he kissed her face madly .Her back arched as she trembled in his grip .All rational thoughts left her mind and she too embraced him with equal passion, her arms encircling his neck. Kesar went mad with desire ,he pulled her jacket back and stared at her dress. The thin material clung to her body, gracefully accentuating her feminine curves. He slid his fingers down the V-neckline, and stared at her  giving her shivers .Gulaal felt her heart throbbing beneath her bosom as he touched her. He cupped her face and within seconds making an electric eye contact grazed her lips with his'The tingling made everything blank for him but Gulaal was horrified as she opened her eyes with a jolt pushing him back and yelled, "God You planned everything'.You. Just'.This is wrong'..",Gulaal held her head in shame and guilt. The alcohol just made her lose all senses.

"No'Trust me..I '.",Kesar choked with her accusation'..

"Oh'.This is wrong'I trust you. But this is wrong'.",She  placed her hand on her mouth mumbled  and ran away'

Kesar yelled , "Gulaal Ruk'..Tu yun nahi ja sakti'.AAJ'.."Kesar kept on yelling while Gulaal ran away...

Ude Khule Aasmaan Mein 
Khawabo Ke Farindey
Ude Dil Ke Jahan Mein 
Khawabo Ke Farindey

O Ho Kya PAta 
Jayinge Kahan
Khulein Hai Jo Pal
Kahein Yeh Nazar
Lagta Hai Abb Hai Jaage Hum
Fikhrein Jo Thi 
Peeche Reh Gai 
Niklein Unse Aage Hum

.The beautiful song played in the background. While some couples dance others chatted .Some clapped. THE BON FIRE WAS IN FULL SWING. The flames leapt high up in the sky. Gulaal had ran way as fast as her legs could carry her as she knew staying close to Kesar would made her lose herself'.The deed was done'The fire had been kindled'The ashes could not hide the flame that was alive in her ..The stormy passion of Kesar had fuelled those flames and now both of them burned equally'.Bulbul had grabbed Gulaal's hand forcibly making her sit near the bon fire while all Gulaal wanted was to run away and lock herself up while Kesar who had madly followed her stared at her from a distance sitting beside Negi'.His breaths were rapid. It was decided. Nothing could stop him anymore. His desires just reached the crescendo of madness as he stared blatantly at her.

Hawa Mein Beh Rahi Hai Zindagi 
Yeh Humse Keh Rahi Hai Zindagi
O HO Ooo Oo 
Abb To Jo Bhi Ho Suno

O Ho Kya PAta 
Jayinge Kahan
Kisine Chua 
Jo Yeh Hua
Phirtein Hai Mehke Mehke Hum
Hui Hai Kai Baatein Nai 
Jab Hai Aise Behke Hum

(KESAR'S CONFESSION-Setting free was cool. She had indeed come back to me'The moment I had hugged her that very instant I knew she had come back'I knew she wanted to run. She wanted to hide but I knew that now THERE WAS NO ESCAPE for her'SHE WAS MINE AND NOTHING COULD TAKE HER AWAY FROM ME NOTHING''.EVEN IF SHE WANTED ''I WOULD NOT LEAVE HER/'TO HELL WITH ALL MY SELF RESTRAINT''.SHE WAS MINE ' AND THE DEBATE ENDS THERE'..)

Hua Hai Yun Ki Dil Peghal Gaye
Bas Ek Pal Mein Hum Badal Gaye
O HO O Abb To Jo Bhi Ho So Ho

Roshini Mili Abb Rahaon Mein Hai
Ek Dilkasi Si Ki Bar Si
Har Kushi Mile
Ab Zindagi Pe Hai Zindagi Si Bar Si

Abb Jeena Humne Sikha Hai

"OMG OMG OMG..He just proposed me'..",One of the students jumped in glee as her BF just gave her a ring in front of all people. Everyone clapped and cheered while Kesar and Gulaal stared at each other. Both burning in passion. The only difference being Gulaal tried her best to hide it..while Kesar tried his best not to pounce on her dragging her away and kissing her madly'.The fire that was burning outside was about to extinguish but what burned their hearts grew wilder every passing second'.Gulaal stared at Kesar .His half opened eyes all set at her 'She felt nervous and lowered her eyes and clutched on to Bulbul .

Yaad Hai Kal Aaya Tha Woh Pal
Jismein Jaddo Aisa Tha
Hum Ho Gaye Jaise Naye
WOh Pal Jane Kaisa Tha

Kahen Ki Yeh Dil Ja Udhar Bhi To
Jahan Hi Reh Ki Jaye Aarzoo
O Ho O Abb To Jo Bhi Ho So Ho
Jo Bhi Ho So Ho
Jo Bhi Ho So Ho

Jo Bhi Ho So Ho

(Tinky's TWEET--- I knew it was my mistake but I had do some serious damage control'.WERE WE FRIENDS ? SERIOUSLY? HE WAS RIGHT WE COULD NEVER BE FRIENDS'..I felt swept across my feet'.I was terrified'and above all'That very moment I felt I had no will of my own any more'..His eyes just yearned for me and those eyes just pulled e towards him. I wanted to fly. High with him'dive deep with him surrender myself in his arms ..MY THOUGHTS MADE ME ASHAMED)

There was love everywhere,everyone rejoiced but Both Gulaal and Kesar sighed heavily heavily deprived


Her fork tinkled against the china bowl and Gulaal seemed completely disoriented .Her one hand rested on her forehead which was throbbing with pain due to too much contemplation'.

"Kya hua'.",Bulbul elbowed Gulaal

"Hmmm kuch nahi bas bhook nahi hai'. ",She wiped her lips with the tissue..

Bulbul giggled ,"Ek tu hai ki jise bhook nahi aur koi aur hai jo sirf ankhon se hi tujhe dekh k dinner kar raha hai'"

"What",Gulaal's mouth parted in horror .

"Haan wo dekh'Wo Kesar'.Kya chal kya raha hai re..Gosh he is looking at you as if he going to eat you up or something'.Kya khichdi pak rahi hai'.",Bubul smirked..

Gulaal turned around only to be shocked to see Kesar standing at a distance near a pillar and staring at her, his eyes glued at her burning with desire which sent a chill down her spine..

"Shut up'ok'.Aisa kuch bhi nahi hai'..I am just sleepy",Gulaal got up from her table and ran away towards her room.

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Hola guys here is the next updateTongue..Kill me for my details SOB SOBCry..I AM WRITING AT SNAIL SLOW PACE AND SEE I COULD NOT REACH WHERE I WANTEDCryGuys do tell me if you want me to skip all the detailsOuchbut those who are familar with my previous works they know me to adat se majboorLOLOk I am also posting the precap to the next chappi hope that keeps your interest aliveLOL

Am so elated reading your comments..Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments..Guys I am really sorry for replying individually..I hope you can excuse me for that coz it becomes very difficult to type ,post and reply chappies daily..But still m trying my best to cope up..Choory guys...CryI read each and every comment with equal enthusiasm and its the love of yours that keeps me elated.Thank you so muchHug

.M loving all the comments from you all.New readers thank you so much...Muahhh Great to have you all here...Thank youHug

Thank you so much Neilu,Adu,Mini,Ramya,Arti.Poo .Silver fairy ,Skittle,samia,Kayte,kalika.Everyone.HugHug.Special thanks goes to the newbiesHugHugHug.Thanks For breaking your silence and your lovely comments.If anyone wants PM's do buddy me..Also I have decided to do regular I mean daily Updates...They will be shorter but regular..Hope you are fine with this.Do let me know.Anymore SILENT LOVERS I mean READERS Please come out..Its fun out here...Thanks so muchHugHugHugHugHugHug

 Thanks to all my wonderful ReadersHug
fatmaghozi sauris, nish89kaytesamia999kreasenchanted23nneeiillMR21minizzarti07Geeshu, kavi.bidaainish89kayteSkittle16sharmishtaAyushii_Angelkalika.jalantaenchanted23princessofkesarMR21minizzprachuryanneeiillKeithuuGeeshukiran_trudecentwithout-fathom-Swetha-poo_j,SilverFairy ,

So here is my bit for every one Embarrassed
@ ArtiEmbarrassed My chotu govinda...Shameless Drooling se bcah bhi sharma gayaLOL hai naTongue and Gullu mate to ostrich humesha se thi...Agar wo ostrich na bane to kahani kahtamLOL
@Nicita ofc Gulaal is falling for Kesar ..ab to agey pyaar hi pyaar haiEmbarrassed
@Kalika...Aww those are lovely Thank youEmbarrassed
@ Poo... all that I can say is Gulsar journey will reach a new turning point very soonEmbarrassed
@ NeiluLOL hum wahan nahi theWinkpar humne sab imagine kar liya hai naTonguePaapi meLOL
@ Ramya EmbarrassedAb gullu ki wish Kesar hi to fulfill karega hai naTongue

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TO BE UPDATED tomorrow

Nobody knows what i'm feeling insideI find it so stupidSo why should I hideThat I love to make love to you baby(yeah make love to me)So many ways wanna touch you tonightI'm a big girl got no secrets this timeYeah I love to make love to you baby(yeah make love to me)If this would be a perfect worldWe'd be together then(let's do it do it do it)Only got just one life this i've learnedWho cares what they're gonna say(let's do it do it do it)Baby your fire is lighting me upThe way that you move boy is reason enoughThat I love to make love to you baby(yeah make love to me)I can't behaveOh I want you so much
Your lips taste like heavenSo why should I stop?Yeah I love to make love to you baby(yeah make love to me)If this would be a perfect worldWe'd be together then(let's do it do it do it)Only got just one life this i've learnedWho cares what they're gonna say(let's do it do it do it)

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Unres done in page 38..Big smile

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piu mhaari loved this chappi...from beginning to end..each n every scene was so beautifully written
how do u write so magically..the description of gulaal sitting in glass cubicle loved it...and from there on it was bliss...

loved how he took her much ever he try ..he just cant live a moment without seeing was like he wanted to take her away from everyone..haial tu aise kesar ko decribe karegi to i will be dead soon...can i get this rawat ???

coming to chappi..the way kesa rmade her sit on to rocks..oh so sweet and so friendly LOL
he is so caring at the same time...and actually even requests her to go backl..but na gullu madam ko jaana hi nahi..

and it was painful to see both of them opening their hearts to each other..more painful for kesar ofc..oh my heart wept for wonder gullu could not herself to comfort him

and then we got what we wanted for so long..but chii gullu baag gayi...but am loving this UST a lot..more interesting than the deed itself..and the best was bon fire moment...eee cant wait

and u just wrote my fav song..i love you for thattt

i wanna dance and love and dance again ...

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